Wendy and miss west v

sex stories

It was Monday afternoon and Wendy was walking home from college reliving in her mind the events of Thursday evening. She had been forced by Miss West to make an acquaintance with a young girl in a small changing room in a local shop. She had enjoyed it in a twisted kind of way. First she was humiliated but soon she became turned on a she made a connection with the naive shop assistant.
She knew she had a full week to wait until she would be required by Miss West again. Her knickers became damp as she thought of all the experiences she had endured over the last week. She wondered what Miss West would have installed for her at the weekend.

As she walked through the front door of her family home she could see her mum in the kitchen and heard her talking to another female. Wendy was so caught up in her own thoughts that it wasn’t until she got right in to the kitchen that she realised her Mum was talking to Sandra!
Sandra smiled at Wendy as she noticed Wendy colouring up. Wendy was dumbstruck. From Sandra’s reaction Wendy knew for certain that it had been her that had been so eager to tongue her ass hole whilst she was blindfolded and tethered in a room of strangers. Wendy tried to leave the room but Sandra began a bombardment of questions that demanded more than a simple one word answer. Wendy knew her mum would expect her to be polite so she had to stay and chat so as not to raise suspicion.

What had Sandra told my Mum?! Wendy thought… Why is she here?!

Wendy struggled to answer a single question without fumbling her words in her nervousness. She answered politely but avoided eye contact with Sandra. Wendy’s mum asked her if everything was ok. Why are you acting so strange she enquired! Wendy brushed aside the comments.

From the living room Wendy heard the telephone ringing. She made a move towards the door.

“No, no. It’s ok Wendy I am expecting a call. Keep Sandra company for two minutes while I get it.”

Wendy wanted to curl up and hide! She felt so silly now been in front of Sandra in such circumstances. Sandra knew so much more about her than Wendy wanted anybody to know! She had seen her at her most vulnerable. She had seen her giving oral sex to several women. She had seen her been whipped and punished with a crop for disobeying her employer. She had seen her handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged! She had had her ass hole licked by her! She had been forced to do so many humiliating things in front of this friend of her mums.

“There, there Wendy, no need to be scared. Remember it’s our little secret. I did wonder if you knew it was me lapping at your lovely little ass. You seemed to be enjoying t if I remember correctly! You taste so good!”

Wendy couldn’t believe Sandra was talking about it so openly. Wendy was so embarrassed but Sandra just didn’t seem to mind about what had happened the last time they had met.

“Wendy, take off your knickers and give them to me! />
Wendy looked up in astonishment. She replied.

“Quickly Wendy! We don’t want your mum to know do we!”

Wendy wasn’t used to taking orders from anybody but Miss West but she feared what Sandra may tell her mum if she didn’t cooperate. She thought about it for another second then quickly lifted her cotton skirt and slipped her knickers down her legs, scrunched them up tightly and handed them abruptly to Sandra. Sandra smiled as she took them from her. She unfolded them and laid them on the table.

“No! Please hide them my mum might come back any second!”

Sandra stroked the knickers softly and looked back at Wendy with a smile. “Can I keep these Wendy?”

“If you must! Just hide them somewhere before we get caught!” Wendy replied in a sulky tone.

Wendy’s mum hung up the receiver just loud enough for Sandra to hear it. She gathered up Wendy’s knickers in her hands and held them out of sight under the table.

“You two ok?” She asked inquisitively. “It’s very quiet in here!”

“Oh, we are both fine.” Replied Wendy; still quite flustered.

Wendy took her opportunity to leave and dashed up to her room.
Sandra got comfy on her stool again, still clutching Wendy’s knickers, and leaned into Wendy’s mum. your sex life these days Monica?”

“Oh come on! We know each other well enough to talk about it! Are you getting />
“Sandra you are filthy! But, since you asked! Erm, how should I say this…. We’ve been married for 19 years now so I suppose I get as much as can be />
“So not much then!” Sandra replied mockingly.

“Well, no, I suppose not much”. Monica replied embarrassed.

“You know, this may sound weird, but I’m in this, what should I call it…. a special club!” Sandra said with a grin on her face.

“Sandra you slut!” Monica whispered in astonishment. “Are you a />
“No, not exactly. It doesn’t really involve couples or anything. It’s just a group of like minded people who meet up every now and again!”

“And do what!” Monica replied completely intrigued.

“Well, we have sex!”

“Why on earth are you telling me this Monica!”

“Well maybe you should come along some time. You seem all tense. It would do you good!”

“Oh I don’t think so! I couldn’t possibly cheat on my husband! I haven’t looked at another man in years!”

“Well, that’s the thing Sandra….. there are no men in this club!”

“Sandra! Are you a />
“Not really a lesbian. I just enjoy the eroticness of what we do! I still like men, this is just a bit of a break from the norm!”

“Sandra I am totally shocked at you! I can’t believe what you are saying.”

“Monica it’s not such a big deal. We meet up. It’s all a big secret. Nobody discusses it outside the circle of friends. We have a bit of fun for a couple of hours every week or so and that’s it. We get on with our lives and boyfriends and husbands! It’s so exciting. All the women are beautiful and genuinely nice people. You shouldn’t knock it until you have tried it. It might be just what you need!”

“I couldn’t possibly Sandra. I would be so embarrassed with complete strangers looking at me />
Sandra broke in. “Well that’s just it. On your first night you have to be blindfolded to ensure no one knows you and that you are genuine about joining the club, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anybody looking at you because you can’t see them, so there is nothing to be shy about!.”

A surprised; “Oh.” Was all Monica could muster.

“I’ll call you next week Monica.”

Sandra stood up and walked out of the door to allow Wendy’s mum to think about it.


The weekend soon came round. On Friday afternoon Miss West phoned Wendy and instructed her to be at her house at exactly 9 am on Saturday morning. She gave her directions to her house and told her to expect to be there until 8 pm on Sunday evening.

This gave Wendy a problem. She wasn’t allowed to stay out overnight normally. She phoned a few friends and found one that would back up her story.
She worked on her mum and dad for several hours and eventually they agreed she could stay out for the night.


Rachel called Miss West on Friday evening after work to make sure it was ok for her to pick up her shoes. Miss West told her she had a busy day so told her to be there for 8.30 am. Rachel, still quite nervous about talking to Miss West, had agreed to be there.


Rachel was very nervous about turning up to Miss West’s house. She had got up early, showered and put on a summer dress. She didn’t know why she was making an effort; she was only going to pick up some shoes! It was just that Miss West had seemed so powerful and dominant that she had a sexual presence that Rachel had never seen before. The whole experience had been so intimate and sexy that she was turned on by the thought of seeing Miss West again.
She parked her car on the long drive way to Miss West’s mansion and walked slowly to the door.
She rang the door bell and after several seconds it was opened by Miss West dressed in a black silk night gown.

Miss West smiled at Rachel, thanked her for coming and invited her in. Rachel didn’t expect to be asked in but she couldn’t say no! She was lured by Miss West who looked stunning as the gown clung to her body.

“Would you like a drink before I get your shoes Rachel?”

“Oh, no thank you.” Rachel replied politely. As she followed Miss West into the kitchen.

“Would you like a tour of my house instead then?”

Rachel was quite nervous and wondered why Miss West didn’t just get her the shoes! “No thank you. It looks very nice though!” She continued.

Miss West moved close to Rachel and stood directly in front of her. “Would you like to call me Miss West?” She inquired.

Rachel was shocked. She knew that was what Wendy had to call her and Rachel knew what else she had to do!

“Errr, I don’t know.” Rachel replied sheepishly.

“Why don’t we try!?”

“Ok.” Rachel said quite scared.

“Rachel, feed me one of those Miss West pointed to the side where there was a small bowl of fresh fruit.

“OK, Miss West.” Rachel whispered her reply feeling quite silly.

She took a strawberry and offered it to Miss West mouth. Her mouth opened slowly and allowed Rachel to place it gently between her lips. As Miss West took it she managed to get a quick touch of Rachel’s fingers with her lips.
Rachel felt the touch and a shiver shot threw her body. She knew now Miss West was trying to get to her. Her heart raced like never before.

“Good Rachel. Did you enjoy calling me by my name?”

“Yes, kind of….Miss West.”

“Good. Come. Follow me.” Miss West instructed.

Rachel was in turmoil. She had come for her shoes. Now she asked herself if that was all she had come for. She was so intrigued with Miss West. She felt almost jealous of Wendy and the fact that she belonged to Miss West. Did she want the same for herself?! She was so nervous and couldn’t believe she was allowing herself to be drawn into Miss West’s secrets.

Miss West walked off through the house and Rachel found herself following like a pet dog.
They walked into a large room which had mirrors and a dressing table and a walk in wardrobe. There was another door at the far end of the room which was closed.

“Stand in front of the mirror Rachel.”

She did as she was told without speaking.

“Rachel why don’t you say, ‘Yes Miss West, anything for you,’ when I ask you to do something. I think that would be nice. Don’t you?!”

Rachel thought for a second. Miss West did want her like she wanted Wendy! She wanted to dominate her! She must find me attractive and sexy! Rachel was so pleased that she was admired and her whole body felt hot in anticipation.

“OK Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West felt so horny now she had this new girl in her dressing room that was obviously curious.

Miss West opened the wardrobe door to display an array of shoes. Rachel could see her shoes.

“There are your shoes Rachel. Feel free to take them and leave. Or if you like, why don’t you try on some of the other shoes to see if they suit you. I bet you would look really sexy in those!” Miss West pointed to a pair of high heeled black shoes.

Rachel blushed at Miss West’s compliment, she knew this was it. This was the deciding moment. Stay or go. Take her shoes and leave, or stay and be sure to be taken advantage of by another woman!

Rachel walked towards the lines of shoes. Miss West watched in anticipation to see which shoes she would go for. She smiled widely as Rachel picked up the black shoes. She watched as Rachel removed her shoes and carefully buckled up the stilettos.
Rachel stood up and admired the shoes in the mirror.

“Very nice Rachel. You look gorgeous. Pull up your dress up a little so I can see your long legs!”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” Rachel couldn’t believe those words were coming from her mouth. She felt so naughty.

“I know!” Said Miss West. “Why don’t I blindfold you and put some shoes on you. Then it will be a surprise when you see them!”

“Ok Miss West.”

Miss West went to a draw and pulled out a silk blindfold. She walked behind Rachel and carefully placed it over her eyes. Rachel felt so nervous but so sexy too. A rich attractive lady wanted to take advantage of her because she was sexy! Her body felt electric and she shuddered every time Miss West made the slightest contact. She was so pleased that nobody knew what she was up to though!

Miss West stood back and admired her new toy as she stood so vulnerable in her dressing room. She knew that Rachel would wilt to everything she asked her to. She just had to take her time and not make her do anything that may be too sudden or use words which would make it obvious as to what was happening. She couldn’t just tell her to strip off and get on the bed! This may scare Rachel away. She had to be subtle and undress her slowly, almost by accident.

“OK. Lets try these.” Miss West said swapping the stilettos with another pair of high heels. She didn’t allow Rachel to see them. “Actually no, I don’t think those are right. Ah, I know.” Miss West deliberately picked a pair of boots this time. They were boots she had got from a sex shop. They were black and exceptionally high. They would come to above Rachel’s knees. The shoes were removed and Miss West began to put the boots on Rachel’s slim legs.
She put Rachel’s feet in to each boot but then pretended to struggle to fasten the long zips.

Rachel could feel that they were boots that were been put on her. She had never worn any this high before. She would probably look like a hooker she thought!

Miss West continued with her fake struggles. “I know. Pull your dress up higher so I can see what I’m doing Rachel.”

“Yes Miss West, anything for you.” She pulled her dress up cautiously to mid way up her thighs.

Miss West was on her knees at Rachel’s feet. She continued with the zip and got a little further up Rachel’s beautiful legs.

“I can’t really see properly. Pull your dress higher.” As Rachel’s knickers came in to view Miss West asked for more. “A little more Rachel. Keep going.”

She was now stood blindfolded with her dress pulled up to her waist. She knew she was showing her underwear, but she knew that was the only way Miss West could see what she was doing. She lied to herself.

Miss West took time to admire Rachel’s form. She looked so sexy. She was slim and toned and her knickers were tight to her body.

Miss West zipped the boots to just below Rachel’s knees.

“Nearly there Rachel. These look fantastic on you! I just need you to hold the top of the boots together so I can zip them right to the top. Oh, you can’t, you don’t have any free hands! Why don’t you take your dress off then you won’t need to hold it up then you’ll have free hands to help me!” Miss West explained, giving Rachel an excuse to undress herself.

“Oh, OK Miss West. That makes sense!” Rachel went along with the excuse. She reached up above her head still grasping the dress. Her body came into Miss West’s view for the first time. She was wearing matching bra and knickers. They were white cotton with little pink spots on them. She looked so young with her slim body and cute underwear. Rachel was so aroused now that her nipples stood high and hard on her pert breasts. What little hair she had on her body stood on end atop of her goose bumps. She now understood a little of what Wendy must have felt like being paraded around the shop naked!
She dropped the dress on the floor to her side. Miss West zipped up the boots with very little assistance from Rachel.

“Oh my! Oh my little Rachel you look />
Rachel smiled with nervous excitement at being praised by another woman in this way.

“Can I look at myself Miss West, please?”

“No.” Was the only reply she got.

This knocked Rachel back a little. She thought that was the plan! Why couldn’t she look at herself?!

“I think those boots would look even better if you were completely naked Rachel!” Mrs West informed her. “Why don’t you take off your knickers and bra?”

Rachel lowered her head as if to look to the floor. She knew she was blushing. “Erm, no, I don’t want to take my underwear off Miss West.” She said shyly.

“Well, if you are sure. Why don’t you get dressed and leave then?”

“Oh! Er I don’t know?”

“Well it’s easy Rachel. Stay and take off your underwear or get dressed and go! Which is it to be? I just want to see what those boots look like on you without the underwear! That’s all!”

Rachel knew she wanted to stay she just didn’t want to admit it out loud.

“Oh I really don’t know what I want to do! Maybe I should leave.”

Rachel hoped Miss West would not agree!

“Why don’t I make the decision easier for you Rachel? If I tie your hands behind your back then you will have to let me decide. Maybe I will dress you or maybe I will undress you! What do you think />
“OK Miss West, anything for you! It’s your house after all.” Rachel felt a rush of excitement inside. She knew now she was to be stripped and made to be stood naked in front of another woman. She felt so exhilarated.

Rachel felt her seducer stood close behind her.

“In fact Rachel I will need to take your bra off before I tie your hands or I won’t be able to take it off. If you don’t mind I’ll just take it off now!” Miss West began to unclasp the bra. Rachel made no objection and allowed Miss West to continue. As it left her breasts her nipples felt so hard. Rachel was so turned on. She was being undressed by another person for the first time. Her exposed body burned in anticipation. The bra slid down her arms and dropped to the floor. Miss West grabbed a wrist one at a time and placed them behind her narrow back. Rachel held them in place for them to be tied.
Miss West used a strip of silk to bind them together.

“You look so pretty stood there semi naked Rachel, all tied up and Miss West told her as she stood back and admired her young body.

Rachel stood motionless. Too scared to move or talk. She knew Miss West would be examining her naked skin. She clenched her fists in nervousness.

“I think I will take your knickers off now Rachel to make you completely naked. I will be able to see your vagina then.”

Rachel tried to smile politely but was too nervous. With slightly bent legs her left knee moved in front of her right in a futile effort to cover herself in preparedness for her revealing.

Miss West moved closer to her, admiring her pretty face as it showed how scared she was. As Miss West bent down at Rachel’s knees she put a hand on her tender right thigh. It was hot and sweaty.
“Rachel why are you so nervous!? Don’t you want me to see you completely naked!? Don’t you want me to be able do anything I want to your sexual />
These words sent Rachel’s head into a dilemma. She couldn’t find any words to reply. She wanted to say ‘No!’ She was so scared now. Her lips wouldn’t move. She sobbed instead. It was an uncontrolled emotion. This didn’t put Miss West off. She knew what young girls wanted deep down.
She slowly slipped her fingers into Rachel’s tight knickers. She didn’t go for the waist band. Instead she went up through the leg holes so her fingers went close to Rachel’s vagina. Rachel flinched as their skins touched and a wonderful feeling past through her body as Miss West’s fingers disappeared into her panties. She carefully pulled the fabric out, allowing air onto Rachel’s hot loins. She slowly began to pull them down revealing Rachel centimetre by centimetre.
As the thin knickers past her vagina Rachel exhaled for the first time in forty seconds. She had not been able to breathe. She had held her breathe and only concentrated her nerve endings. Each change in direction, each twinge of a hair each slight touch of skin on skin had sent a wave of pleasure through her entire body. Her mind had guided her body to enjoy the tenderness which Miss West had demonstrated. Her vagina was moist. As Miss West looked up, she continued to guide the knickers down her legs, she could see a bead of juice glistening from Rachel’s labia. She smiled as she realised how turned on the young girl was. She knew she was ready for the taking. Rachel stepped out of her knickers and once again felt Miss West’s eyes as she studied her nakedness.
Rachel was breathing deeply now. Her chest was rising and lowering fast, her tummy was up and down as she tried to control it. She knew Miss West would see how nervous she was.

Miss West put an arm around Rachel’s waist and led her to the door at the far end of the room. If Rachel could have seen she would have seen a large bed in the centre of the room. There was only a bed. No wardrobes, cupboards or draws. The bed had white sheets and brass posts on each corner. Miss West stood Rachel next to the bed and stood back to admire. Her eyes roamed Rachel’s body. It was beautiful. Rachel knew she was been watched. She felt shy and scared. What was going to happen to her now? Could she cope with it? Would she want to run?!
Miss West moved closer and used her manicured nails to trace patterns on Rachel’s body and legs. This sent shivers all over Rachel’s body. Her legs nearly gave way several times and many whimpers left her lips as she melted from the inside.

As Miss West had anticipated the door bell rang. She knew it would be Wendy. Rachel jumped at the sound of the bell.

that!” She inquired.

“I’m not You wait here while I answer it. “In fact I don’t want you peeping at those boots! Lay on the bed!” Miss West ordered, pushing Rachel backwards onto the soft sheets. Rachel screamed at being pushed. She was relived when her fall was broken by the bed. She hadn’t realised they were in a bedroom.
She shifted back on the bed and sat there feeling quite uncomfortable at the thought of being naked and exposed. The boots were the only thing hiding any of her as she lay on another woman’s bed!
These boots must make me look like a prostitute she thought to herself. She felt dirty.

“Lay back further. Lay on the bed />
“Yes Miss West, anything for you.”

Rachel heard Miss West’s steps as she left the room. She thought about removing the blindfold to see where she was. Before she had chance to act on her instincts Miss West returned. She had been back to the dressing room to get some restraints.

“Rachel. Don’t worry but just so you can’t remove your blindfold I need to tie your wrists to the bed posts. It’s no big deal.”

Rachel didn’t struggle as Miss West released her restraints to re position them, one to each post. She wanted to say no but her mouth and lust betrayed her. She would be left so defenceless. Miss West would be able to do anything to her!

Miss West left to answer the door and Rachel put up a fake struggle to her restraints, her body writhing and twisting on the bed.


Wendy was so excited to be allowed to Miss West’s house so soon after meeting her. What did she have installed for her?! Who would be there? How many women would be she forced to please? What degrading things would these women want to do to her?! She also knew there was a chance Rachel could be coming round to pick up her shoes! She had felt so attracted to Rachel after just knowing her for an hour or so in a cramped changing room!

Miss West welcomed her in to her house. Wendy was not disappointed. This was no social meeting. As soon as she got over the thresh hold she was told to strip. Miss West watched closely as Wendy peeled off her clothes. Wendy was now used to being naked in front of Miss West and it was more a pleasure than a chore. She kept eye contact with her boss as she stripped with a cheeky smile on her face.

“OK Wendy follow me. I have a surprise. One rule though! No talking until I say!”

Wendy nodded and followed Miss West. She was led to the dressing room and Miss West gestured to be very quiet. Wendy noticed the clothed on the floor and knew there would be a naked girl in the next room. Was she restrained? Ws she gagged or blind folded?! They both tip toed into the bedroom. Miss West noticed how excited Wendy looked when she saw who was tied to the bed.
Wendy’s groin warmed as she thought about what was install for her. She didn’t care if she was to give or receive. She wanted Rachel so badly.

Rachel whispered as she felt another person’s presence.

“It’s ok Rachel, it’s just me.” Miss West reassured her. She laid a hand on her thigh and ran it up towards her loins.

“Are you going to untie me now Miss West?”

“Is that what you want Rachel? If I do that you will have to make decisions again! I think it would be better if I tied your legs to the bed too. That way when I tell my friend here to lick your vagina you will have no choice!”

“What! Who! Who was at the door! You didn’t let them in did you! Miss West I want to go! I’m scared! I’m not a lesbian any more!”

Miss West and Wendy both smiled at Rachel’s silly outburst.
Rachel clenched her legs together in an attempt to hide her sex.
Both Miss West and Wendy were impressed that Rachel had a cleanly shaven vagina. Rachel had been that impressed by how cute Wendy’s looked that she had gone home after work and made hers look the same.

Rachel continued to squirm and wriggle on the bed to try cover herself and show her objection to being tied.

“Now, now Rachel stop />
“Please Miss West cover me up! I don’t want you to see my pussy!”

“Oh come on Rachel. We both know why you came here today. Tell me you didn’t want this?!”

“I don’t know what I want! I didn’t expect to be tied up and />
“You know what you want!”

Miss West handed Wendy a silk tie and pointed to Rachel’s leg. Both of them took a booted ankle each and quickly wrapped the silk ties around them. Rachel struggled and kicked.

there? Miss West who is it?!”

She began to panic and lash out with her feet. She was confused and scared. With the silk ties around her ankles her struggles were futile.

“Who is that! Miss West are you still there?!” She tried to find comfort in a lady she barley knew but in this situation she needed all the comfort she could get.

“Now, now Rachel don’t panic! You are safe. Nobody here will hurt you! You are right, there is somebody else here. The person is also naked so don’t feel so />
“Who is it? What are you going to do to me? Is it a man or a woman!?”

“You ask too many questions my dear. Just lay back and do what you feel is right.”

She now lay completely naked and bound spread eagled on the bed. Miss West and Wendy admired her beautiful body.

Miss West walked to Wendy and cupped her face in her hands. They kissed passionately for a full minute then Miss West whispered in Wendy’s ear. “Start slowly. Pretend she is your lover. Caress her skin. Get her so hot she wants you to crawl inside her!”

Wendy turned to the bed and took time to work out where to start!

Wendy slowly climbed onto the bed. She lowered herself, without touching Rachel, so she was laid by her side. She studied her body more. She could see Rachel’s chest still pounding. She carefully laid her fingers onto her tummy and began to stroke her caringly. The smoothness of Wendy’s touch felt so sweet to Rachel. Her body tingled from head to toe. Except for her private parts, Wendy explored every crease and curve of her body. She avoided Rachel’s nipples and vagina. After ten minutes of this foreplay Rachel was in heaven. As Wendy’s hand approached close to her secret spot she gyrated and thrust in the direction of her touch, almost begging for more. She let out whimpers of pleasure as Wendy touched her most sensitive parts. Neither girl attempted to speak. They were both too absorbed in the other. Rachel still didn’t know who was making her feel so horny; she just hoped it was somebody nice. From the tenderness she presumed it was a woman, she just hoped it was Wendy!

Seeing Rachel’s nipples so erect pulled Wendy in. She could tease no more. She sat up and straddled Rachel’s body. Her inner thighs touched the soft skin of Rachel’s body which felt so lovely. She had fantasised for a week about getting between Rachel’s legs but now she had her between her own! She had fantasised about it being her face, but her body would do for now. She lowered her lips, tongue and mouth to Rachel’s tender nipples. Taking them one at a time and rhythmically suckling then teasing them with her tongue.
Rachel’s whimpers slowly turned into moans and became louder and longer as her sexual torment continued.

Miss West was looking on as she perched at the end of the bed by Rachel’s feet. She had hitched her gown right up into a bundle at her lap. Her hand was on the bed high between her legs and she slowly gyrated herself against her wrist as the two young girls made love on her bed.

Wendy’s hand had lowered now and was inching towards Rachel’s vagina. Her finger tips circled the smooth skin around Rachel’s crease. Wendy could feel the heat and escaping juices from Rachel. She drew the juice out and smeared it into her inner thighs.
As Rachel’s breath became shorter Wendy gave in and began to tenderly run her fingers along her labia. They were wet with excitement.

Rachel held her breath again as she realised she had been touched for the first time. It felt so nice. She was warm all over. Her insides wanted to explode. She didn’t know if she wanted to pee or if it was supposed to feel like this.

Wendy worked her fingers into her slit. She felt so slippery and smooth. She worked up and down her lips as she continued to lick her nipples. She let her finger explore the outside of Rachel’s hole and as she dabbed at it it made a slopping sound. The pressure on her clenched vaginal muscle felt incredible. Wendy was pushing in against the strength of her contracting muscle. As it slipped in, her vagina assisted by sucking and pulling on it. This felt amazing to Wendy too as she aroused such a beautiful virgin.

Miss West still looked on, gyrating on her own sex. The trim of her gown now damp as it rubbed against her vagina and clitoris.

Rachel soon approached orgasm. Wendy felt her building. She worked her clit with nimble fingers and occasionally delved back into her crease for lubrication.

As Rachel reached the brink of her delight she stopped breathing again. She thrust her hips into Wendy’s fingers. She wanted it faster.

Wendy, having been dominated by Miss West so many times, now turned the dominator. She withdrew her fingers from Rachel’s vagina before she was allowed to climax. Rachel’s thrust continued as she almost came without being touched. Wendy looked down on her as her writhes faded. She lowered her face so she could kiss Rachel. The touch shocked Rachel and she flinched and pulled her head to the side. Wendy guided it back to hers with a delicate hand. Their lips eventually locked and both girls breathed out onto the others face as they tingled in delight as they kissed again. It was such a loving kiss and Rachel immediately recognised it as Wendy’s soft lips.
They kissed passionately for several minutes. Occasionally breaking for breathe. Their lips and tongues wrestled with each others and their saliva went from one mouth to another.
Wendy eventually broke the kiss and studied Rachel’s soft mouth.

“Wendy! Is that really you?!” Rachel whispered in hope.

Wendy looked to Miss West for instruction. Miss West gave a smile and a nod. Wendy paused momentarily as she realised Miss West was in a desperate height of pleasure.

“Yes Rachel, it’s me! Wendy.” Wendy replied quietly to Rachel. Rachel whimpered in pleasure as she heard Wendy’s voice again. She reached up for another kiss. Wendy pulled away to deny her of her desire as she had denied her of her orgasm.

Instead she raised herself up a little and pulled herself further up the bed. She wriggled so she was comfortable and lowered herself onto Rachel’s chest. She was now sat on Rachel’s chest with her legs spread either side of her neck, her vagina just two inches from her mouth. As Rachel continued to breathe heavily she inhaled the scent from Wendy’s vagina. She recognised it immediately. It was warm and musky. She had never smelt anything like it before. Although it wasn’t a scent she would be drawn to normally she found herself lusting after it with a basic instinct. She was scared but she wanted to taste Wendy so much. She pushed her head forward to reach it. As she did Wendy raised herself a little to tease her. Rachel was so hot now. She had been on the brink of orgasm in such extraordinary circumstances and now she would do anything. She wanted Wendy. She wanted to please her and she wanted to be pleased by her.
Wendy carefully raised herself up and lowered her vagina onto Rachel’s face. The warm wet crease far into her legs oozed it’s honey onto Rachel’s lips. Wendy was hot too. She was in complete desire for this young girl. She allowed Rachel to lick her slit and probe her hole with her tongue.
Rachel was surprised how good Wendy’s vagina tasted. It tasted different to how she expected it would. She couldn’t get enough. She pushed her tongue in as deep as she could. She wished she had a cock so she could get deeper inside her beautiful new friend.
Wendy continued to make love to Rachel’s face. She writhed back and forth and round in circles and up and down on the end of Rachel’s tongue. Rachel was frantic in her efforts to please Wendy.

Several minutes of absolute pleasure past and Wendy began to reach peak. She looked back over her shoulder to look at Miss West. Miss West was biting her bottom lip to stop herself from ejaculating.

“Miss West! may I cum?” Wendy struggled with her words through her desperate panting.

“Yes Wendy. Cum on Rachel’s face. Make her drink it!” Miss West replied in a high toned voice as she continued to grind as her fantasy played out in front of her.

“Ooough! Ooough! Fuck me! Ooouh!” Wendy let out several groans as her vagina clenched for the final time and eventually released itself onto Rachel’s face.

“Mmmh! Mmmh!” Rachel too let out an outburst of delight as she realised she had made Wendy cum hard on her face. She tongued her hole and lapped at the escaping juice. She swallowed as the flow of sex continued into her mouth. Her tonguing became softer as Wendy slowly began to move away. Rachel was gentle, she wanted her to stay as long as possible.
Wendy eventually stood up above Rachel. Rachel wished she could see her.

Wendy soon noticed Miss West was now touching herself with her hand. Frantically rubbing her clit.
Not forgetting her duty Wendy climbed from the bed and positioned herself between her bosses legs ready to please her in any anyway she could.

Miss West nodded and pulled her hand away and leaned back a little, allowing room for Wendy to finish her off.
It took seconds for Miss West to cum. Rachel heard her moans. She couldn’t believe she was in the middle of a sex triangle! She had just given oral sex to a girl who was now performing it on another woman! She felt so dirty. How did she get into this?!

Miss West stood up and walked out of the bedroom after Wendy had finished pleasuring her.

Wendy was still horny and new she was alone with a restrained girl. Now she could treat her as she had been treated by so many other women!

She stood on the bed again. Turned around and lowered herself, bum first onto Rachel’s face. Rachel could barely breathe. It took her a moment to decide it was the same taste as before. She guessed right it was Wendy and not Miss West.
With her pussy over her mouth and her arse hole over her nose Wendy grinded herself hard into Rachel. Rachel sucked air through the corner of her mouth to give her enough breathe to wiggle her tongue inside Wendy’s vagina. It was difficult but she was so desperate to please Wendy. The musty taste from the mix of sexual fluids and sweat worked Rachel into a frenzy again. She puffed hard and shoved her nose as deep as she could into Wendy’s tight sphincter.

Just as Miss West returned to the room Wendy came again. She gyrated back and forth allowing Rachel to lick her clean, from the top of her vagina, across her bum hole and up between her ass cheeks. She repeated the move several times. The feeling was immense and she screamed in pleasure. Rachel wanted to lick and lick and swallow every bead of sweat and cum.

Wendy looked at Miss West fearing she may be reprimanded for cuming without her say so. Instead she got a smile and a quick; “You too girls having fun?”

“Yes Miss West.”

“Yes Miss West.”

Miss West smiled at the sweet reply from her two girls.
From behind her Miss West produced another silk tie. She approached the bed and instructed Wendy down so she too could be blindfolded. Wendy acted accordingly. She was left naked by the side of the bed while Miss West untied the restraints on Rachel’s ankles. Rachel was relieved to regain some movement. She was still so horny.
Next Miss West untied her wrists and helped her to her feet. She then proceeded to remove the boots from Rachel which were becoming hot and uncomfortable.
She then walked Rachel to Wendy and stood them next to each other. They both stood naked and blindfolded. Rachel, feeling Wendy’s presence, reached for her hand and they held each other tightly.

After a couple of minutes stood waiting Miss West took Rachel and instructed her to kneel on the floor. She then took Wendy and laid her width ways across the bed with her genitals near the edge. She then turned to Rachel again and stood in front of her. She reached around behind her and slowly removed her blindfold.

Rachel let out a gasp as she saw what was before her! Miss West threw down the blindfold and looked at Rachel to gesture to be quiet.
This was the first time Rachel had been able to look into Miss West’s eyes since she had been stripped naked. It was an embarrassing moment for her. It was easy when she could not see Miss West looking back at her. The difficultness turned into a heart pumping lust for more sex! Now Rachel could see all three of them naked! Three naked females making love! The thought made her wetter. Miss West’s body was beautiful she thought to herself.
Rachel looked again at what had made her gasp! Miss West was wearing a huge strap on cock! Rachel had never seen a real cock or a rubber one! It was about 7 inches, but to this cock virgin it looked big!

Silently Miss West offered it to Rachel’s mouth. The inexperience showed as Rachel’s struggled with the intrusion as it entered her mouth. She ran her tongue along it and gently sucked the tip. Miss West took Rachel’s head and held it still. She then slowly guided the cock in and out of her mouth. It pushed back on her tongue and at times Rachel felt like she might gag. After a couple of minutes Miss West withdrew it and turned to Wendy.

She took her by her ankles and lifted them. She opened her legs and guided the tip towards her opening.
As she slowly pushed in Wendy could feel the cold wet cock opening her up. She gasped and bit her tongue softly. She knew what it was but wondered who was to fuck her.

“Do you want me to fuck you Wendy?”

“Oh, yes Miss West, anything for you!” Wendy replied as she realised it was Miss West.

“Do you want me to fuck you with my cock!?”

“Oh, yes Miss West, anything for you!”

“Your friend is watching Wendy. Rachel is on her knees watching as I’m about to fuck you with my cock!”

With that Miss West allowed the cock to sink into Wendy’s vagina.

“Ohhh Yes! Ohhh fuck me Miss West!”

Miss West began to thrust. She guided it in skilfully, pushing to the hilt. As she fucked her young girl she turned to Rachel.

“Watch how I fuck Wendy Rachel! You are next!”

Rachel gasped in anticipation. She wasn’t sure her young vagina could take such a large thing.

Miss West continued. Wendy soon became used to the obtrusion in her pussy and her juices began to lubricate the cock making it even more pleasurable.

Rachel watched as Wendy began to pant. Her hips raised off the bed and her head rolled back accentuating her neck and shoulder. Beads of sweat appeared on her chest and ran down her breasts and tummy. Miss West’s thrust became deeper and harder and eventually Wendy’s wilt buckled and she came hard, her pussy grasping at the cock inside her.
Miss West pulled out immediately, leaving Wendy to writhe in her pleasure. She turned and offered the cock to Rachel’s mouth again. Rachel was only too pleased to taste Wendy again and cleaned every drop.

“Get on the bed! Put your ass in the air!” Miss West barked at Rachel.

“Oh, yes Miss West, anything for you!” Rachel jumped on the bed next to Wendy. At last her turn for some attention!

“Wendy off the bed! Get on your knees behind me! Thank me for making you cum!”

“Oh, yes Miss West, anything for you! Thank you for making me cum!”

“I don’t want to hear you! Thank me!”

Wendy understood and moved herself closer so she could eat Miss West.

Miss West took hold of Rachel’s young Waist. She pushed the glistening cock to Rachel’s vagina. She slid it in to a loud moan from Rachel.

Miss West fucked her from behind as Wendy ate her pussy and ass. Wendy dipped from one hole to another and Miss West continued to thrust. As Miss West got more turned on her own juices ran. Her pussy juices mixed with juice from her arse and Wendy lapped at it all. Wendy was so pleased to be tasting Miss West again. She treated her like an idle. She wanted to do everything and anything for her. Rachel was still learning her submissive role, but now, on all fours on Miss West’s bed she felt so exposed with her arse in the air and Miss West having a full view of it all. Miss West put her left hand on Rachel’s waist and grabbed her ass cheek with her right. She squeezed it and pushed and pulled, opening Rachel’s tight anus. She allowed her thumb to move to the opening of her ass. As she squeezed her hand her thumb pressured Rachel’s little hole. Gradually her thumb started to push open her sphincter and the tip entered Rachel’s tightest hole. The pleasure from the strap on thrapping at her pussy almost disguised her ass being intruded, until finally Miss West pushed her thumb right in. Rachel let out a high pitched scream. Miss West’s thrusts didn’t falter as she continued her barrage on Rachel’s two holes. Her screams soon turned to moans of pleasure as her ass relaxed to accept its fate. The attention was too much for Rachel and the orgasm which Wendy had nearly given her earlier returned to full force. Her little ass tightened on Miss West’s thumb and her vagina pulled the cock in deeper with its contractions. Rachel’s body went limp and she flopped to the bed. Now lying on her tummy Miss West climbed on top of her as she continued to fuck her from behind. Wendy stood up and bent over the bed to continue licking her Mistresses ass.
Miss West put her mouth to Rachel’s ear.
“Do you like been fucked Rachel? Do you liked been fucked from behind by a woman? You are my little slut! You are mine now! You will do as I say, when I say and to who I say! Is that right slut?” Miss West pulled on Rachel’s hair as she spoke.

“Yes Miss West. I love it. Don’t stop! I am yours now! Do with me what you want!” Rachel spoke between deep breaths. She had sweat on her brow as she reached the last throws of passion.

“Ooough! Ooough! Ooogh I’m cuming!” Rachel screamed at the top of her voice. The sound was superb. Wendy was so turned on by Rachel’s raw sounds. She licked faster. She licked Miss West’s ass as she shoved a finger into her pussy and fucked her.
Miss West had never had two such enthusiastic girls in her bed! She too reached the heights of passion and came hard under the obedience of Wendy’s mouth and fingers. Rachel’ body tightened one last time before it rose off the bed and sank back down uncontrollable as she came to the thrusts of Miss West.

The three women crawled onto the bed and lay panting for several minutes. Miss West removed Wendy’s blindfold. They were all sweaty and their pussy’s raw with sex. Their juices glistened on their thighs and filled the room with an unmistakeable musk.

Miss West was the first to move.

She stood up and looked back down at the girls. “I have a busy afternoon. I will be around the house but will not require your services till later. You two will come and bathe me then you will spend the rest of the day in my house and gardens. You will act like lovers. You will shower together. You will make sandwiches for each other. There are dvds to watch in the living room. You may watch them curled up on the sofa together. You will remain naked or in your underwear if you wish. You must kiss and cuddle regularly. I expect you to make love before dinner too. Give me your wrists.”

The two girls held out their arms obediently. They both wanted to thank Miss West’s for her last instructions but decided to remain silent. Miss West produced a set of handcuffs. She snapped one link over Wendy’s left wrist and one over Rachel’s right. The two cuffs were joined by a metal chain about four feet long.

“You will also need to pee in front of each other as you will be left chained until I say differently. Is all that clear and fair?!”

“Yes Miss West.”

“Yes Miss West” Both girls responded in sweet soft voices.

Rachel and Wendy followed Miss West to her bathroom to bathe her.

story by: BOXXY55

Tags: fiction first time virginity threesome domination/submission lesbian sex story

Author: BOXXY55

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