Educating the girls part 10

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Chapter 10: Truth or Dare

Jerry was awake making himself a coffee and making sure the video was safely stored, he could not remember putting it away. He still had to make a copy for the Jackson’s, seeing as he was the only one up it would pass the time, and be easier without the girls interfering. He had just completed the copy when the door opened

“Morning Uncle Jerry”

“Morning angel did you sleep well?”

“Kinda but we have a />
“Ask away”

“When are we going to do it again?”

“You enjoyed it?”

“Mmmmm very much”

“Good I have just finished your Father’s copy of the video”

“Can we see it?”

“Later hon we have a surprise for later”

Bonnie raced upstairs to tell Angela but she wasn’t awake yet. Looking at the time it was only 8am. She decided to go back down and see if Jerry was ready to play. She found Jerry labelling the disc and putting it in the cupboard, he did not see her watching, bouncing in she jumped onto his knee.

“Woa girl you could have done some damage their”

“Sorry Uncle Jerry let me kiss it better”

Jerry sat still as Bonnie opened his flies and took out his cock, as the girl handled it and started to suck on it he shuffled his undergarments off so she had better access. Bonnie kept up her rhythm, but instead of being fast and furious was taking her time she wanted it to last. She had already worked out how to keep both her Father, and Uncle Jerry to hold off for maximum effect and mutual pleasure.

Letting those men in the park fuck her was not the same. That was just a fuck and she wanted that over as soon as possible. Jerry was closing his eyes letting the girl do whatever she wanted; it would put her in the mood for what was to follow. After about 5 minutes of sucking he was ready to come and Tensed up; Bonnie recognised the signs, quickly pulled down her panties and asked him to come in her ass. Jerry obliged her and when he had unloaded she turned and kissed his cock and licked it clean.

Jerry went and had a shower; by the time he was out both girls were standing in the doorway admiring his cock, neither went for it so he got dressed and went down to get breakfast. Bonnie had already told Angela where the DVD was and they went for distraction.

Angela was keeping her Fathers eyes fixed firmly on her ass, removing her panties and wiggling her bum seductively, Jerry grinned at her antics and a spoonful of cereal spilled onto his shirt.

“Damn now I have to change”

Leaving the room he caught sight of Bonnie coming from the area of his computer room. Passing her in the hall he went to check. Yes he had locked the door that was prior thinking.

Bonnie was annoyed she had managed to get to the computer room, but the door was locked, just as she was about to turn away and come back Uncle Jerry passed her in the hall. Close call she thought, Angela was annoyed too they had planned a sneak preview, but had to settle for a hug from each other instead.

Jerry having changed his shirt, was just combing his hair when his wife Beth appeared in the bathroom she stole up behind him and grabbed his cock.

“Have we time for a quickie?” she asked

“Sorry love Bonnie beat you to it, and we have to go out in a while catch you later”

Beth was disappointed, but understood after all she now had competition from her daughter and her friend. To make matters worse she would be alone in the house most of the day, the Jackson’s had gone to pick up their other offspring, and Jerry was taking the girls back to the shop to have Bonnie’s naked photo done. Only one thing for it and phone his brother Mark.

“Ready girls” asked Jerry

“Ok and have you got the />
Bonnie and Angela had no idea why they were taking a costume to a shop full of them, but if that was what was wanted so be it. Bonnie in particular was looking forward to today, because the old man was going to shoot his cum all over her and take a picture like he did with Angela.

They waved goodbye to Beth and as soon as they were out of sight Beth made her call. It would be nice to see her brother in law again and see if he still liked to use her pussy for his pleasure.

Jerry soon reached the shop, the directions he got from Conrad were spot on and he was not put off by the outward appearance, as he knew from deions what lay in-store. The buzzer sounded and the old man Joseph appeared within a few minutes. Joseph recognized the two girls he never forgot a girl’s face, especially the ones he had the pleasure of seeing naked and fondling. The man however was new not the same as before then he remembered it must be the other father.

The two men shook hands and Joseph led them into the back and into the private chamber that Bonnie recognised.

“Are you ready young lady?” he asked Bonnie

“Quite Sir”

“Very well can you remember the rules?”

“Yes Sir do not speak and do nothing until asked then do it straight away”

Replied Joseph “You are a quick learner and we shall begin”

Angela sat down and jerry followed suit. Bonnie was standing waiting on the spot not moving and not flinching. Joseph went behind the curtains and bought out a box.

“Fine now I am ready” he motioned to Jerry “The girl knows but I ask you please do not interrupt during what I am about to do”

Jerry nodded his consent and the old man began

“This is a game” he began “Called truth or dare”

As he spoke he opened the box and pulled out some cards. He shuffled them and placed them on a small table in front of Bonnie.

“Pick a card”

Bonnie picked one and it said truth

“OK Bonnie are you a virgin”

Bonnie answered no and was asked to pick another card

TRUTH again

“Bonnie when did you last have sex?”

This was easy she told him this morning next card


“Ok Bonnie I dare you to remove your dress but do it slowly “

Bonnie complied this was better the dares were better than the truths.

Next came TRUTH

“Ok Bonnie who was the first person you had sex with”

Bonnie thought did he mean the man who took her cherry or her Father

“Hesitation Penalty” Joseph said and reached in his box and took out a strap

Holding up her skirt and turning her round so her buttocks were on display her bent her down and bought the strap down on to her ass.

“Ok Bonnie we pass on that truth for now hesitate again and it is 2 strokes hesitate a 3rd time it is 3 strokes />
Bonnie nodded

“Ok pick a card”


“Bonnie I dare you to pull off your panties”

Bonnie complied and picked DARE again

“Bonnie I dare you to take my hand and rub it over your pussy”

Bonnie loved the Dare cards and complied with relish. She knew she could not stop until told and wanted him to keep it up or ages. He pulled away Bonnie took a card.


“Bonnie do you like to suck cock?”

This game continued without a further hitch and the last card was drawn there had been 24 in all 12 of each and she had used up all the truths and now it was DARE

“Bonnie I dare you to lie on the floor and let me masturbate on your body”

This was it the final moment she had waited for, disappointed she had not been able to suck him off but finally it was time. Bonnie lay on the floor, as Angela had before legs splayed and her arms raised above her head. Joseph worked his cock, it seemed ages she had lain there, but then came a fountain of cum that seemed to cover everywhere.

Joseph went to get his camera without even attempting to put his cock away, he took the snaps of Bonnie from all angles just as Angela had been taken.

Bonnie knew she had to lie there until allowed to get up, and was not able to wipe herself that was against the rules.

“Angela sweetie clean Uncle Joseph’s cock”

Angela sprang to her feet and sucked and licked the old man dry.

“Now for the final surprise” he told them “Angela remove your clothes and lie next to your friend”

Angela did as she was bid and waited. Joseph left the room for several minutes and Angela and Bonnie were in agony wondering what was next. Jerry knew Conrad had arranged it all.

When he returned Joseph had been joined by 3 little girls all naked and 5 yrs old triplets.

The old man said “Are you still ready for the next part?”

Jerry nodded and was told to take off his clothes. The 3 little girls went down on all fours, Jerry and the Joseph took turns in fucking them, and before Jerry ejaculated he pulled out, and sprayed his cum on Bonnie. Joseph ejaculated all his over Angela.

The 3 girls then set about cleaning Joseph and Jerry’s cocks.

“Now the finale” Joseph said “Girls go”

The3 girls knelt beside Bonnie and Angela and began cleaning up the mess and they left no place untouched. Bonnie and Angele both swooned as these girl’s tongues licked and slurped Joseph was inspecting to make sure they did not miss a drop and if they did they knew the penalty.

Satisfied Joseph allowed them to get up and as one sat each side of Jerry one sat on his knee Jerry was till naked of course. Both Bonnie and Angela were allowed up.

“Ok” Joseph said “Now did you bring those />
Jerry reached into the paper bag and took then out

“OK girls” he commanded Bonnie and Angela you will put those on in the car and wear them on your way home but first I want to ask you all a />
“Have you considered doing photo shoots?”

Jerry answered that they had done a private video but what where these photo shoots. Joseph explained that he had a long list of clients that paid good money to see pictures of naked young girls posing, this could be just topless or could just be tasteful full nude just giving a hint but not showing pussy or open crotch and even with them playing with cocks or even having sex.

“Of course” the old man continued “the more erotic the higher the price and the more the model gets.

“I would have to consult Conrad on this” Jerry replied plus the wives and we would want guarantees that no one will find out their identities

“That is The old man replied and we do pride ourselves on discretion all the male models know what is and is not allowed and the photographer is fully trustworthy and of course the parent’s are always allowed on set as long as they do not interfere with the />
Joseph wrote down a list of fees and he gave Jerry a sealed brown envelope

“Open this and read and discuss and get back to me”

The 3 young girls were ordered out the room and Jerry got dressed and Joseph finally put away his cock. Back outside and in the car the girls put on the costumes and the return journey began.

To Be

story by: anon y mouse

Tags: fiction young incest older male / female sex story

Author: anon y mouse

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