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Bob and I started working on installing decorations and a bunch of new solar lights Jacqui had bought. The place is looking good. We could hear the two girls in the kitchen laughing, talking and having a good time. After a couple of hours, Cindy showed up. She gave Jacqui a hug then Jacqui introduced her to Bob and Amy. Cindy headed my way so I turned and went to get another beer. I had a big tub of beer and ice set out. I turned around and Cindy followed me and ask if I could put her wine in the ice. I said “Sure”. When I did this she leaned in, kissed my cheek and rubbed my crotch. I said “Fuck. Don’t do that”. She said “Why? I know you want to fuck me”. I said “I didn’t fuck you last time what makes you think I want to fuck you now”.

Jacqui came over and said “Come on guys. We are here to have a good time”. Cindy said “That’s what I’m trying to do”. She giggled then walked over to Bob and Amy to talk. Jacqui said “What was that about”? I said “She wanted me to fuck her”. Jacqui said “Oh. Well why don’t you”? I said “Baby, I love you. I didn’t want to”. “Ok” she said. We all sat around the outside table talking for about 2 hours when we hear a car door shut and figured Richard was there and we heard another car door shut and was puzzled until Liz and Tina walked around the corner. They seen us all sitting there then Liz said “Oh shit. We thought you were home alone and thought we would come hang out and swim with you two.

Well we will not stay being you have company”. Jacqui said “No. Come on in. Put on your swim clothes and have a good time”. Tina said “Are you sure Aunt Jacqui? We don’t want to bust up your party”. Jacqui said “I’m sure. Go get ready and get in then we will have something to eat in a while”. Liz gave her a hug and they both started taking off their clothes. Everyone was watching them but they had their swim suits on under their clothes. Liz, being a little full figure girl, looked like her suit was one size to small. Her tits were barely covered and the bottom really hugged her ass and pussy. Now Tina, being really small and not much in the tit department, wasn’t hard for her top to cover her very small mounds but her bottom fit so tight, she showed a very nice camel toe and could see she has a very small tight pussy. They went and got in the pool and was having a good time when Richard came around the corner.

Jacqui introduced him to Bob and Amy. He got himself and Cindy a glass of wine, sat next to Cindy. I got the BBQ going when Liz came out of the pool. She said “Aunt Jacqui, Can Tina and I have something to drink”? Jacqui said “Sure baby, what would you like”? “Some soda will be fine” she said. Richard, Bob and I watched her full, round, wet ass as she walked into the house then her full, round, wet, bouncing tits as she walked back out. Tina got out and was running to the house and said as she passed “I got to pee”. We all started laughing when she said that. Getting food started, Jacqui, Amy and Cindy went into the house to bring things out, Bob and Richard stood by me as I grilled and, most of you are thinking I was grilling steak. No, I grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Tina came out of the house, came up to me and said “Sorry Dad. I didn’t hug you when I got here.

I love you”. I said “I love you too baby girl”. As she walked back to the pool, her one butt cheek was hanging out. She really has a very nice ass. Bob said “That’s cute. Not much body and not the best looking girl but she is cute”. I said “And a very tight pussy”. Bob and Richard looking at me with mouths open. Bob said “If you tell me you fucked her I will call you a lire”. Jacqui came over to see how things are going. She said “Ok guys, whats up”? Bob said “Oh, nothin”. I said “Bob said I’m a lire and Richard’s mouth is stuck open”. Jacqui looked at Bob and said “Why is he a lire”? Bob said “Oh, nothin”. She looked at me so I said “I told them Tina has a small tight pussy. They said I would not know that”. Jacqui looked at Bob then Richard then said “He knows”. We put things out and began to eat. Liz and Tina got out and talked with us as we ate. When done, we all helped clean things up as it began to get dark. Tina had put a shirt on and I could still see her little camel toe. Her and Liz said they had to head out so they give me and Jacqui a hug and kiss goodby. Jacqui said we might as well get ready and take a dip.

The girls went in and got in their swim suits and so did the guys. The girls wore bikini’s that left not much to the imagination, fucking hot looking, including Cindy. Looking at them made my crotch stir. When Bob came out his cock was tucked in, not showing. Jacqui came up to me, give me a hug and a kiss and whispered “Well, what do you think”? I said “Baby, you look amazing”. She said “What about Amy and Cindy”? I said “Amy looks really hot too. As for Cindy, well, she don’t look to bad this way”. Jacqui smiles and said “Ok.. Lets play”. Everyone was splashing around having fun when Bob got out to have a beer. When he turned around his dick was hanging out the leg hole. I looked over to see the reaction from Cindy. It took her a minute to notice and just watched when Richard came up behind her and flipped her over into the water. She came up and Bob had gotten back into the pool. She looked around and mouthed “Shit”. Cindy said “I need a drink” and headed to the side by Bob and got up on the side I seen both ass cheeks hanging out of her suit. Bob looking up said “Nice ass”.

She reached around, pulled the fabric from her ass, gave a little wiggle then went over to the table and poured some wine. She just stood there sipping her wine. Richard in the middle of the pool so Amy went over and tried to push him under. He turned and grabbed at her to do the same when his hand slipped (well that’s what he said but looked like something else) he pulled down Amy’s top and one tit shot out. He stood there, holding her top down looking at her tit. He looked up to her face not saying anything when Amy pulled out the other one and said “Hey look, a matching set”. Jacqui got out to see what Cindy was doing. Jacqui went and got some towels because Cindy looked cold and they were talking drinking some wine. Jacqui told me latter that Cindy said to her “I kind of thought and was hoping this was like the last time but no one was getting nude. Kind of nervous about getting nude in front of people I just met”. Jacqui told her “That’s the excitement of it. Seeing other people nude the first time. Liking what you see and maybe wanting what you see. I feel the same but get really excited too”. Bob came over to me and said “Do you think she seen my cock”? I said “Oh yea she did. Now she is wondering what to do and if she should make the first move”.

Bob said “I’ll play it for a bit but I really want to fuck her, if that’s ok with you”. I said “I don’t care. Amy looks like she made a friend”. We watch for a minute. Amy still had her top down and Richard was sucking her nipples. Bob and I went over and watched as Amy, while getting her nipples sucked, stroking his hard cock. Bob said “Honey, looks like you found something to play with”. She said “Yes, and he is making me really horny sucking my tits. I just might have to fuck someone or two or maybe all three of you guys. But for now, I need a drink”. She let go of his cock, pulled her tit from his mouth, pulled her top up and got out. She went over to Jacqui and Cindy. Cindy poured her some wine and they chatted and giggled then Jacqui came back and I went to her as she got back into the warm water. I said “Well, what’s up”? Jacqui said “She seen Bob’s cock hanging out and thought maybe an accident then wondered if he did that so show everyone. I told her I didn’t know about that but he does have a nice cock and it gets big and hard. I told her not as big as Tim’s but it does fill you up.

Then she ask if I fucked him and I said I did yesterday and sucked him off this morning. She ask if you knew so I told her you were fucking Amy but you wasn’t there when Amy and I sucked him off this morning. She ask if you had a problem with that and I told her you didn’t seem to so she said she might like to maybe try so I told her to go for it. Then she ask if Bob won’t that I talk to you about maybe…”. I said “I’m not to keen about fucking her but Bob wants to so we will go from there”. Jacqui kissed me and said “Ok honey. I love you”. Jacqui then got out of the pool, onto the deck. Amy and Cindy joined her and the three of them took off their swim suits and stood there while the three of us guys watched.

Jacqui has the best looking body then Cindy then Amy. All three look amazing anyway. Bob got out and his cock was getting hard sticking out of his leg hole so Cindy and Jacqui pulled his trunks down and his cock stuck straight out. Amy said to Richard ‘Come here. Time to see what you can do with that hard thing you have”. Richard got out and I seen he never put his cock away from when Amy was stroking him. Amy pulled his trunks down, licked his hard cock as she stood back up, laid him down and got on him in the 69 and went to sucking his cock as he licked her pussy. Cindy stroked Bob’s cock then told Jacqui “He does have a nice cock. Put it in you. I want to see what it looks like in there”. Jacqui looked over at me. I’m still in the pool watching and my cock is hard as hell being strangled by my trunks. I said “Go baby. show her”. Jacqui had Bob lay down and she stood over him, Cindy moved where she could watch as Jacqui lowered herself onto Bob’s cock. Jacqui took his cock and guided it into her pussy until he was all the way inside her. Cindy said “Oh god.

Your pussy just wraps around his cock”. Jacqui said “And it feels so fucking good. I feel so full. (She looks at me) Come up here so I can have you in my mouth”. I had taken off my trunks to free my hard cock. I got out, in front of Jacqui and she began sucking me as she rocked her pussy on Bob. Cindy was still watching Bob’s cock in Jacqui’s pussy. I looked over and seen Amy being rabbit fucked by Richard and seemed to really like the feel in her pussy. Cindy came up and watched as Jacqui sucked my cock when Jacqui took my cock from her mouth and offered it to Cindy and she latched onto it and began sucking like she needed it. I don’t recall Cindy sucking cock this good. I don’t recall her sucking my cock much at all. Jacqui was on like her third climax when she got off Bob’s cock and told Cindy it was her turn. Cindy held my cock, got on top of Bob. Jacqui guided his cock to her pussy and she slid it in slowly. Still having my cock in her mouth, started to moan as she had her first climax. Jacqui, watching her suck my cock said to me “Cum in her mouth. Make her swallow it all”. Cindy started sucking hard. I looked again at Amy and Richard was pounding her pussy hard and fast. Amy said “Oh fuck this cock feels so fucking good. Fuck my cunt hard with your hard fucking cock. I want, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING AGAIN. FUCK ME. FUCK MY CUNT”. I’m thinking she must really love the fast fucking she is getting. Jacqui said “Cum now baby. Make her eat your cum. I want to see you cum in her mouth”. I fucked Cindy’s mouth hard and started to shoot my load into her mouth. I pushed my cock all the way back until she was gagging and shot my load down her throat. She pulled off my cock and I was still pumping cum. It shot onto her face so she took my cock back into her mouth and began sucking hard and fast, and I kept pumping cum in her mouth. Soon she had sucked me dry. Bob started to unload into her pussy. She pushed hard onto his cock then said “Oh fuck yes. I feel your hot cum. Oh fuck it feels so good”.

Richard had finished filling Amy’s pussy with his cum, pulled out and Amy just laid there. Richard’s cock was still hard and standing like a flag pole. My cock had become soft. Jacqui looking at Richard’s still hard cock said “Honey, can I go fuck his cock? It’s still hard”. I said “Yes baby. make it good”. She went over to Richard, held his cock and said “Looks like you have some more. I want it”. She got in front of him and he mounted her dog style, slipped his hard pole deep into Jacqui’s pussy. I’m thinking, this is going to get vocal because Jacqui is fucking horny and when she gets horny she gets fucking wild. Richard began fast, dog fucking Jacqui and she began talking “FUCK. Come on pound my cunt. Pound my cunt hard. I want that hard cock. Mother fucker this feels so fucking, oh fuck I’m cumming. Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oh cock, Oh my cunt. SHIT I’M CUMMING AGAIN, FUCKER”. She was getting to vocal, I figured, so I got in front of her and put my semi hard cock to her lips and she started sucking like a mad woman. I was hard as hell in a few seconds from the way she was sucking my cock. I look over to Amy and she was still laying, legs spread and Richard’s cum oozing from her red pussy. I then look at Cindy, kissing Bob and his still hard cock is in her pussy. As she moved up and down his large shaft his cum pushing out of her hole around his cock. She is fucking him slowly. enjoying every stroke. Jacqui kept cumming and cumming, she was almost out of breath and Richard was sweating heavily when he started to unload his balls into Jacqui’s hot pussy. Jacqui pushed back hard on Richard as he filled her hole with cum.

Richard and Jacqui was exhausted. He pulled his cock from her pussy and they just laid there. I kissed Jacqui and ask if she was ok. She said “Oh fuck, I’m tired but still feel awesome”. Amy still hasn’t moved and said “I haven’t been fucked that hard in a long, long time”. Bob said “Honey, I wanted to come fuck you more but don’t think I can get it up right now”. Amy said “That’s ok sweetheart. My pussy needs a rest”. I looked at Cindy and said “Ok Cindy. What do you think”? Cindy looked at everyone and said “You guys are fucking nuts. I never thought I would fuck anyone in front of my husband let alone watch him fuck someone. And to be nude with a group of people. Now I think I’m fucking nuts for falling in love with all of this. I think this is great to feel so free and I hope we can continue doing this with you guys. Richard, would you like to continue doing this kind of stuff”? Richard said “I tried talking to you about this a while ago but you said I was sick and wanted no part of it but you would go fuck others when you thought I didn’t know. I put up with it because I love you and as long as we do this together, I’m fine with it. I get so fucking horny watching you get your brains fucked out”. Cindy said “Richard, I was wrong. I’m sorry. Honey, you have a deal”. I was shocked, then said “Holy shit, Cindy admitted being wrong. Quick, duck, the world is coming to an end”. Everyone was laughing, including Cindy. Then Cindy said “Ok, I was wrong about this. I’m sure it’s not for everyone but for me and Richard we are having fun”. Jacqui said “I didn’t think I could do this before we got together. I’m not doing this just for him.

I’m doing it for me, for us now. I love being able to enjoy sex and at the end he still loves me just as much”. We all talked about what had happened this night and no one had any regrets or hard feelings. Cindy was even pleasant and not being a bitch. Humm, have to see if that changes back. Anyway, we all decided that once or twice a month we would get together, play some games, swim, get wild and crazy. I checked the time and it was pushing 2am. Everyone had been drinking. I offered Richard and Cindy, Sam’s bed for the night. Bob and Amy said they was going to their motor home to sleep. During this time, no one bothered getting redressed. Guess we were comfortable with each other now. We all went to bed. Jacqui snuggled up to me said she loves me. I looked at her then said “Honey, are you sure this is the lifestyle you are happy doing”? She said “I never thought I would or could do this. I know if you or I said we didn’t want to do this any more we will be happy with each other only. But you know, we are having fun right now. Every body has a good time. Although having sex with another with you there with me, I still love you more than you know. I love the home we made. I love the friends we made. Yes, I’m happy with you, with us”.

We must have fallen to sleep quickly after that. I woke to some rattling noises in the kitchen. I turned to see if Jacqui had heard anything and she was gone. I got up, went to the kitchen and there was Jacqui and Cindy. Jacqui was wearing a long T shirt and Cindy was wearing one of my western shirts. I could tell nether one had anything else on. Jacqui said “Good morning baby. Sit down and I’ll bring you some coffee”. In the mornings I don’t get dressed until I have to so, like always, I was nude. Cindy was looking at me so I said “What”? She said “Nothing really. Just you never did that before”. I said “Did what before”? Cindy said “Walk around nude in the morning”. I said “You was so wrapped up in yourself you never noticed anything about me so how would you know”. Jacqui said “Hey guys. We have had a fun weekend. Lets not fight”. Cindy said “No Jacqui, he is right. I didn’t pay attention to him. As long as he brought home money is all I wanted. I was a real bitch. I never treated him right. He now has a good thing going with his business and with you”.

Cindy dropped a spoon and when she bent to pick it up her back was to me and I got a full view of her ass and pussy. I didn’t say anything, just enjoyed the view. Cindy does have a nice pussy. The thing with a pussy and a cock, no matter how many times they are used they don’t wear out and she really is a good fuck. Jacqui started making breakfast and Cindy said she would help. Jacqui reached up into a cupboard and her shirt came up over her ass just as Bob came into the house. Bob seen Jacqui’s bare ass then said “Well, that’s something to see first thing. Do we have coffee or nice ass”? Cindy got him some coffee and he sat down. Bob had gotten dressed before he came in. He said Amy was making herself beautiful and would be in after she was done. I said “She already is beautiful. You can’t improve perfection. Just look at these two here. That proves it”.

Jacqui said “Why, thank you baby”. Cindy said “Wow, a complement”. I said “I always thought you were beautiful and sexy. You were just a bitch”. Jacqui said “Well maybe things will change”. I said “to what? Being ugly with personalty? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that. Cindy, you are a beautiful woman and I hope things do change so we can be friends”. Cindy said “Friends with benefits I hope. And, thank you”. Bob and Jacqui began laughing when Amy came in asking what was so funny so we told her what was said and she said “Well, that’s not funny. Cindy and Richard seem like very nice people”. Cindy said “Well, thank you Amy”. Amy said “You are very welcome. Besides, her husband fucks like a rabbit and that’s not bad”. Then we all started laughing. The girls finished getting breakfast together and Richard was still sleeping. Cindy said she will go wake him. Jacqui said “Wait, why don’t the three of us go in and caress his body and wake him that way”.

Cindy said “Good idea. He doesn’t have any clothes on so it will be easy”. Amy said “Fuck yea. This will be fun”. I got the video camera, went in first and recorded them entering the room, slowly pulling down the blanket. His cock was soft lying off to the right. Cindy lifted his soft cock to Jacqui where she started softly licking and lightly sucking it. Then Cindy took a turn licking and sucking him and his cock began to stiffen. Then Amy took over and sucked his cock until he was full hard. Then Jacqui wanted more. She sucked his cock while Cindy licked his balls. After about a minute his cock began to jerk. Jacqui took his cock from her mouth and watched it shoot cum up on his stomach. He moaned as he had like 6 streams of cum shooting out of his cock. All three girls were rubbing his cock, balls and his jizz. Richard turned his head, moaned, opened his eyes and seen the three beautiful women then said “I thought I was dreaming. Wow, what a way to wake up. Sure glad that wasn’t a wet dream”. We all laughed at him. Cindy said “Go do a quick shower.

Breakfast is ready”. Then she kissed him and we went back to the kitchen talking about what we did to the poor guy. When Richard came out we all sat to eat. Jacqui and Cindy didn’t change into anything else. I did put on some shorts and a T shirt. After a couple hours, Richard and Cindy said they were going to leave. We did the hugs and Cindy told Bob and Amy she really had a great time and was looking forward to the next time. Bob and Amy said they wanted to go out to their motor home for a nap so they went out and Jacqui and I sat out on the deck alone. I ask Jacqui “Why do you always think I’m going to be mad at you”? She said “Honey, I don’t know. Reassurance maybe. I really don’t want to do something that will upset you”. I said “Do you enjoy what we are doing or is there some issues there”? She said “The only issue is I don’t want you to think I’m wanting someone else”. I said “Jacqui, I know you don’t want someone else. You proved that. I love you”.


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