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Standing on the corner between Elmwood Avenue and Church Street there’s three things running through her head: Who does she have to fuck today, Will she make enough money for rent and food, and when the hell can she get out of this cold ass weather.

From a young age Kaitlynn Miller struggled with abuse, drug addiction and being on the poorest spectrum of Buffalo, New york. Her family never had much money and the neighborhood she grew up in was one of the worst. Each and every day she dealt with gangs, murders, prostitution, rape and neglect. After a while none of this bothered her anymore, it just became a way of life. Little did she know that one of those five problems would become one of her worst nightmares.

A couple minutes later and the first customer of the day pulled up. It was about 1:00 A.M. on the 6th day of January. It was cold as hell outside and she was hoping for the least that the driver had heat in the car. As she walked over to the car she noticed it was one of her usual’s. She couldn’t quite place his name but it wasn’t really of much importance. She opened the passenger side door and the driver instantly handed her two, fifty dollar bills. ‘He wanted the same thing as always, a quick and meaningless fuck.’ She sat in the seat, closed the door and started observing the driver as he pulled into a narrow ally way. Today he wore a blue t-shirt, khakis and white sneakers. His hair was brown and she noticed that he got a haircut prior to his last visit. She hated men with long hair, but she couldn’t ever figure out why.

She was wearing a white, Thick clothed jacket and two extra layers underneath. Beside this she wore a mini-skirt with a black velvet G-string, a pair of thick white leggings and a pair of white high heels. The driver was looking at her, waiting impatiently to get what he wanted. She knew what he wanted and he knew that she’d give it to him.

She quickly slid off her panties and began climbing over the seat to get on her customers lap. He undid his jeans and pulled them and his boxers half way down his bulky thighs exposing a dick that she wasn’t anywhere near impressed with. ‘No wonder he had to come here his wife wouldn’t give him what he wanted at home.’ The thing was barely three inches long and it looked pathetic just lying there like it was dead. Oh well, she had to get paid and he wanted to get laid.

Kaitlynn, in all honesty, wasn’t a bad looking young lady. She was between 5’6 and 5’7. She was no were close to being fat but she wasn’t too skinny either. She had the lightest brown hair a person could have without it being blonde and it came down to just below her shoulder blades. She had blue eyes and the softest pink lips you’d have ever seen. Her breasts were anywhere between a C or a D cup and her butt was absolutely gorgeous. She probably shaved about 4 times a week even if it wasn’t needed, and showered three times a day. Even though she was a hooker, she kept her body well maintained.
She began by doing what she always did, teasing the customer. She would flaunt her breasts in front of him. This usually got the customer somewhat excited. She’d continue by grabbing the customers hand and guiding it to her chest. By this time the man was on the verge of exploding right then and there, his dick would be rock hard and red with the rich blood that eagerly passed through his shaft. She would grab ahold of it tightly but gently and guide it towards her vagina, this is where she let the customer do all the work so she could fade out into her mind and ignore the situation she was in.

After her first time around Kaitlynn found ways to escape the reality in which she now lived in. She was a hooker by choice or at least somewhat by choice. Some would say that she chose to be this way, others would say she was forced into it. She began the method of going back in her mind to better time’s, when she was still young and the world was still behind her. When her parents were alive and sometimes her first day of school.

This particular time Kaitlynn was replaying her first love in her mind. She imagined every touch, every whisper, every moment she could remember before it all came untangled in a bewildered chain of events. She and him were standing in Olmsted Park on a small brown bridge extending across the lake. The sun was glistening off the gigantic lake. It was a cool, sunny April day and there was a slight breeze. He had his arm around her waist and they were both facing the lake, taking in the cool summer breeze.
His name was Jason Malverck. He was about 6’2 and looked like a giant when he was standing next to her. He had black hair with dark blue tips, bright green eyes that made her feel like jelly when she looked into them. He had perfect white teeth and a laugh that any girl would blush from hearing. She believed that he was her perfect match in every way, shape and form, inside and out.

She was remembering this particular day because it was the first day that Jason said he loved her. It was also the last day that she ever heard these words from him or anyone else ever again.

They were standing there, in each other’s embrace, taking in the moments that they could together and loving every moment of it. She truly was in love with this man and she was a mere sixteen years old, he was nineteen. She didn’t love him for his looks or money, although he maintained both to an extreme extent. She loved him because when she was with him, he made everything go away, all the pain, it was just him and her and the lake in front of them.

Even legally with the age difference Kaitlynn and Jason had already made love. They made it a point to make love instead of just fuck all the time. She had been through a lot of sexual neglect and he wanted her to know that it was possible to enjoy sex instead of dreading it. She was very uncomfortable with fucking so they made love.
/> While she was fading into her mind the man that was fucking her was trying to speak but she wasn’t paying attention. When she finally came around she realized that he came and was ready to get the hell out of there. She just sighed, scooted over to the passenger seat and put her panties back on while he buckled up his pants. He handed her the other half of the money he owed her then drove her back to where he picked her up. As she was getting out of the car he informed her that he would be back tomorrow as always. She hated this shit.

About two hours and eighteen fucks later she finally decided to call it a day and go home. She made well over what she needed for rent and food and was extremely worn out. Kaitlynn lived on the corner of Fillmore Avenue and Broadway Street in a quant loft on a block called East Village. The outside didn’t look too bad and neither did the inside, it was just the people in the area that made the place look worn down. The inside had a bathroom, kitchen and living room. The bathroom consisted of one toilet, a stand up shower, mirror and sink. The kitchen had a washer, sink, oven, counter tops and a fridge. All the living room had was 5 windows and a floor. She stayed here because it was cheap and close to where she worked.

Each day had the same routine; she would get up, take a shower then eat. She would go back to her place on Church Street for about 2 or 3 hours every day. After that she would go home, eat, take a shower walk around town, go home and take another shower then go to bed.

This next day did not go as it was usually planned. Every now and then cops would stroll around Buffalo to make sure that the hookers were starting to slowly disappear. About a month and a half ago the cops started cracking down on prostitution big time. This could probably be blamed on Kaitlynn because of her private affairs with a cop that she met in a bar. They had a really long past together, right now she’s twenty three and she met him when she was fifteen. They had a fling for a little while, but then her family got into a very big financial struggle. In other words, they were broke. She needed money so she started selling herself. He broke it off after he found out, and somewhat vowed to put her and everyone like her behind bars.

On this particular day he was the one that was doing rounds of the city, with the help of about six other squad cars. It just so happened that he was cruising around her area while she was working, but that’s completely coincidental of course, at least that’s what he would later say. He drove by right as she was getting out of the car of her last customer of the day. Of course, the lights came on, he arrested her for prostitution and she filed a harassment claim. They happened to solve things with his captain without either one of them getting in trouble. She spit violent words at him on her way out. Before she left she had to go freshen up in the bathroom.

The cop noticed her go in the bathroom and slowly followed her path. He silently opened the door, ever so slowly. She was in the third stall on the right. He locked the door and turned the lights off.

Kaitlynn: What the hell?! Turn the fucking lights back on.

Cop: …

Kaitlynn: Whatever asshole.

She slowly pulled up her panties, buckled her skirt and opened the stall door. She walked all around the room looking for the light switch. The entire time, he was standing next to her, following behind her every step, being quieter than Michael Jackson stalking little kids through his theme park.
Just when she was about to flip on the switch, he put his hand over her mouth and pulled her head back so she could hear him. She desperately struggled to get free by kicking him and biting at his hand.

Cop: Just stop struggling, I’m not trying to hurt you. Just calm the fuck down!

He proceeded to throw her to the floor, get on top of her and restrain her. She’s finally calm and realizes that it’s just him. He starts violently kissing her. She retreats but to no avail. She gives in to his kiss, and ever so slowly starts kissing him back. She can feel his hand start to unbutton her blouse and it drives her crazy, she can barely believe that she’s getting aroused from this. This being the man that put her through hell for the past couple of years and basically treated her like dirt. She would however, on any day of the week, admit to him being the best sex she’s ever had.

After a while he stops kissing her. He’s finally got her skirt off and begins to go down on her. He never has the same routine like most other guys. He changes what he does almost every time. This time he starts by tenderly kissing her neck. It send’s bolts of things she can’t explain through her body. He then moves on to her collar bone, not a bite but a nibble, something she can feel and enjoy.
The ground is cold and hard, her moans are loud and echoed but she’s not paying attention to that, she’s not paying attention to anything. She’s caught in the moment and at this point she’s to turned on to feel anything but pleasure.

He proceeds to her breast. He would slowly twirl his tongue around her right nipple and every now and then give the left one a delicate pinch switching back and forth every couple of minutes.
She can hardly believe that he’s still this good. Every kiss, every pinch and every swirl puts her into a place that’s all but describable.

Now he goes on to her slit. He’s known this women for many years, and knows every nook and cranny of her most pleasurable spots. He inserts one finger at first with his right hand while slowly messaging her breast with his left one and kissing the spot in between her thigh and vagina. His hands keep the same pace but his tongue takes another course just along the lips of her vagina. He explores every part of her lips except for inside them, not yet at least. Now he moves on to her clit, he doesn’t massage it too fast, but not too slow. He wouldn’t want to bring her discomfort. He flicks it, sucks on it and twirls it around in his mouth, all the while being as gentle as humanly possible. The entire time she’s being driven crazy, squirming all around the tiled floor trying to keep herself from screaming with pleasure without much luck. It feels so great that she can’t even muster up a thought except ‘oh my fucking god, this is ins…..uh He won’t fuck her because he already knows that she can’t stand it. He loves her but not the way she chose to live her life.

He finishes his work, wipes his mouth, washes his hands, looks at her and wants to say something but he can’t in fear of all of the past emotions coming out. He’s scared but so is she. They’ve hurt each other for many years. That’s a story that shall later be told though. He finally decides what he wants to say. It’s weak, pathetic but worthwhile.

Cop: I’m sorry />
Kaitlynn: Fuck you Jason!


story by: RichyNewson

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Author: RichyNewson

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