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Being a young man, I needed to relieve myself of sexual tension at least once a day. This usually took place when I went to bed, so I often masturbated before I went to sleep. I used an elaborate ritual to prolong the enjoyment rather than just a straightforward stimulation to climax. I would have the light on but the curtains drawn. I would rub myself slowly and leisurely over the covering blanket using long strokes from thighs via my crotch to my navel, and then when I was aroused, start to rub myself over my shorts but under the covers. This would arouse me further and I would eventually push the coverings down towards my feet. I would continue rubbing the front of my shorts over my now rising member and then carry on with the slow arousal by putting my hand inside until I was fully hard. I then pushed the shorts down to my ankles and finished the job. Following this, I had to wipe up. I would turn out the light and open the curtains.
In my younger days I had only rented a room, but I came into some money after the death of an aunt. Having better pay, I decided to buy a flat locally, as I could now afford a mortgage. I moved into an apartment in the centre of town. I naturally continued my nightly ritual unless I had had a lucky break elsewhere.
My bedroom looked over the road and the rear of the flat faced into the main site. I still kept the curtains drawn during my masturbatory procedures even though there was no building opposite with windows overlooking mine. The site was quite large and had more than one block. The neighbouring set of flats to mine was end on to my apartment and the end flat of that block had two windows opposite my rear bedroom.
On occasions I would sleep in the spare room at the rear for variety. One night, having followed my normal ritual, soon after a new neighbour had moved in. I saw that she was in her window as I drew back my curtains. She quickly stepped out of sight as though she had been caught looking. I did not think much about this until one morning I awoke and I saw that I had not for once pulled my curtains open the previous night. I had not realised how thin they were. They reflected the light from the room when it was dark outside, making them seem thick, but when it was daylight, I could see the next door building in considerable detail. It was also closer than I had appreciated. I wondered how much my new neighbour had seen. She was a widow I discovered. She usually exchanged pleasantries when we met in the grounds. I was not certain whether she knew which flat I lived in.
Anyway, one evening, I thought I would give her a show, to see if she was interested. I waited with my curtains open but with the lights out until I saw her light go on. I thought I could see slight movements even through her curtains, which were closed and then a light went on in another window. Again there were slight signs of movements. After a short while the second light went out and then the curtains were opened in the main window. I moved quickly towards the window and turned on my light making as though I had just come into my room. I then drew my curtains.
I proceeded to completely undress but slowly like a strip show in full view standing near my window. I slowly drew on my favourite shiny blue nylon shorts. I got into bed and began my routine. Only my lower body and legs would be visible to my watcher.
I accentuated my movements under the covers so that she could see, if she was watching, that I was in action as I had been on the earlier occasion, as she might have thought that there was nothing worth watching. I did not know for certain how much of my routine she had actually previously seen. My overt rubbing after I had moved the covers down to my feet, was followed by my usual stroking over my shorts and then the stimulation inside them. When fully erect, I performed an extra slow pulling down of my shorts so that my shaft was held down until the last moment and then it sprang violently free with, to me, an audible slap on my stomach. I then did a slow rub and with the hand further away from the window, so that she might have a better view, pulled back my foreskin and stroked my shaft topped by my exposed knob. I even wetted my fingers and rubbed them gently in circles to prolong the show. After a while, I thought she might be getting bored, so I began to stroke myself ostentatiously until I felt my orgasm approaching, and as I climaxed, I arched my back for her benefit, so that although presumably she could not see the results at that range, she would fully realise what was happening. I did not wait to clean myself up this time, quickly put out the light and opened the curtains.
I could plainly see my neighbour in her window. She made no attempt to hide. She must have been poleaxed by my show. I turned on the light again and went out of the room. I came back in slowly a moment later so that she could see plainly who she had been watching, before getting into bed and turning out the light. I wondered how she would react when we next met. She would not know that I knew what she had seen. Anyway, far from avoiding me or appearing embarrassed, she positively waylaid me and chatted away, ending with saying that she would invite me round for a drink sometime . What had she in mind, I thought. I was soon to find out.

story by: john haldane

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Author: john haldane

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