Tina part 2

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On Sunday morning, when I woke up, I realised that Tina was no longer in my bed. A moment later I recognised the smell of cooking bacon so after a quick visit to the loo for a pee, I wandered into my kitchen. There was Tina, still naked, cooking a delicious smelling breakfast. “Good morning, Tina. That smells great.” She put down the egg-flip and turned to kiss me. “Good morning, sleepy head. I thought that the smell of breakfast might wake you up.”

We ate in silence, we were both very hungry, then as we sat over our coffee, Tina pointed through the kitchen window. “It's such a beautiful day out there. I wish now that I had not left my bikini at Fred and Jenny's. We could have gone to the beach, this morning.” “I have a suggestion. There is a nudist beach just 10 minutes' walk from here. I'd much rather see you naked on the beach, than covered by a bikini, however skimpy.” />
I put a very large beach towel, big enough for the two of us, plus blockout and a couple of bottles of water into my backpack. I found a T-shirt which was long enough to be decent, sort of, and a pair of thongs (=US/UK flip flops) for Tina to wear to the beach. I put on shorts, thongs and a cap and we were ready to go.

The beach was a small expanse of golden sand, between two rocky headlands, facing the blue waters of Sydney harbour. Unfortunately precious little of the golden sand was visible because it was mostly covered by beach towels with naked bodies on them, many of the bodies with magnificent, all-over, tans. Fortunately the tide was going out and so we found a freshly uncovered patch of sand near the water's edge where we spread our towel and settled down to enjoy the sunny day and the view.

Tina lay on her stomach, looking up the beach, checking out all the blokes. “Wow! That bloke's built! I bet his cock is enormous when it's erect.”

I was sitting gazing out over the water and watching the white gulls flying about. I suddenly realised that for the first time in maybe two years I was truly happy. I had not known that my wife was fucking her boss until she told me on the day that she left me, six months ago, but I had known that our relationship had gone sour for more than a year before that day.

“Tina. For the first time in a very long time I feel very happy. Will you come and live with me, please?” She looked me in the eyes and her face lit up with a wonderful smile. I thought she liked the idea, but then suddenly her face went blank and she looked down at the towel. wrong? I think it could work. I'm not asking you to marry me.”

“I'm happy here and now, too, but I cannot promise to be faithful to you, or anyone else for that matter. I'm just totally addicted to Fred and Jenny's Saturday barbecues.” “How often do they have those wild parties?” “Every Saturday, and they are usually much wilder than what you saw yesterday. Normally Jenny is naked from when she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night.” “Tell me more.”

“When I went to stay with Fred and Jenny, Jenny warned me about their Saturday barbecues and suggested that, if I did not want to join in, I should go out for the day. The first couple of Saturdays I cleared out for the day, but then I realised how happy they were on Saturday night and Sunday, so I decided to stay one Saturday, and very quickly realised that I loved the raw sex. I love fucking. So I'd love to move in with you, but I wont give up their />
“How about we have our own definition of fidelity:
1.You must tell me whenever you fuck someone else, and
2.Every time that you fuck someone else, you owe me at least one fuck.
Could you live with that />
“Does that mean that I have to fuck someone else to get you to fuck me?” “Certainly not! All you have to do is to bare your tits and shake them at me.” “Like this?” “Yes. But you will have to wait until we get home to claim on that one.”

“Well! I think that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, SO the same rules apply to you. OK?” “OK. But we need to clarify something. If you fuck someone else then you owe me a fuck, right?” “And if I fuck someone else I owe you a fuck, right?” “So, if we each fuck someone else, do the two fucks cancel out, or do we have to fuck each other twice?” “Twice, of course!” “OK. I just wanted the rules to be clear.”

We decided that it was about time to go home, fuck, eat lunch, fuck again, then drive to Ted and Jenny's to collect Tina's things.

When we got to Ted and Jenny's I was about to go to the front door but Tina pulled me over to the side gate which led straight to the pool area. Ted and Jenny, both naked, were seated at a table beside the pool with drinks on the table between them. They both stood up to greet us; Jenny wrapped her arms around me and gave me a sexier kiss than she normally gave me, then she pushed my shorts down to my ankles, leaving me essentially naked, like her. Ted gave Jenny a similarly affectionate kiss, then pulled her (my) T-shirt over her head. She helped him by raising her arms.

“So what have you two been up to, that you seem so happy?” “Tina has agreed to move in with me. We've come to collect her things.” “But, I only agreed to move in with John if you gave us both standing invitations to your Saturday barbecues. May we keep coming back, please?” “How do I know that John is a good enough fuck to qualify for such an exclusive “Well, yesterday Liz gave the impression that she thought that he was a very good fuck, and I have lost count of how many times we have fucked since yesterday, but he certainly has my vote. Why don't you fuck him now, and judge for />
Needing no further invitation, Jenny dropped to her knees in front of me, and took my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked for only a couple of minutes, until I had yet another erection, then pulled me over to the table where she and Ted had been sitting. She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs inviting me to her. She placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, then grabbed my hips and pulled me into her. She was well lubricated, I suspect with someone else's cum and her own juices, and I slid in easily, even though she was tight around my cock. I pumped in and out of her for several minutes with her pushing and pulling my hips to encourage me, then she started moaning. “I'm cumming! I'm cumming!” As soon as I felt her cunt muscles squeezing my cock I also felt my orgasm rush through me, as I pumped my seed into her.

When we recovered from our orgasms I looked for Tina and saw her straddling Ted who was lying on an air mattress beside the pool. She was lifting her body up and down, impaled on Ted's pole. I grinned to myself when I realised that that meant Tina and I owed each other two more fucks.

“What are you grinning about, little brother?” So I explained to her our rules and how that meant that Tina and I owed each other another two fucks. Ted was still enjoying his orgasm inside Tina, and so did not catch the details, so when they finished fucking Tina had to explain them to him again. Jenny and Ted both liked our rules.

“I think we could work with those rules. What do you think, Jenny?” “They seem pretty good to me too. I'd like to be able to tell myself that I am to you.”

“So, do John and I qualify for invitations to your Saturday dos?” “Yes. We're thrilled to invite you both here every Saturday from now on.” “I don't know how to thank you, not just for the invitation, but also for introducing Tina and me.” “Your cock in my cunt every Saturday, and Ted's cock in Tina, will be thanks enough. Applying your rules will keep us busy for the rest of the week.”

Ted went and fetched beers for us all and we sat around their poolside table chatting. We told them about how we had spent the time since we left the day before, and they told us that Liz and Roger had stayed the night, and they had lost count of how often they had fucked or with whom. In the past Liz and Roger had always left early on Saturday evening, but it seems that they were all too randy and so it only took a hint from Jenny and they agreed to stay longer.

Jenny organised a light meal which we ate while continuing to drink and chat, mostly about various sexual exploits. When it was time to go home Tina got a wicked look in her eyes. “It's dark now. I dare you to stay naked while we drive home.” “What if I get pulled up by a cop?” “I'll make doe eyes at him and tell him that we are new lovers. If that doesn't work maybe I'll get him to fuck me.” “And what if it's a female cop?” “Come on. How often do you get pulled up? Just don't speed.”

So we grabbed our clothes and Tina's bags and drove home naked. Of course we weren't pulled up, almost a disappointment really. When we got home we were too tired for sex, but it still felt wonderful feeling Tina's naked body pressed against mine in my bed. I slept better than I had for months.

Next morning we woke up late and had to rush to get to work. Since Tina's work was on the way to mine I was able to drop her off and get to my office by 8:30 am. My personal assistant, Wendy, was already at her desk when I walked in.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary. It's great to see you so happy. What's happened?” “I've got a new girlfriend. I met her on Saturday and she moved in with me yesterday, and we've been fucking all weekend.” I left out the fact that we had not only fucked each other. her name?” />
At 9:00 am I had to go to a meeting with my boss and a couple of clients, so I left my phone with Wendy so that she could take messages for me. The meeting ended before lunch and when I checked with Wendy she had a message for me.

“Tina rang. I told her how wonderful it was to see you so happy. I said that if I had realised that you just needed a few fucks to make you so happy, I would have volunteered months ago. Then she told me about your definition of and she also told me that when you said 'We've been fucking all weekend.' you didn't just mean that you had been fucking each other and so she said that it wasn't too late for me to fuck you if I wanted to.”

The grin on my face belied the serious tone that I felt that I should take with Wendy. When Wendy saw this she smiled back at me and went on, “If it's alright with you Tina has invited me home with you for dinner tonight. She said I could help her make you happy. She said to tell you that she'll get a taxi home and have a meal ready when we get their.” When she saw that I was still grinning like an idiot she got up from her desk, walked around to me, wrapped her arms around me, pressed her body against mine, and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened my mouth allowing her tongue full access.

Before we went any further she pulled back and said “I can hardly wait, however I'm going to use my lunch break to dash home. Tina suggested that I bring a change of clothes for work tomorrow. She expects that I will be staying the night.”

After lunch I had another meeting and so I left my phone with Wendy again. The meeting finally wound up at about 6:00 pm. Wendy was still at her desk although she was dressed differently. When she stood up I saw that she was wearing a very short skirt and a see-through blouse. Her nipples were plainly visible under the blouse because she was not wearing a bra. Her feet were bare but there was a pair of very high heels under her desk. She came to me pressed her body against mine and offered me her mouth to kiss. Just then my phone rang and Tina answered.

“No. Not yet. I've been sitting here all afternoon in my fuck-me clothes and John has been tied up in a fucking meeting. He's only just come out of the meeting this minute.”

“No. I don't mean literally a fucking meeting. I was just expressing my />
“You really want to watch us />
“OK. Here he is.”

“Hi John. I want you to bring Wendy home straight away. I want to be there when you first fuck her.” “OK sweetheart. We'll leave right away.”

“Can't we fuck once first. I've been sitting here all afternoon, waiting for you to come out of that fucking meeting and fuck me. I'm not sure that I can wait any longer.” “Trust me. If Tina is involved in our first fuck, as she wants to be, it will be even better. Let's go. The sooner we get out of here the sooner you get fucked.”

As soon as we were in my car, Wendy leant across to me and unzipped my fly. After that first wonderful blow job that Tina had given me I had decided to give up wearing underpants in the hope that it might happen again and so, as we drove out of the parking lot, Wendy had no trouble extracting my already erect cock, and as I turned to merge into the traffic I felt her warm mouth slide down over my shaft. With great difficulty I concentrated on the short drive home, and arrived in my garage without crashing the car or cumming in Wendy's mouth.

As we got out of the car, Tina opened the door between the garage and the house to welcome us. My erect cock was hanging out of my open fly and bouncing up and down as I moved. Wendy was dressed like a slut, but Tina was not dressed at all. Wendy went into the house first and Tina wrapped her arms about her and pulled their bodies together as she gave Wendy a big sloppy kiss. Then Tina gave me the same treatment.

While Tina and I enjoyed each other, Wendy kicked off her shoes, pulled off her skirt and blouse and was as naked as Tina. Then she stepped behind me and reached between Tina and me to undo my jeans and slide them down my legs. At the same time Tina grabbed my T-shirt and lifted it off me. I raised my arms to help her.

Then Tina encouraged me to lie down on the soft shag-pile carpet. As soon as I did she squatted over my face and pushed her cunt at my mouth. Of course, I responded by running my tongue between her outer lips, up to her clit. Then I felt something warm and wet slide over the head of my dick. At first I wondered if it was Wendy's mouth or her cunt, or possibly even Tina's mouth, but as it slid further down my shaft, I could tell that it was a tight fit all the way down, and so it must be Wendy's cunt. So there I was with one woman lifting up and down on my cock and another sliding her cunt back and forward over my mouth and tongue. I found out later that they were squeezing each other's tits as well. How long could I expect to last?

As it happened Wendy came very quickly, probably because she had been anticipating something like this all day? Her orgasm triggered me off and I pumped my cum deep inside her, then Tina saw us both in ecstasy, and she too came, filling my open mouth with her juices.

Wendy climbed off me and sat on the carpet beside us. Tina leant forward and slurped my cock into her mouth while still sitting on my face, and in no time I was hard again and ready for another fuck. Tina then repositioned us so that she was kneeling between Wendy's legs, sucking my cum out of her, while I was behind Tina, fucking her doggy style. I really enjoyed this fuck, as I pumped into Tina for all I was worth. Then Wendy screamed as Tina's tongue and lips worked their magic on her clit and vagina. Wendy's scream triggered my eruption inside Tina, then I felt Tina's cunt tightening around my cock as she too came.

After that I just sat on the carpet and watched as Wendy sucked my second load out of Tina's cunt. It took a little longer for Wendy to make Tina cum, but when it happened the scene was so erotic that my prick was starting to stand up again.

Tina smiled at me. “Did you enjoy that? Your cock says that you did. I'm tempted to go for another round right now. However the meal that I have prepared will spoil unless we eat soon. I think that we should all be able to perform again after a short break. Come on.”

As we ate we chatted, mostly about sex. Tina told Wendy about Fred and Jenny's Saturday barbecues. “God! I'd love to go to parties like that. My boyfriend dumped me because I fucked his best friend. The stupid bastard boasted about it to my boyfriend. I don't want to be faithful to anyone yet. Or maybe I could be the way that you two have agreed.”

Wendy was really wound up now. “You know, the wildest experience was this afternoon. There I was sitting at my desk, with my nipples clearly visible to anyone that walked into the office. I had hitched my skirt up behind me so that it would not get wet from the liquid flooding out of my bare pussy. I was talking to you, Tina, on the phone about fucking your new boyfriend and you were encouraging me. How different is that from my attitude? Late in the afternoon the word must have got around because a whole string of men, some quite dishy, came into my office on some pretext and stood around trying to make conversation while staring at my tits. A couple of them offered to take me out to dinner, but I told them 'Perhaps some other time, thank you. I've already got a date for this />
“None of the women came to check you out?” I asked. “Only a couple. I wasn't sure if they were disapproving or “Who were they?” “Laura and Emily.” “I'm pretty sure that they were both “Wow! I've never thought about sex with women before.” “Well! You certainly seemed to enjoy sex with Tina just now.” “Yes I did, but that was in the context of us fucking you. I'm not sure if it would work for me if I were alone with another woman.” “Maybe I should try it? It might open up a whole lot of new was Tina's contriibution.

After we had eaten, Tina insisted on putting on a porn movie that she had bought especially for tonight. We all sat on the sofa, still naked, with me in the middle. The sofa is not very big, so we were all squashed up against each other. As the action on the screen got hot, first Wendy, then Tina grabbed hold of my cock, which was standing up erect again. Fully erect it was just long enough for their two hands to fit in its length without overlap. I returned the compliment by slipping a finger into each pussy. A few minutes of this and we had all lost interest in the movie and moved to create our own porn.

We repeated the activities that we had enjoyed when we arrived home but with Tina's and Wendy's roles swapped. We started with Wendy sitting on my face while Tina bounced up and down on my pole. Then Wendy ate my cum out of Tina's cunt while I fucked Wendy doggy style. Finally I watched Tina eat my cum out of Wendy's cunt.

Totally satisfied we all got in the shower together then all crowded into my bed together. I don't know about the girls but I fell asleep immediately and did not wake up until I smelt bacon cooking early next morning. Over breakfast we discussed sex and again and all agreed that last night was great and we would all like to do it again soon, although Tina had a wicked smile when she said “I've got a few ideas about how to add in some variations that I hope you two will enjoy as much as I will.”

story by: doz

Tags: fiction consensual sex exhibitionism threesome oral sex male / females sex story

Author: doz

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