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I'm Annie. I'm 16 and I have a 15 year old sister, Heidi. We're pretty close. I have chest length dark brown hair while she has light brown really curly hair. I'm taller than her, which is good. And our bodies, well she has an ok butt and kinda big breasts, I've not really looked closely to be honest. But I've looked at myself closely, I don't think I'm as impressive as my sister is in terms of what boys might think of us. My sister's ass gets slapped by boys every now and then, but not mine. I don't know if I want them to or not though. There's not much there to slap. And my chest isn't as big as my sister's either. It's smaller, almost flat. Almost. But that's enough about us. It was a Friday night and Heidi was sat on my bottom bunk telling me about her new boyfriend. "Is he hot?" I asked, sitting down next to her.
"Yeah quite," she replied. "Do you think I'm good enough for him?"
"What do you mean?" It was a rhetorical question.
"Am I sexy?" she asked me. Well, that put me on the spot. I couldn't really answer that, could I? She's my sister! But it was the end of the week and my mind was already relaxing, so I said "Yeah, you are".
She shuffled a bit closer to me, normal behaviour for her. She looked at me, "Have you ever wanted to know what having big boobs is like?"
Well, I'd once put 2 small balloons in my shirt to try it but I don't think that's what she meant. And I had dreamed of getting mine to grow a bit more. I replied "Yeah," That was my relaxed brain again.
Heidi shuffled closer and closer until she was sat on my knee.
"You can pretend mine are yours for a bit if you want" she grinned. I didn't know what to do so once again, I let my brain take over. My hands drifted up the sides of her curvy body and towards her chest, when they reached there I started a timid squeezing, I was in autopilot now, doing what I normally do when I feel myself up, but instead of my body, it was hers. I took her top off and her bra, she didn't mind. Then, my right hand went down down down to unzip her jeans and to pull off her panties as if they were mine. I placed the tip of my middle finger onto her clit, I heard her sigh, just as I would if it was me in her position. In fact, her pleasure had caused her to squirm a little on my lap, rubbing her kinda cute butt onto my crotch, the sensation turning me on. My left hand was still embracing one of her breasts, I trapped her now erect nipple between my middle and ring fingers, squeezing it a bit. This earned me a little "Mm" along with her harder breathing. My right hand's middle finger then snaked down into my sister's moist entrance. She shut her eyes, sounded another "mmm" and bit her lip. I slid it out again. And in. And out once more. I had a nice rhythm going. I wasn't sure if this is what she wanted but I wasn't as mean as to deny her an orgasm! But she was my sister, but it just felt so right and so good that I couldn't stop. Not here. Not now. I quickened my pace of fingering, getting an equally quickened moan pattern. While I sped up, I licked, bit and kissed her ear passionately. I wanted her but I didn't know why. She acted like she wanted me too, the way she was making involuntary pleasure noises. She eventually tried to stand up from my lap, I felt disappointed that she wanted to leave now. But she stood up, turned round and knelt in front of me. What was going on? When it hit me. She wasn't done with me yet. I timidly opened my legs to her, she leaned on my legs with an elbow either side. She grabbed my butt. Well at least I know she wants me now. The smile she gave me before it happened was amazing, intoxicating. It was just unexplainable. Then it happened. She happened. I looked down and saw my cute 'n' crazy sisters lips making out with mine, but not my mouth lips. I sighed heavily. I had never felt anything like it before. Then she happened again. This time bigger. Her tongue had entered my personal area where only my fingers had half-explored. But tongues and fingers are very different as I found when she put in two of her own. I gasped for breath. Here I was, writhing and gyrating into my sister's mouth. And my god, she was loving it. A while ago, my friend had bought me a double ended dildo for my birthday. She said it was "for when I fancied a bit of I never used it but I figured now would be the perfect time. I pulled her face off my nether region and went over to my chest of drawers and brought the long bendy red thing which was my present. My womanhood, still covered in Heidi's saliva, tingled with the pleasuring I had been receiving. Heidi's face lit up when she saw it and jumped on the bunk to lay down on her back at one end, legs spread I walked over and lay down so my head was between her knees. I looked up at her and smiled as I once more started to pleasure my sister, this time using my left thumb while propping myself up on my elbow. My right hand waved the 1ft dong around above my head. Why not? I then placed it at her entrance and got into a similar position to her and lined myself up with our toy. She and I shuffled closer to each other, forcing it to go into one of us, it was her, she moaned a little until we were a bout 5 inches apart. I looked down and grabbed hold of the middle of our shared penetrator and asked "You ready?" She smiled and nodded that smile again. Wow. Anyway, I pulled my hand back towards me, pulling out of her and into me. Damn that felt great. Then back again. And as before, I created a rhythm, my moans and hers were beautifully syncopating in a harmony of female ecstasy. When I felt my orgasm coming, I took the dildo out from both of us and threw it across the room in one smooth motion, I quickly got between my sisters still open legs and started tonguing and fingering her while trying to bring myself to cumming as well. About 20 seconds passed then we came together, her in my mouth and me on the bed, I'm glad it wasn't my bunk.
"Was that what you wanted all along?" I asked her, putting my sleepwear on. She said nothing and continued getting dressed, so I guess she meant yes. She joined me in washing, we both had each other's juices on our faces. Later, when we were lying in our bunks, she asked me "Did you enjoy it?"
"What did it look like?" I retorted. We both laughed.
"Good, because I feel like doing anal next time." she said.

story by: HoneyMonsta69

Tags: fiction young first time incest lesbian teen teen female/teen female sex story

Author: HoneyMonsta69

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