Flight 247 lost boys chapter 4

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Chapter 4


By Boys in the hood

This is a fictional story, it never
happened, yes it's make believe,
Any names, places, or events may
or may not be real, any resemblance
is just that.


Due to sexual activity
and bad language used
you need to be 18 and over to be
here and your country or state may
or may not encourage you being here.

Copyright: 2010; Boys in the hood
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CHAPTER 4 what a week

It has been over a week now since the boys landed
at the deserted island, a few aircraft flew by but
not close enough to see the boys. Cry's went out as an
engine noise could be heard but it was always too far away
to make contact. All the boys were wondering when they
would be rescued, the younger boys were getting used to
be naked as they felt happy to be free of clothes.

Some of the older boys were also hanging free, showing off
their cut dicks, preteen pubes and sagging balls. Erections
were common with the older boys and the young ones
giggled when they saw a boy walking into the bush to
take a dump or have a pee as their boned up dicks were
a sight to see.

"Hey Simon, does that happen to you a lot, you know
having a stiffy all the time." Wesley asked. "Well not all the
time but it can happen when you don't want one, like when
you have to go to the front of the class and stand in front
of your class mates and all of a sudden your pants start to tent
out and everyone can see your boner." Simon gasped as he
adjusted his boning cock in his dirty briefs.

"Wow it must feel embarrassing when it happens to you."
Wesley laughed. "I have seen older boys cry when it happens
and you can hear all the class laughing at you and pointing to
you saying he has a boner or look its boner boy." Simon said.

Desmond and Jackson and the twins caught up with Simon and
Wesley after finishing eating what was a fruit breakfast.
"Hi guys, what's up dude?" Desmond asked. "Oh we are just
talking about embarrassing moments when you get boners
all the time." Simon replied. "Yeah we know all about those
as our mum has seen us boned up at times when she some
times pulls our bed sheets back to wake us up and she has seen
our briefs tent up as well." Peter and Mike explained.

"Ha ha that was funny; I bet your mummy was giggling when
she saw your dinky's all stiff like." Wesley hooted. "Wait till
it happens to you Wesley and you will not be laughing then
as someone will be laughing at you." Simon grunted. "Sorry
guys, I don't get boners unless I play with my dinky but it feels
nice when it happens." Wesley said.

"Ok enough of cocks, boners and so on; let's head to the other side
of the island and see what's there." Jackson asked. "Does Ron Know?
where we are all going." Mike wanted to know. "We asked him
last night, he just needs to know who is going and how long
we will be away." Desmond said.

So the boys went past Ron's shelter and told him who was going
and what time they would be coming back. A sack with bottles
of coconut milk and some fruit was carried by Simon as the other boys
carried wooden boxes they found in the disused bunker hoping to
fill it with stuff they might find on their sightseeing trip.

Desmond, Wesley and Jackson were naked, Simon and the twins
had their stained briefs on, they were still embarrassed about
showing any boners and felt comfortable as they were.

"Do you think we will find anything on the other side of the island?"
Wesley asked. "Don't know until we get there, maybe some ripe
fruit as we are eating all the fruit around us and it takes time for it
to grow." Mike replied. An hour later the boys arrived on the
other side of the island and started to look for things they could
use back at their camp.

"Man this place is covered in crap, look at all the shoes and stuff here."
Desmond said. "It must be where the tide comes here and it brings
all the junk that floats this way." Simon replied. "Look over there,
Banana's and lots of them." Peter shouted out. "Ok see what's
ripe and close to being ripe as we need to have both."
Simon said.

The boys picked some ripe and not so ripe bananas and placed them
in the wooden box. "Let's go in here and see if we can find /> Jackson asked. The boys walked into the jungle and soon all their
eyes lit up." Holy cow, what's that." Wesley hooted. "I think
it was cannon of some sort; it's all rusty and bent." Peter said.

"Well there is nothing here we can use so let's look some more."
Mike told the boys. After 10 minutes of looking around in the
jungle the boys found nothing but junk. "This must have been
where they looked out for the enemy and shot at them from here."
Jackson said. "Yeah it sure looks like it, just look out for
old shells as we don't want any of them going off and blowing us up."
Desmond shouted.

"Let's get away from this place as it is scaring me." Wesley asked.
"Ok how about we walk down this trial and see if we can find any
treasure." Jackson giggled.

The boys found a trail that was cleared due to the army using
poison that made things useless to grow there and soon arrived
at what they hoped was another bunker. "Wow this thing is
huge, and it's in one piece." Simon hooted.
"Ok stop and look before we do anything, we don't know if it's
booby trapped or not." Peter called out.

"Yeah I read about stuff like this and you never know what they did
here." Mike replied. Like spy's the boys slowly looked around the
bunker and found nothing that looked like a booby trap and decided
to open the door and look inside.

"I'll go first and then wait till I say it's ok to come in." Simon shouted.
The boys found a strong looking pole and cracked open the wooden
door and soon the door was opened.
Simon pushed the door outwards and it fell off its hinges hitting the ground
and blowing dust and sand all over the boys.

"Gee thanks Simon, now I am all dirty." Wesley groaned. "Stop
being a baby and go wash it off in the sea." Desmond quoted.
"Not much here I'm afraid, some tools and a few coke bottles that
we can use so it looks safe so come in if you want to." Simon shouted out.
A quick look around found a few girly books that were a bit dusty and
had a few pages torn but the boys took them and would give them to Ron
as he used them to jerk off with as the younger boys were not into
looking at nude women.

"I found a box of nails will they be useful." Wesley said as he handed a
small wooden box filled with 2 inch rusty nails to Simon. "We might
be able to use some of them on the shelter." Jackson remarked.
As Wesley walked passed Simon, Desmond was laughing his head off
as he saw a cobweb hanging off the end of Wesley's foreskin.

"What are you laughing at?" Wesley asked. "Look at your dinky and
you will see why I am laughing." Desmond said. All the boys including
Wesley looked at his uncut cock and soon all the boys were laughing
as a small dead spider was also hanging off Wesley's pink cock.

"Get it off, get it off me, I hate spiders." Wesley screamed as he ran
out of the bunker. The other boys almost wet their pants, well that's
if they were wearing any. Simon caught up to Wesley and stopped him
in a bear hug and held onto him brushing the spider and cobwebs
off his penis.

"It's ok Wesley, it gone now." Simon said as he cuddled his pal in
his arms calming Wesley down. "I'm sorry, but I just hate spiders
as they scare me." Wesley said as he sobbed in Simon's arms.
"I know you were scared Wesley but you are safe now." Simon
replied. The other boys ran out of the bunker towards Wesley and
Simon and found the boys hugging and kissing each other.
"Can we join in on the action as it looks real hot seeing you?
kiss and hug." Peter gasped as he was boning up again for the
forth time today.

"Hey bro you are tenting out again, your undies are going to explode
if you don't do something about that pole of yours." Mike laughed.
Desmond and Jackson eyed off Peter's erection and soon were
slowly boning up as well and decided to go for a swim and clean
off the dust off of themselves.

"Come on you two; let's clean up in the water as we need to
get back to the camp before Ron gets mad at us." Mike yelled
out. "Ok Wesley, let's go and wash up all that dust and shit off of us."
Simon asked. A few minutes later the boys walked out of the ocean
and picked up the goodies they found and walked back to the camp site.

"So the explorers have returned, did you find anything." Ron asked.
"Well not much, we found some nails and some more coke bottles
and these books." Jackson said as he held up some dirty books up in the air.
"I'll take those as you are too young to look at nude women."
Ron giggled. "We already looked at them and nothing /> Desmond said.

`Ok how about you twins go and see what's in the big pot and take care of it."
Ron smiled. "Holy cow, look at all the fish and stuff in here." Peter gasped
as he pulled out an octopus and a lobster plus some smaller fish.

"When did you get these?" Mike coughed as he choked on his own spit.
"Oh just 15 minutes ago, down near the rock pool, they were caught out
by the tide and were trapped in my snare." Ron happily replied.
"Oh you trapped them then." Jackson asked. "Yeah they couldn't
get out as the water dropped and they were stuck there."
Simon explained.

Peter and Mike opened some coconuts and spilled the juice into the big
pot and added some water and placed it on the hot coals waiting for
the water to boil. "We are going to eat well today." Wesley hooted
as he grabbed Simon by the hand and led him to the life raft.
"I want to thank you for looking after me in the bunker."
Wesley said.

"Hey no need to thank me Wesley, I was just looking out for you
as you are like a little brother to me." Simon grinned.
Wesley moved towards Simon and kissed him on the lips
and then slipped his fingers into Simon's briefs holding onto
his cut cock slowly jerked his friends shaft until he was rock
hard and soon heard Simon moan with pleasure with each
stroke of his cock.

"Wes I'm about to shoot my load, oh man I'm Cumming, ah
that feels so gooood." Simon gasped as he felt a warm feeling
leave his penis and fill his briefs with a hot wetness.
"You wet yourself Simon, did you shoot your milk." Wesley asked.
"I sure did, you know how to please a boy." Simon hooted as he
kissed Wesley on the lips and thanked him for jerking him off.

"I hope you liked it as you are my best friend now." Wesley whooped.
"I'm hungry, let's go and see if anything is being cooked."
Simon said. The boys scrambled out of the deflated life raft
and walked to the fire pit and looked into the big pot and seeing
the octopus and lobster boiling away.

"Hey it's about time you two got back here; I thought we had to send out
a search party for you all." Ron quipped. "Wesley got scared when a
dead spider got attached to his pecker at the bunker." Simon told Ron.
"Ok I see so you helped him get over his problem and he rewarded
you with a special hand shake." Ron giggled. "Yeah something
like that." Simon replied as a few of the younger boys were now
sitting in the shelter and were listening to the conversation.

Peter and Mike had started to fry the octopus and lobster in the frypan
and used some coconut milk to help make it taste better. "we have done
our best with what we had but it looks ok and well tastes nice."
Mike told Ron. "You can only do your best boys and you sure can whip
up a hot meal for us all." Ron grinned as he hugged the twins before
shouting out that the food was ready to eat.

Screams of joy could be heard as all the boys ran towards the camp fire
and picked up their coconut bowls filled with the seafood delight.
"This is yummy " "wow my mum couldn't cook like this."
"Man I am loving this." was just some of the words said to
the twins, both boys had a little help as their dad is a chef and
taught the boys from a young age on the right way to cook food.

"Come here guys." Ron said to the twins. "What's up Ron didn't
you like the food." Mike said in a worried way. "Hell no I just
wanted to say thank you for cooking a great meal." Ron explained.
So the twins went up to Ron and sat next to him waiting for Ron's
next move. "Thanks guys." Ron said and then hugged and kissed
each boy on the lips just nice and gentle.

"Wow thanks Ron but we can't take all the credit as Jackson and his friends
were the ones to find the pots and pans and all the other stuff so they
had a hand in this meal as well." Peter explained. "Yes they sure did and I will
be thanking them and you two in a special way, well that's if you want to be given
a special treat." Ron giggled as he wiggled his eye brows.

The younger boys were looking at Ron and trying to work out what special
treat the other boys would be getting. "Desmond, Jackson, Simon and Wesley
you are to be congratulated on finding all the things you found in the bunker
last week and today and all the boys can thank you in their special way."
Ron told the boys. A few minutes later the boys stood in a line and one by
one the rest of the survivors went up and either kissed each boy or shook
their hand.
The twins went up and kissed the boys and gave them a squeeze on their
peckers and said thanks for finding the treasure. Ron also kissed and said
that he was proud of them all and as well the twins for their excellent
cooking skills. The camp area was cleaned up and empty coconut
shells were placed into the fire and new shells made ready for their
next meal.

"Simon are you going for a swim now." Wesley asked. "Sure little one
I will swim with you." Simon smiled as he and Wesley held hands and ran
into the ocean screaming and giggling as they ran to the shoreline.

"So now what, do you want to go for a swim." Jackson asked Desmond…
"Why not we have done our bit so let's go enjoy ourselves." Desmond

Nearly all the boys were nude now as the shyness of being seen naked
and showing off your pecker was now natural to the boys only a few boys
were still in their underwear and it wouldn't take long for them to drop
their shorts and go free balling around the camp.
"Peter and Mike come to my shelter if you are doing nothing and we can
look at the naughty photos the boys found today." Ron hooted.

"Gee she has big tits and look at that hairy thing between her legs."
Peter gasped. "Yeah but the guy next to her has a lot of hairs on his cock
as well." Mike laughed. "Do you jerk off a lot Ron, how did you find out
about doing it." Peter asked.

"Long story, one day I saw a boy
in the shower at our local swimming pool and he was 13 and I was 11 and
he saw me watching him stroke his cock and he said did I know what he was doing
and I said no and he showed me what he was doing to himself and then
did it to me and jerked me off and I shot out a drop of cum and after that
I was hooked on masturbating and I still love to do it." Ron gasped as he felt
his cut cock slowly fill his undies. "Have you two been doing much?"
Ron wanted to know.

"We did it by accident, we always had a bath or shower together as mum and
Dad always made us bath together and they would wash us and would show us what
was between our legs and we learned how to take care of our dicks."
Mike replied.

" We first jerked each other off after we were told to help out
washing each other and we did when we started to wash our backs and hair and
we ended up washing our peckers and it felt good when someone else
touched your dick and now we do it all the time as just dad lives with us
as our mum ran off with another woman so we can jerk off and dad does not
care as long as he does not see us doing it he does not mind." Peter
grinned as he touched his brother's cock through his briefs.

"Hey Desmond can I ask you a question a personal one." Jackson
asked. "Sure we are friends so what do you want to know."
Desmond said. "Well it's about your pecker, do you get teased about not
having one like mine." Jackson asked. "At time I do, my cousins said one time
when I was 8 that my dinky was silly looking and it looked ugly."
Desmond replied as he lowered his head.

"Hey Desmond don't be sad about it as it looks nice and you can do
things with it that I can't do to mine and I always get stiff when I see
a boy pull his foreskin back when he pees or washes his skin and some
times I feel like I want mine back and be able to play with it."
Jackson hooted.

"Yeah but yours looks funny too with no skin on it and you don't get pee
stuck under your foreskin." Desmond told his friend. "You need to pull
your foreskin back when you pee and then you won't have pee there
when you have finished peeing." Jackson explained.

"Yes I do that now as one time my dad told me I had to keep it
clean and he had to help me a few times to wash it and I was not
embarrassed as he showed me how he did it and we did it together
once and now I don't care who sees me pulling my skin back."
Desmond replied.

"Anyway we both can enjoy what we have down there and not worry about it
as we are boys and we have a pecker that we can play with." Jackson
giggled as he hugged his friend in the water and gave him a kiss on the
lips and both boys laughed.

Simon do you like me even though you are 11 and I am only 8 years old."
Wesley asked. "Sure like I said before you are like a little brother to me
and I don't mind that we are 3 years apart as we have fun and look
after one another." Simon said. "I acted like a baby back there in the
bunker crying and screaming about the dead spider on my pecker."
Wesley cried.

"Hey now, you can be scared of spiders as a lot of folks are
scared of them as well so you are not alone." Simon told Wesley.
"Ok, I just need a friend right now and you are one of my best friends
here." Wesley replied. "Yeah and you know that Jackson and Desmond
like you too and you need to be their friends as well." Simon

`I will Simon, you know I will." Wesley gasped and hugged his pal
like he was his older brother.

Later that night the boys got their reward from Ron and had a great time
just enjoying the friendship of an older boy plus experiencing new ways
to enjoying your penis.

The sun was just setting as the boys sat around the camp fire and told
their stories about their own lives and what they liked and disliked,
telling everyone about their families and soon some of the younger boys
started to cry a little until hugs were passed around uniting the group
as a whole.

End of chapter 4

Is rescue coming for the boys, will they ever
see their parents and family again, well
stay tuned until the next chapter comes


Boys in the hood.

story by: boys in the hood

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Author: boys in the hood

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