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A thick mist swirled around the voyeur, gently moving with the night breeze.
Eerie shadows were cast by the half moon; tombstones standing black and without detail, some broken others leaning at drunken angles.
A tangible silence enveloped the him, his breathing barely audible in the cloying atmosphere.
TAP -TAP -TAP came from some remote spot, adding to the unreal environment.
Somewhere, a rustling, soft but insistent permeated the voyeur's hearing.
He tilted his head toward the sound, straining to identify it.
He was unable to move, delirium having taken over normal bodily functions.
Slowly, a weight seemed to be lifted from his apparent lifeless body, freeing him from some immovable grip.
He felt an alien force against his torso.
Panic began to set in, his reflexes were non existent yet he forced himself to register that something was definitely at his side, invisible to his eyes but audible to his hearing.
He registered a sharp pain in his side causing him to grunt.
A second stabbing pain, lower down his body this time but just as sharp.
Slowly the mist began to thin ,then clear.
As it did, he began to see more clearly through the mist and at last registered his surroundings.

[b]I opened my eyes from the dream, heavy with sleep and with no idea as to time.
Someone had crept into my room and into my bed yet I had no knowledge of whom.
Still struggling to the surface of conscienceness, I grunted acknowledgement of the presence beside me but was incapable of reacting further, my whole being dying of exhaustion.

A soft warm hand, having finished digging me in the ribs and groin, slowly enveloped my limp penis and gently began to massage it.
I lay there, only capable of enjoying the sensation of some unrecognised hand masturbating my dick.
With little reaction from the flaccid member, hot soft lips enclosed it in a sea of saliva.
A tongue ran up and down my shaft, flicked several times under the head on his most sensitive spot, then continued rolling round the girth.
My mind was a blank, still enveloped in fog, apart from registering that it was pleasurable.
My prick though was obviously enjoying the treatment being meted out by this unknown – he decided to came up to see what was going on.
I felt the mouth taking my tool deeper into it's cavern, saliva dribbling down his length and over the 'twins' where it dripped into the void.
The sucking and stroking up and down in that little hand became more insistent until, all by himself, Dick decided to give back much of the liquid which had been deposited all over him.
Against all reason and mental involvement, I ejaculated deep into the silent and secret assailant of my manhood. Pulse after pulse of cum unloaded, to be swallowed and relished with groaning and moaning.

As suddenly as it had started – it was all over.
There was a rustle of sheets and a padding of feet followed by the click of my door latch as it closed !

Slowly emerging from an extremely deep slumber, it took several minutes to register where I was.
The bed sheets were lying on the floor, I was hot, and with the dried film of cum around my prick and groin.
'I must have had a wet dream' I thought, getting up and going to the shower.
A vague recollection of being sucked off crept to the front of my mind as I soaped down, washing the night's remnants from my body.
'Wish I'd been awake enough to appreciate it', I laughingly mused, clambering out and drying off.
I gazed at my form in the mirror – could be better but not bad, I thought.
My penis, not huge but always having proved adequate at 7 inches (measured by an ex girlfriend) hung like a ripe and wrinkled banana !?
From my perspective of looking down at it, it was never big enough, but seen from the front (the way it would be seen by others), it didn't look too bad.

Having got dressed, I went down to the refectory where I joined other members of staff for breakfast.
The buzz of childish chatter from around the tables where our were pondering yesterdays events, the prospects for today, the meaning of life etc., filtered into my still tired brain.
++…………. and he shot his load bought a nice dress ………….came so much ………… forced to …………… beat me for not doing rammed it up my ass …………… ++
I caught snatches of the various conversations going on about me, but one in particular caught my attention.
It was 12 year old Alma, in avid conversation with 13 year old Roberta, a tall, willowy girl with a beautifully formed 36inch bust (I knew nothing of 'cup' sizes – only that if tits were more than a they were a waste).
++ He gives great cunnilingus and his dick, he calls it Richard, you know, Dick for short (giggle, giggle) is huge. ++
I felt as though everyone must hear, including staff, it was me that was being discussed and I became most uncomfortable, feeling a redness spread over my face.
Despite that all these kids had a right to learn from what we older members could teach them, about any topic, I was not so stupid not to recognise that sex with minors was illegal.
Sex with an under 16 year old was Sexual assault providing it was not rape; sex with an under 13 year old was Statutory rape, – and I was guilty of both and liable to be 'sent down' for a very long time. !

As it happened, today was a day off, I could do whatever I wanted – sleep/go into town or stay and help the kids.
I decided that I would stay in the home, in my room, and catch up on some sleep, read a book and watch TV.
Sitting relaxed and comfortably in the large armchair, which I had brought with me when starting the job 3 months ago, (good god, was it only 3 months ? So much seemed to have happened, and all within the last few days too.), I was engrossed in the story The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.
There was a scratching at my door.
"It's open." I called, marking the page and closing the book.
In came Alma, followed by the willowy Roberta. They came straight over and Alma sat on the chair beside me, Roberta stood rather awkwardly in front of me, unsure and obviously not at ease.
"I brought Robbie to see you," said Alma, "I've been telling her how helpful you were with me and she said she wanted help too."
Help? What help?!
I cast my mind back and remembered our meeting in the cleaning cupboard, and smiled inwardly. "Ah, help." I said, "You mean my special help?"
"Yeah – she's older than me but is a scared cat of boys. I told her you could help her – I want to watch so I can learn too.", she bubbled excitedly, a soft flush spreading across her face.
Roberta's face was crimson with embarrassment; I took her hand in reassurance,
"It's all right, Robbie, there's no need to look like that. It's perfectly normal for you to feel the way you do, and you should know that you can talk to me about anything you like, I'm very open minded and have no problems talking openly about sex."
This seemed to calm her and she squeezed my hand, as in thanks.
There was not enough room in the chair for all three of us, so I led her over to the bed and we sat on the edge, Alma remaining where she was.

"Now Robbie, what would you like?" I asked, slipping my left arm round her waist and giving her a small hug.
She kept her eyes down, "I like being hugged and cuddled." she replied, the flush on her face returning.
I told her I loved those too, but liked giving them even more. I leant in to her and gave her cheek as kiss. She turned her head towards me, just as I went to give her a second kiss. Our lips met but she didn't withdraw. I pressed my lips against hers, letting the tip of my tongue flick into her mouth.
She gave a short gasp, but remained in contact with my lips.
Gently I stroked her face, letting my hand slip down her neck and round her throat.
With her head tilted slightly backward, her mouth opened and I slid my tongue into her mouth, feeling her hot breath on my face.
Her grip on my hand tightened.
My right hand slowly descended to her breasts, feeling the soft but firm roundness encompassed by a bra. I squeezed and caressed them until I heard her breathing start to change and become a bit more rapid.
Unbuttoning her blouse, I slid my hand in and felt the satin skin on her upper breasts.
My penis gave a twitch and I had difficulty in restraining the impulse to throw her back on the bed and mounting her.
Glancing over at Alma, I was surprised to see that she had her skirt up round her waist and her panties down at her knees, one hand rubbing her pussy – even from where I was, I made out the wetness covering her little bald labia as she rubbed and played with herself.

My dick was now trying to straighten himself and burst out of my pants, so uncomfortable was it, that I undid my flies and brought him out into full view.
Robbie gasped as she gazed at him, eyes wide, mouth open.
"Told you," said Alma from the chair, pushing a finger inside her wet cunt.
Reaching down, Robbie tentatively took hold of my penis and gave it several squeezes.
"I've never seen a man's penis before." she whispered in awe, "Do they all look like that?"
I explained that, just as all girls had different sized tits, so penises came in all sizes and shapes, but they could all give pleasure if used properly.
My foreskin had pulled back revealing my large purple head. Most men seemed to have a head to their dicks, mine was bulbous, giving it a larger and thicker appearance.
Robbie's little hand continued to squeeze my prick, so I explained that she should stroke it up and down, pulling the loose skin up to the head then down to the base.
"It's called or I explained," All boys do it for themselves but it's even better if someone else does it."
"I did that to him," piped Alma from her chair,"And he shot white gooey cum over me."
"Keep doing what you're doing and I'll shoot cum over you too." I told Robbie, feeling pressure start to build in my testes.
"When he does," continued Alma," You put your mouth round it and suck – it tastes salty but nice."
I lay back on the bed, letting the young nubile 13 year old stroke me to ejaculation.
As the first load started to erupt over her hand, she leant over and placed her mouth directly round my shaft, closing her soft lips and began sucking, drawing more and more of my juice from deep inside my scrotum. Whoosh, another load of cum jetted to the back of her throat, I felt it constrict as she swallowed, another load erupted as she increased her sucking.
Gulping, slurping and breathing in gasps, she drank, or ate, my load of jizz, none of it escaping from that little mouth until I had no more to give.

I lay there, momentarily drained, looking over at Alma as, watching what was happening here, she shuddered and gasped herself to a climax, writhing and bucking, finally collapsing with a satisfied expression on her face.
Robbie had lain her her on my belly, the head of my prick still in her mouth, flicking her tongue over the head of my glans, licking all the remnants of my cum.
"Turn round, Robbie, let me lick and suck your little pussy. Would you like that?"
"I don't know," she whispered keeping her eyes lowered, " Will it hurt?"
"No, it wont hurt. It'll make you feel good. Have you ever had an orgasm?" I asked, fairly sure that she hadn't.
"You're 13 and never played with your pussy, the way Alma was doing?"
"I've done that, but then I start getting funny feelings in my tummy, and get scared."
I told her that all would be well, she was just to lie back and let me do all the work.
With that, I gently laid her down on her back and began kissing her ear lobe, then down the soft curve of her neck to the roundness of her breasts. Her nipples and deep pink areola were puckered to a point, erect and extremely suckable. I rolled my tongue round her stiff nipples, scraping my teeth across their points then sucking them into my mouth, drawing them even further out.
I continued licking, sucking and massaging her malleable tits, feeling them rising and falling as her deep breathing increased.

With my free hand, I loosened the waistband of her skirt and unzipped it, pulling it down to her thighs. My kisses crept down across her abdomen, then her tummy and down the cleave of her groin. I slid down the bed and brought my face on a level with her pube. Running my tongue down the join of her pants and groin to her inner thighs, I could feel the heat generating from between her legs. Slowly I peeled her panties and skirt down to below her knees, exposing a small bundle of dark pubic fluff above a little puffy labia. She lay there with her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, her arms by her side, her hands clenching and unclenching the sheets.
I ran my tongue down the inside of those soft thighs, my nose brushing against her soft fluff, then licking my way back up and across her outer labia.
She twitched but didn't pull away.
"Enjoying this?" I asked, gazing up the length of her nubile and developing figure.
"Ye – es," she breathed, "It feels nice."
My tongue slipped in between her labia and found her love button, already hard and erect.
She gasped as I flicked my tongue over and round her nub, then sucking it into my mouth.
With my fingers, I traced the outline of her vaginal opening and felt the wetness of her lubricating juices beginning to flow.
Her clenching hands gripped the sheets tightly as I gently pushed one finger into the opening of her cunt.
She was now so wet that no extra saliva lubrication was needed – my finger pushed in easily, gripped tightly by her vaginal wall, until I felt the resistance of her hymen.

"This might hurt a little," I said, sliding my finger in and out of her cunt, "But it wont last, then you'll really start to enjoy the feeling. Are you OK with that?"
She grunted in reply, so I continued using my finger to shaft her, all the time running my tongue round about her clit.
The resistance against my finger gave way as I pushed beyond her hymen – she arched her back and took a sharp intake of breath, before settling down again to clenching the sheets.
Now that her passage was open to exploration by finger, I kept gently pushing it in and out, getting deeper with each push, until I had reached as far as my hand would allow.
Keeping my finger sliding in and out of her pussy, I used my teeth to pull her skirts and pants off, tossing them aside with a twist of my head.
I rolled myself in between her thighs and she bent her knees up allowing me a full view of her delicate pink underside.
Her cunt was leaking juice, not my saliva but her own love fluid mixed with a tiny show of blood, nothing to put me off though.
I worked my finger faster now, in/out, in/out, in/out, still flicking and sucking her clit.
Her breathing was now a panting, eyes closed, mouth open, her back arched upwards as I felt the first trembling of her tummy and thighs.
*Faster now with the finger* I thought and, like a small piston, drove it up and down her gully till she began moaning and writhing.
as she thrashed and twisted to climax. I had to grip her tightly to stop losing contact with her bucking body, but gradually her motions slowed and she began to relax again – her first orgasm achieved without mishap !

As she descended from her orgasmic plateau, I slowly withdrew my finger and crawled up between her thighs until I could look her in the eye, and kiss her hot dry lips.
My dick was now touching the entrance of her love canal.
Slowly I pushed him in, the head forcing her opening apart.
Although very tight, the amount of lubrication made entry much easier. I slowly kept pushing into her cunt, centimetre by centimetre, the walls if her cunt gripping me so tightly I was afraid I might ejaculate prematurely.
Robbie wrapped her legs round my middle, feet crossed behind my back, and started to pull me into her. Her arms clasped me round the neck, locking me totally in to her as I started to thrust my dick in and out to rhythm of a slow metronome.
In – out – in – out – in -out, my prick gripped tightly and feeling her vaginal muscles starting to ripple up and down.
She was pushing her pelvis upwards against my inward thrusts and pulling me deeper with her legs.
The tension in my scrotum increased rapidly and the pressure in my dick built up until Isuddenly exploded cum deep into her pussy, feeling the first blast bounce off her cervix and being forced back down my shaft.
Pulse after pulse of thick white goo shot into her – it had been a long (?!) time since I had shot so much cum, it just seemed never ending.
I kept shafting her canal, seeing her eyes wide in awe, until I was totally drained of juice and my dick started to collapse inside her. I was about to pull out but she kept a tight hold of me, refusing to let me go.
It was only when I slipped out of her dripping passage with a quiet plop, that she released her grip and sank back into the bed, her eyes still wide and staring into my eyes.
I kissed lovingly on the lips, feeling her tongue come out to meet mine.
We lay there together for several minutes, me with my full weight on her, trying to regain some kind of normal breathing.
We were both covered in sweat and cum. Neither of us spoke, me through exhaustion, Robbie I think through disbelief at what had just happened.
The bed sheets were a mess – but who cared !

A movement between my legs brought me to the surface – Alma was trying to get to my prick.
I had forgotten all about her, being so caught up with willowy Robbie and her tight cunt.
I spread my legs and Alma crawled underneath and began to suck me, cleaning up the cum sticking to my dick as well as licking oozing goo from Robbie's hole. I couldn't believe it when Dick decided he would give Alma's mouth a fucking.
I became erect very quickly and thrilled at having young Alma below me, having to take a full shagging with a cum tasting prick.
Within a few minutes I felt my balls fill up and my shaft spewed more cum down her throat.
She sucked and gulped her way through what I had to give, not as much as Robbie had got, but several mouthfuls nevertheless, enough was forced into her to have dribbles of white goo escape from the corners of her mouth before she could swallow it.

When I had finished anointing Alma's mouth, I rolled off Robbie and lay on my back.
Two little faces came up next to mine, both gave me kisses, both suddenly fell asleep !

Wow ! My brain reeled at the prospects in store with these two.

HOWEVER – I still had a niggling thought about my dream – what HAD happened during the night when I was asleep – anything ?

story by: BeaverBuster

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Author: BeaverBuster

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