Guardian angel chapter 2

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Part 1: Back to School

Summer’s finally over, and it’s not school time. It’s also the worst day of Kiyan’s life. It’s also the day Jake goes back to his superstar life and goes away.
Kiyan is now 14 years old. He is now on 9th grade, and he is now surrounded with new classmates, it’s a whole new world for Kiyan now. The hallways are full of other kids, all waiting for their teacher. In this school, students wait for their teacher in the hallways, waiting for them to show up, unlock the classroom door and start the class. On his way in the hallway looking for his classroom, Kiyan hears countless voices screaming around, there were laughs, yelling, screaming. It’s Hell on Earth! Kiyan puts his hands on his ears, all the noise is killing him, until one of them penetrates his hands and catches his attention:
“Are you Kiyan /> All the noise makes it almost impossible to hear. It’s a strange boy with red colored glasses, green eyes and short red hair. The boy grabs Kiyan’s arm and takes him next to the end of the hallway, where you find stairs leading to the other floors with other hallways and classrooms, there was also a classroom in front of the stairs. It was Kiyan’s classroom. The boy takes Kiyan to the stairwell and sits there, how strange the fact that it’s a lot more quiet on the stairs. You can still hear the other kids screaming around, but not as loud and it’s easier to understand each other now.
“Are you Kiyan /> “Yeah, that’s me. Who are you?”
“Strange name.”
“My mom’s portuguese. We moved here from Portugal when I was 4.” Fabio’s accent was funny for Kiyan. Funny, yet quite adorable.
gonna be in the same class. I know the names of everyone in our class this year.” Continued Fabio. “By the way, someone up there who wants to talk to you.”
Fabio left and Kiyan, sitted on the stairs, looked behind him and saw Jake Warsavage, his best friend.
“Jakey!? What are you doing here!?” Kiyan ran up the stairs to Jakey and gave him a big hug, which was cut short a second later, good thing no one saw that, that could cause some trouble.
“I spoke with my mom, I’m gonna let go of my Hollywood life and stop being home schooled. Guess we’re gonna be /> “Really!? That’s great! With you around, school should be a bit better now.”
“I wanna finish school with you, buddy.”
always calling me /> “You don’t like it?”
“No-no! It’s ok. I love it.”
“Great, we can stay here on recess to hang out, since anywhere else is too loud and crazy.”
“Yeah, tell me about it! I nearly died in there!”
“Ha! Well, good thing I asked Fabio to bring you here.”
“You know him?”
“Yep, he’s our classmate. He says he knows everyone in class, so i asked him to bring you here. Hey look! The teacher’s here, let’s go. We have to get a couple of seats next to each other!”
The boys went together to class. The classroom had had double-sized desks. Each desk is for 2 students. Kiyan quickly got to one of the desks and called Jake to sit next to him. The desk was right next to the window, Kiyan sited on the left side, which was right next to the window.
During class, Jake and Kiyan had some fun when the teacher wasn’t looking, and of course, they not to disturb the class. After the first class was over with, all the girls in class were around Jake and trying to talk to him, but since there were like 6 girls trying to get his attention, there was obviously a lot of screaming… Well, the usual thing in this school. Kiyan went to the stairwell, which was now their “Hang-out space”. Kiyan waited for Jake to get there, but during the whole recess, Jake was surrounded by girls and “trying to survive”. Kiyan felt lonely when summer ended, which meant Jake would leave, probably forever. But that lonely feeling went away when Jake announced he had let go of his superstar life to be in public school with Kiyan. But now, that lonely feeling, that sadness is conquering Kiyan’s heart once again. Most likely, Jake is gonna be busy with those girls butting in most of the time.

Part 2: A day to Remember

School’s over for the day, and Kiyan waited outside school for his best friend to show up, after a while, Jake showed up.
“What took you so long, Jakey?”
“Hum… The girls in class were asking for my email /> “Did you give them?”
“No way! I still want some peace in my home, ya know? I already have enough of them here at school, but on msn as well? No thanks!”
“I hear ya.”
Jake touched Kiyan’s shoulder and tapped it for a moment.
“Sorry we haven’t been together during recess.”
“Nah, it’s ok. Forget about it.”
“You sure? Fabio told me you spent recess all alone.”
“Forget about it, Jakey. In a few days, the girls will get used to Mr. Superstar in class, and they’ll stop stalking you like that and we’ll get to hang out together more often, right?”
If you say so… I don’t you to feel lonely, buddy.”
change the subject, ok?”
“… Ok… So, what do you think of Fabio?”
“He’s ok. Sexy hair he’s got.”
“Yeah, he looks ok, but you’re sexier.”
Said Kiyan with a teasing tone and a smile.
“It’s true! You long and dark hair looks a lot better!”
just saying that.”
“No, I’m not. Sure, red hair looks really cool, specially if it’s natural color, cuz some people dye their hair red or any other color, ya know what I mean.”
“Yeah, but what does that have to do with Fabio? He dyes his hair red?”
“From what I noticed, he didn’t dye his hair. Also, he told me it’s his natural color.” Said Jake and he started laughing.
“You could have just said Fabio told you!” screamed Kiyan while laughing as well.
“Sorry, buddy. Hey, let’s go to your place and have some fun!”
nothing much to do at my place. My computer’s so lame with video games, and… Oh! You /> “Yeah, silly!”
“Then, what are we waiting for?”
Kiyan and Jake walked for almost 10 minutes talking about the first school day, and they finally got to Kiyan’s home.
“Dad, I’m home!” screamed Kiyan on his way in.
“I think he’s not home. He still works at the hotel, right?”
“Oh, yeah. Guess we’re alone, then.”
Before Jake could say anything else, Kiyan jumps on him and starts kissing him. Since Jake is a bit taller and a lot stronger than kiyan is, Jake hugs him and lifts him off his feet while the boy puts his legs around Jake’s waist.
Jake carries his lover to the couch in the living room and he sits down, with Kiyan sitting on top of him and the boys still kissing with passion, their tongues playing with each other.
“I thought I was never gonna do this again” said Kiyan as he breaks the kiss.
not getting’ rid of me so easily, angel.”
“Now it’s what happened to asked Kiyan with a shy smile.
is your public name, and It’s your private name!”
Kiyan started laughing and continued kissing Jake, as both boys continue to let their tongues have some fun of their own. After a while, Kiyan broke the silence:
a big boner you got, superstar. I can feel it down there.”
“Keep talkin’ and the boner’s going to into your mouth!” shouted Jake and started laughing.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Kiyan and after looking at the surprised look on Jake’s face, Kiyan took off his shirt.
Kiyan now seems to lose his shyness when Jake was around. Jake admired his lover’s little beautiful body and started rubbing it gently with both hands, and then leaving them on his waist and started kissing the boy once again. After a minute or so filled with kisses, Jake spoke:
“Guess it’s my turn, huh?”
/> Jake took off his shirt and then left his hands behind his head and enjoyed Kiyan’s hands rubbing his body and admiring it, Kiyan left his hands on his shoulders and give him a quick kiss on the lips and then playing with his lips on his neck. One of Jake’s hands went to his hair and play with it as he keeps kissing his neck, and the other hand rests on his waist:
stop, angel.”
Kiyan got himself on his knees on top of the boy and resumed his kisses, going slower to his chest. Jake rested his hands on Kiyan’s shoulders as the boy continues to explore his body with his lips. Jake starts moaning with excitement, and Kiyan now goes to his jeans and slowly unzips them, looking towards Jake and see his eyes closed and mouth slightly open. Kiyan takes Jake’s jeans down to his feet, and starts pressing his face on the boy’s dick, still covered by the underwear. Jake puts his hands on his lover’s hair and and plays with it gently. After a while Jake gently stops Kiyan and waits for the boy to look at him:
“You only did a BJ once during summer, you never told me if you liked it.”
/> “Blowjob, silly.”
“Oh! Yeah, did it just once. And yeah, I liked it. Want another one?”
“Have fun.”
Kiyan pushed Jake’s underwear down to reveal the incredibly hard dick and started rubbing it, getting it ready to be sucked:
believe you only did this once during the whole summer.”
“Yeah, well… Riding on you is much more fun.” Said Kiyan as he began lowering his face and swallowing Jake’s dick and started sucking it slowly, enjoying every bit of the moment.
“Oh shit! This is crazy!” screamed Jake as he closed his eyes and started moaning with every bit of his dick being sucked dry by his lover. As Kiyan started sucking him harder and faster, the boy’s moaning got louder and he could feel himself about to cum. Kiyan had sucked his dick before, but the boy did not taste cum last time, and Jake tried to warn him he was about to cum, but it was too late for a warning, Kiyan felt the boy’s love juice in his mouth and didn’t hesitate to swallow it all like Jake had done a few times before. It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad either for Kiyan.
“First time you do that, angel.”
“Do what?”
“Swallow cum. What did you think?”
It wasn’t bad.”
“You don’t have to lie to me, Kiyan.”
“Ok… I like it better when you cum in my ass. Sorry.”
ok, angel. You don’t have to like swallowing cum. You just have to like ME!” said Jake with a huge smile on his face.
Kiyan started laughing and after a while, Kiyan stand up and grabbed Jake’s arm:
“Hey, let’s go to my room!”
“But, what about our /> “Leave them! My dad will only be back around midnight, so forget the /> “You know I can’t stay here all day.”
“I know, but we don’t have to wear clothes for now, do we? Now, with that said, let’s go to my room!”
Kiyan ran to his room followed by naked Jake. After they reached the bedroom, Kiyan jumped to his bed and when he turned around on his back, Jake suddenly jumped on top of him and started tickling him and make him beg to stop.
The boys played around the bed all day, and once they were tired, Kiyan rested his head on Jake’s exposed chest. A minute of silence that was broken by Kiyan:
/> /> “What if everyone at school finds out about… Ya know… You and /> worry about that, as long as we stay as friends in front of others and be ourselves inside your house or my room, we should be ok.”
“Yeah, but… I don’t know why… But sometimes I feel like I want everyone to know how I feel about you… But at the same time, I don’t want them to know… I don’t /> “Hey, Kiyan… Forget about it. For now, at school we’re best friends, at home, we’re boyfriends. That ok?”

“Hey, forget about it. We have nothing to worry about. Everyone in class seems friendly. C’mon, let’s just drop the /> “Ok… I’m sorry.”
be sorry, angel.”
“Ok… Hey, hum… When can I ride on you?” asked Kiyan with a shy smile.
“If it’s ok with you, maybe next time. Neither of us is in the mood right now.”
“Then, let’s just stay here and rest. I’m happy as long as you’re around.”
“Sure, angel. Well, I gotta go now. Tommorow we go to my room at the hotel, ok?”
/> “Ok, I’ll go get dressed and see you /> Both boys went to the living room, to get dressed. Then Jake gave Kiyan a very passionate kiss, which neither boy wanted to let go for a couple of minutes.
Meanwhile, outside Kiyan’s house, a young boy, about an inch or so taller than Jake, stood in front of the house, holding a skateboard on his right hand. The only thing one could see from this boy is his black jeans, his dark blue jacket and a black and white baseball hat protecting his eyes from the day’s last minutes of sunlight. The boy just stand in front of the house, a bit far from it as well. The boy reaches his pockets and takes out a cell phone, dials a few numbers and rests the cell on his left ear and waits for a moment:
“Hey mom, it’s me. Listen, I’m stayin’ at a friend’s house for dinner, is that ok?”
“Thanks ma, I’ll call you later, when I head home. Bye.”
The boy hungs up the call and dials some other numbers and once again rests the cell on his left ear, always with his eyes set on Kiyan’s house, except to look at his cell and check if the phone number’s right:
“Hey Hunter. Got what you asked. Nº 4 Lucy Street.”
“Yeah, with another kid, same class.”
“Ok, so what now?”

“Got it, I’ll take care of that when he c… Hey, hold on a second, Hunter.”
The boy turned to his right and lowered his head, with the cell still on his left ear. Jake was coming out of the house, while Kiyan watched him leave and closed the door. After Jake was walking straight to the hotel, the boy continued:
“Hunter, still there?”
“Yeah, change of plans… He’s /> “I’ll follow him, no /> …
“Ok, if you say so, but anyway, the guy doesn’t live here, the other kid does, it seems.”

“Got it. Tomorrow, then?”
“Ok, I’ll bring it to school tomorrow. I’m out.”
The boy hung up the cell phone right away and just looked at Jake who was on his way to the Blue Ocean Hotel, which was still a bit far. Then, the strange boy whispered to himself:
“It’s payback time, />
End of Chapter 2

story by: Night_Walker05

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Author: Night_Walker05

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