Believe in love – part 2 – my past haunts me

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"I'm here!" Luke screamed waving at me from the distance. I approached him and opened the car.

"You are really noisy did you know that…?" I said, getting inside my car.

"I'm… sorry…" he said sitting on the passenger's seat. I sighed and looked at him.

"Yet, if you weren't noisy I probably would have never found you and saved you… So I guess this is a goodie…"

"When you put it this way… yeah… you're />
"I think that the job of making a sentence look better by looking at it from different angles and perspectives is the job of a />
"No… that's a politician." Luke said before laughing. I couldn't help but laugh a little as well. After all, it was actually kind of funny.

I drove us to the Ice Cream House, a place nearby the university that was actually good at what they did. There we bought Ice Cream, however, he didn't for a moment stop looking at the book I gave him.

"What's so special about it man? You didn't stop looking at it for a minute"

"Oh… nothing important… it's just… this is actually the only gift I got for my 18th />
"Why that..?"

"I… recently moved in to study here in SD… I live alone, working during the morning and studying from the afternoon to evening… I don't get to see many people…" he said looking down.

"What do you work as?"

"I'm a />
"That's a nice job… you must get many tips for a good work."

"It's not so bad… I mean, I can live on my own with what I earn… if I… work hard…"

"Kinda like me… I also work in the morning… as a teacher"

a teacher? What do you teach!?"

"Japanese… I have about… 20 students… all of them teenagers probably wanting to watch anime without />
"That's actually funny"

"But I also have some friends to support me with the expenses… we all live />
"It must be nice to have people around all the time…"

"Well… it has its ups and downs"

"Haha! Cool!"

I could see his smile, there was something not quite right about him… he seemed sad to me…

"Can I ask you one more thing?"

"Shoot it" he said.

"Why did you choose SD?"

"What can I say… LA is the city where dreams come true… most of times…"

"And your parents?"

"I don't talk to them that often…"

We were interrupted by the waitress, I asked for the bill and waited for it to come.

"You were />
"Actually… remember when I asked you why you don't have reasons to />
"What about it?"

"If you tell me your secret I'll tell you mine…" He said, kind of blushing, probably for making such a childish deal.

"Very well…"

"Yeah… really…" I said supporting my arms on the table.
"4 years ago… I was in love with a certain someone… this person was everything to me… but then… we were taken apart and we kept texting. I received a text about a new relationship and our breaking up. I was desolated and from that day on… I was not the same I was."

"I'm… so… sorry…"

"You have to stop apologizing for everything you do…" I said messing his hair with my hand.

"I'm… so- I mean… ok…"

"Well this is my part of the deal… where is />
"Hum, before I say something, can I ask you… how were you before you changed?"

"I don't know…. happier… romantic… emotional… kind of shy…"

"You did change a lot… your eyes have this… strong look />
"More like cold look…"

"Your bill mister" The waitress said lowring a tray on the table. I payed the bill and left her a tip. We then left the place and got back into the car.

"You have your waiter things with you don't you…?" I asked

"Y-Yes, why?"

"Do you want to />
"I… don't know…"

"The area where you live is not very friendly at this time"

"Yeah… I know that…"

"… Ok, I'll />
"This is not the reason I am taking you to my house…"

"It />
"No… and you will find out what I intend to do soon enough."

"Don't do that! You sound />
"I'm pretty good at that"

"Yo Matt where have you been bro?" Eddie asked.

"I was with him… his name is Luke."

"G-Good />
"Louis, welcome the visitor!" the Elf said.

" Go to hell freaking Zelda lover…" Louis replied.

"Well that was Peter said.

"And piss on you" Louis replied.

While all the others were discussing, I looked at Luke. He was holding a good laughter back. I smiled again, that was weird… I wasn't able to laugh at a joke or smile at someone smiling for a long time… and then suddenly…I was doing everything once again. What's with this boy…?

"Well feel yourself at home… just don't walk around naked like SOME PEOPLE do…" I said.

"Hey! It was only once! And I was drunk!" Peter screamed.

Luke then laughed like crazy. He actually was having a good time after all.

"Hey Hey, do you see that? Matt! Matt is smiling!" Eddie screamed.

Louis lowered his book and looked at me as if it was the biggest surprise since Mister M deciding to reveal his face to the public.

"What about it?"

"I thought you were following the reaper's foot steps" he said pointing at Louis. Louis simply shrugged and continued reading.

"Things change dude…" I said walking to a wardrobe and throwing Luke a towel.
"You should take a bath, it has been a long day…"

"I think I will, thanks" he said walking up the stairs before vanishing around the corner.

"Ok tell me what's the deal with this boy here dude…" Eddie said.

"He is lonely and his neighborhood is dangerous… I figured I'd bring him here for the night…" I said.

"I see nothing wrong with it…" Jesus said.

"Me neither" the Elf said.

"He was going to stay whether you agreed or not anyway…" I said entering my room and grabbing some shorts and a shirt, as well as a new pair of boxer briefs.

"What made you help him?"

"My past did…" I said as I walked up the stairs and opened the bathroom door. Luke was already inside under the shower.
"Luke, I'm leaving some clothes for you outside so you can change ok?"

He screamed from inside.

From the shadows on the wall and the way the water was rhythmically hitting the floor, I knew he was slowly masturbaring. Part of me wanted to take a peek, the other 75% realized that it was not the right thing to do. I closed the door and went to my room to get changed. After his bath, Luke decided to thank me once again, and caught me shirtless.

"Oh, I'm… sorry…" he said, checking me out.

"It's ok… There's nothing in my body that you don't have as well."

"Well…You do have an Appendix…" he said laughing and showing me his scar.

"You do know that battle scars attract girls right?"

"Oh haha… Hey, will I crash on the couch or…"

"You can sleep in here… I have AC"

"Won't I be a />
"How can you be a bother after a whole day…?"

"I don't know…"

"Sleep in here and I'll tell you something in />
"Hum… Ok? What it is?"

"Arigatou Luke… Anata wa daisuke de.."

"What? I don't understant a thing…"

"That's something you will know after you tell me your story…"

"Who are these?" He said looking at my picture with Alex and Mark.

"Long time ago I worked as a babysitter… I babysat both…"

"That's it? They must have been important because I don't see other pictures with different kids…"

"Very perspective Mr. Holmes…" I said.

"Well… I'll read my book a friend gave me…"

"He must be a nice figure…with a nice build… a weird sense of humor… and that can play the />
"You can't be />
"You're right, well… I'm off to bed then… to sleep just… pull the bed under mine… take a pillow from the bed if you want to.." I said laying on my bed.

"Hey… I didn't… really tell you what I was supposed to did I?"

"Don't mind that… I'm not desperate to know anything… tell me whenever you want…"

"I huh… I feel like I should be… honest with you… since you are being so attentious to me"

"I'm />
"Well the thing is… I don't really talk to my parents because I… decided to leave after some />
"What kind of />
"Well it's not actually a problem but… depends from where you are seeing it…"

"I think I know where this is going… but go on…"

"I decided to leave because I was unhappy with my own life… because of the way people treated me after they found out I was…"

I said. He was left stunned and actually scared about any possibility now.

"You… already knew?"

"I just linked all the dots… What George said yesterday… the way you look at me and others… at first I was lead to believe you were just an unfortunate boy… but then I had this insight… and everything was clear…"

"So… why did you want me to sleepover? You wanted to…"

"No… what I really wanted was to help you… Luke… remember when I said that I had someone that was everything to me…?"

"You remind me of this person… except… I can see it…"

"You can see… what…?"

"I can see… that you're not happy… I can see that you feel alone… that's why I brought you here… My friends… they may be weird but they know how to cheer someone up…"

"You made me smile… I'm returning the favor…" I said smiling.

He let out looking at me and holding tears back.

"Luke I want you to know something as well…"

"It's not only because you look a lot like this person… You are a nice person… you managed to make me laugh even while you were in pain yourself… few can do that… which leads me to what I said earlier in />
"What did that mean?"

"Arigatou Luke, Anata wa daisuke… it means…. 'Thank you Luke, I like you…"

At this point, tears ran down from his eyes, rolling all the way down his cheeks. He squeezed the shorts with his hands as if he was not expecting something like this from someone like me.

serious…?" he said.

"I said that if you have any problem… I will help you" I said getting up and kneeling in front of him.
"After all… we're friends… aren't we?" I said poking his forehead. He leaned fast and hugged me sobbing a lot.

"Thank you… Thank you a lot…"

"No problem…" At that moment I thought of Alex and how we did share something like this. I'll confess… I was almost shedding a tear…

"You promise…? You promise you will be there for me?"

"Will do… just ask…" He held me by the shoulders, I looked into his teary eyes, he was putting all his grief out at that moment… but then, he started getting closer… I also did… What happened there was a kiss, one not even I expected to receive… when he noticed what we did, he broke it and blushed as fast as he could.

"I'm- I'm so sorry… I didn't mean to!"

"It's ok…" I said messing his hair once again.
"Hey… let's sleep… tomorrow is a full day and we both have work…"

Luke held the book I gave him firmly against himself and nodded.

"Good night…" He said. Now with a sincere smile all over his face. If he is happy now… who knows… I might as well…

"I will see you />
"You are… Matthews Oak aren't you?"

"I am… without a doubt." I said laying on the bed.

"I really wanted to see how you were />
"Are you />
"No… I am glad that we met he said with a smile.

"You know what…" I said looking at him with a smile.
"Me too…"

—The Next day—-

"Good morning…" I said

"Are you feeling good…? You've been in a nice mood lately" Jesus asked.

"Seems like my life is taking an unexpected turn of events…" I said.

"Piss on you" Louis said.

"Always being supporting… thanks Louis"

"Piss on all of you…" he said reading the newspaper.

"Good morning." Luke said coming out.

"Well look who it is, the freshman… how was the stay?" Eddie asked.

"Well… it wasn't half bad sleeping out.."

"Somehow you look different from yesterday, you must have been really tired…" the Elf said.

"Yeah… I was

"And it's time we get ready to get a little tired as well… I'm off to work… you want me to drive you to work?" I asked.

"That seems ok with me" he said smiling.
"Ok I'll take a bath and change"

"Eat something man! You are skin and bones! Look at me! I eat so much that I'm-" Eddie said.

Louis completed.

"Haha! Alright I'l eat something!" He said, always smiling. I'm not comparing…. but I feel like… I might eventually end up liking him for real…

"Well… off you go then… I'll prepare something" I said poking his forehead again.

"Why do you do that?" he asked. I smiled and turned my back to him.

"You'll find out soon enough, go before we get late…"

"Oh! Right! It'll be fast I promise!" he said running up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Well Well seems like someone found a new best friend…" Peter said.

"I'm just helping him… now you too go get ready to leave…" I said preparing breakfast.

—–in the afternoon—-

After a long day of work and college, I was ready to go home when I once again saw Luke. This time he was in trouble… again…

"Hey look at the blondie, new guy huh? Guess you don't know the rules do you? This whole area is ours, you've no permission to stand here!" A Jock said… by the voice… I think it was probably… Jason Green…

"Hey, getting in trouble again are you…?" I said. I was right, it was Jason picking on Luke with a group.

"You stay out of this emo boy! This is between me and him!"

"Get this Jason… you don't intimidate me…"

"Well maybe a punch or two will change your mind!"

Luke screamed before being pushed against the locker as Jason ran against me.

"You'd be surprised with what I can do with only one hand…" I said.

"Eat this!" he said throwing a punch against me. I dodged quickly and stepped on his foot before pushing him back making him fall.

"I told you… you don't intimidate me…" I said, walking to Luke.
"Let's go.."

"H-Huh ok…"

"You're not going anywhere!!" he said running against me again. I pulled Luke out of the way and put my leg in front of him. Jason then fell on the floor once again, his friends making fun of him.

"Ok… tell you what Jason… I'll let you have 1 free move…" I said folding my arms.

"Matt no, come on let's go />
"You fucking bastard!" He said punching my face once. I took a step back and looked back at him with blood in my mouth.

"Huh… what a shame… seems like you can't actually do something />
"Why you little…" he said punching me again, this time I grabbed his fist.

"I said only one free move…" I said twisting his hand until he was on his knees.
"Now Now… let's make something clear… The hallway… is for everybody… not just you and our friends…" I said as I looked at the others.
"And man… some friends they are…" I then released him as he looked at me stunned, wondering how I could have bested a jock in a fist fight. Same with Luke and all the others.

Luke let out.

"You mess with him again… and I'm going after each and everyone of you… personally…if you think one arm is bad… imagine what I can do with both hands…." I said.

"Tsk.." Jason let out looking at the floor in disbelief.

"Let's go…" I said walking past Luke.

he let out running after me.
"You didn't have to do all that…"

"As a matter of fact I did… I have my own personal story with Jason… I know him for a long time now… I know his flaws…" I said.

"So it wasn't />
"Well… a bit of it was… but yeah… I use my head a lot in situations like this…"

"Incredible Matt… just… Amazing…" he said.

"Well thank you…" I said cleaning the blood from the corner of my mouth.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah sure… a bit sore but nothing />
"I sure hope not…"

"Well off we go… I'll drop you home ok?"

"Ok ok! In fact… do you want to enter?"

"Well since you asked so />
—To be Continued—

story by: MattC.

Tags: fiction school bi-sexual romance teen male / teen male sex story

Author: MattC.

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