The watch dog

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The Watch Dog by Author Unknown

Chapter 1

The squad car's wailing siren cut through the stillness of the summer
night like the sound of someone screaming in the throes of a nightmare.
From far off it came, ever rising and falling pitch bringing it closer
to the Valley Farms home of Kate and Lucy Barrett. It was eleven past
four in the morning when the call came in from Mrs. Barrett, according
to the precinct records, and twenty-two past when the patrol car
screeched to a halt in front of their rambling brick home. The two
officers, one white and one black, jumped from the car almost before it
had stopped moving, guns drawn, eyes searching the nearby hedges and
trees for the sign of movement that might mean the difference between
finishing their shift alive or going home in a rubber bag. Crime in
this Washington, D.C. suburb was no laughing matter. Not that anyone
would have laughed anyway – taxes had soared in recent years to meet
the costs of bigger and better police forces. And insurance premiums,
when you were lucky enough to get it all, were double what they were
five years ago. Most residents did without, absorbing the loss
themselves when they awoke to find their car looted or their television
missing when they returned from work. Or in some cases, the whole
house, rugs, drapes, furniture, everything!

Patrol Officer Bill Manners was the first up the long, stepping-stone
walk, his teammate, Turner Jackson, close on his heels. Manners was the
senior man in this car, Turner being a recent Police Academy graduate,
and the blond-haired Virginia family man was careful to stick by the
book as this was only Turner's second night out on patrol duty. He
glanced up and saw two female figures silhouetted on the drawn
curtains, apparently still in their sleeping wear, and he slipped his
revolver back into its holster and motioned for Turner to do the same.
There was little to be gained by frightening these poor civilians worse
than they had already been frightened. It was almost always the same on
these calls … break-in in progress. Before they could arrive on the
scene, the burglar was long gone, probably hiding under a car somewhere
three or four blocks away. Or safely behind the wheel of a non-de
sedan, motoring calmly back into the city, richer enough, if he was
lucky, to feed his habit for another twenty-four hours. If not, it was
back to the streets. Maybe this time an elderly pensioner coming home
from the late movies, or a newsstand operator going to work. But
wherever, however, he would get what he needed to keep him flying for
another day. There was never any choice for a heroin addict.

The door opened as they stepped onto the covered front porch and a
fortyish woman wearing an expensive-looking robe ushered them in with a
salesgirl's smile. "Come in, Officers, come in. I'm so glad you got
here quickly," she gushed. "My daughter Lucy and I have been scared out
of our wits. I tell you, it was horrible. Horrible! Oh where are my
manners … I'm Kate Barrett, you know, of Barrett's Department Store
down at the shopping center."

"Yes, />
"And this is my daughter Lucy. Would you two fine officers care for
something to drink? I know you can't drink on duty, but I could spill a
little brandy when I pour your coffee," she said, lowering her voice as
if Lucy was too young to hear, and winking at the two policemen. But
there was little doubt about Lucy's maturity, as both officers quickly
noticed. She was wearing just what she had on when they heard the glass
breaking by the back door — baby doll pajamas you could read a
newspaper through, though with her body, who'd want to read a
newspaper? Officer Manners took out his note-pad and began to record
the facts, but his eyes kept wandering from the pad and stealing
surreptitious glances at the most beautiful chest he had seen in a long
time. Christ, he thought, if my old lady had a pair of knockers like
those, I'd never leave the house!

"I'll have a little coffee, ma'am, if it's not too much trouble," he
said, dutifully writing down the address and the sketchy facts he knew
already. He could not be too careful on this call, for the Barrett
money was Establishment money. John Barrett owned most of this valley
at one time, before he subdivided it up and sold it for development,
and Manners had heard estimates in the millions of his worth in real
estate. He was dead now, over a year ago from a sudden heart attack.
Popular jokes held that he died struggling under the weight of a bag
full of his money, but that was not something for the record.

"Certainly, men … Lucy, would you mind putting a little coffee in the
percolator for these />
"No, ma'am … I'd be delighted," she said as if she did not mean it at
all, and left the room. Officer Manners sneaked a quick look at the
backside of that gorgeous blonde's body under those see-thrus and, if
anything, it was even nicer than the front! High, tight cheeks that
rubbed together when she walked … Man, what she'd be like in the
sack! He was sorry now that he had asked for coffee, because it robbed
him of any more sideways looks at the younger Barrett woman. Not that
the older one was any hag; Kate Barrett had that aura of well-preserved
beauty common to most rich women. The kind of cold, translucent good-
looks that comes with thrice-weekly trips to the Georgetown salons.

"Won't you gentlemen sit down?" the older red-haired woman inquired.
"I'm sure you two could use a breather, what with all the crime we've
been having lately in Valley Farms. Isn't it just awful? I mean, it
must be all those …" She seemed to be about to say something but she
smiled stiffly in Officer Jackson's direction and bit her tongue. "What
I mean to say is, all those dope addicts and all from the city. I've
heard they come out five and six to a car, like going to a picnic!"

The young black officer nodded officiously. "That's partly true, Mrs.
Barrett. We do suspect that a lot of these break-ins and muggings
lately have been the work of addicts from Washington. I don't know
whether they make the ride out in carpools though … it might look a
little suspicious. All those blacks in Valley Farms would stand out
like …"

The senior officer cleared his throat meaningfully. "What he means,
ma'am, is that maybe we had better get on with the report. If the
burglar who tried to get in here is still around, we might spot him on
the street. Anyone out at this hour is usually up to no good."

"Oh, I do agree, Officer! I think there ought to be a curfew, except
for decent folks, don't you? I mean, what business do all these young
people have out at this hour?"

"Yes, ma'am, you're quite right."

"Mrs. Barrett," interrupted the black officer. "How would you propose
to tell the 'decent folks' from the />
"Why, I … well, I don't know all the details. That's for smarter
people than I to work out."

Officer Manners shot his junior partner a look that could have cut
glass. "Let's go on with the report. Tell me exactly, in your own words
what />
Lucy Barrett returned with the coffee on a silver tray complete with
creamer and sugar bowl, and both the young police officers rose and
nodded their thanks courteously. She leaned precariously close to them
as she placed the tray on the coffee table at their knees; Officer
Manners cleared his throat again for something to do and managed,
finally, to get his eyes back on his note pad.

"Officers, the report?" the older woman dropped her words like lead
weights; since Lucy's unintentionally dramatic entrance she had lost
her audience. And Kate Barrett did not appreciate being upstaged by
another woman, even if she was her own flesh and blood. "Could we
continue?" she said icily, her thin veneer of charming hospitality
washed away like so much make-up.

Officer Manners sensed the change immediately and made up his mind to
get all the pertinent facts and get away from here; you could feel the
hostility in the air in the Barrett home. And whatever its source, he
wanted no part of it; the Barrett money was a dozen times what it took
to get a policeman fired. "Yes, ma'am," he said with a regulation
smile. "You were about to tell us what happened before your call.
According to what we have already, you called the switchboard at the
Valley Farms substation at eleven past four and reported a break-in
progress, is that correct?"

"Correct. Lucy and I both heard the noise. Our bedrooms are on the same
hallway and both of us knew it came from the back door in the kitchen.
Actually, it's in the laundry room, but it adjoins the kitchen. It's
only a few feet from the bedrooms on the back of the house."

"Then you were both in bed?"

"Yes, for hours. But would you like to see the backdoor for
"Yes, ma'am, I was about to ask you."

"Actually, I think I'll excuse myself and try to get some more sleep.
I'm sure whoever he was, he won't be back around tonight with you
gentlemen on duty." She was all teeth and eyes, but both the policemen
felt her fangs plainly enough. "Lucy will show you the door and the
grounds, won't you dear? Thank you very much for your prompt, uh,
attention. And good-night." Officers Manners and Jackson rose as the
older Barrett woman got up to leave, and mumbled their courtesies as
she hurried off without a look back. It was a clear case of dismissal;
Kate Barrett was not accustomed to vying for attention. She would
rather make her exit a memorable one than play second-fiddle to Lucy's
spectacular endowments.

"Well, I guess the queen has retired to her chambers," Lucy said
bitterly when her mother was out of earshot. "Let's go out through the
dining room and I'll show you where the burglar tried to get in." She
walked ahead of them, and when she paused in the doorway of the
kitchen, Officers Manners and Jackson were treated to a sight that
would drive sensible men to drink. The kitchen light was a bright
fluorescent tube hidden above the counter, and with the dining room
darkened, it shone through Lucy's diaphanous pajamas like they were
clear plastic! Manners heard his partner gasp and he gave him a quick
elbow in the ribs before the young blonde turned to face them.

Turner Jackson knew he was taking a chance kidding around about a good-
looking white woman, especially a blonde one who could have just
stepped out of Playboy. He had known Bill Manners since before Police
Academy, and he knew he was no racist: still, a lot of good white men
grabbed for their sheets and crosses when they saw black eyes on smooth
white flesh. She was a real looker, all right, and she knew it. Turner
could see that as well as he could see the curvaceous outline of her
firm breasts beneath her pajama top; she might come in with the
innocent bit, but this one was no Sunday-school virgin!

"Over there, Officers … that's the window he broke. We left
everything just as we found it. I saw them do that on a TV show just
last week. That was the right thing to do, wasn't it?" She was smiling
now and her face had all the well-scrubbed beauty of the girl next
door; it was hard to see any of Kate Barrett in this vivacious young
creature. Kate's looks were tough and hard, Lucy was as soft and cuddly
as a kitten once her mother was out of the room. And both Bill Manners
and Turner Jackson were thinking just how soft and cuddly she would be
… safely tucked away beneath the sheets.

Manners made all the necessary notes for his report; there was no point
in sending the crime truck around for fingerprints. He knew there would
not be any. There was tape on the glass and it had been cut in a circle
by a glass-cutter; this was obviously no neighborhood teenager or
hungry wino. It had to be a professional break-in artist, even though
he blew it when the glass slipped and crashed to the kitchen tile
floor, and professionals did not leave fingerprints.

There was little left to be done and Officer Manners, as senior man,
thanked Lucy for her trouble and promised they would cruise the
neighborhood until dawn just in case the burglar was still around. She
walked them to the front door, and as the two cops turned to say good-
night, she was silhouetted again in the doorway, her slender curves
outlined in the diffused light that filtered through her nightie. God,
was she ever a tease! thought the officer as he waved good-bye. Nobody
could be that naively innocent!

"Bill, what'ya think of all that?" Jackson asked when they were back in
the patrol car

"Just a routine break-in attempt."

"Oh, not that. You know what I mean. That little prick-tease running
around waving those titties in our face! Man, she's gonna' get herself
raped if she keeps that up!"

"Yeah, well just don't get any ideas, Jackson. That's rich man's pussy,
both of them. You and I just don't qualify," the blond policeman said
as he turned the ignition. "Call in and let them know we're back in the
car, will you, Turner?"

The black officer waited for a gap in the unusually busy communications
traffic, and then gave the appropriate code numbers to indicate they
were again ready for action. He strapped himself into the bucket seat
as the heavy police-special cruiser surged down Valley Farms Road
toward the lights of Washington far in the distance. It would be light
soon, time for some more coffee and perhaps a couple of doughnuts at
the all-night Dunkin' Donuts out on the highway. "I was thinking,
Bill," he said after they had traveled a few blocks.

"'Bout what?"

"About those two women … how come they seem to be at each other's
throats like they do. It just don't seem right. Mrs. Barrett being a
widow and all."

"That's part of the problem, Turner."

"What? Her being a widow?"

Manners reached down to the radio and turned the squelch knob up enough
to drown out some of the pre-dawn static. "Yeah … there's a lot of
stories around about those two. Not that I travel in the same circles,
you understand. That kind of life is too rich for me, at least on a
cop's salary. I'd never have heard the gossip at all if it hadn't been
for Flaherty. You know, that red-headed guy who works second shifts …
anyway, he moonlights over at the Valley Farms Club on weekends,
keeping an eye on traffic and such. Pays good money, I understand.
Well, he said that any time two of those rich ol' cunts get together
over there, it's to share a new story about Kate and Lucy Barrett."

"Wow, what are they a couple of weirdos or />
"No, nothing quite so spectacular. The story is that Lucy and Kate
inherited an equal share of the Barrett holdings, with Lucy's portion
in trust until she's />
"You mean that sweet littl' thing isn't legal?"

"Well, she's fucking legal, if that's what's on your dirty mind. But
she's not legal enough to inherit her portion of the estate. So she's
sort of dependent on her mother for everything. That's why she's going
to business school, to get a job and support herself."

"All that money and she's worrying about working?"

"She's got a few years yet before she gets it, and from what Flaherty
tells me, she probably won't be living at home much longer. She's got a
boyfriend, see, some punk she dredged up from somewhere. I don't know
what a sweet piece like her sees in a long-hair, but that's the drift.
The ol' lady hates his guts … won't even let him on the property. And
since she's Lucy's legal guardian and controls the purse-strings, she's
pretty much got the upper hand."

"I should have guessed it … whenever there's a squabble between two
cunts, you can be damn sure there's a cock somewhere in the middle!"

"Jackson, you've sure got a dirty mouth. But I think you're right this
time. Only it's two cocks, not one?"

"Two? Well, no wonder Lucy hangs around with this long-hair! He's
really somethin' special!"

"No, stupid. The other cock's attached to one J. Marlowe."

"The big clothing manufacturer who was in Newsweek a while back? He's
the one with factories all over the world … wherever there's cheap

"Honestly, Turner, you surprise me. I didn't know you read anything
heavier than comic books."

The black officer laughed and took a pack of cigarettes from the glove
compartment, not offering his partner one because Manners was a non-
smoker. "Not all us niggers is dumb, boss man," he said with a thick
plantation accent.

"Yeah? Then if you're so smart, figure out the rest of the story
yourself." They were turning into the country club driveway for a sweep
through the parking lot, always a good spot for catching a couple of
late-neckers with their pants down.

"No, you tell me … it's getting more interesting all the time."

"Actually, there's not much more to tell. At least, not until I get the
latest rumors from Flaherty. It seems that young Lucy was sort of
attached to her father, maybe more than is natural for a girl her age,
and she doesn't like the idea of Daddy's widow with a new boyfriend …
Jerry Marlowe in the flesh."

"Aha, the ol' Electra complex rears its ugly head!"

"Jeez, Turner, you're a pretty smart fellow! How come you're a cop?"
Just then their number came across on the radio: disorderly conduct at
an all-night service station. "Probably a fist-fight … better get
ready for a little action!" He down-shifted the powerful Mercury and it
belched with a throaty roar as they left Valley Farms in a cloud of
taxpayers' rubber. The doughnuts would have to wait.

Chapter 2

"Lucy, don't just walk past me like I'm not standing here! Come in here
. .. I want to talk to you!" Kate Barrett had changed into a dress and
stockings; she was always an early riser, and this morning it would
just be a bit earlier than usual. She had never really intended to go
back to sleep anyway, but she needed some excuse to get away from those
adolescent police officers. Another minute of the way they were ogling
Lucy and she'd have lost her cool completely!

"Sorry, Mother," the younger woman said politely, her lips pressed
together in what passed as a smile. "I didn't see you. What do you
want? I have classes in just over three hours."

"Never mind your classes. What's the idea of parading around this house
like some kind of … some kind of whore!" Her teeth clenched as she
spat out the word; it left her lips like some bit of bad food.

"Parading where? I've just been walking around my house. Oh, excuse me,
your house. I wasn't aware that doing so made me some kind of fallen
woman." Lucy stood barely an inch shorter than her mother, and she
showed no signs of backing down. Arguing like this had become something
of a nightly ritual since John Barrett's death, and both women had
plenty of practice by now.

"You know damn well what I mean! You and that see-thru outfit with
those pimply-faced cops peering at your bosom. Honestly, what do you
take me for? I'm not blind!"

Lucy laughed weakly. "I'll tell you what I take you for … if
anybody's the whore, it's you! Those men were nearly thirty, young
enough for me maybe, but not old enough for you! I think you're just
jealous because I got all the attention! That's what's eating you,
you're jealous! Why don't you call up your friend with the lavender
cologne? He might pay some attention to you!"

"Lucy Barrett, I won't listen to that kind of talk! Maybe I was a
little hasty, but you've got no right to talk that way about Mr.
Marlowe. He's a good friend of the family and he's been a real help
these last few months!"

"Yeah, I'll bet … help at what? Or should I guess. I'm not blind
either, you know. I've seen you two kissing and grabbing at each other
like a couple of …"

Kate's palm flashed upward and stung across her daughter's cheek with a
loud smack. Lucy scarcely moved, but her face bore the mark of four red
fingers like a stenciled hand on her cheek. "Lucy … I'm sorry …

Lucille Edgecombe Barrett turned on her bare feet and walked away
silently to her room, closed the door behind her, and locked it
carefully. Not until she was in bed with her head beneath her pillow
did she let herself go. A half hour later she had cried herself to
sleep, and she did not awaken until the alarm rang at quarter past

Kate Barrett's room was closed when she passed it on the way down to
fix herself a quick breakfast. The Barrett domestic, Clara had arrived
and was cleaning up the broken glass by the back door when Lucy came
in. "Trouble, Miss Lucy? You look like you haven't slept a wink. That
is, unless you got them red eyes from />
Lucy gave the elderly black woman a warm hug. "No, Clara, just the same
old thing. Mother and I had another of our fights. This one was a real

"Which one of you broke the door?"

"Neither one. We had a break-in here last night. Or rather almost had
one. I guess the lights must have scared him away."

"A break-in? Did you call the police?"

Lucy was pawing through the cupboard in search of a snack-sized box of
cereal. "Oh, yeah, police and guns and everything. And then Mother
accused me of being a whore and slapped me."

"What? Why, Miss Lucy, that don't sound right to me. Are you sure it
happened just like that?"

The long-haired blonde girl sat down at the kitchen breakfast table and
stared into the empty coffee cup that Clara had provided for her. "No,
Clara, I don't know how it happened. It was just like all the other
nights. She said something or I said something and we were off and
running. Only this time she hit me … hard." She was trying not to
look at Clara, for the gray-haired Negro woman had practically raised
her and it was impossible to keep anything from Clara. She could lie to
Kate, even once in a while to Daddy when he was alive, but never to
Clara. She was too sharp.

"Listen honey, you forget all about that school this morning. They'll
understand you missing a couple of classes. I'm gonna fix you a nice
hot breakfast just like I used to do when you was a baby. And then you
can tell ol' Clara all about it, 'ya hear?" She did not receive an
answer, but when the elderly woman turned from her dishes, Lucy had her
face buried in her hands and it was plain to see she was crying.

* * * * *

You could always hear David coming long before you saw him; his late-
fifties MG had not seen a muffler without holes in more years than
anyone could remember. How he managed to keep the thing on the streets
was a puzzlement to everyone who knew him or the car. David had the
sort of looks that usually draw small-town cops like sugar draws ants:
long hair, a Mexican-bandito mustache. And always the latest in freaky
clothes. But somehow he managed to elude them, for his racing green MG
was almost an institution on the streets between Valley Farms and
Alexandria. He never drove his car into the city; because of thieves,
he said, but most people suspected it was because the D.C. cops would
be less likely to put up with that awful brraaappp!

Lucy Barrett remembered the exact day she first met David; the exact
day, the hour, the minute, all of it. It was the night Kate first
brought Jerry home with her. Oh, sure, she knew they had been seeing
each other. Everyone in Valley Farms knew by that time. But at least
until then she had had the decency to keep him out of their home. Her
father's home!

And Kate Barrett brought that sawed-off shrimp of a man with his awful
pot belly into the study where she was doing her homework and
introduced him, just like that. What was she supposed to do, curtsy and
pretend she was glad to meet him? That man in her father's house? Well,
she didn't, and she was not sorry in the least now as she waited
outside the school for David to pick her up. No, not in the least. That
was the night she first went to Scottie's, a late-night drive-in
hangout not far from Valley Farms, but definitely on the shadier side
of the tracks. Lucy had never even felt the urge to go to that awful
place, though some of the bolder girls from Valley Farms went over in
groups of four or five just for laughs sometimes. Much in the manner
that the Park Avenue swells used to go down to the Apollo in Harlem
before the blacks declared them non-grata. Lucy went there that night
for one reason — to get drunk on beer. She ordered a plate of French
fries and a half-quart of beer, just like she had heard the kids did it
here; and when it came, she gulped half of it down without a breath.
Lucy was no drinker, at least not then, but she had sampled a few
different drinks over the years, including a fair share of beer at
debutante-season parties and by the pool at the country club. That
night, though, she had only wanted to get drunk as quickly and
painlessly as possible, and being under legal age, beer was the safest
way. She had finished the first and ordered a second when David poked
his head in her passenger-side window. Perhaps if she had not downed
that large can of beer so quickly, she would have switched on the power
window and told him to get lost. Perhaps.

But Lucy invited him inside instead; why not? she asked herself,
Mother's at home with her boyfriend. If she can play around with a fat
old creep like Jerry Marlowe, then I can pick my own playmates too! she
told herself assuringly.

And that was exactly what she did. Call it revenge, getting even, even
love, but the end result is the same. Lucy Barrett lost her virginity
that night in David's third-story studio apartment in Alexandria. It
was all over so quickly she could hardly remember it now; of course,
being perfectly soused might have affected her memory a bit. And
looking back, she felt not the slightest recriminating pang, not one.
She took David home to their Valley Farms house the very next night and
treated Kate Barrett to a bit of her own medicine. Of course, John
Barrett's charming widow was too much the southern aristocrat to make a
scene in front of company, even if the guest was, in her own words,
"some degenerate hippie creep and probably an addict as well." The real
scene came later, when David dropped her off at half past three in the
morning, but Lucy came out ahead on points at the end of round one by
turning up the very next afternoon for five o'clock cocktails at the
Club with David firmly in tow. Long hair, sandals, dirty jeans, and
all. That was the real beginning of a running battle between the
Barrett womenfolk that had dragged on for over a month. Kate Barrett
with her "gentleman friend" and Lucy with her hippie.

"Hi, baby, been waiting long?" Lucy was so caught up in her reminiscing
that she failed to hear David pull to the curb, and that was no mean
oversight with his MG.

"No, just a couple of minutes," she lied to save conversation. "Let's
get out of here, David. I'm just not in the mood for school today. I
slept through the business accounting class and I was supposed to see
the Dean about being late this morning, but I just cut out."

"Okay, baby, I think you should have split from that lousy place a long
time ago. Who the hell wants to go to school to learn to be a file

Lucy reached inside and opened the latch of the tiny sports car and
then climbed into the passenger seat, doubling her long legs to get
them inside. David leered down between them at the snatch of white as
her panties showed momentarily. "Hmm, nice beaver shot there,
sweetheart," he said with a phony Bogart lisp.

"Can it, David," the well-built young blonde shot back irritably. "Step
on the gas, will you, I said I wanted to get out of here. How about a
couple of beers at />
He threw the gearshift into first and popped the clutch in a howl of
burning rubber. he inquired over the raucous din of the
finely-tuned roadster. "What made you decide that? We haven't been to
Scottie's since the night we met. I thought you didn't like the place."

"Well, that was yesterday and today's today. Now I'd like to have a
beer at Scottie's. And then maybe over to your place."

David did not need any further hints; Lucy was strangely eager to get
into bed today, and whatever the reason, he was game. Lucy was the kind
of dish some men lived all their lives without once ever having, and
she was his for the taking! "Okay, baby, Scottie's it is. And then my
place for dessert, right?" he said with a knowing chuckle.

Lucy turned her head and looked at him blankly. "Don't joke about it,
David. I need it today, that's all … I need you!"

David pressed the accelerator a bit closer to the floorboards; he'd
never seen her quite like this. And Lucy to practically ask for it.
Damn that was almost unthinkable! He glanced to be sure she was looking
away and then used the heel of his palm to press down the eager
erection that was already bulging in his tight Levi's.

* * * * *

The cramped walk-up studio that he rented was, as usual, in need of a
woman's touch. Food from meals already digested and forgotten lay
hardening in the sunlight that glared in from outside. This place had
little to say for it, but its Southern exposure was its one redeeming
point. Even in the dead of winter, there was more sun here than in most
penthouses. The one large room was papered floor to ceiling with rock
posters from the sixties; David had lived in San Francisco then and
was, as he told it somewhat sketchily, somehow loosely connected with
the defunct Avalon ballroom. Lucy, in her more cognizant moments,
guessed that he was perhaps a ticket-taker, but she never ventured to
question him further. David was not the kind of person one ever got to
know extremely well; she supposed she knew him as well as anyone, and
still there were a lot of stones uncovered. Like, for instance, what he
did for a living. He did not seem to have a lot of money, but he always
had just enough. Yet when she asked him about his source of income, he
always answered in some vague generality about being an then
sometimes a few words about fees and such."

Lucy had heard of such things; John Barrett always took her into his
confidence. He often said that he wanted no daughter who was capable of
being just a housewife: therefore, he explained the innermost workings
of his businesses in detail to her as a teenager, usually when she
would have preferred television or a drive in the country. But she
never let on to David that she had any familiarity at all with the
world of business and finance; as far as he knew, she understood just
what little they taught her at business school. And that was hardly
enough to make a decent secretary. In all honesty, she had to admit, if
only to herself, that she had some doubts about David's standing in the
financial community, but that never bothered Lucy Barrett. She had all
the money she needed, and a lot more corning when she turned twenty-
five, so what did it matter if David probably had some part-time job he
was ashamed to tell her about. Maybe in a service station since he
liked cars so much, she sometimes guessed. But only when it crossed her
mind at all, which was seldom.

"Want another beer?" he asked, opening the refrigerator.

"No, thanks, those two at Scottie's were enough for me. I have to go
home eventually, and one drunk in the house is quite enough."

"Ol' lady's on the sauce again?" he laughed.

"Not so bad as before, when Daddy died. But she's knocking down more
than her share. And that boyfriend of hers kills a bottle every day or
so. Scotch, naturally, at twelve bucks a bottle."

"Can't the tight-ass afford his own booze? I thought he had tons of

"Yeah, I suppose. He's got lots of money, but he'd rather drink for
free, I guess," the attractive blonde explained as she dropped across
David's unmade double bed. She always felt a tingle of excitement when
she lay on this bed; this was where she first had a man. This was the
only place where she'd had a man.

David kneeled on the mattress beside her, placing his half-full beer on
the headboard. "Well, let's not talk about that jerk Marlowe. We've got
more important things to do, right, baby?" Lucy felt her whole body
begin to shiver as his hands touched the small of her back and then
moved down over her soft round buttocks and started to push the hem of
her school dress up along the backs of her smooth unblemished thighs.
She heard his breathing suddenly grow faster, and she could feel the
hot intensity of his stare there between her slightly-spread thighs. He
gave her a meaningful nudge and she lifted her hips and then her
breasts so that he could pull her dress up and off, pausing first to
unzip it at the shoulders.

she murmured softly as his hands smoothly caressed their
way down her back as he unhooked her brassiere; that too was removed
quickly as she lifted her large firm breasts from the mattress for
Davis to pull it away. She felt a quiver of eagerness as her naked
breasts rubbed against the sheet; her nipples hardened in contact with
the coarse fabric, and Lucy could feel that familiar surge of passion
rushing through her chest and loins.

His warm hands moved further down her back as he hooked his fingers in
the taut elastic band at the top of her panties, and then he yanked and
tugged until they cleared the swell of her hips and slid over the
luxurious half-globes of her buttocks. In another few seconds, he had
them down her long trim thighs and then, as she lifted her ankles
cooperatively, he removed them and dropped them on the floor beside the
bed. Lucy was totally naked now, not having worn any stockings to
school because of the muggy heat and humidity, and she purred like a
complacent kitten as his searching hands coursed over her eagerly,
devouring her naked flesh with his fingertips. His hand slipped easily
up between her milky-white thighs until his fingers brushed
electrically across the sparse blonde pubic hair around her vagina; his
finger swept just slightly over the quivering, nerve-filled bud of her
clitoris, and she moaned loudly, a visible shiver of excitement racing
up from her naked loins and along her bare smooth back. His own fervent
lust thoroughly aroused, the long-haired young man lifted and rolled
her voluptuous body over easily so that her full frontal nudity was
offered up to him like an obscene French postcard. Her eyes were hardly
more than slits, and her naked firm breasts rose and fell in the
swelling crescendo of her blatant and uncontrollable passion!

David's lust-widened eyes bulged to take in all of the rich young
blonde's luridly exposed sensuality. Like every other time he had
brought her up here to this dingy apartment, she was hotter than New
York on the Fourth of July — her legs twitching anxiously and her ripe
little ass just squirming with excited eagerness. Lucy Barrett, John
Barrett's only child, and here she was in his bed, begging for his
cock! What incredible sweet irony! It was just too damn much.

He could scarcely suppress the smirk of absolute victory that seemed to
creep across his face on its own … Oh, you hot-ass piece o'pussy,
you'd absolutely shit if you knew the whole story! Yes, you would!

That night she turned up like something out of a dream … Lucy Barrett
alone and crying her big blue eyes out at a dump like Scottie's! He had
to look twice before he was certain himself, as he had only seen her
before from a distance, but with a face like an angel and a body that
could tempt a saint, he knew it had to be the same girl. It had been
nearly a year since John Barrett gave the order to have him fired from
the shipping department, instructions that included turning his name
over to the police for being a marijuana smoker. His foreman had caught
him with a lighted "joint" during his lunch break, and being the hard-
hat that he was, went straight to John B. himself. Lucy never knew any
of this, of course, for the store had kept it quiet to avoid publicity.
And though the charges were eventually dropped by the District
Attorney's office, he had spent a nervous two months sweating it out.
And unemployed to boot. He swore to get even that very day he was
fired, but he had given it up as a lost cause until he spotted Lucy
that night at />
David had another job now, thanks to John Barrett. Or rather, no
thanks, for he would rather have been on welfare than doing what he was
into now. He had reluctantly agreed to do some work for Sammy DeAngelo
and his organization, just that one time to make ends meet. One little
trip down to the Naval Yards at Norfolk with a certain small package to
deliver, just that one time. But it didn't work out that way; with
Sammy's organization it never did. Once they had their hooks in you,
your ass was theirs until they tired of you. First they were all smiles
and then they lost their charming good humor when
you refused them another delivery run. And when you went out to start
your car one morning and found all the tires slashed even though it had
been left under a street light, then, if you were smart, you knew that
the organization had you where they wanted you. Right under their

Only now David could see a light at the end of the tunnel — a way out
from under Sammy's crushing weight and a chance to get even with John
Barrett at the same time! It was almost too good to be true, all that
money just waiting to be grabbed. He could tell Sammy to shove it and
split for the Riviera where the real action was! And the best part of
all was fucking John Barrett's high class daughter while he bided his
time. Roll over in your grave, John Barrett, you mother-fucker!

His hands again roamed upward between her thighs until he could feel
the hotly-steaming furrow of her young cuntal flesh quiver in
passionate reply to his lust-inciting caresses. she sighed
up at him and when he lowered his face to hers, her tongue lashed out
as if to pull him closer and then pushed wetly into his clinging mouth
in a lascivious signal of utter surrender.

Lucy was only half-aware of a hurried bustling of clothing, and when
she opened her eyes wider, David was standing over her completely
naked, his man-sized cock visibly pulsating between both his hands. He
crawled onto the bed and kneeled over her prostrate form with a self-
satisfied smirk on his face. "Reach down and stick it in, sweetheart."
She complied almost immediately, and he moaned a long, deep sigh as her
warm fingers closed eagerly around his rigid penis and then began to
push the thick fleshy foreskin back over the distended purplish knob.
She squeezed his cock-shaft impatiently and eased it up against the
hotly-steaming lips of her hungering cunt.

David could feel the softly tickling pubic hair brushing against his
lust-distended member as it poised tremblingly at the very cuntal mouth
of her vagina. Her pussy-heat seemed to draw him like a magnet,
threatening to suck him voraciously into the very pit of her desire-
heightened loins. He knew she was his, all of her, every delicious
naked inch of her! All his life he'd hungered for a woman like her, but
they were always too distant for a boy from the wrong side of town.
He'd seen them for years in their fancy cars, with their prissy
college-boy lovers. And now he had the cream of the crop, John
Barrett's daughter herself, squirming on his unmade bed like some hash-
house waitress he'd brought up for a quick piece of tail!

This time, he thought wickedly, this time she'll wait until I say so!
She wants my cock so bad it hurts, but she'll wait, goddamn her, until
I'm ready to shove it into her tight country-club pussy!

"Want it, baby?" he sneered coarsely into her ear.

Lucy did not answer but lay beneath him groaning in barely-audible
gasps through her clenched teeth: her lips were pulled back and
quivering with the frenzied passion her lover always stirred between
her supple thighs.

"I asked you a question," he said with thinly-veiled sadism. "Do you
want it or not? You gotta' ask me real nice if you do."

Lucy shivered beneath him. "P-please, David, don't make me do that …
just take me, darling! Please! I need it … so bad!"

"No dice, honey … I want to hear you ask real sweet-like. This time,
for a change, we do it my way!" He looked into her
face and he knew he would be victorious; whatever it was that drew her
to him, whatever strange power he seemed to have over her, it was
working its magic now. Her tongue encircled her trembling lips in
obvious passionate hunger; her eyes were closed but her eyelids
fluttered at the touch of his naked male penis against her moistly-
quivering cuntal softness. He was on his elbows over her, his cock
insinuated just slightly between the pouting pink lips of her nakedly
beckoning vagina, but suddenly another idea flashed in his mind —
something new, even for him, a little special way he'd heard about but
never tried … he could fuck her between those big, beautiful titties!
Man, what a treat!

David sighted down along the muscular hardness of his chest to the
luscious blonde's slightly quivering breasts, firm and soaring as they
shivered beneath him. Placing a leg on either side of her slender
torso, he squirmed forward and positioned himself with his immensely-
swollen cock between her white, pink-capped breasts; the soft warm
flesh of her naked breasts closed around the rigid blood-engorged
length of his organ and he gasped at the exciting exotic sensation. His
fingers shook with the eagerness of his growing lust as he squeezed the
resilient fleshy mounds until his tightly fondling grip left tiny red
welts between the ridges of his fingers; he kneaded them and crushed
them into a dozen different shapes, but every time they snapped back to
the full voluptuous mounds that Lucy Barrett was so proud of.

David moaned with the exquisite pleasure of Lucy's breasts encircling
warmth around his cock; he squeezed them tightly together so that they
formed a narrow tunnel-like opening and he rocked his pelvis back and
forth so that his hard, lust-engorged cock slithered back and forth
inside the hairless, tightly gripping cleft between her high-set
breasts. He pushed the purplish bulbous head of his cock through the
tightly encircling channel between her breasts until it poked
lasciviously against the underside of her chin; she jerked away with a
half-intelligible gasp of revulsion — fellatio was not her bag; he had
tried often enough, but Lucy just would not cooperate. He eased back
and laughed silently at the tiny smear of his seminal fluid that
glistened there above her blemish-free neck.

For several long tantalizing minutes more, he kept up the slow,
slithering pace … his own sticky discharge had thoroughly moistened
the smooth-bored cleft between her breasts and his cock slid right up
to her chin. Lucy turned her face away disgustedly, but he could still
feel the vibrant sexuality that flooded her body and knew she was
totally under his control. All except for one thing, that one single
act he'd never been able to force out of her — she had never given him
a blow job. Well, he thought, all in time … it wouldn't be smart to
ruin this little set-up just because I ain't getting any head! There
are plenty of other birds around who love a taste of cock now and then!

His hands squeezed her large full breasts in from the sides so tightly
that his cock could scarcely slide between them; he had his eyes half-
closed and his teeth clenched with the wildly erotic sensation of this
strangely inciting experience. He felt the surging tide of his male
orgasm begin to swell deep in his sperm-laden testicles and he thought
with a lewd mocking grin … Hell, why not! It ought to be good for a

Pushing the pliant mounds together so hard that Lucy cried out in pain,
he humped ferociously forward a few last quick times, his pistoning
penis slithering machine-like between her tightly smashed breasts; her
nipples almost touched as he shoved the warm womanly orbs together, and
then with a grunting sigh of release, he let his lust-bloated balls
explode along the steel-hard shaft of his cock until the seething
viscous stream gushed between her crushed pink-tipped breasts and onto
her neck and chin like a sticky glob of spittle.

Lucy started from the sudden unexpected sensation of something warm and
liquid on her flesh, and when she looked up and saw David looking down
at her mockingly, his face slashed with a sneer, she squirmed
maddeningly to wriggle out from beneath him, but he held her securely
between his knees. "Damn you, David!" she spat up at him. Damn was the
strongest expletive he had ever heard her use and she reserved it for
the really furious moments. "That was a rotten, disgusting thing to do!
I need you, David, I told you that … and now look what you've done!
That was … filthy, that's what it was! Filthy!"

David raised one leg and moved off of her, trailing his flaccid penis
across the still vibrant mound of one of her breasts, leaving a smear
of semen that oozed over her crinkly nipple like some after-bath cream.
He knelt beside her on the messy unmade bed; the sheets beneath his
knees were nearly beige with dirt and "Don't get
all worked up, baby," he said with a confident grin. His hand lifted
the rubbery length of his deflated cock and flapped it around like a
length of hose. still plenty left for you … just get it nice
and hard again and it's all yours. I just wanted to see how I liked a
tit-fuck, and now I know."

Lucy looked up at him, her eyes burning with a potent mixture of
passion and anger. She would have liked to spit in his face and walk
out of here … but she knew she wouldn't. Instead, swallowing her
rich-girl pride like an unwanted oyster, she took his soft penis and
began to knowingly stroke its fleshy skin. She did not look up at him
at all and in hardly any time it was growing hard once again, just as
it always did. Lucy Barrett knew it would be late into the night before
she returned home to Valley Farms.

Chapter 3

A visit by Kate Barrett to the three-story department store that bore
her married name was always something of an occasion; not, perhaps, to
the hundreds of customers who milled about in search of bargains, but
the word spread like brush-fire among the various clerks and cashiers
and floorwalkers. Kate Barrett is here in person! Dozens of sales were
briefly interrupted as employees glanced up for a furtive glimpse of
the woman who effectively controlled their working lives. One word from
this tall, attractive redhead could put them on unemployment; no one
failed to realize her power as far as this successful business was
concerned. And the same unspoken question was on everyone's lips — why
had she come to the store?

Kate, alone, moved swiftly through the afternoon crowds, mostly
housewives and small children, until she reached the employee's
elevator that would take her to Karl Henderson's penthouse offices. She
liked dropping in unannounced, if only because it always seemed to make
the General Manager so nervous; Henderson was an efficient overseer,
but too afraid for his job to suit Kate Barrett. He had been John's
personal choice, though, and she would never have gone against the
weak-chinned balding little man for fear of tangling with the
directors. Kate tightly controlled the corporation, but still the
directors had to be kept smiling. As long as the store showed a
substantial profit, why should she concern herself with a faceless
nobody like Karl Henderson, she asked herself.

An occasional older employee, emboldened with seniority, nodded or
smiled greetings to the company matriarch as she passed, and Kate was
all teeth and fluttering eyelids. Kate was known as a woman of steel to
everyone she had ever dealt with, but she effectively camouflaged her
toughness with a Southern belle charm that was often her most potent

"Good afternoon, Kate … it's nice to see you here again." She spun
around instantly, surprised but not offended at the informality; it was
Sol Marcus, one of the store's oldest employees. Sol was more like
family than employee, and Kate hurried to kiss him on the cheek. John
had hired him personally, back before the last war, and though he was
way overdue for forced retirement, the Board of Directors, at Kate's
heavy-handed insistence, had voted to keep him on as sort of a
floorwalker emeritus. Sol had often told his friends that retirement
would be the death of him; he had no family, no really close friends,
just the store.

"Sol, it's been ages! Why don't you ever come out to Valley Farms like
you used to? Lucy and I would love to see you!"

The slight, bespectacled man looked down at the floor as if
embarrassed. "I guess I should have come … but I just didn't know if
I'd be welcome, now that John — Mr. Barrett — is gone."

"Nonsense, Sol! You just come anytime. Call me ahead of time and I'll
fix you a nice home-cooked meal, just like the old times."

With what looked like a tear in his eye, the graying old man took
Kate's hand and squeezed it firmly with surprising strength. "Thank
you, Kate, I'd love to. Thank you." And then he turned silently and
returned to his job of watching over the appliance section, a highly
unlikely spot for shoplifting and actually a section created just for
him. Kate waved hello to one other recognized old-timer and entered the
elevator for the swift ride to the penthouse; she was certain, of
course, that Karl Henderson's secretary had already received at least a
half-dozen warnings from various friends on the first floor that she
was on her way up. That always made it even more fun to watch the look
of feigned surprise as she stepped into the green-carpeted foyer of the
executive suite.

The stainless-steel doors parted with a pneumatic sigh, and Kate
stepped onto the luxuriously thick carpeting and waited for Miss
Randal, the executive receptionist, to look up and that the
prime shareholder and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors was paying a

"Why, Mrs. Barrett!" she fairly shrieked, "What a delightful surprise!"
She had that syrupy voice common to all receptionists, a tone that
somehow lacked a shred of real emotion.

"Good afternoon, Miss Randal," Kate said officiously; receptionists
were not, as a rule, her favorite people. "Is Mr. Henderson in?" He
damn well better be; we don't pay him to stay out of the office!

"Yes, ma'am, he's on a call to one of our buyers in New York, but I'm
sure he'll interrupt it to see you. Just a moment, let me buzz him."

"Thank you, I'd appreciate that." Buyer in New York, indeed: who does
she think she's fooling! Karl Henderson wouldn't condescend to speak to
a buyer unless it was absolutely necessary!

Almost before the pretty young receptionist could get the words from
her lips, the heavy wooden door marked Private opened with a noisy bang
and Karl Henderson nearly threw himself into the foyer. "Kate! What a
surprise! Come in, come in!"

Henderson made a flourishing gesture that was almost a bow and swept
her into his spacious penthouse office with a gentle motion of his
hand. The suite was tastefully done, decorated solely with merchandise
the store handled and accented with a few odds and ends the company's
interior designer had chosen; it was relatively simple and stark,
befitting a retail merchandiser, and possessed what would have to be
one of the most beautiful views in the suburban sprawl of the nation's
capital. In the murky distance, you could actually catch a glimpse
through the smog of the city's various monuments; the Washington
monument stuck up through the brown haze somewhat appropriately as a
single upraised finger.

"Sit down, Kate, love, and make yourself comfortable. Would you care
for a drink? Or maybe some hors d'oeuvres from the dining room?"

"No, thanks, Karl," she answered with a dismissing wave of her wrist.
"I'm here on business this trip and I'll try to make it quick."

"Oh …" Karl Henderson looked momentarily shaken, and his retailer's
smile vanished in a trickle from his lips.

"Now don't go getting all worried, Karl. This is personal business, not
store business. I have a problem maybe you can help me with."

"Oh! Indeed!" His smile had mysteriously returned and Henderson was his
ebullient self. "Anything for you, Kate, you know that!"

"I'll get straight to the point, Karl. We had a break-in last night out
at our house …"

"A break-in! Goodness, did you call the police?"

"Yes, yes … actually whoever it was didn't get in. They got scared
away when we turned on the lights. But it all got me thinking … two
women alone in that big house with God-knows-who riding around the
streets. Well, I want to do something to give us a bit more security.
What do you recommend? A burglar alarm?"

"Just a second, Kate. Let's bring in an expert … our security chief,
Allen Biggs. I'll call him up here." He pressed a button on his
intercom, and when Miss Darnel's voice chirped through, he gave
instructions for Biggs to be sent for from his office in the basement.
Henderson talked shop for a few minutes while they awaited the security
man, but also as friends; Karl had heard that Mrs. Barrett never
approved of John's choice, but he had grown used to that and simply
tried not to worry about his tenure. Worrying was most of the game in
the retail trade — worry about being overstocked, about being under-
stocked, about the competition undercutting you, about the competition
getting more for the same merchandise. Worry, worry, worry … he
needed another worry like an extra leg! Kate Barrett was the boss here
now and Karl accepted it as something he could do nothing to change.

There was a buzz from the desk outside, and a couple of words passed
through the communications system from the store's general manager, and
when the door opened once again there was a uniformed man standing
there looking for all the world like a policeman. Kate nearly gasped
with astonishment but she stifled it in time; was this man an employee
of Barrett's? What was this uniform?

"Kate, I'd like you to meet Allen Biggs, our head of security. Allen,
Mrs. Barrett." There was a flurry of exchanged greetings and then
everyone settled into comfortable armchairs around the manager's
rosewood desk. "Suppose you tell Allen what you told me, Kate. If
there's anything he doesn't know about security, it hasn't been
invented yet! He's cut our shoplifting and burglary in half since he
signed on with us."

"Oh, how wonderful," Kate said somewhat lamely. "I didn't even know we
had a crime problem at Barrett's. I never recall John mentioning
anything about that in the past. Maybe a couple of shoplifters now and
then, but nothing the floorwalkers couldn't handle."

"That was in the good old days, Kate, back before there were so many
hoodlums about. You simply wouldn't believe the problems we've had! But
I won't bore you with all that; tell Allen what your own problem is and
he'll tell you how to go about solving it. I have absolute faith in
Allen here when it comes to />
Kate told the whole story about the break-in, how she lived alone in a
big rambling house with her daughter, and then," … And naturally, I
figured some kind of burglar alarm system would be the answer. You
know, one of those fancy electronic deals that picks up any movement
where it shouldn't be and notifies the police or whatever. But you tell
me, Mr. Biggs, you're the expert."

Allen Biggs ran his fingers through his rapidly-thinning hair and shook
his head. "No offense, ma'am, but I think a burglar alarm system is a
waste of good money. They're all right maybe for a big empty warehouse,
some kind of confined space where you know definitely when and where
there is to be authorized movement, but not for a house. There are just
too many things to go wrong … and besides, most of the burglars know
more about beating the systems than we know about installing them!

"Then what do you suggest I do? Build a wall with an electric fence on

"No, Mrs. Barrett, that might be a little hasty just yet; wait until
the crime really gets bad before you send out for the masons. But
seriously, I do think there is a practical solution, particularly
practical because of your close relationship with the store."

"Goodness, tell me," Kate smiled. "You've really got my interest up

"I suggest you get a trained guard dog."

"A dog?! What on earth would I do with a dog? I know absolutely nothing
about taking care of one of those beasts. And anyway, I'd probably be
more afraid of him than a burglar! John … my late husband … never
cared much for animals so we never had one around the house. Oh, I
don't know, it just doesn't sound like the solution for me."

"Well, you're the boss, Mrs. Barrett, but could I make one suggestion
before you make up your mind />
"What's that?"

"How about coming downstairs with me and taking a look at the dog I
have in mind for you; he's something really special."

Kate Barrett was confused. "A dog here? When did Barrett's start
selling pets, Karl?"

Allen answered for his superior. "He's not for sale, ma'am, at least
not to the public. He's one of our four nighttime patrol dogs,
especially trained to look for trespassers lurking about the store or
the warehouse out back. This one's a bit unusual, because he seems to
like people so much. Don't get me wrong, he can be vicious when he's
required to be, but he seems sort of lonely, somehow, in that night
patrol job. I was thinking of selling him and getting another, but if
you like him, he's yours. I'll bring him out to your house and get him
used to you and your daughter. All you'd have to do is dump a bit of
feed into his bucket every morning and he'll do the rest."

"Oh, but isn't it dangerous having a dog like that around? What if …"

"Please, Mrs. Barrett, just take a look at him first. Then, if you're
still not interested, we'll forget the whole thing and I'll install the
best available burglar alarm on the market in your house. But it won't
come close to doing the job Matthew will."

"All right, let's have a look at this super-dog; I've got nothing to
lose by looking. But I still don't like the idea!"

It was always dark in the special section of the store's basement where
the four security dogs, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, lived behind locked
doors in their individual chain-link runs and plywood houses. Their
working hours were at night, therefore it was necessary to keep this
part of the basement in near-darkness all day so that the husky animals
would get their sleep: the only daylight they ever saw was the short
time between dawn and the store's opening and, in the summer months,
the brief twilight after closing time. Their task was simple and to the
point — intercept and detain anyone found inside the store after
closing-up time. There was always a security man on duty, one they
would recognize should one of them come across him in their rounds, but
he nearly never left his glassed-in cubicle on the main floor.
Occasionally one of the executives might return for some late-night
work, but he would enter by the employees' entrance next to the
security man's desk and take the elevator directly to the executive
offices which were not patrolled by the German shepherds. Should they
discover someone hiding inside the store, they were trained to hold him
with a clamp of their powerful jaws while the other dog (they worked in
pairs) barked to signal the security man who had a monitoring device
next to his desk that would pick-up their sounds from anywhere in the
huge building. Twice already they had proven themselves worth their
initial cost and training — once when they knocked a trespasser to his
knees and held him until the armed security guard handcuffed him for
the police; he was found to be a three-time convicted burglar and
carried tools that indicated he was after the fine jewelry in that
department's locked security drawers. Their second success was with a
shoplifter who had hidden inside the store until after closing, hoping
foolishly to find a way out with the stolen merchandise he had
concealed in every pocket of his clothing.

Matthew was just waking up from a long, fitful sleep when he heard
Allen's voice outside the locked door that connected their section with
the storage portion of the huge basement room; it was the wrong time of
day for a feeding, but there was something else even odder — he had
others with him. Allen nearly never brought anyone into this portion of
the store; not that it was dangerous, the dogs were trained to go into
action only during their nightly patrols. But Allen wanted these
animals to know as few people as possible, so as not to confuse their
sensitive scent-detecting skills.

Matthew was on his feet in less than a second, ears perked up high,
twitching from side to side as he strained to pick up any noises he
could from outside the door. His companions had heard their master's
approach as well, and now they were all pushing against the sturdy
chain-link fence at the front of their runs, eagerly awaiting this
unaccustomed surprise visit.

"Matthew! Mark! How are you, fellows? Luke! John!" greeted Allen Biggs
from the doorway. He was greeted by a cacophony of howls and barks as
his well-trained German shepherds heralded his entrance.

"My, what a greeting!" exclaimed Kate Barrett. "Are they always this
happy to receive />
"Only lovely ones like yourself," answered the security chief

"My, you are a flatterer! I might have to see Henderson about getting
you a raise!"

"Thanks, I could use it. Seriously, though, I doubt if any of these
animals have ever seen a woman before. You're most likely the first."

"What!? You must be joking! Surely they've seen women before. How about
the cleaning women? And all the salesclerks that are female?"

Biggs closed the heavy steel door to the rest of the basement and
switched on the red lamps overhead, bathing the whole of the kennel
area with a weird red-orange glow. The dogs had quieted down at one
word from him and the only noise was the low muffled whine of the
ventilation system sucking out the stale air and replenishing the area
with fresh. "We had to do some rescheduling when we started using dogs
at night," he explained. "Oh, I hope you don't mind the red lights —
we never turn on the bright lights, it keeps them adjusted to the dim
night lights in the store. Anyway, as I was saying, we have the
cleaning crews start now just as the store is closing; that way, when
they're finished and ready to leave, we take the dogs up to their
assigned floors and there they stay until one of the guards comes for
them in the morning."

"For dogs that never see anybody except guards and criminals, they seem
awful friendly. Are you sure these dogs are vicious enough?" Kate asked

that, all right, and more. But only when they have to be.
That's the difference between a well-trained watchdog and some half-
crazy vicious mongrel that would be better off put to sleep. My dogs
are professionals, just like anyone who is well-trained and skilled at
his work. They can be as vicious as any animal on earth if they are
forced to be, but when they are off duty, they're just as friendly as
the dog next door. Maybe more so since they so seldom see people. You
might compare it to a police officer — on duty, he can shoot to kill
without a moment's hesitation if he's forced to. Yet that same man
might be the gentlest guy on the block with the neighborhood kids when
he's not working. That's how it is with these fine animals —
professionals, they are, and nothing less."

"Well, you're starting to convince me, I have to admit. Now, which one
is the one you recommend for my daughter and me?"

Allen moved to the first fenced run and opened the gate; Kate backed
away instinctively as a great, furry beast of a dog bounded forth and
hurried to her side. "Don't be afraid … he won't hurt you. He knows
you're a friend because you came in with me. This is Matthew, the
animal I thought you might consider. He's just not cut out for this
kind of work somehow. Oh, mind you, he's a fine watchdog, incredibly
smart, almost human in his actions sometimes. But he seems to need
people around; some dogs are like that, they thrive on human attention.
And Matthew happens to be one of those — he's not happy being alone
with just the other dogs all the time. He'd make you a fine watchdog
and companion, I can promise!"

Kate Barrett eyed the finely proportioned German shepherd with the keen
eye of an experienced buyer — indeed, that had been her trade when
John Barrett first noticed her and invited her out for dinner. But she
found herself strangely unable to appraise this handsome specimen with
the cold-blooded attachment she could usually muster. God, she thought
silently, he is a beautiful devil! And that face of his, why it's so
much like a human's it's uncanny! You can almost read his thoughts
through those beautiful brown eyes!

She had made her mind up already; or, more accurately, it was made up
for her. "I'll take him," she said with certainty.

exclaimed the security chief. "You won't be sorry, Mrs.
Barrett. Taking Matthew into your home may be the best move you ever

Chapter 4

Lucy Barrett was certain that her mother had perpetrated some kind of
sick joke — a full-grown German shepherd in their house and neither of
them knew the first tiny thing about dogs! That was almost a week ago
now, and though she had argued with Kate that this notion was her
silliest yet, Lucy was delighted now, sitting alone in the empty house
doing her homework, that her mother had sternly insisted that Matthew –
– or Matt as they both called him now — would stay at least until they
had time to see if he would work out. Matt was irrevocably a member of
the Barrett's formerly all-female household now; he was curled
contentedly at her feet even as she finished her assignments, half-
asleep but keenly alert to any sudden noises or suspicious sounds.

They had kept him outside at first, and he slept in his good-sized
doghouse the security man from Barrett's delivered, running about
happily during the day inside the fenced perimeters of the long back
yard. But Matt had a certain charm about him that brought about his
hurried introduction into the inner confines of the Barrett home; now
he was as much a part of the family as Clara, going outside only to
sleep or when no one was at home, and Lucy had a strong hunch that even
that single last remnant of a dog's life would soon fall by the

Lucy peered around the edge of the table at where the huge animal lay
dozing; his tail swished as she looked down at him and Lucy giggled
under her breath — the sly devil was watching her and pretending to be

"Come on, you tricky fella, open those big brown eyes and let me see
you!" Lucy leaned precariously from her chair and stroked the soft
clean fur of his neck; the big German shepherd made a noise in his
husky throat that was almost like a purr, but much deeper. His whole
expansive chest seemed to vibrate with the sound and his voice was rich
and full of bass.

Matt shook his head violently to clear away the grogginess and pushed
himself up with his powerful haunches; he rose to his feet and
scratched the back of his head against the leg of the table where Lucy
sat. "Stop being cute, Matt," she said with mock severity. "I know you
want your ears rubbed. Come a little closer and I'll do it for you."

He gazed longingly up at his beautiful blonde mistress and instantly
obeyed; he loved it when she put her delicate loving hands on his furry
body. If only she were around more instead of off with that young male
human! Matt had not liked him from the very beginning; perhaps it was
only instinct, but he had growled the moment Lucy's boyfriend came near
him and, so far, he had not relented in his distrust of that human.
Lucy was by far his favorite; Kate was kind enough to him and, after
all, she was the one who took him out of that dreary basement. But Kate
Barrett seemed somehow artificial to him, and his keen powers of
perception were not to be ignored; he was always friendly and obedient
with her, but not like he was with Lucy.

"Does that feel nice, handsome?" Lucy Barrett asked softly as she
scratched the sensitive flesh behind his ears and on the back of his
thick furry neck. Matt purred his canine reply and Lucy scratched
beneath his neck as he nodded his huge head in eager submission. "You
like it when I do that, don't you?" she asked as if she expected an
answer, and then felt very silly for talking this way to an animal.
After all, he was only a dog — German shepherd's could hardly be
expected to carry on conversations, even an unusually smart and
sensitive one like Matt!

"Matt, I think I'm losing my marbles," she confessed with a tender
smile. The German shepherd turned his head upward and gazed
comprehendingly into her soft blue eyes; his own brown eyes mirrored
the intense feeling he had developed rapidly for his new human. "I know
it's pretty silly talking to a dog, I mean, talking like I would to
another person. But you just don't seem like an animal to me, Matt.
Since you've come into this house, well, you're more like a friend. Or
maybe it's because I never had any brothers or sisters and now I've got
a chance to make you a sort of substitute big brother. Oh, Matt, you
sweet dog you, I wish you could talk! How I wish I had somebody to talk
to I could really trust!"

He was suddenly keenly alert, his whole body tensed and anxious, but
true to his expensive and thorough training, he did not bark or even
growl; he was like an experienced pointer, watchful, vigilant, and
quiet. Lucy strained to hear what his super-sensitive ears had noticed,
but she heard nothing, just the sound of an occasional car on the
street outside and the wind through the pines that surrounded the
house. Her skin tingled and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck
stiffen — her mother had gone out before supper, probably with that
Marlowe man, though she had not mentioned his name. And David had
called just moments later, breaking their date for tonight with
something about an important business contact he had to make. Who could
be on the property? Obviously that was what brought Matt to such

Just at that moment, she heard the key turn in the lock far down the
corridor and then the muffled noises of voices — two voices — one the
familiar sound of Kate Barrett. Lucy was perplexed for a moment and
then she fully comprehended everything — of course, she thinks I'm out
with David! That's why she came back here to the house instead of going
out … it's that man! She's got Jerry Marlowe with her! In my father's
house! How could she!

The mammoth German shepherd relaxed at the sound of Kate's voice,
though he glanced up at his favored mistress for a sign that all was
well. Lucy managed a smile, for after all it was not his fault that her
own mother had taken up with a derelict alcoholic!

Lucy tried futilely to return to her work, but her heart was not in it.
Once she tried phoning David, but there was no answer even though she
let it ring a couple of dozen times. She could hear them in the living
room, not actually understanding what they were saying, but catching an
occasional loud word or laugh and the tinkle of glasses on the marble-
topped bar her father had shipped from Italy. Matt seemed to sense her
anger and frustration, and he stayed close against her bare leg as she
sat at her writing desk; once, when she glanced down, he was looking up
at her as if to say, I'd make it all right if I knew how, honest!

Lucy was wearing her favorite peignoir, a mint green gown John Barrett
brought back from a buying trip as a special gift for her, and on a
sudden impulse she loosened it and began to undress; she was already
half-prepared for bed, but that was out of the question now. No, she
was going out — alone — no matter what her mother might have to say
about the lateness of the hour.

"Sorry, Matt," she whispered, not anxious to give her mother a hint
that she was at home; she wanted to see the expression on Kate
Barrett's face when she walked through the living room and out to her
car! "I'd love to sit with you, but I guess it'll have to be some other
time. I've got to get out of this house before I scream!"

Lucy Barrett began to rummage through a pile of clothes in search of
some fresh panties, anxious only to get as far away from her mother and
that man as was humanly possible. Lucy could not have known it without
clairvoyance, but her snap decision, nothing more than an emotional
outpouring, was going to change her life. For tonight was going to be a
long, long night … one that Lucy Barrett would never forget as long
as she lived!

Chapter 5

Perhaps a quarter-hour earlier, after a short couple of drinks in the
oak-paneled bar section of the Barrett living room, Kate and Jerry
Marlowe had moved unhesitatingly toward Kate's bedroom and the assured
privacy of her mammoth queen-sized bed. There was no need to speak in
whispers, for the older Barrett woman had assured her middle-aged male
friend that her daughter was safely out of the way for hours yet.

"When she's out with that hippie of hers, she's never back home before
two or three in the morning," Kate had said with the censuring tone of
a mother.

"What on earth do those kids find to do for all that time?" asked the
nearly-bald man through an absent haze that the half-bottle of Scotch
he had consumed had done nothing to diminish .

"You can't guess? Honestly, Jerry, Lucy's hardly a child any longer. I
would imagine she's doing what most young men and women do when they're
together a lot."

Jerry turned away, a swath of reddish color on his cheeks. "Yeah, young
people … not the old timers like me," he said in />
"Oh, there you go again, honey, with all that self-pity routine of
yours. How many times do I have to tell you: It doesn't make any
difference to me. And besides, I think you're getting better. Probably
any day now you'll be as good as new. It's just nerves, baby, just

Jerry Marlowe seemed to be gaping down over the paunch of his round
belly in utter contempt, glaring at the treasured constituent of his
anatomy that had betrayed him. "I hope you're right, Kate; boy, do I
hope so … it's pretty awful sometimes, let me tell you."

"Undress me, lover, and don't talk about it," the tall statuesque
redhead said huskily.

Marlowe's thick fingers fumbled nervously at the buttons down the well-
stacked woman's breasts; he could feel her large soft mounds tauten
under his touch and it stirred his own anxious passion to a heightened
tempo. As he reached the last button, Kate bent over and grabbed the
hem of her expensive designer-original dress and pulled it up and off
her shoulders; she threw it onto a padded dressing stool at the foot of
her bed and reached in back to unfasten the tautly-held hooks of her

"Oh, Kate … man, what a pair of tits you've got! I must be the
luckiest stiff alive!" She only murmured in reply and loosened the
straps of her brassiere so that it fell down her bare arms to the floor
at their feet; her womanly breasts spilled from their cups and surged
into an enticing exhibition of sensual femininity and proud nakedness.

She hurriedly removed her sheer lacy panties and lay back onto her wide
luxurious bed, leaving the silk coverlet in place. Jerry looked down at
her in undisguised lust — God, she didn't look a day over thirty-five!
What a body!

Jerry hurriedly stripped off all of his clothes in the near-darkness of
her salon-like bedroom, his eyes on Kate's voluptuous body as she
awaited him on the bed. He had downed at least a half dozen glasses of
Scotch with ice, and his head was reeling with the mind-bending
blending of intoxication and eagerly-aroused carnal desire. He crawled
onto the bed haltingly, uncertain just what the
woman expected of him. Jerry always was obedient to Kate's sexual
avidities, eager to please her, for in that attainment was his fullest
gratification. She spread her milky-white smooth thighs as he joined
her and gave him the gentlest of prodding, sufficient to make her
ravenous special hunger know. "Kiss me down there, Jerry," she
whispered, as if afraid to give voice to her forbidden passions. -He
lowered his head to the cleft between her nakedly-
splayed thighs and parted with his fingertips the light fleece-like
pubic hair; he was close enough to feel the steaming heat of her
aroused womanhood. "Hurry, Jerry … kiss me there! Touch me there!"

Her fingers curled in his hair and he felt her whole body tense in a
salacious shiver of desire that fanned out from her loins at the first
tentative touch of his tongue against the pink moistness of her vaginal
slit. He licked teasingly along the narrow fleshy furrow and his
tongue-tip prodded at the pearly bud of her clitoris; he savored the
surge of power he felt in his own loins at the knowledge that just this
simple tonguing could bring shiver after shiver of shuddering lustful
desire to this beautiful woman's naked body. He felt his heart quicken,
his breath become forced and rapid, as Kate's lips parted and a gasping
moan of total surrender escaped from deep within her throat.

Kate gasped again as she felt his thumbs spread farther apart the soft
damp lips of her vagina: she moaned as his tongue traced up and down
the full length of the piquant crevice between her thighs, hungrily in
search of her most secret sexual flesh. He took to his task
unhesitatingly, eagerly, and his searing liquid tonguings became even
more frantic as he sensed the ever-growing arousal he was bringing to
this gorgeous woman. Her gasping moans and constant mewling grew louder
and more intense as he pressed his head deeply between her widely-
splayed thighs and thrust his probing tongue far up between the
fervently quivering lips of her cuntal slit. She cried out in ecstatic
delight and her hips began a lewdly inciting rhythm of their own,
grinding up to meet his tongue and lips. Her hands tangled in his
thinning hair and she literally imprisoned him between her straining
supple thighs!

Lucy was dressed now in jeans and a light sweater, sufficient for the
drive around suburban Washington she intended to make, she swallowed
hard and opened her bedroom door — she knew there would probably be
words later between her and Kate. After all, she had no intention
whatsoever of being drawn into a conversation with that man; she would
simply walk through the living room and go out. If Kate called to her,
she would just ignore her; she just could not sit around here in her
room while her mother's man friend drank himself into a stupor with the
liquor John Barrett worked all his life to earn.

Matt was obediently at her heels when she walked through the bedroom
doorway and turned to go down the carpeted corridor that joined the
bedrooms with the main rooms of the rambling colonial house. "You'll
have to stay, Matt," she whispered. "I want to go out alone. I have
some thinking to do … and something to get out of my system. You can

Her words trailed off first to a whisper and then to a gasp of
astonishment as she heard the incredible sounds that filtered from her
mother's bedroom. The door was only open a couple of inches, but from
where she stood, frozen in place as if she had been zapped by some
science-fiction weapon, she could see the unmistakable reflection of
two images in the dressing mirror across from her mother's large bed
… her mother was in bed with that horrible man! And they were both
stark naked!

Lucy watched a few seconds more with the rapt fascination of an
accidental voyeur, and then she turned unsteadily on her heels and ran
down the hallway to the foyer and out into the night, gasping for air
as if somehow the freshness of the night might cleanse the poignant
memory of what she had just witnessed inside. Her very insides knotted
in revulsion at the thought of that man with his head between her
mother's widely-spread legs … she could still hear the lewd sucking
and licking noises echoing in her reeling brain … the mewling
whimpering and moaning sounds that emanated from her mother's naked,
heaving body.

"How could she!? How could she!?" Lucy finally choked, safely out of
earshot now. Weak-kneed and unsteady, she opened the door of her small
car and climbed in; she fumbled for a tissue in the glove compartment
to wipe away the stinging tears that flooded her eyes and blurred her
vision. She let the car roll backwards down the drive until it reached
the street and then, and only then, she turned the ignition and heard
the engine sputter to life.

A few brief seconds later, she was nearly out of Valley Farms, headed
for nowhere in particular, just anywhere away from Kate Barrett and the
memories of that house … but headed also for a rendezvous with

Jerry Marlowe heard, or thought he heard, the sound of a door closing
somewhere, but his auditory perception was severely muffled by the
tightly-gripping flesh of Kate Barrett's thighs as they closed around
his ears; he tensed for an instant at the unexpected noise, but Kate
gasped something inaudible and then urged him on with the pressure of
her hands against the back of his head. His whole face was literally
smashed against the quivering eager wetness of her cuntal flesh; his
tongue probed and thrust deeply up into the hungrily clasping vaginal
cleft and he could sense from her strengthening shivers of cunnilingual
passion that she was nearing her tumultuous orgasm. His rough tongue-
tip, like the lashing leather of a whip, sought out and found the
throbbing, nerve-crowded bud of her clitoris; his moist lips quickly
encircled the tiny node of womanhood, and he sucked voraciously as her
whole voluptuous nakedness became a sprawling frenzy of limbs and rich
red hair.

"Oh, God," she moaned hoarsely, her voice cracking with passion. "It's
so good … just a little more, darling … lick me there between my
legs, lover! Oh, damn, damn! Lick me! Kiss me there before I go

Marlowe had reached a sensually maddening rhythm with his tongue and
lips, alternately laving the wildly-aroused pearl of her clitoris and
darting incitingly up into the warmly liquid depths of her cuntal
wetness. Suddenly her whole body tensed as if in one paralyzing
convulsion, and Kate Barrett's hands seized her lover's sparse hair
viciously and smashed his face so tightly against her trembling fervent
vagina that he could scarcely breathe. She herself gasped loudly for
air and then held it in her lungs for what seemed an eternity before
the shrill scream of orgasmic abandon burst from between her anxiously-
clenched teeth.

"God, yes … YES! I'M AAAGGGGGHHHHH! … God, yes,
yes … YES!!" she cried as wave after wave of climactic passion broke
over her spasming body like surf against a beach. …!"

Her voice trailed away in a gasping whimper as the first satisfying
crescendo of her orgasm dissipated in a shiver of still-hungry desire.
"Jerry … fuck me now … p-please!" she panted eagerly.

Marlowe, freed from the imprisonment of her smooth white thighs, wasted
no time crawling up and over her naked body as the voluptuous redhead
raised her legs and doubled them backward against her own breasts.
Hurriedly, breathing rapidly and unevenly, Jerry Marlowe positioned
himself over the sexually-enticing flesh of the attractive widow and
prepared — hopefully — to finish the exciting task at hand, that of
bringing Kate Barrett to the teetering brink of a full sexual climax,
and then toppling her head over heels into the chasm of sensual
fulfillment … but once again there would be no finale, no last act.
Jerry Marlowe knew it almost before he crawled on top of her and felt
his own eager flesh against the parching heat of the redhead's fervent
nakedness — his penis was as limp as a wilted flower.

"Oh, damn it, hurry … Hurry!" the carnally-incited redhead moaned in
urgency. "Please, I need it, Jerry … don't let me down this time!
God, I need a man inside me now!" She searched down between their
lewdly grinding bodies for the virile hardness she so fervently craved
— but only a fistful of soft rubbery flesh awaited her there at the
squirming junction of her naked thighs. "Oh, no! No! … damn you,
Jerry Marlowe, I need a man and you give me this! Damn you, damn you,
damn you!"

Chapter 6

He moved slowly, hesitantly, toward the source of the disturbance, as
was his training. With careful, deliberate steps, he padded down the
carpeted hallway from his younger mistress's bedroom; he had returned
there when the young blonde human had raced out in tears, leaving him
alone to decipher the mysteries of human behavior. But now there was
something new to claim all his attention, and being the sharply
intuitive and obedient animal that he was, Matthew turned a}l of his
senses into whatever task he was ordered to carry out, not sparing even
a fraction of his uncannily keen mind or his superbly-muscled body. Now
there was a signal sounding in the back of his brain, an alarm that was
triggered at the first faint muffled sound of distress that seemed to
come from his older mistress's quarters. He paused not more than a few
yards from her partially-opened doorway, taut and tensely-alert,
waiting for the next sound that would mean the difference between a
false alarm and a snarling, all-out attack in defense of his new human
… but this time he could relax, for in a couple of seconds, the door
opened wider and his mistress emerged with the male human she had
introduced him to a few nights ago. There was trouble, something wrong
between them, but Matt could sense that she was in no danger. Quietly,
unseen in the shadows of the hallway, he stood unobtrusively as the two
humans bustled from the room, both of them flushed with emotion, their
voices shrill and painful to his sensitive canine hearing. His dog eyes
widened as his mistress stepped from the darkened bedroom into the
light of the corridor … she was naked, completely without the clothes
he had guessed were always a part of humans. He had seen his younger
mistress nearly unclothed on several occasions, and he had guessed at
the white smooth hairless loveliness of her flesh as it must have
looked beneath her sheer night garments, but never had he seen a human
this way. Matthew felt a strange, yet powerful, awareness begin to
kindle beneath his powerful furry flesh, a weird and exciting knowledge
that had somehow come to him out of nowhere — the comprehension that
this human, his mistress, was a female in every sense of the word, as
much for him as for this man she seemed to fight with even now. It was
as if a whole new world had opened up for him, as much a bounty of new
and wonderful experiences as when he left that basement home at the
store and came to live here with his new mistresses in a world filled
with color and sounds and scents.

He watched in rapt attentiveness as his red-haired mistress hurried
down the corridor away from him; her human male friend seemed unsure of
himself, something an animal like Matthew would be quick to sense. They
spoke a few words, less in anger than in frustration, and his mistress,
still unclothed, closed the door behind him, staying behind it to hide
her nakedness from the street outside. Matt was still there in the
carpeted corridor when Kate Barrett returned. He watched her as she
moved toward him — she had not seen him yet — and his eyes bugged out
from their sockets as he took in every inch of her soft white
nakedness; he had never looked at a human in this way, nor even thought
of it. A strange newfound warmth crept over him at the realization that
his mistress's nakedness was no different from the sensual offerings of
a female dog in heat! This beautiful woman, this human female, was
burning up with that peculiar heat of unfulfilled lust!

"Matt! What on earth are you doing here in the hall? I thought you were
outside! Goodness, and me running around here without a stitch on. Oh
well, I don't suppose it matters to you, does it, big boy?" Kate
Barrett walked to where the husky male animal sat resting on his
powerful haunches; later, much later, she would recall that she felt a
lingering shiver of exhibitionistic pleasure from the longing look he
gave her with his soulful brown eyes. "Oh, Lucy has taken your collar
off again. Where on earth could it be this time?" She wandered
aimlessly about her daughter's room, trying painfully not to think of
those last disastrous moments with Jerry — she had lost control of
herself this time, allowed the hurtful truth to slip from her lips in
sheer desperation. Kate Barrett knew he would never be back again and
that failed to disturb her greatly, not as much as she would have
guessed; what really bothered was the punishing agony of her sexual
frustration, a surging pool of hot molten liquid in the pit of her
belly that threatened to consume her alive, like some vicious parasite.
Before, at least, she had Jerry, for all his inadequacies and failures
as a man … now there was no one. And it was that nagging awareness
that Kate Barrett felt at this moment with every ounce of her womanhood
… the awful knowledge that she was again without a man.

"Oh, here it is, Matt," she said lightly, her voice betraying her real
emotion. "Come over here and let's get this on and I'll put you
outside. It was awfully silly of Lucy to leave you inside like this. A
house is no place for a big strong dog like you." She leaned over him,
uncomfortably aware that his brown male eyes had never left her
nakedness for an instant, and reached around his neck to fasten his
studded leather collar. "Here, I know you don't like this thing, but
… Matthew!" Kate had jerked away reflexively from the sudden
intrusion of warmly laving tongue across her bare thigh; but now she
froze in that position, still half-bent-over, pondering the unthinkable
… Was it intentional, or just some freakish accident? Could he
possibly have done that knowingly? Is it possible ?

Slowly, cautiously, she edged closer once again until the huge dog's
furry head was nearly cradled against her naked thighs. And again he
did it! First the canine sniff, and then a sure, unquestionable lashing
of his long pink tongue, the tip uncurling and brushing lightly over
the super-sensitive flesh of her vaginal lips. Of course, he can tell
I'm sexually aroused! He thinks I'm in heat!

Kate was convinced that was the answer: Matthew had only sniffed her
and tentatively licked her most private regions in response to the most
basic of his animal instincts — that of sexual response. She was close
to dismissing it all as an unexpected incident, something to be
remembered but never mentioned, when a thought flashed across her brain
like the grand finale of a county lair fireworks display. No, not
really a thought, for to have thought such a thing would have meant
putting her basest desires into uncomfortably snug words — more
precisely, an impulse. A quick, penetrating suddenness of motivation
straight from the gut, that and nothing more.

Kate Barrett, widow and mother, glanced suspiciously around, though
there was no one in the rambling house except her and Matthew; she had
a sudden feeling of guilt, of criminality, but she suppressed it in
favor of something stronger … a savage curiosity that should have
been bred from her blood thousands of years ago, but somehow returned
like some genetic monster from the past. She edged closer still, only
this time she spread her white womanly thighs apart in unmistakable
offering — this would tell the truth: was it an accident before, or
was this massively masculine animal responding to her sexual hunger the
only way he knew?

Suddenly his searing tongue swiped from his canine lips and lightly
caressed the swollen lips of her tingling vagina. Like a flaming lash,
it burned along the very slit of her fervently-aroused cuntal flesh!
Again and again his long pink animal-tongue snaked wetly out from his
lips, its tip curling as it splayed wide the turgid, hair-rimmed lips
of her aroused vagina. Lavingly, it moistly caressed the pinkly-
quivering mouth of her pussy, pushing apart the fleshy folds, swirling
upward between them until his tongue-tip twirled about the nerve-filled
bud of her clitoris. There seemed to be no end to his loving lingual
caresses, and each fiery swipe of his bestial tongue brought a fresh
gasping moan of lurid sensuality to Kate Barrett's disbelieving lips;
she was standing with her shapely legs spread wide, and her naked
pelvis was shoved forward obscenely for the rapacious lickings of his
lust-stirring tongue.

Matt was keenly alert to the boiling surge of desire-heated blood that
streamed up from his loins; his nostrils were roused to the sweet
liquid warmth of her simmering pussy-cleft. He could sense that his
tonguings brought even greater waves of lustful ecstasy to his naked
mistress and he felt good inside to know that such was his masculine
ability to excite a human female.

Kate was deaf-and-blind to everything around her except the lusty
lavings this magnificent male beast was delivering to her sex-tortured
vaginal cleft. Her eyes were half-closed, her lids fluttering with
expectant passion, and her lips ovaled and quivering with unspoken
desires. "Oooooh, lover, that's it … lick me harder, handsome! Oh,
yes, lick my pussy soooo goooodddd!" She wanted him to keep it up, to
lick again and again with his hotly swirling tongue, but instead, she
began to pay heed to the nagging warning that was sounding in her
tortured brain. What if Lucy should come home early? She'd find me out
here in the hallway like this … I mustn't take that chance!

Awkwardly, reluctantly, she pulled her proffered charms away from the
huge beast's ravenous lavings and backed into the bedroom. Matt looked
at her incredulously for a couple of seconds, then responded to the
soft beckoning sound of her now-familiar voice. "Come on, Matt … in
here with me," she said, not believing that the words she heard were
her own. It had to be some other woman talking, not herself …she was
actually enticing this virile animal into her bedroom!

Kate Barrett was nearly out of her head with the rush of feverish
sensations that raged up from the seething, fervent slit of her vagina,
upward into the passion-clenched depths of her belly. She backed
against her bed and stretched out on her back, her flesh a mass of
goose-bumps as she opened her supple thighs and absently traced the
voluptuous swell of her breasts up from the flat plane of her taut
belly. Her own fingertips, as if guided by some unseen hand, closed
incitingly around the soft pliant flesh of her breasts; she felt her
nipples shiver into hardness beneath her own caressing touch and she
knew there could be no turning back now … whatever the night had in
store for her, she had committed her heart and soul! Some weird,
primeval power seemed to have swept over her mind, eating away at her
very being through the vulnerable access of her lust-aroused
frustration, and she was powerless to stop it now. Or perhaps, as Kate
knew only too well in her most secret of thoughts, she had no desire to
stop it! For once, just once, she might gain some respite from these
gnawing pains of sexual starvation that had eaten away at her since her
husband went to his grave.

She gritted her teeth to hold down the fear and dread and shame that
threatened to choke her like some viscous bile. "N-now, Matthew … up
here with me! Now!"

The great furry animal needed no further urging, and with powerful
strides, he bounded to the edge of the bed and leaped onto it. He could
see his naked mistress tense as he towered over her; her legs closed a
fraction of an inch and her breath became forced and labored.

Kate looked at him in amazement and awesome fear … there was still
time to back out of this wild and crazy thing she had let herself in
for. She knew she could get up from this bed now and Matt would be
probably content to return to his backyard; confused, perhaps, but at
least complacent in the knowledge that he had lured her this far. Or
had he lured her at all? Was this all something she secretly desired,
some kinky sex-urge she had kept hidden all these years, even from
herself? But then, even as she pondered the possibilities of escaping
this wickedly forbidden act, the huge male dog sealed her fate with a
single, laving lick of his long, curling tongue. There was only one way
out now … only one way!

She lifted her head to watch as the steaming length of his lingual
member licked up and across the flat smooth plane of her shivering
belly. His long, wetly swiping strokes took him higher and higher along
the voluptuous curves of her naked body until his tongue tips prodded
eagerly at the undersides of her large firm breasts, each longingly-
moist lick a fraction of an inch closer to the crinkly flesh of her
jutting nipples.

Kate twisted and writhed beneath his none-too-subtle caresses as they
moved up and enveloped the trembling dark peaks of her nipples; her
body jerked and spasmed as if she had been touched with a live wire and
there was nothing she could do now to save herself … her pent-up
sexuality was exploding inside her like a million Roman candles!

Nothing was real to her now but the fervently licking tongue of her
amazing watchdog … who could have guessed just short minutes ago that
she would have let herself be so wickedly aroused like this? What could
have possessed her to turn her into a sex-mad harlot in hardly a wink
of the eye? Kate Barrett had no earthly idea why she was doing this
God-forbidden thing, but she knew she was powerless to change her mind
now. Whatever it was, it had her in its fist like the sure grip of fate
itself … she was lost!

The naked redhead could hear a mewling whimper erupt from deep in the
magnificent animal's husky throat, and she gazed deeply into his soft
brown eyes, anxiously waiting, as if she expected him somehow to speak.
He moved closer to her face and she felt her heart pounding like a
trip-hammer inside her chest. Waiting, waiting … and then he kissed
her! A lick perhaps, but as much a real and arduous kiss as any she had
ever received!

The proudly virile animal sensed the telling surge of lust-heated blood
racing through his well-muscled body as he detected the pungent aroma
of his mistress's passion in the moistness of her quivering lips. As
the redhead's eyes widened incredulously, he eagerly brushed the tiny
pinkness of her tongue with his own, licking caressingly at the wet
sweetness, a mewling whimper of excitement rumbling in his chest. He
knew all too well what she wanted of him … his primeval maleness
hungered for by any bitch in heat!

Kate Barrett watched disbelievingly as he ceased suddenly his fervent
lingual kisses and backed away from her face, maneuvering his supple
canine body until he was positioned between her slightly splayed legs.
Her mind reeled at the lustful images her senses relayed frantically to
her brain, but she did nothing to extricate herself from this
unbelievably lascivious plight … she was reeling with the savagery of
absolute carnal lust, and nothing else, no matter how urgently
pleading, made any impression whatsoever on her passion-incited
thoughts. Suddenly, the magnificent beast nuzzled the inside of her
thigh and beckoned her legs wider … blindly, obediently, she obeyed.
Oh my God, she thought for a fleeting instant, has he become the master
and I the pet?! But still, she did nothing to stop him.

A shivering gasp of pleasurable anticipation rippled from her lips as
she felt his urgent dog-breath parting the sparse pubic curls there
between her thighs; his cool nose brought a fresh shudder as it edged
along the aroused inside of her thigh until, with a whimper, his nose
touched the very blood-warmed flesh of her desire-moistened vaginal
cleft. She eagerly awaited his next move, her legs opening and closing
slightly in a scissoring movement that bespoke of her uncontrollable
desire for fulfillment.

"Oh!" she gasped involuntarily as suddenly, his loving tongue darted
from his lips and laved the whole naked furrow of her widely-splayed
buttocks, its tip brushing from the tautly-clenched orifice of her anus
to the shuddering pearl of her clitoris. His searing lavings continued
until the mere lingual pressure of his tongue began to spread apart the
fleshy pink lips of her vagina. She shivered delectably as he drew his
scalding mouth up and over the full length of her cunt again and again,
his lust-inflamed tongue spreading through her softly yielding pussy
flesh like a knife through melting butter. His passion-inciting
tonguings did not stop there, but continued splaying the beckoning
flesh of her cuntal slit, at last lunging in an invading curl far up
into the warmth of her hungry pussy. Kate Barrett
gasped and moaned, her body convulsing with savage bestial ecstasy from
his skilled oral lavings … God, she knew she would probably have such
an orgasm that the whole neighborhood would know of her illicit tryst.
All these months without real satisfaction … and now this wildly
lascivious union!

The naked redhead moaned incessantly now from the
sensations his long, curling tongue was exacting from her lewdly-
spasming body; her gasping mewls increased in tempo and in strength,
her sensually-incited brain whirling now in the void of sexual ecstasy.
Again and again his scorching tongue eagerly grazed through and over
the quiveringly soft flesh of her upturned loins, from the snugly taut
little hole of her anus, upward through the hair-rimmed furrow of her
steaming cunt. At the uppermost moment of his upward lavings, his
curling tongue-tip hesitated, then eased deeply between her shivering
cuntal lips to flick tormentingly at the sensually-incited bud of her
clitoris … the great beast seemed to sense that this tiny nugget of
feminine flesh was somehow the core of her sexuality, for he toyed with
it and caressed it skillfully, bringing her to a fever pitch of
ravenous and mindless passion!

Days could have passed, weeks, and Kate would have known nothing of
their passing; she was wildly, ecstatically aroused, her whole body
churning and writhing on the bedspread beneath the hotly-urging lavings
of her powerful dog-lover.

"Mmmmmm … it's so good, you handsome devil," she moaned in near-
delirium. Her mind fantasied a towering incubus-like creature, half-man
and half-spirit, sent solely to quell this burning need she had carried
about between her thighs for so long now. "It's beautiful, beautiful!
Don't stop … don't ever stop! P-Please, please!" Her voice had become
a hissing cry of anguish, and her knees were drawn back so tightly that
her large full breasts were rubbing erotically against her legs, her
cuntal cleft lasciviously splayed to its fullest to give the lust-
quenching animal greater access to any and all of her womanly

The huge German shepherd was keenly aroused by this exciting new scent
and taste, this pungent aroma of human female passion. He loved his new
mistresses, both of them, and his very soul ached to be able to repay
them for the kindness of bringing him into their lives. In his fervent
animal-thoughts, he had thirsted for some way to repay them … and now
he had it! There would be no doubt of the proof — there at the core of
his mistress's sex, sparsely hidden in the light fleeciness of her
pubic hair, was all the liquid proof he needed. Her yielding vaginal
flesh and its moistly flowing juices assured him that his mistress was
indeed aroused, and in her arousal was his hope of the ultimate

Kate nearly cried out in anguish as she felt his laving tongue abruptly
removed from her fervent vaginal flesh. "Matt … what is it, lover?"
she asked hoarsely. "Don't stop now, I'm almost there!" She spoke to
him as she would to another human, for that was nearly how she
perceived him now in her acutely aroused state. But still he backed
away from her as if he wanted no more of her. And then she saw plainly
why he had ceased his lingual caresses … his animal-cock was rigidly
erect and dripping from its furry sheath! Kate gaped openly, wide-eyed,
as the glistening, hardened organ emerged slowly from its long sheath,
thickly turgid, the tapered crimson tip swinging as it oozed from the
constrictive sheath in an endlessly lengthening scarlet hardness.
Suddenly the awareness of what the powerful animal had in mind slammed
into her like a hundred-car locomotive … he wanted to fuck her with
that sinister thing dangling beneath his belly!

"O-Oh, no, Matt …I-I didn't mean for it to turn out like this … uh,
I-I guess I just got carried away when you …" She was looking into
his soulfully deep brown eyes and he seemed to comprehend, at least to
understand that something was wrong. And almost immediately his eyes
shimmered with the mist of unhappiness as the handsome dog sensed that
he had done something to displease his voluptuous mistress. He hung his
head sorrowfully and Kate was certain that the murmuring whimper from
deep in his furry throat was almost a crying sound. A ribbon of
salaciousness spun through her confused thoughts, a surging
undercurrent brought on by her insanely aroused state … the weirdly
erotic events of this night, of this moment. And suddenly, she knew
what she must do! Every fiber of her being, every faded, battered relic
of her morality urged her not to do this wicked, bestial thing, but
Kate Barrett was a strong-willed woman. Nothing had ever deterred her
from getting what she wanted or doing as she desired. Tonight would be
no exception. She was blind to all reason as she turned over on the
mattress and kneeled on elbows and knees, her naked buttocks up-thrust
in wanton, salacious invitation just inches from the German shepherd's
curling tongue. Her own eyes glimmered with the fervent wickedness of
this act she was about to consummate … she was going to be fucked by
a dog! Like some two-bit slut in a border town bordello, she was going
to throw herself into the deepest, most depraved chasm of bestial
perversion. She tried not to think with any semblance of reason and
clarity; her long-hungry body was like that of a young bride on her
wedding night. Her brain reeked of the liquid, lascivious lust that
filled her like alcohol and stupefied her diminishing powers of reason.

"Oh, please, hurry … hurry before I come to my senses!" she choked in
lustful surrender, but the hugely virile animal hesitated, perhaps in
confusion. Again she pleaded with him, her breasts smashed flat against
the mattress and her naked buttocks stuck up into the air right at his
face. The whole naked expanse of her ass-cheeks and pussy-cleft was
offered to him in undeniable solicitation. He finally edged his husky
weight forward, mounting her easily, his great furry paws resting on
her back as he felt the steaming moisture of her overheated vagina all
along the crimson tapered length of his immense dog-cock!

Kate felt it as well, and a fresh, torturing wave of masochistic
rapacity swept over her … she had to have it! Now! She reached back
until she could grip his slippery animal-taper; using her fingertips to
part the fleece-like sparseness of her pubic vee, she insinuated the
crimson, dripping tip into the ravenous clasping grip of her hungering

"God, Matt, it's so hot! It's like it's on fire! Christ, I've got to
have it in me! Maybe I'm going insane, but I need it, God help me, I
need it! Fuck me, handsome, fuck me like you never fucked before! Take
away this hurtful need … fuck me!"

Perhaps he understood her words, or more likely, he sensed the fervent
urgency in her tone, but whatever the motivation, the powerfully built
German shepherd answered her longing plea the way nature had taught him
… with a savage snap of his haunches that thrust his tapered cock all
the way up into the wetly-gripping confines of her empty cunt!

There was not even a moment's thought of gentleness or mercy, for such
is not in the nature of virile beasts like Matthew; immediately, his
lust-swollen testicles were slamming viciously against the upturned
slit of Kate's hair-rimmed vagina as he fucked savagely into her
proffered pussy from behind in a punishing staccato pace that brought a
fresh scream of pleasure-pain from the naked redhead's parched lips.

"I-It's s-so big and hard … Unnnggghhhhh! Aaaaggghhh!" she cried in
real pain at the hurtful first skewering penetration of his wantonly
erect dog-cock, but she had scarcely any time to think of her ravished
pain, for the rapid-fire rhythm had caused another eight or ten
impaling thrusts to be explosively delivered up into her cuntal flesh
before the cry of anguish had even left her lips. Like the powerful dog
that he was, his searing dog-cock fucked deeply into the far hidden
depths of her lust-tortured belly. She gasped and squirmed beneath him,
her mind a whirlpool of sensual madness, the very core of her fervent
womanhood burning with the rabid frenzy of her forbidden lust.

Her lewdly submissive body was quickly filled with wave after wave of
unholy ecstasy, and the voluptuous widow could do nothing more than
groan and cringe salaciously beneath the lust-quenching beast as she
offered the whole of her cuntal furrow up to him in abject submission.
She strained to look back behind her and catch a glimpse of the scarlet
rod of stiffened dog-flesh as it slithered at a blurring pace in and
out of her vagina, fucking its way to the furry
hilt in her widely-splayed cuntal slit, his heavily-bloated balls
slapping up and under her pelvis as he skewered her bestially impaled
pussy again and again!

She ached from the strain of struggling for a better look, her brain a
blank of sensual desire. Meeting his punishing thrusts inch for inch,
she ground her naked buttocks back against his powerful firm
underbelly, rotating her hips lasciviously and pushing with all her
strength so that every rigid inch of his dog-cock was firmly implanted
deep within her passion-filled belly. Primeval lust surged madly
through her slaving body as she sensually pumped her hips back onto his
ever-thickening cock as it skewered deeper and deeper with ravishing
fury into her ragingly-aroused vagina. Furiously, his hairy animal
belly and loins battered and thudded resonantly against the upturned
cheeks of her buttocks, his thrusting animal-cock beating a bestial
rhythm of forbidden ecstasy as it squirmed inside her feverish vagina.
Shamelessly, like an animal herself, the redhead ground her rotating
hips and buttocks back at him, whimpering beneath her gasping breaths,
grinding the mouth of her naked, wetly-clinging
vagina back onto the pounding length of his crimson dog-cock, her lips
ovaled in a half-uttered cry of enravished passion.

Kate sensed a growing wave of unutterable bliss deep in her belly, a
remembered urgency from out of her past … she was nearing sexual
fulfillment! For the first time in so long, the attractive widow and
mother was about to reach the long-sought pinnacle of sensual ecstasy!
Her erotically seething loins writhed with the lustful frenzy of a
million volts of supercharged sensuality, the lewd, lascivious promise
of orgasmic abandonment quivering in her belly. She moaned to the very
brink of her rapidly-welling climax, nearly doubled in half now as she
thrust her buttocks back tightly against the German
shepherd's firm underbelly. She tried arching her back even more and
looking up between her legs — she could clearly see his thick crimson
dog-cock slithering between the widely-splayed hair-fringed cuntal lips
of her pussy. She gaped with bulging, unbelieving eyes at the pink
wetness of her own cuntal flesh moistly clinging to his stiffly-erect
cock as it pulled slitheringly out of her belly, then vanished up
inside her again with his heavily-bulging balls slapping far up under
the cleft of her widely-spread legs with a lewd smacking sound as they
brushed against her pubic hair. She tremored with the salacious thrill
of feeling her heaving breasts bobbing and swaying beneath her writhing
torso as she lifted them from the mattress; her sensitive nipples
rubbed teasingly against the bedspread and brought even more shivers of
impassioned arousal to her already lust-maddened body.

The naked woman's hips and buttocks began to take on a rhythm of their
own, acting almost as if they possessed some second hidden mind, and
she thrust her perfectly shaped buttocks back at the wildly-humping
beast with shameless enthusiasm. "Yessss … fuck me, darling, fuck me!
God, I need it so bad! Fuck me!!"

Matt felt the overpowering madness of his animal-desire well into a
fireball of white-hot passion for his redheaded mistress. She whined
and moaned with each and every skewering thrust of his scarlet dog-cock
now, and the burning flesh of her vaginal sheath clung greedily to his
thrusting maleness, rapidly urging him closer and closer to that
shuddering point of savage urgent orgasm. She ground back even harder
against him, doubled so acutely that his every skewering thrust sank to
the fur-covered thickness of his balls; he answered with an especially
hard, vicious plunge forward that seemed to ripple into the very depths
of her belly. It was all the voluptuous naked widow needed to boost her
up and over the pinnacle of her orgasm and send her wailing into the
utter depraved depths of bestial wantonness! She cried out loudly,
thrusting her wildly spasming hips back hard onto his consummating dog-
cock in a grinding convulsion of orgasmic release!

"Aaaaaaawwww … Aaaagggghhhhhh! God, I'm cumming! I'm cumming, lover,
don't stop … don't ever stop! I'm Matt
answered her urgent plea with a stabbing thrust of his lust-stiffened
cock as it began to empty its searing dog-cum deep into her womb in
long, liquid spurts. She screamed maddeningly again, her contracting
buttocks convulsively milking at the long, impaling taper of his
jerking cock. Her luxuriant red hair flailed about her head in a
scarlet halo in her sheer erotic bliss; she shuddered and moaned loudly
as she felt the lewd mingling of their mutual love-juices warmly oozing
from the tightly-clasped lips of her clasping cunt and trickling down
the shivering insides of her nakedly-splayed thighs, while her pussy
hungrily milked the last few precious drops of dog-cum from her
rapidly-softening penis. She murmured softly, an
unintelligible ramble of words on her still-gasping breath and then she
fell forward onto the bed, his cock slipping from her clenching grip
with a lascivious slurping noise that seemed an appropriate ending to
the forbidden union of woman and beast.

Perhaps as much as half an hour later, Kate Barrett managed to rouse
herself from the blissful comfort of her bed and climb unsteadily to
her feet. She had to hold on to the edge of her dresser at first, as
her knees buckled under her at the first attempt to stand. She was
thoroughly and absolutely drained, exhausted in that special and
wondrous manner of love-making that still leaves room for the joyous
aftermath of good sex. Kate felt tired in a way, but wondrously alive
and vibrant at the same time, as if some unseen hand from the depths of
the universe had somehow wiped years from her body-calendar. She felt
young again and eager to feel, to enjoy!

Kate looked around for her animal-lover, but he was gone; it did not
surprise her really, for she could hardly expect a dog to sense the
peak of emotion that she felt at this moment, and she did not blame
Matt for deserting her as she would have a man who had done the same.
She pulled on a robe and made her way shakily to the kitchen for a
quick cup of coffee to settle her nerves. Matt was already outside,
having nosed the unclosed back door open and he was romping happily
under the lights out back, chasing a huge moth as if nothing had
happened. She shook her head in bewilderment, still unable to believe
it really happened … Kate Barrett, wealthiest woman in Valley Farms,
fucked by a dog! Incredible!

She found an unopened can of dog food in the cupboard and opened it on
impulse, determined to pay back the big dog's favors in the one way he
might understand. "Matt! Here! I've got some extra food for you,
The husky German shepherd bounded anxiously to her side and shoved his
snout in the preciation. Kate shook her head and laughed under her

"I know what I'll do!" she said to no one in particular, unless she
thought that Matt could understand her now. "I'll get dressed and go
down to the Country Club for a couple of drinks! I'm rid of that creep
Jerry Marlowe and I've found the greatest happiness I've known in
months … that's cause enough to celebrate!" And with that, she
hurried back to her bedroom suite to get dressed, sorry only that there
was no one she could share this revelation with. Strangely, she wished
there was some way Lucy could be told, but she knew, of course, that
ever telling anyone what happened this night was out of the question.
It would have to be a life-long secret between her and Matthew!

Chapter 7

Young Lucy Barrett passed the crowded drive-in a half-dozen times,
turning around in the deserted parking lot in front of her family's
department store, before she found the courage to drive into the car-
packed lot and park beside one of the speaker-boxes. She had never come
here alone except that night she met David, though she knew some of the
people who hung-out here were pals of her boyfriend. Anxiously, she
ordered a beer and a hamburger and prayed she was inconspicuous: David
would probably be furious if anyone told him his girl had come to this
place alone — the only stag girls parked around Scottie's were
definitely on the make. But then, she couldn't just drive around all
night and David was tied up on business; no, it was safer than wheeling
around suburban Washington in the middle of the night.

Lucy's mind physically ached from the tormenting cross-current of
painful emotion that swept through her thoughts like a rip-tide. She
had to be alone somewhere, to think, to try no matter how much it hurt
to sort out this tangled web of feelings that made it impossible for
the young blonde to think clearly. The car-hop brought her order and
she paid the busty tough-looking girl and left a tip on the tray.
Absent-mindedly, she switched on the radio and let herself be bombarded
with the raucous sound of a top twenty pop station. The acid-etched
memory of her mother with that horrible Marlowe man blazed in her mind
like a neon billboard … her own mother, John Barrett's widow,
sprawled nakedly across the bedspread like a central character in some
five-dollar porno movie … pot-bellied, balding Jerry Marlowe hunched
over her, his head stuffed between her lewdly-splayed thighs, his back
arching and bobbing as he salaciously licked and sucked there at the
banquet-table of her naked loins! Even now, over the pounding rhythms
of the rock music from her radio, she could still hear, in that private
inner ear of her mind, the wetly lascivious sounds of that horrible man
as his lips and tongue worked ravenously between her mother's willing

Why, oh why, she asked herself, did I have to see that? If it had to
happen between them like that so vulgarly, why not some night when I
was out? Dear God, how could she bring that man into her bedroom, there
on the very bed, between the very sheets where she once slept with
Daddy! He loved her, I know he did, and I always thought she loved him
as well, but now … now I just don't know anything anymore! It's all
so confusing, so filthy and wicked and so hard to comprehend.

Lucy had tried all the approaches open to her young and relatively
inexperienced mind … she had thought of her own actions, her times
alone with David. But somehow it just wasn't the same to her … how
could it be, she asked herself again and again. Mother is a married
woman! Widowed yes, and certainly still too young to exile herself to
wearing black and living alone, but … "Oh, I don't know what I mean
any longer," she said aloud. "Nothing makes sense to me now …

"They say that's the first sign of cracking up … talking to yourself,
I mean." It was Sally a girlfriend of one of
David's friends, and she was peering into the open passenger window.
Lucy wiped her eyes hurriedly and managed a wan smile. "Sorry to
intrude, Lucy. I mean, I don't really know you that well, but you
seemed upset. Anything I can do to help?"

"Oh … no, Sally, it's just some silly argument I had at home, nothing
really," Lucy said cheerily. "I feel better already. You know how it is
… well, it's getting close to that time of the month, you know? I
guess I'm just easily upset these days."

The close-cropped blonde looked disbelievingly at David's girlfriend in
her expensive car, a forced smile of concern on her red-painted lips,
lips that had once been David's until this rich girl with her fancy
clothes came along. Sure, I'm worried about you, all right, she said to
herself, you could drop dead for all I care! You and all the rest of
those Valley Farms swells! But Sally was not about to betray her real
feelings to this stuck-up rich bitch, not on your life … she had
something better in mind, something far, far better!

"I understand what you mean, honey," she said in syrupy sweetness that
nearly betrayed her acid tongue lurking beneath. "I get that way
sometimes too; have to go running to my ol' man. Hey, how come you
don't share all this worryin' with your boyfriend? You two had a fight
or something?" Had Lucy been more keenly observant, she might have
glimpsed the twinkle of maliciousness that flashed in the hardened

"Uh, no, we haven't been fighting … why?" she was nearly afraid to

"Well, he's parked over there by the wall, been there for hours. I'll
be running along now, can't keep the ol' man waiting too long or he
might belt me!" The attractive young blonde girl, her pink
schoolgirlish cheeks still streaked from crying, sat in stunned silence
as the brassy platinum blonde, clad in cut-off jeans and a man's tee-
shirt that was an easy size too small, strolled smugly back to her own
car. A giggling pair of teeny-boppers, much younger but cut from the
same case-hardened mold as the sex-toughened Sally, greeted their older
friend's return with a chorus of shrill laughs … were they laughing
at her? Lucy suddenly began to look around at the lined-up array of
cars, all filled with the sort of people she had never known at the
expensive girls' school her father packed her off to, people she felt
no animosity toward, but she felt sort of uncomfortable with
nevertheless. And there across the lot, backed against the brick wall
of a motel next door, was David's tiny sports car. Now, more than ever,
she wanted to be with him, to beg him to take her away from this place
… anywhere! She leaped from her tiny compact car and made her way
through the crowd of beer-guzzling boys that were clustered near the
end of the parked cars, her unexpected prettiness and vulnerability a
lure to their jeering catcalls and coarse invitations. She ran past
them, blinking back the tears, closer with every step to David's car;
it was parked so that it angled away from the crowded lot and she
realized that he could not possibly see her coming. Perhaps that was
why he didn't greet her or … but then an explosion of reality crashed
into her already-dizzy senses … a business contact, he had said,
something he couldn't break.

Lucy's running feet nearly slid out from under her in her vain effort
to stop and turn back, but it was too late. She was only a foot or so
from the passenger's side of the tiny MG and what she saw brought both
her hands to her mouth in a useless gesture, a futile attempt to stifle
the gasp of horror and surprise that burst from her throat. It took
less than a second for Lucy's widened blue eyes to take in the lurid
tableau of what was going on in that car, less than a heartbeat for her
to realize what a fateful mistake she had made in coming to this seedy
place alone. Her eye swept like the lens of a camera, etching yet
another photographic image into her mind, one that, like the sight of
her mother with Jerry Marlowe, would linger in her thoughts like the
smell of death clings to all it touches. Only death would have possibly
been easier to take than this!

There on the small bucket seat closest to her knelt a naked girl of not
more than fifteen, her pert, girlish buttocks stuck up almost to the
top of the sports car's door. Her naked ass-cheeks squirmed and
wriggled with the intensity of her teenage passion; her face, framed by
her hippie-length dark hair that spilled across David's lap, was buried
tightly against his unclothed loins. David had pushed his driver's seat
back as far as it would go and his pants and undershorts were crumpled
around his knees; his head was back against the top of the bucket seat,
his fingers knotted in the young girl's long hair. Even as Lucy
watched, too paralyzed with shock to move, he gasped out the
pleasurable cry of his orgasm, and Lucy saw the teenager's whole lithe
naked body shudder as she frantically gulped down the viscous rushes of
semen that were bursting into her mouth from David's wildly jerking

David saw her first, glimpsing the movement of a shadow across the hood
of his tiny car. He jerked around in surprise and the young brunette
pulled her face away from his hair-matted pelvis as the ripple of
startled movement frightened her as well; she spun around, incredibly
fast in such a confined space, and Lucy's last sight, before she turned
on her heels and ran, was the sight of that young girl's face, not much
more than a child with budding girlish breasts nakedly exposed in the
harsh glow of neon lights from the drive-in, her lips smeared and
sticky with the cum-splattered remnants of David's adolescent sperm.

She saw or heard nothing on the endless run back to her car, for her
mind refused to pay heed to the gauntlet of knowing laughs and rude
noises she had to pass to reach the relative sanctuary of her own car.
Tears clouded her vision so acutely that she could barely find the
ignition with her nervously trembling hand; the car, mercifully, roared
into life at the first turn of the switch, and she literally slammed it
into gear, racing out of her parking slot without so much as a glance
in either direction. An approaching hot-rod loaded with teenagers
screeched to a halt to her left and a choir of angry voices derided her
ability to drive, but Lucy Barrett cared not at all. What if they had
hit her instead? Tonight, she didn't care if she lived or died … even
death was better than living with the sordid memory of this torturous

David had pulled up his pants and was getting out of his car when she
roared past; he stepped into her path with his arms upraised and she
swerved wildly to avoid running him down, though her heart asked her
why she bothered, and when at long last she reached the far end of the
asphalt lot and was turning onto the highway, she could hear the
honking of horns and the raucous cacophony of applause and laughter as
the word of what had happened spread like a cancer through the crowded

But for Lucy Barrett, the night had not yet begun.

Chapter 8

Lucy noticed immediately that Kate's big flashy Buick was gone from the
driveway, grateful that at least she would not have to face her mother
in her present state of mind. She had ceased crying finally, perhaps
from the diverting tensions of driving home, though her chest
occasionally heaved uncontrollably and she had to gasp for breath to
force down the lump in her throat. It was still too soon to think
clearly, Lucy's one coherent thought being the instinctive instinct to
get home and safely into her room, away from the ugliness and betrayal
of this terrible night.

She entered through the back door for some unknown reason, something
she never did, entered without being aware that Matt was a few feet
away, and ran to her room without switching on a single light, as if
perhaps the darkness could shut out the burning memories that ate away
at her brain like parasites. But the void of darkness only made the
hurt more painful, and she found herself turning on all the lights in
her room, then the stereo, a lilting, upbeat bit of music that Lucy
usually found cheering. Tonight, though, even that would not help.
There was the sound of a car door slamming out front, faintly carried
through the big empty house, and Lucy hurried to undress — she wanted
to appear asleep when Kate returned, for there was just no chance of
facing her so soon after what she did. Quickly, her crying ended, she
pulled off her clothes, including her bra and panties as she disliked
sleeping in anything more restrictive than a sheer nightie, and slipped
into the bit of lingerie her father had bought her
in naughty Paris. She was about to wriggle beneath the covers when she
stiffened with fear at the sound of someone at the front door — Kate,
unlike her daughter, always parked on the side nearest the kitchen and
entered through the back door, unless she had important friends along.
Lucy shrugged it off as a case of nerves still tensed from a night of
unexpected surprises; maybe it was her mother bringing that man back
home. Yes, that's it, she said to herself in disgust, maybe she didn't
get enough before and she talked him into a second round!

Lucy closed her eyes and squirmed deeper between the fresh starched
sheets, but she knew right away she would never find sleep tonight
without some technological assistance. Irritably, she climbed out of
bed and opened the door to her bedroom a crack. There was no sound at
all from the front door, and she started to cross the hallway to the
bathroom for a sleeping pill when the door chimed noisily, giving her
such a start that she cried out in alarm. Her heart pounded furiously
in her chest until she realized that it still was not terribly late by
Valley Farms schedules; it could be some friend of her mother's over
for a bit of late-night gossip and coffee. She grabbed her dressing
gown from its hook behind the bedroom door and padded hurriedly on bare
feet to greet the unexpected caller. Moments later, she would regret
not having taken the simplest of modern-day cautions, a peek through
the viewing window; that was something that she always did without
thinking, as instinctively as looking both ways before crossing the
street. But tonight, Lucy Barrett merely switched on the front lights
and turned the handle thoughtlessly. The first glimpse of grease-
stained jeans and scuffed leather boots relayed the panic alarm to her
already-troubled brain … but it was too late.

She pushed hard against the half-opened door but it swung open
effortlessly against her frail efforts. "Hello, Lucy, honey …
surprise!" Lucy grabbed impulsively at her robe, clutching the two
sides tightly together — it was David and two of the seediest hippie-
types she had ever seen!

"You … you have no right to come here, David," she asserted with mock
courage. "After tonight, we're finished … forever! Now get out of my

The obviously-drunk young man only sneered derisively and pushed his
way into the entry foyer. "We noticed your ol' lady's car was gone …
nobody but the four of us, huh? Just right for a party, eh, baby?" The
two long-haired greasers chuckled anticipatorily, one of them brazenly
rubbing the bulge that ridged his tight jeans along the inside of his

"Party? Wh-What are you talking about? Get out … right now or I'll
call the police!" Her manner was still courageous but her cracking
voice betrayed her very real fear. She had never seen David like this,
there was something vicious and cruel about him the way he was now,
like someone else had inherited his body, someone rabid and hateful.
But if David was frightening, his two friends were savage wild animals
by comparison! One was heavy-set, almost fat, with shoulder length
brownish hair that looked as if it had been unwashed for weeks. He wore
oversized cowboy boots that would have been amusing under better
circumstances, and Lucy could see without meaning to that the swelling
bulge he rubbed insultingly, rudely, was a formidable weapon in itself.
The second was tall, taller than David who was over six feet, with a
face that twisted with an inner agony, like the boys she had seen once
when she had passed a mental institution when out riding on a Sunday
afternoon — prematurely aged, contorted with the gut-ripping torture
of paranoia and hate. God, she could barely stand to look at him! She
would have not been startled had he suddenly snarled and bared a pair
of savage, blood-lusting fangs, his mouth foamy with hydrophobic rage!
They were a pair straight from hell and she felt her blood run cold
with dread as the first premonitions of what they sought chilled her
heart and numbed her very soul!

"Don't look so petrified, baby," David leered. "You're among friends,
right, fellas?" The big one merely grunted in agreement and his friend
said nothing at all. "I just wanted to come by and pay you back for
tonight … I think I owe you />
"What … I don't know what you mean, David. I've never seen you like
this … I-I'm afraid."

"Well, baby, maybe there's a lot of me you ain't seen … and tonight
you're gonna' see it. You made me a laughingstock out at Scottie's …
you made a Goddamn fool out of me, had all my friends laughing and
hooting like a bunch of hyenas. Well, I don't appreciate it, not one

"That's not true! It's a lie!" Lucy shouted, emboldened by her ex-
lover's one-sided allegations. "If anyone has a right to be angry, it's
me! What you did was … />
"Hey, she's got a way with them big words, Davey, buddy," mumbled the
stocky long-haired man. "Mighty />
"Yeah, she's a big talker, all right … just like her ol' man, three-
quarters hot air."

Lucy snapped at him angrily at the mention of her father. "How dare you
say that about my father! You don't know what you're talking about, he
was dead long before we met and you know it. And anyway, I have nothing
further to say to you, David … we're through, finished! I never want
to see you again … never!"

The youth's cock-sure sneer turned up at the corners and became a
wicked grin that spoke of untold terror yet to come, and Lucy instantly
regretted having said anything to anger him; this was not the man she
had loved, the man she had taken deep up into her belly often in the
throes of passion. No, this was a stranger … and the look on his face
promised revenge for the assault she had made on his manhood. He had
been shamed, in his eyes, before his peers, and to his twisted mind,
that was a sin worse than death. Lucy felt her breath freeze in her
lungs with a shudder as the thought of what might happen to her burst
into her mind; registered with the shock of an earthquake in her
unconscious … rape!

"I knew that bastard old man of yours, all right, long before I ever
met you at Scottie's and got some of your sweet littl' snatch. The son-
of-a-bitch canned me once for smoking a little weed, and you were my
chance to get even. But like you said, that's all over now, so I might
as well get that sugar-sweet revenge some other way, right, fellas?"
The two dirty, foul-smelling types chuckled in agreement and moved a
step closer to Lucy, who stood shivering now in fear, her hands
clutched to the front of her dressing gown, her flesh tingling with
dread from the tips of her bare toes to her head … God, this was no
nightmare, this was real! And she was trapped alone with them! Her mind
churned with frenzied emotion but one clear thought emerged above the
maelstrom of fear … Matthew! Where was he?! Of course, now she
remembered, he had been outside when she came home in tears, and she
hadn't even greeted him; now he was locked outside and unable to help
her … Oh dear God, if only I could get to him, I know he'd save me!

"You ought to be properly introduced, Lucy," her ex-boyfriend spat
contemptuously. "I know how you country-club types love that sort of
thing. Well, this is Large and this is Tall." His two friends boomed
with hysterical laughter, far too much for David's feeble attempt at
humor. It was then that Lucy glimpsed their eyes … they were on
drugs! Their eyes were clouded and blank, spiteful sub-human eyes that
showed no mercy. "That's not their real names, but it'll have to do for
now. How about it, baby, now that we all know each other? Let's have a
little party …" His hands darted out lightning-fast and grabbed at
her gown, tearing it from her grip and yanking it open in front. "…

Lucy felt a flush of shame as she realized she wore nothing beneath her
gauze-sheer nightie, but she fought the urge to hide her nakedness and
responded with something more basic, more primeval; she swung with all
her strength at her once-lover's face, her nails bared in womanly fury,
a move of sheer desperation that she knew was futile before it began.
He caught her arm in mid-swing and twisted it downward and then up
again in a painful twist that spun her around in the blinking of an
eye. "Spunky, aren't you, bitch? Well, you'll get plenty of chances to
use some of that spunk. 0l' Large here's got a cock on him that would
bring tears to a Navy-town whore! Show her, buddy … let her take a
look at some of that meat you're always bragging about." Lucy was only
half-aware that as David spoke he was shoving her down the hallway to
her bedroom; he knew the layout of the house well as he had been here
many times, and there could be no doubt of what awaited her once they
were close to a bed … Oh, Matt, how I need you now!

Lucy was in the doorway now and she reached out desperately in a vain
effort to grab the door frame and hold off this wanton assault, but
David wrenched her hands away effortlessly and pushed her onto the bed.

"Here ya' go, girlie … ever had one like this?" Lucy turned without
thinking and jumped a foot from the mattress at the sight of what the
heavy-set hippie held in his hands.

"No! No, you can't! David. please, p-please! I'm begging you! God,
isn't that enough? P-Please!" Her voice was hysterical with fear and
loathing now as she stared, mesmerized, at the thick pole of naked
flesh he held like a fencepost with both hands; its purplish, blood-
bloated head had extended from the rubbery sheath of foreskin and its
solitary eye stared at her in unblinking lust. "I'll scream, David,
I'll scream until somebody comes or calls the police!"

"Go ahead, but don't tire yourself out, baby," he laughed wickedly. "I
want you in good shape for me and my friends. You know as well as I do
that these rich-folks' houses are so fucking far apart that you could
scream 'til next week and nobody would come. Hey, uh, 'Tall,' get out
by the front door and keep an eye out for her ol' lady. I don't want
nothing interrupting our party."

The lanky youth did not respond at first until his buddy nudged him
forcefully. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the new names. But how come I
gotta' miss out on the action?" he asked, his voice a surprising whine
that seemed out of place in his massive body.

"Don't worry, buddy, you ain't gonna' miss nothing. You just sit by
that door and when I come to get you, I promise you'll be well taken
care of … little miss rich cunt sucks a mean cock!" The slender youth
laughed drunkenly, though there was no trace of liquor on his breath,
and left the room at a stagger. "Now, ol' buddy, let's get the rest of
her clothes off and you'll see what a real piece o'tail looks like!"

Lucy screamed as their hands touched her flesh, but the husky, thick-
armed one closed her mouth with a huge palm that covered half her face,
blocking her breath so severely that she feared she would black out.
"You got the stuff, David?" he asked, his lips moistening at the
prospect of what awaited him there on the bed — a beautiful rich girl,
the kind he'd hungered for all his life, ever since the days in public
school in Washington when the kids with the money walked away with
everything, the good grades, the best positions on the school teams,
scholarships … and now was his chance to get even.

"Yeah, I still got a pocketful. Here take another one for yourself and
let's get a couple down her pretty throat. That is, unless she'd rather
have a cock instead."

"Oh, please … please …" Her voice was nothing more than a tearful
whisper as the huge man released her; there was no will to fight left
in her, just the one hope she could cling to, the thin hope of mercy
before it was too late … before she was raped!

"Here, baby, take this and swallow it before I get pissed off." David
handed her a small white tablet and began to pull at the bottom of her
nightie as his friend held her firmly to the bed with one huge hand on
her shoulder, as easily as a cat might pin a mouse to the floor before
devouring him.

"Wha … what is it?" she asked fearfully. Drugs had never been for
her; alcohol was as high as she liked to get.

"It's a bitch … the love drug. Everybody's taking 'em these
days. You'll feel a little drunk at first, but then … va-va-voom!
You'll see why they call it the love drug … methaqualone, if you want
to be technical. But one of these, and you ain't in no mood for
anything technical … just fucking!"

"No, I won't take it! I won't!" she cried, but before the words had
left her mouth, the big blue-jeaned man tightened his grip on her left
shoulder with a strength she would have never dreamed possible. Almost
instantly, her shoulder seared with a pain a hundred times more intense
than the worst cramp she could remember; perspiration broke out in a
beaded row across her forehead and she bit her lower lip in painful
resistance. But there was no chance, none at all. She opened her mouth
and took the dreaded pill; there was no hope of concealing it, for
David probed her tongue and lips with clinical fervor until satisfied
it was on its way to her belly … and to her brain.

Even as she swallowed it, Lucy was remembering the drug at last and the
much-repeated warnings about mixing it with alcohol. Of the near-
catatonic helplessness, coupled with the maddening sexual arousal for
which it was famous … and then she remembered the large can of beer
she had consumed less than an hour ago …

Was it only minutes that had passed? For the now-naked young blonde
girl there on her bed, two lust-crazed men pressed close around her
like vultures waiting for their prey to die, it could easily have been
hours instead. Or even days. Perhaps it was the intensity of her fever-
pitch emotions, her gut-twisting fear, that made the dreaded "love
drug" work its salacious magic so quickly; it burned its way down her
gullet and into her belly like a pellet of white-hot lead, and she
could literally feel the surge of methaqualone wash into her
bloodstream, its potent strength already on its way
to the deepest recesses of her mind. Her skin tingled and flushed and
she felt strangely giddy and helpless, like being drunk, only much
worse — she could see and feel everything around her, but she was
powerless to resist!

Her arms fell uselessly to her sides and her voice box balked at
producing another scream … her own body was betraying her! It was a
mutiny of her own flesh and blood! She offered no resistance as David
and his husky confederate lifted her bare arms and pulled her sheer
nightie up and over her head. She fell back onto the bed, completely
and utterly naked, every inch of her sun-bronzed loveliness vulnerable
to their coldly probing stares; she had never felt so abjectly exposed,
as though she were stripped bare in a Bedouin's tent filled with sex-
hungry Arabs!

She peered through drug-misted, incredulous eyes as the two men removed
their pants and undershorts, leaving their shirts, incongruously in
place, their jutting cocks poking from beneath their shirttails like
poles from an awning. In her love-drugged haziness, their cocks seemed
disembodied from their loins, two twin penises of throbbing purplish
flesh moving toward her unprotected nakedness with relentless virile
energy, actually seeming to pulsate in a steady, primitive rhythm, a
jungle beat of sensual incitement that threatened to forcibly trap her
in its wanton arousal.

"Please … please, no," she whined in self-defeat, her heart and mind
wracked with the awareness that there was nothing she could do to stop
this horrible act from taking place. The one David nick-named "Large"
grinned down at her obscenely through yellowed, smoke-stained teeth,
his fist clenched around his penis; lifted upward
as it was, his swollen cock-shaft looked like an extra leg growing from
the hair-matted thicket of his muscular pelvis.

David reached out to her naked flesh and she shuddered at his touch; a
hand that would have brought pleasure and warmth yesterday now numbed
her flesh with coldness and dread. He reached between her slender, trim
thighs. "Come on, baby, open those rich-girl legs a bit and show my
buddy here what a sweet pussy you've got. I told him all about that
tight littl' box o'yours, and he's eager for a peek."

"D-David, no!" she gasped as he pushed apart her smooth trembling
thighs, revealing the moist cuntal slit for their hungrily appraising
eyes. She cried out as he crudely bored a stiffened finger up into her
simmering vagina, thrusting it so painfully deep that it was hidden up
to the palm in the flesh of her pussy.

"That stuff's working already," he whispered to his friend. "She's
wetter'n a teenybopper at a rock concert!" He stuffed another thick
finger into her defenseless pussy, mercilessly fingering her nakedly-
splayed pussy-flesh. … P-Please, no, I'll pay you
money, anything! Please!" she sputtered chokingly, her buttocks
grinding into the mattress in a vain effort to elude the cruel,
sadistic attack between her quivering thighs.

David chuckled at her plight, his eyes wide with lust and a passion for
revenge that transcended even the potency. "Money won't
save your ass this time, bitch! I had a chance at all of it and that's
gone now, so it don't mean a shit to me anymore … me and my
buddies'll make up for that loss though. You're gonna' pay me back for
all these months of sucking up to all your asshole friends. If I ain't
getting a whack at all that money, I'll make up for it with one hell of
a whack at your rich little cunt!"

The heavy-set long-haired man laughed drunkenly, his mouth twisting
unevenly in a sinister leer as he watched David's fingers plundering
the fleshy pinkness of Lucy's helpless cuntal crevice. Damn, ol' Davey
boy had been telling the truth when he said this country-club cunt was
something else! Fuck, she was like a center-fold girl, only this was
real flesh, not something out of a magazine. With a face like a movie-
star's, those pretty little lips, perfectly shaped, her complexion rich
and creamy, the kind that seems to come with money … man, what it was
gonna' be like fucking this piece! He laughed to himself in private
indulgence, fuck, I ain't never gonna' wash my cock again when it comes
out of her sweet pussy!

"Goddamn, Davey, hurry it up … my cock's like a firecracker and the
fuse is lit!" The big man towered over her like some medieval giant,
his face and neck dripping with anxious perspiration, his obscenely-
huge penis stiffened between his fingers like a massive cudgel.

Lucy's ex-boyfriend laughed derisively down at her cringing body, then
jerked his two fingers from the tautly-clasping cuntal flesh between
her thighs with a loud sucking noise; she moaned in relief but was
powerless to move … already, the drug had erased her normal instincts
for survival. She was not truly paralyzed, only her mind refused to
command her flesh to obey … nothing seemed to matter anymore, her
brain was ready to accept any and all of their brutal,
lascivious excesses as inevitable … she was doomed to whatever fate
held in check, helpless except for servile obedience!

"What 'ya got in mind, Davey?" the chunky young man asked excitedly,
luridly stroking his proudly-erect penis. "A bit of a sandwich, huh?
That'd be out />
"Good thinking, pal," David said with a sinister grin. "I know for a
fact that she's never even been ass-fucked, much less …
we'll have her climbing the wall in no time that way. Two cocks at
once, baby, what do you think of that idea?" He poked his swollen penis
toward her, smaller and less thick than his friend's, but still the
potent tool she remembered. "One in that sweet box of yours and the
other up your ass, with you right in the middle. Man, you won't feel
nothing between your legs but cock and more cock! Far out, huh, baby?"

Lucy had scarcely uttered a sound as they coolly brandished their lust-
incited cocks like vengeful weapons, sadistically discussing the
ravages they planned to perpetrate upon her like she could not hear,
for something was gradually eating away at her fearful shell of
abandonment and horror … the God-forbidden truth that she could not
face even in her most secret thoughts: the was beginning to
torturingly arouse her flesh with all the promise of its sordid nick-
name! There could be no denying that familiar glowing surge of
emptiness deep in the pit of her needful belly … Oh, how she hated to
face the reality of that insistent heat there in her loins … she was
beginning to get "turned on!" Their cruelly calculated words of sadism
and lust were taking their toll in the drug-incited unconsciousness of
her mind … she knew she should be crying and begging for mercy, but
instead she felt the warm spreading glow of passion growing between her
nakedly-splayed thighs. They were rapidly converting her into a hot-box
of sinful lust … and there was no way to turn back!

The sexily-curvaceous young blonde shivered erotically, half of her
body and soul actually welcoming the increasing burning passion that
was sweeping over her, for in that blinding lust she knew she could
find shelter, obviating at least part of the shameful degradation she
was powerless to stop. Through drug-fogged eyes she saw the heavy-set
man crawl onto the bed and begin to move up between her legs, spreading
them wider with his hands. Though she fought the sordid impulse with
every shred of decency she could muster, she found herself staring
lustily at the incredibly thick length of his menacing cock, her mind
perceiving only one thing … the blissful promise of sexual
fulfillment! God, she was becoming a nymphomaniac, and even though she
resisted this sudden welling of hungry passion with all her heart, she
actually wanted his cock; after all the vileness of this night, the
betrayal and the filth … she wanted it! He spread her legs at the
knees, opening them wider until she saw the purplish, blood-engorged
knob at the end of his cock only a scant inch from the already-
moistening lips of her fervently-aroused vagina. He leered at her
knowingly, then lewdly gripped his burgeoning penis with his clenched
palm and angled it downward until it actually brushed against the
shimmering pink flesh of her cuntal lips. She shuddered from the
burning, passion-inciting contact of his bloated cock-head against the
drug-heightened sensitivity of her susceptible vaginal moistness, a
spasm of unwanted but eagerly-received desire rippling up from her
belly to the very tips of her nakedly squirming breasts!

she murmured despite herself, a visible shiver of "love-
drug" passion curling along her outstretched nudity.

"Man, those are far-out, Davey boy! Look at this bitch wiggle
… she's hot for a cock, you'd better believe it! She can't help
herself. Look at her!" the big man hissed down through clenched teeth,
his eyes wide with lust as he lewdly dragged the bulbous knob-like head
of his desire-swollen cock through the trembling flesh of her cuntal
slit. He drew it tormentingly upward through the glistening crevice to
wickedly massage the tiny quivering pearl of her clitoris. She moaned
again, louder this time, squirming with fast-rising pleasure beneath
his salacious cock-caress. "Tell me you want it, baby, or you don't get
it," he spat down at her, coarsely kneading the pliant flesh of one of
her sumptuous breasts with his free hand, tweaking her crinkly pink
nipple roughly and sending a shiver of wanton arousal shooting through
her wriggling body. Her bare breast seemed to swell even beneath his
crude caress until the fleshy mound bulged from around the edges of his
immense palm. "C'mon, rich-cunt, let me hear you say it! You gotta' beg
for this special piece o' meat, baby! Beg like a slut or you'll never
get it!"

"P-Please, please, just leave me alone," she gasped, but it was obvious
her body cried out for another kind of satisfaction. They both knew
only too well the effects of this miracle for David had
tried it out earlier tonight on that teenybopper he'd met at Scottie's;
fuck, she'd already taken on both his buddies at the apartment and was
sucking him off for the second time when Lucy blundered onto the scene!
Lucy Barnett was a goner now and the two men knew it … no matter what
she said or tried to believe, she was hotter than hell between her legs
and they could see it with their own eyes!

David's husky friend eased just the mushroom-shaped head of his cock
between me young blonde's cringing pussy-lips, laughed as she moaned
when the bulbous rubbery cock-tip spread her cuntal folds apart like
the end of a baseball bat. Finally, she could hold out no longer …
the last bit of will to resist had been destroyed by the raging flames
of her drug-incited passion. "I can't stand it … I can't! Oh, put it
in me, put it in me now!" she cried, her lips contorted venemously with
a potent blend of raging lust and burning hatred.

"No, you gotta' do better'n that … say it, cunt! Say what I want to

Lucy's eyes were closed in shame and her lips curled as she spat out
the detested words. "Damn you, fuck me … fuck meeeee!"

Her legs doubled back higher until they pressed against her sensitive
nipples and she grabbed for his shoulders, wracked with shame and
despair but unable to control a second longer the blast-furnace of
desire that raged in her belly. Her cuntal lips poutingly nibbled for
his heavily-swollen cock as her hips writhed upward with a savage,
grinding rhythm of their own in a desperate attempt to ravenously suck
his manhood up into the steaming depths of her insanely desirious cunt!

Lucy moaned incessantly as she felt his semen-moistened cock-head
insinuated between her hotly-aroused cuntal lips … her love-drugged
eyes watched in licentious fervor as he rocked forward, his passion-
bloated penis disappearing up into the clutching depths of her lust-
drenched vagina. For a long moment, she watched as if it were some
other girl's pussy, part of a lewd sex show perhaps, and then with a
gasp, she cried out in pleasure-pain at the immense size of his surging
manhood. He flexed his hips and rammed his bulbous cock-head deep into
her belly with a thrust that parted the yielding walls of her vaginal
cleft like a clenched fist.

she choked from the churning depths of her very soul.
He wasted no time and began to frantically fuck in and out of her cunt
with no mercy, his hips and loins fervently working to burrow his
pounding cock deep into her hidden womb. She felt his heavily-bloated
testicles slapping obscenely between her upturned buttocks, smacking
against her tiny puckered anus with lewdly inciting strokes. God, how
she hated him … but she loved his cock! She was out Or her head with
unfathomable lust, and his pummeling cock was the answer to her body's
prayer … it was a wonderful penis to her now, despite her ravisher's
filthiness, his unwashed body that wafted its pungency upward to her
flaring nostrils. yessssss … yeesssssss!" she hissed,
her eyes welling with tears of shame and humiliation as her cock-
skewered hips began to thrust salaciously upward to meet everyone of
his thrusting movements, each stroke penetrating deeper and deeper
within her gaping pussy.

"Crazy, Davey, she's somethin' else … look at her go!" he nearly
shouted, his tongue hanging from his mouth as he panted from the
frenzied rhythm.

Lucy heard some muffled exchange of words between the two men that
meant nothing to her, and then found herself first crushed beneath his
awesome weight and then somehow rolled sideways and up; he never lost a
stroke, but suddenly the sun-tanned blonde was on top of the fleshy
hippie as he rolled onto his back. His distended penis was even more
deeply imbedded in her belly now and she moaned from the skewering
thrusts that seemed to reach all the way up to her jiggling breasts.
His hands gripped her trim slender waist and he held her up so that her
bare bosom was exposed to him, her breasts bobbing and squirming inches
from his leering face.

There was a gasp of astonishment from behind her as David stared at the
tiny hairless orifice of her anus, already slightly agape from the
friction of his buddy's cock as it throbbed up into her moist pussy-
slit from below. With his thumbs gripping her fleshy buttocks, he
spread the white flawless flesh of her ass-cheeks wide apart until her
tautly-puckered rectum opened and closed in perfect rhythm with the
other man's skewering thrusts into her pussy. Suddenly he thrust his
middle finger at the stretched anal ring, parting the tiny band of
muscle and bringing a choked moan from her throat at this unnatural
invasion of her anus. She tried to wriggle away, but David's friend had
both hands firmly around her waist and she cried out this time when the
stiffened finger popped with an audible noise up into her spongy rectal
passage, worming it's way relentlessly past his second knuckle until
his whole finger was lewdly imbedded deep into her exposed rectum. He
rotated and wriggled his middle finger deep inside her violated anus,
salaciously stretching the tiny orifice in lascivious preparation for
the forbidden fucking he was about to give her.

Lucy groaned helplessly from David's lurid assault on her rectum …
this was something she had never known, a possibility that never had
entered her mind in their more romantic lovemaking, but as wickedly
forbidden as it was, she couldn't help the still-growing passion in her
belly that cried out for more of his inhuman ravishment. She was filled
from below with his friend's massive cock, her thighs spread widely at
either side of his hips, and it was impossible, to close her legs to
stop this wanton defilement of her helpless rectum. Again David wormed
his stiffened middle finger up into her anus and then he slipped it out
with a plopping sound … only to be replaced with the unmistakable
prodding of something rubbery and hot against her tightly-clenched
nether hole! God, he really was going to fuck her there while his
friend bored into her vagina from below in never-ending thrusts that
penetrated to her very belly.

Lucy shuddered in revulsion as she felt the penis's painful insistence
against her nakedly-exposed anal orifice; in her mind's
eye she could see with stark, wanton clarity the obscenely recorded
scene — his cock's lust-engorged head worming its way lasciviously
through the tightly-clenched defenses of her sphincter as she moaned in
excruciating agony … her anus stretching incomprehensibly to
accommodate this lewd, sodomistic assault … then suddenly, she had no
need to imagine what was to come … it was here! David's powerful
young hips bucked forward with relentless strength, cramming fully half
of his straining cock deep into the firmly-clenching passage of her
rectum; her rectal walls closed around the knob-like head of his penis
like a hot rubbery hand.

"Aaawwwww, God, you're tearing me open … please, please … I-I can't
stand it!" she cried out, but even as the words left her mouth, she
could feel her rectum beginning to accommodate this immense invasion of
her virginal rectum. But still it burned into her anus like a red-hot
poker, and the painfully young blonde girl yelped in agony
as her once-lover luridly splayed apart the fleshy whiteness of her
buttocks, twisting them upward for a better angle for his sodomizing
ravishment while his friend's hugely-stiffened cock lay still hidden in
the burning depths of her vagina from below, his hands firmly about her
waist to prevent her escape. David's friend pulled her downward, his
lips fastened on her large crinkly-tipped nipple, and David thrust
forward from behind, his seemingly unending cock boring unpityingly up
into her anal passage. Lucy felt the burning surge
of nausea for a moment at this unnatural plundering of her rectum …
finally, with one last sadistic jerk of his hips, David was sunk fully
and amazingly to the very hilt in her writhing anus!

The drug-numbed young blonde nearly ceased her torrid struggling,
mindful now that her only hope of relief from the
double-thrusts of their massive cocks lay in stillness and obedience to
their twin-lusts. But even in this posture of subservience, she winced
in agony at every heartless cock-thrust that bored upward into her very
insides from below as her former boyfriend rammed mercilessly again and
again into the tautly-confining sponginess of her rectum. His buddy's
hands gripped the jutting bones of her naked hips, and he held her as
easily as one might hold a small child, only what he was doing to her
only the most depraved of perverts could have imagined for a child! The
big man, his whole body pungent now with the odor of his sweat, grunted
inhumanely and snorted with ecstasy as he bounced her about on his
loins with the frantic intensity of his upward, impaling thrusts; never
had her vagina been so unbelievably stretched, and it felt as if the
very walls of her pussy were near the point of being ripped apart from
the post-like thickness of his desire-swollen cock. David showed her no
pity as he bored obdurately up into her painfully-bruised rectum, his
hands spreading her naked ass-cheeks apart to allow him greater
punishing access to the tiny hairless hole, now stretched into a
anal mouth.

She heard them laughing through the haze of her
intoxication, chuckling confidently as they watched her unwanted,
strongly-resisted arousal … they knew what they were doing to her and
that there was no hope of holding-out against the belly-burning ravages
of drug-incited lust they both knew were sure to come. Just like that
wide-eyed teenybopper they had tried the on earlier, Lucy was
doomed to orgasmic incitement whether she fought it or not!

"C'mon, Davey boy, let's give her a reamin' out she won't forget …
get the beat just right … in and out together, buddy! That's it! Man,
what a fuckin' piece she is!" the big man croaked, and Lucy felt their
rigid penises begin to move in mutual rhythm, thrusting maddeningly
into both her orifices at once.

"It's killing me!" she gasped. "I can't stand it! I can't!" Her cries
were pitifully weak and hoarse with futility, for she had lost the
ability to convince even herself now … a weirdly-welling masochism
was surging up from her nakedly-writhing loins, up from the very pit of
her belly where their cocks rubbed almost together in lascivious
double-fucking incitement, separated only by the thin membrane between
her rectum and vagina. She was rapidly spinning out of control and she
knew it … her cries of anguish and pain were gradually melting into a
sensual whine of lustful arousal and unquenched passion.

Without meaning to, she opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of herself
in the dressing table mirror a few feet from her bed; she could see the
full expanse of her undulating body, the intertwined limbs and cocks
that seemed to envelop her in virile male flesh. She saw it all and yet
did not look away in revulsion and disgust, for the lurid tableau she
watched in mesmerized fascination only fanned the flames of drug-
incited lust that much more! She turned her head for a better look, and
through the hazelike mist of the methaqualone, she watched in rapt
amazement as their glistening cocks battered in and out of her insanely
stretched love-orifices in a lust-provoking rhythm of blatant
sexuality! She grimaced with pleasure-pain as she watched David's pole-
like skewering penis disappear with a slithering thrust again and again
up into her tautly-clasping rectum as his friend's pistoning cock
thrust so furiously up into her vaginal depths from below that she
bounced up and down on the ridges of his wide hips like she was riding
naked on the back of a horse!

Her throat emitted an incessant gasping whine of sensual acceptance as
the two virile young men threw all their strength into fucking her
savagely in both her vagina and anus at once, and she knew now she was
up and over the edge … the love-drug had worked its wicked magic and
she was wildly-insane with passion, her loins feverishly steaming with
desire as she ached for the only relief she knew was possible for her
now … the screaming bliss of sexual fulfillment!

An inhuman cry burst from her throat with "Awwww,
yes, yes! Fuck me, both of your… fuck me with your big cocks! Oh,
God, it's so good in my ass and in my cunt! Yes, yes!" She urged them
on as the frenzy of her brush-fire passion raged out of control; her
belly was literally in flames. Never had she known such sheer wanton
lust … it threatened to consume her alive with its ferocious heat.
She lowered her head and looked back between her jiggling breasts and
glimpsed the lewd and total ravishment taking place between her bruised
and battered thighs. She could actually see them thrusting into her
sandwiched body in savage unison … see with her own eyes her moist
cuntal flesh as it was drawn from the impaled walls of her vagina on
the big man's outward motion and then crammed back up into her hair-
lined slit as he rammed his rigid cock deep up into her lust-enraged
belly with a thudding shudder. "Deeper, deeper, God help me, deeper …
I want your cocks in me all the way! … pleasseee!" Suddenly her head
arched back as if she had been slugged in the face, her long blonde
hair spilling luxuriantly down her unblemished back, tanned from
afternoons by the country club pool. "Now! Now, that's it! Oooohhhhhh!
I'm … I'm cumming … I'm />
David's heavy-set friend was the first of her two ravishers to loose
the scalding flood of his sperm and shoot it up and into her belly like
bursting water from a blowing whale … far up and into her very
insides as David suddenly cursed loudly and shuddered, his hairy pelvis
tight against her fleshy buttocks as his jerking cock, buried to the
hilt inside the velvety fist-like grip of her rectum, began to spurt
its raging stream of semen up her rectum to mingle lasciviously with
his friend's sperm already pooling deep inside her doubly ravished
body. She felt as if she was literally awash with their sperm as a
surging tide of ecstatic release swept over her sweat-soaked body and
she was gone into the unfathomable depth of pure animalistic release.

* * * * *

When Lucy Barrett at long last found the fleeting moment of strength
she needed just to open her tear-moistened eyelids, both David and the
man he jokingly called "Large" were stretched out beside her on the
bed, one on either side. David's hand rested casually across her thigh
and his fingers trailed over the sparse light-haired fluff of her pubic
mound; she found his presumptuous arrogance revolting, and she pushed
his hand away and tried to get up. She was unsuccessful on the first
try, both her knees buckling like they were made of well-worn rubber,
but on the second attempt she managed to crawl backwards to the foot of
the bed and step down onto the carpeted bedroom floor. She pushed
herself erect with both hands clutching at the bed, and she winced in
agony from the bruised and battered flesh between her thighs. Tears
came to her eyes as she tried to walk, and she felt as if there was
still something thick and huge imbedded in her rectum.

"Where do you think you're going?" David demanded, lifting his head and
then sitting up. His lust was momentarily sated but there was still a
burning glow in his dark eyes — the cruelty of hatred. "You haven't
finished yet, baby. There's still my other friend waiting by the front
door … and he's gonna' want a real nice blow job!"

The other one sat up and dangled his heavy legs from the edge of the
bed; his cock fell limply between them, wetly glistening with the
traces of her pussy juices and stained with the last of his orgasm. The
bedspread between his legs was wet with God-knows-what, and she looked
at the rest of the bed — the covers crumpled and pulled from beneath
the corners of the mattress, stains as large as coffee cups dotting the

"I'll go get your next treat, bitch," the big man said with an arrogant
sneer. "Give her another sopor' Davey, I think she's starting to come
out of the first one."

Lucy's ex-boyfriend reached for his pants pocket and pulled another
white pill from the wrinkled paper inside. "No! No, I won't! You made
me do it once but I won't again! I'm not some whore you can bounce
around from one to another! I won't do it!"

David seemed to fly off the bed, his feet scarcely touching the floor,
and before she could move her hand to her face or even cry out in
futile defense, his palm had stun its way across her cheek and sent her
reeling in a horrified shuddering spasm of terror. "Don't tell me what
you won't do, bitch! I don't have to be nice to you now! It's all over
and we both know it, but you're gonna' do just like I tell you tonight
and take care of me and my friends. And you won't say a word about it
ever … not to anybody, or we'll be back. Only next time I'll bring a
dozen guys and we'll fuck you until you can't walk, understand? Well,
do you />
Lucy shook her head up and down and answered weakly, her face still
stinging from his savage blow; this was a side of David she had never
known. And though it was all ended between them, it was still a
stunning shock … now could she have misjudged him so? God, what must
she have been thinking to get mixed up with a savage beast like this?
And all just to spite her mother! She had sold her very soul and body
to this piece of trash just for some shred of stupid revenge!

An inkling of an idea flashed somewhere in the hidden recesses of her
mind, and she probed with her will for it, seeking it out and
struggling to give it voice in her troubled, still-hazy thoughts.
Suddenly, like a bolt of summer lightning, it became apparent … there
might be a way out for her yet! If only she could avoid swallowing
another pill of that and surrendering to their sadistic
will again. "I-I understand, David … I won't argue with you again.
Whatever you want … but … but could I at least clean up or
something. I mean, I'm cruddy dirty and I feel so filthy."

David looked at her eyes and carefully noted that she avoided looking
directly at him; still he assented to her request. "Yeah, go clean up
… but use the bath across the hall. I want you close by … and no
funny stuff."

Lucy made her way gingerly across the bedroom, her tread unsure and
wobbly, but she found renewed strength and a will to go on in the hope
that her plan might work. She was almost through the door, clutching
her sheer nightie to her naked breasts, when she felt the heavy grip of
a hand on her shoulder. "Here," said the husky, long-haired man, his
yellowed teeth clenched in a sneer. "You almost forgot your medicine."
When she turned to face him, he stuffed another of the
tablets between her lips, his thick, foul-tasting fingers filling her
mouth and forcing her to swallow. She choked once and the pill was on
its way to her belly … she had to work fast before she was once again
their sex-slave!

Turning her head away when he released her, she said not another word,
though she would have liked to bring the darkest curses of them all
onto his head, and strode purposefully into the bathroom as the big
husky friend of David's disappeared around the corner into the living
room, his flaccid penis swinging braggingly from side to side as he
walked. She closed the door silently and opened the lavatory sink fully
before locking the door; then and only then did she dare to even
breathe. It was a desperate chance she was taking, but the only
alternative was unthinkable to her at this moment … a forced
spectacle of fellatio with that lanky acne-scarred man in the living
room, with David and the other one watching her like spectators at a
Tijuana sex show!

The bathroom window was narrow and frosted, with a full screen of
aluminum on the outside; she thought fleetingly of climbing through it
and making a run for it, but where would she go? To call the police
would mean turning to a neighbor's house, and could she bear to live
with the lurid details of this night spread like so much filth all over
the morning papers? No, this was her one hope … she did not even pray
for her mother's return as she had when they had first pushed their way
into her bedroom, for these men were clearly out of their heads from
liquor and methaqualone and anything might happen.

She pushed the seldom-opened window open a couple of feet and managed,
after a couple of aborted attempts, to unlatch the screen and push it
up. She was able to roll the flexible aluminum screening up and hook a
portion of the latch into the metal so that it was out of the way; then
she called softly to her one and only friend on earth at this moment
… Matthew, who lay sleeping a few yards away, oblivious of the
horrible depravities his mistress had endured while he peacefully
slumbered. He was definitely there, for she could see the reassuring
outline of his massive body beside his dog house as he sprawled
comfortably on the grass; she called again and still he did not stir,
for she dared not raise her voice much above a whisper.

It was on the third attempt to rouse him that all hell broke loose —
first the roaring of loud male voices outside the door and then the
crashing of something heavy against it that nearly tore the sturdy door
from its hinges. Lucy managed to pull her head from the window as the
latch tore free from the door jamb. "Get her, Davey, before she gets
out that window!" exclaimed the husky man. "Man, that was the dumbest
thing you could'a done, lettin' her come in here alone … what if
she'd gotten away?" David looked at her with vicious hatred in his
eyes, doubly intense now because she had made a fool of him again in
front of his friends, something he did not take from any broad. He
brought back his hand to let her have a good one this time, one she
would wear for a couple of days as a reminder …

"No, David, please!" she screamed shrilly, but it made no difference;
he would be striking no one else for awhile, not with that arm anyway
… if he ever was fortunate enough to use it again. For although the
bathroom window was fully four feet from the ground, the well-trained
German shepherd cleared it without even brushing the sill. There was a
weak, gurgling scream from David, surprisingly thin and powerless, as
the great beast sank his razor-sharp teeth deep into his forearm with a
bone-crushing pressure that doubled her ex-boyfriend at the knees and
sent him sprawling to the floor. All of this, the flash of brown as the
German shepherd dashed to her rescue, the sounds, the screams of pain,
the blurred movement, all seemed to take place in less than the
blinking of an eye, but it was something that Lucy Barrett would
remember for months to come. David's companions apparently abandoned
friendship when it came to this — both of them turned and ran from the
bathroom in a frantic scramble for the lead as they dashed down the
corridor and out the front door, the bigger one still naked except for
a shirt.

"Matt! Matt! That's enough!" Lucy cried before the huge dog killed this
sniveling human who dared to hurt his mistress. Reluctantly the
snarling animal backed away, leaving a bloodied, useless arm as his
mark; David somehow rose to his feet, his eyes flooded with abject
terror. "Now get out! And if you ever dare to come near this house
again, I won't stop him next time! Get out!"

He turned and stumbled into the corridor without protest, Matt hard on
his bare heels, and Lucy heard a yelp of pain as her wonderful dog
apparently gave him an extra snap for good measure once they were
outside. Lucy grabbed a bath towel to her chest and hurried to see if
they were truly gone, still painfully limping from the battering her
vagina and rectum had suffered. She closed the door anxiously and threw
on the security latch; from the adjoining window, she could see them
all pile into a car she did not recognize — there were clearly three
of them inside as they passed the street light that marked the Barrett
driveway, and she felt reasonably confident that they would not attempt
a return. Remarkably, there was no blood on the hallway carpet, though
there was a good-sized puddle in the bath; she threw the towel onto it
to cover its lurid redness and staggered weakly back into her bedroom,
her knees moments from final collapse.

Yes, they were gone, all of them, and her nightmare was over … but
they had left their calling card — this was still in her
belly and it was beginning to take effect, seemingly more potent this
time, perhaps combined with the left-over traces of the first. She
cursed them silently under her rising breath, hating with a passion
known only to women … why, oh God, why, had they not been content to
just come like plundering savages in the night? Raping her would have
been nightmare enough for a lifetime … why did they have to make me
beg for it? Why did they turn me into a slut for their enjoyment? God,
how I hate them… I hate them! I wish they were dead!

Lucy's breasts jiggled as her chest heaved from the spasms of her
sobbing; she felt her very insides loosen and relax for the first time
since they had shoved their way into her house. She turned her face to
one side and lay crying pitifully on her bed, still stark-naked; she
smiled through teary eyes as Matt trotted back into the bedroom and
came to her side. His face looked worried, as if he was hurt somehow
that he had not arrived sooner. She started to speak, to thank him in
insufficient words for what he had done when …!

It was a kiss, there was no other way to describe it … and if some
handsome Prince had been her rescuer and had taken the same liberties,
her response could not have been more intense. He had actually kissed

"Matt, you sly devil you, are you some sort of demon in a dog's suit?
You're just to … human!" She tried to smile and joke with him but her
mind reeled from the that maniac had stuffed down her
throat. Already she could feel the heat welling in her loins … damn
them all for making me like this!

But though her body cried out once again for a man, she had not even a
shred of remorse for their hastened departure … she would sooner die
than have one of them touch her again. She felt the warm, tender stare
of her heroic dog and she looked into his near-human brown eyes … she
seemed to see some message there, as if he was trying to tell her
something. Was that kiss no accident? … Oh, Lucy, you're starting to
crack up!

Suddenly he raised his head above the edge of the bed and began lapping
at the pink crinkly flesh of her nipples, knowingly encircling the
sensitive flesh with his wet curling tongue. Lucy gasped and covered
her mouth with her hand … she felt the incited arousal of passion
between her thighs and wondered if she was indeed going insane. Was
Matt trying to make love to her? Could it really be happening this way?
Surely not, but yet …!

"I must have been right, Matt … you're a real devil!" she gasped
fervently, staring wonderingly at his handsome masculine face, his
rugged jaw and his soulful, passion-stirring brown eyes. Were his eyes
twinkling with desire or was she out of her head? Surely they were!

Lucy felt a ripple of eager excitement in her loins as she lovingly
stroked his heavy coat, deliberately thrusting her youthfully-firm
breasts closer to his laving tongue. Matt responded to her invitation
with aplomb, confidently swiping his moist tongue over the sensitive
tips of her lust-hardened nipples. But it didn't stop there … in an
instant he was on the bed with her and he unhesitatingly nosed his way
between her thighs as if he had been there before … God, how does he
know how to do this? This can't all be intuition or animal instinct …
it's uncanny! Maybe he is a devil!

The German shepherd seemed to sense that his naked blonde mistress
needed no further arousal, and his laving tongue swept right to the
source of her fervent heat — the hotly-steaming flesh of her exposed
cunt! His tongue traveled a lurid path over her thighs to the thin,
hair-lined slit of her pussy. "Oh, Matt, darling, lick me there …
lick my pussy and make this ache go away! Make me forget, lover!" She
wanted him to, she craved it hungrily, for he was truly deserving of
her love, not like that scum her hero had so courageously chased away
… she wanted him and she ached to reward him! This was the way! There
was nothing in her experience to compare with the lascivious thrill of
feeling his laving tongue as it neared the very pit of her vagina, the
pungently-aroused furrow of her simmering cunt. Dazed from the drug and
wild with lust, she raised her legs and obscenely drew them backwards
until they rubbed against her breasts; her cunt was nakedly his, fully
exposed and vulnerable. She squirmed suddenly beneath the fluid heat of
his first lick along the fleshy moist slit; boiling blood coursed
through her veins as his sizzling dog-tongue swept up along the
moistened pink crevice, over the entire length of her naked vaginal
slit, at last nudging expertly the glistening pearl-like node of her

"Mmmmmmmm, yes, yes … God, I love you, handsome … lick me there,
lick my hot pussy, darling!" she choked in passionate frenzy, her body
squirming and shuddering beneath his searing lingual caresses. "Lick it
all, lover, stick your hot tongue way up in me and let me feel it!" She
lifted her intensely aroused loins higher and ground them luridly
against his tongue and animal lips; reaching down between her nakedly-
splayed thighs, she grasped his furry head behind the ears and drew him
tighter into her wetly-steaming cuntal flesh … his tongue was ablaze
with lust-quenching heat as he hungrily lashed and tongue-fucked her
with amazing expertise. "Oh God, yes … I'm going mad, lover … lick
my pussy harder, harder!"

The German shepherd could feel his own loins and
powerful haunches quivering with the growing intensity of his own
sexual incitement; he sensed the maddening flames of passion that
licked at his naked blonde mistress's belly, and he hungered. to quench
them and ease her pain, just as he had bounded to her defense at the
sound of her scream earlier. He loved her and would do anything to make
her smile, to bring the soft mewling sounds, of her gentle voice to his
ears. There was real tenderness here, more than with his other
mistress, and he ached especially to see this young pretty one laughing
and smiling with joy again, for it made his heart sad to see her

Lucy's mind was awash with drug-induced lust, fanned and incited to a
near-maddening pitch by her dog's passionate lingual caresses between
her widespread thighs. She closed her eyes and she could see nothing
but cocks … big ones, little ones, thick ones, all purplish and
filled with cum to shoot into her every orifice … God, she was insane
with wanton lust! She rolled her head from side to side in lurid
cadence, still holding his big furry snout between her lewdly-doubled
legs. She lifted her head to watch and gasped in astonishment at the
sudden sight of his emerging dog-cock as it slithered out of its furry

Her eyes widened in disbelief at the sheer immensity of the thing — or
was it the love-drug that was distorting her senses — thick and
scarlet-colored, emerging relentlessly from the furry sheath on the
underside of his lean muscled body … rigidly erect and hard, the
fiery tapered tip wriggling in excitement as it continued to slowly
slip from its furry pouch. Suddenly a wildly licentious urge swept over
her like a prairie fire over dry grass … an unholy urge so obscene
that it aroused her even more in its obscene lewdness! For a long
emotion-filled moment she stared at her big dog's glistening dog-cock,
feeling her mouth turn dry and then actually begin to salivate in
ravenous hunger at the lust-stirring sight of his virile maleness.
Would he do it? He had to … suddenly she wanted this wicked thing
more than life itself … she had to have it!

The German shepherd licked at her wildly seething cuntal dampness
relentlessly, his searing tongue slithering again and again over the
quivering bud of her clitoris. Wicked, thrilling images of unnatural
bestial desire burned in the young blonde's tortured mind … she had
to have this wild and forbidden thing she suddenly craved, as if
somehow this very act would destroy in her memories the horrors of this
night. But how?

"Oh, lover … I want you so badly! My hero, my darling!" she mewled
constantly. And then she had an idea, the solution, obscenely
lascivious in its very conception, but the solution indeed! "Matt,
lover, lie down here beside me … lie down," she choked in
overwhelming passion. "Hurry, darling … I want to make you happy too!
I want to suck your big cock, darling, while you lick my pussy! We'll
do it together … it's called sixty-nine! Just like people-lovers, my
great big handsome lover!" Her forehead was beaded with a rim of
perspiration and her words were hissed through lust-clenched teeth. She
raised to her knees as he backed momentarily away from the fervently-
steaming flesh of her pussy; there was a look of confusion in his soul-
stirring brown eyes, but he seemed to be saying, I trust you …
whatever you want is yours … just order me and I'll obey!

In mindless passion, Lucy crawled down and obscenely positioned herself
so that her seething cunt was mere inches from his dog-face and her
cheek rested on his muscled belly … almost instantly, her fears of
being rebuffed were made groundless as his burning tongue lashed out
again at the still hotly-palpitating crevice between her nakedly
upraised thighs.

The huge animal was obviously confused, but far from unhappy; his
lovely blonde mistress's pleasurable fondling was a new delight to add
to the collection he had garnered this night. She stroked him lovingly,
caressing the portion of his scarlet cock-shaft that still remained
outside the furry sheath along with his dark heavy testicles as the
full glistening taper gradually began to appear. Once again in this
wild and erotic night, he sensed the throbbing of his heated blood
beginning to pound as her fingertip caresses incited him to fresh
carnal desire; his loins quivered with eagerness as her fingers moved
over them, their gentle, loving touch bringing a growl of pleasure from
his throat even as he continued to lick her fervent cuntal slit.

Lucy had never felt such total and utter debauchery … such wanton
abandonment … but she didn't care how it might have seemed to the
rest of the world … to her and her animal-lover it was sensual bliss
and that was all that mattered! She moaned in ecstasy as she hungrily
clasped the furry flesh that covered part of his crimson dog-cock and
began to tauntingly masturbate the virile male beast, urging the whole
tapered length of his passion-bloated penis out into the open … God,
she wanted it in her mouth! How she hungered for the wickedly forbidden
taste of his erected dog-cock!

She knew she would cum a million times from the incessant lavings of
her tiny nerve-filled clitoris; what a lover he was, she breathlessly
whispered to herself, still clinging eagerly to his half-concealed cock
and eagerly urging it to full naked splendor. With tender feeling and
gentleness, young Lucy worked the protective furry skin back and forth
like a hair-covered foreskin … now it was coming out fully, the red
glistening tip of lust-swollen dog cock, moving relentlessly out and
toward her quivering lips until … God, she was actually tasting it!

Blinded by her mindless lust beyond even a hint of reason, Lucy ovalled
her eager lips and let the slender tapered tip of animal-cock slide
obscenely over them, easing further and further up into the hotly moist
hollow of her open mouth. It moved slowly and relentlessly along the
surface of her tongue until it bumped against the back of her throat
and nearly choked her! She eased her tongue up against his invading
dog-shaft with a fervency born out of her incredible passion, licking
and swirling his distended penis with pure bestial abandon! Her "love-
drugged" brain reeled with the lustful intoxication of her unnatural
act … she tasted the pungent virility of his thickly pulsating cock
and a fresh arousal of spontaneous incitement at its potent maleness!
God, it was so incredibly hard and growing harder with every passing

His high-pitched animal whimper alerted her to his own fast-growing
arousal as he licked her lust-provoked cunt and she began to twirl her
caressing tongue around his pulsating animal-cock in a fervent effort
to repay him not only for his heroic rescue but for the unbelievable
pleasure his tongue was bringing her as it laved between her upturned
thighs. She felt his powerful canine body responding vigorously to her
obscene sucking and tonguing, his powerful loins quivering with virile
expectancy and pressing ever forward … she brushed one hand over the
firmness of his belly to cup his heavy, sperm-bloated balls, playfully
teasing them with the lightest of fingertip caresses. Again he
whimpered excitedly, a slow rhythmic movement of his haunches beginning
to stir in his dog-loins as he started to fuck her lasciviously through
the tautly-ovalled softness of her human lips!

Damn, the incredibly erotic sensations were a freak-out of ecstasy,
Lucy groaned sensuously to herself, his blood-engorged cock fucking
into her mouth in perfect rhythm while his own tongue laved the
steaming liquid flesh of her lewdly-splayed cunt with animalistic
abandon! She nipped and even gently scraped his penile flesh with the
sharp edges of her teeth, at the same time swirling her tongue
maddeningly about his driving animal-cock, wildly and obscenely lost in
the licentious thrill of sensual abandonment! In her insanely-aroused
state, his cock was like a lump of honey in her mouth, plunging all the
way down her hungrily clasping throat … she wondered titillatingly
what his dog-cum would taste like … sweet perhaps? Or strongly
masculine and savage?

This was all fascinatingly new to Matt … what his pretty blonde
mistress was doing there between his furry legs was even more
incredibly lust-provoking than those hours earlier with his older
mistress. She had his thrusting cock-flesh inside her laboring mouth,
yet it was so fantastically tight and moist that it could easily have
been her vaginal orifice instead … only better this way with the
nipping tease of her teeth and the swirling of her heated tongue about
the taper of his cock. He whined at the agonizing sensations that
fluttered in his belly and he knew that very soon his pistoning penis
would find a gush of release!

With a hungering, slaving animalism of her own, the naked blonde girl
ravenously mouthed at the German shepherd's plundering dog-cock. God
help her, but she wanted his thick pungent dog-cum in her mouth … she
wanted it squirting down the back of her throat to soothe the pains of
lustful hunger that knotted her belly like stomach cramps. Raging
tongues of stabbing flame blazed between her legs, as if someone had
turned a blow-torch onto her naked flesh … her trembling belly
seethed with passion and her steaming cuntal flesh sizzled with the
savage fury of unbridled primeval lust! She clutched at the lunging
animal's swollen testicles, lewdly caressing them and milking their
viscous contents up into the tapering spear of dog-cock as she hungrily
sucked at his plunging penis with a ravenous craving stronger than any
passion she had ever known … God, she was going to cum like a
thousand pounds of TNT going off at once!

Lucy was far too caught up in the wanton spirit of her excitement to
hear the sound of footsteps outside her bedroom door; Matt's body
tightened and heard a distinctly different growling noise erupt from
his chest … finally, out of some sixth sense, she turned her head
enough to see the doorway …standing there was her mother, Kate!

For less than a heartbeat, Lucy's lips and tongue left her dog-lover's
cock, but the insistent growling in his husky chest urged her back …
but even more than that, she discovered that she really didn't care!
She was proud of what she was doing, proud of her heroic animal-lover
… and who cared what anyone else thought anyway? She glanced up
through drug-misted eyes at her mother, fully expecting a scream of
terror and disgust, or at least a mask of revulsion and a gasp of
anguish at me sight of her daughter nakedly-entwined in the violent
throes of sordid lovemaking with an animal! But there was no such shock
or surprise; instead, there was a thin hint of a smile on her mother's
lips, a knowing grin of … My God, of course! How could I be so
stupid, she thought suddenly, Matt didn't learn all these tricks by
himself … someone had to be the first … it was mother! That's why
she isn't shocked … she's fallen to his charms as well!

Lucy looked one last time at her mother, anxious for some sign … but
all she saw was the glint of something sensual in her dark eyes … the
gleam of jealousy, of course! Kate Barrett was green with envy! Lucy
nearly laughed at the thought, but the insistent jerking of a
slithering dog-cock between her ovalled lips drew her back to the
realities at hand … Matt's muscular flanks began to hump furiously,
each shuddering jerk driving his massive cock deeper down into her
throat. His sudden lurching ravishment triggered the final release of
masochistic sensuality deep inside Lucy's undulating loins and she
moaned around his throat-skewering cock, wildly sucking and gulping for
air at the same time, until his bludgeoning penis began to spasm wildly
in her gaping mouth … harder and more frantic now … and then it
erupted like a long-dormant volcano and spewed its thickly gushing
animal-sperm from the desire-swollen heaviness of his bloated

Lucy screamed around his cock, choking on the burning surge of dog-cum
that gushed down her throat, his tongue still fervently laving the
flesh of her cunt … and then, at the very
pinnacle, everything around her froze into a luridly-etched tableau to
be a long remembered moment of ecstasy — then the whole world exploded
in a cascade of purples and reds and yellows, like a million pinwheels
of light all bursting at once, driving and swirling her toward the
first deep feeling of peace she had known since she was a child …

When at last she was able to open her eyes, she watched her mother
undress and quickly crawl upon the cum-stained bed. Kate's eyes were
dark glowing coals of desire as, with a knowing smile toward Lucy, she
reached out and began blatantly stroking Matt's flaccid animal-cock.

Chapter 9

It had been almost six weeks to the day since officers Bill Manners and
Turner Jackson drew patrol-car assignments together, and tonight was
something of a reunion. Jackson was a veteran now, having firmly
established his coolness under fire by deftly dropping a pair of
liquor-store armed robbers who had already wounded one patrolman and
were going for a second; he had knocked the first to the ground with a
bloody shoulder wound from his .357 Magnum before the cruiser had come
to a screeching halt, and his level-headedness under fire had already
earned him a citation for bravery. Officer Manners was delighted to
have him as his partner, warmly accepting him now as a fellow cop and
not just as an aspiring rookie.

They had been on their cruising patrol for half an hour when Manners
turned the big Ford police-special into Valley Farms Drive.

"Hey, Bill," began the young black officer, "Isn't this where we made
our first call together? That break-in, remember, with those two nice-
looking women?"

"Yeah, this is the street … in fact, there's the house. The Barrett
place. I remember you couldn't seem to keep your eyes off that young
one's knockers. Quite a pair, as I recall."

Jackson laughed openly; he was not uncomfortable with the color bar
now, as their uniform brought them closer together than any skin tint
ever could have. "She was something, all right … How about your
gossip pipeline from the swells set? Is Flaherty still moonlighting at
the country club?"

"Oh yeah, and that reminds me, he said the two dames were apparently
back on speaking terms again. It seems the ol' lady ditched her rich
boyfriend and the sweet little one got rid of that drug-dealing punk
she was hanging around with. They're the best of buddies now, Flaherty
says, always palling around together. Just the two of them and that
watchdog they got right after the />
"Wait a minute, what's that about a drug-dealer? I don't remember
anything like that. A punk, yeah, but what's with the drugs?"

"Man,- didn't you hear? Those punks they busted out at Second Street
"No, I don't keep up with the gossip much."

"Well, it was quite a haul. Seems this David Parker punk turned up
there at the all-night clinic for treatment of some kind of wound … a
dog-bite, they said it looked like … anyway, he was obviously high on
something and the night doctor called the station. They sent a car over
and checked out the license on the car the punks were driving. Guess

"I give up … tell me, tell me."

"Sammy De Angelo … Mr. Big in the drug scene himself."

"You mean they finally got the goods on that bastard?"

"Not quite such a happy ending … he's beaten the charge already, but
they found some methaqualone on two of his henchmen and got a warrant
to tear the car apart … four packets of uncut heroin hidden behind
the rear firewall. They're all locked away on a bail so high a
politician couldn't raise it. It looks like ten years for the Parker
kid at least, maybe less for the others."

"How did the Barrett girl come into the picture?"

Manners laughed. "You've got a lot to learn yet, Turner. Her name
didn't come into it at all. With a name like Barrett, the papers are
awfully careful about throwing it around. Seems there was some kind of
investigation, but nothing ever made the official report. Whatever it
was, we'll probably hear it around the locker room some day when it's
old news."

"If that sweet blonde thing would bring me the news herself, I'd wait
ten years! Man, would I give a stripe or two for some of that!"

"Forget it, you don't have any stripes to give anyway. And besides,
that's rich man's pussy, like I told you before. They don't have time
for jerks like you and me … they fuck only the best!"

"Look out!" Manners had been looking away from the street in his effort
to make his point and he swerved at the last second, narrowly avoiding
a blur of fur as a huge German shepherd crossed in front of the

"Damn dog, what's he doing running loose? Don't these people know about
dog />
The big dog paused in the lighted driveway and looked back at them as
they passed, then bounded up the lawn toward the Barrett home at the
crest of the slight hill.

"Forget it, Bill, he's a Barrett dog … he's probably got enough pull
to beat the rap! Remember, we don't mess with rich man's pussy … and
not with their dogs either."

Officer Manners mumbled something under his breath and stuck his foot
to the floor of the heavy-engined cruiser; Valley Farms Estates was
quickly behind them in a lingering cloud of burned rubber …
taxpayers' rubber!

The End

story by: Anonyinrc

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Anonyinrc

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