The prego club pt.14

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I woke early went to the bathroom, then to the truck and got the pregnancy test kits I bought yesterday and then back to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for Nancy and myself before the girls arrived for THE CHECK UP DAY. Amy had what appeared to be morning sickness yesterday, so we want to check her to see if the big event has happen. I thought that we’d check everyone also just to see if any of the others were pregnant also. Being that’s what they all wanted, Six little girls ages from 12 to 14, all wanting to be pregnant and more over by me. I still can’t believe my luck to be the one the girls wanted for the father of their children. And I did love making love to them all six, even if it was getting harder to keep up with their endeavors, but I struggle though, oh the smell, taste and feel of sweet little girl pussy, all that sweet tight little girl pussy for me.
As I was cooking breakfast little miss Nancy woke up and walked into the kitchen still in my t-shirt her nose kind of sniffing the air.
“Smells good huh is there enough for me?”
”Of course, your part of the crew well sort of and besides I don’t like seeing anyone go hunger, here dig in”
As I handed her a plate of egg and bacon
milk and juice in the frig”
“How about a beer uh Bill”
“Now you know you’re not old enough to have a beer”
”I’m old enough to eat your girl friend, but not for a beer”
”Well hell, if you really want one go ahead and have one, you don’t have to answer to me around here or anyone as far as that goes, you can do pretty much anything you want as long as it don’t hurt the group, let your own feelings be your guide”
“Thanks I think I’ll pass for now and just have some juice”
”Help yourself, make yourself at home”
She got herself some juice and poured me some too as I finished preparing breakfast. Back into the bedroom we went, turned on the TV and sat down to eat our meal. She opened up a little after finishing two helpings of egg and six strips of bacon. She talked about her mom and sisters, her school and friends and how she missed them, but she wasn’t going back to live with that asshole of a stepfather. She asked how I got in with the girls and wasn’t I really too old for them and weren’t they all too young to get pregnant. I said well yeah, I guess, but then they came to me or rather Amy recruited me. And being that I’ve always loved having younger women, and as of lately I’ve discovered the younger the better, so here I am.
My dick began standing at attention as we talked, she was facing me with her legs kind of raised and slightly spread, causing the t-shirt to ride up on her hip. Showing me her young girl charms, her lips were delicious looking, her slit rolled down between her thighs very nicely. Just a hint of hair lightly covering her mound, my eyes were taking in the view and looking for some pink, but those lips were closed tight.
“Uh yeah here you are and more of you is showing up”
“Err sorry about that, he’s got a mind of his own, huh I could put on some shorts if it brothers you”
”It’s ok, it’s I’ve been with a totally naked man before, and I’ve seen you with Sandy and Joanne and you’ve seen me with”
”Yeah in fact I’m seeing you now too”
”Huh” and she looked down.
“Oh sorry didn’t think uh is that why he’s growing”
”Most likely I told he’s got a mind of his own and he’s a sex maniac, I’ll get dressed”
“Oh no uh you don’t need to I don’t mind it’s kind of nice knowing I’m causing him to rise and all, and I figure I’m safe after all we did just sleep in the same bed together and you didn’t try /> “Yeah you’re safe here, nothing happens here unless the persons involve wants it to happen, no forcing of any kind. And with that, err also if you ever want to well you know want, and uh with who ever you want to, whenever you want to as long as the other wants to also and let me tell you there’s a lot of want to around here”
“Like last night huh”
”Yeah like last night. That’s goes on around here all the time; in fact I’m expecting all the girls to be here around ten, if I remember right. One of the girls last night said that Amy wanted them all here this morning. But I’d wouldn’t be surprised if Amy or Joanne walked in at any moment, especially Amy, god that girl loves to fuck”
“And you Nancy said with a smirk
“Oh I love it too, don’t get me wrong, but then I guy can only have so much, then it becomes more work than fun, even enjoyable pleasure. I’m starting to tire out some and it’s getting harder to get up if you know what I mean”
look like it from here, it looks plenty up and hard to me”
“Uh oh it’s not him I’m talking about, err he’s a little girl sex fiend, it’s the rest of me that’s slowing down”
She laughed and closed her legs and kind of shifted to hide her charms and asked if that’s was better. I smiled and told her it wouldn’t matter to him, she was still here and this was his playground, but don’t worry about it he’ll calm down in a while. And with that we settled back and focused on the TV. Nancy asked if I wanted some more juice and got up to get us some more, but in doing so show me her bare backside and I went instant hard again as she stepped over me and we got a good look at her slightly spread twat. He tried to grow fast enough and long enough to get in her as she stepped over and there for a moment I though he might succeed, but she was over and gone, although her foot did brush him.
“Huh sorry”
be he uh jumped into your path,” she giggled and I said quietly to myself ‘and he loved it too’ as she walked away, her little ass twisting under my t-shirt. I groaned, he stared.

You could hear Nancy in the kitchen, as I flipped the TV channels to find something interesting. Then I heard Amy.
“Who the hell are you, what do you think you’re doing?”
“I err I’m Nancy”
And I rushed into the room, following my dick.
“Hold it be still Amy, this is Nancy”
”Nancy who what she doing here Bill who uh what???”
“Sandy and Joanne found and brought her here last night to stay”
/> “Come in here and I’ll tell you all about it, calm down sweetie”
I led her into the bedroom or rather she led me into the bedroom as her fingers were tightly wrapped around my cock. IN the bedroom I pulled her to me and kissed her, her grip relaxed some. As I ran my hand up her leg and cupped her bare twat, she let go completely and pulled her top over her head. I nipped at a hard nipple and sucked it into my mouth flicking the tip with my tongue, she cooed. I lowered her to the bed and slid her skirt down over her ass and she kicked it off. Then I moved south licking her stomach and navel, finally the top of her slit and shove my tongue in between her sweet folds and flicked her clit. She moaned and raised her hips as I slipped a finger into her hot wet pussy and munched harder on her clit. It wasn’t long and she was humping my face, wrapped her legs around my head pulling me into her harder and then she exploded as I slipped another finger into her, hitting her spot. I lapped her sweet nectar drinking all I could, but there was just too much as it flowed down the crack coating her ass, her back, my face, and the bed.
its itsss /> She released my head and moaned, spreading her hips.
“mmmmmmmmmm fuck me ohh fuck me now Bill”
My dick twitched jerking towards her, pulling me up and as my cockhead slipped into her hot wet pussy about half way, she suddenly pushed me off her jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I could hear the heaving as she paid homage to the porcelain bowl. Nancy then said standing there in the doorway,
“If that girl ain’t knocked-up, she needs to be home in bed or a hospital. I’ll see if she’s ok”
“Ugggggggg ohh uggggggggg shit /> I laid back and looked at the ceiling smiling one down and five to go YES.
“uggggggg “
“Feeling better Amy isn’t it”
“Yeah I think so uh Nancy right?”
“Yeah that’s me”
”Who are you where you come from uh do I know you?”
“I’m Nancy I know you’ve seen me around I’ve seen you before several times /> “Hell you’re that dirty girl we’ve seen around here for what the past week or so, you look different and a lot cleaner”
“Yeah that’s me, you ok now gets go back in to Bill and we’ll tell you /> As she handed Amy a wet washrag to wipe her face off
“Wipe then rinse”

As Nancy led Amy back in, I sat up and asked.
“Feel better now sweetie, you ok”
“Yeah fine now, now what the hell is going on here”
And I told her about Sandy and Joanne finding Nancy and brought her here and Nancy filled in the gaps as I told Amy everything that happen last night, including Nancy and Sandy’s munching session. Amy said,
“Leave it to those two to find a stray, yeah I can see Sandy eating you, that girl is pussy crazy, you do look nice, mind if I see the rest?”
Nancy just shrugged and took off the t-shirt saying,
“Why not everyone else around here is always naked why not me too?”
“I don’t mind”
”Oh you wouldn’t Bill” Amy said with a little grin.
one more cute nude female around here”?
“She does look sweet don’t she, nice boobs, but she’s small. How old are you Nancy?”
“I turned 15 last month, how old are you”
”Sure you did, you look, hell you look younger that Linda, she just turned 12, except for those tits, huh I’m 13, why?”
“Just wondering you look like, uh thought you were older”
“So you’re going to stay here for a few days huh,”
“Uh yeah if you don’t mind”.
”Mind of course not, stay as long as you like. I don’t care as long as I get this”.
And she gently grabbed my hard dick and began stroking it
Bill have a beautiful dick?”

And she bend over to take me into her mouth once again. And as her warm mouth encased my enlarged cock.
“Oh yeah I’m gonna stay for a while, uh yeah he’s got a big one there. Damn do all of you suck on that /> I answered grinning “Yep they all do “ Amy grunted.
Nancy flopped down on the bed beside us and watched Amy’s lips sliding up and down on my dick. I watched as she slid her hand down to her mound again and began rubbing as her other hand sort of lightly tweaked her nipple. As Amy’s head bobbed on my cock, Nancy rubbed faster and faster, she began moaning and so did I. Amy raised up off my cock still holding it in her soft delicate fingers and moved up to slide her hot wet cunt onto my dick. I had a sudden though and stopped her just as her heated hole enveloped my cock completely.
“Uh Amy we shouldn’t do this until after you’ve taking the /> “Uh what noo I want you in me”
“I know sweetie and I want you to, but you need to wait until you’ve been tested”
but she sill sat there with me completely buried deep inside her.
“Come here baby let daddy eat your hot little cunt”
She moved off me slowly, but quickly turned around offering her slit to my waiting mouth as she took me into her mouth again. I attacked her hole as she swallowed my pole and the mutual oral loving commenced. I munched and tongued her clit and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her. Back and forth her hole, her clit, her hole, her clit. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth and slid a finger into her, she came. Damn near drowned me, but I kept at it. I started rubbing her anus with a finger, she shook and her pussy spasmed and filled my mouth again with her sweet cum she raised her head off my cock and groaned.
ohhhhhh Billllll cummmmm /> And with that I slipped my finger into her asshole, she jumped and came again with a loud moan followed by several whimpers as her pussy and anus both spasmed. I think her whole body shook as her juice flowed out her. I was coated with her sweet honey. Then she dropped her head and sucked my cock back into her hot mouth and began bobbing her head up and down like a runaway oil derrick as I lapped her tasty cum. She took hold of my balls and lightly rubs and squeezed them, then her finger slid down to my anus and she began rubbing around it. My nuts exploded, no way to stop it, it felt like there was an electric current shooting thru my pelvic area. I shot wad after wad of hot man cream into Amy’s greed hot little mouth as she sucked me hard swallowing all she could. There was just too much as it flowed out between her lips and my dick and dripped onto my balls. I screamed into her wet snatch setting off another massive orgasm in her tight little cunt and shove the rest of my finger into her bowels. We both began jerking and shaking as if being electrocuted, damn I’ve never came so hard or much.

My finger slipped out of her tight spasming butthole as she rolled off me. We both were gasping for air. I think I heard Nancy ask if we were ok and something like that and about totally something. Didn’t really grasp what she was saying and didn’t care either I was exhausted and was attempting to breathe again. We lay there for the longest, panting and gasping, it sounded like an old steam engine train trying to get up steam to climb Mount Everest. All the whooshing and heaving was deafening. Shortly Amy rose up somewhat and kind of punched me.
“What did you do to me? I’m still tingling, damn that was so fucking good, look at me I’m shaking, oooo damn that felt good and and what’s with the finger uuhh”
I tried to answer between breaths, when in walked Joanne and Sandy.
“Finger what about a finger? Did he stick a finger up your ass too? Didn’t it feel /> “You too?”
“Yeah just last night damn did I ever cum”
And the girls began rattling on about how it felt and other stuff as I laid there looking at the ceiling waiting for the world to return to normal. Nancy looked at me and with a smirk got up and joined it the hen party. I finally rose up out of bed and went into the bathroom cleaned up and just sat there. When I returned the room was empty and hearing noise from the party room, I headed that way. Rounding the corner I beheld a pedophile’s dream. There were six total nude little girls. Linda and Susie had joined them, now only Glenda was missing. Damn what a beautiful sight, six nude little girls aging from 12 to 15 all twisted together in one large mass of flesh. The munching and kissing and stroking that was going on was better that any porno flick ever or ever could be. My dick was so hard it could poke holes in several battleships and still looked for more. Although I had just cummed in Amy’s mouth and my balls were empty, he was trying to drag me into the room. The fool wanted more and there was plenty before us. Enough to satisfied any normal dozen men and it was all for me. I stood there and without even realizing it I was stroking my hard cock slowly, I swear I think, even my tongue was hard, watching this wondrous sight. Then Glenda slipped up besides me and moved my hand out of the way and took over. Next thing I knew he was in her mouth and loving it as she moved her warm lips back and forth. I moaned, but you couldn’t hear me over all the other moaning coming from the room.
Glenda sucked me gently at first, but as the moans and oofs grew louder she sucked harder, in fact it started to hurt a little, but he seemed to get harder. I finally pulled her off me pushed her down on the mattress and began pulling her clothes off, as her panties cleared her foot my tongue sunk into her hot wet gash. I licked and munched on her hole shoving my tongue in and out of her wetness. Slipped a finger into her open little girl love pit and sucked her clit in between my lips, as I flicked it with my tongue I slipped another finger into her. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers. Her slick velvet walls twitched almost biting at my fingers as she came.
“OHHHHH I”MMMM CUMMMMmmmiNNNNNN /> Her legs wrapped around my head jerking me into her heated area as her hips bucked up into me. I bite her clit and she came again and as she bounced around I shoved another finger into her hot snatch. I must have hit the spot, she jerked harder and came again.
Her legs shot straight up releasing my head and her body bowed up pushing her cumming twat into my face she screamed and collapsed. I moved up to her face, she had the funniest smile, her eyes were tightly shut and her nose flared as she gulped in air. I kissed her lips and she groaned or maybe growled would better describe it. She wrapped her arms around me squeezing me and whispered moaned into my ear.
“That was so goooood on Bill fuck me fuck me now I want you inside me ohhh FUCK ME”
She reached down grabbed my erect cock and shoved it into her pussy, moved her hand out of the way and began fucking me sliding her tight hot pussy up and down on my love pole. I didn’t have to do anything, just hold myself up and let her work. I wasn’t worried about cumming in her right away due to Amy’s draining and knew she’d cum before I would, several times in fact as she fucked me. I did however grabbed her and rolled us over to allow her to work herself better and allow me to play with those fine tits of hers. And she did she cum and cum again. But when I felt that feeling spreading thru my balls, I pulled her to me and said quietly.
“Cum baby cum, cum quick and then we need to stop”
“ohhhhh noooo you haven’t huh cum yet awwww cum cum in me meeee”
“No baby I don’t need to cum in you now not till we tesst you auggggg now cum”
And I pinched both her nipples and she popped.
“Ugggggggg /> And fell down completely on top of me as her body twitched. I was still fully inside her hot wet pussy as she shook. It felt so damn good I had to grab her ass to hold her still to keep me from blowing inside her. As she clammed down I stayed inside her, her hot silken tunnel held me tight as her cum washed over me. It was awesome; I could stay here forever and wouldn’t care to ever go anywhere else. I think he agreed, as he seemed to grow slightly and refused to soften up. He was definitely in pussy heaven being inside this drop-dead gorgeous 13-year-old tight hot wet snatch. Her hard nipples pushing into my chest, just made me want to hold her tighter and then my hips started moving on their own.
yesss Bill fuck me”
I had to push sexy sweet Glenda off me before I did just that, if I stayed inside her any longer I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. I would have fucked her tight little twat until I filled it several times with my seed. And that may mess up the prego testing. The reason all of them were here this morning, in fact as I recall this is the first time all six were here at one time. Glenda interrupted my thoughts
“Why did you push me off, I wanted some more of this.”
And she grabbed my still hard cock and ran her tongue around the crown, damn did he ever twitch. I groan and said.
“Sorry sweetheart it’s just we need to wait until you take the pregnancy test before I cum inside your wonderful tight little pussy. Don’t be to upset, I do want you too”.
“Well everyone here lets get to it I want some dick and if we need to test first, lets do it!”
“Oh give it a couple of minutes until the others calm down”
”Hell Susie and that little slut Amy will never calm down, and whose that?”
Pointing at Nancy whom was eating Joanne’s tasty twat, while Amy had her head buried in between her thighs munching her cunt.
err Nancy uh Sandy and Joanne brought her here last night. but enough of that , spread your legs I’m still hungry”
”Nancy Nancy Who? Where she come from? Huh oh shit”
She muttered as I spread her perfect shaped legs and stuck my tongue into one of the tastiest pussy on the planet once again. I brought her off again, drinking her honey like a thirsty group of bears. I rolled off her and moved up to hold her as she slowly came down off her last orgasm. We kissed and cuddled and watched as the others slowly unfolded. All were lying gasping for air, some were still twitching slightly and all were moaning of sorts. Then Glenda spoke up breaking the erotic bubble.
“Damn what a sight six wet pussies, mmmmmm looks good doesn’t it Bill?”
“Uh oh yeah it’s it’s a mans ultimate dream. I could die happy right here”
Amy raised her head, looked right at Glenda and me.
“What are you two talking about?”
“Oh nothing just the happiness of mankind”
/> worry about it err you think you and the others will be ready to take the pregnancy test here in a few /> Sandy rose up and grinned mouthing ‘ me first’. All the girls started rising to a sitting mode as Amy spoke,
“I’m ready not sure about the others”
And all the girls mumbled something all at once. Then I said that they need to pick up a kit in the bathroom and follow the instruction and we’ll see what happens. They all got up, but it was Sandy who was out he door first, Amy followed, then Susie, Joanne Glenda and little Linda last. Nancy moved over and sat down next t me. You could hear the girls all trying to be first, and then Nancy said
“Maybe I’ll go help after all there’s no way I’m /> And in she went and after a couple of minutes peace rained in the house once again. The girls came back into the party room with their strip and waited for the results. It was kind of funny, here were six little nude girls each sitting, waiting for a test strip to turn to the right color. Sandy’s turned first and it was negative, she looked so downhearted, I moved over to her put my arm around her saying it’s alright don’t worry it’ll happen. Then Amy jumped up and screamed, “Yes” and began showing everyone her positive test. She was so happy kind of glowing ‘a ha ha I’m first look’, then Susie sort of moaned screamed “me too”. Sure enough her test showed positive also. Two down and four to go, well three more to wait and see. However the rest were all negative, one by one they turned wrong. Susie and Amy were bubbling over and all the girls were hugging them asking all kinds of questions. How they feel, did they feel different, all kinds of weird and crazy questions. One even asked if they could feel the baby growing inside them. I got up and went into the kitchen for a beer, leaving the girls to their whatever.
As I popped the top I grinned a big huge shit-eating grin. I’m gonna be a Dad. Cool. Amy and Susie carrying my children inside those tight sweet bodies. I’m gonna be a Father, Dad, Pops, the old man. Two pregnant and four more to go. Joanne walked in shaking me out of my happy thoughts, looking kind of down trodden.
“I’m happy for Amy and Susie but I was hoping I was too”
be sad sweetie it just means we’ll have to just try some more, it’ll happen”
And with that I picked her up and sat her on the counter and kissed her, as her tongue exploded my mouth and mine hers. My dick rose up quickly and was ready for action, as the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips she moaned into my mouth and slid to the edge of the counter. Her movement opened her twat and I slid into her heated wet cunt and my hips began moving back and forth as I fucked her slowly. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her harder as I sped up. Damn she was hot and she came after just a minute or so. And as I exploded deep inside her, filling her hot tight little girl pussy with my seed, Glenda walked into the room.
“Damn it Joanne I wanted him”
Joanne just moaned , then smiled
too late mmmmmm that was good Bill honey”
I moved out of Joanne and stepped back as she closed her legs trying to hold my juice inside her. I turned to face a nude Glenda standing there with her hands on her hips looking oh so sexy and smiled.
“Guess you’re next”.


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