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Kayla had never really shown any signs of interest in me. Yet i had so much attraction to her i dreaded being around her. Having to hide my erection from her proved to be quite the task. She was 5 foot 6 inches tall, slim figure, an amazing hour glass shape and legs for miles. Pale white skin accented beautifully by her captivating sky blue eyes. Her hair was dark black,wavey, and fell perfectly about mid back length.
It was my birthday as well as hers. We had decided to treat ourselves to a night out together. I arrived at her house only to find no answer at the door. I called still no answer. Looking at my phone i realized that i had an unread text. It was from her, saying im running a little late feel free to come in when you get here the back door is unlocked. So i walked around her house and let myself in. I've been here so many times before so i helped myself to a glass of water and turned on the T.V. About 5 minutes later i heard a door open. I stood to greet her. Only to find she had not realized i had came over yet and was standing there in front of me dripping wet and completely nude. Immediately she became flushed and ran back to the restroom. Jokingly i said,"Happy birthday to me!" Not a good choice seeing as how i got a bar of soap thrown at my head. I retrieved a towel from her room and handed it to her.
After she was ready she beckoned me over to her room. I entered and there she was standing in front of her mirror. I had never seen her look so beautiful. Wearing a blue dress strapless and simple no real design to it, but the way if fell on her hips and mid thigh length. Words could not express how amazing she looked. Her hair was down and curly. She asked what i thought. I told her how she litteraly took my breath away. She thanked me and asked where i was planning on taking her. Looking around to distract myself from her so the erection growing in my pants wouldn't grow any larger, i noticed a picture of me on her night stand. I hadn't ever really been in her room before not enough to look at everything in there. I asked why she had that there and she quickly put it face down on the desk.
I decided that now would be the only chance i would ever have with her. So taking the biggest risk in my life i grabbed her hand and held it in mine. I looked her deep in her beautiful blue eyes, and i kissed her. Softly at first, but as her tongue slipped between her soft lips and danced around with mine, i could no longer stop myself. I reached up and ran my hand through her hair, and kissed her more intently. She seemed to like this, before i new it her legs were up around my waist. My erection had doubled in size by this point and i couldn't help but wonder if she could feel it pressing against her warm pussy. I carried her over to her bed and layed her down. I kissed her neck and moved to her chest. Reaching my hand around her back to unzip her dress, as i did so she responded by unbuttoning my shirt. She moved down undid my belt and unbuckled my pants. Still kissing her passionately, i pulled her dress down to reveal perfect round softball sized breasts. Now her breathing had started to get a little faster, by this point the dress was off and she was there on the bed in only her black lace panties. And i wearing nothing.
I stopped and spoke before i could help myself. "Are you sure this is what you want?" i said. Suprised by her response wanted this since we met." I returned to kiss her while my hand found its way down to the rim of her panties. I lifted gently with my middle finger. Still further down i felt a smooth shaved mound, wet with desire. I pulled her panties off and kissed up her leg. Mid thigh i stopped and softly nibbled. Teasing her until finally i reached up and spread her legs around my face.
I licked first softly, hearing her soft wimper let me know it was appreciated. I felt her clit pulsating under the gentle movements of my lips and tongue. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed and stood. My cock had fully engorged by this point. I gently placed my throbbing head on her clit. She seemed to be going crazy with excitement. I pressed down and moved slowy. As i first thrusted deep inside of her i could feel her pussy all around my cock. So soft,warm, and wet. I moved in slowly enjoying every moment of it. I could feel her quivering on my dick. It was almost too much to handle. Her breathing got heavier by the second. I could tell she was ready for her climax. Her back was arcing. She had started to thrust onto my cock contracting her tight pussy around me. She couldn't take anymore. She let out a long moan. I could feel her heart beat with every pound i grew closer and closer to my own climax.
I wouldn't be able to handle much more and i think she realized this as well. She slid my dick out of her tight wet pussy. She got on her knees in front of me and put the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked gently. While she rubbed my shaft back and forth. I couldnt take it anymore. I felt the cum building up inside and i let her know. She then, right as i exploded, grabbed onto my legs and thrust my cock deep inside her throat. My hot load shot directly into her throat. A sensation i had never felt. She held that position while wave after wave of pleasure rushed through me. She then began to fuck my dick with her mouth until the senation was too much.
She stood up, turned to me and asked shyly, "care for a shower?"

– The End
let me know if you want the shower part, this is indeed a true story.

story by: iLestat

Tags: consensual sex cum swallowing true story teen sex story

Author: iLestat

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