From sex deprived to sex addicted pt. 12

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“I can’t believe Nick cheated on me. I loved him, Tiff. I thought he loved me. Why is it that every guy I date is such an />
Tiffany rubbed her hand up and down Stacy’s back as her best friend sobbed. They were seated on a curb outside of Mari’s house as the noise of the party roared on inside.

Tiffany wasn’t surprised that Nick fell right into her trap. Her aunt Sheila Davis served as Nick’s therapist and revealed all of Nick’s dirty little secrets to her after their two sessions. Apparently Nick had trouble controlling his sexual urges around pretty girls and he had a particular desire to have anal sex, something Stacy wasn’t willing to engage in.

It was all too easy to pay off the three girls to agree to sleep with him; her family had plenty of money to throw around. Reeling him in with a game of beer pong and slipping some Rophenol into the margaritas was enough to get him to loosen up and lose any inhibitions he may have felt if he actually loved Stacy and decided not to give in to the girls.

Tiffany went as far as driving to Stacy’s house and slipping the same drug she used in Nick’s drink into her glass of tea sitting on the porch as she busied herself in the garden. Just as she’d hoped, Stacy’s grandmother went to the hospital and it was Tiffany who conveniently broke the news to Stacy and was there to console her and tell her everything would be alright.

Tiffany didn’t believe Nick ever loved Stacy. If he loved Stacy, why did he hook up with Tiffany, a complete stranger at the time, in a mall changing room? He must have slept with someone else before her because he didn’t contract chlamydia from Stacy and pass it on. The fact he didn’t even warn her that he had chlamydia showed that he didn’t take safe sex seriously and that he was a very selfish man.

“It’s not your fault, hon,” Tiffany said as she continued consoling her friend. “Guys are just assholes. I really hoped Nick was different but I guess he />
“Yeah I thought he was different too,” Stacy said between tears. “What does it take to find a good guy?”

“Maybe it’s men that are the />
“Wait, what?”

Even in Stacy’s depressed and heart-broken state, she was more perceptive of the magnitude of Tiffany’s response than Tiffany gave her credit for. She wanted to slowly plant the seed in Stacy’s mind that she should maybe consider a relationship with a woman, particularly her. That way, she could finally be in an emotionally satisfying relationship where she didn’t have to worry about being cheated on.

Now that she was there for Stacy once again in another time of sorrow, she could only hope her friend would put 2 and 2 together and give in to Tiffany’s advance. Tiffany just wasn’t sure of when to make her move.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Maybe it’s worth giving up on men for a while. You’re a very strong woman. It’s not like you need a man to be at your best anyway.”

Normally Stacy would have laughed at Tiffany’s compliments but she just stared blankly ahead of her at the passing car, following it down the street with her eyes. She was clearly still upset and this was no time for Tiffany to push the envelope and reveal her true feelings to Stacy.

“I’m sure you don’t want to go back inside. Do you want me to drive you home? I haven’t had a thing to drink but if my parents are gone, I’m sure I could get you one.”

“Sure. I could use a good drink />

Stacy awoke to a sharp pain jolting through her forehead. She saw she was lying in a very large bed that was covered in turquoise pillows. It wasn’t her bed. Where was she?

She rolled to her side and saw an alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed. The time was flashing, indicating the power had gone off last night or the clock had somehow been unplugged from the wall.

Next to the clock was a pilsner glass that was half full with some sort of mixed drink. Stacy tried to remember what happened last night that left her in such a state. Why did she bring a drink to bed with her? And whose bed was she in?

She lifted her torso off of the bed and threw the heavy comforter off of her. She noticed she was dressed in only a bra and panties. Someone must have taken her dress off before she fell asleep. She looked down at the floor and saw her black dress lying there but otherwise didn’t see a sign of life in the room.

Stacy groaned as she tried to climb out of bed. Her legs were asleep and she found it hard to set her feet on the floor to push her body off of the bed. She somehow managed the strength to do so and put on the dress over her undergarments.

She walked to the dresser and saw a mirror filled with 3×3 Polaroid style photos. Most of the photos had Tiffany in them. It finally dawned on her that she had woken up in Tiffany’s bedroom. She walked to the foot of the bed and saw Tiffany bundled up in a sleeping bag on the floor.

She smiled at the sacrifice her friend made to make her as comfortable as possible after witnessing the traumatic event of her ex-boyfriend Nick cheating on her with 3 different women. Tiffany had always been there for her, during good times and bad.
Stacy then remembered that not only had she caught Nick in the act of cheating but that her grandmother had been sent to the hospital. Tiffany had been by her side for that moment too and assured her that everything was going to be alright.

Just to be sure, Stacy found her cell phone and called her mother to ask how things were going. Mrs. Hendricks was worried sick that her daughter didn’t come home last night but told Stacy that grandma was doing much better after her overnight stay and would likely be able to return home that day.

Satisfied that all things were well with her grandmother at least, Stacy looked back down at a sleeping Tiffany. She looked so peaceful as she breathed heavily in her sleep. Stacy wondered if she should bother waking Tiffany up but decided against it.

She’d enjoyed Tiffany’s company but decided it was time to move on and face the reality of the world as another girl who had been cheated on. She slowly walked to the bedroom door and pulled it open so as not to wake Tiffany.

She tiptoed down the hallway past the closed door of Tiffany’s parents’ bedroom and walked down the stairs and out of the house. She wasn’t sure what she would do next; she’d let her mind take her somewhere and see where she ended up.


Nick and Danny sat together in Danny’s basement, both dumbfounded at their current predicaments. Just a few weeks ago, they stumbled into a journey of temporary happiness. Danny had discovered his feelings for Lizzy as beyond sexual after hooking up with her a few times and now he knew she didn’t necessarily feel the same way.

Nick had met Stacy at Mari’s last party and was instantly attracted to her on a physical level and an emotional level because of their great conversations. He grew to love her over the last few weeks and was as devastated at cheating on her as she likely felt on catching him in the act. He had no idea what to do now other than sit and stare at the wall.

“That whole night was stupid, man,” Danny said, breaking the ice. “If I would’ve kept playing beer pong none of this would’ve />
“Yeah, maybe, but I’m the one that acted on my desires again. I know they must have put something in those margaritas they gave me but I could’ve stopped. I could’ve just lay there and cried out for help. I guess I didn’t want to sound too wimpy.”

“I feel you there but it’s not only women who are date raped. Men can be raped too. But this whole thing last night, it had to be some sort of plan, right? Some sort of set up?”

“Yeah I think so. Like you said, Mari pulled me in to play beer pong with you and Trent after Tiffany had already pulled Stacy out of the living room. I still have no idea what that was about but it was probably just to get her out of sight until Maddie could step in and seduce me to the bedroom.
“The drinks had me acting out of sorts so I could barely move. My vision was blurry and I really wasn’t sure what was going on. I just don’t understand why those girls were the ones that seduced me. I’d never met them before. I think Tiffany put them up to it but I have no real proof of that.”

“Was there anything weird about them? You said they just wanted you to give them anal sex right?”

Nick shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah that’s the part that I don’t really get. They kept referring to anal sex. I kept getting these texts the night before when I was with Stacy of a girl’s ass and the text saying that it could be all mine at the party. It’s like they knew that I’d really been interested in trying anal with Stacy lately. How could they have known that?”

Danny put his thumb and index finger on his chin and moved them together until the tips of his fingers touched like he was deep in thought. Danny usually wasn’t much of a thinker so Nick wasn’t sure what he was getting at.

“Maybe Stacy told Tiffany about your sex life. After all, they’re girls and they probably talk about everything />
Nick shook his head. While that was a valid theory, that didn’t seem to be the case; something was off here.

“Either way,” Danny said. “As much as it sucks that we’re both single now, we shouldn’t sit down here all day and mope about this. I really thought I loved Lizzy too but I was right about her. She just wants to fuck other guys and not be in a relationship which is totally fine. I was like that for a while. Then I realized I wanted more. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

“But do you know how hard it is to move on for me? Stacy and I were in a relationship. I really did love her. I thought I had all of these urges under control after meeting with your mom’s therapist but I guess I couldn’t control them.”

Nick’s next thought struck him like a bolt of lightning. He looked up at Danny’s face and saw the same look. It was his therapist who he told about his secret desire for anal sex just before leaving his last appointment. He’d only told one other person about his newfound fetish and that was Danny.

“Goddamn that fucking bitch of a therapist,” Nick said. “I told her right before I left my last appointment that I wanted to try anal with Stacy. I knew I shouldn’t have opened up to her. She must have told Tiffany somehow. How could that be? Isn’t that violating patient/therapist confidentiality or />
“It’s pretty damn unethical, that’s for sure,” Danny said. think about this. The therapist is Sheila Davis. She just so happens to be the sister of the CEO of Beach Tan, Inc, Joseph Larsen. My father used to work for him at another company. What’s Tiffany’s last name?”

Nick snarled. “She must be that bitch’s aunt.”

“If you think about it,” Danny said. “It kind of makes sense. Tiffany’s family is loaded with money, she knows not only about your sex addiction but your desire for anal sex, so she probably buys some date rape drugs, finds some stupid girls to fuck you, and she just so conveniently brings Stacy up to the room right when you finish the act. You’ve got to admit that’s pretty />
“Yeah, the bitch is clever. But it doesn’t change what happened. Regardless of what they did, I’m the one who still cheated on Stacy. I can’t take that back. I’ve got to be responsible for my />
“Look, Nick, you can’t always be Mr. Perfect all the time. Everyone makes mistakes. I really think you cared about Stacy. You probably did love her. Even if you cheated on her, you weren’t in the best mental state to make good choices last night. I wasn’t either. I think you could fight this. Tell Stacy what happened but apologize to her because you did fuck up. Maybe she won’t take you back but she might not think so highly of />
“Really? You think she’d take my word over that of her best friend? I’m not so sure that will happen.”

“Well, man, it’s worth a shot.”

Nick bent over at the waist and stared at the ground once again. Perhaps his best friend was on to something. Even though Nick was sure Stacy wouldn’t take him back regardless of how sorry he was, he knew he had to change. From getting terrible advice from his long lost father to useless counsel from a phony therapist, Nick really hadn’t overcome his sexual urges. He had to conquer this before it conquered him even more than it already had.

“What are you thinking about?” Danny asked.

“Remember when we were kids, we used to play a game around the />
“Yeah, we played lots of games. So what?”

“Remember we used to pretend there was a killer in the neighborhood and we’d ask the neighbors for clues? We’d pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and James Bond and all of those super />
“Oh yeah. That was pretty fun.”

Nick looked up from the floor and at Danny, acknowledging that he had been right about trying to prove Tiffany’s misdeeds.

“I think it’s time to do some />

After leaving Tiffany’s house, Stacy walked to a bus stop where she took a bus to the mall. She’d parked her car at Nick’s house on the other side of town the night before and wasn’t looking forward to the awkwardness of trying to retrieve her car without running into him.

Going to the mall would give her a chance to engage in some retail therapy while she thought about what she wanted to do next. Part of the reason she never got too attached to other boys was because she didn’t want her heart to be broken. Her previous relationships were both failures but those guys were legitimate assholes who she had no business dating in the first place.

She really had hoped that Nick was different. From the moment she met him, he wasn’t like those assholes just concerned with sex. Yes, he had coerced her into having sex earlier than she would have liked but he was a gentleman throughout the process. He was interested in her hobbies, her life, and even her garden. She really started to fall for him hardest during their homecoming dance and the weekend they had spent in bed together.

Tears started forming in her eyes as she walked out of the bus and into the main entrance. She wouldn’t cry now. She wouldn’t let herself get caught up in the trappings of romance with another man. She’d go back to being the strong independent woman that she knew how to be.

Stacy strolled casually through a few stores. She didn’t want to try anything on yet, she just wanted to peruse at her leisure. She walked into Macy’s and found a really cute floral dress that she wanted to try on. She was still in the dress that she wore out last night and wouldn’t mind finding something that she could change into on the way home that didn’t remind her of the previous night.

As she grabbed the dress and walked towards the changing room, she bumped into a man wearing a dark leather jacket. Sometimes she could be rather clumsy.

The man turned around to face Stacy and before she could apologize for running into him, she noticed the man smile and raise his eyebrows in surprise.

“Stacy. How are you?”

The man wasn’t a real man at all. He was nothing but a foolish boy. The guy facing her was her ex-boyfriend Richard.

“What the hell are you doing here, />
“I could ask the same of you, Stacy. I’m just picking out some nice new clothes to donate to a charity I work with that gives new clothes to the less />
Stacy rolled her eyes. Richard definitely wasn’t the philanthropic type. He was only concerned about himself. Just like Nick was last night.

“I take it you don’t believe me. I know our relationship didn’t end on the best of terms. But I’ve changed a lot in 2 years. College will do that to people,” Richard said. “It’s good to see you again.”

Stacy felt another eye roll come on but instead just blew air out of her mouth in a sound.

“Please, Richard. You really were an asshole to me.”

Even though Richard truly was a jerk, perhaps the man had changed. Tiffany and Mary Kaye probably taught him a good lesson when he dumped Stacy for some blonde cheerleader by threatening to cut off his balls. She really hoped that wasn’t the only reason he may have changed. Her own recent feelings of despair over being cheated on were also influencing her thoughts.

“Richard, I shouldn’t have said that. I just got out of a relationship. It was pretty devastating. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. Perhaps you are a different man.”

Richard nodded his head and smiled at her.

“It’s quite alright, Stace. I can’t believe I treated you the way I did back in high school. Going to college has opened me up to a whole new world of experiences. And it’s taught me that there is a lot of pain and suffering in the world that is more important than my own daily />
Stacy’s heart skipped a beat. She knew Richard was probably full of shit but the thought of him being a giving man who was concerned for the needs of others reminded her of Nick – the good Nick that she first came to know.

She then thought to herself, if Nick can go have sex with other girls, why wasn’t she out there having sex with other guys? There were plenty of guys out there who would’ve loved sleep with her but she wouldn’t give them the time of day. She remembered Tiffany telling her about some of her experiences in the mall dressing room and she formed an idea.

“So why don’t you tell me more about your charity work?”

Richard smiled, pleased at Stacy’s sudden change in mood. “Well, it’s this charity called My New Duds and it tries to give people in poverty a new outfit a couple of times a year. They’re just getting started so they need the volunteers to go out and bring in a few outfits. So that’s what I’m here to do.”

really fascinating, Richard. Maybe you should try out one of those outfits to see if it’s good for the poor guys you’re buying them for.”

“I don’t know. If I try on the clothes, then they won’t be the first ones to wear them and it will be less />
The old Richard would have taken Stacy’s hint that she wanted him to go back to the dressing rooms with her. This new Richard was concerned with whether something was genuine or not? Now she wasn’t so sure if she wanted to go through with what she planned.

“Think about how many people try on clothes before they buy them. Lots of people just try clothes on and don’t even buy.”

Richard seemed to consider this. “Alright, I guess it’s your lucky day. What should I try on?”

“Just grab those black jeans and that t-shirt you have in your hand. I think that will be a nice outfit.”

Richard grabbed the clothes and walked towards the dressing room. While he headed there, Stacy thought she had to do something to attract the bad boy Richard that she used to know. She wanted to be a rebel herself, to prove to herself that she could have sex with others like Nick had proved last night.

She found a skimpy red bikini from a nearby clothing rack and thought it would do the job at barely covering her assets. It would probably get a rise out of the boy.

Stacy collected the garments and took the stall next to Richard. For whatever reason, it was taking him a while to try on the new clothes. She wanted to finish changing at about the same time that he did. She had removed her dress and bra and tied on the bikini top when she heard his door open. He moved faster than she thought he would.

Crap. She hurriedly removed her panties and slipped on the bikini bottoms. It probably wasn’t the most sanitary move in the world to wear a bikini over nothing but she wouldn’t feel as bad about it if she bought the bathing suit. She could use a new bikini anyway.

Stacy stepped out of the changing room and glanced at her body in the mirror as Richard faced away from her. She looked really sexy. The top did a good job of showing off an ample amount of cleavage, while still allowing for the imagination to wander. The bottoms barely covered her ass, and left a little bit of flesh poking out. There was no way Richard could resist her.

“Over here, Richie.”

Startled, Richard turned around while wearing the new outfit and stared at her from head to toe, spending extra attention on her breasts and pubic area as he gazed down. Stacy performed a twirl for him to show off her tight ass. She felt like such a slut but she loved it. She was being a rebel.

“Wow, babe, you look amazing,” Richard said. “Forgive me for staring like that but damn, you’re sexy.”

Stacy giggled like so many of the dumb girls at her school such as the girls that slept with Nick last night. Sometimes that’s all it took to get a man’s attention. They didn’t really value intelligence and good conversation, which is what she brought to the table. All that men are after is looks, she thought.

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself,” Stacy replied. “I think I should get a closer look.” She walked right up to Richard and felt his body press against her own. She felt the familiar stirring of the front of his pants growing larger.

“What are you doing?”

Stacy could feel Richard’s breathing and heart rate increase. They were so close. just say seeing you here today made me think back to old times.”

The truth was that the few times she had sex with Richard were completely miserable for her. He rammed into her like he was drilling his way through iron ore and always came before she had her chance to orgasm. He left her feeling like nothing more than a piece of garbage.

But that didn’t matter now. All Stacy wanted right now was to be treated like garbage; to receive a really good fucking. She wanted to be thrown to the curb again just like Nick threw her to the curb last night when he slept with those 3 skanks at Mari’s party.

Stacy pulled away from Richard and backed into the dressing room she just vacated. He followed her, still staring at her tits as he did so. Stacy quickly closed the door behind him, hopeful that no one else saw them both enter the same changing stall.

She saw the old Richard emerge in his eyes as she kissed him. She felt Richard’s large hands unclasp the bikini top she was wearing and throw it to the ground like an unwanted candy wrapper.

His hands instantly found her breasts and squeezed them. Richard was being very rough in his handling of her breasts but Stacy figured she could bear the pain. This pain was nothing compared to how she felt after seeing Nick’s softening penis fall out of that whore Sarah’s vagina. She had no idea why she was still thinking about it, she should just let the thoughts pass from her mind.

To distract herself, she grabbed the t-shirt Richard tried on and pulled it from his torso. Next, she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, revealing his checkered boxers.

really into it this time, baby. I don’t remember you being this />
Stacy looked up at Richard without responding. She dropped to her knees and tugged on the head of his penis through his boxers before pulling them down as well. Her tongue darted out of her mouth like a snake as she began to lick Richard’s head. It was rough and dry, unlike Nick’s moist pink head.

Instead of pining for her former lover further, Stacy placed her warm mouth around Richard’s cock, eliciting a deep moan of satisfaction from him. She waited for his hands to lock in place at the side of her head to force his cock further into her mouth just like he used to but she felt no such movement from him.

“Fuck that feels amazing,” Richard moaned.

If he kept being that loud, they would be caught.

Stacy warned.

“Sorry baby. Your mouth feels amazing on my dick.”

Stacy rolled her eyes and jacked Richard’s cock with one hand while cradling his balls with the other. They were big, dangly things that appeared to be the size of eggs. They actually looked desirable enough for her to think of putting her mouth on them. She didn’t really like balls that much before and now that she thought about it, she never really put Nick’s balls in her mouth other than maybe once or twice.

She moved her mouth from Richard’s cock to his nuts and sucked on his right testicle. Richard groaned again and Stacy knew he would not remain compliant with her orders of silence. A fantasy entered her mind of tying his mouth with duct tape while she played with his man toy.

Her hand jerked his shaft while she switched her mouth from his right ball to his left. She looked up at him as if to tell him to be quiet and he seemed to take the hint. She soon grew tired of sucking his balls and went back to his dick, causing him to groan loudly again.

“What was that?”

It was a voice from outside the stall. Stacy brought her finger to her lips and looked up at Richard with what she could only imagine as fury in her eyes. Richard looked shrugged his shoulders and threw his hands up in the air as if to say he would try harder next time.

The stall immediately next to them closed. Someone was changing nearby. Fortunately, it wasn’t the stall that Richard changed in, so he could still bend underneath the partition to grab his clothes from the other stall.

“Grab your clothes. Pretend you’re trying them on,” Stacy whispered. be a />
“Not to mention a total boner killer,” Richard said back.

Stacy sighed as Richard bent down to retrieve his clothes from the other stall. He was the same old Richard after all, just in it for himself.

After he retrieved his clothes and put his shirt back on to convince the person next door someone was actually changing, Stacy took of her bikini top and slowly slid down the bottoms, causing Richard’s deflating boner to firm up.

gonna lick my pussy,” Stacy said. “And you’re going to like it.”

Richard continued to stare at her in amazement. He was absentmindedly tugging on himself while Stacy sat on the bench on the wall closest to the occupied changing stall and spread her legs. She wanted Richard to get a nice view of the object he would be feasting on.

“No problem,” he mouthed to her as he got on his knees and dove right into her womanly flesh. He was sure to start with her clit, lapping her sensitive spot like a dog. The sensation was overwhelming for Stacy but she didn’t dare moan in pleasure with a person in the stall next to her.

She heard a cough emanate from the opposite side of the wall and they now had the pleasure of both stalls next to them being occupied. Weren’t people supposed to be enjoying the outdoors or with their families on an early Sunday afternoon?

She saw Richard hesitate when the new shopper entered. Much like he used to do when she was giving him oral sex, she grabbed the back of his head with her palm and placed his mouth back on her wet pussy.

A deep exhale escaped her lips as Richard’s tongue quivered against her nub. His tongue darted down from her clit to the pinkest tissue of her pussy and back up again. His technique was fast and varied, unlike Nick’s consistent assault in the same area of her flesh. Richard also neglected to add his fingers to the inside of her pussy. It wasn’t that his technique was any better or worse than her former lover’s. It was just different.

Richard brought his head up from her vagina to kiss Stacy. She had loved kissing Nick after oral sex when they were together and had grown used to the musky taste of her juices on his lips and tongue. She didn’t feel that same love or attraction to Richard but nonetheless relented to his kiss.

His kiss was rough and his tongue broke through the barricade of her lips like a battering ram. It was far from the smooth and silky approach of Nick’s tongue and lips when he had made out with her.

She wanted the kiss to end so she reached down and jacked Richard’s cock as fast as she could. He was really hard now, almost painfully hard. She lowered her body as low to the ground and as far off the bench as she could so she could signal to Richard that she was ready for sex.

At least one of their neighbors had left during the time she was being eaten out and the door on the other neighboring stall had just slammed shut and footsteps moved away from the door and into the main part of the store. That left them alone to do as they pleased.

The tip of Richard’s penis brushed against her pussy lips and she remembered how painfully hard his thrusts were the other times they’d had sex. She had no idea why she even agreed to fuck Richard in the first place as the memories came flooding back. Part of her wanted to do it for revenge against Nick. Another part of her wanted to do it because she knew she could enjoy her sexuality as a woman more than she sometimes let herself.

There was no going back now as Richard sank his dick into her. He was squatting to allow Stacy to scoot back on the bench where she could lie in a somewhat comfortable position while he plowed her.

Perhaps now that no one else was around, Richard moaned as he felt her heat surround his penis. She never should have done this without having him wear a condom. He had a propensity to bust early during the other times they’d had sex.

“Wow I don’t remember you feeling this good, baby,” Richard groaned. got to be the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

“Well don’t cum in me.”

worry I won’t. Are you on the pill?”

Stacy was still on the pill but she didn’t want him to think he could just cum inside her if he wanted to, despite warning him against it.

“No, I’m not, so you definitely can’t cum inside of me.”

She felt Richard thrust harder and faster inside of her. He was moving his hips so hard that she was knocking her into the wall. His movements caused her to increase her breathing.

While he was giving her pleasure, it didn’t feel as good as it did when Nick fucked her. Nick’s cock felt smooth as it glided inside of her. With Richard, she felt as if he was jabbing at her with a knife.

“Oh babe, I’m so close,” Richard moaned.

forget that you can’t cum in me,” Stacy warned.

She just knew he would cum in her. He was just trying to get his rocks off in the best possible way, not willing to make the small sacrifice in pleasure by pulling out.

Since she was nowhere near orgasm herself, she figured she could help hurry Richard’s orgasm along so she could get out of there and get on with her day.

She flexed her vaginal walls against Richard’s cock. It was this very move that occasionally brought Nick off inside of her. Richard groaned loudly and his cock swelled inside of her. She knew he was about to cum.

“Ahhh, I’m cumming, fuck.”

Before she could force his cock out of her vagina, she felt Richard’s hot cream jet out of his penis and inside of her womanly depths. He held his cock tightly against her cervix as he fired load after load.

After he was done, he pulled out and panted for air as he tried to climb down from his orgasmic high.

“What the fuck, Richard? You really haven’t changed, have you? I specifically asked you not to cum in me and you did it anyway.”

“Sorry, Stacy. Your pussy just felt so good that I had to let go.”

“Thanks a lot, you dumbass. I could get />
Stacy reached for her bra and panties and climbed into them, hoping this would be the last time she ran into this scum of a man. She figured she wouldn’t actually get pregnant because she was on the pill but she didn’t want Richard to receive the satisfaction of getting off easy.

“Relax. It’s fine. I’ll just pay for you to take a morning after pill.”

Stacy slapped Richard hard across the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. She gathered her dress from last night off the ground and put it back on.

“Seriously? You’re such an asshole, Richard. Have fun with your bogus />
Stacy didn’t even bother grabbing the bikini off the floor to treat herself to a new present. Instead, she stormed out of the Macy’s in search of a bathroom.


Nick walked home from Danny’s at a slow pace. Danny was meeting Trent and Jake at Louie’s Bar to watch football but Nick didn’t feel like going. Danny had warned him not to sulk at home and welcomed him come by later if he changed his mind but Nick doubted he’d want to sit around and think about his problems around his friends.

All he wanted at this point was to curl up into a ball on his bed and fall asleep. As he got closer to his house, he saw Stacy’s car was still parked where she’d left it on the curb.

A sharp pang of guilt hit his stomach as he relived the memory of the painful look on her face and the scream she let out when she saw his dick in another girl’s vagina. It was the worst possible offense he could have committed.

Nick hoped Stacy hadn’t gone off and done something reckless. She didn’t seem like the type of girl who would actively go out of her way to cause herself harm.

About 20 yards ahead, Nick saw a familiar figure walking towards him on the sidewalk. He squinted his eyes but couldn’t see who was ahead; he really needed to get his eyes examined. From the distance, he could only tell it was a man approaching. As he moved closer to the man, he realized it was someone he didn’t expect to see again. It was his father, Frank.

“Frank, what are you doing here? I thought you were getting out of town?”

Frank shook his head and smiled. not going to believe this, son, but I actually had a nice chat with your step-father. He’s a great guy.”

Nick scrunched his face together in a sour look. Why was Frank talking to Robert? His mother would be pissed if she found out.

“I know what you’re thinking. I ran into him on my way out the last time we talked. He wanted to clear the air and have an honest discussion about what happened between me and your mom. I basically told him everything she said was true. I did walk out on your mom and I realized my />
it? He didn’t want to punch you out right then?” Nick knew Robert was a better man than that. Nothing seemed to rattle him.

“Oh no. Anyway, I told him I planned to head out of town because I couldn’t afford to stay down here in my current />
“Wait, you told Robert that you’re basically />
Frank shook his head. “I didn’t go into details. I just said I needed to return home. He thought it would be good for you if I stayed. I guess he noticed we seem to get along and like each other for long lost relatives. He told me about a job in the mail room opening up at his company that I’m interviewing for. It’s not exactly my line of work but I’ll take anything at this point.”

Nick raised his brow. His mom definitely wasn’t going to like it if Robert’s company hired Frank, regardless of the capacity.

cool,” Nick said. “But mom’s going to be pissed.”

Frank smiled. “I guess it’s a good thing your step-dad is such a nice guy. I think he’ll get her to come around.”

“Well I hope everything goes well. I kind of hated your guts at first but it’s been nice getting to know you.”

“Yeah, it’s been fun for me too. You don’t look so good, Nick. Is something else going on?”

Nick figured his body language had betrayed him. He’d told his father about all of his problems that got him to this point, so he figured telling him what happened last night couldn’t hurt.

“Stacy and I broke up.”

Frank seemed to frown at this. “I’m sorry about that. What />
“My urges got the best of me again. We went to a party and one of her friends got me really drunk and had these 3 girls all over me. I didn’t want to sleep with any of them but I just couldn’t stop myself. Anyway, Stacy walked into the bedroom right after I finished.

“The funny thing is that I thought I had things under control. I tried to put her needs before my own and have that guide my thought process. In the end, I guess I’m just a />
Frank just looked at him. Nick thought Frank saw a bit of himself from his younger days in Nick’s eyes.

“You said these girls drugged you? Why on earth would they do that?”

“Well it wasn’t the girls I slept with. The girl I might have given chlamydia too is Stacy’s best friend. She’s hated me ever since she discovered after the fact who I was. I still haven’t told her she might have it but I’m hoping she’s figured it out by now. She wanted to get these girls together so they could tempt me so Stacy and I would break up. She probably timed the whole thing of when Stacy would be back to catch me in the act.”

Frank seemed to ponder this. “I’ve thought a lot about your predicament, actually, our predicaments. I was hoping the therapist you were going to could help, but maybe we ought to try something else. I know I said it’s great to have sex with as many girls as you can while you’re young but I think this is going to make you miserable if you can’t resolve this.”

Nick nodded. He certainly felt miserable right now. He wished he could take all of it back. He’d rather be a happy, frequently masturbating virgin than go through the heartbreak he felt as a result of cheating on Stacy.

“Yeah that therapist isn’t going to help. She’s the one who told Stacy’s friend about my desire to have anal sex. That’s coincidentally what these girls were offering. I guess the therapist is this girl’s aunt.”

“Who is this Frank asked, making quotation marks with his fingers.

“Her name is Sheila Davis, but that’s not important. />
Nick’s voice trailed off as Frank interrupted him.

“That bitch,” Frank said.

“What? You know her?” Nick asked.

“Oh yeah. Sheila and I go way back. She was a graduate student when your mother and I were in school. In fact, she made things a lot worse for me. I’ve got to help you now. It looks like Sheila and her niece have taken advantage of you. We can’t let that happen.”

“Yeah I know. I want to investigate all of this but even if I prove that this girl was behind it all and drugged me and what not, I still />
worry about that later. We have plenty of time to come up with a plan.”

“Why is that?”

Frank smiled again. I tell you? Robert invited me to your house for lunch. Why else did you think I was out walking this way?”


Later that night, Nick sat in his room going over what he was going to do over the next few days to at least tell Stacy that Tiffany was an evil conniving bitch. He had no guarantee that she would even agree to see him but he had to at least try.

He’d texted her a few times and even left a voicemail to apologize but he knew it was little use. She didn’t bother returning any of his messages. She had every right to be angry with him. He broke her heart after all.

Nick looked out of his window and saw that her car was finally gone from the curb. She must have picked it up sometime during the afternoon when he and his parents were entertaining Frank.

At first, his mother was furious that Robert even invited Frank into their home.

“I’m not having that in my house!” Roberta had shouted.

“Relax honey,” Robert had said. “I talked to Frank and he really wants to change his ways. I think that having him around would be good for Nick. I know he hurt you but we always talk about letting our past feelings of anger and regret go so that we can be loving and forgiving beings.”

Nick laughed to himself at that. Robert was very idealistic about how people should interact, perhaps too idealistic for his mother’s tastes.

“I don’t care about any of that right now. I treat everyone else in my life with compassion and respect. This man abandoned me when I needed him most to raise my son. How do you forgive that?”

This went on for several more minutes until Robert got Roberta to calm down enough to be civil to Frank. The lunch was slightly uncomfortable for all of them but eventually they settled on a topic of discussion that everyone could agree upon. Due to the constant presence of his mother around them, they couldn’t hash out a strategy for revealing Tiffany’s scheme to Stacy.

Nick thought back to everything that happened that night. The most obvious thing he thought of was that Sheila had revealed Nick’s private concerns to Tiffany in order for her to have the girls seduce him by offering anal sex. Nick knew that he’d have to be honest with Stacy about why he was seeing a therapist, which would mean revealing that he slept with Tiffany and the hooker before her.

This was something he never wanted to reveal to Stacy but if she agreed to speak to him again, he saw no harm in mentioning it now. He’d already done worse in her eyes.

He also knew he was drugged but had no proof to offer. If he had the slightest bit of proof that he was incapable of making the best possible decisions that night and he revealed all of his other sexual urges and transgressions to Stacy, just maybe she would understand where he was coming from and give him another chance.

Just when he was about to give up and play some mindless computer games, Nick saw that his cell phone was ringing and a strange number flashed across the screen. He usually didn’t answer calls from numbers he didn’t know but decided he’d answer anyway.

Nick asked.

“Nick, thank goodness you answered. I really need to talk to you.”

Nick recognized the voice immediately as that of Mari Rosales. She was the last person he wanted to talk to. She was part of Tiffany’s masterful plot to ensure he and Stacy would break up.

“Look, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me but let me explain what’s going on. I feel so terrible about what happened and the more I thought about this whole situation, I realized I only put one of my friend’s needs first. Stacy is my friend just as much as Tiffany and what Tiffany did was just so wrong.”

Nick’s ears perked up at this statement. Was Mari willing to dish some dirt on Tiffany’s plot?

“Go on,” Nick said.

“So Tiffany really didn’t like you, which I’m sure you knew. The reason she didn’t like you was mainly because she was jealous Stacy finally found a nice boy and she really wanted Stacy for herself,” Mari said.

“Wait, what? Why would Tiffany want Stacy since she’s straight?” This was getting confusing in a hurry.

bi, Nick. Tiffany asked if I would help her find a way to break the two of you up so at first I just tried flirting with you at homecoming to see if you would bite. When you didn’t, we came up with another plan. Tiffany wanted to get some of the hottest girls in school to come to my party in hopes of seducing you. Our plans were aided when her aunt, the therapist, called and told us you were visiting her and that you could be taken advantage of if these girls offered anal sex.”

Nick listened as Mari rambled on about how sad it was that he had all these problems. He didn’t have time for a pity party so he urged Mari to get to the point.

“Ok, ok,” she said. “Tiffany got some roofies and we put them in your drinks. We really didn’t want to knock you out but we wanted you to be too inhibited to stop yourself from avoiding those girls. But that’s not the worst part.”

Nick heard Mari sobbing softly on the other line. He felt bad for the poor girl in a way. She was so nice that she wanted to please everyone but it appeared to have backfired this time.

“What was the worst part?”

Mari sobbed again before she could compose herself. “The worst part was that Tiffany put the same drugs in Stacy’s grandma’s pitcher of tea that she set on the porch while she was gardening. I had no idea that was part of the plan. Stacy’s grandma got sick from it and had to be rushed to the hospital. That was how Tiffany was able to pull Stacy away from you at the party long enough to have the girls make their move.”

That bitch. Trying to break up him and Stacy was wrong enough but to drag a poor old woman into the middle of this was beyond cruel.

terrible. Is she />
“Yes, I think she’s fine. Stacy hasn’t been very responsive to my texts. Anyway, the whole point of this is that I feel so bad that Tiffany planned this. I really don’t think she’s going to get what she wants anyway since Stacy doesn’t feel that way about other girls. And I know she really loved you. I could see the love you had for each other in your eyes. I want to help.”

“How do you plan to do that? I cheated on Stacy and she saw everything. What makes you think she’s going to talk to me?”

“Give it time, Nick. I’m on your side now. I’m going to admit to everything that was going on. But we’ve got to get her to agree to talk to you first.”

The call ended and Nick suddenly felt like he had a glimmer of hope at convincing Stacy that his wrongdoing wasn’t entirely under his control. Between Mari’s admission and his own willingness to be vulnerable about his urges and desires with Stacy, he just might win his love back.

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Author: smwriter213

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