Famous love pt1

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Heard of a French exchange? German exchange?

Fucking Japanese exchange if you will?

Ever heard of an American exchange?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

The whole point of an exchange, is to learn about the culture, language and life of the people of a foreign county. Now, what is the point in doing something like that when you speak the same language and learn the same things? (I could say have the same culture, but I would be lying. Kinda.)

I'm sure the teachers would have taken into account those points when they arranged the whole thing. But I don't think the students – me included – cared too much…


Yes, I know, we – English sixth form students (aka Seniors) – were flying half way across the world to stay with our American host families for a month – seeing as we had finished every exam we needed to take – learning about the history and visiting their sites, before we both – being the English student and the American – flew back to England and they get what we got, except in a different country.

Confusing? Weird? Completely pointless?

Cool? I sure as hell thought it was.

"Ohmigosh! Could you imagine if Taylor Lautner was part of the exchange! That would be so cool!" My best friend, Eva, squealed as the rest of the people filled into the room, awaiting our final briefing on the trip before we left on Saturday.

I was about to launch into an internal thought about how there were loads of nerds going on this trip and how much I wished there would be some nice hot guys out there – seeing as we seemed to be failing so miserably in that department (in both sexes, Eva and I being the only cool people. Which I could say I'm joking about, but I'm not,) when my heart decided to uncomfortably lodge itself in my throat.

"What?" I gasped at her.

she sighed, "Do you ever keep up? We're exchanging with Valencia High School, are we not?" She didn't give me a chance to answer, "Yes. And if you read magazines or something you would know that the Taylor Lautner attends Valencia High School and is in our year!" She finished on a squeal, causing a few snotty pencil pushers to turn and give us a pathetic glare.

"What are you fucking looking at?" She hissed at them.

"I hope that wasn't a swear word I just heard, Eva." Miss Stockwell entered the room, gazing upon Eva sternly.

"Nope. Of course not."

"That's what I thought." She settled her papers and shit on the desk.

"Now before you bombard me with all your questions, I just need to have a quick word with Jasmine if you don't mind." She smiled fondly at me and I slipped out of my seat and made my way to the front, as the chatter picked up behind me.

"Now, I'm sure you know your host is a girl, am I correct?" She started in a hushed tone.

"Yeah. I've been e-mailing her. She seems nice." I would have preferred a boy, but…

"Ah. Well, we have a problem you see. Jenna has been matched with a boy – and she feels uncomfortable to stay around a boys house," I rolled my eyes and she gave me a smile, almost as if to say 'I know', "And I heard you mentioning to Eva how you would have preferred to stay with a boy like she was. So would you like to switch places with her? Or would you like to stay with your original host?"

I love you God.

"No! I don't mind switching! She can have my place. Can you let my host know that I wont be staying with her anymore though?"

"Of course. And thank you for doing this. It really helps me out." I smiled and started to make my way back to my seat.

"Oh, Miss Stockwell?" I asked before I sat down, "What's the name of my host?" She glanced at one of the many sheets on the table.

the looks of it…someone called Taylor."

The week took longer than ever.

I had my step-mum help me pack everything all day on Friday, making sure that nothing was left at home. So this means, tampons inclusive.

My dad and step-mum both dropped me off at school, where a coach was waiting to take us all to Gatwick airport. I said my painful and climbed aboard.

Cant blame me, can you? I'm travelling half way across the world. Last time I checked, the furthest place I've ever been from my parents was twenty minutes down the road.

Lame, I know.

Getting checked in went smooth, but was long and shit boring as was the hellish plane journey.

Usually, I get excited about travelling, but how can I when I have something much bigger on my mind?

Yeah. I'm still pissing my pants about the fact the my host could be Taylor Lautner.

I've considered the con of course. I mean, there is most definitely more than one Taylor at Valencia, and my mind is all jumbled up at the moment, so I'm probably just getting excited over nothing.

Of course, Eva was no help.

"How many guys in one year have the name Taylor?" She would ask rhetorically, "Not many. And, he goes to Valencia! Big hint. Also, I read in Heat that he's always wanted to go to England. It's all the sign Jazz! Stop being a pessimist. You know you have him as your host, you lucky bitch. So savour it."

My heart fluttered at the thought, but my brain told my heart to shut the fuck up.

Someone nudged me.

I moaned.

And again.

"Fuck off Eva." I grumbled still on the edge of />
"Excuse me Jasmine." I snapped open my eyes, only to see that I am face to face with Miss Stockwell.

"You girls need to keep your language in check around these families. I may be used to it, but I'm sure they are not."

"Are we here?" I perked up immediately, when I noticed the coach had come to a complete standstill. And was in fact. Empty.

Thank you Eva.


"Yes. That's why I came to wake you up! They're all off the coach. They obviously forgot to wake you up in their haste to get off." I wasn't really paying attention to her.

I was paying attention to the uncomfortable feeling of my heart smashing against my ribs.

"Shit," I didn't care if she heard me. I quickly pulled out my compact mirror and adjusted my hair into a smoother do, applied some more eyeliner to the top lid.

"Do I look okay?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yes. Beautiful. As always. Now let's get a move on before we get stuck on here." She picked up my hand luggage for me so I could climb out of my seat. There was a big commotion going on outside. I could hear it. But I couldn't really see it.

Tinted windows you see.

It was only when I got off of the coach – more like fell out – and onto the ground of Valencia High, did I realise at least one of my prayers had been answered.

Hot guys.

A hell lot of them.

One of them saw me, went all wide-eyed like a little owl and nudged the one next to him who turned, looked and nudged the one next to him />
Obviously, by the amount of guys, they thought that there would be a lot of hot British chicks going over.

Not that there isn't any girls, it's just that who wants to go with a girl that has really bad acne, smells like a swamp and looks like a loser?

Another loser maybe, but it doesn't look like there are any here.

Eva squealed, letting everyone know my name, before running over to me from somewhere in the crowd, dragging along this cute guy.

"Thank you for waking me up." I scowled playfully at her when she reached me.

"No problem," she grinned, "This is Evan." She motioned to the guy beside her who was literally beaming.

"Hey." I waved at him and grinned like a fool. But I was happy when he returned it with his little American />
"Damn. Now that is a piece of England I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of," A buff guy nudged past me on purpose and threw me a wink over his shoulder.

"You can look, but you cant touch." Eva called after him.

"Then I'll look long and hard. And maybe God will answer my />
"And what are they exactly?" I cocked my eyebrow at him and one of his friend wolf whistled.

"That your clothes will magically fall off that hot ass-"

"I see your making friends already, Jasmine." Miss Stockwell interrupted him and placed a hand on my shoulder. I was kinda disappointed really. Y'know when your being all teasing and everything, but you don't want it to end because your actually having fun? That's what I kinda felt like.

"Yeah." I winked at the sexy guy and I swear he just blushed as all his friend burst out laughing and started cat calling.

"Well, you can finish later. Right now, I need to fill you in on />
"It's nothing bad. Don't worry."

"What's basically happened, is that your host-"

Eva interjected in a coo.

"Taylor? Fuck man. Not good." One of the hot guys friends repeated in a shocked tone from somewhere behind Eva />
I just managed to peer around Eva's head to see them all trudge off dejectedly.


The were really hot as well.

"Yes, Taylor. Well he has been a bit delayed, but he phoned in and asked if you could stay with Evan for this night. Which Evan kindly agreed to," I smiled at him, "You and Eva can just bunk in and then tomorrow he'll come and pick you up and take you back to his house. And you'll do whatever he's doing and stuff, and then he'll bring you to school on Monday where we will all meet."

"But what about my stuff?"

"You can take it with you."

"I cant believe you guys get to go out when we have to stay at school," Evan grumbled.

"Yeah. But when you come back to England, you get to go out and we have to stay at school. So it's fair really."

"I guess…But it would be cool to go together. And then we could really show you everything. " We all nodded in sad agreement.

"Anyway. Not to worry, eh? You guys will still be hanging out on the weekends and evenings. But I think it's time we make a move. We'll all meet back here Monday morning. I have your mobile numbers."

"But they don't work over here."

"I know. I have the host's. And I have a disposable one. But I can trust you guys enough not to do anything retarded, cant I?"

"I cant believe you just said />
"Can I?"

"Yes, Miss Stockwell." She was young, kinda of cool, but still like a mother to us. So we liked her.

"Good. See you guys tomorrow!" We waved goodbye to her, before grabbing our luggage and making our way to Evan's SUV in the school lot.

School had been finished for a while now, so there was just the students who were picking up their exchanges in the lot.

After struggling to get both our suitcases into the trunk – even with Evan's help – we both climbed into the cool cab and made our way to Evan's house. Staring out the window like a bunch of tourists.

"Your gonna be really disappointed when you come to the UK…" I laughed as Evan helped me yank my case out once we had parked outside a very large house in a very large estate.

"Really? I heard it's really cool."

"Shit." I shook my head, "Compared to here anyway."

"But I'd say the same. I'm sick of this place."

He laughed and lead Eva and I both inside to his mega nice home.

"Mom?" He called.

"Is that you honey?"

only me. Who else?" He started to laugh. There was a small shuffle of feet from around the corner of one of his big white walls and a small woman appeared.

"Oh my. Hello there sweeties! Welcome! I'm Lucy." She pulled Eva and I into both unexpected hugs, as we both greeted her cheerily despite our drowsy state.

"Evan, you never told me there would be two. I would have set up another room." She said releasing us.

"No. You didn't need to do that. I actually have a host but he's a bit delayed at the moment, so I'm going to be bunking in with Eva just for the night." I assured her.

Evan rolled his eyes.

"Taylor? Ooh!" She squealed grabbing the tops of my arms, "He's a very close friend of the family. You guys are welcome to stay round whenever you want." She released me and sighed, "You two are going to make such a cute couple."

"Um Mom? Do you think you could cut out the match making crap? She hasn't even met him yet. Jesus." Evan saved me.

"Sorry, honey. Do you guys want something to eat? It's a little past dinner right now, but I can slip in a pizza if you />
"Oh no thanks. We ate not too long ago." Eva smiled.

"I bet you guys are beat. I'll show you your room." Evan started to make his way down one of the grand halls.

"Night girls! Have a good sleep."

"Night Lucy." We waved back at her.

Friendly people.

Evan showed us the massive chamber which was otherwise know was – Eva's room – and left us alone. We dressed mechanically in our pyjama's, brushing out teeth in the en-suite and falling onto the double bed. We were sleep on legs right then.

But when I had actually settled down – I found it very hard to fall asleep.

Reasons being, I kept on thinking about Taylor.

No, I still didn't actually know if it was the Taylor. And I realised I had had many opportunities to ask whether his last name was Lautner, but I had missed them, and all I really wanted to do right now was get out of bed and go and ask Evan (or his mother) whether it was Taylor Lautner – or if I was actually crazy.

My mind decided then it was best if I slept and wait until the morning.

Eva and I had breakfast with Evan the next morning, discussing what we would be doing today, when someone honked a car horn from outside.

"That must be Taylor." My heart fluttered against my ribs.

"Thanks Evan. I'll see you at school in a minute Eva," I gave Evan a quick hug and received a knowing wink from Eva before grabbing my suitcase – which was by the front door – and making my way outside.

"Um, Evan?" I called back into the house.

"Does Taylor have a Porsche?"

I closed the door behind me.

Holy shit.

I made my way timidly over to the flash looking car, the same moment someone stepped out.

"Hey there," The very good looking man, removed his very good looking glasses to reveal his very good looking familiar chocolate brown eyes.

Screw you brain, I told you my heart was right.

"Hi," I squeaked breathlessly, before being pulled in to one of the most amazing hugs.

Oh my – fucking – God. I am hugging Taylor Lautner.

"Wow," he grinned a fuck me grin, his hand still lightly laid on my hip, "Your much hotter than I thought."

My eyes widened, "Thank you."

"Anything for you sugar."

Taylor just called you sugar, Taylor just called you sugar.

"Um. How am I going to get my suitcase into you He stopped grinning for a moment, eyed the car and then my suitcase, before turning back to me with a grin.

"Not sure. But with a little bit of magic, you can make anything work," He winked at me and went to lift up my suitcase – with his bulging biceps – in an attempt to get it into the car.

I, of course, stood there dribbling.


"Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up last night. I was…er, a little held up with work," Taylor started from beside me.

"It's okay. Your busy. I />
"You do?" He glanced over to me and smirked his irresistible smirk that had girls dropping their pants for him.

"Yeah," I took a deep deliberate breath and his grin expanded, "Who />
"Not everyone." He countered softly.

"Well, it was a good job you have me for your exchange then." He shifted gears and his arm brushed mine lightly.

"You got that right."

It was quiet for a moment, and all you could hear was the smooth sound of the engine.

"So, seeing as we're going to be living under the same roof for two months…why don't you tell me a bit about I broke the comfortable, yet marginally uncomfortable silence.

He laughed a delicious laugh.

"Good idea. Um…where to he shifted gears as he thought, "Well, I'm an actor."

"No shit Sherlock." I snorted and he joined in.

"Okay, I like travelling. Eating. Sleeping. Working out. Going to the beach. oh yeah, and checking out hot girls." He threw a deliberate wink at me.

"Nice to know." And I wasn't lying.

"So, what about you honey?"

"Same. Really. Except I don't check out hot girls,"

"I bet you check out hot guys, right?" He seemed thrilled by the idea, so I didn't want to burst his bubble.

Not that I didn't check out hot guys. Because I definitely did.

"Of course," I giggled.

I be ranked under that He murmured, glancing at me out of the corner of his eye.

It was only then did it hit me, that he was flirting with me.

Taylor – fuck me – Lautner is flirting with you! RESPOND CHILD!

"You may very well be, Taylor," I purred, watching with satisfaction as his pulse whipped against the bronze skin of his neck.

I hadn't realised that we had pulled up outside a house bigger than Evan's, as I was too busy concentrating on Taylor, who was facing me – and very close.

"My name sounds so hot when you say it in that British accent," he whispered, "Say it again."

I unconsciously leaned closer.

His door was wrenched open, nearly causing him to topple out onto the floor as I jumped to high in surprise that I smashed my head on the low roof of his sports car.

I moaned quietly to myself, clutching my head. The pain seemed to knock some sense into me though and when I looked back at it, I could quite believe I had flirted with this superstar when I didn't really even know him.

But he flirted back. I knew that.

"Makena. What the fuck is your problem?" He hissed at the bouncing teen.

"Is this your exchange? Is she staying here? Oh my God, hi! I'm Makena! It's so nice to meet you! You must be Jasmine, right?" She pulled me out of the car and bounced up and down with excitement.

"Yeah. It's nice to meet you too Makena."

"OhmiGosh. I love your accent!" She gushed.

"Thank you. You have a really cute one too." Bless her.

She started to blush wildly, and before she could compliment me on something else, Taylor interrupted her.

"Enough. Jasmine is my exchange and I'm sure she's sick of your questions and shit. So why don't you go and do something girly, okay?" Before I could kindly protest, Makena answered.

"She's nice. Unlike you," she started to stalk off toward the house next door, She threw over her shoulder.

"It's okay. I didn't really mi-"

"Shh," he took hold of my wrist in his warm grip, "I know. But she would be bothering you all day otherwise, you have to do things while their fresh. Otherwise people get the wrong idea," I wanted to question him about the fact that he started flirting with me nearly as soon as I had met him, but I was distracted by the warm feeling emanating from his body.


I mean, huh?

"Now, how about I give you the grand tour?" Literally. I mean, everything about the place screamed grand.

He flashed me a blinding grin almost as if to stun me and make me loose all train of thought as his hand slipped from my wrist, curling around my hand.

Never in all my life, had I felt such a soft hand.

Dude must moisturize or something.

"Come on. Your room's next to mine." He towed me towards his mansion by my hand, dragging my suitcase along in the other.

Whilst I tried not to dwell on the fact that I would be sleeping in a room next door to him.

Freaking sex on legs.
I met his mom and dad, who were both really nice, welcoming people – I felt so relieved I'll tell you that – before Taylor showed me all around his house. (To call it a house is a bit of an />
All the while, his hand stayed firmly around mine.

So mine stayed firmly around his.

"Holy shit," I whispered under my breath, "Is this my room?" Well of course it is moron. It's the room next door to his.

Eva's room was huge.

My room was ten times bigger.

"Yep. Do you like it?" Taylor's alluring voice came from very close behind me – so close, I could feel his breath on my bare neck.

I turned to him with the biggest smile ever.

"I love it. Thank you so much!" Without really realising what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to my body.

His body was stiff which made me consider I had really crossed the line, but before I could pull dejectedly away, I felt his warm arms, circle around my waist before jerking me flush against his body.

Is that a…-

No. It must be or />
Seriously? Since when do zipper's stick out like that?

Since when have I had a conscience that talks?

My conscience ignored me. Well, if it is his zipper – it's a fucking big one.

"If your gonna react like this all the time. Maybe I should take you shopping," He released me, but kept one hand firmly on my waist – hovering a little more towards the direction of my butt – as the other tucked a strand of my short, black hair behind my ear intimately.

"Maybe you should," I agreed with my flirtatious smile – I had used it on a few guys before, so I knew it worked like a charm.

And from the way Taylor swallowed audibly, I could see that it did.

"Taylor? Jasmine?" Debbie – Taylor's mother – called down the hall, giving us a little warning to stand a good foot away from each other before she rounded the corner.

"Oh, there you are! Do you like your room?" She smiled kindly as she approached us, with her little apron on.

"Yes. I love it. Thank you very much."

"Oh, no problem sweetie. Now, I just wanted to ask you two what you wanted for lunch. Or…if your eating />
Taylor was quick to answer.

"That's okay mom. We were going to head down to the beach with some others in a minute. We'll eat at the bar down there."

"Well, alright. But make sure you get yourself settled in first, Jasmine. Taylor can be a bit pushy sometimes," She left us then, tittering back down the elaborately decorated hall, as I restrained myself from screaming: I HEART PUSHY.

"You want some help with unpacking? Looks like you've brought quite a load there," He nodded down at my black beast of a suitcase.

"Yeah. Thanks."

We chatted about school, friends, the exchange as we worked together on unpacking my stuff – which I found Taylor was very good and helpful at (probably due to the fact that he always travelled.)

"So. Who's going down to the beach?" I asked, hanging up one of my even dresses in the walk in wardrobe.

There was no answer.

I walked out of the closet, to see Taylor with his back to me.

It was when he turned around with his shit eating grin, did I realise why he hadn't answered.

In his large hands, hung a pair of my French knickers.

I reached out and tried to snatch them out of his hands, but his reflexes were much better than mine, so in one swift movement, they were above his head – out of my reach.

"Give them back!" I jumped, trying to grab hold of some of the flimsy material – but he was just too tall.

He seemed to be enjoying watching me struggle, by the sound of his seductive laugh which vibrated through our touching chests as I tried to climb up him. Which didn't work FYI. So I settled for something better.

I stamped on his foot.

He jumped back in surprise, falling flat on his back onto my king sized bed, arm outstretched above his head holding the white lace.

I took this as the perfect opportunity to scramble over his large frame, pinning his arms down with my knees and yanking my pants out of his grasp. With a lot of effort of course.

"Yes!" I crowed, holding my pants triumphantly above my head in some sort of way to rub it in his face that I had beaten him in this under garment fest – despite the whole reason for getting the lingerie off of him was so that he couldn't picture what I was wearing under my clothes, and here I was waving them high in the air like a trophy.


"Have some! In your face! Oh yeah baby." I was still – obviously – crowing in triumph, "Didn't think you'd get beat by- HEY!" In my delight, I was completely oblivious to Taylor's arms worming out from underneath my legs, his hands crawling up my thighs – taking a firm hold on them before flipping me over onto my back (him now straddling me) until it had all happened.


Instead of fighting him off of me, I went on a quest to hide the white panties from his hands.

I stuffed them under my middle back, but – of course – his hands delved straight under my back, so I had to find a new hiding place.

I balled up the pants and shoved them down my bra.

I stared up at him with a devious smile, which immediately disintegrated when I saw the look in his eyes.


he sighed, shaking his head and smiling, "Do you really think that would stop me?" And before I had time to answer or clamber out from underneath his heavy body, his knees were pinning my arms down – just like I had done earlier – and I had no escape.

"Where to to he said thoughtfully tapping his finger to his chin, I watched warily – and helplessly – as something glinted in his eyes before he looked down at me.

"I Instead of his hands going to my top like I thought he would, they fluttered to my face – gently brushing strands of aggravating hair out of my face.

"Don't look so worried," he brushed his index finger over the bridge of my nose.

"I'm not." He seemed startled by my response.

"Then why the dirty He grinned at his choice of words.

"I don't know you."

"You do."

"No," I shook my head, "I don't really."

"You do in here." He traced a pattern of a love heart over the fabric of my scoop neck tee which was covering my left breast.

I could have protested, but I didn't feel like I should.

If he was wrong, then why would my heart smash against my ribs whenever he was in my presence?

He could see I had gone quiet when he had said that, and it made him happy.

"Now, let's see if I can find these panties." That infamous glint came back in his eyes.

"Let me ask you this…what are you actually going to do with them?" He shrugged from on top of me.

"Frame them. Sleep with them. Smell them. I don't know. Whatever I want. But they are in my possession and I will do with them what I will."

"Really? Is that it? No twenty questions?" He seemed stunned.

"Nope. But if your going to have a pair of my pants, then I want a pair of yours."

"Ooh. Kinky." He winked appreciatively before turning his attention to the place where I had stuffed my pants down my bra.

Well, this should be interesting.

I lay there, watching him intently as he unconsciously licked his bottom lip and then drew it into his mouth, his hands lifted from my waist to the brim of my top which laid flush against my pert breasts.

He swallowed and I let my eyes flutter shut as I felt his warm fingertips brush the top of my chest.

"Look at me, honey," He murmured, his fingers now ran along the underside of my top.

I opened my eyes to find his face very close to mine.

"Are you going to get your panties or not?" I whispered to him, not breaking eye contact.

He nodded wordlessly and nudged his hand deeper under my top.

I knew he had them, because I could feel it – seeing as it was pressed against my bare flesh – which meant I also knew he was stalling – pretending to still be in search of them – when he actually had them.

The warmth of his hand against the top of my breast – not actually on my breast (unfortunately) – made my heart crash against my ribs. And I was almost positive he could feel it.

"Jasmine, I-" His phone started to vibrate in his pocket then.

I could have screamed in frustration – definitely sexual – but that urge disintegrated when the jolting movements of his mobile shivered through his groin to mine.

We both groaned at the contact.

I gasped, "you should answer that."

"It feels too good."

"Answer it."

"Fine." He lazily pulled the phone out of his pocket and pressed it to his ear.

"Hey," he answered huskily as I tried to worm out from under his iron thighs.

He had his pants – or should I say, my pants – why am I still being held captive?

"Yeah. Be out in a sec." He hung up.

"Who was it?" I asked innocently as I tried to get him the hell off of me.

"Evan. Him and…Eva? Yeah. Well, they're waiting outside. We're going to the beach />
"Well then, would be so kind in removing your butt from my vagina?"

"Did I just hear you correctly?" He seemed stunned that I had said that in front of him.

"Yes you heard me. Butt. Off. Vag. Now. You know, girls have bones there too."

"Keep talking. This may have been the best conversation I have ever had."

"Go and get me your goddamn pants and then piss off so I can change."

"Can I stay in here? I promise I wont say />
"Alright. I'm going." He slipped off of me and I resisted the urge to rub my bruised sex.

"Now," he turned to me with a cocked eyebrow, "Armani or Calvin Klein?"

"We wont get arrested for doing this will we?" I yelled over the whipping wind and loud engine to Taylor who opposite me, also holding on to the roof of the SUV.

"Are you kidding?"

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" He laughed.

"No way would we get arrested for this. Everyone does it all the time here. Why? Would you get busted in England?"

"Hell yes," I nodded, "Even if your sitting in the car – let alone standing on the back of it – without a seatbelt they'll nick you."

"Nick you?"

"Bust you." I rolled my eyes.

"Alright bitches we're here." Evan called out of the window once we had pulled up in the sandy car park.

Taylor jumped out and flitted to my side of the truck to help me out.

"Very />
"Don't cha know it." He left me then, to help Evan unload the body boards and cooler with drinks. Eva took this as an opportunity to bombard me with her delighted squeals.

"OH EM GEE. He is so hot! I knew you would have him! You turd monkey." She gushed once Taylor was out of ear shot.

"Did you just call me a turd monkey?"

"Yes, you turd monkey. Girl, he is so fine!" She started to do a little suggestive hip thrusting and a couple of guys who were passing wolf whistled.

"But he's a man whore."

"Well, yeah. But so are you."

"I'm not a man whore-"

"Your just a whore." She finished for me, "That's why you guys would be so great with each other! You can both get whoever you want."

"I don't understand how that is good."

"Well, if you can get whoever you want, then it's going to make Taylor mega jealous and therefore turning him into less of a man whore."

"Oh, and so when he's fucking a girl in his bedroom – which FYI is right next door to mine – I'm going to have to go through the lovely feeling of />
I did not like the sound of that one bit.

"Okay, so don't let it get that far. And if he does bring a girl back into his room, run in and scare them."

"But it doesn't matter. Why would he want to go for one of them," she nodded not discreetly over to a giggling group of blonde whores who were eye fucking Taylor, "When he has some foreign meat in the room next to him?"

"Meat? Oh great. That makes me sound like a fucking-"

"-sexy girl." Taylor finished from behind me, startling me.

"You little shit! Don't do that!" I smacked him lightly on the chest, but I think I hurt myself more than I hurt him. His pecks were like steel.

he laughed and patted my left arse cheek. Eva winked at me and jogged after Evan.

"Did you hear what I just said?"

"Nope. Only the end. Why, did you want me to?"

"No." I answered immediately.

"That just makes me want to know now."

"Well tough titty's, your not going to know."

Now that is what I'm talking about sugar." He spanked my butt through my denim shorts again. I blushed, glad no one had seen.

"Your such a whore." I shook my head and laughed. He nipped my bare shoulder with his perfect teeth, sending a shiver of delight down my spine.

"So are you."

"That's why I love it."
Taylor started from beside me, where his towel lay on the sand, "The suns out. If you don't take those shorts off, there might burn up."

"By the way your looking at them, they probably already have." He chuckled.

"But seriously. How are you going to get a tan like that?" I propped myself up and one elbow and removed my sunglasses.

"If you want me to remove my clothing, you just have to ask."

His eyes widened.

"Not all of it pervert." He grinned and motioned for me to proceed.

I rolled my eyes but got to my feet bringing the towel I lay on with me and draping it round my shoulders and turning my back to him.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Taylor complained as I kicked off my shorts.

"No giving you the viewing />
"But that's unfair."

"Oh, just wait."

"Why should I?" And then from out of no where, Taylor head poked through between my legs, head on the sand, grinning up at me.

I gasped, jumping away from him with my towel wrapped securely around my body- trying not to kick sand in his eyes.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"That was so inappropriate! I hadn't adjusted myself! You could have seen my- />
for me. I saw no such thing. Quite upsetting really."

"Your lucky I'm not kicking sand in your face now."

"Go for it. But whatever your bringing, I'll bring it back. Just like earlier. Look who came out on top." Literally.

"Thank you for that beautiful />
"No problem sugar." He hopped to his feet and folded his muscular arms across his muscular bare chest which was glowing from the sun tan lotion he had me rub on him, (Jesus Christ, I couldn't quite get over the fact how hot he looked half naked – chiselled abs jutting out from his stomach, pecks like bricks and absolutely no hair. Apart from the snail trail leading from his navel to his. Well. Below his dangerously low board shorts. You could only imagine what waited there.)

"What?" I asked him.

"Are you going to remove your towel now?"

"Y'know what? I don't think I His grin evaporated.

"That's not-"

"Fair?" He nodded.

"Hate to break it to you, but life isn't. But…" I sighed, your lucky day. I'm going in the water anyway."

"Thank fuck for that." His tone was relieved.

I rolled my eyes and let the towel drop to my feet.

Taylor fell back onto the sand.

"Damn girl, what have you been hiding?" He muttered under his breath and his eyes raked the contours of my body with no shame.

I wasn't skinny. In some ways I wish I was. To fit into size 6 clothes would make my day – UK size. But I wasn't. I was pear shaped. Which was kinda good I guess because it had guys tripping over their tongues. Who would ever have thought a big butt and wide hips could get you laid?

"Okay. I think that's enough ogling." He shook his head and leaned back on his elbows.

"Okay, fine. You'll look like a Goddess-" Fucking hell I loved it when he gave me pet names, "-when you have water running down that hot ass body of yours. Now," he clapped his hands together and hopped back to his feet, "Want me to cream you up?"

"What?" I gasped.

Did he actually just say that?

Oh my God, I'm already creaming my pants – don't you worry about that.

He burst into a roar of laughter and nearly fell back onto the sand.

"Sadly, I didn't mean it like that," his laughs died down and he took a step closer to me, "but I can if you wanna…the SUV windows are tinted." He hinted suggestively, and as much as I wanted to take him up on that offer, rip off those Animal trunks he's wearing and suck him off, I politely declined.

"Get fucked."

"By you." He finished with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"So do you want me to rub oil all over your body in the best massage you've ever had or not?" He pressed, the bottle of liquid already in his hand at the ready.

"Just do my back." I bit my tongue as soon as I had realised what I had said. A normal person with a less perverted mind would have got on with the job, but Taylor is anything but normal.

And being all perceptive and shit, his dirty mind picked up the words.

"With pleasure, honey. Now bend over and let me-"

"Say one more paedophilic thing in the next thirty seconds and you wont be rubbing oil onto anyone." I warned.

"Okay," he said easily and motioned for me to turn around, so he could rub the greasy shit onto my shoulders.

Oh my fucking DAYS that feels so damn good…

"So that's it?" I murmured as his fingers worked magic on the base of my neck.

"That's what?"

"No answering back…? Just />
"Well, you said thirty seconds. I've got about fifteen more. I can wait." I rolled my eyes and tried not to moan as he had hit a really good spot under my bikini strap, which he obviously had no worries about lifting up.

After coating that area he let it go with a ping.

"All done."

"Your really good. Thanks." I stood up without look at him.

"Anything for you sugar," I could feel his presence right behind me, "Oh, and I think my time is up." I smirked at him over my shoulder.

"I know. RACE YOU TO THE WATER!" I legged it for the water, kicking up sand behind me.

Fucking hell, why'd this beach have to be so damn long?

"Hey! You slag! That's cheating!" He yelled – by the sounds of it – not too far behind me.

"Don't call me a slag. You man whore!" I yelled over my shoulder and I was shocked that I couldn't see him.

Someone ran into me from the side, tackling me to the ground.

"You wont get away from me that easy." He grunted from on top of me – again. The other teens on the semi-full beach were now all looking at us.

"Get off me!" I hissed, rolling around on my stomach in the sand, "Okay bitch. You officially got sand in my bikini top and if you get it on my face. You will die."

"I don't mind licking it off. In both areas. Are you sure you don't have any down your panties? I don't mind cleaning that up for you either."

"Just get off of me."

"Maybe I don't want to."

"People are looking, and it looks like your boning me up the arse. So remove your erection off of my butt." He chuckled but I bet you he was blushing.

"They can watch. I'm quite enjoying myself. My erection likes your ass." I took it as a compliment.

"Jasmine? What are you doing?" Evan's voice came from somewhere above me, but I could hardly look up that far, seeing as I was embedded into the sand by Taylor's hot, heavy, oily body.

Getting a good picture?

"He is sexually harassing me. Evan! A little help?"

"Hey Evan, what's Taylor do- OH MY GOD! IS THAT JASMINE?" Eva's voice screamed.

I rolled my eyes and decided to take things into my own hands. Sort of.

I thrust my butt up and into Taylor hard groin as hard as I could. Which wasn't very hard, but it still managed to make him groan in pain and slide off of my back.

"Phew." I panted, rolling onto my back and gazing up as the horror struck, yet slightly amused faces of Eva and Evan.

"Hey guys."

"Taylor. Man. You got some serious problems in your pants." Evan shook his head and a few water droplets fell onto my sandy stomach.

Ugh. I hate it when sand sticks to me. Yet, here I am, lying in it.

"Me?" he rasped from beside me, hands between his legs, "Jasmine was the one who did the butt thrust."

"You started it."

"No, you did. By />
"I did not cheat."

"Yes you did."

"Fine. I did. But what chance would I have had if I />
"I would have let you win."

"Yeah. Right. And I have a penis."

"No you don't. Otherwise, you wouldn't be staying in my house."

"Oh. I see how it is," I propped myself up on one elbow – still trying to maintain that flattest look I could for my stomach – and Taylor mimicked, "Your just using me."

"No. I never said that."

"You were insinuating it."

"And you love it."

"Of course."

And then we both grinned at each other.

"Are you sure you can do this?"

"Taylor. It's fucking body boarding. I'm not a retard. Why?" I grinned, "Are you worried about me?"

he scratched the back of his head with the hand which wasn't holding onto the board, "You could say that."

"How sweet."

"Don't get used to it." He warned, but grinned.

I peeked over my shoulder.

"That looks like a good one." He glanced at the waves heading towards us and balked.

"Are you shitting me? I wont even go on that! It's a monster!"

I muttered as I started kicking forward.

"Seriously. Um. Jazz. I really don't think you should ride that one!" He called, his voice laced with genuine worry. I know. What a shocker.

"GO JAZZ!" Evan hollered from the beach, of course, attracting all unnecessary attention.

Oh God. Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

"PLEASE DON'T DIE JAZZ!" Eva wailed, but Evan placed a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

It was only then did I notice that none of the other body boarders were riding this wave.

Even a good way behind me, Taylor noticed my panic.

"You cant avoid it now. It'll take you under! Just ride it. It'll be fine!" But his voice – for once – wasn't so sure.

I swallowed. It was gaining speed now and nearly right behind me, the tops of the – bigger than I thought – wave were starting to break.

Against my better judgement and bones in my body, I started kicking forward.

My heart was positively racing by the time I felt the back of the board lift with the sheer force of the wave – only slightly, as that was the point the heavy water crashed down around me.

I was momentarily blinded, water surrounded me and I thought that maybe I would never see the surface again. Nice one Jasmine.

But before the angry water could shoot up my nose any further, the force of the wave pushed me forward and out of the white swell.

The wave was so big, I rode it up a good few metres onto the beach.

"Oh my God, that AWESOME!" Evan yelled, breaking the silence. He ran over to me and gave me a big nice hug, before Eva came over and gave me a congratulatory squeeze.

Of course, everyone else on the beach broke out in their cheers and huddled round me.

I soaked it all up.

Why not? It was a pretty big achievement. For a body boarder.

"Shit. A hot chick that can ride a wave. I'm your number one fan." A guy wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Well, you never know. If she can ride a wave, she might be able to ride one of us." Another guy stepped forward grinning as all the other half naked male specimen around me cheered and wolf whistled as girls, who were once interested and friendly rolled their eyes – a few stalking away.

Cant a girl catch a break?

"Hey, come hang out with us," the guy who still had his arm around me murmured into my ear seductively, "or you can lie in the shade with me…" his nose skimmed the edge of my ear, "Maybe somewhere quieter…? Just you and me baby. And we can talk about what your favourite ride is." His lips deliberately brushed the side of my face.

He was pretty hot.

And I had a very big urge to take him up on that offer, but before I could say anything an arm, warmer and dripping with sea water snaked round my waist and yanked me out from under the hot guys arm, the force made me collide with a half naked – very wet – and angry Taylor.

"Dude. What the hell?" He snarled over the top of my head to the hot guy who was staring at Taylor with wide eyes.

"Sorry man. I didn't know she was taken."

"I'm not." I assured him.

"Yes you are." Taylor growled.

"No. I'm. Not." His wild eyes flickered down to mine and the chocolate seemed to melt slightly, but they still held their ferociousness.

"You are."

Maybe he was trying to drop the hint.

But before I could say anything, I was being dragged away back to the SUV.

Without bothering with the gentlemanly-ness, he pushed me into the passengers seat, jogging round to the drivers and jumping in and slamming the door.

"WHAT THE-" We both started to shout at the same time, but stopped when we realised we were both speaking.

I waited for him to go, but he obviously did the same.

"You first." He ground out.

I grumbled angrily under my breath and folded my arms across my chest.

"What is your problem? I didn't do anything wrong! I wasn't going to go off and fuck him, you moron," kinda a lie, "He was flirting with me! I cant help being a kick ass body boarder!"

"He had his hands all over you! I wouldn't be surprised if he had his cock shoved discreetly up your ass! They're all players! I was just trying to help you!" He yelled back.

"Help me? From what?! You're a player! I know you are! We both know you are! Everyone knows you are! The superstar bad boy," I muttered, "I wouldn't be surprised if you'd fucked more than half of these girls on this beach! I bet their all your type. Beautiful. Skinny. Blonde-"

"Not blonde," he amended a little too softly, "I've got black hair. It looks really bad in the press."

"The pres-"

"And no. I haven't fucked all of the girls on this beach,"

"Oh," I barked sarcastically, "Probably scattered on different beaches right?" I spat sarcastically, "The thing I don't get, is your such a />
"I was just trying to help you!"

"Oh yeah. But I cant return it, can I? If you had girls all over you, you would hate me if I dragged you away like that. Or started snapping at them like some over protective mother! I'm not even taken!"

you noticed that I may have a small thing for you?" He asked, his tone still raised.

"I know you have a big thing for me! The way your constantly flirting with me, being all protective, worrying. A dumb shit can pick up on those details Taylor. You've been dropping them like Hansel and Gretel. But I bet you do this with all the girls. On every beach." I added the last part as a hiss.

It was kinda sad once I realised it later. Here he was, millionaire actor admitting his feelings for me on the twilight of our first day together, and I was mocking him.

"No I fucking don't!" He yelled angry again, "Anyone I do screw means nothing to me. I don't have time for />
I slumped back into my seat, for once, not having anything to say. But my chest seemed to be hurting mildly at his words – in an unfamiliar throbbing way.

"So," I started in an emotionless tone, "You like me, but everyone you screw means nothing to you?"

"No. I didn't mean it like that-"

"Oh sure. I bet you just-" Two large hands snatched my wrists in their painful hold, yanking me towards the half naked torso.

"I SAID I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!" he yelled again, his lips glistened with his saliva, "Will you listen to me?!"

I started at him wordlessly.

"You drive me insane! In both ways! Seeing those guys hands all over you made me sick to the core! Your not mine. I know. I haven't known you a full day yet. But for some reason – and I know it sounds fucking corny as hell – I feel like I've know you so much longer. Your not like other girls Jasmine," he sighed, his tone was much softer now, "You're a whore. Like me. But I've met other girls who are like that. Hell, I've met prostitutes before, but you keep me on. I don't know what it is!" he sighed again, but frustrated, rubbing his face with his hands, "You always leave me wanting more. I want you. But I don't. Because I feel that if I have you, that feeling will go. And I don't want it to. Because I've never felt this way before. And I like it."

I tried to process what he was saying.

After a long moment of tense silence he turned to look at me with his weary expression, for a moment, it made him look ten years older.

"Please say something. If you want to switch hosts, I understand. But please, don't stop talking to me. I really like you Jasmine. I cant fully describe it."

I exhaled a breath of air.

"So you like me. A lot. You want to fuck me. But you don't because you think you'll stop liking me the way you do now." I was summarising what he had just said.

"Basically, yeah. Except, mine was a whole paragraph and had much more tone and expression in it," he smiled lightly and took my hand in his again.

I smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry," he assured me and almost as if it was a natural gesture, he reached over the gear box and pulled me onto his lap, "I do want to know one thing />
"Do you like me the same way I like you?"

I didn't need to even think about that.

Hell, I probably liked him much more than he liked me.

The fact that he was a celebrity had nothing to do with it. I didn't think of his like that, and when I did, it was rare. He was just a hot guy. A nice, funny, sexy, hot guy.

Who I liked very much.

"Yes. I do like you like that." I kissed the corner of his mouth. The dampness from earlier transferred to my lips and I automatically licked it away.

He chuckled and ducked his head to kiss my cheek. All in all, two very romantic and sweet gestures. Who would have thought it'd come from us?

"So, do you wanna come to a party with me later? We can get something to eat first and then go home, get ready and go out. I promise I'll take good care of you."

"I thought we- you had school />
"Nope. We have a free day. For home />
"Oh. I don't think my teacher knows that."

"She does. She text all the hosts today saying that you have to meet her on Tuesday instead of />
"Oh. Cool."

"So do you wanna go?"

"Sure thang."

he crowed in obvious delight, "Do you wanna head out now? You must be hungry after all that body boarding." He grinned at me.

"Yeah. My stomach likes the sound of that."

I climbed back over the hand brake, Taylor had one hand inconspicuously yet supportive on my backside.

Well, nothing's changed then.

"Hey man, got over you little tantrum?" Evan open the driver side door and poked his head in.

"Yep. All sorted. We're gonna go and get something to eat and then go home, get ready and meet at Matt's later?"

"Okay. Eva and I already ate though. So it looks like your getting a cab." He grinned and waggled his eyebrows knowingly.

"Fine by us." Taylor hopped out of the driver seat, and came to open my door, but I was already half out of the car.

Aw, that is the cutest thing ever.

"See you guys later." Eva waved and did a little bum waggling as we walked away from her and back onto the beach to pull on some decent clothing and grab our items.

"So where are we going to eat?"

"Just a little beach café down the road. They do great sandwiches. If you like sandwiches?" He asked me sheepishly, like he had forgotten whether I liked sandwiches or not.

"I like everything. You can put anything in front of me and I will most likely eat it."

"What about if I was put in front of you. Would you eat me?" I looked up at him.

He had his sexy smirk back on.

I allowed.

"Good enough," he shrugged. I shook my head.

"Lemme ask you something Taylor. Why the hell do you always ask or comment in such disgusting ways?"

He looked up at me with a smile, and looked like he was just about to answer, when something caught his attention over my head.

Before I could follow his narrowed gaze, I was tucked deep under his arm, almost squished against his the side of his chest.

I squeaked, "What the fu-"

"Shh!" He hissed at me under his breath at me and I instantly stilled.

I pulled the hair that was in my mouth out and wriggled a little bit so I could breath, which was also enough to be able to see.


Of course, Taylor was glaring at that hot guy who was standing, watching us at the edge of the beach with his posse.

I smiled at them and nearly waved, but I knew that would give off all the wrong vibes.

We passed them a bit more relaxed than earlier, only because the hand I didn't have resting on his, which was around my shoulder, was digging him in the side which was covered.

"You are such a loser." I snorted once we were well out of their view – but for some reason, I was still tucked under his arm. Oh well.

"You didn't mind."

"How can you say that when you're the one depriving me of any air to voice my views?"

"You feel good against me like that."

I looked up at him.

"Shit. I didn't mean it like that,"

"You didn't? I was starting to get used to it." I teased.

"No. Actually for once I swear to God I didn't mean it. Well, I did mean it. But not in the context your thinking," he sighed dramatically, "Jeeze, this is so fucking hard being with someone who has a dirty mind."

"Tell me about it." I muttered.

We walked in a comfortable silence, occasionally giggling at the previous event – Taylor's arm stayed comfortably around my shoulder and mine around his waist.

"So, I know your famous and everything. But how come you don't have to have a body guard?" I started after a while curiously.

He shrugged, "This is my home town. Everyone knows me from when I was a kid here, so nothing's really changed there. Paparazzi know not to come here, because this is the one place where I'm not disturbed. It's nice to get away from all that hassle."

"Oh. That's cool."

"Why?" he asked suddenly amused, "Did you want your picture taken?"

I pulled a face, "Hell no. I'm so He laughed.

"For one, you are most definitely not un-photogenic. Very opposite that in fact. And two…well, you're the first person who's has actually said that,"

"What? That I'm />
"No," he laughed again, "That you didn't want the media around and shit. That's the only reason girls hang out with me. To get famous and live in Hollywood. It's really />
"And kinda sad on your part. Seeing as you cant find a girl who doesn't want attention." I pointed out.

He looked down at me and his gaze softened, "I found you."

My heart just fell out of my butt.

"Yeah," I nodded breathlessly, "I guess you did."

His soft face broke into the biggest smile I had ever seen him wear, before he ducked his head to kiss the spot just below the corner of my mouth sweetly.

Why the fuck cant he just kiss me?

Well, why the fuck don't you just kiss him?

No one asked for your opinion.

Fuck this conscience. I want a refund.

I peeked up at him – he was looking forward, but would have seen me if it wasn't for the fact that I was tucked under his arm.

His lips were a very nice colour. I noticed that they actually changed colour sometimes. Ranging from a rosy, pink colour, to a natural peach. All in all, very inviting.

More so now, as I watched him lick them slowly, they shimmered and made me just want to touch them more.

With what part of my anatomy you say?

Well. That's for me to know and for you to find out.
We walked a little more down the sandy car park, till we came to the beach café – where we sat on the veranda talking, eating and having a very enjoyable time.

I don't think either of us mentioned one thing dirty. Fucking shock.

Taylor gave me the opportunity to call my first cab when we had finished. Not that I hadn't got a cab before – but the ones in London were pretty gay, so this was a little different for me.

And I totally sucked at it, so Taylor took over with one loud whistle and then we were on our way back home – to his house, I mean.

"I'll, er, meet you downstairs once your ready then," He said once we were both outside our rooms.

"What? No pervy comment?"

"Well, if you want me />
"No, it's okay. Maybe another time," I grinned, "Thanks for today."

"You're very welcome." His cheeks tinged a darker colour than they already were.

We stood there, smiling at each other for a bit longer than necessary, until I decided to break the spell and kiss him on the cheek.

Do you have shit aim or something? His lips are a little lower and more to the centre of his face. You moron!

Without looking back at him, I padded into my room and shut the door.

Someone fucking kill me.

"Wow. You Taylor's eyes were wide as I entered the hall in my party outfit.

"No, I was thinking more along the lines of really beautiful actually." I blinked and blushed.

"Thanks. You look great too." Completely edible in fact. In his button down Boss shirt and French Connection dark wash jeans.

"I know." He grinned cockily at me – and for some reason, I was actually glad to see this Taylor back.

But, I would probably change my mind then next time he opened his mouth.

He took my hand and pulled me down the hall and to the lounge.

"Hey Dad, Jazz and I are going to go to Matt's for a while. Just for a little get together. We wont be back too late." Taylor informed his father, who was lounging on the sofa watching the hockey.

"Sure thing. What car are you taking?"

Taylor hesitated, looked at me, grinned then answered, "The Ferrari."



"Okay. Have fun you two," I will, trust me, "Look after Jasmine Taylor. She's a guest here." Dan gave me a friendly smile, which I returned.

"Don't worry," Taylor started to lead me towards the door, "I'll look after you."

"Would you like me to vomit?" Taylor glanced over at me bewildered.

"I'd rather you />
"Then slow the fuck down." He understood then and laughed.

"Am I driving too fast?"

Instead of answering, I wrapped my fingers around his arm closest to me and embedded my filed nails into his flesh, causing him to hiss and try and pull his arm away.

"What are you doing?"

"The faster your go, the harder I will dig my nails into you."

The Ferrari slowed considerably.

"Good boy."

"Bad boy."

"Much better,"

"You're an asshole. Did you know that?"

We both looked at each other at the same time and burst out laughing.

"So," he started, still chuckling lightly, "Are English house parties the same as />
"I don't know," I shrugged, "I guess. We just get drunk, smoke and have sex," I could see Taylor nod appreciatively, "But without the pool."

"Yeah. The pools fun. Who knows what can happen under the surface?" He winked at me.

about getting lucky tonight?" PLEASE SAY NO.

"Only if you are."

"But you would kill any guy that touched me. Take this afternoon for example."

"Exactly my point."

I was quiet for a moment, trying to piece together what he had just said as Taylor burnt a hole in the side of my face with his intent stare.

I had the urge to sigh, giggle and maybe jump Taylor when I completed the puzzle.

But I held it in.

"Light bulb." Taylor chortled from beside me when he saw my face. Whatever that looked like right now.

I started finally, "Without all the complications. What you're trying to tell me, is that if you get lucky…it will be with me. And if I get lucky, it will be with you. Because neither of us can get lucky without the other. And that is why you wouldn't get angry, because no guy is going to touch me tonight. Apart from you. Am I correct?"

"Your smart." He smirked as I balked. And tried not to cream in my Abercrombie skirt.

"Jesus Taylor. />
"You what?"

I groaned, "Your going to kill me one day. I don't know how the fuck I am going to survive this trip." He pulled up outside the house with teens and at least twenty year olds pouring in, hanging out and partying around.

Of course, all eyes were on the flash car Taylor and I happened to be sitting in. So it was a good job the windows were tinted.

"You don't need to survive it," Taylor murmured, staring out of the windshield, "You just need to live for the moment."

I closed my eyes.

"Taylor, I-" I was cut off then. Silenced to nothing.

By the famous bad man's mouth curved around mine.

I pulled his face inches away from mine.

"Don't do this." He took me by the nape of the neck and crushed my lips back against his.

"We I tried again, but his hands twisted through my smooth hair, bringing my lips back to his in their fiery passion.

This time he pulled away, his eyes burnt into mine as he waited for me to come up with another lame excuse why we />
"I don't have anything to say."

"Thank God." He smiled the most breathtaking smile I had seen and seized my lips as his own once and for all.

I had never in all my experience had a kiss like this.

At first it was hard, rough and very passionate by the way his lips crushed mine in their firm hold. Then when I gave myself to him, things started to change.

As if his lips had thawed out, they became soft, warmer and more inviting. His large hands which were once squishing my face against his, now relaxed and moved to the sides of my face, caressing and stroking away my hair which he had previous messed up.

Of course, my hands were everywhere.

From his short black hair, to the collar of his shirt, to his hard chest – and once I think I may have grazed them over his crotch. Whether intentional or not, I really cant remember.

God, I cant even remember my damn name when he's kissing me like this.

Without breaking out intense make out session, he gently pulled me over the space between our heaving bodies and onto his lap. His arms went from my face, to my back to my butt in literally seconds, probably so that he could pull me tighter against his prominent erection like he was right now.

The stiffness of his boner and jeans combined ground against my throbbing clit – and the movement had me more aroused than ever and left me gasping for air.

In my moment of trying to inhale some oxygen in this car – which is now full of carbon dioxide, by the amount of pants coming from both of us – Taylor proceeded to kiss down my jaw and all over my neck. Occasionally his tongue would flick out at the sensitive spots, or the sharp teeth would graze against the skin causing me to moan in delight and crush him closer to my chest.

Just as I leaned back to give him better access. The car horn went off.

I screamed in surprise as Taylor jumped so high that he smashed his and my head on the soft roof of his car – seeing as I was sitting on his lap.

"Shit. I'm sorry." He moaned clutching his head – but laughing at the same time.

"No. It's my fault. Got a bit carried away." I assured him, whilst rubbing the throbbing spot on the back of my head and trying not to lean back against the steering wheel.

"Not enough."

"Not enough what?"

"We didn't get carried away enough." Yes, I can feel that.

"Well, I did. Sort of. I got a bit excited."

"I can see," I looked down at him, just about to ask what he meant, when I noticed he was staring straight at my chest.

Thin top + Arousal = Throbbing sex and hardened nipples.


I could have screamed like a maniac. Grabbed something to maybe try and cover myself up. But to be honest. I couldn't really be bothered.

With a mixture of thinking what was the point, when he probably watches me shower naked through the key hole?

"I'm not the only one. I am sitting on your dick in you hadn't noticed." He grinned cockily at me.

"The sounded so wrong. Yet so much more right."

"I know." I grinned back.

There was a sharp rap on the window making me yelp in surprise. Again.

"Having fun in there?" One of the twenty year olds cupped his hand around the glass, trying hopelessly to try and peer in on the action. But he was obviously failing, seeing as only we could see out of the car and no one could see into it.

"Sure are." Taylor called back.

The guy wolf whistled and stumbled away with his friends, drink in hand and back to the party.

"Okay. Let's go." I tried to climb back over to my seat. But two arms held me firmly in place.

"How about, we not bother…? We could finish this off somewhere He hinted suggestively, kissing each of my fingertips. Apart from my last baby one, which he enveloped in his mouth. His tongue caressed it to the point where I couldn't bear it any more.

"We cant. We have to go in. They know were here."

"So what?"

"So we're going in." He gave me his puppy dog eyes.

"Patience oh unworthy one. Your time will come."

"Before I get blue balls, please?"

"Gosh Taylor," I gasped, "Do you really take me for that much of a horrible person?"

"Er, yeah. You wont come home with me."

"Hang on a second. Weren't you the one this afternoon saying how you don't want to have sex with me because you don't want this," I touched his pounding chest, "feeling to end?"

"Yeah," he drawled slowly, "But I want to have sex with you much more than that feeling." He grinned.

I rolled my eyes, He squeezed my arse.

"So what's the final verdict?"

"We're still going in." He whined in objection.

"If you don't shut up, then I wont give you later on. Okay?"

He perked up immediately.

"What is it?"

"I'm not going to tell you."

"Hand job?"

"Blow job?"

"Could be."

"A, job?" I smacked his arm lightly.

"Get over it, baby. Ain't nothing coming past these lips."

"Apart from your tongue when you give me a blow job."

"Get out the car before I go and fuck someone else."

He opened the door and threw both of our heated bodies out of the car.

Of course, everyone who had been standing in a hundred metre perimeter of the car looked over.

The guys took one look at me and either started cat calling or cheering Taylor on.

"Like that isn't I muttered under my breath.

"You okay there honey? Your cheeks look a One of the guys hollered.

"Great. Thanks." I replied and turned to Taylor who was trying to contain his laughter.

"Does my hair look okay?"

"A little />
"That would be because of your hands. Can you smooth it out please, I don't have a mirror." He hesitated a little a first – probably because he didn't want to be seen smoothing out a girls hair – but then with a little shrug, he started to gently rearrange my hair into its former style. Not afro basically.

I smiled sweetly at him and kissed him teasingly on the lips, before taking his hand and leading him into the house.

"Man, she's got you pussy whipped Taylor." One of the many guys snickered as we walked past.

Instead of denying it, like I seriously thought he would – this jock I towed behind me like a little puppy said the unimaginable.

"Trust me. I know."

It was a good party.

Great, in fact.

There was good alcohol – of course, different to the stuff in England (most). There was good music. Fun people. Few cigarettes. Dares. Porno dancing.

My idea of a good time.

Taylor wouldn't let me out of his sight.

Even when I had to go for a loo, he insisted on waiting outside the toilet door. Kinda creepy, but cute at the same time.

"I'm going for a piss." He shouted in my ear over the music.

"'Kay. Want me to come hither?" Excess amount of alcohol makes me talk funny if you hadn't noticed.

"Nah, sugar. Evaaaa can look after yooou." He grinned goofily at me and grabbed my face with unnecessary force, and smacking me a hard one on the lips.

"Go!" I laughed, "Before you piss yourself." He smiled, saluted me and staggered off towards the stairs through the crowds of grinding bodies.

I think it's safe to say he was much more drunk than I was.

Jesus, how the hell am I supposed to get his butt home?

"Here," Eva passed me a bottle of Budweiser and an already lit fag – which had obviously been passed around a few times. I declined the alcohol, but took the cigarette, smoked it once and passed it onto the guy closest to me.

"Why are you not drinking my lovieeee?" She sang, resting her head on my lap.

I hiccupped and answered, "We wont be able to get home tonight if we both drink. There has to be one responsible adult." I told her, eyeing Evan who was sitting beside her – in a much better form than her.

Told you so.

"Good idea…Maybe I should But she drained the bottle in one go.

"Maybe you should take her home." I yelled to Evan. He nodded and lifted her to her feet.

"See ya lateeeerrr!" She tried to kiss me on the cheek, but nearly fell flat on her face.

"Bye Jazz." Evan pecked my cheek and half carried Eva outside, where she would probably try and take advantage of him.

I yawned and settled deeper into the loveseat. When Taylor got back, I would have to take him home.

"COPS!" Someone suddenly shouted from outside and the people who otherwise weren't passed out on the floor, stood up and started gathering their things together and making a get away out the back doors.

I, of course, had no fucking clue what to do.

Get Taylor.

Oh yeah.

I pushed past the scurrying people and took the stairs as fast as I could on my raw feet. I checked the public bathroom.

No one.

He's probably in the room with an en-suite.


I went over – as fast as my feet would carry me – to the bedroom with the bathroom I had used earlier that night and thrust open the door.

There leaning against the wall – eyes squinted shut – was Taylor.

With a girl on her knees in front of him, facing his crotch.

Oh fuck. Too much vodka for me.

My head was pounding like a damn sledge hammer in the hands of a psychopath. And I was positive I would have the biggest mother fucking headache when Jazz and I got home.

If we got home.

I could hardly piss standing up straight – so in the end, I had to just take it in the shower.

What? I didn't wanna miss.

I tried splashing some water on my face to get myself to sober up a bit – or snap out of the daze I was in right now.

I think it worked.

Obviously my feet thought otherwise, as they still weren't capable in making me walk normal steps. So I just tripped out into the bedroom.

Only twice in my life had my heart froze.

First, when Jasmine kissed me back.


When I hear my name slide off the tongue of my insane ex-girlfriend.

This was definitely not a good one.

I blinked blindly for a moment until my eyes adjusted on her unmistakable face. Sure, she was hot – I mean, why the heck would I have gone for an ugly girl in the beginning? – but it's when you get to know her…

Man, that's if your crazy enough to try and get to know her.

"Sara? What are you are yooou-"

"Aw. My little baby boy's a little tipsy? Or is it my presence that makes you lost for words?"

Both. But the second, like I said, was not a good one.

"Shh," she hushed me when I tried to say something, sliding off of the bed and sauntering over to me – Goddamn, was it just me, or had she put on about 20 pounds? "You don't need to say anything baby."

She kept walking towards me and I kept stumbling back – as if she didn't get the fucking picture – until I was smack bang against the wall with no where to escape.

Not that I would be able to get very far in my state.

she placed one of her ice cold fingers against my lips.

"I know exactly what you need." And then she was on her knees in front of me, giggling like a little school girl – which could have and definitely would have turned me on if someone else (aka Jasmine) but I was proud to admit that I had no erection whatsoever.

Actually, I wasn't proud.

Because I had a girl kneeling in front of my – erectionless – crotch trying to undo my flies, who I didn't even want. Who I didn't even like. And who I definitely, did not adore.

Yes. You heard me bitches.

I shook my head giving myself a worse headache – or maybe it was because there was a banging sound from inside the house – or inside my head, but my eyes were shut in actual pain. So I couldn't really see.

Jasmine you cock head. What about Jasmine?!

My eyes flew open and I glared down at Sara who…was glaring at something over her shoulder, but when I glanced up, it was just a shut door.

Jasmine man! JASMINE!

Oh right.

"Sara," she turned back to me with a sweet smile that had my dick shivering in fright.

"You want me to hurry up?"

"No." I tried not to slur, and to say it as fiercely as possible.

"Ah, you want me to take it slow?" She smiled and started to slowly unzip my pants, but I grabbed both of her hands in one of mine.

"Then what do you want? I was gonna fuck you later />
"I don't want you."

Her eyes blazed.

See? This is why my nickname for her was crazy bitch.

"I'm not repeating myself." She rose to her feet, narrowed eyes on me. Oh mother of God. Please save me.

"Okay! Party's over!" A cop banged into the room, "Out you two." He pointed at us both.

Needless to say, I ran as fast as I could.

The party had literally died. There was no one. Apart from the few people who were asleep on the floor. I staggered down the stairs in search of someone worth much more than my – me.

"Is that him?" A cop pointed over to me – and it was only then did I realise that he had been talking to Jazz. She turned around and eyed me for a long moment.

She's happy to see me.

Um, are you blind? That was so not a happy to see you look. More like a look.

"Yeah. That's him. Thank you officer." The cop motioned for me to come over with one hand as he shook Jasmine's in the other.

"No problem ma'am. Hope you get home safely," Obviously, she had worked her charms on him.

"I will."

Cue the audible, over dramatic gulping.


"I can drive." Obviously you take me for a retard. And I wasn't just talking about the fact that he was still mildly drunk.

"No. I will." He tried to take my hand, but I wriggled mine out of his and went to the drivers side.

He stood there for a moment staring at me as I adjusted the seat and rear view mirror, but eventually shuffled round to the passengers side and slumped into the seat. Whether to do with his mood or the alcohol I wasn't 100% sure.

It should be his mood. The dirty bastard. My conscience sniffed in distaste.

I know. I thought I was different maybe. He said I was.

And yet you still talk to him!

If you call three words />
Yeah, I do actually.

But should I really be surprised? I mean, don't you think I was kinda lucky that I walked in and he wasn't butt naked bumming that whore?

He shouldn't be anyone. Apart from you that is…

I wish.

I started the engine and pulled away easy enough, it was only when I got to turnings that I got stuck.

"Indicators on the other side." He murmured solemnly from beside me.

I grumpily thanked him for his help.

Angry bitch or no angry bitch, I was still a polite person. How do you think I get so far in peoples good books?

No words were spoken between us for the remainder of the journey apart from the occasional correction from – the still intoxicated – Taylor when I fucked up with the controls – which, I would just like to say, pissed me off like hell.

Being the controls and Taylor.

I sighed under my breath as I carefully pulled up outside the house. The lights weren't on, so Debbie and Dan must have been in bed.

Now just to get this ass up the stairs.

I unwillingly turned to face Taylor.

"Do you need help?" Yes he does. He needs to be admitted to a damn mental hospital.

"I'm okay."

"Good." And then I climbed out of the car and slammed the door.

I could have just marched into the house and shut the door, gone up to my room, covered my face with my pillow and screamed in frustration.

But I didn't.

I waited by the bonnet of the car for Taylor to catch up.

Taylor murmured quietly as I closed the front door as quietly as I could behind me.

"I need to talk to you."

"I bet you do." I muttered. He glanced over at me before stumbling on the second step of the grand staircase I was trying to get him up. I snatched his elbow and held him steady before dragging his heavy body up the stairs.

"I need to ask you something." He pressed.

I waited until we were way past his mom and dad's room before I spoke.

"What is it?" I rested him against the wall beside his bedroom door, took a step back and folded my arms.

"Why are you angry at me?"

He didn't.

Yes, Jazz. He did.

I fought back the adrenaline rush of rage and controlled my voice to a harsh whisper.

"Are you really that damn blind Taylor?"

He looked confused.

"No?" And I thought I couldn't get any more angry…

I sighed angrily, "I cant talk to you when your like this."

"Like what?"

"Like this! Drunk! Annoying! Uncooperative! Do you want me to write a list?"

"No, I'm okay baby."

"I'm not your baby."

"I think you are." He grinned cockily at me.

"Would you take a look at yourself!?" I hissed at him, "You think I'm just going to do whatever you want, don't you? Well, here's a reality check Taylor. I. Am. Not. Like. That. I'm not stupid. I'm not a push over. And I am most definitely not as low as that whore blowing you earlier."

His half smile evaporated like I had just flicked a switch and unmistakable pain flashed over his half lidded eyes.

"Yes. I saw you," I shook my head smiling humourlessly to myself, staring down at my feet so that he couldn't see the tears filling my eyes, "And now that is over with. I'm going to bed." I turned for my door – refusing to meet his gaze – but an hand snatched my arm and stopped me.

"Jasmine. Please. I-"

"Talk to me tomorrow when your not drunk. You'll probably just say something you don't mean." I tugged my arm out of his hard grip, shuffled into my room and shut the door.

There was a prominent sniffle from the other side.

I dreamt of a lot of things that night.

I dreamt I was back in the car with Taylor, the time when we shared our first kiss – but this time, I took him up on the offer of missing it and going someone quiet.

Then I jolted awake to the darkness of my room.

I dreamt I walked in on that girl giving Taylor head, but this time, I didn't stand and do nothing. I went to rip out her hair instead.

Then my eyes snapped open, dragging me away from that dream.

The last one was the best.

I dreamt of Taylor holding me under the covers of his duvet, tenderly kissing me on every available surface, before two black haired boys bounded into the room, clambering onto the bed and throwing themselves into our awaiting arms giggling, Mommy and daddy.

When my eyes snapped open this time, the room was light instead of dark.

And there was a single red rose laying beside my head.

I rubbed my face with one hand vigorously, not sure whether my mind had just imagined it.

I opened my eyes and it was still there.

I propped myself up on one elbow and picked it up. Examining it closely for reasons that I cannot fathom.

Why are you inspecting a rose you fool. It's not like you don't know who it's from.

Of course.

I pressed my nose into the petals and inhaled deeply, enjoying the light fragrance.

"It smells lovely, doesn't it?"

I jumped back against the velvet headboard at the sound of his gentle voice from the sofa at the end of my room. In the process I crushed the stem in fingers, cringing at the feel of the thorns piercing my sensitive skin.

He was perched on the edge of the white sofa watching me with tender but cautious eyes.

How long has he been there for?

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." I nodded and glanced down at the rose, who's thorns still intruded into my skin. I bit my lip and yanked them out, one by one as Taylor rose from his seat and made his way over to the bed.

"I got it from the garden. I could have got a bunch, but I didn't want to overwhelm you."

Yeah, I bet you didn't.

He bent down and picked something up off the floor.

"I made you breakfast though." Only then did I look up to him.

He held out a tray towards me, complete with a toasted cheese bagel, glass of orange juice and a bowl of strawberries and cream.

That there, was the single most nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Ever.

Without saying a word, I sat up straighter and took the tray from him and placed it on my lap.

"Thank you." I could feel him literally beam from where he was standing – well, sitting, seeing as he had just perched himself on the side of my bed.

"No problem."

I smiled lightly to myself, more than to him, before placing down the rose on the tray.

I reached out for the glass of juice, but his hand took hold of mine.

"Your bleeding." He turned my palm around and examined the small cuts across my fingers which had beads of blood forming.

"I'm okay." He looked up at me, unsure, and then ever so slowly, inclined his head to kiss the red away.

I was angry. Still. But when someone brings me a rose, makes me breakfast and kisses my fingertips so gently I want to die, the hate withers out a little. Just a little.

"I'm sober now." He said suddenly, "And I want to talk about last night."

I shrugged, "What is there to talk about? I mean, what's happened has happened. You cant resist girls. I get it."

He sighed.

he shook his head, "Tell me what you saw last night." I stared at him in utter disbelief and disgust.

"Your really pushing it Taylor. It was bad enough that I saw it, let alone have to think about it. Only a dick would make a girl do something like that." I gave him a pointed look.

"But I'm not a dick. Because I want you to tell me something that you thought you saw, but never actually />
"Never />
"You just tell me what you saw, and then I'll tell you what actually happened." I frowned at him but started.

"You went to the toilet upstairs and then the cops busted in and everyone started disappearing. So I came to find you," I took a deep breath, "And I found you. With that girl sucking you off," I tried to control my anger and Taylor could tell, as he stroked the back of my hand, "She turned and gave me the nastiest evils. But that doesn't matter. I still don't understand how you could actually do that after what you had told me earlier." I glared down at the tray of food and tried to withdraw my hand, but he held onto it too tight.

He didn't comment on my last part, but said, "Okay. Now I need to tell you what really />
"This should be He ignored me and continued.

"I went to the toilet like I said. But I couldn't go in the public one because there was someone puking in it, so I went in the en-suite. I came out and my physco ex was sitting on the bed waiting for me. Now, when I say physco I actually mean it. She is a nasty piece of work that girl, I don't know what I ever saw in her. Seriously, I'm not lying, you can ask />
"I get it. Just carry on with your tale."

"Yeah, so she backed me up to the wall and tried to go down on me-"

"Tried? She looked like she was getting along fine by me. You weren't exactly stopping her were you? With your head thrown back in some sick type of ecstasy-"

"I was drunk remember? I couldn't go anywhere without falling on my face. And my face was actually pained. Do you know what I was thinking that whole time?"

I shrugged sulkily.

"I was thinking about you-"

"Oh that is just the most damned grossest thing I have ever heard-" I was cut off by Taylor warm hand smothering my mouth.

"You know what? Just listen from now on, okay?" His eyes pierced straight through my soul with a burning intensity until I nodded.

He released me.

"When I say I was thinking about you. I mean, I was thinking how I couldn't do this, because it would be betraying you. I didn't feel proud. I felt awful. I didn't even have an />
"Ooh, get you." He flashed me the look and I shut up.

"You know that's a big achievement for me," he countered softly, "Just like it's a big achievement for you not to get hardened nipples."

He laughed and squeezed my hand gently.

"If you think that is a way of getting yourself back in my good books, you might as well fuck off."

"It was just a joke honey." I grumbled under my breath.

"Anyway, my mind was screaming at me to stop her, so I did. I told her I didn't want her, and before I could say that I wanted you instead – or before she could dice my balls the cops busted in. And the rest you know about."

I twisted the rose between my fingers as I thought long and hard about it.

"You told her you didn't want her?" He took my chin between his warm fingers.

"I told her I didn't want her, because I would rather be with you."

We stared into each others eyes for what felt like and eternity.

"If your telling the truth. Kiss me." I whispered.

He didn't even hesitate.

"So, you did all of this just to make me forgive you?" I smiled as we sprawled across my bed, feeding each other food whilst exchanging kisses.

I didn't care that I was lying in front of him in just my silk shorts and matching top, with no make up on and my bed hair.

If he didn't like me as much as he did, he wouldn't be in here right now would he?

"Kinda. Peace offering I guess." He grinned and wiped finger of cream on the cheek of my unexpected face.

"You />
"Grr." I took a finger full of cream and tried to smear it quickly over his cheek, but he tried to dodge it, so it went all over his mouth instead.

"Oh, now your getting it."

And then he pounced on me, both of us equipped with a handful of cream.

I laughed and squealed as he rubbed it into my cheeks, "Stop with the cream rubbing!"

He stopped, but only to looked down at me incredulously.

"I could say the same thing." He pointed to his white beard.

"Yeah, honey. You got a little sumin' sumin' on your face." I snickered.

"Oh yeah? Do you mind getting it off for me? I cant see."

He inclined his face dangerously close to mine with a wild grin.

"Your pinning down my arms."

"I know." He smirked and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Oh, I get it…

About time, Jasmine. Jeeze, your slower than a stampede of turtles running through peanut butter.

I slow smile spread across my face before I craned my neck those last couple of inches and started kissing off the cream.

I started to kiss, but then I kinda ended up licking it off. Starting from his jaw line and up to the corner of his mouth, then over his soft bottom lip. I was about to move on then, when his mouth open on my tongue and enveloped it into his own with a hungry groan.

And then we were moving together. His tongue and mine were twisting around in some sort of erotic dance, exploring one another's mouths in a way we never had before.

Of course, by having our faces mushed together like this, was just making us messier than before.

But we didn't care.

Taylor moaned and the vibrations travelled through my body, making me tingle in the most pleasurable places.

He withdrew his mouth then and before I could ask what the fuck he was doing, he picked the empty tray off of the bed and dumped it on the floor, before attacking me with his mouth and eager hands again.

"TAYLOR? JASMINE- Oh. Woah. Hi there." Makena burst into my room, halting in her tracks when she spotted us entangled on the bed in the making of some sort of porno.

Taylor reached behind me to try and throw a pillow at her, but I yanked his arm back down.

I murmured to him and pushed him off me slightly so I could face the wide eyed – completely amused – teen.

"Sorry Makena. What did you want?"

"I />
"Makena, I swear to God-" I smacked Taylor to make him shut up.

"Calm down horn dog. I was just kidding. Um, let me see…Oh yeah! Mom said that you guys need to make yourselves presentable because we're going over to Evan's later for a barbeque. So dress nice."

"Oh okay. Thanks for letting us know. When are we going?"

"'Bout forty-five minutes." I nodded and smiled as she turned to close the door.

"Oh, and you both have cream smeared over your faces. And I do not want to know what kinda cream." And then she ran out, shutting the door behind her at the same time the pillow hit it.

"I bet your glad you don't have a sister." Taylor sighed, rolling onto his back and pulling me half way across his chest. He smiled at me and handed me a tissue from my bedside table before grabbing one himself so we could clean our faces.

"In some ways…But it does get lonely a lot."

"But would you rather be a little lonely, or be involved in an intense make out session the same time your little sibling barges in and interrupts everything?" He countered with a grin.

"Oh, I don't know…We do have forty-five I kissed him slow and teasingly, "Anything could happen then."
"Mmm," he nodded appreciatively, "I like the sound of where this is going."

"Where this" I motioned between us, "Is going is out that door."

His face fell.

"Get your butt into your room and pick out some decent clothes,"

"But you-"

"And then get your butt back in here and we can see where this is going."

I bounced all over the unmade bed as Taylor scrambled hastily over my body, falling off of the bed and staggering over to the door which he shot out of and into his own room.

I giggled to myself as I slid off of the bed.

Hmm, what to do, what to do…

Pardon the intrusion, but why don't you just screw him senseless?

Noooo. I don't want to do that – well, of course I want to do that, but give me another day. Jeeze. I don't want to earn myself a name in a different country. Maybe a little />
Foreplay sucks!

Well, then let me try and make it a little />
Man, he's gonna be so disappointed.

I am disappointed with you, you cock sucker of a conscience. Now leave me alone. And for your information, he will not be disappointed. Far from it.

I smiled to myself as I grabbed some body lotion from the bathroom, and of course, by the time I exited it.

Taylor was standing by my bed, arms full of clothes, heaving for air.

"What took you so long?" I smirked sultrily before gently and teasingly sliding down my silk shorts at his viewing pleasure, to reveal my black skimpy pants, before sauntering over to the door and locking it.

I turned to face him.

I smiled to myself when I saw that he was in the same position. Except this time with his mouth open.

"I never thought the day would come, when I would see some of those pretty panties on that ass of yours." He whispered to himself.

"Well, today's you lucky day then," I walked over to him and took the clothes from his arms and laid them on the bed before returning to face him, taking his large hands in my own and resting them on my partially goose pimpled bare butt, "Isn't it?" I whispered in his ear before letting my tongue graze his soft lobe.

He shuddered under my touch.

we going to do then? We only have thirty-eight minutes now." His hands roamed my bare skin as he spoke.

"Let's get dressed."

He looked at me confused.

"Dressed? But-"

"Shh, baby. You'll see." I placed a passionate, hard kiss on his parted lips. I could feel his tongue touch them.

I pushed him back onto the edge of the bed, so that he was sitting facing me.

His hands never left my butt.

"Seeing as your not wearing a get these pants off you, shall we…?" He nodded nervously – I know – before tugging me down to the carpeted floor, so that I was kneeling before him.

Eye to eye with his unmistakable boner.

I smirked to myself as he leaned back on his hands, giving me full access to start tugging down his pyjama slacks.

By the way he was staring at me – half lidded eyes and a shit eating grin – told me he knew where this was going.

Needless to say, I was shocked when I let his gray cotton bottoms drop to the floor and discovered he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath.

"Like what you see?" Taylor murmured huskily from above me, breaking through my little trance of my staring fit at his – for lack of better word – cock.

I deliberately wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

was the only semi-coherent thing that escape from my parted lips.

God, I had never seen a nicer penis.

Oh. Nice Jasmine. Real nice. And when I thought you were getting better…

Would you shut your trap and look at that thing? I pulled down his slacks and nearly damn well poked my eye out!

So is it always about size?

Size is just a bonus. Get it. Haha. Fuck, I make myself laugh.

Yeah, yeah, you're a blast. Now hurry up and suck him off or something before I age another ten years.

"You okay? It's, er, not intimidating you is it?" Taylor brushed my hair from my face.

"What? No! No, I just…I was just surprised that you don't wear pants to bed?" It wasn't intended to come out as a question.

Or an octave higher, but hey, I am staring at Taylor Lautner's dick after all.

"Well I did. But since you burst into my life, I don't see the point," his finger that was tracing the underside of my jaw and chin stopped on my bottom lip and it took everything out of me not to bite it.

Or lick it.

Or suck-

he interrupted me – completely at ease at the position we were in, him being naked sitting on the edge of the bed and, me kneeling in front of his masculinity, "You never know what could happen."

I made a sound of contentment in the back of my throat and fought to compose myself.

Fuck, get a grip you stupid bitch. You know what to do.

Yes I did.

And then with a rush of confidence – I, Jasmine Walter's, was back. And a shit eating grin spread across my face.

"So," I whispered sexually, tracing my fingers up his hard thigh, "Is this," I grabbed the base of his hot, thick cock in my one hand, "what's gonna happen?" I squeezed it gently and started moved my hand to the tip.

Taylor's head rolled on his shoulders and he moaned softly.

"Yes, yes, yes…please he panted, "I want this sooooo badly." He whined like a little kid.

I bit my bottom lip as I swirled my index finger at the head, in his pre-cum, "I don't know why your begging Jesus. I mean, it's not like its him who's going to be making you feel the best you've ever felt in your />
"No, no, no!" He blurted out quickly, almost as if he was afraid that I would stop, "It's you baby. I'm begging you, sweetheart. I want you and only you."

BS. My conscience growled.

I shrugged.

I would take it.

He was shivering with anticipation as I leaned forward on my knees and guided my parted lips over the swollen head of his cock.

The taste was the best I had ever had. Salty but sweet at the same time. Blowjobs weren't my favourite thing to perform, it always makes me gag when I have to swallow that nasty salty shit. But this was somehow tangibly different.

Okay, so it tasted meaty and smelt of masculinity, but I liked it.

I liked it how his hands twisted through my hair as he moaned in ecstasy, guiding me further down his pulsing dick – but not forcing me so that I choked.

I liked it how he panted sweet sentiments to me as I pleasured him.

And to reward him – not like I wasn't already – I managed to do something I had only done once before. I practically unhinged my jaw and let my mouth and throat accept all of him.

"Fuck yes," he grunted and I closed my eyes as I felt my clit throbbing at his little noises.

God, I could just get off now…

I moaned in the back of my throat as I took one of my hands away from his toned thigh I was gripping onto and slipped it down the front of my damp pants, pushing it between my slick folds to find my sensitive spot.

I groaned in the back of my throat and was rewarded with Taylor producing the same choked noise.

there," he panted over and over.

I wanted to scream, me too, me too…

But my mouth was kind of full.

A few mouth languid strokes of my tongue later and he produced a guttural snarl his cock pulsed in my mouth once before spurting his sweetness into my mouth. Which, for once, I had never been so happy to accept.

I came as this was happening, my thick liquid coating my fingers as I continued rubbing my clit and lapping off the dripping spunk from Taylor's sturdy length.

Who ever said women couldn't multi-task?

And then, when I was finished, I collapsed against Taylor's legs – heart thrashing from both accounts.

As we both tried to calm ourselves down from our high – more Taylor than me – the being above me stroked my wild hair from my face, softly and slowly for a while, before suddenly stopping.

you were…um, were His voice was hoarse.

I lifted my face up, "Guys aren't the only ones who />
Excitement flashed in his eyes.

"That is so hot…" I grinned at him.

He stared at me for a moment, before wordlessly leaning down and picking me up – laying me across the bed beside him, he took my right hand – my writing hand and my masturbating hand – which still glistened with my juices and took my index and middle finger into his mouth. His tongue twisted between every crevice – tasting me.

"And that wasn't hot?" I shook my head.

"It was meant to be…" he nipped my skin, get you />
I giggled as his hands dived eagerly at my damp lingerie, whipping it off in one fluid movement.

"I love you God…" he groaned as he stared lovingly at my bare sex before lowering his parted mouth to place a tender kiss on the surface. My heart thrashed against my ribs and I took a deep steady breath through my mouth.

"I want more of that sweetness I tasted earlier," he kissed me there again, "I want more of this," another kiss, "I want more of you." And then, ever so slowly, his tongue flicked out and licked the length of my wet slit.

I convulsed in shivers as his slick tongue spread my folds around his hot mouth, worming his tongue forcefully and deeper into my core than any other person had ever gone.

I writhed under his warm hands, his hot breath, his soft tongue strokes – gasping and panting for air as I twisted and untwisted my fingers through his short ebony hair, clutching him closer to me in every possible way.

I cant take it anymore.

I arched my back towards the ceiling and released a unfamiliar cry.

It's over.

He fingered my bundle of nerves with one hand and lifted my hips closer to his face.

Cant take it…

"Stop!" I cried, "Please, no I tugged his hair, "You win."

He took a deep breath through his nose – and I wondered for a moment if I should have blushed at the fat that he was inhaling my arousal – before gazing lazily up at me.

"I didn't know it was a />
I shook my head, perspiration trickled down the sides of my neck, "Yes. I told myself not to have sex with you. But I cant take it anymore. Just take me." I moaned the last part.

He was stunned to silence. I cracked open one eye to look at him.

"It's not hard. Just stick your-"

"I know what to do." He cut me off, still gazing at me shocked.

"Then do it," I begged, "And don't say you don't want to, because we both know you do."

He was silent for a moment.

"Your right." He agreed in a small voice that didn't match his form.

"Do it then. Now."

My body was craving him.

Without breaking my gaze he climbed over my body in a cat like way, like I was the prey and he was the predator. Waiting to pounce.

"You ready beautiful?" He kissed me slowly and passionately. I could taste myself on his soft lips.

"Yes. Yes." I was shaking with excitement as I gripped onto his ribcage.

He nudged my legs wider open and I felt his tip probe at my opening.

Nearly there…

Once he felt fully aligned, only then did he hit home.

I gasped as he filled me deep and full, savouring the pleasure of his warmth inside me stretching me as I accommodated his lengthy size.

I glanced up at his face once I had composed my own to see his eyes pinched together in ecstasy.

"Jasmine I-"

There was a loud knock at the door.

"Guys!" Makena's recognizable voice tore through our perfect moment, "Five minutes!"

The moment was shattered.

Taylor gazed down at me, his eyes pained and sorry.

I smiled and touched his lips to mine.

"Looks like our forty-five minutes is up."
"Why the hell did you make me dress in this?" I was frantically fiddling with the pretty buttons at the front of Taylor's car to try and get some cool air on me.

The butt hole made me dress in some denim white shorts and a plain t-shirt (with a lot of cleavage exposure to his personal taste) underneath my posh party dress thing.

And I was sweating like a beaver.

Beavers don't sweat-


Taylor laughed loudly and reached over to press one button that had a little AC picture underneath, immediately blasting me with cool air as we followed behind his parents and Makena on the way to Evan's.

he drawled slowly, peeking over at me with a hair raising smile, "That pretty little dress of yours is only for the beginning, y'know, when we're in sight of the elders and shit. But Evan has a basement – which is kinda like his bachelor pad, and after that's all over us younger people hand down there. And I wouldn't want to see you get that pretty thing ruined, so I decided to intervene. On your behalf."

"How sweet." I teased.

He gasped, "I think I deserve a bit better than sweet."

"What am I? A puppy?"

"No. Okay fine. Um…how about…the best, kindest, most thoughtful guy in the whole world. As well as super hot." He pretended to think about it for a moment.

"Me like."

"Your gloating you bastard. You love it." I laughed and he laughed too.

"Okay, okay, I give. But what is with this guy thing? Is that all I am to you?"

I swallowed.

"I don't know. What do you think you are to me?" I changed the conversation around.

Truth me told, I was avoiding it due to the fact that if I said something – anything – I would fuck it up.

He didn't seem fazed by it, "More than a guy."

more than a guy?" Please say it.

"Well, we're obviously more than friends too."

I echoed.

"And you know I love you to />
"Yea-Wait. WHAT?!"

Did I just hear him correctly?

"I love you. To pieces." He smiled and took my hand in his.

"Is that…the, um, same as er, you know. Normal love?" I choked out.

"Normal love swelling and beating twice as hard…drool slipping out of your erections 24/7.…that kinda love?"

I sighed deeply.

"Yes." I squeaked.

"Then," he raised my hand to his mouth and kissed it softly, "Yeah, I love you."

"So soon?"

"Do you not believe in love at first sight?" He grinned at me.


He smiled over at me again, and the way he smiled – told me that that had obviously happened with him.

"Holy shit. What happened to Taylor Lautner – the bad ass man whore?"

My heart swelled, drool slipped out of my mouth and my pants soaked in once go.

Yep. I was definitely in love.

"You />
"Well, of course I'm fucking happy you idiot. You just told me you love me! Love. Me! I'm off my fucking head!" I was squealing.

"I thought you might have guessed that already. Like when I left you that red rose on your pillow this morning. Red roses />
"Love," I sighed happily, "I know. I just, never thought of it that way. And definitely never saw you in that way."

"Hey, I'm new at this okay? Take it easy on me."

"So am I!" I laughed.

love me too then?"

I smiled, "To pieces."

He was beaming.

"So, does this mean we're dating?" I asked him tentatively.

"Dating? Do be serious! We should be fucking married!" He laughed, "Okay, maybe not there. Yet. But more than dating."

I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face as I spoke.

"Boyfriend and />
he allowed.

"How about fuck buddies?" I snorted, and he burst out laughing.

"Fuck buddies? And how many times have we done that?" He asked incredulously.

"Point five I'd say."

"Point five?"

"Well, we technically did have sex earlier."

"Yeah," he grumbled, "Not as much as I hoped."

I giggled and ran my fingers through his hair, "Well just think, at least we got as far as the point where you stuck your-"

"I was living the moment, baby. I know."

"You don't want to hear my running />
"I'm okay," he chuckled and kissed my hand again, "We will have our moment – undisturbed soon enough. I'll make sure of that."

"Yay," I snickered.

"And I am not letting you out of my sight while we're here, okay?" We were pulling up outside Evan's now."

"You said that last night."

Fuck, was it only last night?

"Yeah, well I was drunk. And I refuse to get drunk at this one. And there was another reason, but I don't think I should tell />
"Please tell me!" I begged.

He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over the handbrake to kiss me fully on my lips. Soft, caring and full of sweetness.

"I love you." He smiled against my lips, kissed me again with a little more meaning behind it and then on the forehead.

"Do you think we're too young to love?" I asked him softly.

He looked at me for a long moment before shaking his head vigorously.

"No. Not at all."

"Okay then," I smiled and leaned over to kiss him once more, "I love you too."

There were more people than I expected.

Kids, teens, adults and grannies filled Evan's large house – chatting friendly, eating the buffet Lucy had provided.

It was actually hilarious that every girl or guy I spotted – roughly the same age as I – was dress in the same manner as Taylor and I, being sociable and polite and everything, to make a good display in front of the parental supervision.

And then, after a good two hours of being well mannered, the younger – being us people – generation started excusing themselves and making their way down to the basement.

Taylor – bless his over protective soul – waited outside the lush bathroom for me while I changed, stuffing my dress into my bag and hanging it on the peg, before letting him take my hand and lead me downstairs to the fun.

People weren't too surprised to see us hanging around each other like we were. Sure, there were a few sharp looks from the girls aimed at me, and suggestive winks from the guys – but the was the same for Taylor (except the other way round of course).

So it was all good, great, fantastic even, until I made my way over to the large fridge to get a drink – without Taylor for once – and some douche bag followed me, taking this Taylorless opportunity as a moment to get jiggy with me.

"Hey baby," he placed his hand on my backside and whispered into my ear as I popped the lid from a Coke. What, I wasn't drinking?

I sighed and ignored him. I really wasn't in the mood to 'mess around'. I was a taken woman now.

"Why the sad face, sugar?" He was slurring bad which made this situation more awkward.

"I'm not sad, you moron. Now remove your hand from my butt now."

Had this douche not seen me hanging around with Taylor?

Instead of waiting for him to remove his hand, I walked out of it with mine and Taylor's drinks.

I spotted Taylor in the proceeds' of standing up. He had obviously been watching me and decided that now was the time to come and intervene. I could see that by the angry blaze in his eyes.

Just before I could rush over to his side and reassure him that what he saw was nothing.

A hand clamped down hard on my shoulder stopping me in my tracks.

"Like to play hard to get do ya?" The drunk cock breathed his toxic breath against the side of my face.

I decided to give him one chance.

"Take your hand off of me," I snarled at him, before glancing over at Taylor who was now trying to desperately throw himself through the throngs of hot bodied teens.

"How And then he slapped my butt.

And I snapped.


Holy shit, what the fuck just happened?

Okay, so one minute, I'm sitting on Evan's crowded sofa – chatting to Eva, but frequently casting glances over the top of her head to Jazz as she went to fetch us a couple of drink from across the room, and then the next there is some fucker swaggering up to her, arms splayed everywhere – acting like some cocky bastard trying to impress the ladies.

I for one, know that is definitely not how you impress the girls.

So yeah, back to the topic of that turd monkey.

I was watching him closely, he was speaking to Jasmine – but unfortunately their backs we're to me, so I couldn't see if she was distressed or not. So I didn't decide to intervene.

That was, until he placed his hand – completely not discreetly on her ass.

The ass I'm only allowed to touch.

So, of course, I shoved myself out of the seat and started to make my way angrily over to them.

I could only catch glimpses of them as I tried to push myself through the heaving, hot, sweaty grinding people surrounding me, and I could now see Jasmine's face.

She looked very pissed off, and that made me move considerably faster – practically forcing me to throw people out of my path.

I was positively growling under my breath when I saw him lean forward to whisper into her ear, his eyes all glassy from the alcohol. She suddenly jumped – and I could have bet you my next pay check that he had smacked her butt.

Her eyes blazed and then I watched her do the unimaginable.

In a movement so fast you would think she was part cat – I watched Jasmine snatch the hand that was resting on her shoulder using it as leverage before striking the – actually poor – guy in his clavicle twice with the sharp precision of her elbow before snapping her knee up into his stomach once and then his groin causing him to moan in undeniable agony.

She looked a bit more satisfied, but didn't finished there, as I continued to watch in utter shock as she used the back of her leg to buckle his knees and send him falling in a crushed heap to the floor, her hand pinned him down but she soon replaced it with her foot instead.

"You should have listened." I heard her say – only reason being, was because the music had been turned off and all the attention was turned to the scene taken in front of me.

The guy groaned, face pressed against the linoleum.

She then looked up at me – and everyone else who was staring at her opened mouth.

I laughed suddenly, breaking the silence, "What in fucks name was that?!"

Some people started to regain their chatter, chicks were giving Jasmine obvious admiration for the stunt she had just pulled, while a few other guys were eyeing her warily then glancing down at that dude on the floor – who was now being tended to – obvious worry on their faces, like that could happen to them next.

"That guy was hitting on me." She shrugged simply as she made her way over to me.

"Yes, I saw that," I muttered and then perked up again, "But seriously?! That was the single most best self defence moves I've seen! Where did you learn that?"

Honestly, I couldn't fucking believe my eyes. This girl who I loved, adored and worshipped. Had more in common with me than I would have ever thought.

"Thirteen years of XMA- I mean, Xtreme Marti-"

"-Martial Arts." I finished for her.

"Yeah," her eyes lit up at the fact that I knew what she was talking about, "But I did all the others too. Y'know, taekwondo and stuff. But mainly XMA."

"I cant believe it." I shook my head, laughing like a loser.

"Why? Sorry if that dude was your friend or something. He was really pissing me off though. Gotta put all those lessons />
I took her by the tops of her shoulders, "You are the only person – who is close to me, that does XMA."

"I do XMA too!" Her jaw dropped.

"Yeah! That's why I said that was the best defence moves I've ever seen! And I've seen them. A lot."

"Oh my God!" She squealed, throwing herself into my arms, "This is so cool!"

"I know!" I laughed and pulled her back so I could kiss her.

"Now we can practice together and I can kick your butt!"

"Hey," I pulled back grinning, "Your not the only one who's done thirteen years of this stuff. I'm a pro."

"Third degree black belt?" She questioned with a quirk of her black brow, and I had never seen anyone hotter.

"Yup. You?"

"You bet."

"Bow staff or Kamas?"

"Bow staff."

"Same!" She squealed again and slumped down into the nearest vacant sofa – where I joined her. She was watching the guy hobble out of the room, head ducked and shame all over his face.

Of course he would never mention this to anyone – I mean, for one he nearly assaulted Jazz and two, he got his ass kicked by a girl.

"Shit!" She gasped suddenly, tearing her eyes away from that sad ass, "I remember now! I saw you on the TV. You were on America's Most Talented Kids doing XMA! Man, you totally kicked some freaking butt, and that was a while ago, right?"

"Yeah, it was a while ago. Hence the word Kids." She grinned and smacked me lightly on the chest.

"Do you still keep it up, or what?" I asked her – completely intrigued by our conversation now.

"Well, I don't really have lessons. But I do demo's for the kids now and stuff – y'know, help out and />
"Your fucking joking me!" I burst out, momentarily shocking her, "So do I! I mean, I don't take the lessons anymore – because I'm too cool for that and wanted to focus on the acting," I winked at her and laced her fingers through mine, "But I worked for years with Mike Chat, y'know the-"

"-blue Power Ranger." She finished with a smirk, "Yeah, I know. That guy is a total legend."

I thought dawned on me, "Well, hey. I'm supposed to be going up for a demo next weekend. I could hook you guys />
"Hook us up?" She waggled her brows.

"NO!" I shouted suddenly, "No! Not like that. Just get you guys to meet. And talk."

No way. Nu-uh. Hell fucking no.

"I was kidding he's like nearly old enough to be my dad. Nearly," she snorted, "But that would be great if you could actually do that. I would really appreciate it."

"How much would you appreciate it?" I murmured into her ear, trailing my fingers up her thigh.

"Not that much," she smacked my hand away before pointing her finger at me, "Now you know my trade secret, you better watch your ass," She settled further into the sofa and put her hands behind her head, "Cause I'll be kicking it."

I raised an challenging brow at her, "Oh, is that so? If you think your all it, how come you never 'kicked my ass' earlier? You've had plenty of />
"To save you from the embarrassment honey."

"I'm sure I could handle it."

"Yeah? That guy I just knocked to the floor thought he could handle me too. I bet you he's sitting outside under a tree pissing himself now."

"Try me."

"No. Outside."

"Where there are people? Are you actually asking for a death wish?"

Fuck me, I loved it when she was cocky.

"Are you too scared? Scared at the fact that you'll most definitely get your tight little ass kicked by me?" I teased, "I wasn't on America's Most Talented Kids for nothing />
She stood from her seat.

"Let's do this bitch."

I raised from my own seat and gave her a challenging smirk.

"You asked for it."

On the way upstairs, we grabbed hold of Evan and Eva to come and watch – as we both wanted witnesses to who would win fairly, without everyone watching.

The four of us snuck outside, dodging our parents and slipped down the sidewalk and to a secluded green, just big enough for mine and Jasmine's match.

I stripped off my shirt and threw it Evan whilst Jazz stretched her arms.

"Why the hell are you taking off your shirt? You want to see the bruises I'm going to leave on you?" She said smugly.

"For one, I cant do this in a Dolce and Gabbana shirt. It's suicide," she snorted, "And two, you will not be leaving any bruises on me. Honey, you wont even get to touch this."

"Your such a bastard."

"But you love me." She rolled her eyes but grinned.

Taylor. Jasmine is very good at this. Sparring especially. I've seen her beat a grown man before." Eva interjected from the side.

"Are you saying I'm not a grown man?" I feigned hurt.

"We know it, and you know it dude. Now get on with this shit before I turn one hundred." Evan called from the side.

"Okay Eva. You know what to do. Just count how many times I get him in the head and chest. Two points for head, one for chest and if I do a-"

"Jump kick to his head it's three points. Yeah, yeah. I know." Eva interrupted, leaning back against Evan.

"Okay and you-"

"I'll keep score for Taylor. Aka the biggest pussy in the world!" Evan yelled the last bit at the top of his lungs.

I kicked off my shoes and threw one at his head.

"And you," Jazz pointed at me, her eyes lit up with excitement, "No going soft on me, because I wont be going soft on you."

I narrowed my eyes at her, "The harder the better."

She rolled her eyes and took a step back from me in her side stance and I copied, bouncing on the balls of my feet like she was, rolling my shoulders to loosen my muscles.

We never broke eye contact.

is a pussy!" Evan hollered.

I snapped my gaze away from Jasmine to glare at Evan.

"Dude, what the fuck? Just say go-"

And then I was on the floor, the side of my face throbbing and Jasmine standing above me triumphantly.

"Nice one Jazz!" Evan and Eva both cheered.

"What! You cant count that! I wasn't even ready!"

"You said go…" Jasmine pointed out.

"Yes, but I didn't mean-"

"Just get off your pansy ass and get on with it. So far your getting your ass whipped Taylor."

"Yeah, Jazz has already scored 4 points. Jump kick to the head and she knocked you to the floor. Quality. You should see your face," Eva chortled.

I grumbled under my breath and got to my feet, rubbing my sore jaw.

Man, she knew how to throw a kick.

"Not bailing out already, are ya?" She teased.

"No. Just getting warmed up."

"So am I." We got back into our stances again. I was so ready to go.

It's funny. I mean, Evan shouts go like we're about to go running for each other screaming like a couple of banshees. But that wasn't the aim of the game.

We circled, eyeing weak places where we could attack.

As hard and cruel as this sounded, I would go for her head first. She owed me.

As I thought about this, Jasmine struck out with her right leg, twisting it and trying to plant her foot on my chest – which she would have done pretty successfully were it not for that fact that she was standing too far away.

"Your gonna have to get closer than that, baby." I snickered.

"What? Like this-" She did a perfect jump kick with a side spin and flew at me with her left foot, catching me right in the abdomen and knocking the breath out of me.

I refused to fall back and instead, struck out with a jump kick for myself as she was regaining herself from her hit, knocking her solidly across the jaw.

She stumbled back by the sudden impact, nearly falling over – I could have rushed over to her and asked if she were okay, but we were in a battle and there is no crossing enemy lines when that's going on.

She turned to spit behind her and only when she turned back, did I realise I had made her bleed.

She wiped the blood from her mouth and glared at me, instantly getting the guard I had dropped right back up.

"No one makes me bleed my own blood." She hissed, spraying more blood from her lips.

"Apart from me." I growled back.

She grunted and took a sharp step to the left as I took one to the right.

I lashed out with what was meant to be a jump kick to the head – and would have gone perfectly, if it weren't for the fact she was so fucking fast.

She managed to dodge it by ducking under my suspended leg before striking me once in the chest and then once in the side of my head.

I had to bit my lip to stop myself from groaning in pain, because seriously – that one hurt like a mother fucker.

"Okay, break!" Evan called and I instantly collapsed to the floor, putting my head between my knees and brushing my enflamed face against the cool grass.

"Aw, baby. Did that one hurt bad?" She crooned from above me.

"Yes it hurt you sneaky bitch," the was no point in denying it, there was obvious pain on my face, "Your good."

"I know." She grinned.

"Taylor man, you need to get your act together. You are totally sucking shit at this at the moment." Evan called.

"Yes, I figured that." I snapped and jumped to my feet, settling my glare on Jasmine.

"Cut the break short. I wanna finish this now."

"Me too," she sneered.

She is…SO hot when she does that.

"Okay, one minute. I don't think he had even completely uttered that one word before I took my foot against her chin, knocking it to the side – making more blood drip from her lip before taking it to her chest (trying not to get her in Boobtown) and knocking the air from her like she had previously done to me.

She coughed loudly for a moment and I gave her a little break – seeing as she was still my girlfriend – before standing straight and back into her fighting stance.

She gave a small huff as she flew at me, ready to give me the ultimate hit on my face with her brilliantly executed jump kick.

But I got to her first.

She made a small noise in the back of her throat – the throat I knew so well – and landed on her butt, the side of her face red.

"Oh yeah!" I turned to the others, throwing my hands up in the air triumphantly, "I am the winner! Who's the alpha…? I AM-"

Something hit be right in the side of my head, so hard the impact had me falling to the floor in a crumpled heap, throbbing head buried in the grass.

"I believe, I'm the Alpha," a voice came from above me, "You can be my />
Evan and Eva were cheering their stupid asses off which did not help the situation.

"What the fuck?! I won! You cant do that!"

"Actually Taylor, man, the time just ran out. Jasmine got her jump kick in time. Which leaves her Evan turned to Eva expectantly.

"Twelve points." She said smugly.

"And you with ten. Sorry man. But she totally beat your ass."

"Oh yeah! Woohoo! Not so tough now, are ya?" Jasmine did a little victory dance – and as much as I was slightly miffed, it was pretty fucking cute, "You're my bitch!" She waggled her beautiful round ass at me and I couldn't stop myself from smacking it.

"Okay! You win!" I gave up. What was the point in fighting it?

"Aw, don't be upset baby. It was just a little She plopped herself down in front of me, leaning forward to kiss me sweetly.

I could taste her blood on my tongue.

"Shit. Hey, I'm sorry about making you bleed. I didn't mean to do it that hard. I guess I just got a little I apologized, before waving to Evan and Eva as the told us they were heading back.

"Hey, that's not the only thing that goes hard when your excited," she winked at me and giggled and I could help the laugh that burst past my lips.

"No, it's okay though," she continued once we had controlled our laughter, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand to wipe away any excess blood, "I hit you pretty hard there-" she touched the side of my face where she had first hit me.

"OW!" I yelled as her touch enflamed my face even more.

There would be one fucking hell of a bruise there later.

She apologized quickly, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

She looked so worried. And it looked genuine too. If girls had ever worried about me before – it was always phoney, as it was just their act of kindness to get into my pants.

Not my girl sitting in front of me.

"Shh, it's okay," I smiled and encircled her into my arms, laying on my side and pulling her close, "I was being over-dramatic. I didn't really hurt that much." I lied.

My face felt like it had been trampled on by elephants.

"Uh-huh. She rolled her eyes and leaned up to touch it again, but this time only a light brush of her fingertips. It was soft and caring. Nothing I had really ever felt before, seeing as the only people who cared for me were my family and friends.

But you wouldn't catch my friends caressing my face softly, now would you?

"I would take a million hits, just to stay with you," Was what came out of my mouth before I had a chance to filter it and think about if I even wanted to say it.

But it was too late now.

I sighed in relief as her eyes brightened in that familiar way.

"That is…the cutest," she breathed and leaned closer so she could kiss me with her moist lips, "I would do that same for you too."

I smiled against her soft parted lips – which I was sure she could feel.

Because, truthfully, I would die for this girl who laid in my arms right now.

I would give her the world if I could.

And behind her words, lightning kisses and soft caresses, I knew in my heart and soul…

She would do that same for me too.
That week went pretty fucking awesome-ly.

More so, being the fact that we bonded more than ever (and for once not in that way – disappointingly enough) through our XMA. There was no awkward silence that we had the need to fill. We were on a whole new level.

Well, new for us.

School – for me – was shit as hell.

Sure, when Jasmine and I went to bed, we went to bed in our own rooms – just for keeping up the façade for my parents – before I later snuck out of my one and into hers, or her into mine, where she would kiss me long and softly before curling into a foetal position to my left side and I would wrap my arms around her and hold her against my chest – sleeping. Nothing else.

That was the best part.

But saying goodbye to her as she went sight-seeing without me as I had to endure the last semester of my godforsaken school – and try to get something out of it.

That was the worst part.

But then, I just had to remind myself that she would be in my arms at the end of the day. And that would always plaster a grin on a face and an erection in my pants.

Yes. I have been sexless for exactly two weeks now.

Of course we always got up to a point, but then we would be interrupted or my phone would start ringing or some crazy shit like that.

It was really starting to wind me and my dick up.

But it was Saturday now. The day to ourselves. And the day I was determined to get laid.

I was so determined. That after I had taken Jazz with me to my demo and let her visit Mike, watching them very closely as I tried not to get my ass whooped by eleven year olds as they schmoozed over god-knows-what – obviously XMA, but you never know – I had taken her out to dinner making sure she ate as many carbs as she could – seeing as my plan meant she would be burning a lot more than she was consuming later – before driving her up to my quiet place (actually just the top of a hill, overlooking my hometown) and laying her sweet body down on a blanket I had brought.

She grinned, kissed me gently – too gently – before putting her hands behind her head and gazing up at the clear night sky, obviously thinking we had come here to stargaze or some shit.

The only stargazing she would be doing tonight, is when I give it to her and she sees the Universe behind her eyelids-

"Why are you so romantic?" She smiled and pulled me down from the position I was in to beside her. (Position being, me staring mouth unhinged at her stretched out body before me. Just teasing me.)

"Er…I don't know," I muttered, floored for a moment and nearly permanently distracted at how good her cleavage looked when she put her arms behind her head, "I guess…it comes naturally now I'm with you."

She beamed at me, "There you go again. With the romance. Y'know, when you talk dirty- well, I love it. But it's nice to have a balance."

She likes it when I talk dirty…

"I can talk as much dirty as you want me to, baby." I said quickly, but seductively, pressing my body closer to hers as meaningfully as possible.

Obviously, not as meaningfully as I had hoped as she carried on.

"You do that. But I love it that you give me this special treatment. I mean, I know your new to this – like me. It…" she sighed and smiled at the stars, "It makes me want you that much more."

Oh. God.

She wants me.

Unconsciously a bit of drool slipped past my parted lips and I quickly went to wipe my mouth with the back of my hand before she saw.

Dude, that is such a turn off.

I know.

"Well, are you going to lie down…? Or are you going to just sit there dribbling on me all night?" She raised one eyebrow are me with a teasing smile on her full lips.

My face flamed and I settled down beside her.

"You saw that huh?" I muttered.

She giggled once before clearing her throat – the throat me and my dick had become acquainted with so well recently – before turning silent.

Then she burst out laughing.

she covered her face with a corner of the blanket, laughing hard as I sat there playfully frowning at her.

She rolled over and looked at me again before starting up with the giggling spasms.

I smiled at her and listening to her beautiful laugh, enjoying it very much, as each time she did laugh her boobs would move with her.

I shifted uncomfortably and even contemplated the thought of just unzipping my fly and letting my most loyal friend free.

I wonder if she'd notice…

ARE YOU INSANE? OF COURSE SHE WOULD NOTICE! My conscience screamed at me.

Alright, I was just wondering-

I'm sorry, that fucker interrupted, but correct me if I'm wrong. How can anyone not notice a certain someone's dick probing them in the back? I mean, you might as well just prod her with a hot steel pole.

God, it feels like that. I winced.

I know you jackass! Just – for both our sakes – don't get your weener out, okay? I want you to get laid as much as you do.

Yea- Wait. Hang on a sec. You are me.


I blinked and my eyes focused on Jasmine who had managed to control her laughing fit – but still had that little sexy-fuck-me grin on – she was on her side facing me. Her hand covered mine.

"I asked if you were okay, but you were in your own little world."

Boy was I in my world.

"No, I'm fine," I shuffled a bit closer to her just close enough so that I could feel the tips of her covered breasts touching my chest, "Glad to see you've finally contained the giggle monster though."

She grinned, "That was pretty hilarious though."

I grunted in response.

"Aw come on. Admit it."

I blushed and rolled my eyes at her, "I didn't think you saw."

"I see everything. Hear everything. And know everything." She winked and my cock nearly burst through the seams of my pants.

"I bet you use that to your advantage huh?"

"Sure do. Especially when your in the shower." God, she really knew how to push my buttons.

"Oh, well, in that case. I'm the same as you." I grinned as just managed to resist the urge not to whip out my dick and fuck her into next week.

She snorted, "Taylor, having the advantage of spying through the keyhole of my bathroom does not make us the same."

"Fine," I sighed and pouted, "But you love it."

"Right, of course. That's why when I caught you yesterday I came out kicked your butt."

I countered and my mind instinctively wandered to the throbbing pain on my left ass cheek.

"How can you say that?" She laughed, "I came out and told you to get out. Which you so stupidly refused. So I challenged you – in my towel – and you took it. And then what happened? Oh, let me see, you had to crawl out of my room. Am I right?"

I glared at her.

"Yes." I grumbled.

"There we have it. I am the Alpha." She grinned smugly and I. Just. Couldn't. Resist.

I literally jumped her. One moment, I was lying on my side watching her with and the next.

I was on top of her.

One leg pushed between her two, so that my knee was rubbing deliciously against her warmth. One hand tangled in her dark straight locks and the other digging under her back so that I could pull her tantalizing breasts closer to my taut chest. I didn't support my weight. I wanted to feel every contour of her body against mine and make sure she could definitely feel mine too. I knew I was crushing her. I mean, I was a heavy guy.

But to be honest, when I have her body close to mine like this, her breath intermingled with mine as one and her tongue stroking mine as mine caressed hers in return. I couldn't care less.

That was, until it started pissing it down.


Jasmine sighed beneath me, only getting pelted by a few drops of rain as my body was covering hers as my back was getting drenched.

"Come on," I murmured, kissing the rain drop with slithered down the side of her serene face, "Let's get you in the car." I rolled off of her and helped her to her feet, draping the blanket around her before we made a quick dash through the torrential downpour to get to the car which we had been using for our source of light. Thank God I had taken the 4×4.

After helping her into the passenger seat I threw myself into the driver's and blasted on the heating warming our wet clothes.

"Well, that went completely wrong." I huffed and turned the heating down to minimum. The heat coming of in steam from our damp bodies was seriously fogging up the windows.

"What would have been right?" she murmured, unravelling the blanket and tossing it into the boot.

"It doesn't ma-"


Why me?

Of course me. I just had to be the person stuck in this fucking steamy car with this beautiful woman who – I had just discovered was wearing a transparent shirt which was soaking wet.

And a crop top underneath. No bra.

I nearly burst into tears.

Obviously I wasn't acting very inconspicuous about the whole 'erect nipples' matter because Jasmine's hazel eyes followed mine down to her chest.

She sighed.

"I think I'm past the stage of caring about that."

"I'm not." I choked out and managed to tear my eyes away from her tits, "Please. Can you cover yourself up?"

"What?" She laughed, "Who are you and what have you done with the real Taylor?"

I smiled half-heartedly, but kept my hard stare out of the window, "No. Seriously. Please."

I struggled. There was no way in hell I would tell her that I brought her up to my favourite quiet place – which I had never actually brought anyone – just because I wanted to…not fuck her. But make love to her.


She climbed into the back of the truck and knelt on the middle seat with her back to me.

I watched her curiously in the rear view mirror as she sorted something out.

And then she pulled her shirt off. With the her stupid excuse for a 'bra/crop top'.

And I was given the viewing pleasure of her pretty smooth, glistening, sun kissed naked back.

I watched her open mouthed as she pulled her wet hair out of her grip, shaking the dark mess out so that it just touched her shoulders.

I drank in every detail about the smoothness of her back, the pear shaped curves, the way her shoulder blades moved as she adjusted herself, the way how whenever she would lift her arms up I would catch a glimpse of the side of her breast.

And then she pulled the blanket around her body, tucking it under her arms and turning to face me.

She smiled in the rear view mirror. Probably at my stupid expression.

"You okay?" She asked innocently.

I nodded then shook my head then nodded again, but shook my head the same time so I ended up doing this stupid head bobbing />
"What? It's not like you've never seen me naked She reminded me.

That, I have.

But this was somehow completely different, and so much more sexy. Maybe it was the fact that she was teasing me the same time. Or that she was wet. Or that she was just wearing a blanket and some shorts.

Or that she was beckoning me into the back with her.

I came out with before clearing my throat, "What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable. But I'm not even close if your not here." She beckoned me again and I couldn't refuse.

I shut off the engine and scrambled over the drink holder to get into the back next to her steamy body.

"Why are we getting I asked as I reached back to try and unhook my pant leg from where it was caught.

"It's not like we're going anywhere tonight. We'll crash and die."

"You think so?" I nearly tore off my jeans just to get into the back.

"Yeah. We're on a hill and all the water is running down it. If we try and go down the car's just going to slide."

Huh. That was a good point actually. Besides, I didn't want to die before making love to this beauty.

I grunted and yanked at my end of my jean, successfully freeing it.

But unsuccessfully keeping myself up right.

area Taylor." I looked up. Jazz was pinned the seat, biting her bottom lip sexily. And then I looked down. Just to find I had used her boob to balance myself.

I let go quickly so as not to hurt her.

Big mistake.

"God, what is with you tonight?" She giggled and lifted my face off of her lap – from nearly between her legs – so that I could see her amused face.

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands roughly, "I don't know."

She paused for a moment and studied my face curiously.

"Your trying to get />
"Was is a better term. Until the rain fucked everything up." She frowned and pouted at the same time – her cutest expression – before glancing out the window at the downpour surrounding us. Her fingers found their way to my wet hair, unconsciously running her hands through the strands are she gazed out into the rain.

God, that felt so fucking good!

"I still think it was very romantic," she smiled and kissed me deeply for long moment, but not long enough before pulling away, "Come on." She nudged me off of her lap before scooting in front of me and laying down on the very edge of the length of the three conjoining seats, she turned to me.

"You going to lie down?" I nodded and settled behind her, my back pressed against the length of the seats and her bare back pressed against my chest-

Wait. When did her back get bare. Shit! When did her whole torso get naked?! Oh my fuck, she's not wearing the blanket anymore. draped over our spooning bodies. Shit, shit, shit! Oh my God, what the hell is my hand doing there?! Self control man! Her delicious edible boobs do not control you – okay maybe they do. Don't touch them! NO! Don't do it!-

But it was too late.

Her boobs had literally called to me. To my eager hands, which willingly followed their instruction to crawl up the side of her bare torso, until I was touching them. Well one.

And I was just touching it, not full frontal groping.


I told my paranoid conscious mine to get lost before granting my fingers the touching pleasure of Jasmine's boob.

They headed off like a fifteen year old kid from their parents, tracing the soft quivering flesh, over the crease it had formed against her ribs and then to the edge of her nipple.

She gasped under her breath and melted deep against my chest.

I swallowed and traced the edge of her areola whilst brushing my thumb against her actual breast, comparing the different in texture. Not much. The were both soft as hell.

I stroked her areola once more before covering her whole breast with my hand, relishing the feeling of her hardened nipple against the palm of my hand.

I couldn't actually physically fit her whole boob into my hand. Luckily they we're quite big. Very big actually. Another thing on my list of 3 million way to love Jasmine. You see all these skinny girls who think guys will go for their body more than their breast.

Um, hell no.

Skinny girls with small tits are a let down. Skinny girls with big tits are fake. Curvy girls with small tits are…well you don't actually get curvy girls with small tits so it doesn't matter.

But some people have different ways of seeing skinny in their eyes. Sometimes skinny can be actually curvy and sometimes it can be all the way down to anorexic.

It when girls brag that they have that pisses me off. Or the fact that they don't.

Personally, when a girls waist goes in an inch, that isn't remotely curvy. Curvy to me is Kim Kardashian. Kelly Brook…


She moaned before me as my fingers caught her nipple and tugged on it, writhing and twitching in front of me, rubbing her ass against my dick making it impossibly harder.

I groaned into her damp hair, inhaling the coconut fragrance – also getting some in my mouth by accident.

she whispered into the darkness. I could see from where I was lying that her eyes were closed and that she was breathing heavily, fogging up the windows even further.

God, I hope we don't die of carbon monoxide poisoning before we have sex.

"I'm here baby," I kissed down her jaw as far as I could reach and then back up to her ear before nibbling on her lobe lightly with my teeth.

"I want you," she moaned and placed her hand on top of mine – which was still groping her breast -before dragging it down lower until it covered her the front of her sex through her damp shorts.

Damp in both ways.

I tried to conceal my glee as much as possible as I took over and slipped my hand under her shorts, rubbing it against the damp panties.

"Ungh. You do want me," I croaked, cleared my throat and rubbed her a little harder so that she squeaked in surprise, "But it's not as much as I want you."

"It is." She insisted, and by the way warmth was leaking on my fingertips and up my whole arm, down my body and to my dick – I couldn't not believe her.

"When do you want me?" I growled.

"Now." She snapped back – her ferociousness catching me off guard for a moment. Before I realised that I was messing around with the Jasmine here.

She could catch you off guard anytime she wanted.

"Where do you want me?" I snarled again before clearing my throat. I didn't mean to come off so harsh, horny and demanding. I was planning on making love to her. But she just got me so freaking excited I couldn't help myself.

Tone it down man.

Dude. Why don't you just shut the hell up? Have you ever made love before? No.

Yeah, but neither have you. Moron.

I had to agree.

Man, it feels like I'm a virgin again…

Jasmine raspy, seductive, breathy voice brought me back to reality, "I want you inside my wet aching walls."

Wow. There she goes again with the Y'know Jazz was never one to say stuff like that.

And that just made things that much more erotic.

"I think I might just be able to give you that," I whispered into her ear, slipping my index finger past her flimsy pants to touch her raw wetness.

I made sure she watched me as I took my finger out of her hot core, out of her shorts, panties and blanket before bringing it to my lips.

I smirked at her as I wiped my finger against my bottom lip, leaving a trail of her essence on my mouth before slowly licking off the sweetness.

She watched me for a second more before closing her and moaning.


I beamed and reached over to tilt her face toward me so I could give her a long, stimulating kiss.

"I want to-"

"Fuck me?" She interrupted against my lips.

She pulled away dejectedly. She was hurt, but she wasn't trying to show it.

"I want to make love to you."

Her eyes brightened instantly, />
"Yes. But I've never 'made love' before, so I don't know how to do it."

"Neither. I think it's just like sex, except you take it slower. Savour every movement you and your partner share with each other as you move as one. And all those movement have to be controlled by your heart. Not your dick." She explained quietly from over her shoulder.

Tough situation. I would have turned her round, but that would lead to falling off of the seat and killing the moment in one go.

Making love in the back seat of a kinky…

The love truck. That's more like it.

"You sound as if you know what to do,"

"Not really. I just read a lot of erotica."

Time to get my dick out before it grows another ten inches.

"And that's not a turn on?" I muttered as I went to unzip my fly.

"Never said it She chuckled.

"True." I rasped out, before sighing a well needed sigh.

My conscience reached for the microphone.

Ladies and gentlemen! Taylor has officially got his penis out! Can someone give his slow ass a round of applause please? You know what? Screw the applause. This one needs a fucking trophy!

I rolled my eyes and stroked myself from the base to the head – part of me trying to soothe the hot pulses running through my length.

The other just making sure I was all there.

And boy was I.

"Have you ever had se- I mean, made love in this position before?" Jazz murmured quietly from in front of me, turning her head slightly so she could see me over her shoulder.

I looked up from my throbbing dick to her beautiful moonlit face.

"I've never made love in general. But have sex? No. No I />
"Neither. It's kinda kinky though." She giggled under her breath.

"It sure is."

"Seeing as it's our first love. Should we pretend to act like virgins? Or just get on with it?"

"How can we act like virgins?" I was reaching under the blanket while I was speaking now, slowly tracing down the curve of her torso till my hands found the button on her shorts.

I breathed heavily against the back of her neck as I popped the button and she undid the fly, before we both shimmied down her shorts and damp panties down her smooth legs and onto the floor.

And then I yanked her back, with the arm that was snaked around her waist, so that I could feel all of her.

And did it feel good alright.

My dick nodded in silent agreement – rubbing against the top back of her squeezable thighs.

I think we both moaned at the contact.

"You didn't answer my I whispered into her ear, breathing slow and deliberately down her neck after.

We were ready now. And now we were ready I could take it as slow as I wanted.

This was, after all, all in the cause of love.

percent anyway.

I don't know," she breathed, bending a little so that she pressed her ass harder against my dick, "I />
"Um, I'd rather you didn't. Not out of pain I make you come however, that is a whole other I kissed her bare shoulder, before rubbing my tongue against the sweet skin.

"Okay. Forget the screaming. Just shove it into me."

"Did you just growl?" I peered over her shoulder to see her face. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were lidded with lust.


"Yes you did. You just growled at me."

"Okay. So what?"

"Then why the hell did you ask me?"

"It amused me at the time."

"For fuck-"

"Hey, hey. Remember our last discussion? Calm and collected." She grumbled under her breath which made me chuckle before taking a deep breath through her nose. My arm wrapped around her waist lifted when her ribs expanded.

"Okay. Done."

"Good. And FYI I will not just shove it into you. I think that comes under the terms of fucking not love making."

"Can we just fuck and then do the love make shit. I cant wait any longer."

I nearly agreed. Nearly.

"No, my little horny beast. We're doing this the old fashioned way. When dinosaur's roamed the Earth. You'll enjoy it as much as I will. Slower is better."

"How do you know?"

"I don't," I grinned at her, "But I have a notion."

"Okay. Whatever you say love guru." She laughed under her breath, before settling back a little further, so that we were touching in every possible way.

I tightened my grip on around her waist – no fucking clue why it was there – and nudged her legs apart with my knee.

She gladly lifted her left one and rested it on top of mine as I wedged my leg between hers, shuffling a bit and handling myself until I could feel the tip of my dick rub against her wet slit.


After a little bit more of the teasing, I decided to cut us both some slack. We were both trembling with anticipation.

I ran my hands across her firm breasts and down her body till I found her sex. I held my hand tightly against it, loving the warmth and wetness against my fingers.

"Fucking love you, honey."

She rubbed the hand that was gripping her core.

"Love you more."

That was all it took for me to thrust myself slowly into her tight walls – which felt like a distant memory – up to the hilt.

She was tight. Hot. And smooth. Covering me everywhere.

And I fucking loved it.

At the same time we both expelled a long breathy sigh of pleasure.

Well, it was pleasure for me and I thought her until I caught a prominent sniffle.

I peeped over her shoulder again to catch her with a tear running down her cheek.

"Baby? Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?" This is SO not good.

"No," she sounded fine and she turned too face me a little without disconnecting, "I thought we were going to act like virgins."


"You cried on your first time?" I was suddenly amused.

"Yes. Jesus Taylor. It might not hurt for you, but when someone is stretching you from the inside of your most precious place, it tends to hurt. Especially if they're really big-" I interrupted her, and tried my best not to snap.

"Okay. Enough about your previous sex life. This is the moment now. Just me and you. And we are not virgins so lets not act like it. Although you did have me pretty fooled."

"What can I say?"

"How about my name, in that sexy little voice of She grinned, the luminous moon light glinting off her white teeth, before resting her head back against my arm that was under her head and moaning.

That. There, was the equivalent for GO.

I kept my promise I had made to myself – I took things slow. It was hard, I can tell you that. Not only was the position we were in not one I was accustomed with, but it took me everything in my heart – huh, Jasmine was right – not to fuck the living shit out of her.

Because the way her hot, slick walls clenched around my appendage every so often, how her hand made my hand rub against her sensitive spot between her legs at her speed, the way she whispered my name softly under her breath into the darkness in her was of expressing her />
Fucking the living shit out of her was exactly what I wanted to do.

But…I managed to contain it.

I thrust my hips to meet the swell of her ass slow but hard, so that I hit her g-spot every time, earning myself an very appreciative moan from Jazz each time.

I rubbed her clit slow and hard, just like my thrusts, forcing her to press herself deeper back against me – giving me the beautiful chance of entering her another inch.

God, this feels so fucking good.

And it did. But I had to admit it />
I mean, you try manage screwing- I mean, making love, on your side from behind them.

It's really not that easy.

Oh well, good job I'm not fat.

"Ungh. Right She moaned, her nails pierced my hand which rubbed her core.

"I I panted in her ear. The hand which wasn't applying pressure to her clit gripped the door handle by our heads, using it for extra leverage and pleasured support.

By the amount of good feelings travelling from Jasmine to my dick to the rest of my body, I would probably break the whole damn door off in no time.

As it happens, it was creaking.

Creaking? The whole damn car is rocking! My conscience snapped at me, but despite its natural urge to be a prick – it was pretty gleeful that I actually had myself embedded deep within Jasmine.

Rocking? Ooooh, that's hot. I just hope we don't slip down the hill…

How can you say that?! You could know that you were slipping down the hill and you would still carry on having sex!

You know me well.

That I do. My conscience grinned cheekily whilst performing a little hip thrusting routine thing.

Jasmine released a piercing moan and her walls automatically clenched around my cock.

I growled and licked the length of her beautiful silky neck.

"Your mine." I hissed in her ear, increasing my thrusting tempo slightly, but holding her back to my chest so that we didn't end up on the floor.

She moaned brokenly.

"All mine."

She swallowed audibly, a trickle of perspiration ran from her temple, which I caught on the tip of my tongue, tasting the saltiness of it.

"Mark me. Make…me yours."

Oh. That is SO hot.

I groaned in her ear.

She didn't say anything as I rocked into her from behind, she just stretched her glistening neck before me, moving the hair from it.

I kissed it softly and slid out and then into her deeply.

"When I feel you slick pussy coming all around my cock…then I'm going to come…all inside you until…you can feel it in your then I'm going to mark gonna do it so be mine forever."

it." And just for extra measure, she clenched herself around me again making the burning sensation in the pit of my stomach increasing infinitely.

"Nearly She cried, throwing her head back against my shoulder, exposing more of her edible neck to me.

I nibble along it as I plunged harder and faster into her – giving her a taste of what was to come – grunting as the burning sensation made my limbs tremble.

"Come on…baby. Fucking come all over me…and let me make you I moved her hair which had fallen away from her neck so that it was exposed again.

It was only a matter of seconds now.

"Yes Taylor!" She screamed as her sticky, slick body jerked and convulsed under my eager hands and other limbs, "I'm yours!"

She was still screaming when I shot my full awaiting load into her tight passage letting her name roll off my tongue.

She was still screaming my name as I bit into her soft neck. Hard.

After I was sure that she would have the same mark next year, I released her neck from my teeth and licked the indentation I had made. I couldn't tell if I had made her bleed, the saltiness from her perspiration covered it up.

I slowed unglued my hand from her swollen sex and slipped it up her softly panting body till I was at her waist before circling it around her waist, keeping her hand in mine.

We laid there for a long moment, content just to be in each others embrace, breaths intermingled, bodies still joined as one.

"I love you." I heard Jasmine softly murmur as I stared into the blackness of the humid car.

I squeezed her tighter, "Love you more."

She tried to turn around in my arms, but failed, so I unwillingly slipped myself from her warmth and loosened my grip on her, just so she could twist her body around so that we were now face to face.

She reached up to tentatively caress the side of my face. I closed my eyes and leaned into her touch.

"You bite like a bitch." I cracked open one eye and stared at her.

She grinned and I burst out laughing.

"You wanted me />
She allowed, and swept the pad of her thumb across my cheek.

I tightened my grip around her waist, crushing the air from her lungs. I kissed her with everything she hadn't taken from me already.

"Now your definitely mine." I whispered seductively in her ear.

She gasped and I released her minutely, just so she could drag in a breath.

I inhaled her hairline, taking in as much of her personal fragrance as I could, my nose occasionally skimmed her skin and she shivered under my touch each time.

She still wants me.

I stroked my hands down the length of her spine before covering the swell of her ass with them. I squeezed gently and pulled her closer to me. Only then noticing that my new and fully charged erection was pressing her evidently in her lower abdomen.

There is no way in hell that I can sleep with that.

Then don't, my conscience grinned and rubbed his hands together.

"You I started, chaffing my hands against her bare ass, "I'm not that tired."

"Neither am I." She added with that infamous glint in her sparkling eyes.

I smirked she knew me too well, a few other available surfaces I can think />
"Ooooh. You want it bad." She teased.

"Like you then." I retorted.

"You got that right,"

I nipped the end of her nose and smiled, "So what dya say? Up for Round />
"Only if there's a Round Three She whispered back.

I growled and seized her lips with mine, slipping my tongue easily into her hot mouth, running it behind her straight teeth before stroking her own.

She breathed as I assaulted her neck with soft, tender kisses.

I pulled back slowly and kissed both her lids shut.

"Trust me?" I asked her, touching my lips to hers again.

"Always do."

And then I opened the car door and pulled her outside onto the wet floor.

And we made love in the rain all night.

story by: SexiestChick13

Tags: masturbation school young blowjob erotica teen male/teen female cum swallowing cheating romance humiliation domination/submission fantasm oral sex fan fiction sex story written by women massage

Author: SexiestChick13

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    I looked out on to the balcony where Maddy was laying sunbathing, her top off. On closer inspection I could that she was wriggling in her lounge chair. Her hand was squeezing and pulling her left nipple as her other hand dipped down past the brick work. I'm guessing it was going to work on her little pleasure bud. To say I prefer to play instead of watching is an understatement but...I met Sam a month back and since then...

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