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This is my second story, I tried to take into account all the advice I was given and hope you enjoy my new story. There is a part two that is almost done and any feed back on this one will be put into it. Please leave a comment and enjoy.

‘I’m making good time’ I thought to myself as I looked at the clock then my speedometer. They read 5:47 and 95 respectively. It had been a long two weeks waiting for this trip. I had moved back into my mom’s house for part of the summer between college semesters. If not for the surprisingly well paying internship I had found I wouldn’t have come up to stay at home again. Once you’re out on your own it’s hard to go back to living under a parent’s roof, no matter what the duration or circumstances; hence my idea to go visit one of my best friends down at school.
Her name was Noel and we had dated for almost three years before the relationship exploded and we spent the next six months trying to kill each other. After that settled and we talked everything out however we became best friends. I still was in love with her on some level and from our numerous talks I knew that she still had feelings for me. But unless one of us changed some more we wouldn’t make a very good couple.
Man I need to get an iPod, I thought as I listened to one of the two CD’s I had in my car for what seemed like the millionth time. There were no radio stations on this stretch of road that I would call Still I could pick up the Savannah rock station in about ten more miles though I would be almost to the college by then. I decided to think about getting to see Noel to keep my mind off the boring drive. She would be surprised to see how much I have been working out, not to mention the fact that I got a tan and shaved before coming to see her.
I knew she appreciated me shaven more than with my normal goatee so I shaved just for her. Yeah, she’ll be the death of me I’m sure but I don’t think I care that much. Thinking about her did the trick because next time I noticed the exit number it was the one I needed. I got of the interstate and turned left, pushing my crappy little Honda for all it was worth to hurry up and get there. I tapped my blue tooth and called her. she answered.
“Hey, it’s me. I’m almost there. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty hungry. Want to go grab something to eat? I can come by and pick you up.” I said as I weaved around slow driving southerners.
“Sure, sounds good. Call when you get here and I’ll come down.”
“Alright, see ya then.” I said hanging up.
A few minutes later I called her from outside her dorm. A moment or two later she walked out of the building and toward my car. I admired her sexy body as approached me. She wore a low cut tank top and shorts, both conductive to the 100 degree weather down here. The tank top showcased her beautiful 34C’s while her shorts presented her tanned and toned legs nicely. Her hair was cut short as always and for once was colored close to her natural brown. She opened the door and got in the car and then we exchanged a friendly hug.
“Wow, you’ve been working out!” she said, a smile spreading across her cute minx like face.
“Thanks, you look great yourself.” I replied.
We went to eat at Chili’s, one of the few non-fast food places in town and talked about random funny things that had happened since we last talked. I told her of our friend Mark’s latest injuries and she told me of her roommate Jeanne’s recent stupidity. We paid the check then headed back to the dorm. It was empty as I expected, Jeanne was always over at her boyfriend Nick’s lately. This was fine with me honestly because she annoyed me. The dorm was a nice apartment style with a full kitchen, living room and separate bedrooms.
I took up my customary spot on the futon and she sat next to me as she turned on the TV. She flipped though the channels some then stopped on the TV guide channel long enough to find something good. There was a decent movie on in an hour at nine so she changed to that channel and we watched NCIS. During one of the first few commercial breaks she attacked me, trying to tickle me. I turned toward her and caught her wrists in my hands, thwarting her attempt. She lashed out with a foot, using her flexibility to her advantage.
She may have had me beat by miles when it came to flexibility but I was just as fast and significantly stronger. I pulled her toward me, spinning her around and trapping her arms against her chest. loosing again.” I told her laughing.
she replied as she tried to squirm out of my grip.
For several minutes we wrestled with each other, both trying to tickle one another with out getting tickled. Neither of us really succeeded and we both gave up, slightly tired and very tangled. For a while we just stayed there, me sitting upright and her lying in my lap with one arm around my leg.
About halfway though the movie she got up and disappeared into her room, returning a few minutes later in her sleep clothes and with a light blanket. I stretched out and lay on my side as she returned. She sat in front of me and spread out the blanket before pulling it over us and snuggling up against me. I draped my arm over her letting my hand rest just below her breast. She put her hand over mine and pulled it up between her breasts, holding it there tightly. Feeling the swell of her breasts though her thin cotton tee shirt was quickly making me hard, I shifted my hips around a bit trying to make room for my expanding manhood.
With a small murmur she pressed closer to me, wiggling her ass into my crotch, which only made me harder. I moved my hand down her torso until my fingers touched her waistband then slipped my hand under it and into her underwear. I slid my fingers though her hair until I felt the moistness I sought. I pressed first one then two fingers into her wet walls smiling as she cooed and moved her hips against my hand. As she began to grind her hips into my hand her ass rubbed rather pleasantly against my stiff dick and I made the smallest thrusts into her ass. I had been propped up on my other hand but now I brought it around her head and reached down her low cut shirt to caress her breast.
I tweaked and teased her nipple, she was breathing deeply and moaning softly, her hand reached around behind her and made its way into my shorts and boxers. As I leaned down to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear she grasped my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. With her ear still between my teeth I moaned. Giving up my stimulation on her nipple I pressed a third finger into her wet pussy. She turned her head to face me and I met her lips in a desperate kiss. Our hands in and on each other moved franticly now, with both our hips helping the other stimulate us.
I broke our kiss and took my hand from her crotch. Her eyes bore into me, beckoning me to loose myself in their grey pools. Her hand around my cock slowed as she waited to see what I was about to do. I lifted both her hands up above her head and placed them to either side of one of the futons side support bars. I then took off the clothe belt that went with the shorts I wore and tied her wrists together on the other side of the bar so she couldn’t bring her hands down. At that moment, as in many like it before, I saw in her eyes that she was mine to do with as I wanted and that I had her trust. Honestly it is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.
With her now on her back and her arms stretched above her head I moved over her then down her body until my face was at her crotch. I pulled at her shorts and underwear and she lifted her legs up, folding them to let me pull off her clothes. I tossed the garments away as she lowered her feet to the futon, keeping her legs bent and spreading them slightly. I pushed her legs out, moving my mouth down to her unshaved mound. With her legs spread wide and her knees still bent I placed one hand at the entrance to her cunt, the other on her flat stomach.
Keeping my eyes on hers I slipped two fingers into her and lowered my mouth to her clit, sucking it in and nibbling on it gently. she moaned and her eyes fluttered. “It’s been so long since anyone did she added. I smiled as best as anyone can in that position and began to suck on her clit; I pressed a third finger into her wet pussy. My other hand snaked up to her breast, cupping it firmly as I pleasured her with my hand and mouth. Her hips were pressing up into my face, rocking back and forth.
I slid a fourth finger into her wet walls and she moaned in response. I lifted my head from her clit as I began to move my hand in her faster. I brought my other hand down from her breast to rub her clit as I turned my hand into a fist, pushing all of it into her slowly, letting her pussy get used to the intrusion. She was lifting her hips, trying to get more of my hand in her; her ass was now a couple inches off the ground. I rubbed her clit rhythmically in time with my fist. After a moment I figured she was ready and I opened my hand, just a little, quickly balling it back into a fist. “OH!” she yelped.
Smiling I began to rub her clit faster and harder, at the same time pumping my hand back and forth with in her. My fist opened and closed, my fingers writhing inside her. Now kneeling between her legs I watched her hips tremble with pleasure, I moved my foot under her butt to help hold her up. Her eyes were wide open and various noises of pleasure escaped from between her wide open lips. After a couple minutes what had been coos and moans turned into full blown yells, her body tensed, every muscle flexing, as her eyes bulged. I kept up my stimulation until she began to relax.
I slowly pulled my hand from her, placing it on her pussy which still twitched from her orgasm. She lay there breathing as if she had just come in from a run. Leaning down again I ran my tongue across her pussy, letting it slide between her outer lips and over her clit before trailing kisses up her stomach. I slid my hand up under her shirt as I moved up her body until my hand cupped her breast gently and my lips hovering over hers.
Now my whole body pressed against hers. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest, her smooth legs against mine. My stiff cock pushed against my shorts, pointing down at our feet. I looked into her eyes, those grey pools that I always seemed to get lost in. She looked back at me in that hazy contentment of post orgasm. I brought my lips to hers and we kissed, out tongues dancing and wrestling with in our mouths. I gripped her breast tightly as we kissed. Her breast was the most wonderful soft yet firmness in my hand.
Breaking our kiss I moved to lay behind her again, ignoring my hard on that was still trapped in my shorts with her bare ass pressed up to me. I cupped her breast gently and kissed her neck. “I’m glad you seemed to enjoy that, there’s more where that came from.” I whispered into her ear; she only cooed and relaxed back into my embrace.

To be continued…

story by: seraphinferno

Tags: consensual sex male/female fantasy oral sex fisting sex story

Author: seraphinferno

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