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I was with my ex-wife for 15 years before we separated. We didn't get divorced for 3 years, but were never bothered about the other going out or having a relationship. We had a rocky last few years and really just wanted each other to be happy.

During the last few weeks before our divorce was final I turned into a real horn-dog. I don't know why, maybe it was getting to me that it was all really going to be over and there was no turning back. My ex is really a cute lady – about 5 2'' and now 100 lbs. Of course this was after dropping 20 lbs when she moved out, isn't that the way it usually goes? When she was younger and pre-children she would get looks all the time when we went out and I never really cared that she got oogled over – she was going home with me.

During these last few weeks I started hugging her more and lingering with my eyes a bit when she was dropping off the kids stuff when they weren't there. I'd send her funny texts afterwards mentioning how horny she made me and that she needed to have better control of herself around me. She would play back and tell me that I was funny – but didn't ever tell me to stop.

After a couple of times doing this she would lay her head on my chest while we were standing in my foyer and just let me rub my hands up and down her back and squeezing her tight to me. I think she liked me touching her again and eventually she started pushing her body up against me. We never had more than 5 minutes together so we didn't get to do anything more than these hugs that left me with a raging hard-on. I continued doing this for about two weeks, texting her after I knew she had gone out with her friends, which all but guaranteed she had a few drinks. She would send the LOL's and OMG's, but never sent me anything racy or sexually explicit.

A week before our divorce was final, the kids were at a birthday party and she was at the athletic club pool. I called her and told her I needed to drop some stuff off at her house and she asked me to come by the pool and leave the stuff in her car and to bring a towel if I wanted to stay for a bit at the pool. I went over there and hung out for a while, about an hour, and she eventually said she had to get ready for a date and head home. She had a few drinks at the pool and wanted a smoke – so while we were in the parking lot after the smoke I gave her a hug and grabbed her ass – telling her how much hotter she looked since she left me and that I regretted not doing a few things to her while we were together.

She looked at me, got a little bold and said that I could come over and continue talking about it. Well, I hopped in my car and followed her home. She was in the house first and I followed her trail of clothes into her room where she was waiting for me – just standing there naked. I picked her up and literally threw her on the bed and ground my hips into her backside. We never had anal sex and this is what I wanted. I took my time and played with her butt with my finger and then eventually started licking her ass until I thought I could get it in her without killing her. I don't think my cock is all that big, but it is on the thick side and I wanted both of us to have fun. I asked her if she was ready and she turned around to lay on her back and told me she wanted to see everything – which was really crazy because we always had sex with the lights off the entire time we were together!

I positioned my cock on her ass and slowly pushed up against her. It seemed like it took forever to get it in past my head and she kept on gasping every time I pushed a little. I could tell she hadn't done this with anyone and I was really getting turned on.
I finally got my cock about 2 inches into her and looked at her face – her eyes were wide open and I could tell she was feeling the stretch. So I just waited for a few minutes before I started moving my hips. She told me to go slow and that we needed some more lube – and she promptly pulled a tube out of the drawer beside her bed, which allowed me to see her Rabbit dildo – was I surprised! If you need to look it up – go ahead – I didn't know what it was called until she told me – I thought it was the craziest looking thing I'd ever seen.

She squeezed a bit of lube on her finger and rolled it around my cock and her asshole. There was a nice warming, tingly sensation, DAMN! This was my ex?? I'd never seen her masturbate or even mention toys! And now she was putting sex lube on my cock and her ass! I was able to get about half my dick up in her before she put her hands on my thighs and told me that was enough. She was breathing those short shallow breaths that we learned in child-birth classes and knew she wasn't faking anything. So I gauged the distance and started going in and out real slow. Which was incredible! I had never felt anything like this before and it wasn't long before I felt that tightness in my balls. She said that she could feel me getting harder and bigger and that she wanted to see me cum and told me to pull it out. I complied, took it out and slid right up on her belly until I has half-sitting on her stomach. Her hair was fanned out all around her head, her tits looked perfect with her tan line and she just grinned at me. I started masturbating and she grabbed hold of my cock and started pumping right along with me.

It was only moments until I started dripping on her tits and then I let out a solid 3 foot long shot if jizz that flew over her head and onto the headboard. Was I ever impressed with my 44 year old self. Really!! A 6 foot shot! I hadn't laid one out there like that in a very long time! The next shot didn't go as far – I think I was getting a little dizzy and leaned back a little – and caught her square on the face! She squealed and and kept on pumping my cock until I fell back on the bed. She was smiling with a load of my cum on her face and leaned over me, with her hair falling into my face and gave me a long, deep kiss. During the kiss my cum slid down her face and onto mine, which I thought was kind of gross. When she was finished kissing me she looked at me a gave a little smirky grin and said "look what we have here" and slid her finger along my face picking up a little cum.

What happened next really took me by surprise – she stuck her finger in my mouth and swished it around! I didn't know what to think and she kissed me again. This time she pulled her tongue out of my mouth, licked my face and sucked the rest of my cum into her mouth – and she started kissing me again! I had never done anything like this before, but damn, I had just anal fucked my ex-wife and if this was what she wanted in return then what the hell. She finished kissing me and sat up on the bed. I just laid there looking at her and she smiled. She told me that she had wanted to do anal with someone for a while but never felt comfortable or safe enough with anyone that she had dated to try it.

She then told me she had to get going as she was going to be late for her date. I was a little disappointed that we were not able to play longer but I also had to go and get the kids from the birthday party.

I haven't sent her any more texts or grabbed her ass or anything when she drops stuff off at my house, (however writing this story has got me hard a a rock and I'm thinking about sending her one!!!) and I might not ever as I don't think we'll ever be able to recreate that day and maybe even screw things up. We are not ever going to reconcile or get back together and really need to move on with our lives. But I'll never forget that afternoon for the rest of my life

story by: DecaturGuy44

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Author: DecaturGuy44

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