Second meeting and acceptance (sequel to turned for the first time)

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My name is Dan. In the story I’m about to tell you, I was 20 years old: about 3 months after the time of the previous story. I still considered myself straight. Although I also found myself with those old urges. Not all the time, but every once and a while I would find myself watching porn and focusing a little too much on the cocks. I would just tell myself it was because of the close-ups or something. I had been with a few girls since “the incident”, but I was having a hard time committing to a relationship. My self-esteem was shaken. The first month was the worst. I was ashamed of what I had done and constantly paranoid of being called and blackmailed for the DVD. After the first month though, the thoughts and paranoia seemed to lose their hold on me. I never forgot, but at least I was able to function. By the time this story began, I was more angry than scared. Anyway, I had since found work, and had moved out of my buddy’s place. I was finally starting to get my life back together.

I had been working customer service in a grocery store for about 2 months at this point. I was just getting off after one of the worst days I’ve had there. It was raining, and that seemed to bring all the crazies in. After listening to customers bitch and moan for 10 hours I was ready to hit the bar and blow off a little steam. Some of the older guys that worked there were already there and said they would make sure I didn’t get carded. So we shared a few pitchers and instead of calming me down, I was getting agitated. Everyone was talking about work and I just wasn’t in the mood, I guess. After I had a good buzz going I told my co-workers I was taking off and I’d see them at work.

On my way home, my beer muscles must have kicked in. I decided I was sick of waiting to get blackmailed. I was going to settle this man to man. So I took that familiar road down to the trailer park that I hadn’t taken in over 3 months. I was starting to get anxious as I drove through to the back of the park to where his house was. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I jumped out, slamming the car door. I was almost lightheaded as I got to the door. I was ready to fight. I pounded on the door. Several seconds later, the door opened and there he was. “Oh shit,” I thought to myself. I forgot how freaking big this guy was. My beer muscles seemed to disappear. He was wearing a pair of navy sweats and a stretched out t-shirt that had the sleeves torn off. Mike was just a huge guy, big fat belly pushing his shirt out and hairy all over. Anyway, he was talking on his portable phone, and didn’t seem the slightest bit put off by the scowl I had. I did notice a look that seemed to say I wasn’t who he was expecting. “Hang on just a sec,” he said into the phone and then looked at me. “We need to talk.” I said as intimidating as I could. He waved me in, pointed to the living room and pointed to his phone as if it were something important. At this point, I was a little put off that he didn’t even seem to care why I had come and even less interested in my attempts to be threatening.

“Well this was a familiar sight,” I thought to myself as I sat down on his beat up couch and saw the porn on the TV. A scene with 4 guys standing around a girl, jacking off. God, this guy was a “Grade A” loser. I looked around to object, but he was walking around still talking on the phone. As he was pacing around the house talking on the phone and seemingly leaving me to my own devices, I tried to not look at the TV but I could still hear the moaning and panting. After a couple of minutes he passed by me and attempted to hand me a beer. I started to flip out. “Hey, fuck y,” I started and he cut me off with just a gesture of his one finger, as if to say “One minute.” He set the beer on the coffee table in front of me and walked away continuing his phone call. I don’t know if he was doing this on purpose or what, but the longer I sat there, my confusion seemed to take the steam out of my anger. I sat there, drinking the beer, lost in thought as I tried to figure out all the things I wanted to say to Mike. I couldn’t help but think about the last time I was there. I was having d? vu and I couldn’t help but get a little aroused. I was now watching the porn and just like the time before, my cock was starting to push through my pants. I tried to cool off by putting my beer against my bulge hoping it would make my hard-on go away. All it did was wet my pants from the condensation, drawing more potential attention to the tent in my crotch.

I had been there for near 20 minutes now and had finished the beer he gave me. Finally, I heard him end his conversation and the beep of his phone hanging up. He came into the room with beer in each of his hands and said “You want another beer?” I jumped up and said “No, Mike. I don’t want another fucking beer. I want the recording you took of me!” He just stood there staring down at me, analyzing. My liquid courage was failing me and I broke the stare, looking down at the ground. “Look, just give me the DVDs and I’ll leave,” I said in a calmer tone, still looking at the floor holding an open hand out as if he had it readily on him. he started. “Hey. Look at me.” He said it and I complied. “Are you afraid of me?” he asked. I looked at him, puzzled that he responded to my request with an unrelated question. “I just came to get the recording.” I said, my voice almost cracking. I was afraid, maybe not of him directly, but of him manipulating me again. He fed on my discomfort, and seemed to get more confident. He took a step forward and said not why you came here.” I took a step back, eyes wide. I was now backed up against the back of the couch. “Looks like you spilt a little beer” he said, smiling and motioning at the obvious bulge in my pants and the hardly noticeable damp spot. “Oh, I uh…” I started but he cut me off before I could respond. He took another step forward and said “You didn’t come over here for the then he leaned in next to me and whispered ya, boy?” I got a cold shiver down my spine and had no response but a deep sigh of resignation. “I knew I wouldn’t have to call you,” he put a hand on the back of the couch, closing me in, and continued to whisper in my ear “I knew my boy would come back for more of his Daddy’s cock.” I couldn’t move or speak. I couldn’t look at him, so I just looked down and shook my head. This wasn’t happening. Not again. My body betrayed me as I began breathing shallow gasps. I felt like I had a lump in my throat like I was about to cry or something. I was totally overwhelmed. “Just relax,” he whispered and put the beer he brought for me in my hand. He surprised me when he leaned back and spoke “Oh, this is great,” looking at the TV. I turned around. It was the same woman on the TV. She was getting fucked hard doggie style by one of the guys while the other’s continued to stand around stroking their cocks and waiting for their turn. While I gazed at the spectacle on screen, I became entranced. He put his other arm on the back of the couch, now completely blocking any escape. He leaned in putting his head next to mine; his belly was almost pushing me over the back of the couch. I had to brace myself, putting my free hand on the back of the couch as well. “Look at her taking that cock.” He whispered as he began slowly rubbing his pelvis against my ass. “She needs it,” he told me. As he dry humped me, I just stood there hypnotized by the screen. I could feel him getting hard through his sweats as he began to hump a little harder. “You need it,” he whispered. I was so lost in a trance. Watching this porn, it was like I was becoming this woman in my head. I began to anticipate his thrusts by pushing back against him, just like she did. His rod was titty-fucking my butt cheeks. I could feel the base of his shaft putting pressure on my asshole; he was really getting under me, almost lifting me with his hips. it boy,” he whispered, “I knew you’d see it my way.” I dropped the beer I had yet to open down onto the couch and used the now free hand to brace myself. “I knew you were completely gay. I knew that once you had my cock you couldn’t live without it. Now, you’re mine. I can do whatever I want to you. And you love it, just like that slut on TV.” As he whispered these words to me, I accepted them, just like I did the first time. He degraded me, once a confident womanizer, and made me accept that I was just a boy who needed dick now. I focused on that girl and knew, just like me, that she was a slave to her lust. It was like we weren’t real people, just tools to get pricks off. He started his hands up my back, under my shirt. As he hands ran higher, my shirt lifted with them. I took his cue and removed it. As I turned around, I met his eyes staring me in the face, analyzing, as always. I cocked my head, closed my eyes, and leaned in to kiss him, to give in to him.

Before I reached his lips, he clubbed me in the side of the head with his open hand. It almost knocked me over. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, boy?! You want to kiss me? You want to make love with me?” he mocked me. Then he put his finger right in my face and I cringed, thinking he was going to hit me again. you ever try that shit again. I don’t know what you think is going on here, but I sure the hell don’t love you,” he continued. God, I was about to cry. “You want to be my girlfriend? Well, fuck you!” and he spit in my face. worthless. You’re not even a he continued to put me down. I hung my head in shame, as the spit rolled down my face. He was right. He put his hand on the back of my head, palming it like a basketball in his huge hands, and turned it (and my whole body with it) towards the TV. He reached his other hand over my shoulder and pointed at the screen. all you are,” he whispered in my ear. We both just stood there watching the TV for several seconds that seems to last forever. The woman had cum all over her, and she was using both her hands to stroke a cock in each. She was covered and she still needed more. She was nothing without it. After what seemed like forever, watching and listening to the moaning and groaning of the group on TV, he let go of my head and walked towards the front of the couch and casually said “Wipe that shit off your face. You look />
I used my shirt to wipe his spit off my face and started to put it on as I walked towards the door. “What are you doing?” he asked as if nothing had happened. I stopped and just looked at him, puzzled and broken. He pulled his hard cock out of the top of his pants and stood there stroking it and looking at me. I was frozen. I couldn’t help but stare at it as he gave it slow, full strokes. He let me stare at it for what seemed like 30 seconds before he spoke. “You need it. Don’t you?” he said. I nodded, too ashamed to look at his face. “Say it,” he commanded “Tell me you’ll do whatever I want.” I felt two inches tall. This man had seduced me and turned me into a queer slut. He belittled me in everyway imaginable, assured me no one would ever want me, and it seemed even he was rejecting me. I needed his cock. I was frantic now. I needed it to be something. All my other problems were nonexistent. “Please! I need it. I’ll do whatever you want,” I pleaded. that, boy?” he responded. He could control me and he knew it. He had me right where he wanted and he was enjoying my desperation. “Please, Daddy.” I said still watching him stroke his stiff rod, watching his balls move slowly back and forth as he handled it. “Take off your clothes,” he said and went and sat down on the couch. As I undressed, watching him leer at me while he played with himself, I could feel my asshole puckering in anticipation. I just stood there, feeling goose bumps rise on my skin as he undressed himself. “Come here, boy,” he directed and I did as I was told. “Get on your knees,” he continued. I complied. “Look at me,” he directed and I looked up at this mountain of a man’s face. He stared at me for several seconds, breaking my will, before he spoke. “Kiss it.” He spoke the words slowly and deliberately. Then, I did it. I kissed the head of his penis, and as I did I took in that familiar musty odor. I took in the taste of sweat and old piss. “You want it?” he asked. I managed to answer weakly. He slapped me, again, in the side of the head. He had broken me like a disobedient animal. “Do you want it?” he asked again. “Please, Daddy. I need it,” I responded instantly. I was so pathetic, so desperate. This man had spent the last half hour abusing me and convincing me that I was nothing. He was right, though. I had come over planning to fight him for the DVD he secretly took of me and here I was, now, begging for him to use me again. I felt high as I took in the odor of his sex. Then he spoke, “Do it.” Finally! I took a deep breath, licked my lips and took it in. I closed my eyes as I bobbed my head up and down his length. a good boy,” he said as he palmed the back of my head. He was talking to me like a dog, but in truth I was less than that. A master loves his dog. It didn’t matter. I really did need this. He turned me into an animal, an animal with no purpose but to serve, and an animal that needed cock. He became more forceful with his hand, pushing me up and down on his prick as he continued to degrade me and tell me what to think and feel. a faggot who is addicted to cock. Because I am a good Daddy, I let you suck mine. You need my cock and you’ll do anything I tell you to do because you know you are worthless and nobody will ever love you. But you need MY cock. I am your Daddy and you are MY boy,” he spoke the words and with my eyes closed it became my reality. It was no longer a Thursday night, after a long day at work, this was all that was. My hunger for dick was being fulfilled for the time being and that was all that mattered. He would push my head all the way down on his dick and hold my nose. I almost choked on my own saliva as I tried frantically to breathe with his tip pushing at the back of my throat. Then he would let up and continue to fuck my face. I didn’t care though. I was so lost in my own head. Feeling the warm, soft skin inside my mouth again was all I could think about. He crushed my spirit and made me his.

My trance was broken when I heard the door open and slam shut. Unfamiliar voices were conversing as they came into the room. I was horrified. I was stark naked with no way to cover myself and I was sucking dick, balls deep. I couldn’t see them but they obviously saw me. “Hey, hey, what do we have here?” someone asked. Mike replied “Hey fellas. Beers are in the fridge; make yourselves My heart almost stopped, but he wasn’t surprised at all. These were obviously the guys he was talking to on the phone when I arrived, and it appeared me sucking Mike’s dick wasn’t going to change their plans. Or maybe, this was the plan to begin with. Make yourself comfortable was an obvious understatement as I heard clothes dropping to the floor. Mike took my head and pushed me back; I fell back onto my back spread eagle. I quickly tried to cover my crotch the best I could with my hands and made a quick scan of the room. Two large men were standing in the room naked and one was handing beers to Mike and the new comers. After dispensing the drinks he too began undressing. There were 3 of them. They were all big, like Mike. All looked over 6 feet tall. Two of them, I later learned were Jack and Leo, were overweight, not as fat as Mike, but they had beer bellies. The third man, the one still undressing was a monster black guy; he had a patch on his shirt that said Tony. He was ripped like a football player. As he pulled down his pants, I saw the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, already semi-hard and at least 10 inches long. I was now very scared and couldn’t speak. “A shy one, eh?” Tony mocked. “He didn’t look shy in that video,” Leo responded and all 4 of them laughed very heartily at the comment. I could barely breathe. He showed them the movie, and who knows who else. They were all standing around looking at me, smiling and eyeballs roaming my naked body. As they began to gather in the living room, I began to get up myself. Before I could straighten my knees and get up, Leo had pushed me back over from behind. I fell on my hands and knees. I was now very scared and they all seemed to gather around me. That’s when Mike stood up. “These are some friends from work, and you’re going to do whatever they tell you to do, just like you do for me.” He said exactly what I feared he would. Everyone was standing around me, stroking their cocks to erection as I looked up at Mike, pleading with my eyes. He didn’t care. He stooped down, grabbed me by the hair, bringing me to my knees and pointed my face right at his. “I know my boy doesn’t want to disappoint his Daddy,” he said and I shook my head the best I could with his hands gripped in my hair. When he let go of my hair I did something that shocked even me. I didn’t even think about it. My hand seemed to move on its own as it found its way to Leo’s cock. It felt great. It wasn’t real big, maybe 4 or 5 inches. I began to pump it. “Ohhh, yeah,” he moaned. I felt so perverted. This guy looked like a fucking child molester: thick frame glasses and a modest side part haircut. His belly was fat and hairless. My other hand moved to Jack’s cock. I was jacking off two guys at the same time as Tony replaced Mike in front of me. His 10 inch, coal black cock was staring me right in the face and he was moving closer. “Open up, bitch,” he said as he closed the gap. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. My tongue came out as his head entered into my mouth. God, it was big. His tip reached the back of my throat and there was still like 4-5 inches not even in my mouth. I was trying to get used to it a bit, sucking it slowly, all the way in and back to the tip. It was so musty down there. I was surrounded by sweaty guys, jerking cocks with both hands and a big, black cock in my mouth. What had happened to me? I jerked a bit when I felt someone pouring something on my back. It must have been Mike, and it smelt like olive oil or something. He rubbed it all over, greasing my whole body. I was on sensory overload. His hands found their way to my ass. I arched my back to give him better access. He rubbed it on my ass cheeks and in the crack. His fingers teased my asshole with each pass. Then he spent a little time running his fingers around the ring. A muffled moan came out of my mouth even with the gigantic cock now being force fed to me by Tony. Soon, Mike’s finger was spiraling in. My body gave little resistance as his oily fingers slipped into me. He was finger fucking my ass. First one finger, then two and three fingers twisted into me. He rubbed the oil all along the inside. He passed the bottle around and Jack and Leo poured a little over my fist as I stroked their members. Tony was starting to fuck my face, with both hands around my head. He was grunting, and I could see his stomach tightening. He let out a groan with his cock pushed against the back of my throat. His shots hit the back of my throat. I had to swallow each jet to keep from choking. I had never done this, not even for Mike. I was swallowing cum. I was now a cock-sucking cum eater. He continued to grunt as shot after shot came in my mouth. It was salty, and hot. Despite my efforts, cum was still coming out of my open mouth running down my chin. When he finished with me he sat down on the couch and cracked a beer. Leo put a hand on my head and quickly replaced Tony in front of me. I knew what to do. I pulled back the skin of his smallish dick and took it in. It was still somewhat floppy, even though I had been stroking it for several minutes and it smelt terrible. He began calling me names and degrading me as I pleased him. He called me a faggot and a queer. When he couldn’t get hard, he took it out and slapped it on my face, smearing my own saliva all over. Then he did something to remind me of my place. With his hand still on my head, he turned around and shoved my face into his fat ass. He rubbed it all over and told me to lick his asshole. I could barely breathe, but I complied. I licked across the top of it at first. I was gagging from the taste and smell. I did this a couple of times then I stuck my tongue in a little bit. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I just licked at it like a dog drinking water from a bowl. I thought I was going to throw up from the taste and smell. He was grunting, and jerking his little pecker furiously while I did this. Then he turned me around and spit in my face. He told me I was disgusting for eating his shit. The words became true. I had no shame and no pride any longer. I accepted that I was worthless and disgusting. He continued to jerk his cock and finally shot on my face. For a small cock, he seemed to shoot more cum than I’d ever seen. The first shot hit me in the eye, and roped across my whole face. The rest he shot at my open mouth and in my hair. He was disgusting, but I wanted to swallow as much of his seed as I could. I loved it. I loved how warm it was and its taste. Most of all, I loved that they liked to see me eat it. I got as much as I could, circling my lips with my tongue. I was now moaning loud feeling Mike’s fingers inside me. He lifted me up with his middle finger hooked in my ass. I braced myself with my hands on couch. When I felt his finger pull out, I knew what was to come next. Jack moved around to the back of me and put his hands on my hips. He began to run the length of his cock up and down the length of my greasy crack. I rolled my hips in a fucking motion just as the girl had done on the TV. I was going crazy with lust. I began to beg him to fuck me. “Please! Please fuck me! I need it. I want cum inside me. Please!” I pleaded. All the guys were laughing at me. Leo continued to assault me with degrading comments. I felt Jack position his head at my ring. As he leaned forward the pressure built against me. Then it happened. Jack’s cock head broke the threshold. Just a little at first. Then, he eased it in. It felt so good to have that warmth inside me again. That warmth Mike had introduced me to when I spread my legs for him. He was building momentum. Slowly pushing all the way in and pulling almost all the way out. As he built up speed, I felt the familiar feeling of his sac slapping against me. It felt so natural, like I was born for this. I was born to be used. Even these strangers I had never seen before. They knew I needed it, knew I would do whatever they wanted. Jack was really fucking me now, almost knocking me over. Then he pushed in, and in, like he was trying to get as deep into me as he could. As he held me there, I felt it. That warm sensation as he deposited his seed into me.

Over the next 2 hours or so Jack, Leo and Tony took turns fucking me senseless. My face was covered in oil and semen, and cum was steadily dibbling out of my ass and down my leg, since Jack first fucked me. Mike just watched. He never fucked me and didn’t even let me suck his dick after the guys showed up. He just walked around and snapped pictures from different angles. When everyone finished, I laid there, propped on the arm of the couch, ass in the air. My arms and legs failed me early, and the guys just kept at me. I was exhausted and sore everywhere, when they finally had their fill. Leo had slapped my face and ass to almost a deep purple. I wasn’t sure what to do when the guys finally left. Mike was returning to the room after walking the guys to the door. He was flipping through what appeared to be at least 3 hundred dollars. Did they pay him to fuck me? Is that what I had become? All I wanted was to be his boy again. I managed to get to the floor, onto my hands and knees and I looked up at him. “Please fuck me, Daddy.” His face showed his disgust. pathetic and disgusting. Get your shit and get out of my house,” was all he said. After all this, he still had rejected me. I just wanted him to fuck me, to use me, and after fucking his friends for 2 and a half hours he still wouldn’t. “When I call you, IF I call you, you will come over and do what I tell you to do. Is that clear?” he said in a menacing tone. “Yes Daddy.” I responded as I dressed myself. Covered in cum, oil and sweat I staggered to the door, exhausted, head hung low in deep shame without another word from him.

story by: StudWriter

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Author: StudWriter

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