Jo and the man

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Jo and the Man by Aquinas

Jo and the Man

This is another story in the "Jo" series – see previous, Jo and the Guys and Jo and the Boys.

Jo lay back on the porch couch, her legs spread wide as Dan thrust his hard cock in and out of her. He lasted almost two minutes before he started to cum. His sweaty 15 year old body slapped against Jo's, well, thirty something thighs as he shot his cum inside her. He had done this nearly a dozen times over the course of a long hot summer. His staying power had improved somewhat, but it appeared to me that his interest and intensity had diminished. I was watching, as usual, unseen from the next room.

Jo also seemed to have lost some of her initial excitement in these teenage trysts. After a few minutes of fairly hard sex with Dan's good sized cock, she was just getting warmed up. As usual, Dan's buddy Steve was right there, his own cock in hand, ready to go next. The third member of the trio, Bill, was no where to be seen. He hadn't been there for the previous week's play time with Jo either.

Dan pulled out and left Jo laying back, legs apart. A thread of his semen decorated her cunt. Steve, the wise guy leader of the group looked at that and shook his head.

"I don't want sloppy seconds" he said "Here, why don't you just blow me?"

He stepped toward Jo, his cock in one hand, pointing toward her face. Jo looked at him, surprised for a moment, then angry. She sat up, closing her legs.

"Fuck you! I'm not good enough for you all of a sudden? A few weeks ago you were begging to fuck me!"

"But… but…" Steve began to realize he had made a serious tactical error. "But you always let me go first!" His voice lost all the bravado of a moment ago. Jo looked at him and shook her head.

"I let you go first because you've got the smallest cock. I didn't think I would even feel you if you went after the other guys."

Steve almost doubled over in anguish. His cock drooped limply in his hand, living down to the insult Jo had just given him. He avoided looking at her as he scrambled to get his shorts and leave. Dan left with him, but with a bit of a smirk on his face. He'd gotten off with Jo and gotten over on Steve. Not a bad day for him.

That night Jo and I lay together in bed.

"I don't think it's working out too well with those boys." she said.

Though she was well aware that I knew what she had been doing, we seldom acknowledged it directly. Jo had used sex with the lawn mowing boys as way to push my buttons and have a wild sexual experience – something she seemed to need to do sometimes. But after her initial adventure, the thing had just continued for weeks into the summer.

"What's not working out?" I kept my voice neutral and pushed her to address the situation directly. A little revenge for me.

"My… uh my um with them. I think it isn't such a good idea. I think we should stop having them mow for us."

Inside, I was yelling "I told you so", but I knew that I would only end up paying dearly if I tried to say that. In any way. On the other hand, I couldn't resist a little jab.

"You don't like the job they do?"

Jo glared at me and I began to worry that I had gone too far. Then she seemed to think twice and she let her head fall back on her pillow.

"No, I think I made a mistake about them. I thought they really appreciated me, that maybe they could learn something from me and… Oh, I don't know. I guess I thought it could be something special. But today one of them just started to treat me like, well he just was taking me for granted."

It's funny how many times Jo has had sex with other men in situations where it was all but impossible for me to ignore and yet she never acknowledged my presence. She had to know that I was aware of her that afternoon and that there was a very good chance I had witnessed it – as I had. But with a couple very notable exceptions, she never admitted that she knew. There was a lot more than that simple irony in Jo's statement about the afternoon. The not being taken for granted part goes a long way toward explaining why she does some of the things she does. That and a strong sexual drive and a particular fondness for somewhat outrageous sex and very big cocks.

"Ok. Tomorrow I'll call the kids' folks and tell them we don't need anymore lawn mowing. It's Dan, Steve and Bill, right?"

"Thanks. But you don't need to call Bill. His Mom called last week and said he couldn't work anymore."

That was news to me, and something about it was unsettling. But I didn't have much chance to think twice, as Jo had some other ideas for my immediate attention. She snuggled close to me and we began making out. My mouth pressed against hers, my hands roamed over her beautiful full breasts and my mouth soon followed. I worked my way down her body, parting her legs so I had access to her pussy. As I licked and sucked her cunt lips and clit and fingered inside her, I remembered watching Dan pump his hard cock in and out of her earlier that day. Maybe Jo remembered as well. Either way, she started coming and pressed her crotch hard against my face.

I guess that having been worked up earlier then denied the chance to come made this a better than usual orgasm for Jo. She always liked the way I did her orally, but this time she came harder and longer than usual. When she finally was finished, I was rock hard and ready to enter her. But as I rose up to do so, Jo put a hand on my chest and pushed me back gently. I lay back as she took my cock in her mouth.

This was unusual. We frequently got into a nice 69, but Jo almost never gave me head this way. That was too bad, because she really did it well. As I had sometimes seen with other men. In moments I felt myself starting to come. Jo hung in there and took it all down her throat. I lay back drained in every sense and she lay down beside me. We kissed some more then both fell off to sleep.

The next day was Sunday. I decided to wait one more day before calling the boys to cancel I figured it would be better to let a day go by after the last little scene. Besides, on Monday I could call from work, somehow that seemed more professional and I figured I would be more likely to reach the boys' Moms. That also seemed to put some distance between recent events and this reaction.

At work Monday I followed through. Dan's Mom answered when I called, as I had hoped. I explained that as I had more free time during August and the grass was growing slower in the heat (both true), there was no further need for Dan's His Mom was pleasant and sounded understanding. No problem.

I called Steve's house and Steve answered. Not what I'd hoped for, but oh well. I gave him the same story I had given Dan's Mom. There was a silence on his end as I finished, then he abruptly said "Yeah, well whatever." and hung up. That left me a bit troubled. I told myself to watch out, if there were going to be problems, that was where they'd come from. I turned out to be only half right.

Then I decided to call Bill's house. Jo had told me he was through anyway, but I figured it would be best just to make sure. Bill seemed to me to be kind of on the slow side and I wanted to make sure things were cleared up. Besides that, Bill was the one with the big 8 inch dick. The other guys had usually just warmed Jo up so she could get some serious meat from Bill. I didn't want him turning up unexpectedly.

I called and Bill's Mom answered. I gave her the story and again, no problems. I was glad I called though because she told me Bill had been at camp for two weeks and that was why he hadn't been out to mow. If I hadn't called, he probably would have been there on Saturday.

I felt good about all that. True, Steve was a little worrying, but I figured it was unlikely that he'd go telling tales about the woman who wouldn't blow him and called his dick small. Even if she had let him screw her several times before that.

The rest of my day went well. That night, as we were again in bed, Jo hesitantly began to ask "Did you call…?" I stopped her before she had to say more and just told her that I had taken care of everything. She obviously was relieved that it was done and that I had not made her get into a discussion about the whole thing. As a reward, I got to be part of a really sweet session of love making. This time there was no oral foreplay from either of us, but just the slow pleasurable sex that can only happen between two people who know each other very well.

Tuesday I was still feeling the glow from a couple nights of great sex and the knowledge that I had come through for Jo, making a potentially tough thing easy. That's what I do best in a relationship. Sometimes. I was on a high and by the end of the day had managed to cruise through all the projects that had demanded my attention before I could take some vacation. I was at least a day ahead of my expected schedule. That meant no more work for two and a half weeks. Elated, I said goodbye to everyone else at work, told them I'd see them in a few weeks and headed home.

Out of the air conditioned office, I realized just how hot the day had gotten. It was steamy. I drove home, windows down, tie off, shirt unbuttoned. When I got home I saw all the indications that Jo had gotten started on the gin and tonics early. The third of a lime on the kitchen counter, empty ice cube tray, tonic bottle left out and much of a fifth of gin gone. I looked in the living room and saw Jo passed out on the couch.

I wasn't too concerned. Jo's drinking was a sporadic thing. She would go weeks drinking very little, then binge some for a while. As long as things were ok between us, like then, there wasn't much to worry about. Besides, I felt too good to worry much about all that. So I decided to fix myself a drink to celebrate.

I was about two thirds through my g&t when I heard a vehicle pull up. We live in a fairly isolated spot, so that got my attention. I got up and looked out the window. The vehicle was a pickup, not new but well maintained. The single occupant stepped out and after a short hesitation, headed for the front door. He was a big guy and as he got closer I could see he was also not a happy guy.

Though I had seen him coming, I waited for the knock on the door instead of just opening it up. I tried to figure out who he was, but he was completely unfamiliar to me. The knock finally came, but it took longer than I expected. As though he had again hesitated at the door. When it came, it was a firm, loud knock. Once, twice, three times then a pause. I opened the door.

I'd like to say I came face to face with this guy, but that would be a lie. He practically towered over me, standing at least I changed my estimate of his expression from unhappy to just plain angry.

"I need to talk to you." was all he said as he all but pushed me aside to enter the house. I closed the door behind him and took further stock. He was definitely all of 6/6 and very muscular to boot. It wasn't hard to see that, as he was dressed in khaki shorts and a tank top. From the way his sandy hair was matted and his deep tan, I guessed he worked construction and his hard hat was still in the truck. The battered work boots also advertised that this was not a leisure time outfit for him.

I heard Jo stir in the next room, aroused no doubt by the noise. The guy turned to me and said "I want to talk to you about the way your wife is messing with my son." His tone indicated that this was not going to be a pleasant chat. My mind raced, my heart raced, I could see that Jo's little summer adventure had gotten us in deep shit. I began to worry. No, worry isn't the word for it, I was scared shitless that this whole thing would end up in court, either as a huge scandal or as a murder. In the latter case, I had a real fear that I would be the victim. I anticipated serious pain.

"Who the hell are you?"

Jo stood at the entrance to the living room, arms akimbo, challenging the giant.

He looked at her and I swear he melted a bit. He almost seemed an inch shorter. Jo also wore khaki shorts and a tank top, but the effect was quite different on her. She was bare foot instead of booted, smooth where he was muscled, almost equally tanned, but the way her nipples stood out against her thin shirt made that comparison an afterthought.

His tone changed some, not quite to the "aw shucks" that I would have hoped for, but it at least approximated civil human sounds.

"I'm Billy's dad. I just talked to him, and he's pretty worked up about the way you led him on and then just dropped him."

The big guy seemed to be thinking twice about his original 'loaded for bear' approach. It was easy for Jo to motion him into the living room, saying "Come on in. Lets talk."

As she did, she looked over his shoulder (not as easy a thing as you might think!) and tossed her head to indicate that I should get out of there. I was confused and didn't move for a moment so Jo made it all the more emphatic by closing the door to the living room behind her as she ushered the big guy in. I was left standing there, wondering what that all meant.

A number of things fought to be at the top of my mind. What was going on in there? Was this guy going to confront her about fucking his son? That seemed pretty certain. What was she going to do about it? Get angry and defensive? That wouldn't be out of line with what I knew about Jo. I half expected her to start yelling "nazi pig" at him and chase him out. So he could beat me up.

On the other hand, he could be just the kind of guy she liked to fuck. If the rest of him matched his outward appearance. Would she screw him to get him to lay off? What about that closed door? That was something she had only done once before in all our years together. And I still didn't know what had been going on that time.

I was still pumped with adrenaline and undecided about what I could do. I tried putting my ear to the door. I thought I could hear conversation, but mostly I heard my own pulse pounding. I stepped away, thinking I could go outside and peek in the window. Then I rejected that. I'd have to get something to stand on and I'd be totally visible as I looked in. All the same, I stepped out the front door to survey the possibilities. They didn't look any better than I had imagined.

I walked halfway around the house, trying to figure out a way to see what was happening and all the time knowing that there wasn't anything satisfactory. I went back in and put my ear to the door again. Again I thought I heard voices, but my heart was pounding even more than before, figuring that the door could open any time. Finally, I went back outside and sat on the front step. I had calmed down a fair bit when I thought I heard the living room door open inside. I stood up and stepped away from the front door. In a moment, it opened and the big guy exited. He walked past me and gave me a noncommittal sort of glance as he headed back to his truck. The front door stayed open behind him and I reentered the house as he drove away.

Jo was standing by the entrance to the living room. She looked calm. I took special note of her clothes. They seemed undisturbed. I felt some relief that whatever had happened, she probably had remained dressed for it. That wouldn't preclude a blowjob, but that really wasn't her style. Unless it was part of something more.

It was a delicate moment. My mind screamed for me to press for information but I knew Jo too well. If I was going to find out what went on, I'd have to let her tell me in her own way and her own time.

So I did what should have been my first impulse anyway. I asked if she was OK. Jo looked relieved that I wasn't going for the interrogation. She said "Yeah, but that was pretty heavy."

I didn't press for details. Instead I fixed each of us a drink. And I waited until Jo was ready to talk about what had happened.

That didn't happen until some time later that night. Again, we were in bed. I was pretending to be interested in a book, Jo was lying back with another drink in her hand. Out of nowhere she asked, " You know why Roger was so pissed off today?"

My first two impulses were to ask who Roger was, which was pretty easy to guess, or to suggest he was pissed because Jo had been screwing his 15 year old son for a couple months. I held back on both and at the risk of sounding like a simpleton, simply said "No, why?"

Jo got a wistful, almost teary expression. The alcohol probably contributed to that. "His son Billy has a crush on me. When he came back from camp and found out you had called and said he couldn't work here, it broke his heart."

I felt like screaming. "Has a crush on you? What the hell! You've been letting him fuck you for weeks!" But I didn't. I kept my peace and let her finish what she had started.

"Why did you have to call his mom and tell her he was done? He got back from camp, the best time of his life and that's what he had to hear! He's got learning problems. He's slower than most boys. It wasn't right."

The alcohol had definitely taken Jo beyond normal reason. The sarcastic side of me commented internally " Yeah, he's slower than most boys. That's why you liked him so much. He didn't come in a minute." Instead, I tried to be somewhat logical.

"So what would have happened if I hadn't called? He would have shown up here next Saturday. What would you have done then?"

"I don't know. But I would have been more sensitive to him!"

All of a sudden there was this anger that I had not at all been prepared for. I didn't know what to do, so I just put my book aside and lay back. After several minutes, Jo did the same with her drink and shut out the light. We both slept after a while but without any tenderness.

The next day, despite the uncomfortable night, I slept in. About 10:00 Jo rolled over, looked at the clock and sat up. She shook me. "Oh my god, you're late for work!"

I yawned lazily and reminded her that I was on vacation.

"I thought that started />
"No, I told you. I finished up early. I don't have to go back for over two weeks."

I had told her, but it was after the whole scene with Roger and I suppose it wasn't too surprising she had forgotten. Still, she seemed really hung up on it.

"You're sure? There's nothing you have to go in for?"

I reassured her and tried to take advantage of the situation to initiate some morning sex. But Jo was distracted and not receptive. I shrugged it off. If she had half the hangover I had, it was understandable. I laid back in bed as Jo got up and went to the shower.

I dozed a bit, then rolled over and looked at the clock. It was after 10:30. I got up, had my own shower and then dressed casually for the hot day to come. When I got downstairs, Jo was already out weeding the garden. I had some coffee and a bite to eat, then sat on the porch to read the newspaper and mail. Around 11:30 Jo came in. There was something off about the way she looked at me as she headed into the house and began to do some cleaning up in the kitchen. I called in to her and offered to help, but she declined. Still, there was something almost nervous in her voice.

Just after noon, the phone rang. Jo had it before the first ring ended. I couldn't hear what she was saying, her voice was low, but the call lasted a couple minutes. I waited until I heard her hang up, then went inside.

"Who was that?"

"Oh, uh," Jo fumbled a second then brightened a bit. "That was Roger. He apologized for yesterday. He wanted me to tell you that he's sorry if he was rude to you."

That felt pretty Ok. I had begun to worry that something funny was going on, but now it just seemed that Jo just hadn't expected me to be around that day and probably had some residual shakes from last night's booze. But something still seemed to hang in the air. I couldn't pin it down until Jo did it for me.

"Uh, I'm going into town in a little while."

I nodded and offered to go along.

"Maybe we could have lunch at the Cafe"

"No. You don't understand. Roger's picking me up. He's got the afternoon off and he'll be here in a bit. I've got to go change."

That knocked me right back. I found my voice though and spoke as Jo turned away.

"What? You're going out with Roger? The guy comes in here yesterday ready to kill someone, today he calls to apologize to me and at the same time ask you out? What's that all about?"

"Look, yesterday when we talked, he asked about you. I told him that we're roommates, not married. It's the truth. Anyway, he probably would have beaten you up if he thought we had a />
"So you're saying that you're doing this for me? You're going out on a date with some other guy to help me out? Thanks a lot!"

At that, Jo's eyes flashed and her anger stirred. "Alright, so he's a good looking guy! And when I told him we weren't a couple, he asked me out. And you know what? I said yes. The rest of it's none of your damn />
With that she stormed away and went to change. I thought of following her to continue the argument, but I knew it was too late. Nothing good could come from it. All that could happen was that Jo would decide to take things even further.

Upstairs, Jo changed her clothes, but not her outfit. She just switched to another pair of shorts and another tank top – her summer uniform. I don't know if she changed her panties, but when she came downstairs, I could see that she had discarded her bra. She didn't usually wear one anyway, except for working or exercising outdoors. Still, it upset me to see her ready to meet Roger with her nipples pushing hard against the thin fabric of her top.

I struggled to find something to say, but came up empty. I heard the truck pull into the yard and Jo just said "Here he is." as she headed out the door. I must have looked pretty pathetic because she stopped in the doorway, turned and brushed one hand over my cheek. Her expression had changed from tight determination to something I guess was just pity. Then she turned and left.

I watched through the window as she climbed into Roger's truck. All pity, determination and anger were gone from her face. She just looked happy.

Agitated, I began to pace around the house. At first I tried to think of things I could do. I considered getting in my car to follow them, but then what? If I caught up to them I could make a scene, tell Roger that Jo and I were lovers, ruin their plans. And what would come of it? Jo would only get more determined to keep me from controlling her. And Roger, well he could really mess up my day. Not to mention my face.

Besides, what Jo had told him wasn't totally untrue. We weren't married, though Jo knew I would wed her anytime she wanted. I had stopped asking a long time ago, but the offer was still good. In fact, she had made it a sort of condition that she move in with me as a roommate. She paid a share of the bills, though again I had offered to cover all the expenses. She even had her own room. In a four bedroom house, we had space to spare. Jo's room adjoined our bedroom through the walk-in closet. She had a bed there and kept some personal possessions there as well. Once in a great while she even slept there. Jo's past had included some pretty traumatic events and there were times when she needed space and privacy to sort through her memories and her feelings.

I began to grasp at straws to reassure myself. Trying to use logic to overcome unbearable emotion. Going into Spock mode. Jo had said Roger took the afternoon off. Still, he had to get home to the wife and kid sometime. A good blue collar guy like that probably expected dinner on the table by 6:00. And at the same time, his wife probably would allow him time for a few quick beers after work, but his ass would be in a sling if he was very late. Especially as it was only Wednesday. He had to be up early for work the next day.

So that left some hours for him and Jo to do whatever, but I was pretty sure he wasn't the type (or the income bracket) to get a motel room. There was every reason to believe that they might have some drinks, find a quiet place to park the truck, maybe get it on, but that wasn't anything too extreme for Jo. Nothing we hadn't been able to deal with before. Probably a one-time thing.

He'd drop her off before 6:00 and she'd come in a bit drunk and maybe defensive. I could handle it.

And if not? Well, there was always Roger's wife. I had talked to her just two days ago. She sounded nice. Push come to shove, he's not likely to drop her, pay alimony and child support to be with Jo. I began to feel a little better.

Still, I had nothing much to do and a lot of reason to stay occupied to keep this mess off my mind. So I cleaned the house and began to prepare a nice supper. I'm a pretty fair cook when I have time to work at it and I got a nice meal ready to just cook and serve. I figured that when Jo came home, I'd woo her with domestic charm and pretend to ignore the afternoon. The only way things could get unpleasant would be if she made them unpleasant. It wasn't going to be my fault if this situation got bad.

By 5:00 or so I began stepping to the window every time I thought I heard a vehicle. A few went by as most folks ended their working day, but no sign of Jo. That was OK. I hadn't expected her much before 6 anyway.

6:00 came and went. What little traffic had been going by seemed to end altogether. The nicely set table began to look foolish to me. I felt flashes of impatience, even frustrated rage. There was a temptation to smash all the dishes. Instead, I fixed (another) drink.

By 8:30 I was pretty hammered. I thought of driving into town to try to find Jo, but fortunately what remained of common sense told me no. A DWI arrest wouldn't make a bad night better. I nibbled at some of the food I'd prepared, but the alcohol was making me feel full. Finally, about 9:30, as the last light of the day was gone, I stumbled to bed and passed out.

Sometime in the wee morning hours I woke. For a moment I forgot the troubles of the day but as I reached to the other side of the bed and found it empty, I remembered. My head felt really bad. Then I heard a vehicle door shut outside. I must have been awakened when it pulled in. My heart began to race as I heard the front door open and close. After what seemed like forever, I heard someone on the stairs.

I lay still as Jo came into the bedroom. My eyes were accustomed to the dark and I could see her outline as she peeled off her clothes then slid onto the bed. />
Jo startled as I spoke.

"You're still up?"

"I was sleeping. I heard you coming in."

There was a long silence. It was a waiting game – who would speak first. Finally I broke. But only slightly.

"So what?"

Jo wasn't going to give in that easily.

"So, uh, how was your day?"

"Fine." There was a lengthy pause, "How was yours?"

I weighed my options briefly, then went for it.

"Shitty. I didn't know where you were all day and most of the night. I tried to make a nice dinner for you, but you weren't here, you didn't even call. Now you show up at whatever o'clock in the morning and ask me about my day!"

"Yeah? Well you asked first, like nothing was up! You really want to know about my day? It was great! Roger took me out to lunch, then we went back to his place. And we had a real good time."

"His place? His wife must've really loved that!"

"His wife? What are you… they've been divorced for years. He's got a place in the city. That's where we went."

I didn't know what to say. The scenario I had constructed in my own head crumbled as what Jo said hit me. Roger was a single guy. This might not be just an impulse fuck. Everything was different. And not a good sort of different. I lay back, silent for a minute or two. Then Jo went on.

"He's a big man."

"Yeah, I could see that."

"That's not what I mean."

I knew what she meant. Especially as I wasn't such a big man, in either sense.

"It felt really good. To have a real man like that." Jo turned on her side to face me and leaned on her elbow as she continued to talk.

"God! He is so big! I almost passed out when we… we did it. I haven't felt anything like that in a long time. Maybe ever."

I squirmed uncomfortably beside her. Jo's voice took on a slightly nasty edge. "He wanted me to stay all night, but I made him take me home. I didn't think I'd be able to walk tomorrow if he made it with me one more time."

"Are you going to see him again?"

There really wasn't anything else for me to say. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. Jo lay silent beside me but our bodies didn't touch. I don't know how long it took her to get to sleep, but for me it seemed like a long time.

I got up the next morning feeling shitty all over. I hurt inside and out. Jo slept late. I didn't know what to do with myself, so I ended up taking a drive into town and picking up some stuff at the hardware store. That done, I still didn't want to go home. I didn't know what to say to Jo or what it would be like to be around her. I stopped into the Cafe and had a little early lunch, it was only about 11:00. Then I drove slowly home.

On the way, I stopped into the tiny store just before the turn off for the house. I realized I was out of beer and had a strong suspicion I'd be wanting some later. The day was getting hot and lunch had only barely taken the edge off my hangover.

The store was a hole in the wall specializing in cigarettes, beer and overpriced groceries. It smelled funny too. I didn't do much shopping there but I had been making a point of stopping in every few days just to see the cutie who often ran the register. She was very young, certainly not 16, but she had a tight little body. She also seemed to flirt with me most times I saw her there. I wasn't sure about that, but it flattered me to believe it. At that moment I was really up for some flattery.

I was lucky. Cutie was behind the counter. It was a 50/50 chance that it would be her or a really fat woman who I think was Cutie's mother. The fat woman definitely flirted with me when she was there, but that was far from flattering. Grotesque would be closer to it.

However, as I said, I was lucky. Finally something was going ok that day. Cutie smiled and said Hi as I walked in. She wore her usual outfit, a loose t shirt with rolled sleeves and too-tight shorts. Her dark blonde hair hung down, untied, to about the middle of her back.

I got my beer from the cooler and grabbed a paper. Cutie gave me a sweet, big eyed look as I put them on the counter and she rang them up. As usual, she asked if I wanted a bag and as usual I said yes. That was the best part.

First, Cutie had to bend way over to get a paper bag. Her little ass wiggled for my viewing pleasure as she did that. Then she had to put the beer in the bag. Lifting it way up high, I got to look down the short sleeves of her t shirt and got a fair view of her skin and her little white bra. She always wore the bra, which was too bad. Even with the undergarment she was pretty much flat chested. I didn't even really know if the slight mounds that pushed out the front of her shirt were more than just bra.

Cutie smiled, wished me a nice day in a tone that seemed very suggestive, and I returned the wish. I was smiling as I walked out. But only for a moment. A beat up little black car pulled up to the store, its engine sounding much tougher than it was due to a bad exhaust. I had to walk around it to get to my car. The driver stepped out. It was Steve, the recently dismissed "lawn mower". Dan was in the passenger seat and in the back I saw Bill. Bill waved at me and smiled in his simple way.

I said hi to Steve and was rewarded with a grunt and a glower. No big surprise. That was about as much as I ever had heard from him, even when I was paying him. He walked past me and opened the door to the store. From inside I could hear Cutie saying "Oh hi Steve! Cool car!"

That pretty much ruined what little glow I had gotten from the trip to the store. I walked to my car shaking my head, realizing how stupid the whole thing was. There I was, getting a kick out of watching Cutie wiggle her ass for me while her big ambition was to let Steve screw her in the backseat of his crappy little car. Of all people too! Steve!

The lousy feelings returned with a vengeance as I drove home. It was a bit after noon when I got in. As I entered the house, I heard Jo talking on the phone. She laughed out loud, then lowered her voice as she heard me close the door. I knew she had to be talking to Roger. Must be he was calling during his lunch. I put the beers away in the fridge, all but one. I didn't bother to tiptoe around while Jo talked, but I made a point of not listening either. I took the one beer and the stuff I had bought in town and went out to the barn to fix one of the doors.

The job took longer than I had expected. They usually do. The day was getting hotter and after an hour or so I went back to the house to grab another beer. Jo was reading on the screened porch as I passed by. I said Hi on the way and got a Hi back. On the way out to the barn again, she asked what I was doing. I told her, in a reasonable voice and she responded the same way. As if nothing had happened.

Later, when I was finished with the door and several other smaller things I had found along the way, I went back to the house. I didn't see Jo, but I knew she was around. I washed up downstairs and realized I was getting hungry. I opened another beer and took a look in the fridge. There were plenty of good left overs from the night before. I frowned as I remembered making that meal, then shrugged it off. Just then, Jo came into the kitchen.

I asked as I turned away from the fridge.

Jo smiled at me and I thought I could measure some relief on her part that I was being civil.

"Yeah. Whatcha got there?"

I took out the leftovers and we worked together to set up a really nice supper. We ate together on the porch, enjoying the food, engaging in small talk and never mentioning any of the recent troubles. When the meal was done, I felt pretty good. It was dark, the evening air grew nicely cool, and Jo and I did the dishes together.

As we worked together, our bodies brushed each other and soon one thing led to another. I wound up holding Jo tight and kissing her long and deep for several minutes. She responded in kind. I took her hand and led her up to our bedroom. I helped her out of the few clothes she was wearing as I peeled out of my own. Jo lay back naked on the bed, legs slightly parted. I knelt between them and was about to go down on her – that was our usual routine – when I noticed something was different. As my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I could see that Jo's usually cluttered bedside table was bare. Even her clock was gone.

I realized that she must have moved her stuff into the other bedroom. I felt a strange combination of sorrow and anger. And there she was, naked, legs apart, waiting for me to lick her cunt.

Instead, I took me still hard cock and pushed it into her with one hard thrust. Jo let out a surprised sound but didn't resist this change of routine. I began fucking her and fucking her hard. Jo gasped and began to moan. Then I came. I shot my load in her after only a minute or more. Jo had just started to get warmed up. Still feeling shocked and angry, I didn't bother with any afterplay or make any attempt to help her get off. I just rolled off her and lay beside her.

Jo didn't say anything. She just lay there for several minutes. Then she got up. Gathering her clothes in the dark she left. We slept apart.

I regretted my actions almost as soon as she left. But there was no taking anything back. Besides, I told myself, I didn't want some sort of sympathy or consolation fuck from her.

Later on, I realized I would take any kind of fuck she'd give me. But it was late. Too late.

The next day sucked. I woke up late and lay in bed alone for some time. I decided to talk to Jo, to apologize very directly for the night before and to ask her what we could try to make things right between us. I was ready to swallow any and all pride and do whatever it took.

But when I got up, Jo was gone. Her car was gone and I had no idea where she went. I wasted the day on moping and bad TV. I figured Jo was with Roger.

Late in the afternoon, she pulled into the yard. As she unloaded her car, I could see that it had been a shopping day. I realized that Roger probably wasn't any part of it.

On the other hand, much of what Jo bought turned out to be things to make her room nicer. Meaning she was determined to make this change in our domestic arrangement. Meaning we were going to continue sleeping apart. At one point, when Jo was in the shower, I snuck into her room and looked at the stuff she had purchased. New sheets, a couple better pillows, several scented candles on the bed stand. I opened the drawer of the stand and there was a new tube of KY jelly. That hadn't been something we'd ever needed.

That didn't make me any too happy. My earlier resolutions went out the window and I ended up just ignoring her when she came in the house. Jo did the same to me. We spent the rest of the evening pretending the other wasn't there and then retired to our separate rooms.

The next day I realized that the lawn needed mowing and no one was coming out to do that. It hadn't grown a lot in the late summer heat, but the fact was that in recent weeks the quality of lawn care had declined markedly as the boys spent their time either fucking Jo or thinking about fucking Jo. So I fired up the lawn tractor mid-morning and went to it.

I was done with all but the trimming by about 12:30, which left me wondering why we had been paying 3 boys to work at this all day. I parked the tractor in the barn and came around the side of the house. That's when I saw Roger's truck. He must have arrived while I was mowing, as I hadn't heard him pull in.

I entered the house through the back door. From the kitchen I could see that Jo and Roger were in the living room. Peering around the corner a bit I watched as they grappled and made out on the couch. Their faces were pressed hard together and I could hear some heavy breathing as they clutched at each other.

I returned to the kitchen and made a sandwich. I didn't do anything to be particularly quiet. As I let the refrigerator door shut, I thought I heard Jo's voice in the next room. When I looked in again, they were headed up the stairs, Jo leading Roger by the hand.

I actually ate half a sandwich, then couldn't take it anymore. I slipped upstairs to my bedroom. On the way, I passed the closed door to Jo's room. There were muffled sounds from inside.

From my room, I entered the walk in closet and crept toward the entrance to Jo's room. On her end the louvered doors were slightly ajar. From the darkness of the closet, I looked into her room.

Jo and Roger were on the bed making out. Jo's top was off and Roger bent over to suck on her sweet hard nipples. Jo moaned. Big as he was, Roger made Jo look small as he held her. Continuing to suck her tits, Roger managed to pull off Jo's shorts and panties. His own shirt was off already. I watched as his tanned muscular torso slid down over Jo's writhing body. Her legs spread wide to give him full access to her waiting cunt. She gasped and moaned as he ate her out.

Jo's hips began to buck and she pushed her crotch against Roger's face as she came. Roger stayed with her and kept licking and sucking for minutes while she came. As Jo's movements slowed, Roger lifted his face, then moved up to kneel between her legs. Jo opened her eyes to watch as he pulled off his shorts.

I already knew he was hung from Jo's report. All I can say is that she didn't exaggerate. If anything, she had understated the facts. Roger's cock waved in front of him, fully erect. Even on a big man like him, it looked oversized. It had to be over 8 inches long, firm and very thick. The most remarkable thing was the head. It flared out, thick and dark pink, maybe the size of a plum. It capped his huge cock like a helmet or even a mushroom cap.

Jo's mouth hung half open, her eyes glazed with lust as Roger took that big thick cock with one hand and brought it to her engorged cunt lips. Jo let out a long, loud moan as he pushed it into her. Roger pushed in slowly, nearly halfway, then pulled back. He pushed in again, even deeper. Jo was going nuts. Each slow thrust put that big cock deeper and deeper inside her. Jo's hands clutched at Roger's back. Her legs spread wide and her outspread feet trembled as Roger slowly fucked her.

Jo started coming again. Her fingers dug into Roger's flesh, but he didn't seem to care. He kept his slow, steady pace as Jo cried out, as loud as I've ever heard her in bed. Her legs wrapped around him and her thighs quivered as she literally screamed out her orgasm. Then Jo's arms fell away, her legs relaxed and she lay still.

Roger paused, then pulled back and thrust hard into her. Jo let out a grunt and her body quivered from the impact of the thrust. Roger slowly pulled back and did it again. And again. He started thrusting faster and faster, harder and harder. Jo roused herself and again wrapped her arms around him. She began making sounds like I'd never heard from her.

Keep in mind that I had seen Jo get fucked by guys with really big cocks before. Probably even longer than Roger's, but also probably not as thick. I had seen her come in a lot of wild ways, but nothing ever like this. Roger was thrusting fast and hard, his low hanging balls slapping against her ass, their thighs slapping loudly together. Jo was making wild, incoherent sounds as she started coming and coming. And coming some more.

Finally, maybe half an hour after he first put it into her, Roger started coming too. His head arched up and he grimaced as he thrust harder than even before. Jo had given up by that time. She was laying there, legs spread, arms out beside her, practically limp. Roger let out a loud moan as he began to shoot into her. He thrust several dozen more times, slowing as he went, then finally stopped.

Jo lay there as if she was half dead. Roger bent his head down and kissed her but Jo was pretty much past responding. A long minute later, Roger pulled out of her. Even half soft, his cock seemed to take forever to pull out. Jo moaned as it finally left her cunt empty. Empty except for the big load he had shot into her. As Roger rolled over to get off Jo, her legs stayed spread. I saw her cunt distended, wide open from his fucking. Thick white cum rolled out of her to leave a huge wet spot on the mattress between her legs. I slipped back through the closet and down stairs.

I figured that was about as much as they could do that weekend, but I was wrong. Nearly an hour later, Jo and Roger came downstairs. I was in the living room. Jo just told me that they were going out for supper. After they left, I made my own meal. Later I went to bed.

Not much later, I heard a vehicle pull in. I heard them come in and come up the stairs, whispering to each other. It wasn't more than 15 minutes before I began to hear Jo moaning in her room. Then the sound of her bed creaking and a lot more moaning. Remembering what I had watched that afternoon, I found myself getting hard. Pathetic as it was, I jerked off while I listened to the woman I love getting fucked hard in the next room.

Roger must have left sometime before I woke the next day. His truck was gone when I got up. That somehow provided a small satisfaction. At least he wasn't moving in. I had some breakfast, then went out and finished the trim work for the mowing. I knew Jo was still in bed, but fuck her. So what if I woke her up.

Around 10:30 when I finished, I went inside. I guess I had woken Jo. I found her coming down the stairs with a bag in her hand.

"What's going on?"

Jo looked slightly embarrassed.

"Roger asked me to go over to his place for a few days. His last job ended Friday and he doesn't have anything until />
"But you'll be back?"

I realized I sounded plaintive.

"Yes, I'll be back. I'll call you before then, ok?"

We hugged, awkwardly. There was so much more I thought needed saying, but I had no idea how to say it. And then Jo was gone.

The rest of the day became a devoted exploration of the liquor cabinet. I don't usually do that, but if there ever was an excuse, I think I had it. Unfortunately, there is always a day after. And when Monday dawned, it was a day after with a vengeance.

First, I was hung over. Not just a few beers too many hung over, three alarm hung over. I would have tried to sleep through it, stay in bed until noon, but it was also hot. I admit, I had seen the forecast, I knew what was coming, but I didn't really give it enough credit.

By 9:30 the sun was beating down hard on my bedroom windows. The temperature outside had already hit the upper 80's. And the humidity was just starting to kick in. Pounding head aside, there was no way for me to sleep any more. And in reality, I'd already slept nearly 10 hours. No way around it, I was going to have to get up and face the day.

After finding that coffee and a shower only barely cut through the pain, I realized I'd have to accept one bad, sick day. Or have a drink and put it off until tomorrow. I took that route. With little or no hesitation.

So there I was, before 11:00 in the AM, sipping a gin and tonic. It didn't cure everything, but it did take a big part of the edge off. With one drink in me, I felt like another. So I had one.

By about 2:00 I realized a couple things. One was that if I kept going like that I'd be in just the same spot tomorrow. The second was that I was almost out of gin and really needed to decide what to do.

What I decided was that I should switch to beer. And I knew just the place to get some. So off I went to see if Cutie would flirt with me today.

The smell of the store almost gagged me as I stepped in. Even worse was the sight of the fat woman behind the counter. Worse still, she didn't even seem to be flirting that day. She looked kind of disapproving.

I checked myself in the car mirror as I left with a 12 pack. I didn't look too bad. I reassured myself that fat woman's bad mood wasn't my fault. I was probably right for once.

I listened to the car radio on the few miles between the store and my house. The big story was the heat. In town the temperature had already passed 98. It was worse in the city. I thought about Jo and Roger. Serves them right.

I got back to the house and realized that it was just too damn hot to do anything. So I put the 12 pack on ice in a cooler, grabbed a towel and walked down to the swimming hole.

Technically, the swimming hole is on my property. I've posted signs, but in reality it is a public resource, something folks have taken advantage of long before I moved in. I don't do much to chase swimmers away unless things have gotten to a point where they're leaving a lot of trash or making a lot of noise. Once or twice a summer I have to go down and act all threatening just to keep the place clean and safe. And once in a while I take advantage of the situation to watch some of the lover's lane activity there.

As I walked to the hole that day, I saw that same stupid black car parked by the road. "Aw fuck" I thought as I began to anticipate another encounter with sullen Steve. The approach through my land offers an overlook of the swimming hole that covers the approaching observer. I continued on with my cooler and towel to the vantage point overlooking the water.

As I approached I heard voices. In particular, a fairly shrill female or very young male voice. That wasn't too unusual. As I reached the overlook though, the voice resolved to where I could make it out.

"Nooo! Oh Please! Nooo!"

I was alarmed, for a moment. Then I realized I had heard very similar sounds before, sounds that had always turned out to be expressions of passion, not complaint. I pushed the brush aside, expecting to see a couple in the act. Instead, I saw Steve, Dan and Billy standing in a semicircle, all with their shorts down and cocks standing out stiffly in front of them and a girl in the middle. I'd seen that before, several times in fact. But this time the girl wasn't Jo. It was Cutie from the store. And if I had any question about what I'd heard, she yelled again and then Steve slapped her hard across the face.

As Cutie bent over and cried, I yelled out – "Hey! What are you doing down there?"

The boys looked confused, then panicked as Steve said "C'mon, let's get the fuck out of here!"

They took off, leaving Cutie looking confused and topless in the swimming hole. Seconds later I heard the bad exhaust sound of the black car and I knew they were gone.

I clambered down, still clutching the cooler though I don't know why, and approached Cutie. She stood there, knee deep in cool water, her panties wet and clinging, her arms crossed to cover her little breasts. As I approached I could see she recognized me.

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" she exclaimed as I reached her and draped my towel over her naked upper body.

I dropped the cooler and stood there, not knowing what to say next.

"Those little bastards! They took off with my clothes!"

I continued to stand there for a moment, feeling awkward and trying not to stare. Cutie was covered up now, but her thin panties were all but see-through, wet from the water as they were. And I had finally gotten to see her breasts, briefly as it was before she wrapped up in my towel. I found myself wanting to see more.

Instead, I collected my thoughts and said, "Come on back to my place. I can get you some clothes and give you a ride."

Cutie nodded and followed me as I picked up the cooler and headed back to the house.

On the way, she began talking. I soon learned that she seldom stopped talking. Among the many things she had to say and ask, I picked up her name. It was Jessie.

"Those little shits! I thought they just wanted to go swimming. Like I'd really do it with them. Huh! And all of them at once like that! And with that guy Billy. There's something wrong with him you know, like he's a retard or something. Besides, I'm into older guys."

That last was said in a manner that was definitely suggestive. I slowed my pace and turned to look at Jessie. She had been trailing along behind me, but she came up beside me.

"Got any beer in that cooler? Could I have one? I won't tell anyone."

With that she gave a little wiggle with her butt. Just like she did sometimes at the store. I wasn't sure if she even knew she was doing it. She looked me in the eyes, half innocent and half something very not innocent. I pulled out a beer for her.

"Thanks! I can really use this after all that back there. You got a girlfriend or />
I told her no, not anymore.

"How come? I mean you're cute and you're a nice guy."

I don't think I had been called "cute" for a long time. I smiled, mostly to myself.

"How about you? Got a />
"Well, kinda, I mean there was this guy Jeff – he's really cool and he's older and stuff, but he's in jail now for some b and e's he did and he's probably not coming out for a long time. At least 5 or 6 months. So I guess I'm single for now."

We got to the house and entered.

"Cool place! You live here by />
I wouldn't know just how to answer that one, but it didn't matter. I already learned that if she didn't get an answer, Jessie would just keep talking. She strolled through the kitchen and into the living room. There she flopped down on the couch.

I had been prepared to try to find some real clothes to cover her, but Jessie didn't seem to be in any hurry. So I put the cooler down by the coffee table and opened it to get a beer for myself. As I pulled one out, I looked over at Jessie. She made a brave effort and slugged down the last third or so of her beer.

"Got another one of those?"

I opened one and handed it to her. Then, figuring I'd just see where this was going, I sat down beside her on the couch.

"Yeah, Labatt Blue, just like you buy at the store."

Jessie took a long swig on her fresh beer. It was pretty clear that she was going all out to show me that she was used to it. I wasn't so sure that was true, and after a few minutes and a few more swigs, the slur creeping into Jessie's voice as she chattered showed me I was probably right. She turned slightly to look me in the eye.

"Ya know, I seen you looking at me in the store."

There was a certain challenge in her voice.

"Like if I bend over or something. You like lookin' at my ass?"

Jessie gave me a leering grin.

"Sure. I like the way you bend over."

I was nervous as I made the admission, but I had a feeling it would be ok. Maybe better than ok. I was right.

"You mean like this?"

Jessie rose and set her beer down as she bent over and wiggled her butt. Her panties were mostly dry by then, but they still offered much more of a view of her tight little ass than I had ever seen.

Jessie giggled as she looked back over her shoulder and saw my open mouthed expression. Then, unsteady from the beer, she fell back. I reached to catch her as she fell. The towel dropped to the floor and I wound up with Jessie sitting on my lap. I had one arm around her naked waist and my other hand cupped a firm little breast.

I don't think Jessie planned that move, but she certainly wasn't unhappy with the result. She giggled again and wiggled her ass against my crotch. I managed to avoid my first impulse, to let go of her, and instead pulled her closer to me. Our mouths met.

Despite all her claims of experience, Jessie seemed surprised and slightly reticent as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I hadn't initiated this situation, but now that it had gotten physical, I realized that I was the one with experience and in control. For her part, Jessie seemed to be learning fast. The more we kissed, the more ardent she got.

Meanwhile I continued to fondle one of her breasts. It was not much more than a swelling on her chest. Jessie wriggled as I flicked a finger over her stiff nipple. My other hand moved over her thighs. As the intensity of our kissing increased, I moved it between her legs. At first, Jessie let her legs open to give me access, then moved shut as I got near her pubic area.

We kept at it like this for half an hour or more. Jessie seemed to get more and more accustomed to deep kissing and definitely enjoyed having me touch her breasts. But I had no luck getting my hand down between her legs. Her body was smooth and firm all over and my cock had been hard for most of the time. I could feel that I was getting close to the first case of blue balls I had experienced in more years than Jessie had been alive.

Something had to change, so I took action. I scooped one arm under Jessie's legs and stood up, picking her up as I did so. All 85 or so pounds of her. Maybe it was 90 pounds. Anyway, not enough to be too much of a burden as I carried her upstairs. Jessie seemed excited by the drama of it all. I guess if you've only had sex in the back seat of a car or the living room of a trailer, it was something special.

I laid Jessie down on my bed and then lay beside her. We picked up where we had left off downstairs. Being horizontal gave me better access to run my hands over her sweet little body as we kissed. I was able to fondle and grope her tight behind and soon had her panties half off.

Jessie paused in our kissing to finish the job and pull her panties off completely. As she did, I quickly wriggled out of my shorts and t shirt. We lay together naked and continued kissing. As I moved a hand up her thigh, Jessie finally let her legs open slightly. She shivered as my hand slid over her soft little patch of hair and the top of her pubic area.

I moved my head down and gently kissed one of her breasts. They were cute little mounds that almost seemed nonexistent as she lay on her back. Her nipples were light pink and nicely erect. Jessie wriggled as I took a breast in my mouth, as if the sensation were almost too much. She writhed as I sucked and licked first one breast, then the other.

Meanwhile, one hand patiently and slowly approached her pussy. I could tell she wasn't at all used to these sort of attentions. I could imagine what sex had been like for her previously, quick and direct. Foreplay had probably consisted of kissing a while the having the guy mount her. I realized I should treat her as if she were a virgin. In some ways, she was.

Jessie was startled when my hand finally stroked the outer lips of her cunt. It was moist and warm. I used one finger to caress her clit and she wiggled and moaned softly, almost as if she were trying to pull away. Then her legs opened wider and I moved over between them.

I began to move my mouth down from her breasts so I could lick her cunt, but Jessie stopped me and in a breathy voice said "No… be nice."

I thought that was being nice, but I suppose she just wasn't ready for it. Her legs opened wider and I realized what she expected. I didn't let her down.

Taking my straining cock with one hand, I guided it to Jessie's moist cunt. She gave a soft moan as I pushed in an inch or so. Slowly, I entered deeper and deeper. Jessie continued to moan and sigh.

She was fairly tight, but her cunt opened nicely as I pressed in. From her noises I could tell she was enjoying this, but on the other hand, she wasn't moving much or really responding in any physical way. Her hands were at her sides and her legs lay wide open. She would make sounds of pleasure as I thrust in and out, but for the most part, she just lay there.

As I got over the initial excitement of penetrating this cute young girl, I began to feel some frustration that she seemed to expect sex to be something a guy did to her. Sure, it felt kind of nice, but it wasn't for her pleasure. I decided that had to change.

Having a not so very large dick, I had learned a long time ago that I had to learn how to use it well. Most women are not going to be overwhelmed by my throbbing maleness, at least not most of the time. On the other hand, skill and attentiveness can do a lot to make up for that. In fact, it had worked pretty well with Jo, who otherwise tended to be a size queen. Pretty well until lately that is.

I gave Jessie all the attention I knew how to give. I kissed her as I fucked her, varying the tempo of my strokes, trying to tease her sometimes with just the head of my cock, then pushing in all the way, deep and fast. Despite my previous excitement, my attention focused so much that I ended up lasting a long time, probably over fifteen minutes.

By the way, it is my opinion that sex brings out the exaggeration in most people. Fifteen minutes is a pretty long time for cock in cunt thrusting. People talk (and write) about couples going at it for an hour. I don't say that's impossible, but it is unusual. Similarly, penis size is exaggerated so often that all reality sometimes seems lost. Try this – take a ruler and look at what six inches really is. Then look at eight, nine and so on. What sounds exciting on paper looks freakish in the real world. For all the novelty of it, I'd rather have my slightly smallish dick than a ten incher.

And similarly, so it seemed to be with teen sex. Jessie was probably more typical than unusual. She continued to make sounds of pleasure as I finally came inside her, but I was all but certain that she hadn't come herself. I stayed inside her and kissed her, doing all the good afterplay stuff, but it was clear that she was being polite and waiting for me to get off her. So I did.

"That was nice" she sighed as I moved back to her side and held her. I suppose it was, but 'nice' was a lot less than what I had been shooting for. We lay together a few moments, then Jessie exclaimed "Oh jeez! Look what you did!"

My cum was running out of her. With all the excitement and lengthy stimulation, I had shot a huge load in her. I guess what I lack in dick size I make up for in cum. I grabbed a towel by the bed and handed it to Jessie. As she put it between her legs, she giggled and said "Man, you sure put a lot of that in me! I hope I don't get />
I almost told her that it wasn't possible, that my vasectomy kept that issue from worrying me. On the other hand, I suspected that the possibility of pregnancy wasn't really such a big fear for Jessie. I kept my mouth shut.

Jessie stopped most of the cum flow with the towel, then asked if she could take a shower. She seemed apologetic as she did so, but it didn't bother me. I showed her where the bath was and left her to it. It gave me nearly 20 minutes to do some thinking.

Maybe it's one of the paradoxes of human sexual relations. Both boys and girls have to learn how to have good sex – boys have to learn how to slow down and give pleasure, girls have to learn how to let go and accept it.

Jessie wasn't the first younger lover I had who didn't want oral sex or for that matter, almost any really intense sexual stimulation. One woman I had spent several months with explained that she was afraid of letting go and losing control during sex. It was too intense, too scary. I suspect that a lot of girls are like that, even into their twenties. Then, by their thirties, they loosen up and are ready to go. Like Jo.

As Jessie showered, I pondered all that and wondered if maybe it could be a matter of learning. As I heard the water turn off, I waited for Jessie and wondered if she might be a good pupil.

Jessie came back into the bedroom, her hair wrapped in a towel, the rest of her naked. I lay back a moment and just admired her lovely little body. There was hardly an ounce of fat anywhere – not due to exercise, just youth. her small breasts were topped by soft pink nipples that pointed up and to the left and right. Her pubic mound was topped by a small thatch of fine blonde hair. Jessie saw me watching and turned for my inspection, giving a wiggle with her smooth little ass. No doubt she enjoyed getting me turned on. I decided then and there to show her how nice it could be to let someone turn her on too.

I got Jessie one of my t shirts. It was big enough to cover her like a short dress. I took her downstairs and fixed some sandwiches and fixings to eat. I made myself a drink, then at her request, made one for Jessie as well.

We ate, finished our drinks, then each started on another. Jessie continued her usual non-stop monologue as we did so. I got to hear about working in the store, her mom, her cat and then some things about her friends. Jessie said "Yeah, they'd all be jealous if I told them about making it with an experienced guy like you. Some of them are still virgins even!" She laughed.

I was tempted to ask flat out just how old she was. I didn't have to. A few questions here and there as Jessie talked and drank and she gave me enough information to figure that out. At least roughly. As I did, I admit I was startled. I had figured her for going-on 16. From what she was telling me, she was more like 14. And not by much.

I began to have some second thoughts about all this but Jessie certainly didn't notice as she prattled on. "Like Tricia, I bet she'd have screwed those kids this afternoon. She's a real slut. You know what she told me once? She said she thought that kid Billy was cute. You, know, the sped. Like I'd ever do it with him! Now his dad, that's another story. He's real hot! God, what a hunk!"

She couldn't know how that made me feel. Here I was with a 14 year old trailer park queen and even she was telling me that Roger was the hottest thing she ever saw. I finished my drink in a gulp and saw that Jessie hadn't touched hers for a while. A combination of jealousy and anger was just below the surface as I stopped her in mid sentence by putting my mouth over hers.

For a second Jessie was startled, but she relaxed and began to kiss back. We did that for several minutes, then I broke off and rose to my feet. I took Jessie by the hand and she followed me upstairs.

Once again we were on the bed. This time Jessie wore only the oversized t shirt I had given her. I guess she had developed some trust and familiarity as this time she let me put my hand between her legs right away. I fingered her cunt as we kissed and felt it get moist. Jessie gasped as I pushed a finger into her, but didn't resist. With my other hand, I pulled the t shirt up so her little breasts were exposed and moved down to suckle them.

Jessie was definitely more aroused this time. Her small hips moved against my hand as I fingered her cunt. She writhed as I used my lips, tongue and teeth to tease her nipples to hard little points. The t shirt rode up just over them. Taking my hand from her crotch and using my other hand as well, I pulled the t shirt up to where it was entangled around Jessie's upper arms and head. She struggled with it a second and at that moment I moved my head down between her open thighs.

I heard a muffled "Noo! Don't!" as I put my mouth over her pussy. Jessie's legs closed, but too late. I was already there. Tangled as she was in the t shirt, she couldn't do much with her hands to dislodge me. Her hips pulled back as my tongue touched her moist slit but I pushed on.

It was difficult at first to keep my mouth where I wanted it as Jessie writhed and struggled, but the more contact my tongue had with her pussy, the more she seemed to relax and allow. After a minute or two, she had dislodged the t shirt but by that time, she was beginning to lay back and let me eat her out. It was quite a transformation. Going from absolute refusal to allow oral sex to laying back, legs open wide. I felt Jessie's hands on my head, first caressing my hair, then as I went on, actually pushing my face into her groin. Then I pushed a finger back into her now soaking cunt and she began to come.

Jessie's hands clutched at my head and her hips bucked against my face as I tongued and fingered her. Though her thighs were pressed against my ears, I could hear her yell as she came. And came and came.

I was actually starting to feel suffocated by the time Jessie's hands fell away from my head and her thighs fell wide open. I slowed my tongue and finger – they were both getting tired! and then slowly lifted my head from Jessie's crotch. She moaned as I did so.

Pulling myself up, I kissed her on the lips as I pushed my hard cock into her soaking wet cunt. Jessie reacted by wrapping her arms around me and kissing back furiously with her open mouth. She began to go "Ooh…oh… oooh!" as my cock pushed in deeper. Her legs came up and partly wrapped around my back. For a moment, Jessie broke off our kiss. I suspect that she had just realized where my mouth had just been and had a second to think about that. I didn't give her any longer. I pushed my cock the rest of the way into her with one thrust. Jessie cried out with pleasure. Then I pulled back slowly until just the head of my cock was inside her.

"Oh! Please!"

"Please what?"

"Do it to me!"

Someone had once told me that if you really wanted a woman to come, you had to get her to say the words, tell you what she wanted. As I got older I learned that this is not always true, but it seemed to me that this time it was. I wiggled my stiff cock head in Jessie's cunt lips.

"Do what?"

"You know… fuck me."

"Fuck me!"

I pushed deep into her.

"Ohh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Jessie seemed suddenly in love with the words. She got louder and louder as I pushed in and out of her. Suddenly she clutched at me and yelled "Oooh God! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

I moved even faster and felt Jessie's slight body hump back against me repeatedly as she came. She moaned and cried out the whole time, as loud or maybe louder than any woman I can remember fucking.

Jessie's yells quieted and her body slowed. I was damn close to coming myself, but I thought I could hold out for just a bit more. I pulled my hugely hard cock out of her and Jessie moaned in protest. She wanted more. And more she would get.

I put each hand on either side of her hips and felt Jessie help out a bit as I rolled her onto her stomach. From behind, I used both hands to prompt her to raise her ass toward me. Then I entered her again, from behind.

Jessie cried out as I shoved my hard cock into her. I paused and she showed me she had been learning.

"Oh… fuck me!"

"You want me to fuck you some more?"

"Oooh yeah… please fuck me… give it to me… fuck me"

I obliged. In the dim light of the bedroom I could make out Jessie's little ass and my stiff cock pushing in and out of her cunt. Jessie began coming again and this time I joined her. She yelled as I shot my hot thick cum deep into her cunt. I guess I made some noise too…

We lay together a while, a sweaty, sticky mess. Eventually, Jessie roused herself and looked at the clock.

"Oh shit!"

"It's after 10:00. I've got to get home."

"Are you going to be in trouble?"

"Nah, Ma usually passes out around ten, but I gotta be there. The kids gotta have someone around, plus, I gotta run the store />
"Ok, I can give you a ride."

"Cool. Can I take a shower first?"

"No problem."

I waited for Jessie to finish her shower, then gave her another t shirt. I thought about offering her something of Jo's to wear and though the idea pleased me in a revengeful sort of way I realized that there was nothing that would even come close to fitting.

We looked briefly for Jessie's panties, but they didn't turn up, so I drove her down to the store dressed only in a long t shirt. I killed the engine as we approached the store and coasted to a stop nearly 50 yards away. Jessie didn't think it was wise for me to come closer.

She kissed me a while before leaving and said that she had to work Tuesday but could come out to see me Wednesday. I said that was fine. I let her out then drove home. That night I slept better than I had in some time.

The next day I began to worry. The intensity and excitement behind, I realized that I had left myself open to a lot of trouble. In something of a daze, I took the sheets off the bed and did some laundry. As I took all the stuff out of the dryer, I found a thin pair of small panties. I smiled and then tucked them in my sock drawer.

Wednesday dawned hot. It felt like afternoon before 10 in the morning. I expected Jessie but definitely had mixed feelings about that. There was some personal triumph in having my own wild sexual experience while Jo was off doing her thing. There was also a real thrill in having sex like I had the other day with Jessie. There was also a real concern about what could come of leading on an underaged girl. Not to mention the fact that outside of the bedroom, she was childish and even obnoxious. But then there was all that went on in the bedroom and everything else that I might be able to make happen. Definitely, mixed feelings.

I didn't know how Jessie planned to get to my house Wednesday and part of me hoped that she wouldn't be able to. It would simplify things. But about noon time, the phone rang. I picked up and it was Jessie.

"Hi. It's me…. wanna meet me up the road from the store? 15 minutes? Ok! Bye!"

I drove down near the store and there was Jessie, waiting by the road side. She got in and we kissed. Then I drove her back to my place. I took her hand and led her directly to the bedroom.

"Didja miss me />
I told her I had, then asked if she had missed me.

"Yeah I thought about you a lot and how we, you know, the stuff you did to me. I never felt anything like that before!"

Holding her and touching her as we lay on the bed I asked "So did you touch yourself when you thought about that?"

"No! That's gross! I don't do that!"

"Maybe you should. It's not gross, it's sexy. Men get really excited watching a woman touch herself."

All the time, I was helping Jessie out of her clothes. She was down to just her panties and I was naked. I tugged at her panties.

"Go ahead, I want to watch."

Jessie slowly pulled off her panties and hesitantly opened her thighs.

"You really want to look at my bug and watch me touch it?"

Then she brightened a bit and smiled, "Well I guess you got a pretty good look at last time too, so why not."

"Show me how you do it, when you're by />
"I don't do it very much you know, I mean it's not something you're sposed to do…"

With that disclaimer, Jessie put one small hand on her cunt and slowly began to rub it. At first, she was watching me watching her and only seemed half-hearted about the whole thing.

Then I asked her, "What do you think about when you do it?"

That seemed to startle her a bit. "You really want to know?"

"Yeah. Tell me about it while you do it."

"Uh, well, ok." Jessie paused a moment, then began.

"I, like think about some hot looking guy, and what it would be like to take his shirt off and then maybe hold me and kiss me… and about stripping for him and how he would look at me…"

Her hand was moving over her pussy, alternately fingering her clit and then pushing in slightly between her pink cunt lips. They were getting visibly moist.

"…and then I think about his ass and how that looks and then his cock, how it would get bigger and harder cause I'm turning him on…"

"Like this?"

Jessie's eyes had been shut. She opened them to see me sitting before her, my hard cock in my hand. She smiled and I stroked it for her.

"Yeah! Keep doing that!" She continued to masturbate, her eyes now on my cock.

"And I think about, about maybe putting my mouth on it and sucking it and having him touch me while I suck his cock… "

She was beginning to breathe heavier and was clearly excited. One, then two fingers pushed further inside her wet cunt and her hips moved as she fingered herself.

"then I think about him putting his big hard cock inside me, about him lying on me and pushing it in deep…"

I rose up on my knees and brought my cock to Jessie's mouth. She started to remove her hand from between her legs, but I guided it back there. I used both my hands to guide Jessie's head back and forth and to hold my cock for her. Her mouth full, she couldn't talk anymore, so I took over.

"That's it baby. Suck that big hard cock. Feel how big and stiff it is for you… Oh yeah, that's the way."

Jessie was breathing harder still and her hand was moving more rapidly between her legs. I realized that at this rate, I'd be coming soon. Not wanting to have things end too soon, I next guided Jessie to lie back on the bed. I moved around and then rolled her over so that she was on top of me, our mouths facing each other's organs. I began to lick and suck her sopping wet cunt and I felt her stroking and sucking my cock.

As I had expected, my oral attentions soon got Jessie ready to come. Unable to focus on giving me head, she just held on to my stiff cock as her little hips pressed into my face. I fingered her pussy as I ate it and even with her thin thighs wrapped around my ears, I could hear her start to cry out.

"Ohhh! God! Yes! Yes!…"

As she started to really come hard, I slipped one finger up just a bit higher and pushed it slightly into her asshole. Jessie was so wrapped up in her orgasm she didn't seem to know what I had done, but the effect was instantaneous. Her hips slapped up and down and her cries lost all coherence. If she had been a bigger girl, she would have crushed my face and if there had been anyone in earshot of the house, they would have called the cops. It was all I could do to keep my mouth on her cunt as she bounced around. I kept wiggling the finger tip in her asshole. Jessie cried out and carried on for several minutes, then finally slowed. I slowed my tongue and withdrew my finger as she collapsed on top of me.

Jessie lay still for a while and I let her be, except to slowly caress her butt and thighs. Finally, she stirred a bit and I moved around to lie next to her, face to face.

"Oh my God" she breathed, now quiet, still trembling slightly. We kissed.

"That was 69, right?"

I nodded.

"I always heard like jokes about it and stuff, but holy shit, that was amazing!"

"Ready for more?"

Jessie looked at me and nodded. I rolled onto my back and guided her so that she was straddling me. She got the idea and lowered herself down onto my still hard cock. She let out a small moan as she settled onto it, taking it all the way. It was a bit awkward at first as it took a bit before Jessie learned how to move in that position. I slipped out of her a couple times by accident and the second time she reached down to grasp my cock herself and settle back into position. Before long, we were rocking together and Jessie seemed to realize how much control she had on top that way. That, along with my hard cock sliding in and out of her, had her breathing hard again, but this time she could make things go slower or faster herself.

"This is cool!" she exclaimed, panting a bit. She had a wide eyed, eager expression. "Are you gonna come soon?" she panted.

"Pretty soon, if you keep that up."

Jessie slowed slightly. "Know what I really want?"

"What do you really want."

how you did it to me last time? You know, like from behind me?"

She kept rocking.

"Yeah, I remember. You know what that's called, don't you?

"Uh, yeah, I mean, I guess so."

"So tell me. Tell me how you want it."

"I want you, uh I want it uh, doggie style."

"You really want me to fuck you doggie style?"

"Yeah! Fuck me doggie style!"

With that, Jessie had enough of my teasing. She slipped off and knelt on the bed on all fours. I rose and got behind her. I took my cock in one hand and began to push it into her.

"Oh yeah! That's it! Fuck me with your cock! Fuck me hard!"

So I did. I held her little ass with both hands and fucked her hard. Jessie was off again almost immediately, which was good because I couldn't hold back a bit longer. As she yelled through another orgasm I had my own, my cock throbbing big inside her, spurting several times. This time I collapsed on her.

Eventually we rose and cleaned up. We showered together and Jessie exclaimed about how much cum I had put inside her.

Holding me close, looking up into my face, she said "I really might get pregnant you know. What would you do then?"

I suppose she had some idea as to what she hoped I would say. Instead I admitted to her that it wasn't possible due to my vasectomy.

"Oh. Well ok then."

I sensed she was disappointed.

We had some food and I listened, or at least half listened as Jessie prattled on about her 14 year old concerns. I realized that despite some really outstanding sex with Jessie, I missed Jo.

A while later we made love. This time it was more like that, slow, mostly gentle and actually quite nice. Jessie didn't have a yelling orgasm, but she did come. I held her in my arms until it was time to get her home. As I dropped her off she said "I'll call ya Friday."

As I drove home I realized that this was going to be a problem. Jo was due back the next day and there was no way I could continue to see Jessie if she was around. I began trying to think of ways around it all, but I was coming up blank.

When I got home, there was a message on the machine. I pushed the button and heard Jo's voice.

"Uh, hi, it's me. I said I'd call… I guess your in bed or something, sorry it's so late. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow. See ya then."

I headed for bed, troubled about what tomorrow and the next day might bring.

What the next day brought was Jo and, about 11:00. Roger's truck pulled in right behind her. I was a bit surprised at that, I thought he had to work, but it was clear that Roger's work schedule had a lot of flex. I wasn't happy to see him, but as they left their vehicles, I could see from Jo's expression that she wasn't too thrilled either. I got out of the way as they came in the house, but not so far that I couldn't hear them talking.

"I don't know what the big deal is."

"Oh, no big deal. I just don't want to get in the way between you and your little honey at the store."

"She's not my little honey! I don't even know her! Besides, she's a kid!"

"She sure acted like she wanted to know you! If she'd wiggled her ass any harder it would have broken!"

I had a feeling I knew just who they were talking about.

"Look, I don't care what she was doing. I wasn't even paying />
"Huh! I saw you trying to look down her shirt! Like she even has anything to look at! Hey, that's alright though. If you want to be with some teenybopper, I won't stop you."

I went out the backdoor, smiling to myself. It was looking as though Jessie had helped me out, without even knowing it. With any luck, this would be it for Roger. I took care of a few chores out back, then headed back to the house to see how the two love birds were doing.

Unfortunately, they were doing quite well. Apparently they had decided to make up. As I entered I heard noises but not voices. Looking into the living room I saw Jo kneeling, her shorts off and her top pulled up to expose her breasts. She was leaning over the sofa as Roger was fucking her from behind. Fucking her hard. I heard Jo moan and his thighs slap against her ass as he pumped his big cock in and out of her. I don't know how long they had been at it, but they went for five or six minutes as I watched. Then Roger began to moan and Jo cried out as he obviously came inside her. I slipped back outdoors.

A while later, I saw Roger leave in his truck. He actually waved to me as he drove off. I went back inside. Jo was dressed again, in the same clothes she had on earlier. She said hi to me, but we didn't embrace. I don't think she knew I had seen her and Roger going at it earlier, but then I don't know if she cared. As I looked at her, I wondered if Roger's cum was dripping out of her freshly fucked cunt.

Jo picked up her bag, turned to me and said "I've got to unpack and grab a shower."

I couldn't help myself. I said "Yeah, I bet."

Jo flashed me a look, but I composed myself and looked back mildly. She went upstairs, now no doubt wondering what I might have seen.

I spent most of the rest of the day fiddling around outside. I don't know what Jo did. Later, I grabbed some leftovers and had a quick supper by myself. Then, avoiding Jo, I headed up to what was now my room – just my room – and read for a couple hours. Or tried to. My thoughts were elsewhere. I heard Jo watching TV downstairs, then sometime later, heard her shut it off and come upstairs. I thought I heard her steps pause by my door, but then a bit later I heard her in her room. I shut out my light.

I didn't get right to sleep. There were too many things on my mind. Not the least was the worry that I would have to deal with Jessie the next day. As I lay in the dark and ruminated, a thought, then a sort of plan came to mind. I began to feel better as I dropped off to sleep. At least I had a possibility for dealing with this whole mess. I just didn't know when, or how to arrange the details. When turned out to be a lot sooner than I had imagined and how almost took care of itself.

The next morning I was up fairly early. Before Jo, anyway and that was important. About 9:00, the phone rang. I raced to it. It was important to take Jessie's call and not let Jo know about her. As it turned out, the call was for Jo. Of course, it was Roger.

I went up and roused Jo. She pulled a thin robe around herself as she came down to take the call. I couldn't help but admire what I saw of her rounded body, her fine breasts bobbing as she came down the stairs, the sweet roundness of her ass, the slight hint of her pubic area before she pulled the robe tighter. I started to get a hard on.

I listened as best I could from the next room while pretending not to listen. From Jo's end of things it became clear that Roger wanted to come out later to see her. Jo explained that she had some errands and an appointment in town that morning. I heard her say that he should meet her at the house around 1:00. Jo hung up and went upstairs to dress and start her day.

I realized that the first part of my plan had possibly just fallen into place. All I could do next was wait to see what else would happen.

I was apprehensive that Jessie would call before Jo left on her errands, but that worked out nicely too. Jo left, running late as usual, at almost 11:00. Jessie called minutes later.

"Hi! Wanna come get me?"

This was one of the tricky parts. I explained to Jessie that my roommate had gotten back the day before. Though she was out for a while, I expected her boyfriend to come by.

"You know the guy, he's that kid Billy's dad. If he's around here, it probably wouldn't be too good for us to get together. Tell you what though, he'll be here around 1:00. I'll try to get him to go down to the swimming hole. If he does, well my roommate won't be back until pretty late and we could get some time together. Why don't you call me after 1:00? I'll know by then."

There was a silence on the other end. Jessie's wheels were turning and I hoped I had guessed just how they would spin. Finally, Jessie answered.

"Well, ok, but I don't know when I'll be able to call later. It might be like 2 or 3:00. Can you wait around that long?"

I promised I would. There was no telling for sure, but this looked promising. The rest depended on just how well I had figured everyone's likely behaviors. Roger lived up to my first expectation by arriving promptly at 1:00. I met him at the door and was cordial. He had no reason to expect anything else from me. I was just the roommate and platonic friend.

I told him that Jo wasn't back yet and for that matter, knowing her, she might be quite late. This was a fact, as Jo was routinely late for everything by at least twenty minutes, often more. Roger agreed. After a little more than a week with Jo, he knew it was true. I had made sure to have paperwork spread around the living room so that contrary to the usual situation, there wasn't a really comfortable place for Roger to hang out. So I made a suggestion.

As hot as the day was, I suggested that Roger drive down and take a swim at the swimming hole. I told him I'd try to send Jo down to meet him there if she arrived before he came back but that she probably would just wait at the house for him, hinting that she preferred not to go to the swimming hole. Roger seemed to think it was a good idea. After checking directions with me, he left. I picked up the papers I had put out, then walked down the back way to the swimming hole. I put a note on the coffee table for Jo telling her where to find Roger, but I didn't think it was needed. Just for back up. Now it was out of my control. All I could do was watch to see if everyone followed my plan.

I got to the swimming hole probably just 5 minutes after Roger. I crouched down in a spot I had found in times past when I had lucked out on finding skinny dipping girls. I knew I couldn't be seen, but I had a good view of the whole area. Roger was in the water, dressed in a swim suit and clearly enjoying his swim.

It was just a few minutes later that I noticed a movement in the brush on the opposite side of the pool. A minute after that, Jessie lived up to my expectations by coming down the path. Roger didn't notice her until she was at the water's edge.

"Oh, hi there. I didn't know anyone else would be here. It's so hot today, I'm just dying for a swim. But I'll leave if you want…"

Jessie was doing her best eye fluttering and wiggling in place.

"Uh, no, that's ok. Come on in."

Roger hadn't hesitated. "Um, well, the thing is, I uh didn't bring a bathing suit. I didn't think anyone would be here, so… do you mind?"

Jessie's acting was far from Oscar quality, but it didn't have to be. Clearly Roger didn't mind. And he said as much.

"Aw, that's ok. I won't look. Come on in."

I knew that was a lie. So did Jessie. In fact, her disrobing was more like a strip tease. First she pulled her t shirt over her head, pausing a while as it covered her face so that Roger could stare without her seeing. He looked down as she got it clear of her head. Her shorts followed, with Jessie managing to bend way over with her patented ass wiggle. She seemed to be concentrating on something in the tress as her bra came off, giving Roger another chance to look at her, now bare breasted. And finally the panties.

Then Jessie made a show of folding all those clothes and placing them in a neat pile on the bank. Of course, as she did so, she had to bend way over, her back to Roger and her thin legs slightly parted. I could see as could Roger, the outline of her pink little pussy.

Then Jessie looked over her shoulder at Roger who was gawking openly at her performance. She straightened up and turned around, arms folded over her little breasts and frowned at him.

"You were looking! You said you />
Roger was flustered as Jessie gave him a stern stare. Then she changed it to a smile.

"Well, if you're gonna look at me, then it's only fair to let me look at you."

Roger looked relieved at first, then somewhat stupidly lustful. He gave a leering grin and pulled off his shorts. Jessie's mouth dropped open as she stared. Roger turned my way to toss his shorts on the bank, near his towel and I saw why. Still soft, Roger's cock hung down nearly seven thick inches. It slapped lightly against his thigh as he moved. Roger turned back to face Jessie and I heard her murmur "Holy shit!".

"Who's staring now?"

There was definite pride and vanity in Roger's voice. Jessie continued to stand there, mouth agape as Roger waded across to her side of the pool. As he did, I realized that though I really didn't know either of them, they both acted just as I had expected, neither one in a very creditable way. Jessie had lied to me and jumped at the first opportunity to get it on with Roger. She believed that I was still at the house waiting for her call. And Roger, even knowing that a woman as amazing as Jo was planning to meet him soon, couldn't resist getting a little teenage nooky.

As Roger got to Jessie, all pretense about swimming dropped as Jessie went to her knees and took his huge cock with both hands. Roger had to turn somewhat to give her full access, so I got a great side view as Jessie took it in her eager little mouth. Roger's cock began to grow as Jessie licked and sucked it. Soon it stood out something between 8 or 9 inches. Roger put one hand on the back of Jessie's head and held his thick shaft with the other. It was all Jessie could do to take that stiff thick monster in her mouth, but she did her best. I also noticed that one of her hands dropped between her legs and she began to play with herself as she sucked.

After several minutes of somewhat inept but enthusiastic head, Roger was ready for something different. He scooped Jessie up in his arms and carried her back across the pool to his towel. She looked tiny in his arms. His stiff cock waved in front of him as he walked in my direction. He lay Jessie down on the towel and parted her legs. Kneeling down, he put his mouth on her cunt.

Jessie was in heaven, and in a minute, was telling the whole world so, at the top of her voice. She moaned and squealed as Roger ate her out. Caught up as they were and with Jessie being even noisier than usual, there was no way either of them could have heard what I did. The sound of a vehicle pulling in on the road above the swimming hole.

Roger picked up his head all the same and for a second I thought he had heard something, but instead he was just getting in position to put his cock in Jessie. It was still swollen huge and stiff. The thick head had a dull purple color and Jessie opened her legs as wide as she could to let him inside her.

As Roger worked the head of his cock into Jessie's tight little cunt, she squealed loudly and clutched at him.

"Oh Jesus! Yes! Oh fuck me! fuck me good!"

He proceeded to do just that. I glanced up to the bank on the other side, and there stood Jo, watching. As I had expected, she had seen Roger's truck on her way home, and stopped to meet him. She just stood there, a hard look in her eyes as she watched Roger fucking Jessie.

I looked down and saw that somehow, Roger had gotten nearly all of his cock inside Jessie. Jessie was blubbering and wailing but it seemed she wanted what she was getting. At least I hoped so. I was tempted to stick around, but I realized that might blow things, so quietly, I moved off and went back to the house. Once inside, I got rid of the note – it hadn't been necessary and did my best to settle down and appear as though I had been there all along.

Maybe five minutes later, Jo pulled in. She looked grim as she entered the house. I was dying to know what had happened after I left, but of course, couldn't ask. So I just told her that Roger had been by and had gone down to the swimming hole. I suggested that she could probably find him there.

"No, I think I'll wait for him up here."

Jo's tone was quiet and almost thoughtful.

About twenty minutes later, Roger drove in. He came in the house and practically fell all over himself verbally.

"Hi hon, I was down at the swimming hole. Hope you don't mind. Since you were late and everything… just thought I'd take a dip….it's such a hot day."

Jo played it cool. She didn't do or say anything that indicated she knew what had happened. I began to worry that for all I had managed to set up, it wouldn't really matter to her. I should have known better. I also should have known that Jo didn't often get mad. She just got determined.

I stayed out of their way, but not so far out that I couldn't hear some of what they talked about. Roger eventually tried to get amorous, but Jo begged off, saying that she had been at the that morning and really didn't feel like it. Roger did his best to be understanding and sympathetic.

"Maybe I should let you have some space tonight."

"Yeah, maybe."

After a bit more, Roger started getting ready to go. Jo asked if he was planning to come by the next day.

"Um, I don't know. I've got Billy this weekend. I've also gotta go look at a site tomorrow, middle of the day."

"Tell you what, why don't you drop Billy here, look at your site, then come back. There's another room here, so he could even stay over."

Jo gave a mischievous grin.

"You could stay over too. I bet I'll be back in shape />
Roger smiled and said ok. Jo saw him out. He waved as he drove off. As Jo turned to come back inside, I saw that grim expression again. Still, this didn't look like it was going the way I had hoped.

That night, again having trouble sleeping, I wondered what I could do. I thought that maybe if I could do something to get Roger and Jessie together again, that might help. Jo might forgive a single quickie, but an affair would be tough. I figured that maybe, even if I couldn't make anything else happen, I could at least plant the panties Jessie left here in Roger's truck – make it appear that something more had happened. But then Jo would have to ride in the truck and find them. It was getting too complicated. I drifted in and out of uneasy sleep.

Around 10:00 the next morning, Roger pulled up with Billy. It was kind of funny to think how all this had started not so long before. Now here they were, the picture of domestic bliss. Jo was cheerful and walked Roger back to his truck as he went to leave. I watched as she gave him a long, deep kiss.

Coming back to the house, Jo asked me if maybe Billy could do some mowing. After all, it was Saturday. There hadn't been any rain that week and the grass had hardly grown at all in the heat. However, there was a patch in the shade on the North side that could use a trim, so I set Billy up with that.

He was pretty much finished by noon when Jo called him from inside the house to say it was lunch time. From the sound of her voice, I could tell she had been hitting the drinks. That surprised me. With Roger due back and Billy to watch, it really wasn't the time to get loaded. Billy went into the house through the back porch, just like he used to weeks ago. Feeling that something was up, I slipped in through the front. Quietly.

Moving through the house, I could hear Jo still on the back porch. I moved around to where I could see and had a flash of deja vu. Jo sat on the old couch, naked, or mostly so. She did have a thin wrapper that hung wide open to expose her whole body. Billy's shorts were at his ankles and his big cock was in Jo's mouth.

Billy wasn't hung as big as his dad, but it was close. He stood there, eyes shut, a half smile on his face as Jo licked and sucked him. His cock was hard as stone. After a couple minutes, Jo tugged at the bottom of his t shirt and Billy went to his knees as he had done several times before for her. Jo took that rock hard cock and led it into her waiting cunt.

As in the past, Billy seemed to be only partly there as he rocked his tool in and out of Jo. For her part, Jo was getting more and more into it and started moaning as she took it all the way in, then back out again. Long, deep, steady strokes. Soon, she started coming. Her movements aroused something in Billy and he began to clutch at her thighs as he picked up speed. I'd seen this before. He was just moments away.

In their private haze, Jo and Billy didn't hear the truck pull up. I did, but it just registered in time for me to slip off to a side closet. I still had a good view through a small window, but I was out of the way as Roger walked onto the porch.

His jaw dropped and for a second he was speechless. Jo and Billy were still oblivious. Jo was moaning softly and Billy had started to thrust hard and come.

"What the fuck!"

Roger yelled as he used both hands to pull Billy away from Jo. His timing was poor. Billy had just started coming and his thick white jism sprayed all over the place, including on Roger. Roger slapped him hard.

"You fucking retard! What the fuck do you think you're doing!"

He hit Billy again. Billy cowered, covering his head with both arms and whimpering. Incongruously, his big cock still stood out stiff in front of him. A long thread of cum hung off it.

Jo was on her feet immediately, rage in her eyes, her own small fists battering Roger.

"Leave him alone! Don't you call him that! Leave him alone, you asshole!"

Roger backed off, speechless for just a moment. Then he found his voice.

"What are you doing? He's a kid for Christsake! What kind of slut are you? Fucking a Goddam kid!"

"I bet he's older than the one you were balling yesterday – down by the water."

That stopped Roger cold. He had thought he had pulled that little number off without getting caught. He looked at Jo for a long moment, then took Billy by the arm. Half helping him to his feet, half dragging him, he said They left, Billy stumbling over his shorts as Roger loaded him into the truck. Tires smoking, he drove off. No wave this time.

That was the last we saw of Roger. He called a few times in the days that followed, but Jo wouldn't talk to him. I'm sure it didn't take him long to find someone else.

That didn't fix everything for Jo and me. Fortunately, Jessie didn't call back. That might have really messed things up. I suppose she figured she had blown it with me the day she did Roger. Or maybe I just didn't match up. Either way, it was ok.

Jo slept alone in her own room for the next week. Then one night, she slid into my bed. We made love, quietly, sweetly. A couple nights later, she came in again. This time we got a little wilder. A few days later, her stuff was back on the other bedstand and it was our room again. Things were pretty calm and happy. At least for a few more months.

story by: cucucold forckcuold for kelley

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex male/female voyeurism older female / males sex story

Author: cucucold forckcuold for kelley

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