Fuck buddies part 2

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Fuck Buddies Part 2

First of all sorry guys that I havnt posted this sooner, i didnt expect such a good feedback from part 1 but hopefully it is worth the Huge wait!

This story is true, the names are not, this story may have happened to me, it may not have.

Hey, Im damien, Ive told you about my prom night and how I lost my virginity at the afterparty, however, in the weeks that followed things certainly got even more exciting for me, if you want to know why,
keep reading! Just to recap, it was the prom afterparty, my friend Sean had broken up with my friend Ashlie and at the party i was caught drunkenly wanking off to the thought of her, it was this that made me end up
losing my virginity with another of our friends, laura, when we left last time, I had fallen asleep with Laura sleeping soundly next to me and my cock still in her cum-filled pussy.

I woke up in the morning in a strange bed, in a strange room, with a strange sensation in my loins and a strange grin on my face, I turned around and saw the face of Laura contentedly smiling in her sleep less than an inch from me, it was at that moment I remembered what had happened the night before, about how I lost my virginity. A broad smile corssed my face and I planted the smallest of kisses on Laura's head, I was then considering falling asleep when my friend Andy banged on the door, he shouted 'Whoevers in there better get out right fucking now or ima gonna smash this door in!' now as it is Andy's house, i thought id better move and believe you me, I moved fast! I realised that Andy woke Laura up too, because without a word to me she bolted upright and climbed into her clothes, i noticed as she got up the huge cum stain on the bed sheet and when she bent over to pick her torn panties up i sneaked a good look at her swollen pussy, obviously recovering from the fucking I gave her not even… Shit! its 11:06! We both dashed to the door, moderately fully clothed, it was then we realised that everyone would know we'd been fucking, so she shoved me behind the door as she stepped out and said 'sorry andy, i really needed a bed to sleep on.' 'aaww thats okay babess' said andy and I looked through the crack in the door, confused. It was at that moment I realised Id been used last night, and that Laura had cheated, Andy and Laura were making out right in the middle of the hallway! I just stared as she broke the kiss and they both went downstairs, it wasnt till sometime after I staggered down as went into the living room, everyone was still asleep, the only people missing were me, laura, andy and ashlie.
I didnt want to wake my friends up and my mouth tasted foul after last night so I staggered through to the kitchen, it was then i found where Ashlie had gone, she was leaning against the cabinet, looking hot as hell in pink panties and a tight fitting shirt that showed off her almost perfect 28B tities standing erect underneath the thin layer of material, I shook her effect on me off and slumped onto the cabinet beside her, I sighed deeply and poured myself a glass of water from the fridge. It was only after id nearly got rid of the taste in my mouth that I said 'hey ashlie, sleep okay?', she didnt look up but I think I heard a soft sob from her and I nealt infront of her and lifted her soft chin with my finger.'Are you okay?' I said. She finally looked into my face and I was once again captivated by her Emerald eyes, even though they shone with tears, 'No' she said, 'it's Sean, he called me and said he's sorry about last night, he wants to get back together.' My heart fell, no, plummeted. 'so whats the problem then, i thought thats what you wanted?', 'it was… just not now, its wierd, I think I like… someone else.' I felt like I had been lifted inside again, and to be honest, I was a little turned on, but I kept my cool and just said 'aww thats okay, you dont need to make any decisions now, just go home and think about it later yeah?', she looked sad but smiled, 'thanks damien, your a really good friend, but I dont want to walk home on my own, will you walk me?' 'Of course i will!' I said.

It wasnt another hour and a half till i saw either Laura or Andy again, Laura took me to one side and apologised to me, saying she accidentally said yes to Andy's advances the night before and she really fancied me, she said she couldnt let him dangle though, so she'd stay with him until he wanted out.
I said okay and asked if it would hurt our relationship as friends if anyone knew, she said 'I dont want ANYONE to know, especially Andy, please dont tell anyone Damien.' This was the get-out clause id been looking for, I agreed and we decided to keep it quiet. half an hour later Andy asked everyone to help
clear up and then leave, by 2:30 I was ready to go, Ashlie dawdled though, hugging eeveryone and crying on a few friends shoulders before she told me she was ready. We live pretty close to each other so it was acceptable for us to walk together anyway, nobody batted an eyelid.
On the way home there was an uncomfortable silence for 10 minutes until I broke the ice by asking her what she was going to do about Sean, 'I dont know, im pretty sure I fancy…. someone.. but I dont know if he fancies me back or not', I replied 'haha who wouldn't like you? you were the sexiest one there last night!'
She looked at me with almost happy eyes, those green eyes sparkling in the sun, I couldnt stop thinking about those eyes, how they winked at me knowingly. 'Thankyou she said and she began to sob, I stopped and put a hand around her waist, drawing her close to me and hugged her tightly, feeling her ass up a little in the process, hey, im a guy. I said 'why dont I take you back to yours and you can tell me all about it?' 'n..no' she uttered, I dont want my parents to see me like this..' 'okay, my house hasnt got anyone home, wanna come round for a bit?' 'Yeah, thanks' she smiled. We walked like that, hugging all the way to mine.

10 minutes later we walked through my front door, 'Are you sure it's okay for me to come in?' she asked hesitantly, I replied 'Sure! its only us two.' She smiled and I hugged her, once again feeling her ass a little and relishing how her tits mashed against my muscular chest, i said, suddenly nervous, 'let me take your shoes' I picked up her shoes and put them in the cuboard under the stairs, when I came back up she was much closer to me than i remembered, 'Your such a gentleman' she breathed, 'uhh.. thanks' I laughed softly, still staring at her eyes, ti was only then that I realised she had taken off her coat, underneath she was wearing a verrryy tight pair of dark blue jeans faded at the knees and a very tight shirt with the faded emblem of a band she liked on the front, she obviously had no bra on and she leaned in even closer to me and whispered, 'You know, that i said i fancied someone else?' My heart was racing as my spirits soared. 'yeah' I whispered back. As a reply she stared deep into my eyes and glanced at my lips, she then bit her lower lip lightly, I knew what this meant and softly brushed her cheek with my left hand and went round her head with my right, she didnt resist so I pulled her into a passionate kiss, i felt almost as if the world was complete, at a standstill for us, locked together in my hallway as we /> I couldnt take it any more, I grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her up onto me, I was now supporting her on my strong hips and we continued making out, I felt my cock raise up and become a little harder, although it was squashed by the very sexy near-woman on my hips, I turned her around and slammed her into the wall, it only made her kissing harder
as she coped with the pain, it turned me on even more.

I now had a full boner raging in my pants desperate to slam into this horny sexy little angel, I contemplated moving the stairs so i could throw her onto the bed and fuck her till she redecorated my walls with her cum but before I could, she pushed away from the wall and we stumbled into the lounge, I instead threw her onto the sofa bed that my dad had been sleeping on and so was ready for use and stood over her, boner prominent in my jeans. She looked at my hard-on and pouted, staring me in the eyes once again, ' are you just gonna torture him or are you gonna let him screw me?' she breathed, I inhaled deeply and scrambled at my zip. I hastily unzipped my jeans and let my monster 9incher free, 'wow!' Ashlie exclaimed, 'your way bigger than Sean!' I smiled and so did she, she then moved to the corner of the bed, stared into my eyes and wrapped her hands around the base of my cock, I moaned and she smiled, still looking at my eyes, she slipped her mouth over my head and inhaled deeply through her nose when I let out a low groan. She started bobbing on my cock, getting me more and more excited than ever as she sucked me off
in my lounge, after about 5 minutes I was about ready to blow my load down her throat, she was THAT good, but I didnt want her to be left on her own, especially as I wanted to taste her sweet pussy juice, I pushed her backwards on to the bed and jumped ontop of her. We kissed hard for about 15 seconds, she bit my lip as I pulled away and she pulled me down to her barely covered tits, I smiled and pulled her tight top off her torso and was greeted by one of the most awesome sights of my young teenage life, her 28B tits jiggled slightly and her pink nipples stood hard and firm with arousal, just begging to be sucked on, I moved my face down and licked her nipple, she shuddered and smiled sexily, I could even smell how horny she was now and I decided to tease her abit, I traced the outline of her nipple with my tongue until she wriggled with anticipation and then i bit down hard on her nipple, she cried out in pain but i noticed her hand dissappear down to her clit and her arm pump furiously underneath her jeans, I started painfully sucking on her nipple, pinching the other one hard and within 4 minutes she arched her back, grabbed the sheets with her free hand and curled her toes and let out a low shriek when she came, she soaked her jeans through and they were literally sodden.

I decided to stop teasing her and let her feel some of my cock, I pulled away and unbuttoned her jeans, she grinned sexily and moaned 'yes, rip them off me!', I roughly pulled her jeans down and exposed her tiny, completely smooth shaven pussy lips, swollen and glistening in the afternoon light coming through the windows, i stared at how perfect her pussy looked, she noticed my hesitation and laughed 'what are you waiting for big boy, show me what you got!' i snapped out of my daze and rammed my forfinger and index finger down to the knuckle in her, she moaned loudly and I felt juices squirt into my palm, I pulled out and she shrieked 'No! get back in get back in! Im Gonna Cum!!' and i rammed three fingers in her pussy, pumping back and forwards, I quickly found her g-spot and rubbed it hard, she finally came with a violent force, she at first seemed to tighten up, then her legs squeezed my arm and finally she screamed as she went through a bone shuddering orgasm that seemed to rock the whole house and drenched the sheets and my arm up to my elbow, 5 minutes later when she had finished coming she moaned 'please, please, enough teasing, I need you in me right now, pump me with your cock, />
I couldn't resist so of course, I lined up and slammed my prick in to about 6 inches, she moaned low and deep, more like a growl of pleasure and she wriggled on the bed to get the rest of my cock forced into her hot, naked dteaming sweaty body, whaen at last I was all 9inches in, her eys rolled back and she breathed 'oh god, it hurts soo goodd!! come on, fuck me like a whore!' and she started thrusting on the bed, I joined in, smashing my rock hard cock into her waiting pussy hole with a fury, she kept moaning loudly and after about 15 minutes she screamed 'IM CUMMMMMING!!!! CUM WITH ME DAMIEN!!' This drove me over the edge and as I penetrated her for the last time I felt her tighten up and recieve a huge load of my spunk in her awaiting womb, I came for so long it started dribbling out past my steel hard dick as I pumped load after load into her, at the same time she gave her highest shriek ever and pushed me away, I plopped out and looked at her just long enough to recieve an entire body splashing of cum from face to dick, Once I cleared the ejaculate out of my eyes and recovered the strength to open them, I saw that Ashlie's orgasm had been so intense she had passed out, I thought thats a good plan and collapsed next to her and promptly fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Part 3 coming soon to popular demand only!!

story by: WishKnight

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Author: WishKnight

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