Collision course pt. 2

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Collision course part 2
Realising their parents would be home any minute, Ethan and Amber quickly got up of the sofa to clean themselves up and with good reason. Amber’s feet were drenched and dripping with cum from the footjob she had just given her brother, Ethan’s t-shirt and pants were soaked from having his sister sit facing him and shoot a large stream of vaginal fluid at him due to an orgasm she had. That would be quite difficult to explain to their parents without getting into a heap of trouble. So the siblings went to their rooms (each bedroom had its own bathroom as it was a large house) and were getting cleaned up when they heard the front door open and heard their parents Paul and Kelly come in.

Kelly sounded very cheerful which was enough evidence for anyone to know she had had a few cocktails where ever they had spent the day. Ethan came downstairs to greet his parents to give the impression nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Ethan: Hey guys, I take it you two had a good time. I can smell the alcohol a mile away.

Paul: haha, you might be a senior and all but you not too old to get grounded young man.

Kelly: Everything was alright here at home? she said in a cheerful but distracted tone as she was scanning the house for her beloved daughter.

Ethan: yeah everything was just peachy. Today was such a nice day, Amber and I decided to test out the new swimming pool. She’s upstairs taking a shower and getting dressed now.

Kelly: Ok that’s fine, hope you guys had fun. I’m going to get dinner started.

She trailed off into the kitchen to have a few glasses of wine while preparing dinner. Meanwhile Ethan and his dad had put the TV on were getting ready to watch a football game.
While everything seemed fine, Amber was upstairs in her room. Having just taken a shower, she was lying on her bed replaying in her head what had just happened with her brother while staring at her feet with toes that were painted perfectly in black. She loved dark or very bright colours as she had been told they match her pale skin tone witch many guys secretly found attractive since she had long jet black hair and her skin was flawlessly white from head to toe.
Today had been a big deal for Amber as she did not have any experience when it came to guys. The furthest she had ever gone was kissing a guy and then dumping him on the spot due to her insecurities. As she stared at her feet, remembering how her brother’s tongue moved over them so slowly, she felt her pussy become moist and her clit began to throb. Rubbing it gently with her fingers she began having a flash back to two weeks ago when she had tried for the very first time to masturbate with a dildo. She had known how to do it as she was a particularly smart girl so obtaining and understanding information on any topic was a walk in the park for Amber.

On that day she was alone at home as the whole family had left to watch one of Ethan’s football game and Amber found it torture to have to endure a whole game as she really had no interest in the sport at all, or any sport for that matter. Being by herself, she thought that was the perfect opportunity to try out the dildo her friend had given her as a gift which was a practical joke. She wasn’t all that excited about it as the dildo was only four inches in length and not big in width either. It was a beginner’s toy. She had applied a generous amount of lubrication on it and once she felt ready, began inserting it into her now wet pussy. At first she thought she was missing her pussy entrance as she poked and poked and had difficulty finding it. She got a bit worried

Amber: what’s wrong with me, how will I ever have sex right with a guy when I can’t do it properly on my own.

Feeling frustrated she stood up and got a small mirror from her dressing table and assumed her previous position on the bed and tried again. Being able to see what she was doing gave her confidence as she began pushing the dildo on the entrance of her pussy. At first it was meet with resistance but then her pussy opened up and it began to slide inside her. She thought it really odd that she felt extremely full and was struggling to move the dildo in or out of her. Finally after gathering up the courage she gave it a slow but forceful push which resulted in her feeling a sharp pain which she already knew was her hymen being broken. After feeling like it was all too much for her, she pulled it out, got cleaned up and left it at that. When her family got home, her mom came looking for her in her room and found Amber lying on her bed with a troubled look on her face.

Kelly: Are you ok sweety? You look troubled. What’s wrong?

Amber: It’s nothing, I’m fine mom.

Her mom was about to leave the topic as she didn’t believe in pestering her children or forcing them to talk. As she was about to stand up and leave she noticed the dildo on the bedside table. Amber had a worried look as she realised what her mother was looking at. She had forgotten to put it away.

Amber: mom I can explain.

Kelly: It’s ok honey, no need to explain. I was your age once. What you are doing is completely natural and I actually encourage it.
Her mom told her in a comforting tone. Amber just looked at the floor embarrassed that her mom had seen it.

Kelly: Wait, that wouldn’t have anything to do with what’s troubling you?

She asked her daughter, seeing the terrified look on Amber’s face Kelly began talking as best she could.

Kelly: Ok honey I’m going to go out on a limb her, don’t get mad at me. Is there a
know….down there?

Amber just continued looking at the floor as her face turned red form embarrassment.

Kelly: Is there anything irregular, maybe too big or too small perhaps?

Before she could finish her sentence she noticed a look of shame and fear in Amber’s eyes and realised she had struck a nerve.

Kelly: Maybe this will help sweety, when I was your age and I first began to masturbate, I couldn’t fit anything in me. The most I could get inside me was my middle finger. Anything bigger and it was too much.

Kelly had begun explaining to her daughter. After having said that she noticed a ‘pleading for help’ look in Amber’s eyes and realised her daughter had the same problem.

Kelly: Oh, I see. Don’t worry honey, it’s nothing bad or unnatural, it’s just our family genetics. Most the women in our family have the same problem. We have narrow-set vaginal walls. We just saw it as a bonus because there is rarely a time when don’t enjoy sex so finding a partner to satisfy you will be a whole lot easier than you think. And you will have a happier sex life.

Amber had a look of relief wash over her face as she looked up at her mom looking for some sort of approval.

Amber: So there’s nothing wrong with me? I’m normal?

Kelly: It’s perfectly normal sweety. Some would say we are the lucky few with these genetics, besides almost guaranteed satisfaction, the body compensates in other areas, haven’t you notice the women in our family have large but very firm and breast? And I see yours started growing really fast lately.

Amber: You know I was going to ask you about that. Lately they have been growing like crazy. I went up two cup sizes in the past 3 weeks. I thought there was something wrong with me.

Kelly: Don’t worry, they won’t get out of control, they will stop growing by the time you’re 18, although they will be bigger than most girls. Just try not to worry about it too much sweety. Get some rest.

Kelly said as she left the room feeling satisfied that she had helped avert a disaster. If only she knew the truth, she had just given way for if not aided the coming together of two people that should never be />
Coming back to present day and snapping out of her flash back, she sat up on the bed and began applying a new coat of bright red nail polish on her gorgeously soft toes as she always felt they should be done perfectly or not done at all. As she finished she heard her mother shouting that dinner was ready, she went downstairs to join her family. As she sat down across from Ethan her pale cheeks turned red as she blushed. She couldn’t understand how she was getting such intense feelings all of a sudden. She realised these feelings are very much similar to what had been described to her as a crush. She had never had one before so it overwhelmed her quite easily. Ethan on the other hand just smiled at her trying to avoid their parents getting suspicious. He felt guilty in thinking that he took advantage of his sister’s insecurities.

Dinner continued as normal, that is until Ethan felt something moving up his leg. As he leaned back in his chair to see if maybe it was their pet cat all he saw was red painted toes moving up his leg and under the leg opening of his shorts. To his horror and Amber’s delight, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. To Amber that just signalled his crotch area as a playground for her delicate foot. Luckily Ethan had basically finished eating so it went unnoticed that he had stopped eating and his body had gone stiff. He could do nothing except sit there at the dinner table with his parents as his sister’s foot swam in his pants, massaging his balls and squeezing the head of his cock between her toes and the ball of her foot. Before he knew it the foot vanished and his sister sat there smiling at him like nothing had happened. Confused and out of his wits, he purposely dropped his fork and went down under the table to it get only to be met in the face by the same foot. He felt he had to double check as the toes were not painted the same colour as his sister’s. Upon following this foot up to the leg he saw that it was indeed his sister’s foot.

Ethan: her feet become more gorgeous each time I see them.

He whispered to himself and as if reading his mind she lunged her foot into his open mouth and on instinct he began sucking here toes and licking the sole of her foot. Ethan sat there as if in a dream as his tongue lashed in-between each of her sexy, soft, perfect toes as he realised he was addicted to this goddess and her feet. Meanwhile Amber sat in her chair quietly smiling and perfectly calm as her brother worshiped her foot and that brought her to the realisation that only he would ever be able to give her feet attention in the way that she wanted.

Kelly: Everything alright down there Ethan?

Kelly’s sudden question startles both of them which caused Amber to jerk her foot back and it slipped out of Ethan’s mouth with a dull popping sound. As he snapped back to reality, aware of his surroundings, he got out from under the table and returned to his seat.

Ethan: Yeah, just had a pain in my back, had to wait a while before I could straighten out and move.

Ethan said to his mom as he shuffled around what little bit of food was left on his plate. When the conversation moved onto something else he momentarily looked at his sister only to see her smile a blow a kiss at him. Not knowing what to think of it he excused himself from the table and went to his room and decided to have and early night.

As he slept, he had a dream where he found himself standing in his room but there was rain falling on him. He found it odd that the rain was extremely warm and gentle and he was startled by the sound of someone choking, but it sounded like a weak, muffled kind of chocking. As his mind started to reject the oddness of those events, reality came crashing down on him as he opened his eyes and realised he was not in his room as everything seemed to be pink and frilly.

Ethan: I must’ve been sleep walking again.

He thought to himself as he looked around trying to figure out what was going on. As he looked down he saw he had both hands full of jet black hair and was holding something that felt like a head. When it clicked to him that it was is sister, it overwhelmed him as he had the entire length of his rock hard cock in her mouth, it was practically halfway down her throat on its way into her stomach. She was hardly breathing as her air passage was blocked and the muffled chocking sounds were coming from her. At this shocking realisation he jerked in shock and felt her throat weakly constrict around his cock which sent him over the edge as he erupted, sending huge blasts of hot steaming cum directly into her stomach. In a panic he jerked his hands away from her head which caused her limp body to fall to the bed releasing his cock which shot a squirt or two of cum onto her beautiful face. She began coughing and gasping for air as she regained consciousness and opened her eyes to see her brother standing over her with his cock in her face.

Amber: Wh…What happened?

She asked him as she looked at him standing there in shock not moving and hardly even breathing. She looked up in his face and all of a sudden she had the biggest smile on her face.

Amber: The last thing I remember was being woken up by you pressing your cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and you just grabbed my head and pushed it all the way down my throat. I could hardly breathe, I guess that’s when I passed out. Wow, you’ve got quite a monster there. That was amazing.

She said to him, smiling and gesturing to his still hard cock which was now 10 inches since he had measured it after their earlier incident.

Ethan: I’m so sorry.

That was all he could say as he darted out of the room and shot straight for his room. He got into his room, got into bed and lay there, tormented by what he had just done to his sister. He loved her so much that he couldn’t stand the thought of treating her the way he had a few minutes ago. Meanwhile Amber lay on her bed with her face streaked with cum, thinking about how her throat had just been violated by her brother. Before she could think of anything else she felt a cold rush of air between her thighs and felt moisture. When she sat up and pulled her PJ pants down she saw that she was so wet, her pussy fluids had overflowed and run down her thighs completely drenching her crotch and inner legs. She stood up and went to the bathroom thinking about how horny being throat fucked had made her. She got in the shower and turned the water on to just the right temperature and stood there as a cascade of water rushed over her. In that moment the impact of what had just happened hit her like a ton of bricks and in the same moment she made a decision.

Amber: He is going to be my first. I want him to be the first man to explore my body and use it for his own pleasure. Tonight, he is going to make me a woman.

She told herself as she quickly washed her body, got out of the shower and dried off in a frenzy of excitement. She sat at her dressing table at 2 o’clock in the morning and applied make up. Not to slutty but just enough to make it evident that she had made some effort. She had the whole smoky eye effect going and red shiny lip-gloss. That was all she needed as her skin was already flawless. She then got up and stood in front of her wardrobe deciding what to where for her special night. She put on a white sheer bra and matching thong. The material was so transparent it left nothing to the imagination, everything could be seen. Her nipples and shaved pussy were all on display under her underwear. She sat down at her dressing table again and applied the most alluring perfume that she had which of course was a gift from her mother since she knew nothing about making men weak at the knees. She opened one of the drawers and took out a pair of white stockings.

Amber: These seemed to drive him wild the other day so this time he will get to see them up close today.

She said to herself as she slowly pointed her deliciously red painted toes and slid the stocking on one foot and up her leg until it sat comfortably at mid-thigh and then did the same with the other. After that she looked herself in the mirror.

Amber: hmmmm. Something is missing. Oh I know, he seems to really like it when I wear my reading glasses. He is always telling me I look like a sexy librarian.

She said to herself as she slid the sleek frames onto her face. She stood up and walked over to her wardrobe and browsed through all the shoes she had collected and picked out a pair of purple patent leather peep-toe pumps with a 6 inch heel.

Amber: Haven’t worn these yet. Guess I’ll use this as a special occasion to wear them.
She said as she delicately slipped her one foot into a shoe then did the same with the other. Feeling like a true sex goddess, she looked herself over in the full length mirror sitting that was standing in the corner. She was consumed by her lust and need to have sex for the first time.

Amber: I really hope he likes it.

She said to herself in an excited but extremely nervous />
While lying in bed and chastising himself for being so careless, Ethan couldn’t think of what to do next. He didn’t know how he was going to look his sister in the eye after what he had just done. While this was going on, he suddenly picked up the alluring scent of a woman’s perfume. Not knowing where it was coming from he sat in confusion as he inhaled deeply and noticed his cock coming to life. Before he could mentally scream at himself there was a soft knock at the door. Ethan didn’t answer, pretending to be fast asleep he just lay there. He heard the door open slowly and a gentle, sexy voice called to him.

Amber: Ethan..are you awake?

The voice said to him while he lay there pretending to be asleep, he thought he was losing his mind. This voice sounded a lot like his sister except it sounded more mature, sexy and slutty compare to his sister’s voice.

Ethan: No, it can’t be. I think I’m going to need therapy. I’m losing it over my sister, hearing things that aren’t there.

He thought to himself as he opened his eyes slightly at first then they suddenly shot opened in astonishment. Right next to him at the edge of his bed stood his sister, except it didn’t look like his sister.
This woman standing before him was gorgeous, mature, curvy and slutty. The glasses framed her eyes perfectly giving her a sensual look as if she were a siren calling a sailor who was helplessly following her call. But she had the same jet black hair, the same pouty full lips and the same pale white skin as his sister did. It was all too much for him to take in.

Ethan: Amber? Is that you? Are you really here or is this just a crazy dream?

He finally spoke out as his eyes drank in her womanly curves, the sexy lingerie and the fact that he could see every detail of her breasts and shaven pussy. Then of course he noticed the white stockings and then his eyes were caught by a sharp glimmer of moonlight that was shining through a slit in the curtain which reflected off of her shiny high heels. He was speechless. Without saying a word she bent over at the waist and kissed him full on the lips and moved her face back to look him in the eye.

Amber: Does that answer your question? Does it feel real enough for you?

She said to him as she smiled at him. Ethan lay there speechless trying to take everything in.

Amber: I hope you like my outfit, I wore it just to say thanks for earlier when you blew my mind…and my />
She said to him while giggling but before he could answer, she gave him a slow 360 degree twirl making sure he could see everything. In reality she was secretly proud of her ass and she thought it was her best feature apart from her feet. When he still said nothing she moved closer to the bed, removed the bed covers off him, threw her leg over him and straddled him. Once in position she began to rub her moist, panty covered pussy on his hard cock slowly and that’s when he finally snapped out of it.
Ethan: Wait Amber, what are you doing?

Amber: You said you were sorry about fucking my throat, well I’m not. I loved it. It made me feel wanted. It made me realise I want my first time to be with you.

She began explaining to him as she slowly unclasped her bra and let her breasts fall free. Ethan’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He had never seen his sister’s breasts before and there she was sitting on top of him bare breasted. They were gorgeous, D cup breasts, large and round but somehow proportionate to her small frame with small areolas but large pink pointy nipples about the size of the tip of his pinkie finger. At that point he lost control and in a matter of seconds was sucking furiously on one of her nipples. She calmly held the back of his head and moaned really load as this was the first time any one had ever touched her breasts let alone sucked them with so much passion. She moaned and moaned not worrying if their parents could hear because their room was way down the hall and her mom couldn’t sleep without a recording of the ocean sounds playing. Ethan now feeling her enthusiasm, began swirling his tongue around her erect nipple and flicking it with his tongue before gently biting it and repeating his actions on her other breast. This drove Amber wild. She had never known such pleasure existed and this made her clit throb like crazy.

Before Ethan knew what was happening, his sister got off him, turned around and positioned herself on her hands and knees on the bed. She reached back and pulled her thong to the side and looked back at Ethan who now had a full view of pussy. It glistened in the moonlight as he drank in this sight, her pussy lips were neat and tight and it just looked fresh and untouched. Ethan just looked at his sister not knowing what to say.

Amber: Take me Ethan, right here and right now. Fuck me like one of your cheerleader sluts, make me your bitch.

She said to him in a low husky voice that was thick with sexual desire and lust. She was in heat and was going to stop at nothing until she is fucked hard and wild even though it was her first time.

Amber: I’ve already broken my hymen so you don’t have to worry about a thing, just fuck me hard. Please show me how me how much you love me.

She was practically begging him with a wild, hungry look in her eyes.
Seeing his sister in such a state, Ethan’s judgement was clouded in seconds as his male instincts took over and got on his knees behind her sporting a full rock hard 10 inch cock and began to slide a condom over his cock which didn’t fit all the way. He pressed the head of his cock against the entrance of her pussy and his cock was instantly drowning in her fluids as she was dripping wet. He was met with much resistance and his cock wouldn’t enter her. He just thought she was nervous and would soon relax and open up so he began putting a little more force with each push.
At that moment Amber’s mind somehow drifted back to the conversation she had with her mother about having narrow-set vaginal walls. She remembered how she couldn’t fit a 4 inch dildo inside her. That was when she snapped back to reality and realised what was about to happen. Her eyes shot open in horror as she thought about the 10 inch pole that was trying to enter her delicate pussy. It was like trying to fit a sausage through a key hole. She screamed out in terror but Ethan had already been completely consumed by her seduction and had no brakes on the freight train he was riding. He gave it all he had and with one forceful push the head of his cock spread her wet pussy lips and began invading her mercilessly. He pushed slowly but forcefully as he entered her inch by inch. Amber tried to move but she soon realised her brother’s cock was firmly lodged inside her which prevented her from moving away from him. She dropped her head on the bed, shoved her face into the bed covers and grit her teeth and waited with her ass in the air for him to bottom out but to her dismay it was far from over. Ethan had only managed to get 3 and a half inches of his 10 inches into her and just kept pushing. Inch by inch he stretched her pussy open as he was driven by a goal even he didn’t fully understand. All the way Amber felt like there was someone trying to slide their arm inside her pussy fist first. After what felt like hours to her, she felt his pubic hair brush against her perfectly shaped ass and felt his thighs touch the back of her thighs and she lifted her face to see if she was thinking correctly and indeed she was. He had managed to get all 10 inches inside her and Amber couldn’t move at all. Ethan looked over at her and could see tears rolling down her cheeks but she wasn’t making a sound.

Ethan: You ok sis? I didn’t realise you were gone be so tight. Ill pull out now before you feel more pain.

He said to her in a genuinely concerned voice. Amber looked back over her shoulder at him and shocked the both of them when she opened her mouth and spoke.

Amber: Um, well I can’t move and I feel like I’m being literally split in half move for a few minutes and I’m sure we can continue somehow. I’m a big girl I can handle you if you let me.

That was all she could say before burying her face in the bed covers again. Ethan stayed in that position fearing if he moved it would be agony for his dear sister. As a huge load of guilt was about to drop in his head he felt his sister move and out of fear he just stayed completely still like a statue not knowing what to do. She moved away from him slowly and when he looked down about 2 inches of his cock had immerged. He was surprised to see that those two inches were literally dripping wet and his cock was purple from being constricted so much and for such a long time. He began to feel relieved that she was pulling off him and though maybe she would want to get away when he suddenly felt her slowly back up into him and take those 2 inches back inside her pussy. Ethan was gob smacked. He didn’t know whether he was coming or going. He stayed in that positioned confused as Amber slowly slid back and forth on his cock, each time moving further away before backing up into him again. This continued for a couple of minutes until he watched her slide almost completely off his cock to a point where just the head was inside her pussy, then move back and devour his cock once more. To his surprise she began moving faster and as she picked up speed she began moaning again really load until he felt his balls go warm and tight.

Ethan: Amber I’m about to cum.

Amber: Cum for me baby, I’ve been waiting to hear you say that all night long.
She told him as she felt him grip her waist tightly and she felt his cock spasm inside her as if she wasn’t stretched enough already. Although she was in pain she did not slow down one bit until she was sure he had finished.

Amber: Don’t move, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try.
She said to her brother as she slowly slid off his cock and got on her knees on the floor in front of him. She then pulled the full condom off his cock, impressed with the amount he had ejaculated she just looked him in the eye and spoke slowly in the most sensual voice ever

Amber: bottoms up!
She held the open end of the condom and tilted it upward. Ethan could not believe what he was seeing as he watched his cum pour on to her tongue and watched her swallow it. She threw the condom in the trash can next to the bed and moved closer to him still on her knees. Once she got close to him she began kissing the head of his cock which drive him crazy. Watching her lips kissing it was the sexiest sight ever. He would get so turned on every time she would stick her tongue out and lick the slit on his cock because it started leaking precum when she started her sensual cock licking. Something came over him as he grabbed his sister, lifted her and threw her on the bed, opened her legs and got between them. Once positioned comfortably he began licking up and down her slit, savouring how good she tasted on his tongue. She decided to get comfortable and rest her legs over his shoulders which caused his actions to change immediately. The moment he felt her sexy, smooth nylon covered legs on his skin he turned his attention to her clit and began an assault that she was nowhere near prepared for.
He began sucking it and licking it, flicking it hard with his tongue. Every now and then he would dart his tongue in and out of her pussy and then return to attacking her clit.

Amber: Ethan…what are you doing to me. It feels like my pussy is going to explode
She said to him in short breaths. He didn’t respond, only kept sucking her clit until it was swollen twice the size compared to when he started and extremely sensitive. Feeling such an attack on her senses was too much for Amber. She managed to bend her leg at the knee, place her sexy high heeled foot on his chest and push him onto his back where she straddled him as quick as she possibly could.

Ethan: Wait, we don’t have another condom.

Amber: Yeah I know, we don’t need one. I want to feel every inch of you inside me. I want to feel every bump and every vein of that pussy stretcher you call a cock.

She replied as she had to literally squat over him and position herself in line with his cock before slowly sliding onto it feeling it open her wide once again.

Amber: This time I’m in control. We are going to do it hard and fast. I’m going to make my pussy open up to your cock so that only you can satisfy me.

Amber told her brother as she sat on his cock, causing her pussy to open to an unnatural size just to fit him inside. Once she had him completely inside her and there crotches were touching she lost it. She began rocking back and forth on him like an animal in heat. She then lifted herself up until his cock was about to slip out and slammed down hard impaling herself on him. She did this over and over screaming in pleasure and pain and Ethan lay there on the floor watching his sister use him as a fuck pole. She was riding him so hard that every time she lifted herself off him, her pussy fluid would slide down his shaft and form a pool around the base of his cock and balls before she would slam down on it again.

Amber: I’m about to cum. Make me cum!

She began screaming at him in an almost aggressive tone. Then suddenly she froze and tilted her head back and started shaking uncontrollably as if she were being electrocuted. A gush of warm fluid sprayed out from under as she lifted herself off the cock that had starched her pussy wide opened. She collapsed on the floor, twitching lifelessly as her orgasm rushed over her, refusing to subside or weaken in any way. After a minute or so she opened her eyes and smiled at her brother who was now drenched in her pussy fluids.

Amber: Where the fuck did that come from? You’re going to kill me with that massive cock of yours.

She said to him with a huge grin on her face having just had her pussy blown out.

Amber: I can’t feel my legs, do you mind coming over here. I’ve got something I need to tell you.

At that moment he was basically being controlled by her as every element of her seduction had hooked him in. He got up and moved towards her, when he got there he couldn’t believe the filth that came out of her mouth.

Amber: Ok babe listen up, I can’t move much thanks to you so you gotta get on top of me and shove that thing back inside me. Tonight I’m your slut, your whore, your fuck toy. I don’t want to go to bed until you have pumped every last drop of your cum into me. You’ve stretched my poor little pussy beyond its limits now only you can get in there and make me feel full, so go ahead, fuck me like a dirty whore right here on the floor!

Something snapped inside Ethan as he looked at his sister lying on the floor looking like an extremely gorgeous pornstar. He crawled towards her slowly, once in-between her legs, he grabbed them and put them over his shoulders and got ready.

Ethan: You’ve been teasing me with your feet and making me lick them like some little slave. It’s time for revenge you little slut.

He said to her in an angry tone. She just smiled at him.

Amber: Bring it on big boy. Do your worst.

She replied in a taunting manor knowing she would love whatever he did to her. This was all the fuel he needed for his anger as he aimed himself at her entrance and pushed really hard. His cock popped into her pussy, stretching it again making her scream. He started fucking her extremely hard and fast with anger behind his thrusts. After a few minutes of this raw animal fucking he could see tears rolling down her cheeks but what she said to him made him go even harder and faster.

Amber: Don’t you fucking feel sorry for me. Give it to me more, tear my pussy apart. Make me your bitch!

He did just that. She felt him pull out and before she could say anything she saw his cock painted towards her and huge ropes of cum shot towards her. They shot through the air landing in her hair, on her face and on her breasts. She just lay there rubbing his cum into her breasts as he forced his cock back inside her causing her to make a screaming motion with her mouth but it was silent. As he continued fucking her she noticed he wasn’t doing it as hard as before and then it clicked to her. She leaned forward slightly, removed one of her shoes and held it to his face and watched all hell break loose. The smell of leather, slightly sweaty feet in stockings and lavender body lotion travelled straight up his nose, through his brain, down his spine and around to his cock making him rock hard again. She then removed her other shoe and lifted her feet so that they rested on his face. This was like showing a bull the colour red. He began fucking her with no mercy. Hard, fast strokes that made her cry out in pain as she was being violated by the guy she had a crush on and she loved it. He stopped suddenly and held his cock deep inside her. She then began to feel warmth in her tummy and her eyes shot opened in surprise as she realised her was spraying her insides, filling her with his cum. She instantly took a liking to being pumped with cum as he stayed in position, kissing the soles of her warm feet as his cock emptied itself into her.

Amber: Oh baby that was intense. You really know how to treat a lady.
She said smiling at him. But he was still in his own world, kissing the feet of a goddess.

Amber: By the way, there’s something else I want to try if you don’t mind getting your cock a little dirty. Of course ill suck it clean when were done.
Amber said to her brother with a mischievous look on her face.

story by: The Vader

Tags: fiction blowjob teen male/teen female cum swallowing incest sex story foot or shoe fetish

Author: The Vader

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    Her light skin tone was perfect, so smooth and flawless...she was young, smart and experienced, she went on to teach me things that night that we will never forget. After fifteen minutes of flirting and intense eye contact, I finally decided to approach her. I was never really big on the whole, "I don’t give out my number, so I'll take yours." Never liked playing that game, it never seemed to work out in my favor. But her flat s...

  • Our first playtime

    Our first playtime I should start at the beginning of it all, so our point of view can be understood. Our names are Angela and Bill, we are what in some circles are referred to as swingers or lifestyle people. Simply put, we like the idea of multiple partners during sex, however for us it is more than just mindless heartless sex. We are not into the fuck and flee sex that so many of our fellow swingers seem to...

  • Pool party

    It all started when a friend of mine, Jeff invited me to a pool party that a friend of his was having at his remote home. Jeff told me that his friend had open pool parties at his home every weekend during the summer and I should come up. He told me that he was already there and I should come and have some fun, and flips, then headed out to the address Jeff had given. Driving there I realized...

  • Thick busty wife craves older pervert men who are very aggresive and dominant

    It all started when we moved away from our home town in ct to massachissetts. I have been obsessed with my wife ever sonce high school and kept persueing her np matter how many times she turned me down i just wouldent stop. back then she was very curvy and thock in all the right places. After a couple years went by i finnaly got her to date me and i showered her and took care of her like a...

Our first timeenjoying going to dinner

Thick busty wife craves older pervert men who are very aggresive and dominant

Oh, New Mexico

Spanking sex story

First time sex on a yacht

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