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Erotic Novels by Gail Holmes

Han’s looked up as his daughter came into the lounge, she was a beautiful girl, and being of Scandinavian birth she was exquisite and he’s only daughter, they’d moved to England just after her birth, the family were very influential. Han’s was owner of a multi billion company, so his daughter needless to say; needed for nothing although well educated.

‘I’d a Notion you might like a brandy Daddy?’

‘It’s a mite early, but yes I’d like that!’ Han’s smiled, watching as Debbie walked slowly over to the drinks cabinet. Her long blonde hair swayed behind her with each and every step. She was surely a beautiful girl.

‘Would you like a large one?’ she asked turning back to her father.

‘Just the normal thank you’ Han’s replied.

Han’s watched as she walked back toward him. Debbie never ever wore a bra, her breasts were firm and up standing, swaying gently with each step, she had an elasticated halter top on with a short skirt, her midriff bare, showing just her navel. She placed the glass on the small table beside her father a then sat down in the armchair opposite. Even though her knees were together Han’s could not help but notice the yellow triangle of her panties before she placed her hand within her lap, to cover her modesty.

‘Well this time next week you’ll be married, how quiet the home will be then?’ He mused.

‘Daddy you make me sound like a Debbie chuckled with a girlish grin.

Debbie had been courting Philip for the past two years, knowing him since school days, although Debbie wasn’t a virgin they’d not actually had sex, deciding to keep that for their wedding night.

‘So what are you up to today then?’

‘Same as every Saturday, down to the leisure club, bit of a work-out in the gym; then a nice walk through the park’ Debbie grinned.

‘Not seeing Philip then?’

‘Not till tonight, we’re going to a show’ Debbie smiled, ‘Last one before or wedding, I wont be seeing much of him for the next week, he’ll be in />

Bert Reynolds was the conman of all conmen, where there was buck to be made he’d the answer, he’d planned this deal for the last three months He looked around the table at his colleagues in crime.

‘But why go to all this trouble, why not just kidnap her then demand the ransom!” Alan asked, running his hand up through his greasy hair.

Bert went to his briefcase pulling out a large photograph asking for it to be passed around the table. Each viewed the print with admiration then it came back around, Bert, held it in front of him for all could see.

‘Are you telling me that none of you would turn down the chance of fucking this little Scandinavian />
There was quite a bit of muttering around the table as the group discussed the picture. Bernard being the eldest at 70 was more than enthusiastic about fucking such a young thing.

why do we have to get her pregnant, surely just kidnapping her would convey in the revenue we want?’ Freddy quizzed.

‘Obviously, you don’t understand the Danes, they’ll pay handsomely for an off spring; than just for the girl, at present there is no male descendant to carry on the family name, if we can supply one; he’ll pay out Millions. Plus there is no likelihood of the police being involved if he knows he’ll get his daughter back with her baby’ Bert grinned. ‘We have it made!’

saying we should keep her until the baby is born?’ Alan suggested. ‘Why not send her back once she’s />
‘No, if we do that she could have the baby aborted, he’d never pay out the ransom we’ll be asking. She has to stay until the birth!’

‘That could be anything up to a year or more?’

Bert looked across the table toward his father Bernard, and then back around the group ‘I don’t think so, now Dad here’ he smiled. ‘Has a very high sperm count, it’s been said that he’d only have to hang his underpants over the end of the bed for woman would get pregnant, and with all of us fucking her, well…I don’t think she’d stand a chance of not becoming pregnant, it wouldn’t take that long!’

‘Well, I’m up for it; she looks a real beauty to me. I couldn’t turn a chance like this down. We’ll just have to hope old Bernard isn’t so fruitful!’ sniggered Mike.

‘So, I take it that we’re all in agreement then?’ Bert looked around the table at his five associates in crime, each agreeing to his proposal.
The group consisted of Bert himself, with his father Bernard, Alan, Mike, Ernie and Freddy who’d just turned 18

‘Then it will be today then, providing she doesn’t change her scheme of events, she’ll be in the park at around 12.30, we’ll take the van, collect her and bring her back here to the cruiser, we can then take her out to the estuary, then no one will see or hear her.

Debbie was sitting on the riverbank when the group turned up with the van; they sat watching for a good twenty minutes making sure that no one was in the vicinity. Bert left the van walking along the bank, then down toward Debbie.

“Excuse me miss but do you have any knowledge of First Aid?” Bert knew for a fact that she did as she’d taken a nursing course.

Debbie looked up and smiled. ‘As a matter of fact I do, what is the problem?’ she inquired.

‘Well its not for me, I have a friend, he’s hurt his leg badly, I’ve got him in the back of the van, but I’m at a loss as what to do!’

‘I’ll come and have a look, hopefully it wont be to bad, or we’ll have to get him to the hospital’ Debbie replied as she started to stand up.

The boys had already arranged Freddy in the back of the van; Debbie would have to get passed the group to get to Freddy before she could look at his leg.

‘So which of you has the poorly leg then?’ Debbie inquired as she stood at the back of the van.

“It’s alright Miss, I’m sure I’ll survive!’ Freddy informed her.

‘Best if I have a look, just to make sure’ Debbie replied with a smile as she stepped up into the van.

As soon as she was up into the van Bert slammed the door shut and then casually walked back up to the front getting into the drivers seat.

Ernie was first grab hold of Debbie, pulling her down onto the floor beside him.

‘My, you are a real beauty aren’t you?’ he grinned with a near toothless smile.

‘Where are you taking me?’ Debbie snapped as she tried to break his grip on her arm, tugging away from him.

‘You just sit tight Miss, you’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure you don’t want us to gag or tie you up. Now just you sit tight!’

Debbie sat looking around at the faces in the van, not to sure of what she should do, she was to say the least somewhat terrified, knowing there was no way she’d be able to get out of the van.

Bert sat for a few moments then gripped his fist and pushing it into the air. he exclaimed. Turning the key in the ignition, the vehicle leaped into action, there was a board smile on his face, t’was only he and his father knew of the real scheme.

Arrangements had been made with Debbie’s father, Bernard unbeknown to the group was a Dane, and he’d changed his name, to that of an English one. So far for the last four generations he and his predecessors had fathered only males as their Bert had arranged with Debbie’s father to get her pregnant with a boy child. Both Debbie and her fiancé had decided not to have a child for at least ten years, her father had an serious heart condition, giving him no more than 6 years to live. He needed to be sure of a male descendant within the family to take over the family company, and above all a Dane

Not having a child of his own Bert wasn’t too sure whether he’d follow suit, it had to be left to his father. He had three brothers with no sisters.

Arriving at the quay he sat for minutes watching, waiting for the all clear, there wasn’t to many people about to which he was grateful.

‘Right lads lets get her out and on board whilst the coast is clear!’ Bert shouted into the back of the van as he got out of the cab.

Bernard was first out allowing the other three to hold onto Debbie as they walked up the slipway.

‘My father will soon discover a way of finding me!’ Debbie remarked, still trying to break loose from their hold on her.

‘Take her straight down below we’ll cast off’ Bert stated as he went to the fore of the cruiser whilst his father Bernard went aft.

‘Take her out a couple of miles Dad, then come down. We’ll put her in the large cabin; they’ll be more room in there.

When Bert made his way down to the lower cabin the four were sitting at the table with Debbie standing, she turned as he entered the room.

‘So what do you think you’re all doing, you can’t keep me here against my will!’ she stammered hearing the engine roar to life.

just what we are doing!’ Bert smiled. ‘ Now lets go foreword, we’ll be more comfortable in the lounge, we can talk there! If you lads stay here I’d like to talk to our guest. Tell Bernard where I am when he comes down’

Debbie followed as Bert ushered her through the narrow passageway toward the front of the cruiser, she had to steady herself as the cruiser lifted when Bernard had opened the throttle, as they were now in open waters.

The lounge was quite spacious; Debbie walked in and sat down on an armchair. ‘I hope you’re not thinking of keeping me here to long?’ She implied.

‘Well that will depend on you’ Bert grinned as he sat.

‘Pray what do I have to do with it, I have to get ready for my wedding next week!’

not be making that, you are now our hostage, and be here for at least nine months’

‘Why are you holding me here?’

chuckled Bert ‘and plenty of it! Before you leave this boat your going to become a mother.

The implication shocked Debbie; she stood and started to walk around the room, then came back and sat down in front of Bert, thrusting her hands down between her knees.

‘I’ll not let this happen, for a start I have no />
not need clothes, once you take those off, you’ll have the freedom of the cruiser, you’ll stay naked should it suit you’

‘You can’t do this, I’m getting married next week!’ Debbie lifted her hands putting them up to her face as she started to weep. after a ransom I can understand that, but why do I have to get />
‘Your father will pay handsomely for both you and your baby when the time comes’

‘I’ll abort it!’ Debbie opened her hands as she spoke.

be little chance of that, you’ll be staying here until the baby is born, and then we’ll negotiate with your father’

‘I’ll never let you near me!’ Debbie placed her hands up to her face once more.

hold off the six of us?’

Debbie opened her hands a stared at Bert ‘Six of you, what do you mean?’

all going to try to get you pregnant, but one of us in />
‘That one is you I take it, you seem to be the leader?’

‘On the contrary, it’s will be the old fella!’

Debbie put her face back into her hands and shook her head, ‘This has got to be a bad dream’ she muttered, tears streaming down her face.

There was a light tapping on the door, Bert never turned around. ‘Come in Bernard’

Debbie looked up as Bernard came into the room; the sight of him brought more tears. ‘I can’t do this, it cannot happen!’

‘I take it you’ve told her then?’ Bernard implied with a smile, his eye caught sight of the opening between Debbie’s knees, a hornier sight he couldn’t miss; she looked so shy and bashful.

‘Yes she knows, I just hope she’s not to unwilling when the time comes’ Bert replied.

‘You can’t do this!’ Debbie implored.

‘The sooner it’s done the sooner you go home young lady’ Bernard stated kneeling down in front of her. He looked up to her tearful face she looked so angelic, taking her hand into his own he turn back to Bert.

be alright!’ he smiled.

‘Be better if you give in lightly, struggle and it will only make thing worse. It’s going to happen one way or the other, will you submit without a struggle, your life here will be much better. Bernard looked up into her eyes as he spoke; there was a hint of devilment in his own eyes.

Debbie nodded her head whilst gripping his hand slightly.

‘I take it that means yes then?’

‘I know its wrong but I have very little choice do I?’

‘Believe me you’ll enjoy it, many women think of having sex with more than one man at a time; you’ll love it!’ Bernard smiled, easing his free hand up under her skirt.

Debbie felt the warmness of his hand between her legs; at first she gripped her knees together locking his hand tightly. Bernard looked up toward her once more with a smile on his face. ‘Debbie, you said you submit?’

Debbie freed the pressure allowing his hand to slither up to her panties, Bernard could feel his cock twitch as his finger kneaded the softness of her panties, and although he could not see them he knew they were of a silky texture. He turned back to his son. ‘Can you leave us for a short while Bert.’

Bert stood turning to leave the room, ‘Enjoy him Debbie! The sooner it’s done the sooner you get back home’

‘Now lets see if we can’t get a little more comfy, come over to the settee here’ Bernard had stood and was offering her his hand, Debbie took it and then walked over to the large settee, He eased her down lifting her skirt up to her waist then spreading her legs out before him, viewing the yellow satin panties. ‘I think we’d better remove these we don’t want to get them messed up do we’ He then started to undo her blouse revealing her pert breasts although small, they were well shaped

Debbie lifted her hips as he tucked his hands underneath her easing her panties over her knees and feet. He reached forward placing then neatly on the back of the settee, then turned back viewing the sight before him. There was not a single hair to be seen.

‘I wonder as to just how many times it’ll take?’ he grinned toward her, then back down at her pussy.

‘Do you have to look at me like that?’ Debbie said, placing a hand down so as to cover her womanhood.

Bernard leaned forward lifting her hand aside then gently placing his mouth over her complete pussy, Debbie lie back, by no means had she ever had this done to her, unexpectedly she sensed his tongue wriggling over her clitoris. She closed her eyes, this was sheer heaven; her body went into a tranquil state, she eased her shoulders back into the settee, spreading her legs wider.

To Bernard this was a taste he’d long missed, and the aroma was nectar to his nostrils, the last time he’d been this close to a pussy was at leased twenty years ago, and the thought of fucking such a beauty made his cock ache, she had to be at least forty-six years his junior; he knew he’d not last long the first time, but the contemplation of having her for at least nine months really appealed to him, he could hear her slight moans, at times she lifted her hips for him to go harder.

Knowing he had to have her for fear of blowing his load into his underpants; he reached down undoing his belt, sliding his trousers and pants down to his knees. Slowly he worked his way up her slender body, his tongue went straight to her breasts, sucking each nipple in turn whilst he pushed his hand down taking up his cock, already juices were oozing from it’s eye.

She was tight, God she was so bloody tight; Bernard never considered that she not been fucked for at least two years, he assessed it could only be the thickness of his own cock. Debbie drew in a deep breath as he force it gently up her; she’d missed being fucked, even then it hadn’t felt like this, the boy was a year younger than her at the time. Bernard push it deep and held, his body felt so full of life, he looked down at Debbie.

‘Are you okay?’ she smiled, hoping that he wouldn’t have a heart attack.

Bernard said nothing but started slowly pumping his cock in and out of her, never could he remember such sensations. He’s cock felt as if he would blow, he wanted to; but for his own sake he had to hold back. Debbie was panting below him as he nudged his cock deeply virtually lifting her up into the cushions on the settee. He knew he’d cum buckets when the time came, he’d not even had a wank for years, he just hoped she’d not fall pregnant on their first coupling. Debbie eased her legs up to each side of him and closed her eye’s, at first she felt revolted at the thought of such an old man fucking her, or even touching her body, she was glad now that she’d succumbed to their wishes.

Bert was up on deck at this time; his mobile phone up to his ear.

‘Yes everything has gone to plan, she’s out in the cruiser as I speak!’

think she’ll submit to my deal?’

‘Mr Blakenberg she already is, as I speak. My father is impregnating her at this very moment’

‘I didn’t think she submit so />
get me wrong, she didn’t want to; but when she realised that she’d not get off the boat until she did, she understood she’d no choice!’

‘Well lets hope it doesn’t take to long, with luck she’ll not want to know this wimp of a fiancée when she comes back’

‘I take it that our arrangement still holds then; three million?’ Bert said with a smile.

‘You just get the job done; I’ll not go back on my word. Keep me informed of your progress!’ The line went dead; Bert smiled as he put the phone back into his pocket.

Bernard nearly collapsed as he came, he’d forced his cock so deep Debbie thought it might come out of her mouth, and as he’d anticipated he’d cum buckets, moments went by as he came, it seemed never ending, he hovered above her before leisurely pulling out, thankfully there was no seepage, he then reached down lifting her legs and placing the together. Debbie looked at his cock as it swayed before him, comparing it only to her five-year-old donkey Billy. He drew her skirt back down over her bare pussy then covered her breasts with her blouse.

‘You stay there and don’t you get up young lady, or we’ll have a mess everywhere.

Debbie reached out taking his hand, ‘that was really />
smiled Bernard ‘I take it you wont mind more should it be needed then?’

‘I’ll look forward to it’ Debbie grinned.

Debbie placed her hand down onto her lower tummy, often her and her fiancé Philip had spoken of children, however, he was utterly against it, thinking at least ten years. She grinned to herself, I could be pregnant, and this is just what she’d wanted. She didn’t think too much to the idea that she’d have to stay as long as it took to get her pregnant, but to be suddenly fucked by six guys. Friends at college had frequently spoken of gangbangs as they called it.

Bert was still on deck when Bernard came up.

‘You didn’t take long?’ he told his father. ‘Everything okay?’

‘Liquid velvet my boy, never fucked anything like that before, she’s so tight. We’ll have no trouble with her now, what are you going to do about the lad’s they’re all raving to get at her?’

‘Take you gave her a good />
‘She never lost a drop; go in deep at the finish that’s what I always say. Her fella must have a cock like a pin; you’d almost think she was a virgin, never known a pussy to be so clinging. I’d get in next if I we’re you, before she opens up to much!’

‘I do just that, then we’ll let the lads loose on her, I take it she’s still in the lounge?’

‘ That’s where I left her!’

Bert went back down to the galley where the rest of the crew were.

‘Come on lads, lets see how she stands up to the rest of us, you’d better decide on as to who goes next after me?’ Bert chuckled beckoning them to follow him into the lounge.
Debbie was still laying out on the settee when the group came into the lounge, Bert walked up and sat on the edge of the settee and lifted her skirt. ‘Come then young lady, open your legs I hope you haven’t lost any of your first load?’

Debbie slowly opened her legs; she hadn’t expected them all to come in at once. Bert stood as he dropped his trousers pulling them over his feet; he then turned to face her. ‘Bit of a blow job first get him nice and wet?’ he smiled.

Debbie wasn’t going to have any of that, it was something she’d heard of but had never done it. In all her sexual activities she’d only been fucked three times, and one of those was with Bernard.

‘Ok, have it your way; you should be wet enough anyway!’

Bert climbed in between her legs, guiding his cock straight into her pussy, she’d retracted somewhat since Bernard had fucked her, but the amount of cum welling inside gave Bert an easy access. She gasped feeling the breadth of his cock, however, Bert wasn’t as tender as his father he started to fuck her really hard, and she had to hold onto her boobs as they were rocking painfully. She eased her legs up allowing him more freedom, never had she been fucked so ferociously, nevertheless her body was reacting to his aggressiveness, her first orgasm took her completely by surprise, it was not unlike pins and needles all over her body, she gripped the cushions on the settee for fear of falling off, Bert never faulted in his stoke.

The other four lads were now standing beside her, naked from the waist down, each holding their erections. Bert had slowed now, but continued to fuck her in long deep thrusts; Debbie squealed with the excitement of it all, each of the four lads stoked their cocks, readying themselves for there own turn. Bert was about to blow, but he wasn’t going to give way just yet, the pleasure was too gratifying for him, as his father had told him; she was an excellent fuck, even though she was still chock-full of cream. Bert clasped her legs, easing them up onto his shoulders, his speed increasing once more. He knew now was the time, forcing his cock deep he held as he blew.

Bernard watched her face as his son came; it told all, her hand shot down between her legs as the pressure built up, hot boiling cum, she almost felt as if she’d explode. As Bert pulled out, Ernie took his place straight in, Debbie never had time to catch her breath. Again she was being fucked at a tremendous rate, orgasm came near enough immediately, arching her back she forced her pussy up for more letting out a long low moan as spasms went throughout her body.

Freddie was pulling at his cock as he watched the sensual scene before him; he’d never even seen a blue movie it was just too much, he anticipated that he’d last out till his turn.

Ernie slowed once more, he was past the point of no return, and forcing his cock up her he blew, this time she was more than full, sperm came down the sides of his shaft, and spurted generously onto the settee. Although it wasn’t his turn Freddie jumped in behind as Ernie pulled out. But shamefully, he blew after just two pushes.

All was not lost; next came Alan he’d the biggest cock of them all; he even struggled to get it up inside her, with all the cum she’d already taken it still wasn’t that easy. Debbie tried to sit up and pull away from him, Bert noticed her movement and held her down; she felt sure he was going to split her in two.

I need to rest!’ Debbie pleaded.

By this time Alan had got the head of his cock up inside her he wasn’t going to give in now, he leaned heavily forcing it deep. Debbie cried out as she sensed the immense dispersal of her inner pussy walls. What cum had come to her entrance was now being pushed back up, her pussy was so compacted she thought she explode once more.

‘Only one more after this one!’ Bernard leaned forward and whispered into her ear.

Debbie did wonder as to how much of a load he’d pump up her, it was getting easier for her now, Alan was taking slow but deliberate strokes. The sense of her tightness made his cock throb as the blood force down into his manhood, he bent forward clasping her around the shoulders lifting her as he stood; Debbie could do nothing as she felt herself slipping down onto his huge cock, he walked around the lounge bouncing her up and down on it.

‘Please I really do need a rest!’ Debbie managed to blurt out.

Alan took her over to the table in the middle of the room and laid her back down, still he continued to fuck her. He leaned over her pushing his cock in deep. Debbie sensed the mammoth engorgement of his cock, gripping the edge of the table trying to stop herself from falling and screaming out

‘Here comes your baby!’ he smiled kissing her on the lips

Debbie distinguished the compression, her pussy tried it’s hardest to accommodate the enormous amount of cum he was propelling up into her belly. Her hands went down onto the table once again, as she tried to pull herself off his proud cock, but still he pumped, the girth of he’s shaft allowed no room for secretion. So far she’d had five loads, and this must have out weighed all, her lower abdomen felt as if it would burst. As soon as Alan sensed that his download was completed; he leaned forcefully on his cock pushing the remnants of the all the cum up into her belly. Debbie had a mighty orgasm as the pressure built up.

Unhurriedly Alan withdrew his cock; cum oozed as he did so; Mike rushed forward as he was beckoned him to take his place. Debbie had passed out before she realised they’d swapped places, there was very little feeling for Mike; her pussy had been stretched beyond all means.

Bert noticed the look on his face, knowing as to what it must have felt like after five of them had fucked her let alone Alan with his giant cock.

‘Go first next time!’ he smiled. ‘Let her rest for a while then she’ll be as good as new!’

Mike reluctantly removed his cock as Debbie finally came around.

Debbie looked somewhat of a mess when she tried to sit up on the table; she looked around the room at her six rapists; her pussy felt more than sore. Even though she enjoyed every minute of it.

It was Bernard who stopped her as she tried to stand. ‘I wouldn’t try that just yet if I we’re you missy, I think you better have a lie down first!’

Bert walked over to the table. ‘Come miss, I’ll take you to your room’ with that he picked her up into his arms and carried her.

‘I take it you’ve all enjoyed yourselves’ she smiled as Bert carried her from the lounge. ‘I think I might need my panties?’ she asked looking over Bert’s shoulder.

not be needing them again until you’re on your way home, even then I doubt if they’ll fit you!’ Bert sniggered.

Bert took her into his bedroom and laid her out on the bed, gently easing her legs together, then leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

‘Now you stay here and rest; I’ll go and get you a drink. How do you feel?’ He asked. ‘I think you’re going to enjoy the chance of having this baby don’t you?’

‘A mite shattered!’ Debbie grinned. ‘And the baby; well to be honest it’s something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, my boyfriend and I have spoken of it, but he wants to wait ten years; now I’m here I might as well enjoy it. I’d didn’t take much to your friend with the big cock though, that really hurt’

‘I’ll go and get you a drink; what would you like?’

‘Orange, orange squash; if you have it. Would you mind if I went to the bathroom, I feel somewhat messy?’

One orange squash coming up, the bathroom is through that door over there’ Bert pointed to the door to the side of the bedroom. find everything you need in there’

Debbie waited until he’d left the room before endeavouring to get off of the bed, her legs felt weak as she tried to stand. Once in the bathroom she immediately sat on the toilet, spreading her legs as she sat. There was a loud gurgling, echoing from beneath her in the bowl, she looked down into the toilet as the goo started to pore out of her pussy, leaving a thick cream on top to the water beneath her. As she forced her pussy muscles even more spurted out; as soon as she was sure there would be no more to spend she wiped herself then stood up to view herself in the long mirror to one side of her. Her pussy looked very puffed and reddened, never had she seen it look this way previously after sex; she could only but blame Alan, he’d the biggest cock, she even told him it was to big for her.
‘Here you are; thought you’d fell overboard! Everything alright?’ Bert quizzed. Come on into the bedroom and have your orange’ He led her back to the bed.

‘I feel a mite sore down there’ Debbie pointed between her legs as she sat onto the bed.

Bert placed the glass into her hand, have a look make sure no damage has been done’ he helped her lift one leg up onto the bed, easing it to one side.

right it does look sore, when did you last have sex before today?’

Debbie had to think for a few moments before giving him an answer. ‘About two and a half years I believe, I’ve never had it with Philip’

wrong with the guy, I’d fuck you every night being in his shoes!’

‘Oh, it’s not that he didn’t want to, we both agreed to wait until after the />
do me; I like to try the goods before I buy them. It’s no wonder your feeling tender; we all assumed that you’d have been getting it regularly. Even Dad said you were tight!’

‘Dad, is the old guy your Dad?’

‘Well yes!’

‘He was the gentlest out of all of you! Kindly old gentleman, and he made it />
‘Are you saying you didn’t enjoy the rest of us?’

‘On the contrary, that’s except for the guy with the big cock, he really hurt me; I think it’s through him that I feel so sore. Do I really have to have all of you to get me pregnant, I mean I’m not on the pill or anything like that, it shouldn’t be that hard?’

‘Who would you prefer then?’

‘You or your father perhaps! Keeping it in the family so to speak?’ Debbie smiled, taking a sip of orange from her glass. ‘I’d prefer my baby to be from one of you! In saying that; I may even be pregnant already by one of you’

‘Sounds fine with me, nevertheless there’s a bigger chance of getting you in the club with all six of us, the sooner we do that the sooner we get our money!’

‘But are you sure my father will pay you?’

‘Pretty sure, and if it’s a boy, we’ll be quids in!’ Bert smiled.

‘For my sake could it be just you and you’re father. It wouldn’t be so messy for a start, and I wouldn’t have to have that immense cock of you friends splitting me in two?’

Bert laughed at her suggestion, and sat down beside her. They both looked up hearing the light tapping on the bedroom door.

‘Come in!’ Bert called out.

‘Thought I’d come and se if she was alright’ asked Bernard poking his head around the door.

‘Come on in Dad, Debbie has a question she like to run past you, lets see what you think of her idea?’

‘Not a problem I hope!’ he smiled as he walked up toward the bed.

Debbie explained to him what she’d asked of Bert. Bernard in his own mind saw no predicament with her idea excepting for one.

‘Well I don’t know what the others will think?’ He looked to Bert for a solution. ‘ What do you think Bert, the whole idea was yours to start with?’

‘As you say I’m in charge anyway, I’ll have to go and ask them or should I say tell them’ Bert stood as he spoke. ‘Take care of her Dad; shouldn’t be to long!’

The four were sitting in the lounge as Bert entered; he went over to the small bar getting himself a cold beer and then sat down with the group.

‘Everything okay Bert?’ it was Alan that spoke, possibly feeling somewhat guilty knowing he’d hurt Debbie from the start.

fine; a little sore but that’s only to be expected’ he looked back at Alan as he spoke. ‘We do have a problem though!’

He explained to them the new idea that was to come into force; and was astounded by their agreement, all they could think of was the money at the end of the day. Well that was except one, being Mike who hadn’t really got to fuck her anyway.

‘I think I should be able to get to fuck her, I can understand her meaning, I’m fully prepared to wear a condom or even pullout if that’s what it takes? Mike implied.

‘I’ll have to see what we can do’ Bert smiled getting up from the table. ‘But I want her treated with respect by you all; this way we won’t have to fight with her, as she’s in full agreement at />

Bernard was laying out full length of the bed with Debbie fondling his cock, which was standing up firmly when Bert entered the bedroom.

‘Thought you’d be to sore just yet?’ he exclaimed with a grin. ‘Well the lads are up for it, but it’s Mike who seems to be left out of the game.

‘Which one is Mike?’ Debbie inquired.

‘He’s the one who didn’t get to fuck you! However, he is prepared to wear a condom should you consent to him having you?’

‘I’m surprised he’s the only one, the youngest never lasted that long?’

‘Tell me do you spit or swallow?’ Debbie looked up in surprise as Bert spoke.

‘I’m not with you?’ she remarked.

‘Would you take his cum in your mouth. If so would you swallow it or spit it out? Bert grinned.

normal for a girl to do?’

Bert replied. ‘If you swallow it there’s no waste is there?’

‘He’d be prepared to do that’ Debbie responded with a silly grin.

‘They all would, goes to show how good a fuck you are!’ Bert grinned. ‘I take it you’re going to do something with that?’ he implied, pointing at Bernard’s cock.

Debbie looked down at he’s cock; juices were starting to seep out of the eye.

‘It’s not to soon for you is it?’ She asked Bernard with a smile, and a slightly harder rub

‘You help yourself my beauty!’ Bernard grinned.

Bernard lifted his hips as Debbie undid his belt; she tugged at his trousers and pant’s pulling them over his knees. His cock stood proudly once released.

‘My, its seems bigger now!’ Debbie beamed, as she straddled across him.

Bernard leaned forward lifting her skirt as she reached down taking his cock into her hand, guiding it in the direction of her pussy.

Not only was it a wonderful sight; but also a breathtaking feeling as his cock slithered straight up her once more. Debbie lowered herself fully and just sat for a few moments enjoying the sense of fullness. Bernard sat up on one elbow viewing the sight, he wasn’t that big in the cock region, but with her hairless pussy he could see as to how much his cock was spreading the opening of her pussy lips.

As Debbie started to lift and lower, Bernard worked with her, she felt good; he was honoured that such a young thing should take a liking to his lovemaking. Even after being fucked by at least five of them the sensation was enjoyable. It was lovely to think that her foremost objective was to get pregnant by him; she hadn’t admitted that she was taking pleasure in being fucked. Bernard studied her movements mirroring them knowing her preference; he continued to fuck her as she was fucking him.

Bert stayed at the end of the bed watching. Debbie had leaned forward now, he watched as his fathers cock thrust in and out of her pussy, the inner pink lips clinging to his every outward movement. Her pussy was still somewhat swollen; nevertheless this didn’t seem to bother her, by the sounds of her moans she was more than enjoying it. He did wonder if she’d like to be fucked up her arse, he was getting a full erection as he watched them.

Bernard knew what was going to happen as soon as Bert climbed onto the bed. He was at her rear, Bernard eased his cock out whilst Bert forced his up her pussy, he needed moisture. Debbie breathed a deep breath as she felt his cock go up her; it was somewhat fatter than his fathers, he didn’t want to stay in her pussy to long as it would take away his fathers feeling when he return his cock into her pussy.

Debbie froze as he’s cock was felt at her anus. Bert had fingered her with her own fanny juices and was now leaning on his cock. She knew that this was also a form of lovemaking, although painful she didn’t want to scream out. Bernard could tell by the expression on her face she was having difficulty trying to except his sons cock.

‘All right!’ He whispered up to her.

She nodded with a smile, then suddenly he’s cock was in; Debbie let out a shrill cry as he forced it deeply up inside her. Bernard reached down taking his cock into his hand and offering it back up to her pussy, it went in with ease. Between them, they were now making alternate stokes; the sensation was more than gratifying, Debbie just knelt and held firm, her body stated to climax, one orgasm after the other followed, neither men faulted in their stokes. Bert’s hands were now manipulating her breasts, whilst his cock hammered into her back passageway, again he wanted to cum, but knowing he’s father had to be first, his seed couldn’t be wasted up her back passage.

‘I’m getting close Dad?’ he called out.

Bernard realised that he wouldn’t waste his blow, he sensed that his son was holding back, so he started to fuck her in earnest, long full stokes, Debbie moaned as he continued, even though Bert was holding still, his cock was still being pushed in and out of her by the force of his father thrusting. Bernard pushed deep as he blew, she sensed the force in the top of her pussy, and it felt good.

She lowered her head kissing him gently on the lips. ‘Thank you’ she smiled.

Bert wasn’t slow in removing his cock from her arse as soon as he realised he’s father had blown his load; he was straight back up her pussy. So brutal was he that Debbie let out a loud gasp as his cock hit the base of her pussy, being that much more enhanced than his fathers did make a difference, his was not only fatter but also longer.

Bernard cupped her face between his hands, kissing her as she rocked above him. Bert was fucking her as hard as only he knew how, her moans spurred him on, building up to a bursting load, and he just knew it had to come. His balls ached with the want to be drained. Debbie pushed her arse upwards into the air to meeting his energetic thrusts; her moans were gutterish, but he faulted not, gripping her by the waist he pulled her back hard onto his cock, whilst forcing it deep into her.

Debbie knew the score by now, she lowered her head it came with a rush, her pussy felt if could have done with more inner space as he started filling her; sending spasms thought-out her body in the form of electric shocks.

Bernard pulled her down to him once more; he knew what was happening the filling of her life was taking place.

‘Feel good?’ he whispered with a smile.

‘Very good! And very beneficial to the cause I’m sure!’ she sighed when she’d finally caught her breath.

Bert made sure she’d got every last drop; squeezing his cock between his fingers as he slowly withdrew.

‘Well there we go, not to much wasted there?’ he chuckled stepping of the bed.

Debbie pulled her legs together and lie back on the bed beside Bernard.

‘Surely this must be a record, I’ve only been here for just over two hours’ She looked at her watch. ‘I’ve been laid by six different cocks, and actually fuck eight times, taking seven separate loads? Between you both; I’m sure you’ll achieve your goal; that’s if it hasn’t been done all ready?’ She smiled. ‘I’ll not be going to the bathroom this time!’

Both Bert and his father dressed leaving Debbie to rest on the bed.

‘So what is the answer then?’ Mike quizzed as they both walked back into the lounge.

Bert hesitated for a moment before he spoke, not to sure of his meaning then it come back to him.

‘Sorry, they’ll be no problem, she let us all fuck her but only the two of us can actually cum up her!’ Bert looked toward Bernard as he spoke.

a bit unfair!’ Freddie implied. ‘Why is that?’

‘Being as we are father and son, she’ll know that her baby will be from the same family, surely that stands to reason!’ Bert replied.

‘Where do we get to cum then?’ Freddie said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

‘In her bloody mouth you Moron!’ Alan chipped in. ‘By the way did she mention me at all?’

‘Only as to the size of your cock, I think if you want to get back into her good books, you’d better be gentle with her!’ Bernard implied. ‘ She’s not your average girl, she’d not been fucked for over two years so this is all new to her’

Bert noticed that Debbie’s panties were still lying on the back of the settee. He looked toward Mike with a smile.

‘Can you take those in to Debbie?’ he winked as he spoke.

Mike stood then walking over to the settee he lifted the panties up and left the room. He opened the bedroom door quietly pocking his head in. Debbie was curled up on the bed with her knees up under her chin. He walked silently around to her rear, her pussy was in full view to him; it’s lips still slightly puffy with smidgen of cum just oozing out. He lifted the panties up under his nose and inhaled deeply, the aroma was nectar to his senses. Feeling sure that Bert had sent him in to fuck her he removed his trousers and gently got onto the bed, Debbie never even stirred as he pulled himself up behind her. His cock was already hard as he presented it up to her pussy sliding it in with ease. Debbie let out a slight moan. ‘And still you want more?’ she sighed.

This time her pussy did cling to his cock, it was like liquid velvet, what with her own juices and the two full loads of cum she’d been left with, his cock slithered in and out with no real difficulty. Debbie moved her hand over them both placing it onto Mike rear, pulling him closer. she whimpered wriggling her bottom into his lap.

It was obvious to him that she thought Bert or his father was fucking her. He lowed his body assuring he could gain as much depth into her as possible. She moaned as she sensed the added deepness.

‘God, that feels nice’ she murmured.

Mike was in a form of quandary, if she thought he was either Bert or his father then he could blow his load up her, which was what he wanted to do; the others had all done it. Debbie seemed to be in a world of her own, she just lay before him muttering sweet nothings. He knew if he kept his tempo slight and gentle she’d be lulled to sleep, it was obvious that she was worn out; putting his arm around her he gently tweaked her breast in his fingers, before long her breathing was laboured, he assumed she’d fallen asleep and started to fuck her in long deep strokes, he sensed her push her bottom out to aid his depth, again he edged down, now she had his full cock up her. With his eyes closed he started to fuck her hard but tenderly, her body responded to his every move, his load was near. It had to go up her he told himself, but he had no choice, before he knew it he’d erupted deep inside her, her hand come over resting on his hip, pulling him closer into her.

‘This has to be the one’ she chuckled, and then started to snore.

As Mike withdrew the cum oozed leisurely from her pussy, there was nothing he could do to stem it’s flow. He backed away climbing off the bed, she looked so innocent lying there on her own; one would never imagine that she had so much cock in such a short time, she’d not have needed the gym should she have known it was going to be such an eventful day.

Mike placed her panties on the spare pillow as he left the room.

‘Everything alright in there?’ Bert asked as Mike came back into the lounge, knowing by the time he’d taken he must have sown he’s oats.

Mike smiled back ‘Fine, she’s asleep now!’

‘Good, now we must make a schedule, if we’re all going to take gratification from our damsel; I don’t think we’ll have any difficulty impregnating her, she’s not on the pill, so it should be plane sailing’ Bert implied.

‘You mean for yourself and Bernard!’ Freddie stated.

still getting to fuck her, for God’s sake man; what more do you want, the chances of you getting to fuck a beauty such as her would never have come up if it hadn’t been for Bert and his father!’ Alan educated him.

Debbie slept for at least five hours; it was eight in the evening when she finally came to. As she rolled over onto her back there was a gurgling sound from down between her legs, she’d lost best part of her pussy load as she’d sat up. This upset her to some degree as she was now looking forward to getting pregnant, she did wonder what her friends at college would think of her having six lovers at the same time.

As she walked into the bathroom more cum gurgled from her pussy, sitting down on the toilet she remembered her last fucking; but who could it have been, she remembered dropping of to sleep after he cum inside her, so it must have been either Bert or his father, they’d told her that none of the others would be allowed to cum up her again.

Bert had worked out the rota it would start the next morning with Alan being first; they all knew now that it would be only Bert and his father that would go all the way with her, all had to cum into her mouth. Which all had agreed to including Mike.

Debbie was somewhat astonished when Alan came into her room on the first morning. He completely undressed and got in bed beside her his cock looked enormous to her.

‘I don’t think this will work?’ she inferred, moving quickly toward the edge of the bed nipping her legs together tightly.

you worry no missy, give yourself chance to really enjoy the bigger man, you’ll see what you’ve been missing once we get underway!’ Alan snuggled up toward her, pulling her closer to him.

Debbie knew she have to give in, if she did it for one she’d certainly have to do it for all including Alan. The rough with the smooth she told herself with a smile.

Alan first went to her breasts, nibbling each in turn, Debbie favoured this finding it quite enjoyable, she spread her legs but only slightly as she sensed his finger toying with her clitoris. Suddenly he moved down between her legs easing them apart as his mouth engulfed her complete pussy in one go, his tongue toying with her clitoris, lifting, pulling, rolling it roughly his tongue staying nowhere more than seconds. Her body came alive as her juices started to flow, she wanted to be fucked and at the moment, the size of his cock appealing to her, she reached down holding it, her fingers gripping it girth, she tugged upwards she wanted cock a big cock and now. Alan smiled to himself, as he obliged her letting her hand guide his cock to the given target. She positioned it admirably; all Alan had to do was lean, as he leaned, she lifted; her arms were around his neck once she sensed its sheer size spreading her pussy walls fully outwards, she just hung beneath him, rocking virtually with his every movement.

feels good!’ she whispered into his ear. ‘Come on all, all of it now!’

Debbie lifted her hips up to meet his powerful and dynamic thrusts; she wanted it deep, as deep as she could, his size never mattered now. He started fucking her hard; she was in effect literally swinging underneath him, both matching the complete momentum. Alan was getting near; he knew it would have to be in her mouth.

‘I’m going to cum soon!’ he stammered.

she cried out. ‘To soon, I need more!’

Alan held fire; allowing her to do the work, if he continued, he’d surely blow. She’d become a nymphomaniac over night; she was fucking him as if it was about to go out of fashion; her arms around his neck; her feet around his legs literally pulling herself onto him. Doing nothing exhausted him; just holding her weight as she swung beneath him was as much as he could do.

‘Now! Cum now!’ she cried out.

Her pussy was truly sucking his sperm; he’d no control, it felt as if he’d a young calf sucking his cock.

now!’ she pleaded.

She’d pulled herself fully onto his cock, her heels gripping around his rump. Her eyes were glued to his, waiting for the tell tale sign, Alan’s face started to twist as sperm was force up into his shaft, this was her chance; her pussy muscles working overtime she was virtually sucking him dry. Alan couldn’t believe as to what was happening, he was actually blowing, and by bucket load at that.

feels can feel it pumping! />
He couldn’t believe her next move, as soon as she’d finished her arms and legs gave way allowing her to fall back onto the bed. Alan then collapsed beside her.

She turned to face him with a cheeky smile on her face ‘Nice load, I’ll be needing more like that, then the job will surely be done!’

Alan was fucked, no way could he give more; she’d truly sucked him dry with her pussy.

‘We must have some refreshment, I’ll go and get it’ He stuttered.

When he placed his feet onto the floor he had to hold onto the bed end to steady himself; he then literally staggered across the room opening the door. Once through he leaned against the doorpost to catch his wind. Bernard looked at the shattered form as he came into the galley, not believing his own eyes.

‘God, man you look as if you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards. What the hell have you been up to?’ he asked.

‘You! You told me that that girl was virtually innocent!’ Alan managed to blurt out.

‘Innocent, yes she is. Fucked but twice; before we got hold of her!’ Bernard stated.

‘Well she’s just fucked the arse off me. I would never have believed any woman could do that to me! Let alone a slip of a girl like that’

‘You are joking I take it?’ Bernard replied with a grin on his face.

‘Do I look as if I am, she’s drained me fucking dry, and my nuts feel like fucking pickled walnuts?’

‘She does a good blowjob then?’ Bernard chuckled. take her long to pick that up?’

‘Blowjob my arse, she sucked me dry with her bloody fanny, so much for not blowing your load up her, fat chance I had there, couldn’t even pull out, she had me rock solid’

all the fuss about?’ Bert quizzed as he came into the galley. ‘You can be heard up on deck!’

‘Mike here recons Debbie’s got a pussy that’s honed to perfection, she’s just sucked him dry!’ Bernard laughed.

‘What he’s saying is he’s blown his load up her, couldn’t be bothered to pull out and stick it in her mouth more like!’ Bert surmised. rule for him, and rules for the others’

‘I beg to differ there boss, she’d her arms around my neck, and holding me with her feet around my arse, she sucked me dry with her pussy I’m telling you. She knew I was up to the point of no return’

‘Ok, but next time pull out sooner, get your cock out earlier, don’t leave it so long. Yesterday she was scared stiff of his bloody cock’ Bernard reminded them.

‘You have a point there Dad, so why was she so eager today Alan?’

‘I gave her the muffin treatment, she was gagging for it after that!’ Alan insisted.

‘Your saying; that she was more than ready for it then; than she was after she’d been fucked by four of us yesterday?’

‘All I’m saying is that’s what I did; she was anti being fucked before that, then suddenly she was like raging nymphomaniac, I’m telling you no woman has ever got the better of me, when she’d finished I was literally fucked, all she could say was Nice load!’

next on the list then?’ Bert picked up the rota that he and his father had worked out. ‘Looks like Ernie, if your going upon deck Alan tell him she’ll be ready for him, explain what happened with you. We don’t want another load going astray!’

Ernie’s face lit up when he found out he was next in the line, finding it funny that she completely fucked Alan up; to be truthful he didn’t really believe him. He would have liked to swap cocks with him though; he always felt he must have been last in the queue when it came to handing cocks out.

Debbie was still lying out on top of the bed when Ernie entered the room; she looked up with a smile.

‘It’s little Ernie?’

Ernie didn’t quite know how to take her remark, yes he was a mite on the short size, or was she referring to his manhood.

‘And how is Debbie this morning then?’ he replied.

Debbie sat up on the bed pulling one leg up to her chin then wrapping her arms around it. Ernie couldn’t of had a better view of her pussy should he have wished for it.

‘I see that I’m not your first this morning then?’ He implied.

Debbie eased her leg to one side as she looked down at her pussy; the movement allowed more cum to dribble out.

‘Only the one, you wouldn’t think so though would you?’ she grinned. ‘Would you like me to go to the />
do fine, I would like a nice blowjob first though!’ Ernie replied realising that the longer he left her pussy alone, the tighter it would be when he did get to it.

She watched, as he got undressed, his cock was fully erect when he stepped out of his trousers. She made no remark as to its size, but his balls did make an impression on her, they hung so low. She could only assume that with bollocks like that he would certainly cum a lot. Ernie climbed onto the bed and lie beside her.

Debbie’s hand went straight down cupping his balls, ‘My, you have a good set of balls there!’ she smiled, gently lifting then with her long fingers. ‘My own baby making machine!’ she muttered, as her mouth opened fully absorbing his cock.

Ernie lie back into the pillow, the sensation was mind-boggling. He remembered Alan’s advice, making sure he came in her mouth, if she carried on like this he’d blow sooner rather than later. Debbie’s mind was made up now, if they’d sort after getting her pregnant then she’d make sure they did. His cock was getting firmer by the minute, his balls were still in her cupped fingers, they felt so full, she knew that Bert had forbade them from cumming up her, but in her mind she didn’t really mind who’s child it would be; as long as she be getting one, be it boy or girl.

She lifted from his cock, it was different to the others somehow and the head seemed more bulbous, she never heard of circumcision, but Ernie was what’s know as cut. The size of the helmet really sent twinges up inside her pussy, the thought of that large head reaming her, appealed to her inner self. She looked up to Ernie; his eyes we’re closed, he was in a world of his own. Debbie stepped across him; lowering her pussy over his upright cock, as she’d expected the helmet could be more than felt; the experience was explosive; her pussy was alive once more.

Ernie opened his eye’s; the sensation of her pussy over his cock was breathtaking, her inner muscles gripped his helmet, a grip which was not really a grip…like the clasping of a gentle oily hand, more than likely due to the filling she’d sucked from Alan previously. Unhurriedly she started to lift her body up and down, her movements were calculated, squeezing her pussy muscles on her downward stroke whilst allowing no restriction on the lift. To Ernie this was tantalising he wanted to fuck her hard, nevertheless she was in absolute control, he wanted to meet her movements, she’d give him no supremacy, it was to be her way and her way only.

As with Alan, she’d restrain his movements taking full command of all actions. Ernie was locked underneath her pounding pussy, a more enjoyable position he’d not refuse at this moment in time. He reached up clasping her petite breasts she cupped her hands over his as she rode; his cock was deep now, she rocked, she jiggered, wound her body, gyrating her pussy, her inner muscles sucking, sucking his manhood. Ernie could feel the strong suction it was almost as if her pussy muscles were quivering along his shaft. Debbie moved her feet to the front of her, placing them each side of his waist; his cock was totally inside her, nothing was left outside her pussy lips, she was in complete control, she was not even lifting, her inner muscles we’re functioning on their own.
Debbie had three degrees in biology of the human form; she was acquainted with every part of the human body and to all bodily functions. She knew Ernie wasn’t that well blessed in the cock department; should she be able to get his cock in the right position she’d be in full control. She wiggled her body down; assuring that his helmet was in the right spot.

There was a sign of anguish on Ernie’s face as she gripped her pussy muscles under the helmet flange; she then sat bolt upright, placing her hands behind her head. By doing this her pussy stretched his cock at least ½ to ¾ of an inch deeper inside her. Ernie reached forward gripping her knees.

sake; what the hell are you doing?’ Ernie managed to blurt out. To him, it felt as if she stretched his cock by inches.

Debbie never moved, she placed her finger to his lips, and smiled.


With this, Debbie started the rippling action with her pussy walls, the idea of stretching his cock and holding it under pressure was to make sure that when he came it would be forced deep into her pussy; because of the restricted area below the helmet, his seed would be compelled through. Ernie couldn’t believe the pain she was dispensing onto his cock; he was pinned beneath her, with nowhere to go; to him she wasn’t even moving, but his cock was being rubbed and manipulated from within, there was no chance of loosing his erection.

He’d not believed Alan, thinking that it was a wind-up about her sucking him dry, however, he was now faced with the same dilemma. Although extremely painful, it was still enjoyable; he recognized he’d little possibility of pulling away from her until she’d finished with him. Nevertheless, there was more pain to come; Debbie had one more trick up her sleeve, there’d be no gain without pain; when he finally cum she wanted to be sure she herself felt it. She watched closely, waiting for any form of indication that he was about to blow. His breathing now laboured, but his moans pleased her, he was sitting up on his elbows, although neither showed any movement, sweat was forming on his brow. Ernie knew his time was nearly up; he’d be grateful to have his cock free of her suction.

Debbie lowered her hands placing them on his tummy; this relieved the pressure on his cock somewhat, but she wasn’t letting up just yet. Ernie started to moan deeply, she knew it was time.

She waited to sense the swelling along his shaft; then it came. Ernie’s face was screwed up almost as if he was chewing a wasp, Debbie quickly threw her arms behind her gripping his legs and pulling her own body backwards, bending and stretching his cock to the limit. Ernie virtually screamed out with the intense pain as the sperm was forced though his shaft. Debbie smiled towards him sensing the vigorous spurting deep inside her pussy.

‘You bitch!’ He screamed out. ‘You fucking bitch!’

The bedroom door was thrown open as Bert came rushing in. ‘what the hell is going on! You can’t speak to her like that!’ He implored.

Debbie was just lifting herself off his cock; Bert couldn’t see the reason for Ernie’s outcry. But by their positions he could tell that he’d blown his load up her, as she sat on the edge of the bed telltale evidence leaked from her pussy.

‘Can I see you in the Galley?’ He asked of Ernie.

Ernie knew what was to come, but like Alan how could he explain, he looked down at his cock, which by now had started to swell, and what’s more it was bloody sore. As soon as he reached the galley Ernie sat at the table

‘I know what you’re going to say Bert, but I had no option, I don’t know what happened with Alan; nevertheless, she had me by the short and curly, no soon had she given me a blowjob and I was up and running, she was straight onto my cock. It seemed quite innocent at first, but then she gripped my cock with her pussy; there was no way I could free myself. I know it sounds silly but believe me when she had hold, and hold she did!’

‘What is it with you guy’s! We’ve made a deal, you can fuck her as much as you like, but cum up her, no! So what do you both do, both blowing their load straight up her fucking fanny, then you blame her?’

If Debbie had her date’s right, she’d needed to be fucked as much as possible over the next three days. She was too single-minded to weaken now. However, she hoped that she’d not have to use muscle power like that again, she was beginning to feel sore herself. The only one she didn’t take a liking to was Freddie, he seemed to be an idiot, and the last thing she sought after was an offspring from him, and there was no way she’d be taking his load in her mouth.

She pulled herself upright hearing the knock on the door.

‘Come in!’ She called across the room.

Debbie was flabbergasted when the door opened and Freddie came in.

come at a bad time have I?’ Freddie asked seeing the look on Debbie’s face as he walked in.

She hadn’t quite made up her mind as what to do with the idiot of the bunch. His eyes combed her body as he came up to her; she wondered if he’d have the same staying power as he did yesterday, two or three thrusts and he’d done. She reached up and started to undo his belt, she’d not really seem the hardware, and it had been over to quickly yesterday, she wondered if he were worth being fucked by.

His cock was already solid when she dropped his jeans, she was astounded by its size; she look up to his face.

have a

‘Not at present Miss, well not really at all!’ he replied.

Debbie realised then as to why he’d cum so quickly. But she understood also as to why he’d not had a girlfriend, but he wasn’t short on the weaponry side of things, he was nearly as big as Alan.

‘Quite a big boy aren’t we!’ she smiled up to him.

‘Why thank you Miss!’ he was somewhat bemused by her opinion, mind you he might have not had any girlfriends, but he masturbated at least once a day, this is why he’d got the definite kink to the right in it.

‘Was I your first?’

‘As a matter of fact…yes you were Miss’ He grinned.

Debbie felt somewhat sorry for him, and his cock did appeal to her, she was sure he’d last longer on his second time.

‘Come, lie down on the bed beside me’, Debbie moved aside to give him room, once he’d laid out she took up his cock again giving it a good long rub, it could be felt as it throbbed, she knew she just had to have it. She’d just have to make certain that he never came in her. Moving across the bed she lowered onto his cock, to start with it was slightly painful, he was more enhanced than Ernie, and she only then realised as to how bruised her inner pussy walls were.

‘God, that feels good’ Freddie murmured as his cock slithered up inside her pussy.

She couldn’t believe the sensations she was getting from his cock. She looked down at him, his face was awash with spots, but his dick was so pleasurable, fucking him gently to start with, getting used to the firmness within, then she speeded her rate, she knew he’d be a cum quickly guy, knowing only to well it would be a waste.

She was right; and only just managing to lift clear as he blew, its forcefulness took it up all over her breasts.

‘My you needed that, if I hadn’t of lifted I’m sure it would have come out of my mouth!’ Debbie smiled.

‘I never realised as to how a real pussy felt, it’s much better than tossing yourself off. However, I haven’t given you to much pleasure have I?’

‘It’s nice to have such a young cock, you can’t help it that you cum so quickly!’ Debbie smiled.

He sat and looking at her pussy for moments; then put his hand down between her legs and started to finger her. Debbie couldn’t believe the ferocious of his act; he’d nearly lifted her off the bed, it was obvious that he’d never been near a woman. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was still wet from Ernie, she would really have been in pain. She reached down clasping his wrist.

be so spiteful; I’m sure you can be gentler that that?’

‘Sorry, I thought women like it fast and furious, it’s only what I’ve been led to believe’ Freddie slowed his tempo, and then used two fingers.

‘Now that’s better, this I can enjoy’ Debbie could take this sort of treatment all day she contemplated. ‘I take it you’ve never been down on a woman then?’

She thought she might treat him to an added pleasure, not realising as to what the taste would be after the fucking that she’d given Ernie and Alan. He went down between her legs whilst still gyrating his fingers inside her, it was nice but he’d not a clue to what he should be doing. He’d nearly chocked on the excess cum when she’d pulled his head into her.

‘Sorry are you all right />
shouldn’t have been so hasty; I think I must have had a mouthful of my own cum!’ He replied not realising that his own cum never went near her pussy.

Debbie was aware of that his cock was coming to life once more, her friends had always told her that if a guy cum’s fast and his cock revitalizes then he’ll be a good fuck, as his staying power will be greater. It was just his spotted face; his cock looked enchanting to her, from what she’d felt earlier was enough to go by. What if she allowed him to fuck her, trouble was, she’d not be able to get away from him quick enough should he blow, which of course he would. She wondered if she was being a little bit to antagonistic, just because she knew she was older.

‘How old are you />
Eighteen Miss…would you mind if I tried myself this time?’

She looked at his cock again, it appeared to be enhanced beyond all words. Without allowing him to remove his two fingers she lie back down onto the bed, spreading her legs apart.

‘Come on then, big boy!’ she smiled, don’t you cum up me you know the rules?’

Freddie didn’t need asking twice, crawling in between her legs he guided his cock up unto her moist pussy, even he had to gasp as it slid up her ‘God that sensation is truly good’ he murmured to himself.

Debbie was truly enjoying it herself, what with his fingering and the remnants of Ernie’s cream still within her pussy. Trouble was with the sensations of his cock was spending passionate feelings to her brain, she reached up cupping his face into her hands pulling him down; she closed her eyes and kissed him avidly on the lips, whilst thrusting her hips up to meet his inward plunge, then wrapping her feet securely around his waist, little movement could be measured by either.

‘Eighteen and I’m your first?’ she whispered up to him. ‘I feel privileged’ she smiled.

Debbie had relinquished her embrace allowing her legs to come up toward her chest permitting him to carry on with his unfathomable plunges into her.

‘Take it nice and gentle; they’ll be another time!’ she smiled

Freddie slowed his pace; which relaxed her, she closed her eyes, her mind was not with him; it was in the park months ahead, pushing her new born baby in a pram on a nice sunny morning, this had been her ambition for as long as she could remember. Phillip had told her she was brooding as most women do. She enjoyed sex, but now it was whenever she or one of her captors fancied it, to her now it was the feeling of that chunky extensive cock, she’d been anti at first, however, it was nice to get that old feeling back. Her first sex had only been twice, and the boy never really knew as to what he should be doing, it was a first for them both, but here with six lovers not only was she being fucked, she’d achieve her objective. Suddenly she was taken away from her thoughts, a strong orgasm took hold of her body; she went rigid. It was an outlandish feeling; she could still feel his cock as he leisurely drove it into her, but it was like she was in another world, everything seemed to be drifting, slow motion if you like. There was a low sound as if birds were singing in the distance, but no particular bird could be predictable. She wanted to stretch; her limbs appeared to be locked. She was aware that he’d speeded his tempo; she felt the rush, almost as if her blood was in turmoil finding its way around her body. A voice was heard in the distance, as if someone was in the room with them, it was stern as if making demands on him. His activities stopped abruptly; then he was responding to the person, Debbie couldn’t distinguish it, or it’s tone. Again he continued, her awareness of the second person was now gone; another orgasm this time the shockwave brought her back to reality, Freddie’s arms were under her own; he was pulling himself up into her, his breath strenuous, she knew he was about to cum, his actions were now speeded, she to was in a state of orgasm, her hands gripping his shoulders pulling him down toward her.

cum inside me!’ she managed to utter. The shock of his momentum rhythm held her in check, she knew she couldn’t move away from him.

Freddie heaved his cock out as he blew; pungent sperm shot all along her body and up into her mouth, the taste was salty; some of which even reached up into her hair.

‘That was marvellous Freddie, your going to make a first class lover’ Debbie reached up wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she’d never tasted cum before, she didn’t want to spit the remnants out of her mouth, not wanting to make Freddie feel guilty for allowing it.

‘It was good for me to Miss?’

‘There is no need to keep calling me Miss, Debbie will do fine.

‘ Bert said we must show you respect, I considered that was being />
‘It is, but there is no need for you to do it. Tell me did someone come into the room, or was it my />
Bert Miss, sorry Debbie, he wanted to make sure that I followed the rules!’


‘To assure that only he and his father cum inside you?’

‘Oh that rule’ Debbie smiled. ‘You were good, I understand it’s quite an effort to pull out once you’re actually cumming’

have been nicer I’m sure!’ he grinned.

‘Well I must get cleaned up now, what time is breakfast here?’

‘Breakfast, we had that about 7 o’clock! Are you hungry, perhaps I could get you />
Debbie looked at her watch, ‘Christ that was three hours ago, whatever do you get up at that time for?’

‘Always do, can’t waste daylight. Would you like me to get you />
‘I’d be grateful, give me about an hour? Must have a shower’

Philip had stayed the night at Debbie’s fathers, who’d come up with the idea that she’d had to rush of to France, as she often did, telling him that she’d phone in a couple of days. Philip had been out when he’d supposed to have rung the next time; her father had told him that she’d told him that she could be away for several months as her work demanded it, which he agreed to in more ways than one.

Debbie had been as pleased as punch when she gone over her second period date by two weeks, asking Bert to get her a pregnancy testing kit which he did. The guys we’re having the time of their lives fucking her every hour of the day, morning noon or night. Bert had collected the kit when he’d called back into town. He’d rung her father and explained that at last she could be with child. Her father had created; telling him not to waste his time; only to notify him when they all knew for definite.

Debbie came out of the toilet with the kit in her hands sitting at the table with the rest of the group, Bert was delighted with the colour change on the slip, he now knew for certain, thing was…was a boy or girl he knew they’d not find that out for months yet.

‘Well that’s it then?’ Debbie looked around the table as she spoke with a smile.

pregnant!’ Alan replied eager that the baby could be his, he’d been the one who’d not always pulled out in time, anticipating however much he’d been able to loose up her before he’d pulled out, may just have done the trick.

‘It’s not just that; now I have to discontinue having sex!’ Debbie implied with a smile.

‘Stop having sex, why d’you say that?’ Bernard inquired of her.

‘Stands to reason, I don’t want my baby harmed in anyway!’ Debbie looked around the table again as she spoke.

an old wives tail, your better off having as much sex as you can get, remember your pussy will have to stretch an awful lot when you have the baby, sex will help it’ Bert laughed.

‘The bigger the cock the better!’ Implied Alan, perceptive that he’d the biggest.

‘Ok lads, what this does mean is that you can now; you all cum up her’ There was a lot of hand clapping around the table. ‘However, from now on,’ he’s eyes searched around the table once again. ‘No more rough sex, you’ll be as gentle as possible. And you Debbie…you will enlighten me of any one of them is not entirely gentle, in their sexual performance with you!’

Debbie smiled, holding her tummy, not that there was any sign of growth there yet. ‘I will!’ she finally exclaimed with a gleeful smile, her smile turned to be of concern. ‘It can’t happen, my father and Philip, they’ll never allow it. Philip knows we’ve never had sex, he’d never except some one else’s baby!’

Bert knew that Philip was now out totally of the picture; he’d gathered from her father that she’d wanted to break up the engagement, even though he’d not heard a word from Debbie herself he knew the wedding was off. He’d only got involved with her because of the money at the end of the day. Bert knew he couldn’t tell Debbie this.

‘I wouldn’t worry to much about you’re fiancé; he was only in it for the money, and I’m sure your father wont mind if you turn up with an heir’ Bert implied, sitting down beside her. ‘You know its what you’ve wanted’

‘But a child without a father, that’s not good for a start!’ Debbie stated.

have a father!’ Bernard stated.

whose?’ Debbie replied.

Bert didn’t take too kindly to this remark, he knew he’d warned the others not to cum up her, by this answer he could only assume that one or more of them had done so. Possibly with her own consent as to whom she herself would prefer to father her child

None of the group had an answer this question; which made Bert even more apprehensive, it wasn’t so much that they’d cum up her, more to the fact that she could be pregnant with a girl, which would be bad news at the end of the day. Bert knew he had to see her father again.

By this the seventh month Debbie had turned into a raving nymphomaniac, she wanted as much cock as she could get, having two or even three lovers, each attending a different fissure within her body. She gotten quite used to the savour of cum by now, Bernard had considered that no one man could possibly stand up to her constant demands. It was he who was fucking her when the labour pains started; he only assumed that she was having an orgasm with her cries, that was until he sensed they were more of pain than pleasure.

The time had come for Bert to find out the baby’s gender, all were at the hospital, all considering they were the fathers. The hospital had not allowed them to know of the babies’ sex, which had upset not only Bert, but also Debbie’s father.

Hospital staff found it quite amusing that there were six men in the father’s waiting room, when they’d asked if the father would like to be in the delivery room to see the babies’ birth, they’d all looked around each other to determine as to who should go. At the end it was Bert that had decided that he should be there for her.

It was a great day for all when a baby boy was born, Bert for one, breathed a breath of fresh air. He knew now that they’d be no complications with Debbie’s father; and the three million, which was going to change hands. He immediately rang her father.

Debbie was more than surprised when her father came into the ward later that day sitting down in the chair beside her.

‘So what have we been up to then?’ He smiled his eyes viewing the small cherub in the cot beside her. ‘Word has it that you’ve furnished me with fine a />
‘Daddy, I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you!’

‘Worry not my child, you’re Ok, baby’s okay so what’s the bother. You’ve enjoyed yourself haven’t you?’

‘But Daddy?’

‘I’ve known about it Debbie, it’s all right I’ve paid the ransom, and you’re coming back home with me’

mention Philip; he went as soon as I understood he was only marrying you for my money’

‘But how can I account for the baby! Can I hold him?’

Han’s reached down into the cot, lifting the small child into his arms. ‘There we go my sweet, have you a name for him yet?’ he asked placing the baby into her open arms.

Debbie brought the baby up to her face kissing him on the cheek.

‘You married abroad, and now your home again, nobody will question that’ Han’s replied, in answer to her question.

‘Not until we find out?’ Bernard implied standing from the table.

‘For Christ sake Dad sit down; what does it matter who’s bloody baby it is. She’s had it; it was a boy. We’ve done our part now we’re off to the sun!’ Bert stated banging his fist hard onto the table.

‘She should know which of us is the father?’ Bernard replied.

‘You mean you want to know. What will it gain, should we know? The boy will be Ok; brought up with money and a fine education; which is something none of us would likely to do for him. Leave well alone’

Bert’s phone rang; it was out in the galley.

‘Go see who it is!’ Bert told Freddie.

He got up from the table and ambled his way to the galley, trying to hear what Bert and his father we’re saying.

your bloody finger out, all they’ll ring off!’

With this Freddie rushed into the galley picking up the phone; bringing it back into the lounge.

is it then?’ Bert quizzed, reaching his hand out toward him.

Debbie’ Freddie said placing the phone into his hand.

‘Hi Debbie, how are you?’ Bert looked across the table towards his father, knowing by the look on his face he’d wanted to speak to her.

both fine. I wonder if you can help, my father and I have had a talk, and wonder if you’d mind if we could know who the baby’s father is. Should either of you disagree that’s fine by us, but I though you might want to help?’ Bert took the phone away from his ear for a few moments before answering her plea.

did you get my phone number?’

‘Daddy gave it to me, it’s all right I know everything! Daddy wants me to name the baby after his father’

Bert was stuck for words telling her that he’d have to ring her back.

‘So! What did she want then?’ Bernard questioned.

‘Looks as if you’re right, both her and her father want to know which of us is the boys father, and what’s more she going to name the boy after him.

Bernard cupped his hands together with glee. ‘What did I tell you, I knew she’d want to do something like that?’

‘It needn’t be you, you old goat. It could be any of us!’

‘I’d like to be its father!’ Freddie mused with a smile.

‘God help the poor child!’ Bert laughed. we let her go ahead and find out?’ Bert quizzed watching the dull faces surrounding him.

‘What would it likely to mean, to the one whose the father, will it cost?’ Ernie questioned.

you fools, all she requests is a name, she desires to be able to name the lad after its father!’

she know for sure?’ Freddie asked.

‘DNA tests, that’s what they do now a days!’ Bert replied.

Freddie was none the wiser, but never questioned it’s meaning, not wanting to look a bigger fool than he all ready was.

‘We have nothing to loose, and she’s showed us a good time over the last few months; I say we let her go ahead!’ Alan replied.

a winner for a start, never known him to give in so easy?’ Mike chuckled ‘God I wish she was here now, I could do with a decent fuck.

be so crude!’ Bernard implied.

‘Hark who’s talking, if my memory serves me right you were the last one to fuck her, I don’t here you Mike stated.

‘Ok all of you; we’re getting nowhere here; so we let her go ahead with this then, at least she’ll have one name to remember us all by’ Bert cut into the conversation.

All were in agreement; so Bert rang back, Debbie was over the moon. ‘So who d’you think the father is then?’ Bert quizzed.

‘No to sure, I’ve held him up and compared his features with all of you, but I can’t make a decision yet’ she replied. ‘I would like it to be you really!’ she lied. ‘Daddy says he’ll send someone to collect the samples’

Bert was as pleased as punch with her answer, which geared him up for the rest of the day.

Bernard suggested that none of them go anywhere until the boy’s father was found. It took some weeks before it was finalised, Debbie told them she’d deliver the results herself when the time came.

It was toward the end of six weeks when everything came through; she was delighted with the result, she got straight on the phone telling Bert that she’d come and visit with the baby the next day. Nevertheless not disclosing the answer of the test to him, he was pleased.

‘Another day won’t hurt!’ he told himself.

None of the group had seen Debbie since the day of the baby’s birth, to see her once more in her short mini skirt tantalised them all.

looks as beautiful as ever!’ Bernard stated looking up the stairwell as she carried the baby down. It was a sight he’d never have wanted to fail to miss. He always loved the up skirt views.

‘How long are you staying?’ asked Bert.

‘ All day should you wish it?' I’d like to get to know you all again?’ she smiled.

‘Can I hold Bernard pleaded; lifting himself up onto tiptoes to see over into the shawl he was wrapped in. ‘God isn’t he just gorgeous!’

Debbie’s heart went out to him; he was the first to ask, and not even realising at that time that he was the baby’s father, true father.

She knew they’d all tried in their various ways to get her pregnant, however, Bernard had cum up trumps in the end, and he was whom she’d wished for.

‘Does he need anything to eat?’ Freddie inquired.

‘I’m his mother Freddie…I feed him!’

‘Sorry I just wondered if he’d like some breakfast that’s all’

‘Make yourself useful Freddie, go and make some tea!’ Bert told him.

‘So does your father know you’re here then Debbie?’ Bernard asked as he sat down with the baby, holding him high in his arms.

‘Oh yes! He knows!’ she smiled.

‘When are we to know as to whom the father is?’ Bernard implied.

‘We have all day yet?’ Debbie grinned as she sat down next to Bernard. ‘I’d like to get to know you all again; I’ve missed you all’

‘Not half as much as we have you!’ Smiled Alan

‘Nice to hear it, then my journey will not have been in vain then?’

‘Meaning what?’ Bernard asked.

‘I know your all planning to go away, I want a last taste of you all before you go. Like old times, if you like!’ Debbie grinned looking at them all as they stood around the lounge.

‘You couldn’t have come at a better time, Mike was only talking of you this morning!’ Freddie implied.

‘Alright that’s enough of that talk, we have a young baby here!’ Bernard informed them in a threatening tone.

‘Why Bernard I think you care?’ Debbie smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

‘Debbie; I don’t think this or’t to be a free for all, I know you know whom of us is the father, don’t you think you’d like to spend your time here with him?’ Bert inferred in the hope that would be him, when he’d only wanted to have sex with her, no other motivation.

‘Let her be boy, she’ll know what she wants!’ Bernard’s eyes never looked away from the baby as he spoke.

‘I’d like that, but you’ll all be upset bar one, who is the father’ Debbie replied.

‘Could we vote on it?’ Ernie asked. ‘I mean it would be better to stay with the youngsters father, than all of us’

‘Man after my own heart; thank you Ernest!’ Bernard stated looking across toward him. ‘Last thing we want is for this little fellow’s mother to have a gangbang in his />
Debbie was taken a back with Bernard’s statement, thinking that he was right, even she thought it wouldn’t be right for her to take them all on once again, her thoughts were to him anyway. She was glad in a way that he was the father, she’d not have wanted to upset him, if she’d have gone against his wishes, should he not have been the father. Even though he might have missed out if he not been the father of her son.

‘Then I will go with Bernard’s suggestion, if you are all with me; could you please raise your hand’ Debbie insisted.

‘All raised their hands; it was quite a breath taking moment for her. She not taken into accounts each and every one of them regretted turning down fucking her, even Bernard the father of her child.

Freddie went out to finish making the teas whilst they all spoke and showed their interest in the baby.

‘I think this is the time for celebration; rather than a cup of tea; we have champagne in the fridge. You just tell us us whose name the baby should have if you would. Then you and babies father can celebrate, and we’ll have party’ Bert insisted.

you better call Freddie back in?’ Debbie suggested. ‘I’d like you all to be here?’

Freddie was called, this had upset some of them thinking that because she’d wanted Freddie there, and he’d bound to be the father. They’d all sat around the table the baby was back in Debbie’s arms, as she began to speak.

‘I know you’ve all taken part in the fathering of my baby and I’m grateful to you all. I know this was a scheme set up between Bert and my father. (A) to get rid of the fiancé that was only after me for my fathers money, and (B) to get me pregnant with a baby boy’ Debbie looked down at the baby pulling him closer to her. ‘Raise your glasses my friends to my new baby boy who’s name />
The glasses were raised each taking a long sip. “To Bernard!” they all cheered. Once their glasses we’re empty they each in turn went to Bernard and shook his hand.

Poor Bernard was in tears, he stood and moved over to Debbie his arm went around her shoulders. ‘To you and my son’ he raised his glass devouring its contents. ‘It’s of pleasure to be of service Miss!’ he continued giving her a kiss on her lips.

Debbie could see that all we’re somewhat taken back that Bernard should be the father of her child, when most had put a lot into their performance to achieve fatherhood.

Bert stepped forward holding up his glass.

‘Gentlemen, I know this has been a blow to us all, but my father has out shone us in his ability of becoming a father at 70 years old, I would like to take this opportunity of offering up our cruiser to the happy couple for the evening. But I would like to offer the chance of any of us to become babysitter for the evening letting Mother and Father have an evening on their own’ Believe it or not each and everyone of them raised their hands. ‘Then I can only ask mum and Dad, who’d they’d wish to look after their son in their absence.’ Bert mused

Bernard stepped to one side of Debbie. ‘Being as I know you all, and understand each of you; I’d like to pick the babysitter for the rest of the day and this evening knowing of all your parental knowledge!’ he turned to Debbie for her approval to which she nodded her approval.

‘Then I should he’s not only a father but also a genius with children, that’s of course if he’ll agree?’

Not only Ernie but also the rest agreed with his choice, Debbie placed young Bernard into his father arms and stepped forward.

‘I’d like to thank you all for your help, and services’ she grinned. ‘My father however has given me £1000 to share between you, I know of the ransom, but this is an added bonus. And to young Bernard’s father he has given me £1000 for a day and night out plus extra for Bernard’s father. We have a hotel suite booked for the evening’ She smiled toward them.

Once again there was clapping, they all came forward kissing Debbie on the cheek.

‘One more surprise to you all, unbeknown to Bernard, my father has already arranged for a babysitter, and you’re all welcome to come to the hotel and stay the evening! However, I might add; in your own rooms’

There was a low moan from them all in jest to her fathers offer. But again they each raised their hands.

The hotel was one of the best in London, for their own privacy the hotel cannot be named but the lads all respected her father wishes.

Debbie and Bernard had room service throughout the night, Debbie was more than pleased with the outcome of the day, she knew she was going to enjoy Bernard’s lovemaking he was a real gentleman when it came to lovemaking, he understood a woman’s needs, be it tongue, finger or cock.

The bedroom in the hotel was vast and beautifully laid out, its four poster really did look enchanting, her father had booked the adjoining room for her babysitter. Just in case, the need arose that she was needed. It was a wonderful evening, poor Bernard never realised food could be so expensive, even though it never cost him a penny, and they all wined and dined until the late hours. Bernard started his lovemaking almost immediately his need was as great as her own, neither took long getting undressed, Bernard’s head was between her legs as soon as she got onto the bed, never had she been so licked other than by him, the sensation was tremendous, her body was alive, she almost considered that his tongue was shaped to titillate her clitoris, he did it so well.

Debbie gave out a tiny moan as the sensation of his tongue drew up over her clitoris; Bernard was renowned for his oral lovemaking over time. Reaching down she manipulated strands of his hair through her fingers giving gentle tugs as the sensations intensified.

“God Bernard, you’re doing it again, dam you!”

Bernard’s sense of hearing had vanished; he was on cloud nine. The aroma of her scent filled his nostrils, musty, but with a pungent taste, he lifted his finger meandering it up inside her, unhurriedly drawing it in and out as her juices increased; the delicate fluid engulfed his finger allowing complete viscosity, the feeling to Bernard was that of pure silk.

He’d spent a good thirty minutes on foreplay, but his cock said it all, slowly he eased it up into her pussy, both hugging each other as it slither deep inside. It was a lovely feeling, since her baby was born, she’d wondered if her pussy would ever go back to its original size, young Bernard was quite a big baby weighing nearly nine pounds, nevertheless, his cock spread her inner walls as it proceeded up inside. Debbie drew her legs up spreading then allowing him the fullest opportunity; Bernard sensed her demand knowing she wanted to be fucked hard, he lifted up onto his toes, giving her long deep thrusts. Debbie moaned loudly, propelling her hips upward to meet his every stroke.

Bernard slowed his pace hoping to catch his breath.

‘Please don’t stop, it orgasmic, none of you friends fuck like you do Bernard!’ Debbie whispered into his ear.

Bernard knew this was going to be a night to remember, knowing she’d want as much cock as he could provide her with, he knew he’d have to cum soon, conserving his energy for the night ahead. He speeded his pace once more, all in the hotel Bernard surmised; could have heard her moans, but still he fucked, and fucked hard, there was no relaxing of her pussy muscles she was as tight as a drum as he’d always remember her being, his cock wasn’t that large, but she was surely aware of it.

Unsurprisingly Bernard sensed his seed on the move, he slowed his pace with no avail. Debbie felt an unexpected swelling in his cock, as it readied itself for the upsurge; she was not surprised by the engorgement, however not to this degree; before it had only just been obvious. Bernard eased himself forward, assuring his cock fullest penetration and then held, throwing his head back, giving out loud groans. His shaft rapidly thickened and pulsated as the thick seed passed along it, Debbie, gripped the material beneath her once more, feeling the massif inflammation of his seed as it gushed deep inside; sensing a boiling sensation as her pussy extended within as it tried to absorb the syrupy fluid. Bernard could feel the backflow in the condoms as she fulfilled absorption point.

He withdrew slowly, the condom having slipped forward to the end of his cock; Debbie sat looking down at the bursting teat on the condom. Gradually she withdrew it from his cock; care taken in avoiding any chance spilling the contents, Bernard watched as she lifted it up to her mouth swallowing its entire creamy fluid, not one drop did she neglect

Debbie’s father didn’t know the age of young Bernard’s father but told Debbie; their home was his, should he wish of it. Stay there as a guest or even the baby’s Bernard’s father should he wish.

Bernard had put his best into his lovemaking over the weekend they’d stay at the hotel, Debbie had missed being fucked, and what’s more he’d taken precautions, either pulling out or even wearing the condoms, but he never released his load up her, and his consignments were plentiful to say the least, she’d even experience them with a condom on. However none of his seed was put to waste

It is hoped that you enjoyed Debbie’s tail, believe me as a woman myself; it’s every woman’s wish to become pregnant; but to have a gangbang is almost every women’s fantasy. However, in moderation it’s fine

Gail Holmes

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: fiction group sex older male / female body modification sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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