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I was sent away for awhile, Daddy said I need to be taught how to listen…since in a resturant ( that daddy owned), I broke out crying and asking for help. We were in a booth a very private booth, so nobody could hear me. I got punished for that, not sexual but physical. I got sent to an all girl boarding school. Being at boarding school really sucked sorta, I was forgotten for a year, not a word form him…just presents at Christmas and my birthday. So to me this was heaven since I am far from him. I have given up utter hope of him coming back for me. A week later I was wrong, Daddy sent his assistant to come and get me. After a week of up-dating my wardrobe and hair style, I was sent to a France. The limo picked me up and drove me to counrty of France too a big French Villa that over looked the sea. Another assistant told me daddy was going to be a few day late, so to me I was happy. was there.
** "Ahhh…my little angel, how you have grown in a year!" Daddy whispered more to himself then me, "Have you learned your lesson?"
Turning to see if the assistant was there, but she was gone and the door shut, "Yes." I replied looking around worried.
I forgot how handsome and young daddy looked, then a his courtier smile spread across his face, like he knew what I was thinking. Gulping, I looked at him and smiled sweetly, that was all, I didn't want " it " to happen again! I try to forget that first day I came to him, I felt.
The face I hoped I wouldn't see came over his handsome face, his malicious look, the same /> "Come over here little girl!" Daddy ordered. Slowly walking over to him, he grabed my arm roughly.
"Ouch Daddy, let go!" I cry but he drags me to his study. Throwing me onto his couch, he quickly starts to undo his belt and un-zip his pants, letting them drop. Grabing and hand full of hair, and pulled my head level to his cock. Looking up and him, he was looking down at me, looking into his eyes, I saw pure joy wash over them, grabing my cheek between his hands to force my mouth open. Smiling big, he forced his cock into my mouth making me gag. "Baby! Suck daddys cock!" he whined,"Come on suck!"
Not sucking, made things worst. Grabing both sides of my head, he started to force my head back and forth, back and forth making my mouth move along his long thick cock. After a few moments of this, he shot his load into my mouth making me gag more and cough.
"Daddy ain't finished yet sweetums, daddy wants to look at your body to see how much you've grown!" he hald moaned.
Pinning me down on the couch, he started to rip my clothes off until I was just in my white panties.
"Oh baby white…like a groaned
Making me stand and turn around to look me over, he jacked off.
Not looking at him, he came up behind me and grabed me. Turning me toward him quickly he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. Screaming for him to stop and put me down, I didn't realize we had moved to a room with a bed.
"What about my step-mom, don't you love her!!" I sobbed
Throwing me on the bed, looking at me with his cold and warm eyes, he calmly told me he had divourced her. Crying harder, daddy crawled onto the bed and slowly toward me. Crawling closer to the bed frame to get away from him, he grabed my leg to hold me. Climbing up ontop of me, I tried to move away from him and squirm. Old memorys of last year flashed through my mind, so I froze up again. Feeling his cock lightly touch my pussy made me fight back with all my strength. Putting up a good fight, and making daddys lip bleed, he finally got my hands together. Scared, I cried sorry to him, but when I peered up at him, a smile I've never seen before was across his face, more evil then the last.
"So darling you like it like that do you…I'll give it to you like that!" he moaned
His body between my legs and his cock pushed against my pussy, I cried harder then in one hurtful push, his cock was in me. Slowly but roughly he pushed in and out, then using his belt he tied my hands to the bed frame and lifted my legs over his shoulders.
"My poor little almost virgin, not been fucked in a year…little virgin, this is going to hurt more then ever, I'm not going to be so gentle!" he groaned, " I'm going to make you scream louder and bleed longer tonight!"
Roughly forcing his cock deep into my sore pussy he started to push it in all the way hard as he could then pull out just to the tip and pound it back in, making me moan out and scream for him to stop.
"Darling its your fault, souldn't have fought me!" he whispered sweetly
Pulling his cock out of my pussy, which was sore and slightly bleeding, he turned me onto my stomach and pulled my ass into the air, and pulled my legs apart just a little. Putting his hand on the back of my head he slowly moved into place behind me! Realizing what he was about to do,I started to cry out stop!

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