Oh god i could use a good fuck

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NOTE: I would like to thank a fan that left me a private message a while ago. I told her that I liked her name Gina and that I probable had not used it in a story before. So here is Gina B the hot one in my story.

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Oh God I Could Use A Good Fuck

As I entered the room with another tray of drinks I heard Gina B say, “Oh God, I could use a good fuck.”

Now Gina B was one hell of a good looking woman and I would have given anything in the world to be able to fuck her just once. She was one of those women that you just dream about, knowing in your heart that she would never give you a tumble in real life.

Gina B was the hot one, while Gina J was just the typical stay at home soccer mom with too many kids to keep track of and no time for her husband.

Yes, Gina B was without a doubt the hottest of my wife’s friends. I had fantasized about her on many a night over the past years.

My wife of ten years had just turned thirty so I invited all of her girlfriends over to celebrate with her. I had turned it into more of a funeral service instead of a happy birthday celebration. Black was the color of the decorations and doom was the theme.

Anyway eight of her closest friends came over and were really partying hard. Gina B was also thirty but still single and just as gorgeous as ever. She had curly brown hair to her shoulders, a nice white blouse and a black miniskirt that was certainly short enough to get my attention. Her blouse had three buttons open with her collar spread open showing off a red lacy bra and her ample cleavage.

As I circulated with the fresh drinks the women patted my ass, my wife patted my erection, and Gina B whispered, “I meant what I said, I could use a good fuck.”

As she exchanged her empty glass for a full one on my tray her breast brushed against my arm causing my cock to jump.

A few minutes later while I was out in the kitchen preparing some hors d’oeuvres Gina B came out looking for some club soda. Somehow she had managed to spill some of her red wine on her white blouse. She was not upset or panicking over it, all she wanted was some club soda. Fortunately I had some for a punch that I intended to make later with some dry ice to give it that foggy appearance. Anyway Gina B then removed her blouse and started cleaning it with the club soda. Meanwhile I was treated to a nice view of her in her lacy red bra. It sure was sexy. There was only one tiny hook in the back, spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and just lace cups containing her magnificent breasts. Gina B was not overly was just perfectly developed. If a computer could analyze every woman that turned men’s heads, determine which ones got the most attention, and decipher it down to the perfect woman… Gina B would be that woman.

As I remembered what she had said out loud and then had whispered to me just moments ago I asked, “Gina B did you mean what you said in there?”

Gina B said clearly, “I meant what I said, I could use a good fuck and according to your wife you are the best that she has ever had.”

I knew that neither my wife or I had a whole lot to base something like that on but I took it as a compliment. I replied, />
Gina B smiled, looked down at my erection in my pants and said, “Maybe so but I need a good hard cock, I need someone that I like, and I need someone that isn’t going to blab about it to all of his worthless />
I smiled and asked, “What about my wife?”

Gina B smiled and said, “She can join us if she wants too, but your cock will my mine and mine alone. I don’t share well.”

I smiled, reached out to cup a breast, and asked, “When would you like to do it?”

Gina B replied, “Right now and right here in the kitchen. However, I’m willing to wait until after the party, I’m willing to drug your wife, hell I’m even willing to wait until morning. How about my house, my bedroom, and in my bed at ten o’clock. Is that good for you?”

My mouth was dry, my heart was racing, and my palms were sweating. I replied, “Can we make it eight o’clock? That would give us a few extra hours.”

Gina B smiled and said, “Sure stud, anything you want. Like I said bring the Mrs. Along if you want too.”

Then Gina B put her blouse back on, grabbed a fresh glass of red wine, and walked out of my kitchen.

Not a minute later my wife entered the kitchen, asked where the hors d’oeuvres were, and rubbed my crotch. Then she asked, “Did Gina B do that to you? She is so fucking hot tonight that I want to get her in bed myself.”

I smiled, kissed her and said, “I think I can arrange that if you are />
She smiled and replied, “A few more of these drinks and I’ll be up for anything.” I handed her two that I had just finished making. She was drinking her favorite cocktail with plenty of fruit in it. She kissed me, took a sip from both glasses, and said, “This should do it.”

I smiled as I watched my wife walk out of the kitchen wiggling her ass knowing that I was watching.

Soon I was circulating with two trays of tiny goodies that looked good. Women sure were different, give a man a sloppy hotdog dripping on his T-shirt and he is happy, but a woman wants something that hardly looks like it would satisfy your hunger if you ate a hundred of them. As I leaned over and the women reached for a couple hors d’oeuvres I was treated to glimpses of bra, bare flesh, and skirts that rose up their thighs. They had just enough to drink so as not to care what I saw. One woman dropped a napkin and bent over right in front of me as I was offering the lady next to her an hors d’oeuvre. As she bent over I swear that her pussy was pushed into my face, her ass cheeks rubbed against my beard stubble, and then she farted. Fortunately it didn’t smell like a pork rind and beer fart. I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I licked her pussy from behind with that thong strap tucked well into it. She stood up, turned around, and dared me to do it again as she lifted her skirt an inch or so. Since I was still bent over and it was just inches from my face I stuck my lips to her panty covered pussy and gave it a lick. She giggled and sat down in her chair. I stayed bent over looking for more.

Eventually Gina B got in front of me and bent over shoving her ass in my face too. When I licked her pussy she just wiggled it into my tongue harder. She was wearing lacy red panties that matched her sexy bra. I ran my tongue along the lace at the bottom of my stroke. After a few licks Gina B stood up, turned around, and lifted her skirt for me. She didn’t raise it just an inch or two either. As I licked the front of her panty I licked her mound too. It was baby smooth as if it never had hair on it. I knelt down, grabbed her ass with my hands, and used my tongue to work her panties off to the side so that I could get my tongue into her delicious wet slit. She was the best tasting woman that I had had in quite some time, maybe ever. I was lost in her pussy. Then I felt someone pushing my face away with her face, trying to steal Gina B’s pussy from me. As I opened my eyes and looked to the side, there was my wife. I smiled and let her in. Then from inches away I watched as my wife put her tongue in Gina B’s pussy and started licking. I sat back on my legs and looked around. All seven women were watching my wife eat pussy for her thirtieth birthday.

The more my wife got into it the more intense everyone became. We cheered as my wife pulled Gina B’s panties down, pushed her into a chair, and got in there better. When Gina B screamed out in orgasm everyone applauded for her.

Then someone pulled my wife around and shoved her face into her pussy. It was Gina J the soccer mom. Her pants and panties were down around her ankles, my wife was in her pussy, and her shirt and sports bra were up under her armpits with her pulling on her own nipples and moaning, ”Oh dear Lord, I need this…so bad.”

Gina J was breathing in pants, fucking up at my wife’s face, and crying out, “Deeper, deeper, oh God that’s it, that it, right there.” And then Gina J trembled, giant goose bumps appeared all over her body, and she squirted her orgasm juice right into my wife’s open mouth just like I do whenever she gives me a blowjob. My wife sucked it all up and swallowed as she is supposed too.

My wife sat up and said, “Oh my God you’re a squirter. I loved it.”

She turned to Gina B and said, “You are the best tasting woman that I have ever had.”

Then she turned to the other six women and asked, next.”

Later that night as we lay in bed together with Gina B between us my wife said, “Thanks honey for making my birthday the best ever.” Then she kissed Gina B and rolled over to go to sleep.

The End
Oh God I Could Use A Good Fuck

story by: fbailey

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Author: fbailey

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