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I hadn’t seen my sister in several months and we were getting caught up. Since I moved from home we’ve only seen each other twice a year but now that she had graduated from community college she had time to visit. She was on her second night of a one week stay.

I left home 5 years earlier and managed to get a job as a fireman in Reno. My sister who is six years younger than me came to visit because she wanted to try life without our parents looking over her shoulder every time she breathed. She told me that even being alone for the 300 mile drive from there to here was liberating. I rent a small apartment and she was welcome as the morning sun in my place. The first night she stayed she crashed on my fold out couch. She was sleeping soundly when I left for work and I watched her as she slumbered.

Beth, that’s her name, is drop dead gorgeous. She’s about five-seven and weighs maybe 120. Her medium brown hair normally falls in long thick waves to the middle of her back but that morning it was splayed across the pillow she cuddled. She was lying on her side, one leg resting over the top of the blanket, her pajama pants were pulled up above her knee, half her thigh was visible in the morning light. The leg looked smooth, long, lean and pretty fucking sexy. Her hazel eyes were hidden behind closed lids but when they were open, they sparkled with delight and a lust for life. As I went out the door I was thinking thoughts about my sister that I shouldn’t. I wondered briefly if she was virgin and what it would be like to find out.

That night when I got back Beth cooked a nice dinner then we went out on the town. I took her to a casino and club where we enjoyed some music and she got to dance with a couple of guys. It was still early when we got back to my place and neither of us was ready to go to bed. She dropped her coat on a chair, kicked her shoes into a corner then asked me for a beer, I said "No, you’re only 19, you can’t drink.”

Beth cocked her head to one side and asked “How old were you when you first got drunk?”

“15 if I remember right.”

She smiled and retorted, “So don’t lecture me about under aged drinking, get me a beer” then opened the door to my small patio and sat herself in a deck chair. I pulled two bottles of brew out of the fridge and headed out to join her. On the way to the patio I grabbed two shot glasses and a bottle of Jose Cuervo. If she wanted a beer then I’d be a good host and offer her a tequila chaser to go with it.

The sky was clear and the moon was just past full. Shards of moonbeams filtered through the branches of a large pine tree and bathed her hair with shimmering silver highlights and collected in the pools of her shining eyes. As I handed her the beer it struck me again how my little sister had grown into a pretty and sexy young woman. I had a flash of envy thinking of the lucky bastards she would let close to her.

About the time we got settled down I heard a knock on my door, followed by the doorbell, I struggled out of my chair to see who was disturbing my peace. One of my friends from the station had stopped by to see if I wanted to go clubbing, I told him no, I had company. About that time Beth came up behind me, put one hand on my shoulder, rested her cheek on the hand and said “hi”. He stared at her, a slow smile of understanding crept across his face as he said to me, “Sorry to have bothered you, I’ll leave you and your girlfriend alone.” I didn’t bother to tell him she was my sister as he turned to leave. Beth and I went back to our beers.

The first bottles were empty so I got two more and set them on the table. Before I opened them I asked my sister if she wanted a shot of tequila, “I’ve never tasted it” she admitted.

I grabbed the bottle, poured two shots saying “Then you have to try.”

She picked up her glass, I took mine and said sip it” then tilted the glass to my lips and swallowed the burning fluid in one gulp. Beth watched me then threw her head back and sucked down her shot.

Her reaction was great; I had to laugh as she gasped for air, tears formed in the corner of her eyes. She coughed once then caught her breath “Holy crap that burns!” She sat back in her chair, looked at me, then smiled. “That was good. Give me another.”

After the second shot we went back to the beer which soothed the heat in our throats. I noticed that Beth was beginning to rock slightly in her chair, little sister was getting tipsy. We talked for another hour and hit the beer and tequila steadily. By the time the moon had crossed over our heads we were both well on the way to being drunk. I was telling her about my job and the people I worked with when she asked me about the guy at my door earlier. “He’s kinda cute, is he married?” she quizzed. By this she was blurring her words, the beer and shots had thickened her tongue.

“No, not married; he’s seeing a dancer from one of the casinos.”

“A dancer, then he must like nice legs. Dancers have nice legs. Did I tell you I dance too? I studied choreography in school.” Beth was throwing random thoughts together, trying to keep the conversation going. “Put on some music, I’ll show you.”

She stood; wavering slightly she began to step around the patio to music in her head. I asked her what she wanted to hear then went to find a disk and slipped it into my player. The music started and Beth began to move, her body flowing and flexing with the strong beat of the music.

I stared at her while she gyrated around the deck, she was good. She was slender, slinky and every twist and turn of her body showed me just how sexy she was. I flashed back to that morning when I saw her naked leg and again wondered what it would be like to test her virtue.

The music ended so she sat back down and poured us another shot. We downed it in one swift toast and kicked back again. She took the conversation back to my friend, “Why does he think I’m your

“He knows that women stay here sometimes.”

“Do you have a steady girl?” she wanted to know.

“I see someone named Kit more than others.”

“Kit? — Kit? Like in Kitten?” she grinned lopsidedly, “Here Kitty Kitty, come here little Kitten let me pet your furry Pussy. What would it be like to be your girlfriend? What do you do with them?”

“I do what any man does with a girlfriend, I fuck them and they like it.” The alcohol was loosening my grip on proper etiquette with a younger sister.

Beth didn’t flinch at my scandalous statement; she just inquired “Is she a dancer too? Does she have nice legs? You like legs?”

“She has great legs, and they go all the way from the floor to her ass which is really fucking hot. I like long shapely legs better than big tits. A girl can have small tits and I don’t care as long as she has a good ass, hips and shapely legs.”

Beth stood up “You wanna see my legs? I have nice legs.” She twisted open the waist button of her pants, pulled down the zipper and dropped them to the floor. In just a couple of seconds she stood facing me with her slacks around her ankles. “See, I jog and dance which keep my legs tight.”

Before I could even react she stepped out of the pile of cloth at her feet and turned away from me, “I have a great ass too.” She put her hands on the black silk panties that covered her butt cheeks and smoothed them down to the back of her thighs. cha think?” She bent slightly forward which stuck her butt closer to me and shimmied her hips, causing her cheeks to ripple and vibrate.

Beth straightened up then sat back down on her chair and took another sip of beer and said more to herself than me, “I have nice legs and butt.” She didn’t have to repeat that, I’m not blind. From the waist down, she was as hot as any girl I’d had the pleasure of, my cock noticed too. It woke up from its slumber and filled about half way with awareness.

My next thought was ‘how far would she go?' so I asked her if she had boobs that looked as good as her butt. She smiled wickedly, “You want to see my tits? You just said you don’t care about tits.” There was no hesitation at all. Her fingers flew up the front of her blouse freeing buttons as they went. She shrugged it off and tossed it on top of the pants then turned in the chair and said “Unhook me.” I unclasped her bra with two fingers, she pulled it off her arms and tossed it aside and turned back to me. I looked at her breasts in the pale moonlight and my cock rose to full glory behind the barrier of my Levis. She didn’t have large pendulous tits, they were perfect softball sized mounds of firm flesh tipped with light brown circles of skin. As I watched, her nipples thickened and stood in the cool air. She smiled, “Honest opinion?”

“You have a fantastic body. Are you still a virgin?”

She sat back, looked hard at me then smiled slowly, her eyes glittering as she mocked “I’m not going to tell you, that is not a proper question to ask a proper young woman”.

She took another shot of tequila then said quietly “I only have underwear on, now you have to do it too.”

“Do what?”

“Get naked. I want to see what you have to offer a girl. You’re a fireman, show me your hose” she twittered drunkenly.

I stood to unbutton my jeans and pushed them down but I wasn’t too steady myself so she slithered off her chair to her knees to help me take off my shoes then pulled my bunched up pants off while I lifted one leg then the other. Beth turned her head and brushed her forehead against the bulge in my briefs. She put her hands over her mouth and looked up at me and said “Oops, I’m sorry, I bumped your little peepee” and started to giggle through her fingers.

She folded her legs under her butt then sat back and looked at the rise of my briefs caused by my erection. She tilted her head, looked up at me and asked “Are you turned on?”

“No, that’s how I always look” I retorted.

Beth struggled back to her feet and stood shakily in front of me, bracing herself with one hand on my shoulder. “I want to see it.” She hooked her fingers into the band of my shorts and pulled it away from my stomach and looked at the treasure of my loins. My bloated cock swelled even more under her gaze. She tugged my shorts over the swollen head of it then pushed them down to my knees. She took her second hand off the table and reached for my shaft, wrapping her fingers around it tightly and started pumping it slowly, all the while looking at it as if she were fascinated with a new toy “I’m not a virgin.” she murmured to it.

It was late and this had gone way too far. I stepped away from my sister pulling my dick from her hand and said. “We have to go to bed.”

She looked crookedly at me “Do you think that's a good idea?”

not what I meant. I mean I’m tired, you’re drunk and we need to sleep.”

Beth looked around at the empty beer cans, the half full bottle of booze, the clothes on the floor and said, “I’ll pick this up later.” She grabbed my hard-on again and started back into the apartment. She led me to my bedroom like a dog on a leash then flopped down on her back in the middle of my bed. “Take my panties off, I want to be naked.”

I grabbed her underwear on each side of her hips and pulled them off as she giggled and kicked her legs in the air. She was completely nude. My heart sped up and my cock spit a fountain of lube when I looked down on her. Beth moaned lightly, rolled to her side and passed out. It was obvious she was out and couldn't protest so I took advantage of the moment. The only part of her I hadn’t seen yet was her cunt so I put a hand on her hip and pulled her over until she was flat on her back again. I pulled her legs apart exposing her sex, the junction of her thighs drew my eyes like a magnet. Her groin and pussy were covered by a thin mat of pubic hair, she trimmed her hair which gave her the look of a younger girl, a teen in early puberty. I looked at the curves of her body and the near naked cunt and my cock begged for relief. Looking down on Beth, flat on her back, legs spread wide and inviting, I could have crawled over her and fucked her until I blew my nuts; and I had a lot of pressure to blow off. But as much as I wanted too, I knew I couldn’t get on the bed with her so I put my hormones on hold and went out to the sofa to sleep. I left my naked, drunk sister lying in the middle of my bed unmolested.

The next morning I was awakened by Beth shaking my shoulder. I managed to pry an eye open and look up at her. She was standing by the sofa in one of my t-shirts, legs bare. “What the hell happened last night?” she asked. “Did we have sex? —- did you fuck me!?”

“No. I put you to bed and came out here.”

“Where are my clothes?” I pointed to the patio and pulled a pillow over my head to keep the daylight from ruining my eyes. My sister went to find her clothing, leaving me to hate hangovers. I needed to go pee so I stood up just as she came back in carrying her pile of garments. I was naked but I didn’t give a shit, I was struggling to stand upright and modesty was not a priority at the time.

She took a long hard look at me again and asked “Why didn’t you have sex with me last night, every guy I know would jump all over a drunk girl?”

“Cause you didn’t know what you were doing, you were drunk and you’re my sister.”

“The way I feel I would never have known it.”

“The way you were feeling there could have been ten guys and you wouldn’t have

“Ow, ten? I’d sure as hell be sore if I did that; and sticky. Did you want to screw me?”

“Goddamnit, you’re my sister. You were passed out drunk and you’re my sister. That’s twice wrong.”

“So if I wasn’t you sister would you have done it?”

“You were still completely bashed, I wouldn’t have screwed you.”

“So you didn’t do it because I was drunk, or I‘ m you sister, or both. Tell me.”

I was getting confused, it too fucking early to try to keep up with the girl’s twisted interrogation. “Aw crap Beth, just drop it. Go back to bed, you look like you could use some more sleep” As she walked away on dancers legs I watched the form of her ass under my Sheryl Crow t-shirt and asked myself the question ‘Would I fuck her if she wasn’t drunk?’

Nothing more was said about what we did the night before. After about two dozen aspirin the hangovers faded to a dull pounding so Beth and I started planning our weekend. She had a list of things she wanted to see and do and of course she needed to go shopping. She called our parents and gushed about how glad she was to be here and ended with “Yes, he is taking care of me.” As she put down the phone she said through a grin, “I don’t think they would like to hear that you introduced me to Jose Curevo.”

“Well, don’t get too used to him,” I said back to her, “That Genie stays in the bottle for a while.”

That night I took her for a dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe. The sunset was perfect and Beth was having the time of her life. She and I were acting like young lovers, walking arm in arm around the boat, dancing to the band and sipping red wine while revealing more and more about ourselves. She wore a ruby colored satin blouse that advertised the fact that she had left her bra at home. The black pleated skirt stopped about two inches above her knees to reveal shapely thighs and calves covered by black net hose that disappeared into dark red leather knee high boots. Dark mascara and green eyeliner highlighted her hazel eyes which flashed with delight as she talked to me. Around her neck was a string of large black faux pearls. As alluring as she was, it was easy to forget that she was my sister.

We started out as brother and sister but by the time the boat docked again, our night had turned into a date, at least that’s how it seemed to me. The only thing I hadn’t done was make a pass at her. We brought a bottle of California red home and ended up on the patio to finish it. Beth asked me to pull off her boots then lazed back in the lounge chair with her glass. When she did, her skirt pulled up far enough that I could see that the top of her stockings stopped short of the skirt which revealed a small tease of soft pale thigh. The view of her legs caused a stir in my boxers again, an image of her trimmed pussy flashed through my mind. The line between sister and date was getting blurrier than my thoughts.

We’d talked about everything under the sun and in our lives so we sat silently under the fading moon and listened to music. Her glass was empty and neither of us had said anything for 10 minutes, I thought she had gone to sleep. She opened her eyes, sat up and poured herself more wine which finished the bottle. My glass was empty, Beth asked, “Do you have any more?”

“No, I’m usually a beer guy.”

‘OK, we’ll share this” she said and pressed the rim of her goblet to my lips. I took a taste of the wine while looking directly into her large seductive eyes, I got the impression she was flirting with me. My dick twitched. Beth sat on the end of my deck chair and rested a hand just above my knee and said “Tell me what happened last night. The last thing I remember is dancing around the patio.”

“You don’t want to know.”

“I just asked didn’t I? How bad did I get?” I told her how she stripped to her panties to show me her legs, butt and tits. She flushed red around the neck “Did you enjoy the show?” she wanted to know.

I confessed “Yeah, you have a great body.”

“How did I get to bed naked?”

As I was telling her how she led me to the room by my cock, it was swelling again. She shaded self-conscious, "I towed you around by your erection?”

“You called it a fire hose.”

Again she blushed. “I don’t remember that.”

“Well I sure do. You teased and tickled me with both hands before I stopped you.”

Beth sat quietly for a moment, concentrating as if she were solving a mental puzzle. “You want another drink?” she asked as she lifted her wine glass to her lips.

only one sip left” I observed. Beth tipped the glass up, emptied it then leaned forward and put her mouth over mine. She probed between my lips with the tip of her tongue then let a little wine drip from her mouth to mine. My reaction was immediate and hard. My cock stiffened to a wooden pole in just a few heartbeats, I put my arms around her and pulled her up until she was lying full length over me. The wine was gone but I could still taste it on her lips as our tongues danced slowly.

Beth pulled away from me and sat back up. I put a hand on her thigh just where the skirt stopped and caressed her skin with my finger tips. She looked into my eyes "I don’t remember seeing your fire hose.” She began to loosen the front of my pants. While she tugged the zipper down, I slid my hand over her leg so it was between them then moved it under her skirt until my fingers were brushing her smooth chiffon underwear.

She freed my erection and let it stand tall and proud as she examined it carefully. She put both hands on it, pulled the skin down to expose the head completely then looked back into my face. I slipped two fingers under a leg of her panties and pressed them against her cunt. Beth opened her legs farther while I stroked her pussy, she shivered slightly and reached for the wine bottle. There was enough wine left to cover the bottom of the bottle it so she tipped it over the end of my hard-on and emptied it. The liquid dripped down my cock and over the fingers wrapped around it. Beth leaned over and began to lick the wine off me.

When she was done licking off the fluid, my sister put her mouth over my cock and started giving me head. She licked and sucked my dick while I pressed my two fingers into her. Her hips were rocking against my hand. All of a sudden she stopped and sat back up. “I won’t pass out tonight.”

“Beth —–?”

She understood the single word question. “I was disappointed when you told me you didn't fuck me last night.” She paused for a sigh then continued, “I'm your baby sister but you don't have to treat me like a baby, or a sister, so shut up and don't disappoint me again.”

My ‘baby sister’ stood and began to strip. I got out of my chair to pull off my clothes and in less than a minute I had my arms around her naked body as our locked lips sealed off any thought or protest about what we were doing. My cock was wedged against her stomach which she as flexing and rolling, using some of her dance moves to turn me on even more. Beth’s lips left mine as she turned in my arms and leaned over the small patio table. She put her hands on it and rubbed her ass against my groin. I put my distended prick between her legs, found my goal and rammed up into her so hard her feet lifted off the floor. She yelped and puffed softly “Oh, god yes, take me.”

Her pussy was tight but she was hot and slick with natural lubrication, the walls of her cunt inflamed and open, a sensual invitation for my cock which slid into her until my balls stopped me. “Fuck me” she repeated every time I rammed into her, each time a little quieter until she was making only wordless sounds as I stroked in and out of her.

Beth lifted one leg and rested the knee on the table; she was standing on the other as I screwed her. She twisted her shoulders and head and managed to put her lips on mine. The sweet taste of her tongue in my mouth fired my balls and I could feel the orgasm building. I put a hand over a breast and pinched the nipple as her ass gyrated against me. I was building too fast to blowing my load and started to pull out of her for a short pause, to let the pressure off. She felt me pull away but bent her back so her ass jammed against me and began to groan. In moments she was in the throes of her climax, her body bumping against me as she mewled in ecstasy through clenched teeth. She was trying to climb over the table, to get away from the delicate torture between her legs but I held her tight until the end of my erection uncorked and I filled her with heated surges of cum.

My cock fell from her and I stepped back. She was lying on the table, the one leg still resting on it, her ass hanging over the edge in the night air, I watched the evidence of my orgasm leak from her and seep down the inside of her left thigh. She turned her head to me and said “I’ve been thinking about this all day but that felt better than anything you could have ever done in my She stood slowly then collapsed back into a lounge chair, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Beth held her arms up to me and when I sat next to her, she wrapped me up in a long hot hug.

As I rested in the cocoon of her arms I thought about the next five nights my and prick began to swell again.

story by: Mystic47

Tags: male/teen female consensual sex exhibitionism incest fantasm sex story

Author: Mystic47

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