A night in the woods

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my first story so any comments would be nicernrnrn On a cool mid October night I decided to venture into the woods not far from town. I brought a small bag of supplies for a saince in the woods in a attempt to conjure some spirits to cure my boredom. inside was a blank leather bound book, six candles, a bowl, and my favorite butterfly knife. Getting into the wood line i began to feel a cool erie mood in the woods (kinda of a inner delight for my plans) between two great oaks looked to be a great spot to settle down. sitting with my back to one of the trees i pulled out my book and layed it open on the green underbrush of the forrest. While i was retrieving my knife and the bowl i was silently wishing for a gentle breeze to choose a blank page for me. Now with the knife i carved the trinity symbol into the soft ground. Lighting 3 candles i set them at the peaks of the 3 points and with my knife i made inscissions in palms, using my blood to fill the trinity i began to humm and call out to the spirit of the forrest to soothe and comfort me. As i really began to get my high from the pain i began to paint a naked women with my blood into blank paper. i could just imagine her long flowing red that would drape around smooth subtle shoulders and would fall to about nipple level. Pale alabaster skin and dark green eyes, puffy pink lips. It was if she swayed to my chants coming from the trees slowly towards me being called in by my desire. she would come to me watching with a soft stare and i could feel my self yearning to feel her skin. she was adorned in knee length single piece dress that was as red as her hair, yet as she swayed and the gentle breeze blew i could smell the scent of strawberries on the wind, it made my whole body tense to smell her and my chanting grew louder. Now that she was about 10 feet away my clothing felt like it was burning my skin, so slid my shirt over my head for that moment i could not see her i longed for her even more. To my suprise as i lefted my shirt i saw her hands at her shoulders pushing the dress off of them. The sway of her walk seemed to shed the dress slowly from her arms and chest to reveal smooth bare flesh. ohhh that walk was so seductive and as her nipples became free they made my mouth water with her pink perk treasures in full view. She then stooped just outside of my reach, pushing down the rest of the dress off her hips i noticed a high cut pair of red panties that looked amazing on her pale skin. I began to sit up just to catch a foot in my chest pushing into the tree and what i did not notice is she had a thing red peice of cloth in her hands about a inch wide the was wrapped around her hands one on each that she was now removing. In such a soft sweet voice she said "I the lady of the forest have come to you, but it is you who will be a tool of my desire". My heart beat was racing now and i was rock hard. I stopped chanting and asked "what is your name?" She quickly back handed me "you will sing to me and you will be that which i use to quench my desire and if you must you can call Brittany". So i began to sing and she lifted her foot, "stand and raise your hands above your head" she told me. so i did what i was told and was loving every minute of it. She then tied my hands to the tree, and as she did her bare chest pressed into mine and i could feel her nipples she was a little shorter than me about 5'9" or so since i am six foot tall. she was slim with a nice plump ass maybe 110 to 130 Lbs with a good C cup chest. she traced the outside of my arms gently as she brought he hands down from the tie, to cup my face. Then she began to rub her tits in my chest hair in slow circles with a slight moan escaping her lips and her head tilted back. It felt so good to be used by her but i wanted more, so in my chanting i started to sneak in chanting "more brittany more" and she began to thrash herself into me with her left hand drifting down into her panties. I was so hard it hurt so i figured i would sneak in the chant "more more i want you" and her hands went to my pants and in one motion she had my pants and boxers down. The cool breeze set my skin on fire and my hard on was set free, her right hand found my hard cock and she leaned in close "hmm nice cock." I am average size i think about 7 inches and maybe 1.5 inch in diameter kinda skinny on thickness but hey she likes it. Her hand stroked me up and down a couple times and she stepped back and spit on it as she stroked it working in that spit. Ripping her panties off of herself she screamed loudly "i am going to fuck your brains out". Turning around she took ahold of me and lined it up to her sweet cunt and put just the tip in and rotated in slow circles her pussy around the tip and holding the base with her hand. ohh yess i was in heaven, she bent forward released here hand and placed her hands on her own knees and began to the hell out of me. I just couldnt chant anymore and she stopped "no no no i guess i will have to help you sing for me" she says. and she took the other peice of cloth on her other hand and ties it snug at the base of my nuts like a leash. "now chant for me or i will yank hard on your leash". I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like but i did want her to ride me. So chant i did "oh yes brittany hurt me please hurt" so she turned around and rode me and pulled on the leash. it felt so good it hurt so good. Then i felt my shoulder being shaken really hard to awake sitting with back to a tree with 2 young women asking me if i was ok and one used a hot candle to drip wax into the cuts on my hands and it burned like hell. It hit me brittany was all a dream such a wickedly sweet dream and here are two women i on if people liked this i will continue the story

story by: gothicnightmare

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: gothicnightmare

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