Divine succession – chapter 09

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David woke up early the next morning. He looked down at Samantha, who was cuddled up to him closely, her chest rising and falling gently as she slept peacefully. David kissed her, and teleported out of bed, so as not to wake her.
“Sleep David whispered, stroking her skin. “You don’t have to go to work today. Just sleep. You deserve it.” David then did the same thing to Jack and Molly, allowing his family the lie-in they all desperately needed.

David got dressed, and headed out for an early-morning walk. It was nearly half-past 6, so there weren’t many people out aside from a few joggers and some dog walkers. David used to the solitude to be alone with his thoughts. He thought about everything he’d done with his powers, and really, what had he done? He’d condemned millions of people to eternal suffering, and mind controlled people into what was essentially consensual rape. Would Megan be dating Jack without his powers? Would Molly have fucked him? Or the girl in the sauna? Hell, the shower orgy never would have happened without David brainwashing all those girls.

But then, wasn’t it his right to do so? He was God. The entire universe was his property. If a child rips an action figure’s arm off, do you scold him for hurting the figure? No, you just leave him to it, because it’s his toy? And do you scold him for looking up the skirts of his sister’s Barbie dolls? No, of course not, because they’re just toys, and he’s not hurting anyone. That’s what the people of the universe are to God. They are his playthings, his property, to do with as he wishes. If they misbehave, then they are punished, and if they are good, then they are rewarded. That’s how David was choosing to think about it. The people on that planet had sinned, so they were punished. His family hadn’t sinned, so they were rewarded with lots of sex and lots of orgasms. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a 6-hour orgasm?

David stopped walking as he heard the sound of crying. He turned, and saw a young girl in floods of tears on a bench. She looked about 19, and her face was red from crying. She had a closed bible in her lap.
“Everything alright?” David asked as he sat down next to her. It obviously wasn’t, and she didn’t stop crying. “Tell me what’s wrong.”
“God hates me!” The girl cried out in despair.
“Oh, I’m sure that’s not true. Why would God be mad at you?”
“Because I’m a sinner!”
“I’m sure you’re not. Just tell me what’s wrong,” David said, but the girl just kept on crying. David wrapped his arms around her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. “You can’t lie to me. You don’t want to lie to me. You just want to confess your sins.”

I was 17…I had sex!”
“And what’s wrong with that? I lost my virginity when I was 17.”
“But I wasn’t married! I had sex before /> “It’s really not that bad.”
“Yes it is! My parents kicked me out. They told me they didn’t want a sinful slut living under their roof. I had to take my son and go.”
“Your son?”
“I got pregnant. Gave birth to a little boy. He’s so sweet. I love him.”

the father help you?”
“He didn’t want anything to do with me after he found out. I was 17, pregnant, and /> “What did you do?”
“Awful things. I sold myself. I stole. I did everything I had to so I could survive. I eventually managed to get a job in a grocery store, and I rented a tiny apartment for me and my son, but I was struggling. I lost my job last month, and I’ve not found anything else. I’ve had to go back to stealing, and letting the guy next door have his way with me.”

“And you think God is mad at you?”
“He must be! Ever since I had sex my life’s been awful! He’s punishing me! And it’s just the start, because once I die, he’ll send me to Hell forever and ever.”
“Now why would I do that?”
“What do you mean?”
“You had sex. You enjoyed the pleasure that I allow you to enjoy. It’s not a sin to enjoy what God has given you. You were fruitful and multiplied, and from the sounds of things, you’ve been doing whatever you can to ensure that your son has a wonderful life. That’s not a sinner, that’s a saint.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s God that’ll judge me, not you.”
“Tracy, I promise you that you’ll have a great life from now on. You’ll get rich, and find a wonderful man who loves you completely. You’ll get married, and Toby will grow up big and strong, and love his mother. And then, when you die, you will go straight to Heaven, where you will be happy /> “How do you know?”
“Your sins are forgiven. Go in peace, my child.”
At this point, David stood up, and started walking off.
The girl shouted. “How did you know my name? And my /> “I am David replied, before he walked off, Tracy watching him fade into nothingness.

When David got home, his family was still asleep, so he walked into the living room to relax. When he got there, however, he saw Amia sat on the sofa. She was completely naked, posed sexily.
“Welcome home, Lord,” Amia said seductively.
“Amia, /> “Yes Lord, I do so prefer to be as I was created, not covered by those robes.”
are you here?” Amia then got up and began walking over to him seductively.
“Well Lord, it is my duty to serve you, so I thought I would come here Amia replied, before kissing him. you.”
certain be up for that.”
Amia sat David down on the sofa, and kissed him passionately.
“Lord, are you aware that we archangels also possess considerable power ourselves?” Amia asked. David shook his head. “I thought not.” Amia snapped her fingers, making all of David’s clothes vanish. She got down on her knees, and started licking David’s cock.
“Oh David moaned. Amia licked his length, caressing pleasure centres he didn’t even know he had.
“I was involved in drawing the blueprints for your species,” Amia somehow managed to say, despite her tongue being hard at work. “I know exactly how to pleasure you.”

Amia kept on licking and kissing David’s cock, caressing it in ways that no mortal had ever done. It felt even better than the blowjobs he’d gotten in Heaven, despite the fact she’d not even put it in her mouth yet! It was so good, that he couldn’t help but cum quickly.
“Oh my God!” David moaned as he shot out a large load. Amia opened her mouth to try and catch it, the rest landing on David’s body.
“Oh dear, talking to ourselves, are we Lord?” Amia smiled. She then started kissing and licking David up his body, caressing his stomach with her mouth. She eventually made it up to his mouth, and kissed him with increasing passion, David tasting the remnants of his cum in her mouth as their tongues fought with one-another. Amia then moved her hips on top of David’s, and slid her pussy onto his cock. David moaned loudly, and it felt incredible. Amia’s pussy was the smoothest, warmest, wettest pussy he’d ever fucked, yet at the same time, it was shaped just right, as though it had been forged specifically for his cock. He had to use his powers to hold back from cumming right away.
“Oh God Amia…Holy He moaned.
“I take it you’re enjoying this Lord?” Amia asked. David just nodded, and Amia kissed him some more. “Good. I do enjoy it when they say I’m doing a good job.”

David stroked Amia’s perfect ass, enjoying how every cell of her body seemed to be the sheer definition of sexuality, beauty, and womanhood. He wondered just how many people had had the pleasure of experiencing her body in her long lifetime. David ran his hands up her back, before reaching her wings, causing her to let out a sudden moan.
“Oh, you like that, eh?” David asked, and began fondling Amia’s wings, causing her to moan loudly. David wiggled his hips to complement Amia’s thrusting, sending them higher and higher to the peaks of ecstasy.
“Lord, I’m going to…” Amia moaned.
“Do it Amia!” David ordered, and he immediately felt Amia’s pussy begin to contract around his cock in orgasm. The sensation was too much, and his released the block on his own climax, allowing him to fire a huge load into her.

Amia and David cuddled on the sofa, David’s cock still buried inside his archangel. Amia wrapped her wings around David, forming an extremely soft blanket for him.
“Oh wow, these things are really comfy,” David said.
“Yes Lord, they are,” Amia smiled. “To be wrapped in another’s wings is considered the height of intimacy for an angel. My husband and I regularly sleep like this.”
sure you’re okay with doing this?” David asked.
“Lord, it is part of my job to keep you happy, and what is a better way of doing that than sex?”
“I guess />
Amia said after several minutes of cuddling.
“Yes Amia?”
“May I ask you /> “Of course.”
was hoping you would re-consider your damnation of the planet Runos.”
“Amia, we’ve been through this.”
“I know Lord, I know, but I beg of you to re-consider! I’ve read your file. You’re a good man. I know you have it in your heart to undo the damnation of those people. You just let the power get to your head.”
“Amia, I could punish you severely for this.”
“You won’t though.”
right. To be honest, I’ve been regretting it terribly. If I wasn’t God, I’d be sure God was mad with me.”
“Well Lord, it is possible for you to reverse it. All things are possible for you.”
“Alright then, I’ll do it.”
“Very good, Lord.” Amia snapped her fingers, and a piece of paper appeared, along with a pen. “I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up the paperwork. Simply sign here and the planet and its people will be returned to their proper places, with no memories of the torments they have />
David was just about to sign the paper, when he was interrupted.
“David, what’s going on?” The two of them turned to see Samantha, stood there in her dressing gown. this?”
“Good morning, my lady,” Amia said to Samantha. She climbed off of David, and then bowed to her.
“Who the fuck are you?”
“I am the archangel Amia, my lady,” she replied. “I serve your husband as his personal /> “Very personal from the looks of things,” Samantha said.

“Sam, I can explain!” David insisted.
“David, I really don’t care if you fuck random girls, even angels,” Samantha told him. “I mean, I had sex with like 5 guys in Jack’s PE class. I’m just a bit confused as to why you need a PA.”
“I seek to guide the Lord in his rule over all of creation,” Amia said.
“And what exactly makes you qualified to do that?”
“I was taught by the best.”
“And who might that be?”
“The original God. For trillions of years he trained me in preparation for his retirement. As such, I am the most qualified person in the universe to guide the new God in his role.”
“Well I’m going to have to disagree with you there,” Samantha said, as she sat down next to David, and kissed him. “David is omnipotent. You are not. That makes him infinitely more qualified to run the universe than you.”
“My lady, with />
“I’ll handle this Amia,” David interrupted her. “Honey, you don’t need to be so protective. Amia’s just doing her job.”
“But you’re smart, David. You don’t need an assistant,” Samantha said, stroking his skin. She then saw the document. this?”
“I have just convinced the Lord to undo his damnation of the planet Runos.”
“Why would you do that, David?” Samantha asked. “They were /> “Sam, I overreacted! I shouldn’t have done it!” David said.
“David, you’re God. If you say they deserved it, then they did.”
“And if I say I made a mistake, then I did.”

David signed the paper, and handed it back to Amia.
“Thank you Lord,” Amia smiled, bowing her head slightly. “I shall ensure that your will is /> “Good Amia,” David said. “You are />
Amia bowed, and vanished.
Samantha said seductively, stroking David’s chest. “Why do you need her? You’ve got me.”
“Honey, I love you more than anyone in the entire universe,” David said, kissing her. “But you’re not my PA, and I freely admit I need help. I’ve already made mistakes. I don’t want to make any more.”
“You don’t have to. You’re God! You’re infinitely more clever than she is!”
“Sam, you don’t David said, standing up.

Jack was woken up that morning by the sound of his phone ringing. He picked it up, and saw that it was Megan.
He said sleepily.
“Where the fuck are you!?” Megan asked.
“My dad gave me the day off school,” Jack replied.
“But I need you! My pussy’s aching! It needs your cock inside it!”
“Well come over after school then.”
hours away! I’ll die before then!”
“Well it sounds to me like you two need some sex.” Jack looked up to see his father sat on his bed. “If only someone could get you laid. Wait a David snapped his fingers, and Megan was instantly naked, and on top of Jack.
“Have fun you two,” David winked.

all gone now, Lord Argoss told his superior. “What do you think happened? Did God absolve them of their sins?”
certainly possible,” Achré said. “Though I have a funny feeling Lady Amia talked him into it.”
“Lord Achré, is it true? About there being a new God?”
“Yes it is.”
he like?”
“From what I can tell, he’s indecisive. Not quite come to terms with his power yet.”
“Should we be /> “I don’t know…no. Lady Amia will take care of him. Make sure he acts well.”
“Are you sure about that?”

“Now now Argoss, you should know better than to question an /> “Yes Lord Achré, I’m sorry Lord /> “It’s fine, I’m not Dorothea. How’s your /> well, Lord /> “What about marriage? And kids?”
thinking of marriage, but we’re too busy for kids. We’d never have time to raise them. I’m down here torturing people, and Raeya’s off looking after /> “I could give you time off. And Lord Raphael owes me a favour. I could get him to give Raeya time off.”
“Thank you, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. We’d need to God’s blessing to have kids.”
“Well I think this new God’s a nice guy at heart. I’m sure he’d give his /> “You think so?”
“Indeed I do. You’ll be just fine.”

“Knock knock,” Amia said, walking in.
“Good morning Lady Amia,” Argoss said, bowing his head. “I’ll leave you two alone.”
a pleasant sight down here,” Achré smiled, before pulling his wife into a passionate embrace, kissing her with all his might.
“Well I just can’t bear to be away from you,” Amia moaned, her tongue deep inside her husband’s mouth. They took their robes off, and sat down on large chair. Amia got into the foetal position, and Achré wrapped his arms and wings around her, enfolding his wife in a loving embrace.

“I take it your plan worked?” Achré asked.
“Indeed it did,” Amia replied. “His wife had some objections, but he finally gave in to my /> “And these,” Achré said, squeezing her boobs.
“He may be near-omnipotent, but he was powerless to resist my womanly charms.”
“Yes. Amikins, if it’s not too much trouble, can we please not discuss you seducing another man?”
“Well what would you like to talk about /> “The new God. Be honest, do you think he’s any good?”
“I think he has the potential to be. I just have to be delicate. He’s clearly someone who can be a nice guy, but can also be a very scary guy.”
“Well I don’t envy you at all. Every single angel is counting on you. It’s your job to hold back his hand, and people know what he did to Runos.”

“It will not happen again. I /> “I hope so. We don’t need another evil God.”
“And we won’t have one. I’ve read this man’s file. He’s good at heart, he just gave in to his mortal /> “Well we all have those, even you. I’ve never understood why mortals are always chosen instead of angels.”
starting to sound like /> “You know what I mean. Surely one of us would be much more qualified to rule?”
“Perhaps we would, but it couldn’t be me, and I’d hate for it to be you, because one day you’d ascend to the Gods’ Heaven and I’d never see you again.”
“Heaven just wouldn’t be Heaven without my />
Amia turned her head, and the two of them kissed for a bit.
“We shouldn’t be talking about this anyway,” she said. “It’s not our place to question the original God.”
that your job though? To question him?”
“I offered my opinions on things, but I would never have gone against his will.”
“It’s not like he’d have punished you anyway. You were always his /> “He was like a father to me.”
“And you were daddy’s little angel, who could do no wrong.”
“I did many things wrong.”
“But he was always much nicer about it when you did it. Plus you’re the only one he ever spoke to.”
“He spoke to you too.”
“Very rarely. Most of the time he just made you pass messages on.”
I don’t like you badmouthing the original God.”
“Oh calm down dear. It’s not like we’ll ever see him again.”
“That is still no excuse.”

“Hey David,” said one of David’s co-workers as he walked into work, having decided to go in that afternoon, after he and Samantha had finished gorging themselves on the entire KFC menu several times over. Eating, among other things, 23 Boneless Feasts and 15 Zinger Burgers each was considerably less fattening when you had God’s powers keeping you nice and thin. They would have invited the kids to get involved, but Jack and Megan were busy fucking, while Molly was sleeping off the massive hangover she had from the night before.

As David walked past Mr Forrester’s office, he heard the familiar sounds of sexual moans. Looking into the room with his powers, he saw that Amy was sat on Mr Forrester’s desk, her legs spread wide apart, while her naked boss plunged in and out of her as fast as his mortal hips would allow.
“Better crank things up a bit,” David grinned. “For the next 5 minutes, you two will have another orgasm with every single thrust. Enjoy.” David didn’t need divine powers to know it had worked, as their moans gave it away pretty clearly. He smiled, and went to his desk.

David decided to get to work on answering more prayers. He considered summoning Amia, but he didn’t want to bother her. Besides, he wanted to try and prove himself. Still limiting them to sexual ones from Earth, David summoned the next prayer.
“Please God, help me.” This prayer came from 14-year-old Adam Jenkins. “I know I’ve never believed in you, but…I need help! My cock won’t go soft! It’s been stuck like this for days and days! The doctors don’t know what to do! It’s like I’ve been cursed!” David used his powers to find out the cause of this boy’s problem, and then he realised. This was the 14-year-old boy whose cock he’d enhanced in the park on the day he became God. Seems the erection he’d given him to try out his powers had been permanent.
“Well we can’t have that, now can we?” David said. “Adam, from now on, you have complete control over your erections. What’s more, every girl you meet will lust after you. That should make up for it.”
“Who you talking to?” David looked up, and saw Barry, the co-worker who’d welcomed him that day. “I hope you’re not Skyping someone during work hours.”
“Definitely not,” David replied. His computer then beeped, and he saw he had an e-mail from Mr Forrester, asking him to come to his office. “Well, looks like I’m being summoned.

David knocked on Mr Forrester’s door, and walked in. Mr Forrester was sat at his desk looking mostly composed, but Amy had her skirt on back-to-front, with several shirt buttons in the wrong holes, and her lack of bra was made obvious by her highly-visible nipples.
“Good afternoon David, please take a seat,” Mr Forrester said, and David did so. There was a faint smell of sex in the air. “David, I got a call from Mrs Helligon earlier.” Mrs Helligon was the CEO of the company that David worked for.
David asked.
“And she wants me to go on a trip with her to Italy to discuss a major deal with some new /> “Well have fun.”

“I’ll be taking Miss Chambers of course, but Mrs Helligon has requested that I also bring one of my most trusted workers. And I’ve chosen you.”
“Me sir? But I’m just in admin.”
“But you’re also the best guy we’ve got. And it’ll show those Italians that we’re the kind of company that won’t give up. So what do you say?”
“When is this?”
“We fly out at midnight tonight, spend tomorrow and Sunday rocking Europe, and arrive back early Monday /> David honestly didn’t want to spend a whole weekend away from his family, but his powers made distance irrelevant. And anyway, his mind was racing with all the fun he could have.
“Alright, I’ll do it,” David nodded.
Mr Forrester smiled. send a car round at 10 to pick you up.”

Author's message: This chapter was delayed by the fact that I've been very busy all weekend, and then yesterday I bought some more classic Doctor Who DVDs and I've been watching them. This chapter's slightly shorter than normal, but honestly, I just wanted to get it out, and it was a natural end point.

Someone mentioned this story being very Christian. I'm not religious (Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this), but I've just completed 14 years in the Catholic school system, so obviously Catholicism is the religion I know the most about. I've been trying to make it so that no one religion is specifically correct in this story, but I think when designing things, I'm likely to take cues from Christianity because it's what I know.

Someone requested that David's brother be a recurring character. Don't worry, he will, but I need it to be natural.

Now the obvious thing in this chapter is David un-damning the planet Runos, which many people requested. This doesn't mean that the corruption is over, it's just going to be done in a slightly different way to how I'd initially intended.

story by: DragoTime

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