Gone to the dogs (part 4)

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Gone To The Dogs (part 4)

Sister-Lindsay. Older by 2 years
Mom-Becky, or Rebecca Depends on how my Dad's feeling. Mom to me
Potential g/f-Tanya Craig
Tanya's bestie-Lisa Pride
My buds-Trent, Steve, Jay, and Troy

I watch Tanya's bum as she throws the wet towel downstairs, and goes around the corner after her Mom. She knew I was outside watching because she blew me a kiss as she locked the sliding door, which leads to her deck and hottub.

I slowly slide into my bike shorts, and t shirt. Hoping they will come back out of her Mom's room. But sadly they don't so I quietly open the gate and getting my helmet on take my bike out of Tanya's backyard. Shutting the gate quietly I decide to ride over to the coffee shop and see whats happening.

Fuck this seat is uncomfortable when you are riding with a hardon. My mind is elsewhere as I ride past the coffee shop.

It is still trying to process what I have just witnessed. One of the cutest girls in my school, and her Mom were making out while her Mom fingered her. I should be writing for Penthouse letters I think as I realize I am passing the coffee shop.

Turning around I see that there are only a few people standing around. No one that I care to talk too so I continue on my way home.

My phone starts to ring so I pull off the road and open my seat bag. I see it is Mrs. Maher's number as I put it to my ear.

I sputter. More out of breath than I had thought
“Hi is this Kevin? It's Judy's daughter…err Mrs. Maher's daughter from 1536 Baylor. Janine. Is this a bad time?” she questions.

“No Janine. I'm just on my bike. Heading home.” I reply

“OK my Mom has indicated that you just live around the corner from her. Are you going to drop by and take Brandy for her walk tonight? Your payment envelope is here to be picked up as well.”

“Yes I was going to drop by in an hour or so. I didn't want to water Brandy to early” I say through a smile, at my wittiness.

“She doesn't need a bath Kevin.” is Janine's response. Rather sharply too, I notice.

“No I meant water as in take her out to pee. I wouldn't want her to leave a puddle in the morning”

I hear laughter as she apologizes

“I'm sorry Kevin it has been a long day. Thanks for the humour. So I have time for a shower than. Before you get here?”

“Most I reply “I'll come by an an hour with some more humour for you.”

“Oh you don't know how appreciative I will be for that.” she giggles. “In fact I am going to have a bath. Can you call me before you come over? I may fall asleep in my Mom's massage tub?” she replies.

“I can do that” I sputter. Now I my thoughts have somehow hurried back to Tanyas' Mom's bedroom. I am picturing Tanya on her stomach while her Mom runs her hands all over her sexy ass.

“OK I'll see you then Kevin” Bye bye.

I respond with a “see you soon” to the sound of a phone buzzing. Meaning she had already hung up.

Kinda bitchy I think to myself as I lock into my pedals and start home.

Ten minutes later I walk in my door. First stop is to replace the DVD I borrowed that I was going to watch at Tanya's.

I say “Hi” to my Mom who is still sitting on the deck.

Dad? I've got to tell him I won't be able to assist him this summer”

“I'm pretty sure he knows that and I doubt he's worried about it right now. He has flown to Myrtle Beach to play golf with Charlie, and Ben. Apparently Grant had to pull out so your father, never one to miss a chance to improve his game, took his place” she tells me.

“The life of a dentist” I laugh and go back into the house.

I walk into the kitchen to get a drink. I drink two full glasses realizing I was parched as the water hits the back of my mouth. I see a half finished bottle of wine on the counter and looking out at my Mom who is reading her newest book.

I'm not sure how she can concentrate on a book after drinking wine. The last time I had a single glass my head, and my bed was spinning till I finally fell asleep. “Must be practice” I think to myself.

My Mom looks through the screen door. And says “I didn't think you'd be home this early”

“No I didn't think so either, but plans got screwed up tonight so I am just back early before I take Mrs. Maher's dog out tonight before bed.” I say.

I go out and sit across from my Mom. Appreciating the evening warmth. I look down through the glass table and see that the leg opening of my Mom's shorts are pulled to the side. I can see her panties, and they are not 'Mom panties' These are more like my sister's style. As she puts the page marker in her book she looks up at me and sees directly what I am looking at. I turn red and my Mom pulls the legs of her shorts down to where they usually are.

get to use any of those condoms yet I see” she quips with a smile.

“No not yet, but soon I'm hoping” I confide.

“Well just remember good things come to those who wait, and the best things are usually right under your nose” she tells me through her glowing smile.

“Let me get you some more wine Mom?” I insist, as I watch her fill her mouth with the last little bit of her glass. My outstretched hand comes into contact with her hair as she puts her wine glass onto the table.

I gently pull on a handful of her hair and then take my hand away with her empty glass now in it. As I do I look down at the novel she is reading and see a topless woman on the cover laying under some satin sheets. Mom sees me looking at this and now it is here turn to blush as I look into her eyes.

She laughs and says, “I sometimes read these when your Father is …”

She did not get to finish as I lean over and kiss her on the mouth. It is a kiss directly on her lips. A kiss that is too short, but an exhilarating kiss non-the-less. I pull away and begin to walk away with her glass when I hear her whisper under her breathe “That was too short.”

My cock is at it's absolute hardest point as I walk into the kitchen. I try to push it down but it is not happening. I end up rubbing my dick against the counter top as I fill my Mom's wine glass. I look at the clock and see that I should get ready to go back over to Mrs. Maher's place.

Damn dog I'm thinking as I walk back onto the deck. I hand my Mom her glass and she accepts it into her hand. Very slowly. Her fingers are wet as they touch mine.

“Would you like a drink my little, big man?” she whispers

I am standing across the table and above her and when I look through the glass she opens her knees and pulls her shorts to the side so I can see her crotch. This time there are no panties in the way and I can see my Mom's pussy lips, and her opening. My mouth falls open as I see her put a finger into her pussy.

I respond with a “Yes I would love a taste” I'm not sure if that was a reply to her drink offer or to the fact that I am staring at her pussy that has one of her fingers in it.

I think she has snapped out of her thoughts as she takes her finger from inside her. But the she uses the same hand to offer me her glass. Her finger that is so perfectly manicured with the blue and white nail polish is shining in the light. It is her pussy juice on her finger, and she rubs it off on my side of the glass as she hands it to me.

I make an exaggerated lick with my tongue as I clean her juices off of the glass. Letting her know that was the taste that I wanted. I tip the glass up and take a sip. Not wanting to ruin the taste of my Mom's pussy that is currently on my tongue.

“That has to be the best wine EVER!” I declare as I hand her the glass back.

“If you hurry back Kevin I can give you some more…” my Mom confesses in a voice that I have never heard her make before.

I reach down for her other hand and take her other two shiny fingers into my mouth.

“Oh my when did you become so she inquires.

As my tongue licks her fingers I smile. And while looking into her eyes I mouth “You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen”

Just then the kitchen light comes on. Dropping my Mom's hand from mine I look up and see my sister walking over to the sink.

“Are you feeling better honey?” my Mom quietly calls as she gets up and walks in to see my sister.

I figure a quick exit is my only chance as my Mom is talking to my sister. Facing the sink and holding her shoulder so she doesn't turn and see my bulging shorts.

“I'll be back in a half hour” I say. Both of them hearing it, but only Mom turns with a smile.

Grabbing my helmet and walking quickly to my bike I call Janine and let her know I am on my way over.

The phone rings five times before an out of breath />
“Hi Janine, it's Kevin. I'm just on my way over.” I state

“Alright I was just having a glass of wine on the deck. That's why it took me so long to get to the phone” she explains

OMG. Recovering quickly I say,

“OK see you in a couple minutes” and break the connection before she can reply.

Once again I remind myself how uncomfortable this bike seat is to ride with an erection!

I get to Mrs. Maher's house in like two minutes. Fortunately my hard on has decreased in size and stature. I knock on the door and Janine answers it almost immediately.

“Hi, I'm Kevin Changes. Your Mom's dog walker.”

“Hi Kevin, I'm Janine. Her />
She is wrapped in a robe that is to big for her, and has Brandy's leash and collar in her hand.

“Well that's good. I'd hate to think a burglar had a bath in her house and is now here standing in one of her robes” I say with a grin.

“And how do you know it is one of her robes?” she replies with a smile. “I didn't think you knew my Mom that well” she questions, As her grin turns into light laughter.

Brandy is running circles around her feet looking to go out so Janine squats down and puts her collar on her. Handing me the leash she smiles and says,

“You are a comedian Kevin. Now have her home by ten”

As she stands up she ensures her robe is wrapped around her. But I can see that she has big tits through the material of her robe.

“Do you want to go out now?” I ask, as I kneel down and pet Brandy's head.

Obviously she does as she walks past me to the door.

“I don't think this will take too long Janine. I'll probably have her home in 10 minutes. A quick walk around the block.”

“OK I'll see you in a bit”, she says, as she turns and walks to the kitchen

“My wine is getting warm” she exclaims, with a smile as she walks away

“Oh here is the envelope that my Mom left for you. I hope it's enough to have you come back tomorrow. If it's not just let me know. It will be hard for me to take her out during the day while I'm at work” She exclaims as the top of the robe she is wearing falls open as she hands me the envelope.

Her tit is practically begging me to look at it, and unable to disappoint a female I do. Look at it that is. A nice big tit with a beautiful hard nipple attached at the tip. She hands me the envelope and quickly clutches the top of her robe to cover up.

I watch the blush start on her cheeks as she has spotted me looking down at her boob.

how I know it's not your robe” I say with a huge smile that turns to a brief laugh when I see that she is smiling too.

“You saw that did you” she pried.

“Ummnn yes ma'am, and I have to go walk Brandy now” as my free hand covers the swelling that is starting in my shorts again.

“Yes you do” she says. As she now keeps her hand holding her robe together and reaches past me to open the door. “Sorry to boot you out while you are in an awkward situation” she giggles, as she looks down at my now tenting shorts, “But I'm sure it will go down soon.”

“You see that do you?” I joked. Mimicking her question from 30 seconds ago.

miss it if I wanted to” she counters.

Without really thinking I respond with “And do you want to see it?”

“Go walk the dog Kevin! I'll be busy when you return so just hang the leash on the inside of the door. I will put it up in the kitchen before I go to bed. Please don't forget Brandy in the morning. I won't have time for her walk in the morning”

As I near the end of her driveway I hear Janine calling after me.

“Kevin you said you were going to humour me. Do you have a joke?”

Turning around I say “Why did the dog cross the road?

Janine shrugs her shoulders, and asks />
“To get to the barking lot” I state

“Really? that's supposed to make me laugh? She says through a smile

“By your smile I see that you are halfway there. How about this one? Whats the difference between pink and purple?

Without waiting for her reply I tell her…

“the grip”

“Oh gawd Kevin” she says through a gentle laugh as she closes the door.

Brandy leads me to her favorite pole, and while she is peeing my phone rings. 'Home' comes up on the call display.

I respond cheerfully.

“Hi Kevin” I recognize my Mom's voice. “Three more calls regarding your dog walking service has come in since you were here last. When will you be home?”

“I'm just walking Brandy now Mom. Probably 10 – 15 minutes” I report

“Your thister has miraculously recovered and is going out. I'll be in the garage”

The line goes dead.

Her slurring did not get past me. Nor did the tone of the going to have sex with my MOM tonight!

Fortunately, after her pee Brandy did a quick tour around the block. As we approach her home she starts to pull on the leash. Not that I am walking slowly. Believe me. I open the door and yell to Janine 'that Brandy is home and I will walk her in the morning.' I know she is awake and downstairs because I saw the light on. I didn't expect an answer but I hear a quick “Thank you Kevin. Have a great night. I'll see you tomorrow night”

I respond with another joke. “What comes in hard, comes out soft, and you blow hard?”

“Dare I ask?” I hear from the basement

“Gum” I respond, as I shut and lock the door.

I hop on my bike and remembering what awaits me at home my dick begins to harden making it hard to pedal for the umpteenth time today. I ride into the driveway and see a small light on in the garage. I ride to the side of the house and opening the gate put my bike into the shed.

As I walk into the house, and see the empty wine bottle. I go into the bathroom upstairs and put on some deodorant. I have no idea how this will work out but I am willing, and wanting to do everything to her.

For some reason I knock on the garage door before I hear my Mom tell me to 'come in'. I am hard and my dick bumps the door before I can get it all the way open. As I walk down the three steps I see my Mom sitting at the bench with her back to me. There is a scent in here that I have never smelt before. I find out that it is the smell of a woman turned on. She is wearing a long white t shirt. No bra I see when I walk to the seat facing her. There are two glasses of wine sitting on the bench between us.

“Kevin you have to look me in the eye and promise me that what happens tonight will NEVER leave this garage” she states.

Holy shit. My Mom looks incredible. She has put on some red lipstick, some eye shadow, and a small amount of blush. Her nipples are poking through her t shirt, and as she opens her legs I can't help but notice she has no panties on.

“I PROMISE Mom” I stammer. “As my higher power as my witness I guarantee that no one will ever hear of this”

“Your higher power?” she questions.

“You know I don't believe in God, but we all have a higher power” I say />
“Have you ever made love to a female? She questions me.

“No I haven't Mom” I reply honestly. “You just bought me condoms the other day.”

“I'm glad to think that you wouldn't have sex without a condom, but I thought maybe you would have got one from school or a buddy. And when we are in this situation please don't call me Mom. This is crazy enough without thinking about that. I have never done anything like this…EVER. I have been faithful to Roger since before we were />
I caught the Roger part. Not your Father, or your Dad. She is taking the family part completely out of this. Which is fine with me. I am trying to see her as a sexy older lady anyway. My first.

“What would you like me to call you M…” I catch myself in time and this causes her beautiful full smile to appear for the first time since I sat down across from her.

She starts to open and close her thighs. Inviting my eyes to look at her lovely pink pussy. “Call me Lindsay” she tells me.

Following her lead about keeping this meeting away from what it really is. I tell her, what my sister's name is.”

“Oh nice” she responds with a smile. “I love that name, but would you prefer Donna? Have a taste of wine” she says as she takes a sip from her glass.

While I take a drink she puts her hand on my upper thigh. My aching hard cock does a twitch and my Mom's comment catches me by surprise “I have played with myself hoping this moment would come for six months now”

“Well Lindsay, my sister is away and I have the house to myself so would you like too go into my bedroom?”

“Oh I couldn't go down to your room. Lets just put a blanket down here. There's a space where Roger's car parks.”

I say, doing a quick glance around for a blanket. I can't see a one so I ask if she wants to just get one from her room?

“We can start without a blanket” she whispers, as her hand slides up the inside of my shorts and wraps around my hard cock.

I actually moan out loud as her hand starts to stroke me.

“Lets get these off” she says as she gets up off her seat and pulls on the bottom of my shorts.

“Let me get them undone Mom” I yammer. I realize my error as she looks into my eyes.

“Kevin if you call me your Mom one more time this is over” she hisses

“My apologies Lindsay. Let me get them untied is all.”
“Well hurry up I'm horny” she replies.

With my shorts at my ankles and my Mom jerking on my cock my precum starting to appear at the end of my cock. My Mom leans in and kisses me. I respond by wrapping my arms around her and running them through her hair. As I open my mouth I feel her lips part as well and our tongues entwine. I can taste the wine on her breath and I take one hand from behind her and start to rub her tits. She breaks the kiss and tells me.

“If you are going to treat me like a slut you better call me one. And pinch my nipples” she moans

“I'm sorry Lindsay” I say I didn't mean to do anything wrong.

She takes my head in her hands and I can feel my pre on her fingers as she looks at me and says “You are doing everything right Kevin. I want to be a slut right now. Please pull my hair too!”

I'm am taken back by my Mom, errr Lindsay telling me this, but I promise myself to treat this slut like she wants to be. I've read enough stories and seen a few pornos to kind of have a grasp on this.

I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back exposing her neck. I feel her grip tighten on my cock as I begin kissing her neck in my virgin like way. Having never done anything like this before I am relying on what I have seen, and read, in the past to guide me. I have completely forgotten about her pussy until her scent fills my nose. With her hair pulled back I rush my hand between her thighs. Lifting her t shirt out of the way I slam a finger into her. She fucking moans so I slide another one into her and start fucking her with my fingers as I go back to her neck and throat with my spit covered tongue. She is gasping now and tells me,

“Oh yes that's how you treat your slut Kevin”

I don't know, or remember where this came from but I snarl, “Who the fuck is Kevin? I am to be addressed as SIR.”
As I said that her stroking hand and my fingers in her pussy caused my dick to twitch as I came in her hand.

I kept fingering her and told her to “lick my cum off your hand Slut!”

“I don't like the taste of cum Kevin”

“I don't care what you like. You're my slut and do what I tell you too. And address me as SIR. Not Kevin. That's your son's name.”

With that I took her hand and palm up held it up to her mouth. Her pussy had become wetter because I had taken charge too. She tentatively put her tongue to her palm.

“Lick it all up! NOW” I shouted

I felt her juices gush from her finger-filled cunt. As I pushed her palm into her face. I could hear her slurping at her fingers. Lapping my cum up like a dog at a dish of water.

“How does that taste you whore” I questioned.

“It was OK SIR.”

“Judging from how your pussy felt I think it was better than ok”

“Look at the mess you have left on the floor” I added. “Give me your t shirt to wipe it up”

She gave me a confused look

“NOW. I'm not going to ask you again, and if I have too I'm going to rip that right off you”

As she slipped her shirt off I could really see how perfect my Mom was. Her nipples were a shade darker than her skin, and hard as diamonds. Perched at the tip of her 'C' cup tits. Her hair fell off of her shoulders full of shadows caused by the small light that was casting the garage in a mild glow. She had no overlap at her belly or scars from child birth. She was f'n perfect.

“Your husband is a lucky man, slut!”

Her face lights up every time I call her a slut. I guess she likes to be told this. Her and my father were married after college so I'm wondering if she got to be treated like this before.

She looks up at me as I push her to the floor, so she can wipe up her mess and says, “Thank you SIR”

I turn her head so she is facing my cock.

“Look at me!” I command

She looks up at me with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I grasp two hand fulls of her hair and guide her mouth onto my hardening cock.

“I'm ready to go again Lindsay” I hiss

Hearing me call her Lindsay she smiles with an open mouth as I put my whole cock into her mouth. As it hardens and pokes deeper into her mouth she tries to pull away, but I have a firm grip on her hair. My cock is now entering her throat and I hear her trying to suck in her breathe around my cock.

“You know that's how sluts get treated don't you?

I feel a hard gag as I ease up my grip on her hair and let her pull back some.

She glares at me and says “Yes SIR”

“Good girl” I respond as I pull the back of her head into my pubic hair. “I'm glad you didn't gag that time. We will work on that.
she says as I thrust my cock into her throat again.

“Are you sure this is what you want Lindsay” as I release my hold again so her mouth only holds the head of my cock.

“Yes Master” she mumbles around my cock

“Did you like the taste of my cum?” I demand

“No SIR I didn't like it at all. I don't swallow and never have. In fact I haven't tasted cum since my husband and I were dating.” she confesses.

“Well you can mark today on your calendar because I'm going to cum right in your mouth in another few minutes. Feel my balls tightening up?”

“She looks up at me as her eyes bulge open. I'm not sure if it's because my cock is in her throat or if it's because she doesn't want my cum. I don't care. She told me she is my slut. She also told me to pinch her nipples and now that they are exposed and still hard I take one hand from her hair and cup her tit. She moans as she feels her lungs filling back up with air and my hand cupping her sexy, big tit. Then I put pressure on her nipple. Squeezing it between my finger and thumb. She goes crazy when I do this. Forcing my cock into her own throat. I take my other hand out of her hair and pinch her other nipple. Her head is quickly going up and down on my shaft as I alternate my squeezes on her nipples. Her left and then her right. I take one hand away and slap the side of her tit. She moans and I tell her to…

“Keep sucking. I'm going to cum soon slut.”

She tries to pull away but with the hand that just slapped her tit I grab the back of her head and holding her so my cock is just inside her mouth I start to cum.

She starts to gag as my first shot hits the back of her throat. Then my second and third shoot into the sides of her mouth as she has turned her head so my cum splashes against her molars. I think I put seven shots into my Mom's mouth.

“Open your mouth and show me what you have caused” I tell her

“I dedn't caauuse thes” she whimpers as she opens her mouth for me to see.

My cum is covering the back half of her tongue and some of her teeth as she leans backwards so I can look into her mouth. How fucking cool is this I wonder to myself? Looking down at my beautiful Mother with her mouth open and my load settling in her mouth.

“Now gurgle!” I demand “With your mouth open so I can see my cum dancing in your mouth”

“Ou ar thick” she mumbles

“Don't talk with your mouth full slut. Just do what I tell you”

I look down and see my cum in her mouth is what I hear as I watch my Mother gurgling with my cum like it is mouthwash. Which in a sense it is.

“Now swallow it!”

She looks at me. Almost pleading for me to tell her to spit it out. is all she gets from me. She closes her mouth and eyes. I see that her eye makeup is running because of my cock being forced into her throat. The sign of a good slut. Fuck. That's your Mom you're talking about it, the angel on my left shoulder says. But it's super hot, the devil on my right side adds

I hear her gulp as she swallows my load. She shakes her head a few times to try and get rid of the taste.

“Show me.” I insist

She opens her mouth and I look in. Not seeing any cum I put my hands under her arms and lift her to her feet. I see that she has small bruises on her nipples. I guess I was pinching hard. I hope my Dad is gone for a few days. I'll have to go easy on her while he's away. Holy fuck I'm planning to this more?

“May I go get cleaned up and go to bed SIR?” she pleads. She looks so pretty with her smeared lipstick and her eye liner and mascara running down her cheeks.

Pulling my phone from my shorts pocket I tell her not until I get a picture.

“No way Kevin. Put that phone away. I'm drawing the line at that” she argues

“Just put your arm across your forehead and I won't even recognize you.” I explain. />
“Then can I go cleanup? I feel my makeup has run down my face. I must look fucking />
“You look like a beautiful SLUT” I growl at my MOM

With an exhausted look and a sigh she bends her elbow and with her forearm covering her eyes tells me to click away.

I tell her to smile a big smile and then to just have the tip of her tongue sticking out.

“Open up a say awwwww”

“Cup your breast whore.” I insist. She cups her breast and feels her nipple at the same time. “Oww fuck” she cried. “What the fuck did you do to my nipple”

As she pulls her arm away to look down at her nipple I squeeze off a few pics. She is too caught up in her bruising nipple to realize it though.

“Oh my god. I hope this is gone by the time your dad gets home”

“Who's Dad?”

“Your dad Kevin. I'm done. This was a bad idea, and it will never happen again. Remember your />
With that she walked out of the garage naked. I looked down and seeing her shirt on the floor along side my shorts. As I pulled my shorts on I balled up my Mom's pussy juice stained shirt and left the garage too. I went down to my room and put the shirt with her panties. Then remembering the wine glasses were still in the garage I went to get them before my sister found them.

My Mom had had the same idea and was sitting in the garage finishing her glass of wine. As I opened the door she put down her glass and said />
“I was just coming in to clean up Lindsay”

I walked over to my seat and saw her look away.

“Look at me!” I ordered

“No more orders Kevin. I'm embarrassed enough. Or can't you see that?” she sobbed

Her make up was all washed off, and she looked like the Mom I knew. She wasn't crying but she was breathing deeply as if she might break into tears at any time. I knew I had to crush these feelings of remorse or I would suffer the consequences.

Why would you feel embarrassed? You have an amazing body that I was proud to see and feel”

“A little roughly I may add” she squeaked

Lifting her night shirt to show me her bruised nipples. I leaned forward and gently kissed them both. That's when she shocked me and pulled my head into her breasts. I put as much into my mouth as I could while I wrapped my arms around her back. Squeezing her tight. Trying to let her feel the love I had for her through my arms.

Now to this point of the day. The best day of my life in fact I had been caught off guard a number of times. It was about to happen again…

“Take me to your bed and fuck me as hard as you can SIR. I'm not getting out of your bed until your cum is leaking everywhere out of me.” she proclaimed.

Taking the wine glasses in my hand I said “Lead the way SLUT”

I wasn't sure what to expect then but I got a smile and my Mother grasped my head in both hands and began to french kiss me. I could taste mouthwash and red wine in her mouth. A nice clean mouth I thought as I followed her ass up the steps and out of the garage. She turned towards the kitchen and seeing me putting the glasses in the sink headed down to my room.

Thankfully my room was fairly clean and I had made my bed this morning. After I had washed my glass and put it back in the cupboard. I left my Mom's in the sink so my sister wouldn't have to wonder why there were two dirty wine glasses when my father was not home. I entered my room and found my bathroom light on and my Mom laying in my bed.

“You will continue to call me Lindsay” she said

“And you will address me as SIR” I responded

“Are you ready to lose your virginity SIR!” she purred

“Yes I am Linds”

“You can call me your slut, or whore, still too” she begged as she pulled down my shorts.

“How do you want me?” she asked?

“I want you on your stomach slut.” I said

no one here SIR tell me how you want me” she repeated. Wanting me to keep giving the orders. Only louder

“I want you on your stomach and grab your ankles like the whore you are” I snapped

“Yes SIR” was my slut's reply. “Do you want my ass or my cunt SIR?”

Hearing my Mother talk like this was a shock whether it was from her 'other' self of not. Playing this game was making the precum drip from my cock like a stream. Did I just hear right? My Mother was offering her asshole to my virgin cock? Later for sure but I wanted to fuck her pussy, or her cunt as she had put it first.

“I'm going to have your cunt first you whore. As soon as I put a condom on. You don't need a condom SIR I'm on the pill. I looked down at her beautiful ass. Knowing that she went to the gym three times a week to keep it looking that great. Kneeling between her thighs that were being held open by her hands around her ankles I stabbed at her pussy with my cock.

“Oww I thought you wanted my pussy” I heard her squawk, as I felt a tight spot opening. “A little lower SIR”

Realizing I had been at my Mom's anal opening I almost came right then and there. But as she pulled on her ankles and lifted her hips up off my bed I moved in behind her and found her soaked pussy. As my cock slipped into her hot cunt I thought Oh fuck no other time will ever feel this good. I feel like I'm home. Well not home but this is where you are from I thought with a smile. I started ramming my cock into her pussy knowing that if I hadn't already cum twice in the last hour I would surely be done by now.

Hearing her moaning was certainly pushing me to the edge as fast as her tight pussy wrapped around my cock.

“Oh fuck SIR dump your cum in your little sluts wanton cunt. I am your whore so treat me as you wish”

And with those words I shot my third load of the night into my Mom. As we lay on my bed in the after glow of mother/son incest I whispered into her ear that I loved her more than anything else in the entire world.

“Thank you SIR” was her reply.”

Now I'm not gay, obviously. But I got off my Mom and started to lick her ass. As she moaned and started to lift her ass off the bed I began licking her asshole.

“Oh fuck. Don't you ever stop?” she asked

“Do you want me too?” I replied as I pulled my mouth off her asshole.

“Not if you don't want too” She moaned as she put my pillow under her waist.

“Oh Mo…Lindsay you have the sexiest ass I have ever seen.” I raved “And your pussy is so smooth, and tight.”

“And crème filled.” she laughed

“Have you ever had your crème pie eaten?” I questioned

“Not by a man.” she replied “Would you do it for me?”

“Yes I think I will Lindsay”

And with that I stuck my tongue in my Mom's pussy. In the position she was in my nose was in her ass too. I'm not sure what was sexier to me. She had a smoking ass and a beautiful pussy. I started licking at her pussy lips. I had never done this before and I think she knew it. She slid her hand underneath her and opened herself up. It was the pinkest shade of pink I had ever seen. And when I saw the white appearing at the top I started to lick that up too.

“Are you ready?” she proposed

“I guess so.” was my reply.

I'm not sure what I was ready for until she said to lie on my back right where the pillow was. I got under my Mom just in time. My cum started running out of her pussy into my mouth. She was pushing so hard I got a splash of fluid.

“oh my I'm sorry SIR” she told me. “That last part will never happen again”

“Lindsay the last part was the tastiest. What was it?”

“I don't think you want to know” she told me as she rose up on her knees with her pussy right over my mouth.

“I want to know and I want more of it if you can provide it” I begged

“It was pee SIR”

“It was amazing tasting. It must have been the wine” I told her

Now I had been watching some videos on the net about peeing and had peed on myself in the shower so I was open to ideas. I had just licked my cum out of my Mom's pussy. I could not be shocked at this point.

It started as a trickle into my mouth. I kept lapping it up and swallowing. Then it became a torrent as ¾ of a bottle of wine came rushing out of her bladder. I couldn't swallow it fast enough and it flowed out my mouth, and onto my neck and bed. This didn't stop her and she kept pissing until her bladder was empty. Feeling her knees getting wet she says,

“Looks like we have some laundry to do tonight. You can sleep in my room if you like.”

Not liking the feeling of the wet sheets we got up and as my Mom stripped my bed I went to my bathroom and got a towel to soak up the extra pee before it soaked into my mattress. Some febreeze and a wet towel later my bed was as good as a new. Mom had put my sheets in the wash and we were both snug in her's and my dad's bed.

“Kevin you rocked my world like no other man could tonight. Feeding a man my crème pie and pissing has been my biggest />
“I loved every minute of it Mom” I replied. “I'm sorry but I have to go to bed I have two dogs to walk tomorrow morning before school”

“Oh I'm so proud of you Kevin. I love fucking you to” she whispered but I didn't hear the last part because I was already asleep.

Kev…, Kevin, Kevin. My eyes fluttered as I woke up in a strange dark room. My Mom was shaking me awake.

“Ummnnn hey Mom whats up?” I asked. Trying to clear the fog of sleep from my head

“Kevin you've got too go to your room. I don't want your sister to see you coming out of my room in the morning when she gets up” she tells me as she kisses my forehead.

Everything comes pouring back to me. The meeting in the garage…twice, going to my room with my Mom, fantasies fulfilled, her peeing on my sheets, my sheets being put in the washing machine…Damn I'm going to have to sleep sheetless for the rest of the night.

“I've dried your sheets and replaced them on your bed. Your sister isn't home yet so you've got to hurry Kevin.” she pleaded.

“Thank you Mom, or should I still call you Lindsay?” I questioned through a smile.

“I think Lindsay is going away for a while again Kevin. 'She' hasn't been out of Rebecca in a long time” my Mom stammered. “I'm sorry she came out tonight. I was drunk and feeling lonely. When you started acting very mature, and business-like. I lost my real identity” she confessed

OK Mom. There is no one else in the world I would rather lose my virginity to than you” I responded

“You are a virgin?” she gasped

“Was… a virgin. I gave you my virginity. I loved every second of everything we did too. Can we do it again before I leave your room?” I begged

“NO Kevin. We will not do 'it' ever again. I feel so ashamed already. I'm not sure I can even face myself. How am I going to be able to sit at the breakfast table with you, your father, and your sister, again” she mumbled

And then my Mom started crying. Real tears. Her body shaking as she sobbed.

“Don't worry Mom only you, and I will ever know about this. That I can promise you. This night is the best night I have ever experienced and it's all because of you. THANK YOU”

Then I took her in my arms and hugged her like a son would hug his Mom. Except for the fact that I was getting hard again! But with me sitting up under her blankets she couldn't see this predicament so I held her tight until her sobbing stopped and she hugged me back.

“I love you Mom and I'll see you in the morning. It is my last day and I have a few dogs to walk in the morning so I will be up early. What time is it now?”

“It's 2:47” she clarified, as she looked at her clock radio
“Oh didn't you sleep after…we />
“No I just washed and dried your sheets and then remade your bed. I just couldn't sleep beside you.”

Feeling a little put out by that comment, but appreciating clean sheets on my bed. I pulled her covers off of me as my Mom moved from her seat on the bed.

hard again.” she croaked.

“I'm sorry Lindsay. I was thinking of dead puppies, and dropping fly balls but I couldn't get what happened earlier out of my mind.” I told her

“Please don't call me Lindsay ever again Kevin. Now go to bed… In your room”

That comment came with a smile so I figured we were good for the time being.

I stood up and tried to hug her, but she pulled away.

“Not with THAT between us Kevin.” nodding at my hard cock. “I'm trying to hide Lindsay away again, and seeing you like this is not helping.”

“Goodnight Mom” I tell her through a smile. I can take care of this myself. I take my dick in my hand and give it a few strokes. Showing her my precum on my finger.

“ GO Kevin… I'll see you tomorrow. Fully clothed”

I reply as I leave her, and my father's room. “Love ya”

I stop in the kitchen and I'm getting some water when my sister opens the door. I am silhouetted by the refrigerator light, and my cock is at full hardness.
“Geezus Kevin. Can't you put a sock on that?” she quips

“Sorry Lindsay I thought you were sick in bed. I turn to go down the stairs and do a quick glance to see if my Mom's bedroom light is off. It is, and her door is open. She is standing there smiling at me. Then she quietly shuts her door, as I race down the stairs.

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Author: Kevinjo420

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