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not easy having a lot of handsome guys in their late teen around you all day. Touch one and get fired, that was the hard rule. I dressed down as per school policy. No make up, plain clothes and strictly teaching and nothing else. The guys tried to get my attention all the time, but I just ignored them. I sent a few to the office for getting to to send a message to them all. I wasn’t to be messed with. These were the rules, and all for a good reason.

…..I had to watch as little sluts hung on these guys, and I felt anger. They were getting sex from these guys….I was getting none.

….There was only one little problem….I was a woman and my body and mind liked guys and I desired to have sexual needs filled with them. I had to be real careful who I dated, it could be a students dad, cheating on his wife, or anyone who could get rumors back to the school. I had to drive to the next little town to find boyfriends. Even then a past student zeroed in on me. I wanted him so bad, but the first thing he said was scoring with a would get him envy with his buddy’s. I didn’t need that.

…..All I had was my fingers and fantasy’s. I had one male student I was hot for secretly. Ted was so hot looking and nice personality. He never made a move on me, but I secretly wished he would. That way I could keep him after class, or keep him after school and make him do little chores as punishment, without sending him to the school office.

…..He only looked at me with those heavenly eyes of his. One day I took a risk and held him after school. I sat him next to me at my desk. Before he got there I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse, and sat with my skirt pulled up. I wanted to watch his eyes scan my cleavage and my legs. A harmless little thing to give my fingers something to think about that night. I could fantasize Ted was undressing me and having sex with me. No one would know and it would lower the tension I felt for him. He arrived and I faked a reason for him to be there.

…… I watched his eyes scan my cleavage and tits. He scanned my legs as I faked an itch on the inside of my leg. His beautiful eyes got wide and a smile started on his face. I scratched real slow as I talked about nothing. I watched him start breathing deeper. I turned and now my legs were facing him and I parted them some. He leaned back in his chair and looked up my skirt. I had on bright red panties on purpose. I leaned back in my chair to give him an even better view of my panties. I put my hands behind my head, parted my legs more and closed my eyes. Now he could take a good look without me catching him looking up my skirt. I peeked at him just slightly and I saw it. He had an erection putting a big bulge in his jeans.

……I got a pussy twitch. I hadn’t had one in a very long time.

…..It felt wonderful and wetness came with it. I found myself talking softly to Ted. It felt so nice to be close to him. As I talked about him working and getting an ’A’+ in my class. I was getting lost in thought while I talked. I was taking a tiny risk but somehow I didn’t care. I felt it. Wet panties. I bet he could see it and it was turning him on. I peeked slightly and his eyes were glued to my pussy wet spot. I opened my legs a little further. He put his hands over his erection.

….It felt so good to turn him on I wanted this to last and last. He had this sexy little smile on his handsome face. I stopped talking and just let him look. My eyes still appeared to be closed. I adjusted my bra, and took a big breath. Poor Ted squirmed and was really breathing heavy. We were both enjoying this and I just let it happen. I opened my eyes and rolled my chair next to his. Now he was really breathing heavy. I whispered: do you want to do your homework at my house

…. I couldn’t believe what I just said. It just came out. Poor Ted gulped and whispered back: I’ve got a problem Ms. Miller….I think you’re the most beautiful teacher ever. I don’t ever want to offend you, so I’m just letting you know It will be hard for me to concentrate just being near you”) ted, that is so sweet of you to say that. You come over after dark, and we’ll concentrate together because I think your a very handsome guy. I‘m not suppose to…. but I just do.”)

…..More words that popped out of my mouth without me even thinking about it. must keep this secret, you understand don’t you?”) I put my hand on his leg. He jumped a little as it was close to his erection. one will ever know Ms. Miller.”) he said.

…..What the hell was I doing! Inviting a student to my house! My stomach all I could think about was Ted sitting next to me tonight. We both stood up as I pulled my skirt down and he pulled his shirt out of his waist to hide his erection. We slowly walked to the classroom door. For some reason…I kissed my fingers and touched them to his. His eyes snapped open and his face went red. He jerked and shivered.

….Poor Ted had just cummed in his jeans.

Ted’s jumbled /> …..Oh my god…I have to be dreaming…I got a kiss from Ms. Miller. I just creamed my jeans! Most guys in school would love to fuck her. She can’t hide those legs, those great tits and that beautiful face. I’m going to her house tonight! I’ll be sitting right beside her. I need to make it to my car and sit down…man oh man, she’s so hot, I might pass out. I’ve been carefully watching her all year. She’s been my #1 wank girl. making out this time…oh got to get these jeans off. I’ll hide I can look back at them and remember this day />
The Night Came ….

…..I found her house and parked in the alley like she said. All clear. I looked all around and knocked on her back door. She quick opened it and I went in.

She’s wearing a robe. I had my math book covering my erection. The kitchen was dark as she sat me at the table. She went over the risk she was taking and how we had to be absolutely secret about this. I squeaked out an “OK” as I gasp for breath. She got up and started massaging my />
/> …..I closed my eyes and felt his nice shoulders in my hands. I whispered: (“ can relax now ted…no one can see in and we can just enjoy some privacy. I’m not a teacher right now, just a girl who thinks you are cool and sexy.”) Ted’s chest was going up and down and his heart beat fast. It took a while but soon he relaxed as I now felt his nice chest. Soon he slowly stood up and held me in his arms. Both our hearts were pumping hard. We pulled us together tight, and just felt us. I had all these think to say to him…but we didn’t speak. Our hands did the talking for us.

…..I had stepped over the line.

…..If this ever got out, my job was toast. He was cool and told me how private this would always be. I began to relax in his strong warm hands. He picked me up, like I weighed nothing. The house was dark with only a stairway night light on. He managed to find my couch and laid me on it. I had things I wanted to tell him….but we speak a work. He ran his fingers thru my hair, held my head and we kissed a beautiful long hot kiss.

*Crissy stopped talking here and paused. She explained that she has an agreement with two..(2) people never to divulge what they do. (two people?) I said to remember no real names will be used, no town, city or dates also.

…..I said: “Ok, you talk to this pillow, and I promise not to listen.” I put a couch pillow on her lap. She took another glass of wine, smiled and started talking />
…..My fantasy with Ted was happening. We were very nervous and It was just ’Crissy and Ted’ now, not teacher and student. We finally started to talk quietly. Ted said did I know how long he had watched me. He wasn’t alone, and he named one other guy that was totally hot for me. My ego made me go crazy wanting to know who it was. He told me the name…Oh God…his best buddy, Brad, the one other male student I had fantasized about before. Now a new fantasy came in, having them both feeling me up and having sex with me.

…..I tried not to think about the fantasy, but was to late. After not having a boyfriend for a long time, then having not one, but two guys hot for me was driving me to a new quest….to very carefully have both of them come here and have sex with me….all three of us.

…..I had a girlfriend who had two guys at once, and It excited me to hear about it and I never forgot the picture in my mind for doing something like that with two hot guys.

…..I couldn’t ever remember being this excited over a fantasy that was so close to

….I had had sex with my share of guys, and Ted had only had a few girls. I took charge and guided him. I let all my desires out and directed him to just what I wanted. After tongue kissing him to the point of making us both gasp for air, I said: “Oh Ted, suck on my nipples, and guided him down. I pinched his nipples and squirmed as he followed my direction. “Kiss my tummy Ted…and lick me…”

….Down he went…and kept going to my pussy. I held his head and guided him to lick my clit. I took his hand and had him put two fingers in my pussy. It was heavenly as I hadn’t had sex in a long time. I slow fucked his face. He was so excited he was shaking.

….I forgot one thing…a guy in his late teens can get too excited. He moved up on me and I grabbed his cock and moved the head up and down on my wet pussy. He moaned and started cuming instantly. I pushed his cock in me and told him to keep going. He felt so good as I got a couple of cum shots in me. “Keep going Ted…oh god..” He did all he could but I only got an orgasm as he got weaker and weaker. He lay on top of me moaning as I squirmed on his cock. An orgasm is better than nothing, but I was already thinking of next time…and maybe having two cocks to satisfy me…..

…..Later I talked to Ted about his buddy Brad. Slowly I suggest they come over sometime and work on some school work. He liked that idea and said he would set it up. I went over the ’super secret’ part of it again and he said Brad was cool and could be trusted.

…..It was late on a Saturday night when I heard the tap on my back door. I opened it and quick pulled Ted and now Brad in my kitchen. I didn’t waist any time. I put my arms around both their necks and started kissing them, with my tongue doing the probing The were both very warm and breathing heavy. I led them both upstairs by the hand. I was in my heaven. I undressed them both, feeling them all the way. They took off my robe and felt my tits and ass.

….Now I was really excited and had two young studs to play with. I got on my knees and started sucking on both of them. My moans just came out naturally. They both loved my tits and kept feeling them over and over. Now I was going to do something I had only dreamed about. I stood up. Brad was aggressive and laid me on my back in the middle of my bed. I was so turned on my pussy was wetter than I could ever remember. He immediately started licking my was just what I wanted, and oh my god he knew how to lick a pussy.

….Ted got up and lay beside me and started kissing me and our tongues went wild. He felt my tits and my hard nipples. I was truly in heaven now. Brad stuck two fingers in my pussy and went for my G spot. I now had had two orgasms and was just getting started. Brad then started getting my back hole wet. I had never had a man do this. I squirmed with delight as he slowly slipped his finger in it a little. I had new feelings as my hole puckered down on his finger. He got up and lay on the other side of me on his back. He put me on top of him on my back. I was shaking knowing what he was going to do. He started slipping his cock in a little in my back hole. This was new and exciting feelings were running thru my body. Ted got on top of me and rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy. I was in for my first double penetration. I held Ted tight as all kinds of feelings raced thru me.

….In slipped Brads cock slowly as he began to fuck my back hole. Ted slipped his cock in my wet pussy. I was dizzy with pleasure. I moaned out of control. They both began to fuck me deeper and deeper. I moved my body with them as I was so turned on I had to feel both their bodies with my shaky hands.

…..I felt like my orgasm button was stuck on as I squirmed out of control. I felt a huge climax building in me. Brad began to speed up and felt my tits hard. Ted was kissing me and fucking me deep. I pulled on Ted’s ass cheeks and started to yell out in started to climax hard as I felt double shots of hot cum being injected in my body. We all squirmed, moaned and gasp for breath.

…..What a feeling…oh my god…I had hit a new peak in my sex life. We all kept fucking and letting the cum flow. It was the longest climax ever for me. They keep shooting their cum and pushed it in me deep. I’d never heard males moan like that. Brad kept feeling my tits and slow fucking me. Ted just keep shooting in me as he got weak with the last shot. Both their bodies were hot and mine too. I loved running my hands over their two bodies, just to feel them. I think we used up all the air in the room as we all gasp for air. My whole body was a buzz of hot feelings.

…. Feeling two cocks in me was way over the top. That was the highest climax I had ever had. My body was full of jitters and satisfied excitement. I kept feeling their bodies on the outside as well as I felt the two of them on the inside. The warm flow of cum in me along with their warm cocks was beyond awesome. Now I knew what my girlfriend had experienced any why she got so hot telling me about it. Ted whispered in my ear: “Oh my god Crissy that was so beautiful, you feel so good, I’ll need a lot of ‘home work’ to do here. He kissed me like I was a goddess. I returned the kisses and continued feeling his warm body on me. Brad kissed my neck and felt my tits continuously and said: “Crissy, I’m going to need a lot of help with my math.”

…..I loved the feeling of Ted’s cum flooding my pussy along with Brads, both running between my legs. Four hands feeling my tits and sensitive nipples was heaven. The dark bedroom was a glow of three people blending together for a high I had never felt before. They said later, our sex took them to a higher place, and we all made plans for more in the future.
———- …..

story by: blueheatt

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Author: blueheatt

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