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"Come in John."

The door opened silently and quickly closed again.
Soft padding steps came across the room and stopped at the edge of my bed.
I held my breath, fearful of what might happen.
Gemma lay still in my arms beside me, her left arm resting on my flaccid prick, her left leg raised over my thighs. I could still feel the heat from her ravaged cunt against me.

"Jay – can I get in with you?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.
"Is there a problem, John – I'm rather tired." I replied, trying hard to hide Gemma from his gaze. Even in my dimly lit room, it was possible to make out details and I was sure he could see I was not alone.
"I went into Gemma's room but her bed was empty – I just thought she might be with you."
"I am" said the little female voice beside me.
My blood froze. 1 What was he doing going to Gemma's room, AND 2 What was he going to say or do now that he knew that she was here?
"Hi Gem, how's it hanging ?" He said confidently, climbing in beside us !
It was a double bed I had so there was more than ample room for all three of us, Gemma
didn't take up much room, seeing she was lying half on top of me !

My mind was racing – should I confess; make up some story about her not being well ?
I didn't need to do anything – I felt Gemma reach over and from the angle of her arm across my torso, realised that she had gone for John's dick.
"Take your pants off" she him your willy."
There was a rustling of bed sheets and I felt a limp penis touch my thigh.
I had never been interested in boys and this was the first time I had ever had one so intimately close to me, but somehow, I found it rather stimulating.
I managed to stutter," How are you feeling now ?", in the vain hope that I could still salvage something from my seemingly hopeless situation.
"Fine, but I'm ready for another fucking!"
The penis against my thigh twitched, as did my own between my legs, but my heart missed several beats.
"Jay gave me a beautiful licking and fucking," she piped up, "It made me a /> I couldn't help but smile at that – this young 12 year old girl lying at my side – a woman?
She had a lot to learn yet, and I wanted to teach her more about life as well as sex.
and he let me suck his dick until it shot stuff into my mouth – the same white stuff you shoot when you play with yourself." she continued.

Well – that settled my quandary, now there was no turning back.
I noticed small movements down by my right thigh and realised that John was masturbating.
The moment he realised that I had noticed, he stopped.
"Why did you come here tonight, John?"
"I don't know, I just wanted to be near you."
I told him that I didn't mind but it would have been better if he'd asked me during the day.
"Why can't I stay, I know what you and Gemma were doing – I'd like to do it too."
"How old are you, John?"
"14 ………….. and a quarter." he added.
Ah, well the quarter made ALL the difference! I smiled to myself, remembering that at that age I was always trying to be older that the fact.
Gemma's hand, which had never left my limp penis, but must have felt it twitch, started to slowly rub it up and down.
I stretched my hand down to where Jon's penis was and took hold of it.
It was larger than I expected, with sparse hairs beginning to grow round his pube.
I was surprised at myself, but it felt good as it slowly expanded to a decent and very hard size.
I instructed Gemma to get in between us and to play with us both.
Without hesitation, she rolled over me and settled down to masturbating us both.

I lay there, enjoying her manipulation of my manhood, and visualising her wanking
John's young member.
He was breathing rather erratically now and his body, pressed up against me, was beginning to perspire – and who could blame him.
I stretched my hand down to Gemma's thighs, feeling her body heat, and slipped a finger between her pussy lips. God was she wet, even at her age, she sure could lubricate !
I gently massaged her little clitoris and felt it grow under my caressing.
She spread her legs wider, allowing my finger to enter her cunny, slippery from her juices.
THIS time, I thought, she's going to feel my throbbing member inside her. She might even get John's tool in her cunt.

The body on my right began to buck and, with heavy breathing and loud sighs, ejaculated across all three of us.
Gemma immediately swung over me and dived below the sheets.
I pulled them clear – this I wanted to see.
Slurp – lick – gulp, slurp – lick – gulp.
Cleaning up after a male climax can be tiresome I've been told , ("Why do you always leave the wet patch on MY side of the bed?!) but little Gemma was doing a good job of cleaning up every last drop – from John's dick, then my stomach, finally gathering the cum on her chest and licking her fingers like a lollipop. (Popsicle, I think, for my overseas friends).

My own erection was in full view, and, without as much as a 'by your leave', John took hold of it and began to wank it. I'd never had a male masturbate me, but he was doing a good job so I left him to it, concentrating on bringing Gemma to orgasm. It didn't take too long, John's eruption and his taste, allied to my massaging of her clit and sliding my finger in and out of her little cunt, she started writhing and swivelling her pelvis up and down until she gasped and moaned loudly, before slumping back exhausted.
John leant across me and buried his face in her cunt, tongue lapping at her juices, but still rubbing my cock up and down.
As he leant back, I felt his warm breath on my glans and the tip of his tongue flick across it.
'Dick' jumped, a full blown tongue then ran round him before settling around him, sliding up and down the length of the shaft.
The feeling I had was a feeling I had never experienced – perhaps it was because this was a male doing it, whatever the reason, I didn't try to stop him.
Gemma came over and slid a leg over my face.
"Please suck me again." she pleaded. I needed no more invitation and promptly began running my tongue over, across, in and out of her wet little opening. With all that lubricant at my finger tips, I slid a wet finger back to her anus, circling it and tapping at the entrance.
The more I sucked and licked her and the more I ran my finger around her butt hole, the more agitated she became – pushing herself back against me.
My finger slid into her dark ring and immediately caused her to climax, a long shuddering and trembling orgasm, full of gasps and "Oh – Ooh – Ahs".
At the same time, John, on hearing the tell-tale signs, redoubled his efforts of sucking my prick. My balls began to fill and as the pressure increased, I raised my bum upwards, driving my length deep into his mouth.
BOOM, BANG, WALLOP – I blew a gasket and loads of cum spewed out and deep down his throat.
He was caught off guard and began to cough and splutter, but I held his head tightly against me, shooting more cum than i thought possible into him.
Valiant to the end, he struggled to swallow as he sucked and finally succeeded in drawing out my last drop.

I was fucked, literally. My energy was at an all time low, but my satisfaction, high.
Gemma crawled over me to John.
"He did good, didn't he?" she asked.
"Yeah, he tasted great, so did you Sis."


No – I misheard!

"What did you call her, then?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer I might get.

"Sis, why?"

My mind went blank, Jesus, I had a brother and sister here – I'd sucked off his sister and she had sucked off her brother – and now both had sucked me off !

My prick immediately got hard at the thought and possibilities.
I HAD to have Gemma, she might or might not be a virgin (I no longer knew), but I was sure going to be her best.
I rolled over on top of her, spreading her legs wide, and placed the head of my prick at the entrance of her tunnel.
She was still wet with her own juices and mine.
Gently I prised myself into her tight twat, feeling the pressure increase round my glans.
She spread her legs even further apart, lifting her small butt off the bed and in direct line with my penis.
I pushed and slid in relatively easily, feeling her cherry 'pop' as I passed her G spot and continued for a full entry spectacle. She remained with her back arched upwards, soft moaning and panting coming from her half open mouth as I slid in and out of her dark and wet love canal.
Even as I was doing this, John got up and sat astride Gemma's (his sister, god dammit) face and pushed his penis into her mouth. His butt was right in my face but there was no way I was going to 'rim' him, so I moved aside, giving him more room.

The whole scenario was a real turn on, and I could feel myself building to a climax.
My thrusting strokes became more violent, not in a nasty way, just faster and deeper.I felt the tip of my prick bumping against her cervix, causing little muffled cries to emanate from her mouth, stuffed full of John's dick.
"I'm going to cum, guys." I grunted. shafting her passage harder and faster.
"Me too." croaked John.
My spunk shot out like an express train from a tunnel, long spurts of hot semen unloaded deep inside Gemma's little beaver, splurge after splurge shot deep inside, emptying my sac completely.
Simultaneously, John erupted and his seed blew down his sister's throat. He thrust and heaved for what seemed ages, before collapsing in a heap beside me.
"Fuck me." he gasped through clenched teeth.
"Sorry John, I don't fuck boys, but I know what you mean. That little sister of yours is some piece of ass."

Gemma straddled both of our heads, her wet dripping pussy inches from our mouths, small globules of my cum dribbling down her thighs.
"Well, was I good? Well was I, was I?" she panted, gazing down at us with slightly glazed look in her eyes.
I reach up and kissed her soft labia lips,
"You were so hot, you get a gold star from me." I panted heavily.
"I knew I could be better than those other girls. You are a good teacher, Jay – I'm going to send all my friends to you."

My head reeled – Oh my god, I was going to build up my strength somehow, I couldn't go on like this, night after night />
well, perhaps if it were only a couple of times a night !

After a while, I felt my eyes start to close and knew that I had to have some sleep.
John had already dozed off, only Gemma was still awake, draped over our heads her face squashed against the headboard, her little puffed up pussy lips resting against my mouth.
I did give them a lick from time to time at which she gave a small moan, but I was too shagged out to do any more.

"Come on guys, you're going to have to go, I need to sleep" I intoned, giving John a shake.
They slowly got up, slipped on what clothing they had, blew me kiss, and tiptoed out, back to their rooms.

I snuggled down and pulled a duvet over myself – I was going to enjoy my sleep, dreaming of the encounters I had had so far, (so far?!), and looking forward to 'doing the rounds' again.


I could only groan some incoherent word, before I fell into a deep sleep.

story by: BeaverBuster

Tags: young hardcore threesome true story incest oral sex older male / female sex story

Author: BeaverBuster

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