Snuff ("the pass," part 2)

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"Snuff" (or, "The pass," Part 2)

I arrived at Jill’s place at the designated time. I saw Jenn’s car in the street, which was good, as I was not going to confront Jill without her. I told Jenn over the phone that Jill would never see me, after I walked away from her without a word that night at the CW bar. Jenn let me in without a word. She looked grim. We walked down the steps to the basement of Jill’s parent’s home where my relationship with Jill bloomed, and where Jenn had first met me in the next room, the laundry room, oddly with a built in real jail cell; who’d a thought she’d be interested in me. Jill had locked me in the cell and while the three women, Jill, Jenn, and Sally, watched me strip naked in order to be let out.

Jill raised her eyebrows when she looked up at me, but she quickly reverted to a listless expression in her eyes. “Hey, Jill. It’s nice to see you again.” She didn’t respond, just looked at me with eyes half closed from her seated position on the couch, as if trying to remember why she was mad at me.

Finally she said, as I just stood there, “What do you want?” There was a cold, distant tone to her voice, making the question a statement.

“May I sit?” I sat down next to her. She retreated a few inches. “We need to talk.” I reached for her hand.

Don’t touch me. As for talking, you seemed content to walk out on me and ignore me for the last four months. Why do you want to talk to me now?”

I sensed this was obviously not going to work, but I promised Jenn I would try. I glanced at Jenn, still standing. She wore hip hugger jeans and a halter top. God she was even more beautiful than I remembered from a week ago. I felt guilty trading sex for this talk with Jill. “Word has it you are out of />
“Out of control?” she barked a laugh. “Whatever are you talking about?”

“I heard through the grapevine that you are making sado-masochistic videos, with you as the star />
ridiculous. And anyway, why would you care if I was? It’s none of your business even if I was.”

I told her I was sorry for walking away from her without a word, that I was embarrassed and humiliated at the CW bar’s butt contest, and couldn’t take anymore of her bullshit sex stuff. “So I’m here as someone who cares deeply about your health and well being.”

“Well goody for you. So you care about me. You know where the door is. You can leave now.”

“No, not until you promise to cut out this pity party you’re throwing. You are in grave danger. Are they asphyxiating you as they have sex with you? Hmm? Is that why you’re wearing a />
She looked away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Jenn, now would be a good time to play this video.” I handed her the disk I’d ordered through the mail. Jenn turned on the player and TV. It showed Jill being stripped and tied up spread eagle on a wood pallet, whipped, dripped hot wax on, masturbated until she had an orgasm, then flipped on her stomach with a cord around her neck, pulled tighter and tighter as she was fucked from behind until she passed out. Then the jerk fucked her ass as Jill lay there unconscious. Her cute ass was a mess of scars on top of bright pink skin from the whippings. I turned it off. Jill started weeping silently, her head in her hands.

I put my arm around her heaving shoulders and kissed her head. “It’s going to be all right. But you have to let me and Jenn help you, okay?”
She shook her head. “No, it isn’t going to be okay. You both hate me. And I hate you both for showing that video.”

Jenn kneeled before Jill, took her hands, and looked her in the eye. “No, Jill, we don’t hate you. If we did, we wouldn’t be here. We love you and want to help you. Right Ted?”

Jill looked at me with her puffy red eyes. “Is that true, Ted? Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, sweetheart. I love you very much. But it’s killing me, and Jenn, and Sally, all your friends, to watch you being abused and taken advantage of by that filth.” I hugged her and there were more tears. My own eyes started tearing up. Jenn smiled encouragingly at me. “Promise us you won’t do that />
Jill broke the embrace and rubbed her hands together nervously. “It’s not that simple,” she said. “I signed a contract. You don’t know these guys. They know where I live, hell, they know everything about my life, my folks, friends. I don’t know what they’d do if I refused to do what they say. I shouldn’t have gone to them in the first place, but I didn’t care at the time what happened to me. I guess I was in self destruct mode.”

you worry about that,” I said. “You don’t want to do that anymore, do you?”

“No. Hell no. But I won’t lie. It was fun and exciting for the first couple of months, being made the subject of two stranger’s affections. I enjoyed the masochism. It got me off so many times, I lost count. But then it got nasty pretty quickly after that. The whippings hurt like a bitch. They would beat me up; I was naked but they were smart, careful not to hit my face. They fiImed that, for god’s sakes. I was really afraid they’d kill me, make a snuff film, you know? Hell, I’m really afraid they’ll kill me in my home if I don’t take their call or don’t show up for the next />
“I’ll take care of that, Jill.” I promised. Now, you have got to stay away from them. Say it.” I took her hands and made her look me in the eyes.

“I promise. But … how are you going to fix this?” She looked hopeful, but suspicious, which was way better than her looking listless and dead to the world.

“Trust me. I will.”

“I don’t know if I can trust you; you walked out on me. I was so />
“I’ll make it right. But first you are going to have to do some very painful things. Jenn and I need to take separate pictures of the damage they inflicted on your body. Can you do that for us?”

She nodded grimly and stood up. both seen me naked, bur not like this.” She slowly stripped her clothing off, the severity of the beatings she took were obvious in her movements. Soon she was stark naked. I was aghast at what they had done to her. New dark purple bruises covered old yellowed ones, vicious whip marks were everywhere, her back, front, tits, ass, and legs. She had scabs on her ass too numerous to count. Burn marks, from cigarette butts and hot wax covered her back, butt, and tits. Her groin was shaved. The worst was her neck. An ugly purple bruise circled her neck. I muttered. Jenn looked equally shocked and very pale. I thought she might be sick. I looked for the pretty body I adored four months ago, but had a hard time visualizing it. We quickly took pictures with our phones. The video tape could be dismissed by the defense attorneys, argued away as simple Hollywood make-up. But with separate phone pics, they couldn’t explain that away.

“Okay, baby, you can get dressed now. Thank you.” Once she was dressed, a painful act on her part actually, as the damage was more than skin deep. No way could she strap a bra on by herself. The bruises on her ribs prevented her wearing one anyway. She was obviously beaten badly, and numerous times. Mentally, she should bounce back quickly, as she had done stuff like this, but without the torture of course.

“Jill, baby,” I said, “I enjoy being dominated sexually, but it’s with friends and lovers, not with strangers, okay? I’m not telling you how to behave sexually, just please don’t do these things with total strangers. Jenn and I love you. It’s killing us to see you this way.” We had a group hug, and I instructed Jenn to take Jill to her family doctor for a physical, the appointment previously made, and to make the inevitable police report. Jill didn’t object. And I had an appointment with certain suspected snuff film makers.

I found the house Jenn had gone to, to spy on Jill. It was in a bad area of the city, which was good. People living here had enough problems without squealing on one another. They see and hear no evil. I parked on the street several houses away, and walked with a clipboard in my splattered painter’s pants around back, pretending to do an estimate. There were three cars in the driveway, two late model BMWs and a old Dodge Neon. That was not a good sign. The back door was unlocked. I slipped in. The combination mudroom/laundry room led to the kitchen. The coffee pot was on, but was deserted. No doubt they were in the basement. I donned my ski mask.

I descended the stairs as quietly as I could. At the bottom of the stairs, a short hallway led to the back of the house. There were two doors. One was a bathroom, it’s door ajar. The next door had a window in it. One man was operating a fancy camera on a wheeled stand, and he was moving around the subject of his interest, a nude woman. She was strapped spread eagle on a tilted ping-pong table. The second man was doing something with her nipples. As he moved to her other side, I saw him stick a long needle though her nipple. He draped weights to the needles, causing intense pain. Blood seeped from the wounds down her breasts. The woman, who I guessed to be in her late teens and covered in tattoos, was very pretty. Or was, before the tats and these two animals got hold of her.

With the needle work done, he applied pussy clamps to her labia. He took a stick with a dildo attached, and began sticking it in her vagina. He fucked her with it. I’d seen enough. I opened the door and marched in.

“What the fuck,” said the man holding the dildo stick. I marched right up to him. Now, I won’t go into the details of the thrashing I delivered to those two defiant pieces of human garbage, but I can say it wasn’t enough. However, they did need immediate medical attention in a hospital as both had broken jaws, ruined knees, dislocated shoulders, broken ribs, and were beaten unconscious. I could have put each on a morgue slab with a punch to each of their throats, but where’s the fun in that?

I pulled the dildo from the naked woman’s pussy and tossed it away. I untied her. “Take it easy. This’ll probably hurt.” I yanked the two needles from her bleeding nipples. I hadn’t seen what they had done to her beforehand, so I asked, “Can you get dressed?” She nodded. I watched her pull on a short black leather skirt, and leather jacket, no underwear. Her dark make-up ran with her tears of pain. “Now look. Don’t ever come back here. This place is officially shut down. The police will be here momentarily, so you better get gone, quick.

She stole a moment to hug me. “Thank you, whoever you are.” She ran out and I could hear her on the steps. I rifled through the filing cabinets and found the Jill’s contract. Attached to the contract was her bio-metrics and full nude pics. I burned it. In a rage, I destroyed all their expensive camera and lighting equipment but left the computers for the cops. I didn’t know if what they were doing was illegal or not, but I was sure they were not licensed and insured. I stole their cash, thousands of dollars, which I would donate to a battered woman’s shelter that a coworker of mine worked at. I looked at the thousands of videos and realized I couldn’t go through each one and pull Jill’s. I called 911 from one of their phones. I described what I had done and who these people were and left the phone on. Back in my car, I removed my gloves and put them in the plastic shopping bag I brought with me, and drove off before removing my ski mask. I drove to a secluded wooded area, got out, and stripped naked. I sprinkled gasoline on my blood spattered clothing and burned all of it, even my shoes. I dressed in the spare clothing I’d packed, and went home.

Later that night, Jenn phoned me, just having arrived home. The doctor had given her some cream for Jill’s burns, and some sleeping and pain pills. A police report was taken, but since it was a different community in a different county, it would take them a while to connect the dots, if ever. I asked Jenn if I could see her, if I could come over to her apartment. She probably suspected I wanted sex, because I did, and it was insensitive for me to ask. But she agreed. The real reason I needed to see her though was that I needed an alibi, again, and Jenn was going to have to lie for me, and in court if it came to that. Or I would probably go to jail, for home invasion, assault, etc. I think, I hoped, that one look at pics of Jill’s abused body would stiffen her lip to the cops.

I arrived at Jenn’s place after 10 pm. I was tired, and looking at Jenn, so was she. Jenn let me in and I quickly closed the door. She got me a beer and I downed it and she brought me another. This one I sipped. “So tell me how it went with Jill, the Doc, the police. /> Jenn sat close to me on the couch. I noticed her nipples pushing the stretch material of her top. So, no bra on. She took my hand. “The Doc did a thorough examination. As you can imagine, she was appalled at her condition. She also took pictures. She did a D and C on her. Her vagina had half healed tears, as did her anus. She’s on antibiotics; she was running a fever. She told Jill no vaginal or anal sex for at least a month, until the doc sees her again.”

“Doc call the police?”

“Yes, but Jill and I worked out a story. Jill told the doc she was in an extremely abusive relationship, and that she was afraid for his family, who were close to hers. She refused to name him, to the doc or the police. That way, the cops couldn’t connect what you were going to do about the real people who did this to Jenn.”

I mulled this over. “I guess if Jill doesn’t change her story, I’m pretty much in the clear. But, Jenn, I need an alibi for late this afternoon, from the time we left Jill’s house.”

Jenn looked concerned. “What did you do?”

“It’s taken care of, Jenn. The less you know the better.” I sipped my beer and then gulped the last swallow. I went to get another beer. I brought one back for Jill too.

scaring me. You didn’t, um, kill anyone, did you?”

I grimaced. “Heavens no. They’re resting comfortably in a hospital room somewhere, I imagine, drugged into a coma probably. But I did break in and enter their home, assault them, broke their shit up, and burned Jill’s so called contract, like that was even legal. But it would place Jill in their home, and lead to me eventually. They may try to identify the women in the videos with the contracts that had their pictures, but I couldn’t spend the time sifting through hundreds of tapes. Finally, I stole all their cash. So there’s nothing to do; we wait to see if this all blows over. So, how about it. Will you lie for me?”

“I can’t promise it, Ted. If it comes to courts and lawyers and judges, I may cave in.” She looked sympathetically at me. “Mad at me?”
“Mad at you? No, never. I feel like a shit asking you to lie. But probably nothing will come of it.”

I leaned back and put my feet up, and Jenn nuzzled in close and put her head on my shoulder. “We did the right thing today, Ted. Thank you for keeping your promise. Maybe now Jenn will start to heal, physically and mentally. She asked for you, you know, right before she fell asleep, with the aid of a sleeping pill. You’re a good man, Ted. I’m glad I met you, even if it was with you naked in that cage.” She giggled at the memory.
“Yeah, if we ever get married, please don’t tell your parents how we met.” Jenn cracked up laughing. It was good to hear her laugh after this long and trying day. She slipped her hand under my shirt and rubbed my chest. I kissed her forehead. “What a day.”

“You know,” she said, “I like it rough sometimes, being dominated, spanked, tied up, forced to do sexual things. Was what Jenn did so bad?”

“No, I suppose not, but to the extreme in which she was involved, they very easily could have killed her. And people who do engage in that stuff, like us for instance, aren’t they usually with friends or lovers? Certainly not strangers trying to make illegal films for money.”

Jill noticed my hands. She slipped her hand off my chest and examined my knuckles. They were bruised. “You musta hit them pretty hard. Where’d you learn to fight like that?”

“Jenn, I only get physical with people I hate, people who have hurt the ones I love, like Jill, and Sally; I take that hate and turn it into energy. Mostly though I catch them off guard, and then let them have it.” It was a lie, but I was determined to keep me out of this conversation. “That and some karate back in high school. But I prefer to think of myself as a lover, not a />
“Mmmmmmm. I’ll vouch for you on that score. And I feel safe with my man here.” She snuggled up again. Then she kissed me. She sighed contentedly. “Do you still love Jill?”

And there it was. “Honestly? Four months ago, before that night with the stupid butt contest, I’d have said yes. And I did love her then. But now, honestly, I’m />
“Conflicted how?” I sighed. “You can tell me anything, Ted. You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes. Actually I do. Seeing Jill in that condition, I have great compassion for her. But it’s not love. Can I love her again? Sure, I suppose so. Like starting over, you know? I loved her once, don’t see why I couldn’t learn to love her again.”

“So what are you conflicted about then?”

She knew what it was. “Jenn, I could very easily fall in love with you. Hell, I’d be hard pressed to say I wasn’t already in love with you. I’m sorry if that shocks or worries you. You must get a lot of that, guys infatuated with your gorgeous body. But you’re beautiful, loyal, intelligent, trustworthy, all the good qualities in a friend or lover. And you’re one hot babe. And a great fuck.” She giggled. “So, what about you and your boyfriend? You never said much about your />
“It’s been an on again off again thing, currently off, since our last blow up. He’s too damn controlling, which makes him very insecure. I cannot stand insecure people.”

“Does he have a big dick?” I grinned.

She punched my arm. “Actually, he does,” she said dreamily, teasing. It was my turn to punch her arm, softly. She laughed. “But he’s not as good in bed as you are. Actually, I would describe his love making as masturbating in my cunt.”
“Whoa, that’s pretty low.”

She snuggled closer, gripping my arm with both of hers. She leaned in for another kiss and I gave her a long, passionate kiss. “You know, I promised more sex with you if you delivered on your promise to help Jill.”

okay. I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to.”

“Would you be willing to do what I want to do with you?”

“I’d do anything with you, Jenn. I think you know that.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” She got off the couch and disappeared into her bedroom. She returned with a little bag. “Okay, big boy. Up.”
I stood and moved to the front of the glass coffee table as directed. She began stripping me of my clothing. “You know, I enjoyed that butt contest. I think yours was about as cute as any other guy up there.” She paused. you going to ask how you placed in that />
“No, and don’t you dare tell me.”

I let her remove everything. She seemed to be checking me for more bruises. “Okay, on your knees.” I got down in front of the coffee table, and she withdrew some lengths of nylon rope. She tied my wrists to one end, and the other to the far side legs of the table. Stretched out, my chest flat on the table, she withdrew a whip with about 50 strands to it. She whipped me across the back, waist, butt, and legs. It didn’t hurt too much, but she steadily increased the power of her blows. whole backside is all pink now,” she said hotly. She spanked me some on the butt with the palm of her hand. She removed a strap-on dildo from her bag of tricks and showed it to me. “I guess you know what is coming next, don’t you?” I was silent. you?” she repeated, swatting my ass.

“Are you excited, my little slut boy? Let me see.” She peeked at my cock. It was still flaccid. “Hmmm. I thought this would excite you. Oh well.” She put it on over her clothes, lubed up my ass crack and the fake cock, and put it to my butt hole. “I’m going to fuck your male vagina.” She pressed it in, and I resisted. She spanked me. “Stop that.” She shoved it in again and I let the cock slide past my sphincter. She owned me now. I grit my teeth and clenched my fists as the cock slipped further and further until it was fully imbedded up my anus. “Feel good, my little slut?”

“Yes. I want to please you.”

the spirit, my little boy toy.” She withdrew and pushed it back in. “It’s a special dildo.” She explained, “I can make it come, spurt fake semen deep into your ass at the right moment.”

“Oh god,” I moaned.

“Now, you will get hard for me.” She massaged my cock and balls and I grew hard. Soon my cock was sticking up lewdly. She rubbed it as she fucked me. This continued for about another ten minutes. My ass was becoming raw and sore, but I didn’t complain. Suddenly she picked the tempo up. She moaned, “I’m gonna come.” I see what she was doing now, playing the role of the man.

I said, “Come in my ass. I want your cum to spurt deep in my anus. Spurt your cum in me.”

“Anything you say, She humped me some more, then she groaned. I felt some cool substance flood my intestines. “Oh, I’m coming,” she crowed.

“I can feel you come in my ass,” I breathed hotly.

She withdrew the cock and took it off. “Jack off for me now. Squirt it on the glass top.” She released my bonds and lightly whipped my ass. I grabbed my stiff cock and shortly spurt my cum out. It splattered on the glass top for her to watch and inspect. She ran her finger through my goo, examining it minutely. “I love to see you climax, lose control and spurt. Now, squat on the glass table. She stuck her finger up my hole and I felt the liquid drain out of my anus. It pooled on the table. She giggled at my embarrassment. “Now, service me.” She sat back on the couch and I crawled over to her crotch.

“I love the smell and taste of your pussy,” I declared. I yanked her yoga pants down and sunk my face into her sex. My tongue got to her, her resistance to an orgasm fruitless. She came in minutes, humping and thrashing, and losing control. She screamed as she came strongly.
“Oh fuck! You’re so good. You make me come so easily. I’m just a dirty slut whore.” I made her come again and again until she was sweating so much she cramped her right leg. She yelped and had to get up and walk it off. “I’ve never come so much in my life,” she declared, amazed at my talented tongue. “And so strongly. You know exactly where and how to lick and suck me.”

We relaxed, me naked, her half naked, on the couch and she dozed off. I admired her chest rise and fall with her slowed breathing. And her shaved pussy. I was falling in love with this incredible woman, a woman I loathed a few short weeks ago. But at the moment, I didn’t care. I was living in the moment in the here and now. To hell with the future. Like the Beatles song, “Let it be,” I breathed.

She awoke a few minutes later, and she looked up in my eyes. “Stay the night?” she asked, almost pleading.

“You bet,” I breathed happily.

“Come on, it’s late. It’s past two.” She led me to her bedroom and she finished stripping as I watched, and she displayed herself to me, turning, spreading flesh for my inspection, fondling herself. I grew hard just watching her. She got in bed and under the covers. I got in and kissed her long and hard. She caressed my cock and pulled me to her sex.

“I need a rubber,” I moaned miserably.

“No, you I entered her deliciously tight and creamy pussy with a long sigh of satisfaction, and we made slow, passionate love to each other. I eventually came inside her, her hands planted on my ass, setting the tempo of our fucking. She patted my rump. “Good boy. I’ll sleep tight knowing your cum and sperm are deep inside me.” I started to doze off when I heard her whisper, “I love you, Ted.”

I rose on one elbow and shook her shoulder. “You mean that?”

She turned and kissed my lips softly, gently. “You bet I do.”

“I’m falling in love with you, too, Jenn.” She smiled contentedly. Could it be this easy to love someone? I fell asleep with my cock nestled in her butt crack and my hand on her tit.

In the morning, Jenn woke me up when she crawled over me to get to the bathroom. I checked the time, 8:30 am, and I fell back asleep. She woke me back up an hour later by yanking the sheets off my naked body. “Hey, sleepy head.” I rolled over, luxuriating in the aftermath of a good sleep after great sex. “I see what they say about men and their morning hard-ons.” I looked at my crotch. She was right. I had a stiffy. I yawned and stretched and she kneeled on the bed and kissed me. “Go brush your teeth.” My morning routine in the bathroom completed, I returned to see her naked and spread eagle on the bed. The morning sunshine bathed her naked body in bright light.

“God you’re beautiful,” I said sighing.

“Tie me up.” She showed me where she kept the felt cuffs and roping to bind her wrists and ankles to the four corner legs of the bed. When I was done binding her, she said, “Now do with me what you will. Anything. I’m all yours, for your pleasure only.” The first thing I did was kiss her lips softly. She kissed me back urgently.

I slapped her right tit. It jiggled erotically. “Slowly, softly, kiss me,” I instructed. I kissed her again, and her soft lips gently caressed mine. I kissed the tip of her cute nose, her eyelids, forehead and back to her lips. I advanced to her throat, kissing everything, including her ears. I advanced down to her breastbone, and licked her tits, saving her nipples for last. She arched her back, sticking her wonderful breasts up in the air, obviously wanting me to suck on them. I licked them for a while, and kissed them. It was driving her crazy. She thrashed, arched her back, pushing her tit into my mouth. I slapped her right tit again. I purred. Finally, when she could stand it no longer, I sucked on her nipples, going from one to the other. I ran my finger oh so lightly down her belly.

She shivered involuntarily to my delicate touch. “Oh you’re so damn good; you’re driving me crazy,” she moaned. She bucked her hips once and I slapped her right tit again. She lay still, but she bit her lip. In the bright sunshine, I could see every detail of her wide open sex. Her pussy lips were engorged, her open sex glistening with wetness from her sexual excitement. She was obscenely displayed, her love hole wide open and defenseless. I licked her stomach and shaved groin area, and then her clit. She shuddered violently and moaned loudly. Leaning over her waist with my back to her, I licked her passion button softly at first, and when she bucked her hips unashamedly, I licked harder. she moaned. “Shit, that’s good. You do me soooo damn fucking gooood. I love it. Make me come for you. Watch me orgasm.” I fingered her to her climax, and she came, screaming, and flooding her pussy with her sex cream. Her clit pulsed in and out, her belly contracting in ecstasy. Finished, she lay back, and sweat began to appear between her tits. I let her relax for a few minutes and nestled on her shoulder, idly flicking her erect nipples.

I whispered in her ear, “I love you. I love your gorgeous body. I want you for myself, always.” She turned, and smiling, and kissed me hard on the lips.

“I love you too, Ted. I want you. I’ve wanted you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I guess I was jealous of you and Sally getting it on with that foursome we did in that glass tank with everyone watching us having sex. That’s why I was miffed at you.”

“I thought you didn’t want me dating Jill, that I was a bad influence on her, an enabler for her sexual />
“I just wanted you, that’s all. I know you had sex with Sally. Jill told me.”

“Just once, in a moment of weakness, is all.” I kissed her and she tongued me. I reached down and covered her sex with my hand. all mine, Jenn.”

“Oh yes. You own my pussy, like no one else ever has.” I massaged her clit gently, and then stuck my middle finger into her fuck hole. She arched her back and I sucked on her left tit and nipple. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and fucked her hole with my finger. She bucked her hips, moaning. “Fuck me good, do me, make me come again.” Minutes later, she screamed in her second orgasm. She soaked my hand with her stream of pussy juice. Damn she was hot.

I stuck two pillows under her ass, and said, “I’m going to fuck you now. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Yes, do me. Please, I’m begging you. Fuck me hard with you beautiful hard cock.” I entered her and my cock head rubbed her G spot, located on the roof of her vagina. I slammed her hard and she came once again, her contractions pulsed hard on my cock.

so tight, you feel so good on my cock. I’m gonna come deep inside you and soak your pussy with my semen.” I grabbed her tits and squeezed them painfully as I rammed my cock home over and over again.

“Yes, come in me. Spurt your creamy cum in me.” I crowed I was coming, and she bucked her hips madly. I spurt, the release wonderful. I pumped and pumped, my cock head exploding my seed deep into her vagina. Spent, I collapsed on top of her. She held me to her breasts, and I sucked on her right tit as an infant would. “You fuck me so good. I love it. I love your naked body, your nice, full ass, your beautiful erect cock, everything about you I love. I’m so lucky to have you.”

I untied her, and she showered for the second time that morning only this time with me. I got to douche her vagina, releasing the flood of water into the wand stuck up her cunt. She douched me too, in my male vagina, but I had to sit on the toilet to expel the water.

Dressed, she made eggs and toast, while she directed me to go get the morning paper. I idly thumbed through it and stopped when I saw it. “Oh shit,” I frowned.

“What is it?” Jenn asked.

“It’s in the paper. Crap.”

(To Be Continued)

story by: Griffin-slut-boy

Tags: fiction bondage and restriction bdsm cruelty sex story

Author: Griffin-slut-boy

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    my wife and i frequent a local bar/restaurant that features a DJ on friday and saturday nights. the regular DJ is in his mid thirties and does a good job of playing to the crowds likes. on one particular friday night the regular guy was busy with another engagement. he was replaced by a former co-worker who we used to follow on weekends. seeing tommy for the first time in a few years was a nice surprise. diane and i...

  • First time in the Game

    She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her. We had shared something to gain something but I am sure we had both also lost something during the game. ‘Shit!’ I think as I jump to my feet. ‘Where am I and what the fuck am I doing here?’ was screaming in my head. She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her.We had shared something to gain something but I am...

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