Torture at the Swimming Pool

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My hands went up your sides then back down your legs. You started to purr. I continued on like this for several minutes, but finally when you couldn’t take it anymore you leaned your head back and pushed your ass back into my crotch. “Oh baby,†you whispered softly, “I love that. Let’s go back to our room.” I walked into the pool area and you were still on the lounge chair at the far end.  When I left, you were laying on your My hands went up your sides then back down your legs. You started to purr. I continued on like this for several minutes, but finally when you couldn’t take it anymore you leaned your head back and pushed your ass back into my crotch. “Oh baby,†you whispered softly, “I love that. Let’s go back to our room.”

I walked into the pool area and you were still on the lounge chair at the far end.  When I left, you were laying on your back soaking in the sun.  Now you were sitting up reading a magazine.  Your hair was up and your back was facing the sun.

I sat down and spooned you.  When you felt my legs and chest against your back you said, “Hey sexy man.”

I replied back, “Hey pretty girl.”  I put my hands on your thighs and started to gently rub them.  I kissed your neck, ears, shoulders, and back.  My hands went up your sides then back down your legs.  You started to purr.  I continued on like this for several minutes, but finally when you couldn’t take it anymore you leaned your head back and pushed your ass back into my crotch.  

“Oh baby,†you whispered softly, “I love that.  Let’s go back to our room.”

“Nah,” I said, nonchalantly.  “I want to get some sun too.”  I laid back and closed my eyes.

You turned around and looked at me.  With clear irritation in your voice you said, “You’re just going to stop?  That’s it?”

“Yeah,” I said without looking at you, “we can go back to our room later.  We’ve got all day.”  I put my hands behind my head and you turned back to your magazine. 

About fifteen minutes went by.  I decided it was time for more.

“Baby,†I said, “looks like you need some more sunscreen on your back.  Do you want me to rub some on?”

“Sure” you said, still focused on your magazine.  I grabbed the tube from your bag.  I put a big glob in my hands and rubbed them together.  I started on your shoulders and did the back of your arms then down your back all the way to your bikini bottoms.  I didn’t use it all, so I went around the front and put the rest on your belly.  When it was all gone, I didn’t stop, but I kept rubbing my hands on your belly and sides.  Soon I moved my hands up to your tits and started to massage them through your bikini top.  It didn’t take long until you started to purr again.  I could tell you were losing concentration on what you were reading.  You arched your back and stretched.  

“Mmmm, baby, that’s so good, but I want your hands on my bare tits.  You ready to go back yet?”

“No,” I said casually.  I removed my hands and slid backward on the lounge chair so I could stand up.

“Where are you going?” you said, looking up at me.  Your voice sounded irritated once again.

“I’m going to go for a swim.  Wanna go?”  I turned back and looked at you.

“No.  You just put sunscreen on me.”  Your voice had the ‘you dumb-ass’ sound in it.

“Okay” I said turning back to the pool.  I walked to the edge and dove in.  For about 15 minutes I swam laps and just relaxed in the deep end.  Finally I got out and walked back to where you were.  Now you were laying on your stomach, eyes closed, soaking in sun on your back and legs.  Your bikini straps were undone so you wouldn’t get a tan line.  I dried off and sat on my lounge chair.  I reached over and rubbed the back of your thigh.  “You want some sunscreen on your legs, babe?”

“No,” you said tersely.

“I think you’re going to need it,†I said sweetly.  “I don’t want you to get burned.”

“No,” you said again with heavy irritation in your voice.  You turned your head the other way so you weren’t facing me.  I smiled.  I knew it was getting to you and you were bugged.  I reached over and grabbed the sunscreen and put a big glob in my hands.  I put a thick layer on the back of each leg then started to rub it in.

“I thought I told you ‘no'” you said tersly.

“You did, but I don’t want you to get burned and ruin the trip.”

“Whatever.”  I could still hear the irritation in your voice.  I was loving it.

After I rubbed all the sunscreen into your skin, I continued rubbing your legs.  Slowly I massaged your thighs and then your calves and then your feet.  By now you were purring again.  I am a great masseuse and you were feeling the effects of my skills.  

Without you seeing, I signaled the waiter and he came over.

“Can I get something for you, sir?† he said

“Yeah, do you have a menu?â€

“Yes sir,†he said producing one from underneath the tray he was holding.  He handed to me and I immediately opened it.  As soon as my hands left your legs, you let out a “not again” sigh.

“You want anything to eat, babe?”  I asked.

“No.”  The irritation was still there.

I ordered a sandwich and chilled mineral water.  The waiter took the menu and left and I laid back on my lounge chair.  I was guessing it would take less than a minute for you to say something.  I was looking at my watch.  Sure enough, 38 seconds after the waiter left you turned your head back toward me and said, “Hey baby, that felt so good on my legs.  Will you do it some more?”

“Sure,” I said sitting up.  Your skin was moist enough that I didn’t need to put any more lotion on, so I started squeezing and massaging just the way you like it.  The purring started almost immediately.  After a few minutes of that I switched from massaging and squeezing to very light touches.  

When I worked my way to your inner thighs you gasped, then said, “Ohh, baby that feels so good.”  You lifted your hips and spread your legs wider.  I smiled.  I knew what you wanted but it wasn’t time yet.  Your kitty was going to wait a painfully long time.

I kept the light touches going and you kept purring.  I purposely avoided your pussy, until I saw our waiter coming with my sandwich.  The kitchen was opposite from where we were sitting, so I guessed I had about 30 seconds until he arrived.  I finally touched your pussy with a light, little flick with my finger, then I found your little nub and rubbed it in circles.  A very audible, “ooohhhh” slipped from your mouth.  I could feel your swimming suit starting to get wet.  I knew I had about 10 more seconds before the waiter got to me so I began rubbing fast and hard.

“Your sandwich, sir.”

“Hey, great,” I said reaching for the tray with both hands.  I put the tray on my lounge chair, right in front of me and started to eat.

You held your bikini top against your chest and leaned up on your elbow.  You glared at me.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Chris,” you said with menace.

“What?” I said, chewing on a pickle spear.  My voice was as innocent as could be.

“What my ass!  I hate you.”  You turned your head the other way and lay back down.  I got the biggest smile on my face.  The best part was that you were really pissed.  You weren’t playing like the first time.  You were really mad.  And I knew my innocent reaction made it even worse.  I pumped my fist with joy because I k
new I had you, hook, line, and sinker.

I sat and ate my sandwich nice and slowly, then I laid back on my lounge chair and waited.  After about 15 minutes I could tell you were asleep.  I got up and slid my lounge chair next to yours.  I lowered the inside arms of both our lounge chairs so they were almost like a double bed.  I moved as close to you as I could then gently pulled the strings to your bikini bottom.  I laid it back and revealed you incredibly hot ass.  I looked around.  There were a couple of other guests at the pool, but they were at the other end on the other side not paying attention to us.  Some people were swimming. But no-one was looking our way.

Gently I started rubbing your back and your legs and your sides.  I made sure to get the sides of each of your tits.  I slide my hand straight down your ass crack and gently rubbed your rosebud and your perineum.  I continued to your pussy and slowly slid my finger in. Although you were still sleeping you let out a long sigh.  I finger fucked you for several minutes, at first with one, and then with two fingers.

You were sound asleep, but you were making all the preparatory noises for an orgasm.  I knew you were just about there then I pulled out my finger.  In about three seconds you woke up.

“What the hell . . . ?” you said raising up on your arms, your tits hanging free.  You looked at me laying there next to you.  I had a bulge in my swim trunks and you had wetness between your legs—not to mention the sun beating down on your bare ass.  It took about five more seconds for everything to compute.  You laid back down, reached behind you and tied the top and bottom of your bikini. Then you rolled over and looked me right in the eye.  Your face was about three inches from mine.

“That’s it Chris,” you said angrily.  “Take ’em off right now!”

“What?” I said, genuinely confused.

“I mean it,†you said angrily.  “I’m mad and you’re going to pay, right now.”

“What are you talking about babe?  I’m just laying here.”  I played the innocent card again.

“That is such a load of crap.  For the last two hours you have been torturing me.  First it was the top of my legs and my sides.  Then it was my tits.  Then it was the back of my legs and my feet.  Then it was my pussy on the outside of my bikini, and now you’re finger fucking me.  I’ve had enough of your little torment game,” you said making air quotes.  “We are going to fuck and we are going to fuck right here, right now.”

“What?!?!”  I said, genuinely alarmed.

“You heard me.  Get those trunks off now.”  

This was not how I planned for this scenario to play out, but I was actually liking this one better.  I looked around once again and saw that no one was paying attention to us.  Eagerly I slid my trunks down and kicked them off.  My cock was hard as a rock at the prospect of what we were about to do.  You climbed on top of me and pulled your bikini bottom to the side so you could slide onto my hard dick.

“Oh baby,†I said, “I love it when you just pull your bikini aside so I can slide my cock in.  I love it when we fuck like this.â€

“Just shut the fuck up,†you said with your teeth clenched.

The first thrust was divine.  You laid down on my chest and just humped your hips up and down.  Your arms were around my neck and you were pulling on me to get the leverage you needed to move your hips up and down.  

It only took about a minute for your mood to change.  “Oooooh, fuuuuck,” you said breathlessly in my ear. “That is so good.”

“Oh fuck baby, it is.”  I was really enjoying this.

You were humping me at a very good pace—not too fast, not too slow, but there was a hunger in the way that you were gyrating on me.  My torturing you the way I did had created a monster inside of you.  I knew no matter how long this fuck lasted, it wasn’t going to be long enough.  I started to panic a little because I knew you were not thinking about where we were.  You were just fucking, plain and simple.

“Baby, we need to stop,” I said.

“Nooo!” you growled at me.

“Baby, someone’s going to see us.”

“I don’t fucking care.  You should have thought of that two hours ago when you started this.”  Your voice was still gruff and throaty.

You were grinding hard and starting to moan.  I knew we couldn’t do this here.  If we got caught, we’d get kicked out of the resort.  I decided I would end it, so I let my orgasm go.  When you felt it inside of you, you stopped and looked at me.  

“That’s as long as you could go?!?!†you said with incredulity.  “What the fuck, Chris?  Are you 15?”

I started to laugh.  

“This isn’t funny you prick.â€

That made me laugh even harder because I knew you were serious.  “I know it isn’t babe, but I just love to see how worked up you get when I torture you.”

“Fuck you!”

You wriggled off my cock and said, “Well guess what, this isn’t over.”  After you were on your feet you leaned over and pointed a finger in my face.  “I’m going back to our room.  If you aren’t there in five minutes with a hard cock, I’m going down the hall to where those frat boys are and I am going to fuck every one of them. Got it?”  You turned in a huff and headed toward room.  

After you stormed off I started laughing because you were so worked up, and truly and honestly mad.  I knew you wouldn’t really go fuck all those college boys, but the thought of watching you do it was pretty enticing.  Without realizing it, you gave me all the power again, so I laid back in my chair and relaxed.  I let a good 20 minutes or so go by before I got up.  I couldn’t imagine how worked up you were going to be after telling me to be five minutes, but having to wait more than 20.

I gathered up all of our stuff and slowly made my way to our room.  When I walked in, all the lights were off.  For being the middle of the day, it was pretty dark.  I set all our things down and shut the door.

“Cara?” I said.  For a brief second I wondered if I was too late and you were with the frat boys.  There was no answer, but I thought I heard moaning.  I walked to the bedroom and saw you on the bed.  You were on your back and had your knees up.  You had your vibrator pressed against your clit and were moaning in ecstasy.  

When you saw me, you said, “If you don’t get in this bed and fuck me right now, I am going to fucking kill you!”  You threw the vibrator off the bed and leaned up on your elbows; your legs were in the ‘come to mama’ position.  “What the fuck took so long?  I’ve had three orgasms already with that damn vibrator.  I want your cock NOW!” you almost shouted.

I dropped my shorts, but instead of getting on the bed, I went down to my knees and reached out to pull you toward me so I could lick you.

“No, dammit!” you said with fervor.  You grabbed my hair and pulled me toward you.  When my face met yours you said, “Fuck me NOW!!”  You reached for my cock with both hands so you could stuff it in your wet pussy.  I couldn’t believe how turned on you were.  And being that turned on, made me turned on.

“So you want it bad, huh babe?” I said.

“Yeeessss, please,†you begged.

“You got it.”

I rammed my thick cock all the way in and started power thrusting you for all I was worth.  I was like a jackhammer.  I pounded you relentlessly for three or four minutes.  Then I got up on my knees and lifted your ass so it was as high as my cock.  Your head and shoulders were still on the bed.&nbs
p; Your body hung off my cock like a rag doll.  All I heard coming from your mouth was, “aaaaahhhhhhh.”

Orgasm number one hit you hard.  “Ooohhhh, fuck yeeesss!” you screamed.  As it was subsiding I reached down and pulled you up toward me.  I was still on my knees but now your legs were locked around me and your arms were around my neck.

“How’s the fuck?” I said between breaths.

“Fucking awesome,” you replied just as breathless.  “Just don’t fucking stop.â€

You put your mouth on mine and we kissed like two hungry people eating for the first time.  Your hands were in my hair and all over my back and I was squeezing your ass.  We lost our balance and fell over on the bed.  You rolled on top of me and rode me cowgirl.  Immediately my hands went to your tits.  You started bucking up and down on me and within minutes your second orgasm came.

When it subsided, I rolled you over.  Now I slowed down, sliding my cock in and out very slowly.  We were face to face looking at each other.  You put your arms around my neck. Quietly you whispered, “Hey sexy man.”  I replied with my usual, “Hey, pretty girl.”

Your anger was gone and you were back to normal.  We started to kiss again.  Our tongues danced in long, slow deep kisses, while my cock invaded your pussy in long slow strokes.  I moved down and sucked on your tits.  I lapped at them and suckled them.  I worshipped them.

“Baby I love your tits.  They are so hot.”

You pulled me close and held me.  My face was buried in your neck and hair.  My slow stoking into your pussy was driving me crazy.  I wanted to keep going, but I needed a release.

I leaned up and looked in your face.  “Baby, you got any more in you?”

Just then both your arms went straight out to your sides.  You grabbed the sheets and pulled in two fists worth.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” you screamed.  It was a guttural, hungry growl that I had never heard come out of your mouth before.  I was shocked, but then you did it again, and then a third time.  Your arms were now around me and your finger nails were gouging into my back.  You had one of your legs wrapped around my waist pulling me close.  After the fourth growl you fell limp underneath me.

I continued my agonizingly slow strokes.  You opened your beautiful brown eyes and smiled brightly.  “Will you cum for me?” you said sweetly.  “I want you to cover my tits.  Please?”

“Sure thing babe.”  I was just barely hanging on at that point, but I made three or four more good thrusts, then pulled out.  I only needed two strokes with my hand to unleash a torrent of milky while cum.  It shot in long bursts onto your beautiful tits.  It seemed to go on forever, but when it finally stopped, it was my turn to go limp and I fell over next to you.  You scotched over and laid your head on my chest.  I could feel the cum dripping off your tits and onto me.  Within a minute or so we were both asleep.  


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