The lost panties

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As I was finishing up in the office I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost 7 and I would be late. Sent another couple of emails, logged off and left the office.

The fresh air felt good after sitting in recirculated air for 10 hours. As I walked down the street I realized I could squeeze a quick workout in before I had to pick up M. 15 minutes later I was on the treadmill doing the monkey routine looking down at Post Street watching the traffic. The gym was fairly empty for the usual post work workout crowd. 45 minutes later the treadmill slowed and the monotony was over. Why is it 45 minutes on a treadmill seems like an eternity?

Grabbing my towel I headed back to the locker room. Still time for 15 minutes in the hot tub. As I stripped down and put my shoes in my locker I noticed a guy a few lockers down. He was toweling off after his shower. Of course we are always anxious to check out the competition so I snuck a quick peek. He was well built, about 6′, tan, blond hair and green eyes. My gaze slowly dropped farther and I saw he was shaved and his cock was about 7″ soft but thick.

Our eyes met and I was embarrassed he saw me checking him out. I could feel my face flame and it wasn’t from the run. He clearly wasn’t put out since he said hello and smiled. He then turned slightly to the left, giving me a full frontal view and pulled on an undershirt. He asked me if I watched the game last night. He then put on a sweater so he was fully dressed from the waist up. We chatted a couple of minutes about the game. He knew I was watching him and it didn’t seem to bother him. I took my time at the locker as he finished getting dressed.

As he walked out he said goodbye but then stopped at the door and turned around. “Have I seen you at A16?” Feeling my face flush again, I said yes. It’s one of my favorite neighborhood bistros. “I thought I recognized you. You are usually with a cute brunette, right?'”.

“That’s my girlfriend M”, I replied. “We are actually headed to A16 tonight.”

He walked back to me and extended his hand. “I’m Ted. Nice to meet you. See you around.”

As I got in the jacuzzi I thought about what had just happened. I was busted checking out a guy in the locker room and he recognized both me and my girlfriend. He obviously lived near me and we shared similar taste in restaurants. He didn’t seem uneasy about anything so I decided to let it pass.

The warm water was relaxing and I let myself think about dinner with M. She had been out of town fopr work the last couple of days and I really needed to get laid. I was looking forward to spending the evening with her and now, I really needed to get back before I was late.

I didn’t have clothes with me so I went home to shower and change. Gathered the mail and let myself in the house. Dropping the keys on the counter I reached for a beer in the refrigerator. Took off my clothes in the kitchen and turned on the stereo for music. The beer was exactly what I needed after the gym.

The shower felt great after work and the gym. I stood under the hot water for a few minutes letting the pressure work on my neck and shoulders. I soaped up and washed my arms and legs. As I reached for my cock I thought back to Ted and the gym. My cock grew. I soaped up again and started stroking myself. I leaned back against the wall of the shower and thought about Ted’s cock. Thoughts of M crossed my mind and I idly put the two of them together in my mind. I thought of him fucking her doggy style and I stroked harder and faster. I reached my between my legs and pulled on my balls. Within seconds I was shooting my load in the shower and it felt great.

I caught my breath and finished up in the shower. I dressed quickly I headed out the door to pick up M.

I caught a cab over to her place and called her to let her know I was on my way. She told me to call when the cab arrived and she would run down to meet me.

She said she would be right down after the cab arrived at her place. I got out of the cab to say hello. She walked down the steps and we hugged.

“Mmm, I’ve missed you”, she said as she pressed herself against me.

“Me too”, I replied as I rubbed her ass.

We got into the cab and headed to the restaurant. She was dressed in a black sweater and skirt with pointy black stiletto pumps. She smelled great.

She slid to the middle of the seat and rested her hand on my thigh. We chatted about the last few days and how her business trip went.

The cab pulled up to the restaurant and dropped us off. We walked inside and gave our name to the host. We found one seat at the bar and M sat down. The restaurant was crowded and noisy and there wasn’t much room to move. I ordered a martini and she ordered a glass of red. I squeezed in to stand next to her. She swiveled the bar stool and rested her outside leg around me. It was subtle and no one gave us a second thought that we were in close quarters.

She asked me about my day and I filled her in. Told her I stopped at the gym on the way home. I mentioned I met a guy in the locker room who frequented the restaurant. It was passing conversation but I wondered why I mentioned it to her. Then I remembered how he turned to face me as he was getting dressed. My cock stiffened slightly and I moved closer o M. She paused mid sentence and looked up at me.

“I see you missed me” she said as she shifted her leg slightly so it was touching my cock. “Were you good while I was gone?” she teased.

The host interrupted us to take us to our table. We lucked out with a corner banquette in the back. M slid in and I followed.

We ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. M is quite engaging and full of all kinds of things to talk about. We enjoyed dinner and lingered over the last of the wine.

I reached over to her leg and rested my hand on her thigh. Her skirt was to the knee which allowed me to slowly raise it up. As I rubbed her thigh I realized she was wearing a garter belt. Befor I could do anything more she jumped up and excused herself.

By now, after a couple of hours with her, dinner and some drinks I was really relaxed and definitely horny. I was ready to skip the jazz club and take her home.

M returned to the table and as she slid into the booth she reached over to kiss me.

She handed me something as she was kissing me and I realized it was her wet panties.

“Hold these for me sweetie”, she said.

She moved to the outside of the booth, out of arms reach and flagged the server for an espresso.

She pretended everything was normal and coninued talking. I was holding her panties in my hand and had a very visble erection. “You know we can’t go anywhere right now. I won’t forget this soon” I said.

She simply smiled and continued on.

After 15 minutes we paid the check and left the restaurant. We walked outside and I kissed her. She tasted of wine and garlic. It was great to have her back.

We were waiting for the cab and I saw Ted walk down the street towards us. I couldn’t believe I saw him again, after the gym. He noticed us right away and walked over to say hello. I introduced M and told her this was the guy I met at the gym. She laughed at the coincidence or meeting twice in one night.

“Where are you headed” she asked.

He mentioned a small blues club nearby and asked if we wanted to join him.

I started to say something about getting home when M piped up “We’d love to”.

I think Ted sensed my situation and he definitely saw M holding onto my arm but it was almost like he was tortuing me. He smiled and said “let’s go”.

All I wanted to do was go home and fuck my girlfriend and instead we were going for drinks with a guy I saw naked a few hours earlier.

M asked Ted all sorts of questions and found out he was single, worked in finance, etc…

Once inside the club M kissed me and excused herself. Ted and I walked up to the bar to get drinks.

“Your girlfriend seems like a lot of fun”.

“She is. She just got back from a business trip today so I haven’t see her for a few days”.

“Hope you don’t mind me asking about drinks. I’m sure you were anxious to get home. I was making up for when you were checking me out”. He was laughing as he said this.

“I thought as much. No worries.”

“Do you two ever invite others over”, he asked.

I hesitated for a minute and said the opportunity never presented itself.

At that moment M walked up to us and dragged us to a table. She’s a flirt so she sat between us on the couch.

Was it my imagination or did she allow her skirt to ride up a little? From my angle I could see the top of one stocking. I hoped Ted didn’t notice.

The club was loud so conversation was limited. M leaned over to ask Ted something and she held onto his thigh for balance. Or that’s what I told myself.

They laughed about something. I was a little apprehensive about what was going on. It seemed like she was flirting with him but I couldn’t be sure. He didn;t seem to mind. But how did I feel about it? I was kind of turned on. I got up to get more drinks and watched them as I waited at the bar. I felt her panties in my pocket.

I wondered if Ted was straight or bi. Had to be bi since he gave me a show. M is bi but we haven’t had a woman with us before. She never mentioned sex with two men before so I figured her experience was limited to women. I wasn’t sure about the situation in front of me. Part of me was turned on but part of me wanted just her.

I drank a scotch at the bar and made my decision. I walked back to M & Ted and waited for M to powder her nose. A few minutes later she kissed me again and walked off. I pulled her panties out of my pocket and handed them to Ted.

“Why don’t you hold these for M” I suggested.

He looked surprised and asked “Are you both okay with this?”.

“I don’t know about her but we’ll find out. She is pretty open and she seems to like you”.

M came back and sat down again. She reached over to tell Ted something again and he pulled the panties out.

“Are these yours?” he teased.

She stopped and looked at me. She turned bright red and didn’t say anything. I was starting to wonder if I played the asshole card when she smiled.

“The person holding the panties wins the prize” and she smirked at me.

Feeling my heart settle back down I knew we would have fun. I suggested a taxi.

We went to Ted’s place because it was closer. He offered us a cocktail and turned on the music. The couch was comfortable and we all kicked off our shoes.

M leaned back against me and stretched out her legs. I was rubbing her shoulders and kissing her when Ted moved to the end of the couch. He took one of her feet and began to rub her feet through her stockings. She parted her legs slightly. Ted moved up to her calves. My cock was straining my pants. I reached down to rub it through my pants.

M shifted and said she would take care of it for me. She started stroking my cock through my pants as Ted rubbed her legs. He moved to her thighs and pushed her skirt up.

M is shaved and she was sans panties at this point with her garter and stockings. As she opened her legs father the room smelled of her musk. She moaned softly.

Ted kissed the inside of her thighs and moved closer.

I was watching another man about to taste my girlfriend. I could feel nothing but lust at this point.

Ted sat up and pulled his sweater and undershirt off. He lifted her thighs with both hands and spread her legs wider.

I reached down and felt one of her breasts through her sweater. I squeezed it like she likes and pulled the sweater up.

M managed to unbuckle my belt and loosen my pants. Thank God. My cock was released and standing at attention.

M kissed the tip of my cock and traced lines up and down either side.

I looked down and saw Ted with his face between my girlfriend’s legs. He was licking her up and down and working his tongue inside her pussy. M was squirming on the sofa now and moaning softly.

I watched Ted insert a finger in her pussy and M bucked her hips. Another she said and he obliged.

He was licking her clit and working her cunt with a couple of fingers. I wasn’t getting much attention because of my angle.

I extricated myself from M and dropped my pants. I wanted to taste cock. I pulled my shirt off over my head and moved to the other end of the couch. M scooted up so her head was resting on the armrest.

Ted was clearly lost in her juices and folds. He was still half reclining on the couch so I walked over to him and felt his cock through his pants.

He shifted a little allowing me better access and I though this is a now or never situation.

I knelt down and unbuckled his belt and unzipped the zipper. He lifted his hips to allow me to pull his pants down. I pulled his pants off and he spread his legs.

I had nevr been this close to a cock before. I touched it. It was soft, warm and hard. Much like my own. I touched the velvety head and traced the ridge. I moved my hands down the shaft until my whole hand was around his cock.

I experimented moving my hands up and down his cock. I looked over at M who was staring at me wide eyed and squeezing her breasts. She seemed enraptured watching me.

Emboldened, I took the head in my mouth. So this is what she feels, I thought. I relaxed my mouth and took his cock deeper in my mouth. I started sucking his cock, no instructions needed, and reached for my own cock.

I quickly became lost in what I was doing until I heard M cry out with her first orgasm. She was bucking her hips and had Ted’s head clenched between her legs. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth.

As she relaxed he sat up and started rubbing her feet again. He turned so I had full access to him. Lost in my own world I didn;t realize M sat up, removed her sweater and was kissing Ted. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed himself deeper into me. His cock was filling my mouth and I liked it. sensing he was about to come we both pulled away from each other simultaneously. He came hard and loud. He slumped back against the sofa.

“It’s your turn sweetie” M said and stood up, dropping her skirt. She turned to the sofa and put her ass in the air. I wasted no time in getting up and standing behind her. I knew she was waiting for my cock and I wanted to fuck her hard.

However, with her ass in the air like that it was too much for me. I pulled back and spanked her ass. She jumped and Ted looked over at us. I spanked her again.

“You were on display for another man”, I said. “I think that makes you a bad girl”.

She pushed back against my hand and started moaning.

“Tell me you were a bad girl. Tell me you need to be punished”.

“Yes, I was. I let another man finger my cunt”.

I spanked her agin. Her ass was bright red. I reached between her legs and pulled my fingers back. THey were covered in pussy juice. I reached to her face and offered her my fingers.

“Clean these up” I said.

She sucked each finger like it was my cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I grabbed her hips and sunk my cock deep inside. She moaned and pushed back. We fucked hard and fast. Ted leaned over and started licking her clit which made her moan even louder. She had one hand against the sofa for support and the other was squeezing her breast.

I was fucking M as another man was sucking on her clit. I couldn’t control myself anymore and I shot my load deep inside her. She screamed and came again all over Ted’s face. He continued to lick and clean her up.

We all collapsed on the couch.


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