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This story begins in my first day of 10th grade.Before we begin I'll guess I will tell you some things about my self. My name is Matt and I am 15 years old. This story takes place in Los Angeles. I have had almost all male teachers all my life and the rest were just mean old lady's that were counting down the days until they retired.

On my first day of school everything seemed as if this was just going to be another boring school year. On the way to school from my house I met up with Rick my best friend since 1st grade."Hey man heard we are going to get a hot babe as our homeroom teacher this year" he said as we were walking to our homeroom class. "Rick shut up someone might hear us" he then started whispering " I bet that your mouth is going to drop when you see her".

We got to class before the teacher and took our seats next to each other. "Just wait until you see her" Rick said, then I saw the most hot woman I had ever seen in my whole life. Standing in the front of the classroom was a young at least 26 year old red head with a body of a super model. As soon as Rick saw my expression he started laughing. "I told you so" just then the teacher introduced herself "Hello my name is Lily and I will be your homeroom teacher this year".

The whole class I kept trying to stop my self from getting a hard on. After class I ignored Ricks calls to leave and walked straight to Lily. "Oh hello your Matt right?" happy she knew my name I responded " Yes, i just wanted to stop to introduce my self and to offer my services if you need help with anything". I was about to ask her a question when Rick grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of class.

Besides the occasional small talk I didnt talk to Lily much. Until on a monday morning when she ran me over with her car. It had started out as a nomal morning besides the fact Rick was sick which meant I would have to walk to school alone that day. As I was crossing the street into the school's parking lot I saw a car headed awfully fast my way, I tried to move away but the car still hit the left side of my body. The pain and shock caused me to pass out.

I later woke up in a hospital bed. When my eyes opened I saw my mom crying. She told me I had been out for two weeks. On my right side I saw Lily, at first I was shocked then she started crying. " I was in a fight with my boyfriend over the phone when I heard a loud thump and when I turned around I saw you laying on the ground" Lily explained. I then came to the realisation that Lily had been the person that ran me over.

Two weeks later I was ready to return to class with a cast in my arm. In the two weeks that it took me to be well enough to go back to class Liliths and my relationship changed a lot. She had visited me every day at the hospital and always hugged me and kissed me on the cheek which always got me hard. She offered to drive me to school since I was in no state to walk.

The first time she drove me to school seemed normal until she took a detour and stoped at an abandoned factory. " I have been wanting to make it up to you for what happened and I have seen how you get hard everytime I hug you so I am going to give a blowjob". I was so shocked I could not speak when she pulled my 7 inch dick out of my pants. She then proceeded to put her lips around my shaft which made me feel like I was going to cum. She then started to take more of my dick into her mouth until I moaned "Im cumming" which made her suck me faster until my dick exploded cum all over her mouth.

"If you dont say anything i'll keep doing this until you get better" she said. I agreed and she kept blowing me every morning. At class I would always watch her with hunger in my eyes then one day Rick catched me which made him say " Dude if you want her that bad you must be crazy because there is no way in hell she will ever date a student". After that incident I was always sneaky of stealing glances at her out of fear that Rick might get />
Then one day Lily whispered into my ear "stay after class I have a surprise for you today Matt". When everybody left I watched as she locked the door which was followed by her stripping slowly in front of me. Besides her birg perky breasts I noticed her shaved pussy "do you like because I shaved just for you" Lilith said as she proceeded to undress me, when she got to my pants she said "oh you have been naughty so as punishment you have to stick that big thing of yours in me".

She then grabbed my cock and shoved it deep in her pussy. We both moaned as I put her against a desk lifted her legs up and proceeded to thrust my cock deep into her vagina over and over again until I was litteraly pumping my cock into her, as I reached my climax I screamed "im gonna cum". She then to took my cock out of her pussy and shoved it down her throat just in time for me to cum inside her mouth. After that we got dressed and she drove me home as I was leaving the car she told me "Since you are such a naughty boy i'm going to have to start to tutor you everyday after school'.

The End

story by: Dante G

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: Dante G

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