Abducted part 2

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I wondered if this one was going to be even worse than the last one as he walked over to the car.
"So this is her?"
"Yep." He said with a smug smile on his face. "She's a fighter most definitely." They both were feeling apparently gentlemanly as one carried my stuff to the door and the other, being Mark, held firmly onto my arm and led me to the door.
"My name is John by the way." He said with a smile that almost looked sincere to me. Unfortunately for him it didn't matter to me how sincere and nice he was, I was pissed.
"Nice to know. Not that I care really." I said as I walked away, looking at the big house. I had no clue where Mark or my stuff had gone but I wasn't concerned about that. Their house had two stories and I was currently standing in the living room that had a leather couch along with a leather chair that looked like it could actually swallow me being only 95 pounds. In the middle of the room there was a coffee table with a few magazines and in front of that was probably the biggest tv I had ever seen.
"Wanna come see your new room?" Said Mark who had all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere. Before I could even answer I was being dragged into another room that had bare walls, completely different from my old one that was covered in posters of all of my favorite bands, and had carpeted floors which would come in handy seeing as I spent most of my time bare foot and a what I guessed was a queen sized bed with lots of pillows and a blue and brown comforter.
"Either you've been planning this for way too long or have done this before."
"Oh trust me we've been planning this for some time now." Ugh he still had that smug smile on his face that just screamed 'Yes I did it and now you're mine forever.' "You won't be spending much time in here anyways would be my bet." And he left it at that as he walked out of the room.
I decided I was still hungry because the bastard had interrupted my breakfast so I walked out into the kitchen which was conveniently right next to my new room. I looked in the fridge and didn't really see anything that seemed good. Actually all of it made me feel like throwing up just at the thought of eating it. I guess it was still the sickness of reality setting in and the fact that I might be here a hell of a long time. I settled on a turkey sandwich only because I was nearly starving. After I made it I went to my room and stayed there all afternoon. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I felt someone crawling on top of me.
"Nice of you finally wake up Princess." He had apparently been here for a while seeing as we were both already naked and he was hard. I wasn't sure now if I was happy that I was a heavy sleeper.
"So are you ready to have your world rocked.. Again?" Ugh did he ever stop looking so arrogant and stupid? Atleast he hadn't called me Princess again.. Every time he called me that I wanted to slap him so hard. He started off my sticking his dick into my unwilling mouth and said "And if you even have so much as a thought about biting I will make you regret it so quickly…" Well there went my plan. I figured I might as well go along with it. It might be over with sooner. He pulled out before cumming again.. I was thankful for this but when he inserted it into my still slightly swollen pussy I almost wanted it back in my mouth even though when he had it only half way in I would gag. He started going in nd out of me so quickly I lost track of time but when he finally came and collapsed on me it felt like hours. I ached so badly and realized that I was crying again. I also had a headache from where he had been pulling my hair.. I thought he would just fall asleep there until I felt him getting up again. Maybe he would just leave. But then I was being lifted in the air.
"Where the fuck are you taking me?" He remained silent the whole trip up the stairs while I kept crying because of all of the aching parts on my body. He stopped in front of some door. I had only seen the downstairs so I had no clue where I was so I just sat there in his strong arms hoping to be able to sleep. He opened the door and I saw that it was a bathroom. At least maybe I'll be able to clean up this time. He stood me up in the shower and turned the water on. Damn did that water feel good at that moment. He caught me before I fell down from exhaustion and pushed me up against the wall. Apparently he wasn't done with me yet. He fucked me until he came and then cleaned me up. I finally felt as clean as I was ever going to feel again. I figured he was taking me either back to my or his room but we stopped in front of a different door and he opened it and I saw John laying on his bed watching some movie on another huge tv. It hit me as I was being laid on the soft bed that I still wasn't done for the night; It was john's turn.
"I gave her a rough ride and you're lucky I'm giving her up now." He said with a rough arrogant laugh. I didn't say anything, just glared at him through glazed eyes with tears still running out of them. Mark left and it was just me and John on his bed.
"So I guess it's your turn." I said with all of the hate I could find in my body.
"Not exactly. I'm not like him." He said as he climbed off of his bed and pulled the covers up over me. "I'm just going to let you sleep."
"Oh.. Well thanks I guess.." And he did. I woke up in the morning feeling tons better than the night before. John had apparently slept in the big chair next to his bed because there was a pilow and blanket on it. 'Wow so maybe I get one lucky break this time.' I thought happily as I walked into the kitchen.
"Nice of you to wake up for us Princess." God that brought back painful memories from the night before.. I smelled bacon being cooked and immediately felt hungry. I noticed that John was sitting at the table reading a paper. He really did seem different than Mark. I decided to go sit at the table also waiting for breakfast to be done.
"So how did you like last night Tali? Didn't I say that I'd rock your world?" Mark asked with that never ending smile that I hated so much.
"Oh it was just /> "Well then no need to be overly sincere. How'd you like her J?"
"Come on man. You've had her more than I have why don't you tell me?" He replied never even bothering to look up from his paper. I wondered why didn't just tell him that we didn't have sex, or why HE didn't have sex with ME. Either way I was confused. I just forgot about it and ate. I went to my room and spent most of my time there again until I heard a knock on my door. I didn't say anything in case it was Mark just wanting to hurt me more.
"Tali? Are you in there?" It was John. I should've known that Mark wouldn't have knocked. I unlocked the door and let him in. He walked in and said, "So obviously we need to get our story straight because I'm sure you're /> "Actually yeah.. I am."
"Well like i said, I'm not like him. He's like a mixture of a control freak and a sex addict. I've only had sex with girls that I love."
"So when he asks if we have had sex we should just say yes?" I said trying to change the subject.
"Most definitely. It's complicated.. He just wouldn't understand why not."
"Ok.." And with that he left, followed closely by Mark.. With a repeat of events from the night before, we were both soon naked and I was already furious because I knew what was about to happen, but he actually did something differently tonight.. Before jumping right into the sex, he decided to actually try to get me into it. He tried rubbing and sucking on my tits and rubbing my clit and to be honest I did slightly start to get aroused but then looking back down to him, it went in the opposite direction and fast. After only a couple of minutes of actually trying, he began to get frustrated because it wasn't working. He decided that he would just dive into the usual routine. He rolled me over onto my stomach and told me to get doggie style. He was debating between my pussy or ass and actually had the nerve to ask me which. I said I didn't care and he then chose to go into my still swollen pussy and then pulled out and went into my other hole. I will admit that it was also kinda hot but I never came with Mark.. Maybe if he wasn't so rough or maybe if it just wasn't him at all. Either way every night I got the same rough fucking. After I guess about six or seven minutes he finally came and pulled out after he rode out the orgasm. Same as the night before he took me up to his bathroom and cleaned me up and took me to John's room.
"So I guess you'll be my only friend here." I said as I slipped on some of his shorts and an old t shirt of his.
"Mark is a cool guy.. When you're not in your position that is. Really I am sorry that he dragged you into this."
"I am too but there's not exactly anything I can do about it." As I was saying this he got up out of the bed and was making his bed on his chair again. "You don't have to sleep on that chair you know.."
"No it's ok. I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable and I think you deserve a bed more than I do."
"But you wouldn't make me uncomfortable. I would actually feel more comfortable with you up here.
"Are you sure?"
"Of course I'm sure." I said with a certain feeling in my mind that I never thought I would feel in this house. "It's kinda cold in here.. You can come closer if you want." And he came a little closer… But not close enough for me. "We can just hold each other to keep each other warm?" And he slowly came closer and wrapped his arms around me as I put mine around his neck. God his skin was so soft on mine..
"Are you sure you're ok with this?" He whispered. To answer I just pulled him closer and pressed my lips against his neck..

story by: pinksprankles

Tags: fiction male/teen female young blowjob consensual sex anal romance reluctance sex story

Author: pinksprankles

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