Girl's camp counselor pt6

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Several days went by. Doris hung around me like a puppy in love, and sneaked in late at night to take receipt of my surplus lust. This kept me going. But then fate struck another blow. Doris' parents came to the camp and took their daughter home. It seemed they had received an anonymous letter written in a childish hand warning them of their daughter's incipient insanity.

The cunning little bitches, I thought. Not a hint of immorality. Insanity. Nice and decent. Oh, well, they had done me out of my last recourse. Why should I worry? I had done without sex before, certainly for longer than three weeks.

Besides, there was Elsa. She might feel like a real fuck for a change. The way she had been cohabiting lately, I figured she had to be glutted. Or, if worst came to worst, one of the middle-aged ladies might enjoy a young piece of meat for her hope box.

I told myself there was nothing to worry about. The girls would see who was the smarter. Smug, even grinning, I walked around the camp to police their activities, not in the least disturbed by their indifference towards me. Elsa. I recalled her thickly-overgrown blonde cunt with vague pleasure, and her kinks. Perhaps I could straighten her out before we left this place.

I walked around, watching a class of little girls bending and touching toes under the direction of Mark. He waved at me, smiling broadly. I waved back, and walked on, trying to erase the memory of his ribald cabin from my mind. For the past three nights his place had been the center for all the action, and the giggles, the squeals, and the ominous pounding sound of his bed, were driving me crazy. Now that Doris was gone, I would have no consolation at all. At least her poor little body had a hole in it.

Elsa waved at me, too, standing by the side of the pool instructing a class of youngsters in the art of swimming. They were lined up on the edge, their little buttocks encased in clinging, wet material, all of them paying strict attention to her.

She looked delicious to me. She wore a brief bikini, her full breasts bulging out over the top, tanned and shining with health, her ample buttocks covered by the skimpy garment. And she knew I was looking at her. But ignored me, just the same.

I grew more depressed while I wandered through the camp. The middle-aged ladies were joyously taking troops out into the woods, or sending them off on treasure hunts, teaching folk dancing or some other wasteful pastime. They didn't even know I was alive. Maybe it was just as well, their cunts probably had cobwebs in them.

The only one to talk to me was Lester Phipps. Looking thinner than on the first day, he was nevertheless a lot happier. Obviously, he, too, had developed a craving for the tender flesh of little girls, just as an animal may recapture his lust for meat if it's encouraged. We didn't talk about that, though, not directly. I just mentioned that he'd been having a lot of company lately.

"Oh, yes," he said airily, putting his menus aside for the moment. "The girls seem to like me, and I certainly like them. You know, my guess is that they miss their parents, and that we're the substitutes. So I do my best for them, you know. It's the least one can do."

"Of course," I replied, and for a moment I felt doubt creep in. Perhaps Lester was straight arrow. "I like the girls, too," I went on, checking him carefully, "even though they've been giving me a hard time lately."

"I've noticed that," he nodded, "and I've been meaning to ask you why that is. Are you too strict with them? I do believe in leniency, you know."

"That could be it. I wish they'd give me a second chance, though. They're such an unforgiving bunch."

"Well, I'll have a word with them. Perhaps I can help change their attitude," Lester said, picking up his pen again and smiling as if to say goodbye. "I do think I have a little pull in that direction, frankly."

"I hope so." I walked on, thinking about Phipps. His cabin was as noisy as Elsa's and Mark's. What was he doing, holding a bingo game or something? I shrugged and resolved to find out later.

For the time being there was nothing for me to do but wait till after supper. Maybe I could get Elsa away from her admirers. I decided I would try her first. If that failed, I could try and think of something else.

As soon as dinner was over, I stuck with her and walked her back to her cabin. I asked her if she felt like fucking with me again, and she hesitated for a moment, perhaps taken aback by my direct approach. Then she shook her head and hurried on. I wasn't satisfied. When she passed my cabin I grabbed her around the waist and pushed her inside.

I switched the light on and faced her, holding the door shut. She looked angry, not very angry, more as if I was in her way.

"Come on, James," she said, and tried to get past me. "I have things to do tonight. Later, we'll get together later, is that all right?"

"Now," I said, moving towards her and taking her into my arms, "I need you here and now, Elsa. I haven't stopped thinking about you since that first day. I need you. I must have you. You're too desirable to resist any longer."

"No, James, I don't have the time. Besides, I haven't changed my views any. I still don't like to be touched on my — my — well, down there!"

"I won't touch you there, and I won't take up much of your time," I said through clenched teeth. Just touching her made me horny, her big, firm shoulders with those fleshy tits quivering just below my hands. It was strange to hold a grown woman again, not unexciting, and my cock rose up despite my tight trousers.

"Damn it," she said moodily, seeing the determination in my eyes. "All right then, but hurry up about it."

She pulled loose and took off her halter top and her shorts, to lie down naked on the bed. I got out of my clothes in a hurry before she could change her mind, and went straight for her generous cunt with my tongue. She screamed, angry and flushed, sitting up to take me to task, but I apologized and contented myself with sucking her springy tits.

Elsa lay back down and accepted my blandishments with a certain quiet grace. My mind wandered back to Irene and her modulated expressions of arousal, and Sandy's loud approbation, Laura's tight little screams and Angela's animal outburst — somehow it took much of the fun out of making love with Elsa.

But I persisted, mainly on the camel principle, which means storing up so you won't need it later. Nonsense, of course, one can't store up on sex, or sleep, or food; but in the realm of imagination it holds true.

Elsa lay perfectly still, her arms by her side, her face calm, like a prostitute who's doing her last trick of the shift. I kept on sucking her tits and trying to caress passion into her via indirect means. But doing that without the aid of the nerve-laden cunt is no mean feat! Her shoulder blades proved unresponsive, her belly was the no man's land, just as her thighs were a DMZ in themselves.

That left her tits and her calves. Kissing her didn't seem to bring her on either. I did my best for a while, squeezing her tits and sucking at her pink nipples. But all of a sudden I felt like a giant fool! Who was she to tell how to do it? Dammit, I was the man and she had to take what I handed out.

I grabbed hold of her calves with both hands and pushed her legs up and back, pressing down so she couldn't move, but lay trapped under her own legs. Her face lost its smug expression. Her knees pinned down her shoulders so she couldn't even get her hands to my head when it fell down into her wide-open cunt and sucked at it for the first time.

She became desperate, her legs doing their utmost to kick me off, her fingers scratching at any part of me that was within reach. But I held her down with all my might, and her box was open to my mouth like a split fig.

I couldn't figure out why she was so against it. She tasted great, even though she'd sprayed some kind of vaginal deodorant up there, which made my tongue tingle numbly for a while afterwards. For the rest, her cunt was great. The lips were densely haired and swollen, the clitoris was huge, standing up like a fierce miniature prick, and her hole was a deep pink, moist, and pulsing.

For a moment I was tempted to forget about biting her box, and to plunge my throbbing cock into that wonderland. But I was out to teach her a lesson — and with so many bridges already burnt, what did it matter if another became a charred ruin?

So I went ahead and bit deep. My tongue explored the oozing walls of her cunt, oozing in spite of her angry protests. My nose rubbed against the hard clitoris, nuzzling and pressing till she subsided a little, even relaxed under the stimulation I was giving her. And, to top it all off, I jammed two fingers up her cunt while my lips pursed around her clit.

She was still uncomfortable about it, convulsing now and then in a bid to escape my grip. But her cunt was in a vise, nothing could shake me loose. I had even locked the door to make sure the vigilantes couldn't rescue her. All the while I sucked and licked, giving her cunt all that it must have missed over years of willfulness.

I ran my tongue around her clitoris for some time, then descended, once around the rim of her cunt, then down to her asshole, flicking inside, exciting her more than ever, keeping up a constant pressure now that I had her.

She signaled her complete surrender by taking my cock in hand and masturbating it gently. I crawled closer to allow her to make more generous strokes and she did that. I took my fingers out of her box and stuck them into her mouth, experiencing the wet warmth of her tongue as she licked them clean. Slowly we moved around, almost as if neither of us wanted the other to know — but suddenly it was there, her mouth around my prick!

I was elated! I let her legs down and rolled on top of her, my belly on her tits, my chest on her belly, she eating me, me eating her, an embrace that locked us into the other's body as far as it was possible to go. Her juices ran free. My loins began to bob, so that I was literally fucking her in the mouth. My loins were on fire!

Time to fuck for real. I tried to get up but her arms held me down. I insisted. So did she. I couldn't figure out what her plan was. But while waiting, I lavished attention on her cunt, my nose sticking up her ass as my mouth sucked the juices down. Her hard clitoris poked against my chin, so I moved my face regularly to give it its due. She was breathing hard, sucking at my cock as if she was trying to extract something from it.

I tried to get off again to plunge my dagger into her wide-open, super-ready, dripping cunt, my whole body waiting for the moment of entry — and again she held me back. This time I tried a little harder, and she, just to show me she meant business, bit into my cock. Not enough to hurt me, just enough to let me feel what it could be like.

Cunning was my only way out. I pretended to return wholeheartedly to eating her out, my loins still bobbing over her mouth shallowly. But my thrusts went deeper and came up further. Just a little higher and I'd be able to pull my prick out of her mouth safely, and break her embrace at the same time.

She was ready for me. Just as I decided the time had come she closed her teeth ever so gently around my prick so that the ledge of my knob came to a stop right there. I grew desperate. I wanted only to fuck. What had come over her? She preferred fucking!

I soon found out. She began sucking at my cock even harder, her hands pressing the cheeks of my ass together and a lone index finger creeping down into my furrow to tickle the rim of my asshole. Tiny flashes of pleasure shot through me. These grew as her finger edged past the tight sphincter muscles and up my ass, where she crooked the top joint of her long finger to tickle me in vital places.

Right where the sperm emission control center is located, that's where she tickled me. And I, at the mercy of my body, could not help but begin the short buildup to my climax, my prick pumping into her mouth till she gagged and brought her free hand up to govern my loins. My prick contracted sharply, then blew out a load of sperm that could have choked a horse. But not Elsa.

She threw me off and got up, spitting the come out on the floor. She took a long drink of water, rinsed her mouth, and spat again. Then, with a withering look, she put her halter and shorts on again, and stalked out of my cabin.

I was still on my bed, bewildered by this. What did she have in mind? Then it struck me. She only wanted to pull my plug out when she saw there was no other way of getting around being fucked.

Well she had succeeded. I felt a fool. For a second, a white hot anger rose in me, choking me up. But then I took a drink and thought about it some more. It wasn't a total loss, Elsa sure gave a hell of a blow-job. The thing that bothered me was her calculatedness. Just like the other girls, always a few steps ahead of me. They were playing too dirty for my liking.

But two could play at that. I didn't know what I would do in retaliation, but I would think of something. In the meantime, I wanted to check out what Lester Phipps did with his leisure time.

I left my cabin and walked past Mark's ribald cabin. The door was wide open, and naked little girls were romping around, playing tiggie or something, while Mark lay fast asleep on his bed, two girls at his side. Flashing pink cheeks, tiny quivering tits, firm bellies and naked cleft whirled past my feverish eyes. How I envied him! Somehow Mark had it all down pat. That could be me, lying on that rumpled bed, fast asleep with two little slaves just waiting for me to get another urge. Fuck it!

I walked on in a hurry, my mood growing worse by the second. When I got to Lester's cabin, I found the door closed. But I went around the back, and he had forgotten to draw his curtains, probably thinking everyone was trustworthy.

There were about four little girls in his cabin, none of them older than ten. Utterly hairless but for cute blonde curls, their chests barely swollen, three of them stood by the side of his bed masturbating each other, while Lester had the fourth beside him on the bed.

He was doing something to her asshole, I couldn't quite see what it was. But then she turned around and he bent down. What they were doing was stuffing a silk handkerchief up the other's ass!

My nagging dissatisfaction was displaced by curiosity. What the hell was Lester's bag? His thin, hairy ass opened wide as the little girl stuffed the hanky up his asshole, frowning with concentration. She left a little tuft sticking out, and then she lay back with her little legs wide open.

Lester checked both her hanky and his own before he presented his limp dick to the three masturbating maidens. The middle one opened her mouth wide and took it all inside, to chew on it lightly. Soon life flooded into it, forcing the girl back a pace, and it became hard for her to encompass just the knob.

All of Lester's growth energy seemed to have gone into his prick. Longer than mine, and thicker, it stuck out from his skinny frame incongruously, like a tree growing out of a branch. I was kind of horrified to think he was sticking that monster into the tiny snatches of ten-year-olds, but they didn't stagger back in awe, so I figured they must have had it up there enough to have grown around it.

The three girls devoted their whole attention to the monster member, stroking it, licking it, sucking at the balls drooping way down in his long sac, their nimble little fingers working hard to excite their aging stud.

Lester reached the critical point and set the girls back into their masturbating routine. They leaned against the wall and watched closely as he applied his throbbing purple knob to the tiny but wet entrance of the little cunt on his bed. She stared down, slightly fearful but with a wild lust in evidence.

One more check of the handkerchief, changing her position slightly, and then the long insertion began, slow, short jabs bringing him in deeper and deeper, the cock disappearing as if by magic. Perhaps it telescoped in, I thought, craning to look more closely, that little body couldn't contain so much! But now I realize I was just underestimating women again.

She took it all, and her face showed she could have accommodated more. Briefly I thought of the Roman arena where women would be fucked by donkeys. I marveled at it all.

Lester began his stroking, long and hard, the little girl under him opening up as wide as she could to give him maximum access to her miniature heaven. I watched as his cock emerged right to the tip of his knob, and plunged back in, reflecting how fatherly Lester was being, truly a parent to his wards.

The little girl uttered a tiny, animal scream, her body twisting with the agony and ecstasy of Lester's boa. He pumped it into her and I could see her belly bulge as it reamed right up inside. Lester's face was fanatic and blissful, his body taut as a bow string while he plunged his all into her.

The three girls up against the wall masturbated more fervently, hardly able to stand up. Their fingers flew and manipulated, providing a slurping cricket's chorus to back up the brilliant solo Lester was performing for them. Even I could only hold myself back from applauding with much will power.

Lester was doing extremely well. I felt my deflated cock rising sharply while I watched him plough into the little girl, whose face was pressed up against his chest. She seemed to be enjoying it too, as were her girl friends.

The moment of climax was drawing near. I saw Lester's face redden, flushing a violent vermilion, his low, grating grunts starting up like a rusty tractor, while the little girl clutched at him, her loins uncontrollable. Her face was red, too, as if she were holding her breath for the big moment.

I peered more closely, my face hard against the window, hand on my cock, rubbing a little. The three girls leaning up against the wall had slid down to the floor and were on their backs helplessly finger-fucking each other. The bed squeaked horribly. Lester bellowed like a bull, his little girl friend screamed, and I saw their hands tug violently at the tuft of handkerchief sticking out of their asses, to rip it out just as they reached their mutual climax!

They exploded! I had never seen a climax like it. Lester lost weight in front of my eyes as he shot his bolt. The little girl turned into a shuddering mass of limbs and cries. And their audience delivered the final strokes to each other. It was a beautiful scene. I leaned breathlessly against the wall of the hut and began jerking off.

Lester wasn't finished yet. He waited for the girls to recollect themselves, then he got them to suck his huge cock till the last drops of nectar and sperm had been removed. They worked like little ants, sucking at the big, fat, shrinking head, licking his dangling balls, their mouths running up and down the thick stem of his cock as if it was a lollipop, while Lester sat back with his eyes shut, grinning.

Paternal, my ass! I thought enviously. Lester was the most cunning of us all! Walking around looking like the local vicar who wouldn't say a damn for a dollar, meanwhile setting himself up in the nicest underage harem I had ever seen. If only I hadn't fucked up! I'd be surrounded by them, dozens sleeping in and under my bed, regaling me with every sensual pleasure devised by man since the dark ages.

I stood back from the window a little mad at myself but still interested in the situation inside. Lester's cock had shrunk down to what would for most men be a praiseworthy cock, and the three girls toyed with it idly, as if it were a new pet. The girl who had been fucked so well was asleep on the bed, her legs wide open and her naked chubby slit still running with sperm that oozed out in globules.

At a signal from the master, one of the girls got down on that runny little snatch and sucked it clean. While she was down there, Lester's erection restored itself sneakily and, without warning, he suddenly rammed it up her tiny snatch as she bent over his previous victim.

The girl straightened up as if she'd been bitten on the ass by a snake. Then, as her cunt adjusted to the enormous member, she pitched forward and spread her legs as wide as possible to make it feasible for the trouser snake to crawl right up inside her.

She lay half over the first victim, who kept on sleeping. The other two girls did their best to help Lester, separating her buttocks and lifting her ass a little for maximum accessibility, till he was up in her to the hilt. Then they stood back and respectfully watched while the girl got fucked.

She couldn't have been five feet tall, I guessed from my position outside the window, skinny, titless, hairless, pretty in a sugar candy way, her golden curls hanging down over her face like a lace curtain. Her hands groped along the bed and over her girl friend, looking for support, and her tiny ass rose and fell in accordance with Lester's strong strokes.

My prick ached for a little cunt to call my own. I looked around in the dark, there was no one around. It was quiet in the camp now, most of the lights off, only a few giggles echoing now and then. I needed to fuck! I considered bursting into Lester's place and ripping off one of his girls — but my position was shaky enough without aggravating him.

What could I do? I felt as if I had drunk a draft of werewolf brew, my eyes yellow slits of desperation and lust, hairy all over, cock hard and throbbing, my entire being focused on only one thing — cunt! All around me were huts, and in every hut were dozens of little cunts, bald and hairy, loose and tight, cunts sweating in the warm summer night's air, cunts with fingers in them, cunts dripping a last drop of piss on the sheets, four hundred cunts!

One last look at the fucking of Lester, at that moment driving his cock up her cunt till it threatened to dislodge her tonsils, and I went off into the night, melting as it were, into the shadows.

I felt like baying at the moon…

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