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Ten years ago my wife and I had a 15 year-old South American exchange student come live with us for six months. On several weekends while she was with us, a friend she met from Cuba would come and stay with us as a houseguest. Her friend was a delightful and beautiful 15 year old girl named Annapaula. Anna, as we got to know her, was 5'2", a wonderfully petite little body and was warm, friendly and intelligent. Her smile could melt a glacier, and I always felt she and I had an instant connection.

One weekend, Anna was rebelling against her over-protective parents and proceeded to get extremely drunk. She was brought to our door by a very understanding pair of policemen who left her in my custody. Not being accustomed to the copious amounts of rum she drank, she began to get sick and pass out. The exchange student and I kept her awake, made her drink lots of water to counteract the liquor, and walked her around the block for what seemed like hours. Anna hugged us and kissed us in her drunken stupour and told us how we were not to be sending her home to her parents. She then began expressing her undying love for me and rubbing herself against me. She grabbed my hand and pulled it inside her sweater (it was late spring and quite cool at 2 am) and held it cupped against her breast. So as not to make a big deal of this, I slowly withdrew my hand while talking soothingly to her, and was sure our exchange student at her other side, holding her up, did not notice.

I saw Anna a couple of times after that, but we lost touch after the exchange student went home.

Two months ago I was checking into a hotel in Montreal and was greeted by this gorgeous, petite young woman at the counter. She had flawless golden skin, long wavy black hair held back in a ponytail, and a smile that could… wait a minute!… melt a glacier. It was Anna! She was now 25 and more dazzling than ever. She said she had recognized my name on the reservation and hoped that it would be me.

We talked for a few minutes and she said she had upgraded me the best suite in the hotel, at no extra charge. After agreeing to meet for dinner, when her shift was over, I went up to the suite. WOW. It was on the 25th floor of the hotel and had, amongst the other amenities you would expect, a hot tub that overlooked the city.

Anna took me to a restaurant where she knew a lot of people, and we went clubbing and dancing with her friends, all of whom were at least half my age. I had the best 'night on the town' I have had in ages.

At about 4am, tired and a little drunk, Anna and two of her friends came back to the hotel with me. We all went to my suite and sat about chatting for a while. I excused myself and went to bed while they all passed out in the chairs and sofas. Anna came in and snuggled beside me to say what a great time she was having and how happy she was to see me after all this time. We both fell asleep on the bed.

When I woke around 10 am, the others were gone and I could hear the hot tub going in the front room. Anna had filled it, made herself comfortable and was waiting (she said) for me to come join her. I was more than happy to.

The tub was full of bubbles from the bubble bath and she was submeged to her sholuders, her hair tied up in a loose ball on the top of her head. Being naive, I said I would join her as soon as I put on my swimsuit. She said "Why would you want to do that?" and stood up revealing her body, to the waist, naked and glistening with water and soap bubbles. I got and instant erection.

As she sat back down, I removed all of my clothes and sat beside her in the tub. She took my hand and guided it to her breast, as she had done that night ten years ago, and said "remember this?" I laughed out loud and she told me how that night she and the exchange student bet whether or not she could get me to touch her tits. She obviously won.

We then talked about what had been going on in our lives, how she had almost married a young man who reminded her of me, but it didn't happen. She said that, for some reason, my kindness to her as a teen had touched her and formulated her ideas of what a good man should be. With that she moved into my lap and hugged me fiercely. She kissed me hard,running her tongue deep inside my cheeks and down my throat. My cock was so hard that the tip of it slid effortlessly into her wet cunt. She lifted herselt off quickly saying that it wasn't time for that yet.

Anna sat back down in my lap so that my aching member was pressing against her lower belly. She was taught and smooth and the tip of my penis could feel the stud in her bellybutton. I was in absolute heaven. Here I am, a 50 year old man, overweight, flabby and haven't had anything like this happen to me since I was courting my beautiful wife. I felt a little guilty for a few moments and then thought, life is too short, and my wife would probably not be too upset as we had talked about fantasies for years. Mind you, I would never tell her about this either….

As Anna sat , gazing into my blue eyes (she thought of them her whole life, she said) she told me that she had wanted to do this for a long time but never thought she would get the opportunity. I asked her to sit on the side of the hot tub so that I could see her whole body. She obliged and slowly parted her legs to reveal a small, tight little vagina that looked like it would be impossible to get into. Her pubis was shaved clean, so clean that there was not even a sign of stuble. I began to kiss here firm little orange sized breasts, down her tight little belly and pubis. She threw her head back and opened he legs wide, resting them on my shoulders while I kissed and probed her pussy with my thick tongue. She moaned softly and placed her hands gently on the back of my head. Her lips and pussy were sweet and warm and I could have eaten her for hours. She, however, had different ideas. After she came — very quickly, I might add, she stood up and out of the tub. Standing over me on the side of the tub, I could kiss her lower legs and feet. She was a godess standing there. She let her hair down and the curls fell to the middle of her perfect back. I stood and kissed her pussy again, which, as I stood, was right at eye level. She then turned to the window and bowed. I saw about ten people in the windows of the office building across from us. They were passing around a pair of binoculars. I wrapped a towel around myself as I got out and bowed to the crowd myself. Then, as Anna and I were closing the curtains, she pulled off my towel and did a while the viewers applauded.

I was a little surprised by all the attention, and my erection was beginning to wilt. "We can't have that" said Anna and pulled me by the cock towards the bedroom. As soon as we got to the bed she crawled onto it on her hands and knees. I was about to follow, when she turned around and told me to stand right at the edge. She then took my cock slowly into her mouth and began to caress it with her tongue. Her slow, rythmic movements were extremely pleasant and it took great effort forme not to cum. Sensing this she removed my cock and rolled over onto her back, with her head over the side of the bed. " I want you to cum in my throat " she said. I bent over and slid the whole lenght of my penis into her mouth and down her throat. It was the most amazing feeling ever as she tightened her throat muscles and I poured my load straight into her stomach.

As I withdrew from her mouth, she jumped up and kissed me hard. "That was really cool!!" Anna exclaimed. "I only just thought of that this minute! My boyfriend is going to love it!"

We talked about her love life for about 15 minutes and she told me her current boyfriend knew all about me and how she had often compared earlier guys to me. She even told him that if she ever met me again she was going to fuck me, but she didn't think he believed her. With that she started stroking me again, and I began to finger her pussy. She was still wet from earlier, so I rolled on top of her and slid all the way to the hilt. She was very tight, as I expected and we slowly screwed for about ten minutes, just enjoying being that intimate. She rolled me over on my back and sat on top, with my cock reaching so far into her I thought I was touching her heart. Literally. At that moment, I think we were truly in love. It was amazing.

Slowly she began thrusting again, then a little faster. Soon she was humping like mad and came with a scream!. I held her hips and kept thrusting myself and she kept coming and coming –at least six times before she rolled off exhausted. I was not done yet though. I rolled her onto her belly, shoved pillows under her waist so that her beautifull, tiny little behind was up where my cock could reach it. I slid into her cunt and began to pump slowly. She moaned and churned herself on the end of my dick.

To my surprise and delight, she slid two fingers into her pussy for lubrication and then slowly inserted one, the the other, into her ass. "Come on," she said, "I have never done this before and I may not want to again, so let's do it while I'm game! " I withdrew from her pussy and slid very slowly into her impossibly tight anus. She moaned with pain and pleasure as, once again I worked in to the hilt. To my surprise, again, she began to shimmy, like a hula dancer. I just knelt there and let her move. It was incredible. She raised herself to kneeling, with me impaling her ass, reached back over her head and wrapped her arm around the back of my neck, locking her fingers together, all the while shimmying her hips on top of my deeply buried cock. I had full access with my hands to her breasts and her pussy and allowed my hands to wander. I felt her swollen clit with one hand and began to massage as she bucked and shimmied. She started to cum, I remember, but was lost myself to the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

We fell apart, exhausted and went immediately to sleep in each others arms. By the time we woke, it was dark and our genitals hurt. We ordered a couple of steaks from roomservice and ate them in the hot tub, talking, laughing, joking like the old friends we obviously were. Later we crawled back into bed, without toweling off. I put my cock inside her as we spooned and we both drifted off to sleep.

Before Anna left the next morning we had a slow, comfortable screw, then she showered and went home to get ready for work. I went to my meetings that day and left for the airport without seeing Anna again. I expect I will soon, as I will be back in Montreal again next month, but nothing will ever compare to that night.

story by: John Mac

Tags: male/female true story domination/submission older male / female latina sex story

Author: John Mac

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