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Since the first time I saw Bryan sitting in the corner intently studying his lap top screen my curiosity regarding him abounded. The little coffee shop I worked in was well known for being a pleasant place to come and unwind and many patrons did just that when they dropped in after work. Often times you would see one loosen his tie and recline slightly in his chair as he typed but Bryan never did. He never seemed to lose his active posture no matter what time of the evening it was.

I had worked nights for three months but I had noticed him on the first night. Sandy blonde hair tousled slightly from the windiness of springtime only added more depth to his persona for it was obvious he worked a high paid job by the clothes that he wore and the slick Corvette that he drove. So his mussed hair gave one such as I pause to wonder. I would find myself daydreaming that he was looking down at me with his naked body pressed along my length and nestled between my legs. His smallish but well muscled arms trapping me beneath him as thrust into me over and over. The mussed hair slightly dampened with sweat and his eyes pools reflecting an image of myself with hair splayed across the pillowcase. I had never felt such a strong magnetic pull to anyone in my twenty four years and I was helpless to fight the tugging at my heart strings. My one desire was to get to know him but I was shy and mousy . How could I even hope to speak without stuttering when within his masculine presence? The physical reaction of my body to him often forced me to run to the ladies room to sop up moisture in hidden places. I had stood at the sink many times frowning at my hideous bottle bottom glasses and tightly bound brown hair. The regulations said that hair had to be worn up and so every morning I braided 16 inches of thick hair and coiled it in a neat bun. My eyes would fall to my heaving chest and I bit my lip in frustration for the breasts seemed far too large of someone of my smallish stature. I often felt deformed in a fashion because my chest protruded so much, to me it was much like having the opposite of a hunch back. I could collect myself pretty easily after a few moments with a foot propped on the back of the stall door as I relieved some of the tension that had made me insane.

Tonight was different though. I had already spent my ten minute break in the bathroom myself yet the throbbing between my legs only increased instead of diminishing. I gasped as I walked out of the women's restroom and saw that Bryan was still there at his table. My heart beat quickened. I tried to rationalize the situation. Bad idea. The only rational thought I could gather was that I wanted to fuck this man and it wouldn't matter where we did it either. I walked back into the kitchen area of the shop and furiously began scrubbing the pile of dishes in the sink. Coffee cake crumbs swirled in the light brown sudsy water as it sloshed out of the sink onto the floor. My manager came in and nearly slipped but he only grinned as he approached me.

"Bryan says your his favorite server but you have been avoiding him tonight. He was concerned if he had offended you in some unknown way." Dave reached into the sink and took the dish rag from my shaking hand. "I think you should go speak to him. He's a great customer and a little personality would probably go a long way toward soothing him. That is, if you even have a />
His comment stung me a bit but I could understand why he would say that. I had barely spoken three words to the man since he hired me. Bosses intimidate me badly, they always have.

I gave him a sheepish smile and walked out of the kitchen. "Oh and you better mop this mess up when you get done making him happy!" He called after me.

I approached Bryan's table and as I did he smiled at me. He had a gorgeous smile to go with his gorgeous everything else. He looked good tonight in his 3 piece pin striped business suit and burgundy tie. The blue of his shirt mirrored the blue in his eyes and when they met mine I felt a gush of wetness to my embarrassment. I think my mouth curved into a frown because I saw his smile fade a bit as I got closer and I know I probably looked as uncomfortable as I felt. I stared at the floor.

“Edyn would you do me a huge favor?” He asked with pleading eyes. I nodded slowly. I realized that I could never deny him anything.

“Well, it’s an odd request really and I’m not sure how you will take it.” He glanced away for a second and licked his lips. “You see I am leaving town in a week to move back out west and I may never return to this area. There is something I just have to see.” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “It’s kind of />
I gasped and my eyes seemed to bulge out of my head. I felt they were going to burst with pressure. I was experiencing shock, grief, delight, anticipation, and joy all at the same time. All I could manage was a nervous giggle.

“Well, do you think you’d mind?” He asked.

I shook my head and blushed.

“Ok, well I don’t want to cause an issue for you here at work so we can wait until later if you like and then you can show me what I want to see. Closing is at ten pm and that’s just an hour from now so I will just wait around here until you’re done.” It seemed like every word he spoke engraved itself in my mind and I was so excited and curious about what would happen after work that the hour practically flew by. I busied myself with cleaning and stocking and tried to fight the urge to go to the bathroom and test the dexterity of my fingers for the second time in one evening. I wondered if too much masturbating was unhealthy. I shrugged, even ugly women had needs and skilled fingers were skilled fingers even if they did happen to be on your own hand..

Bryan leaned on his vette waiting for me as we locked up and walked out into the parking lot.

“Have fun, Edyn.” My boss yelled as he walked to his mustang.

I tripped and nearly fell I was so startled by Dave's shout. Thankfully Bryan reached out and steadied me before I could hit the pavement and make an even bigger fool of myself. I jumped back as his warm hand enclosed my bare arm.

“Whoa, little lady.” He said as we stumbled apart.

I gave him an embarrassed smile as he walked back to his car and leaned against the back . What a picture he made standing there in his dark tailor fitted suit against the shiny red rear bumper of that hot rod. Sandy hair swept across his forehead and there was a noticeable bulge at his crotch. I practically drooled.

“Want to come sit in my car for a while and chat?” He asked. His eyes drank me in. “I have a gift for you.” The hopeful lilt in his words were all the encouragement I needed. This hunk of a man wanted me, Edyn Lane, to get in his red corvette when he could have any other woman he wanted.

“Of course, it’s a beautiful car and I have never sat in one before.” I answered in what I hoped sounded perky and light voice. He gave me a huge smile and went to the passenger side and opened the door for me. I felt a tingle run through me as I passed near him to dip into the car.

Once we were ensconced in the luxurious Corvette, my desire for him became almost unbearable. If I turned my head and caught a glimpse of him out of my left eye an electric shock would jolt my body. The night was warm so he started the car and turned on the air conditioner. It did nothing to slow the perspiration that was coursing between my breasts.

I sat staring forward at the traffic that was going by busily. The moment seemed surreal to me. A sigh escaped my lips.

He said softly .”Do you know what it is that I want to see?”

I nodded barely and reached to begin unbuttoning my blouse. It wasn’t the first time a man had wanted to see my oversized breasts.

Bryan chuckled and reached out to gently stay my hand. His touch sent my nerves crazy and I shivered.
“I want to see the real you. I want to see you with your glasses off and hair down. I want to see if you are as beautiful as I know you are. If that is all I get then I will go away a happy man because I will have an accurate picture of you to summon up when I miss you.”

“Miss me? Why on earth would you miss me? I am clumsy and…” I was confused as I spoke but he quickly cut me off.

“and vulnerable and young and lonely and I suspect very beautiful with a hot body.” I could hear the smile in his voice as I turned and met his eyes completely for the first time. I stared into them boldly as I removed the thick lens glasses, folded them and slid them into my purse. My eyes did not stray as I reached behind my head and pulled the pins and bands from my hair and combed my fingers through it’s silky denseness. I do not think either of us breathed yet the windows grew foggy.

As my hair began to tumble loosely around my shoulders I could see the admiration in his eyes. He reached over and caressed a strand between his thumb and forefinger before letting it curl around his finger and slide freely between them. He reached and grabbed a greater mass of hair and lifted it to his mouth and nose to kiss and inhale deeply of it’s perfume. The spell he wove caught me easily and I leaned over toward him with my lips pursed and begging. He obliged me by kissing me fully using all surfaces of his tongue in various angles in my mouth. I was becoming aroused to the point of pain and the man had never laid a finger on me. The months of desire cascaded upon me and I could hear my mind scream “live your fantasy” and so I wasted no time in seducing Bryan Carson.

I reached my hand the distance to his belt buckle and unfastened it deftly. I surprised even myself with how easily I got his cock exposed to my wet and waiting mouth. I heard him gasp but he only leaned back in his seat and cocked his hips more toward me so that his engorged manhood was even more so accessible. I was surprised at it’s normal size and I guess that was because I had been so sexually aroused by his presence for so long that I had built him up to be more. With the strength of my lust for him being so great I had built him up to have a penis the size of a baseball bat in my mind. I wasn’t exactly disappointed with the cock before me yet I felt a strange sadness that this wouldn’t be my dream cock though that didn't mean it wouldn't be tasty.

I placed my lips on the tip of his smooth head and slowly opened my mouth and slid downward until I had the whole head in my mouth but hardly any of the shaft. I suckled the head gently and then licked down the underside of his penis until I reached his crisp pubic hair and I paused for a moment to inhale his musky scent and tongue his balls and beneath them. The sensation must have excited him because his hips thrust up quickly and his hands gripped my hair painfully all at the same time.

I focused my attention on his pleasure and gave him a blow job with the intensity of all the months of pent up sexual tension. Bryan did not seem to mind the method in which I chose to release it. I heard him moan several times especially when I coaxed his cock down into my throat and held it there with my lips purse around the bottom, my chin on his balls. The moans almost made me orgasm. The thrill of pleasuring him in so intimate a way made me positively throb sexuality. The very breeze from the air conditioning vent sending shivers throughout my body. It felt as if my insides were molten lava and my swollen clit was the epicenter. My clit was like a slowly erupting volcano sending out waves of lava in intervals. The waves were growing closer and closer signaling impending eruption. I wanted him to touch me but the car was not easy to maneuver inside. The blow job was getting more intense his cock seeming to pummel my throat as I continued to deep throat as much as possible. My hands cupped his balls and squeezed very slightly, as if only to let him know they were there. Bryan groaned and seemed to lose control as he rode my salivating mouth as if it were my pussy. I moaned as I increased suction and worked my tired tongue around his plunging cock. I knew his orgasm was imminent by the force of his balls against my face and the thrust of his hips. My pussy clenched inward on itself and I gyrated my hips loosely rubbing my straddle against the seat. I was shocked to realize that i was going to climax while giving a blow job .

Our moans mingled loudly as we began going over the edge. The pleaasure just grew suddenly more intense from one stroke to the next. I could tell I was going to get a mouthful of cum soon and not wanting to make a mess in the car or on his nice suit I figured it would only be polite to swallow. Not to mention the idea of having his juices inside of me, possible being broken down to help fuel processes just really turned me on. I wouldn’t have let him cum elsewhere. I wanted it down my throat.

As I thought about his hot semen spewing in my mouth it caused my own orgasm to over take me and I whimpered with his cock in my throat as I came.

Bryan gave a short and then I tasted his cum and reveled in the partaking of every last drop. I sucked him for a few moments longer until I was sure not a drop would be spilled and his cock began to shrivel slowly in my mouth.

I sat up and our eyes met.
“That was fun.” He said
it though?” I smiled back at him.

story by: SensiblySexy

Tags: fiction blowjob erotica male/female job/place-of-work cum swallowing sex story

Author: SensiblySexy

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