Her best friend carolyn 3

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Her best friend Carolyn 3

I have had the best few months of my life since learning that my beautiful wife Michelle, had sex with her best friend Carolyn both when they were younger, and a few years ago when she went to visit in San Francisco, after we were married. I am totally alright with her sexual past, and her occasional fucks with her friend as well. I have told her that I totally understand why women would want to be together sexually. It is such a sexy, soft, and sensual experience that is totally different from what I can do with her. Of course, with as much as she and her best friend like ass-play and anal sex, it sometimes is not all that soft.

Carolyn was coming into town for the weekend, and I was really hoping that Michelle would talk to her about having sex again. I wanted for her to say that I was incredibly turned on after I learned about their escapades, and that I wanted them to do it again, I hoped that Carolyn would invite me to join in with them, because I knew she would not pass up the chance to fuck my wife again. When she came into town from New York, she called and talked to my wife for a while over the phone, but they did not talk about anything out of the ordinary, and she said that she was really busy, but that she would love to meet for lunch on Saturday before she went to a local beerfest that she had promised some other friends she would go to. We were also going to go to the brewfest, but after my wife’s surgery, alcohol was one of the prohibited items for a few weeks until she healed. I did not want to go without my wife, so we agreed to lunch the next day.

When it came to lunch time, my wife said out of the blue that she would like to go to lunch alone while I watched the kids, if that was alright. It was totally alright with me, since I thought that she would feel more comfortable talking about things with Carolyn if they were alone. I even joked that they could go to my parent’s house for a quickie, since they were out of town. Carolyn came and picked up Michele, and our youngest daughter, who was only one, while I stayed with the older kids who were napping upstairs.

I was laying on the couch rubbing my cock through my shorts, while I wrote the last story about my wife and Carolyn when they got home. They had only been gone for about 45 minutes, so they surprised me when they opened the door. I did my best to nonchalantly put down the computer, and sit up on the couch to hide my huge hard-on, while they came in and sat down the sleeping baby, and began talking

“So how was lunch, you guys are back pretty fast”

Michelle said “I was a little tired, and Carolyn really needs to get to the brewfest and meet the rest of our friends. You can go if you want to.”

“That is alright, I would rather go next year, when you can go too.” And I had to hear about their lunch conversation, and find out if they had talked about getting together again.

We talked about some boring stuff, and about sending Michelle out to New York for a weekend visit sometime soon, when our youngest daughter was no longer breastfeeding. The whole time, I was looking across the room looking at my wife, and her best friend, looking just beautiful, with outfits that accentuated their huge tits. My wife was wearing my favorite outfit, a tight, lowcut white t-shirt, jeans, and heels. Carolyn was wearing a thin, blackcotton sundress that was even more lowcut than my wife’s. Her sundress was tightly fitted right under her tits, and they were pretty much spilling out the top. All that I could think about was them kissing, and rubbing those huge titties together, but it was just a regular conversation, just like always. I was getting really sad thinking that my wife had not talked to Carolyn, and Carolyn still did not know that I knew about them.

Carolyn said that she had to get going, and meet everyone at the brewfest, and that she was coming back in August for a few days and we should get together again then. She and my wife stood up and hugged, rubbing those huge tits together just like I had been fantasizing, while I stayed seated because I still had a raging hard-on. Just when I thought they were going to break the hug, and Carolyn was going to leave, they started kissing, and then sticking their tongues in each other’s mouthes. Then they began groping each other right in front of me!

Carolyn finally broke the kiss, and while my wife was kneading her big round ass, she turned around and said Sorry to tease you, but we thought it would be fun so see how far we could go, letting you think we had not talked about the really important stuff. In fact, pretty much all we did talk about at lunch was sex. Your wife cannot stop talking about the incredible sex you two have been having since you found out about us. She keeps going on and on about how you make her cum when you eat her ass, and when you fuck it. I believe her, after she showed me the video of you two fucking. I am totally into fucking both you and Michele, any time you want. And sitting down like that does not hide that huge cock of yours either.”

She and my wife broke their embrace, and they walked hand in hand over to me. “How about you start right now by showing me how well you eat ass, while I suck on your wife’s huge milky />
I did not even say anything, I just turned her around and pushed her over so that her hands were resting on the coffee table in front of her. Michele stood on the other side of the coffee table, and quickly took off her shirt and bra. While I was pulling up her dress so that I could get at the prize underneath, she stood just out of range of her friends lips, and squeezed her huge tits, making streams of milk shoot all over Carolyns face and dress.

Carolyn laughed and said “You kinky Bitch! That is awesome! I always thought that I was the one who was Wild! You are out of control you sexy bitch, get over hear and let me suck on those titties! And you better get to work eating my ass, or there is going to be hell to pay!”

“Yes maam.” I finished pulling her dress up over her hips, and noticed that she was not wearing any panties”

“I see you are still going commando, just like the old days.”

Carolyn took a short break from sucking my wife’s tits, and squeezing milk all over herself, and said “Not really. I was wearing panties earlier, but your wife was so hot on the ride back from the restaurant, that she started rubbing my pussy, and then asked me to take them off so she could get to my pussy better. She actually kept them, so that she can smell my pussy whenever she wants. She still has not gone down on me like she promised, but she sure licked a lot of my juice off of her fingers on the ride home. She would not even stop when we came up to stoplights. You have really got a little fuck slut on your hands, I hope you are ready”

I answered her by licking all around her asshole and her ass, but not touching her little bud just yet. I was kneading her ass, and licking all the way up the back of her legs with only an occasional brush of her asshole. I knew it would drive her crazy, and it was hard not to just dive right into that beautiful little pink rosebud, but I teased her a little longer.

“Oh, my God! You are every bit as good as Michelle said. Most guys just go right for the asshole with out any warm-up. You have me so hot right now I would let you shove a baseball bat in my ass. Taste how wet you have made my pussy!”

I licked up and down her crack, from her pussy hair to the top of her butt-crack, and even the small of her back. She had a pretty pussy, with that dark hair that was well trimmed, but her most amazing thing was that there was not another single hair on her ass or pussy. She was totally smooth, and I loved to just run my tongue all over her ass, and pussy and her little pink asshole. I finally drove my tongue into her asshole while I rubbed her clit, and rubbed my goatee all over her pussy. I was really surprised at how tight her asshole was, especially after knowing for years now how much she enjoyed anal. I wanted to see how tight it was, so I really lubed up her butt with my spit and her own pussy juices, and began to slide a finger into her ass. Even one finger felt tight as I twisted it around. I looked up at my wife, who was bending over so that Carolyn could really manhandle her tits, and told her, “Carolyn can’t like anal sex as much as you said, because her ass is almost as tight as yours. How does she do that?”

“I do like anal sex as much as you have heard, I just do daily exercises to strengthen my holes, so that I can enjoy it every time almost like it was the first. I can teach Michelle, but if her ass gets any tighter, you wont be able to get your thumb in there, let alone that big cock of yours”

I could see that my wife was enjoying the tit play so much that she was getting a big wet spot on her jeans while she was rubbing her pussy. “ Take off those pants and put that pussy in Carolyn’s face, like I know you want to.”

She wasted no time sliding her pants off. Then she walked up to Carolyn, put one of her legs on the coffee table, grabbed her by the hair, and jammed her pussy into Carolyn’s face. It was the hottest scene I had ever witnessed, with my wife rubbing her soaking wet pussy all over her friend’s face while I had my tongue and fingers in her friends ass and pussy.

I was looking at all of this over the top of her friend’s back, and Michelle was roughly squeezing her own tits, spraying milk all over the place. It was getting on me, Carolyn and her dress, and the floor. Both Carolyn and Michele had violent, loud gushing orgasms at the same time, and they woke up the baby, who was in her car seat that whole time. We all disentangled quickly, and got dressed, just in case the two older kids woke up as well.

I said, “We need to finish this tonight after the kids go to bed. Can you come over for a sleepover after the brewfest? Michelle needs to finally eat your pussy and ass, like you have done for her, and I want to fuck that pussy and ass as well. Maybe I can do that while you eat out my wife, and fuck her with a dildo. And how are you going to explain all the milk stains on your dress”

“I couldn't care less about the stains, and absolutely will come back tonight, you two
are the hottest fucks I have ever had! I will probably be pretty drunk, and I will bring a little weed with me so that we make sure no one is shy or inhibited at all. I want to enjoy every inch of both of you, including that wonderful cock of yours that Michelle sent me pictures of.”

We all kissed and groped for a moment, and Carolyn hurried out the door, and drove away in her rental car. I said to my wife, “I love you, you beautiful, nasty little slut, and I am going to make sure you finally get a taste of some wonderful pussy and ass tonight! And you should probably expect both Carolyn and me to eat your pussy and ass at the same time, and maybe some rough double penetration as well!”

“My asshole and pussy are just quivering thinking about all the things we are going to do tonight, get down on your knees and eat my pussy, while I try to nurse the baby back to sleep.”

I did exactly as I was commanded, and we could not wait for Carolyn to come back that night. We got Michelle’s parents to agree to take the kids to their house overnight. After the kids had gone, we went to local sex shop to buy some dildos, vibrators, and sexy outfits for that night. We did not want to miss any kinky things we could think of, including getting a double ended dildo, and a strap-on.

More to cum, as soon as Carolyn comes over tonight. Michele is helping me write this right now by sucking my cock and licking my ass while I type, so things are just going to get hotter. Stay tuned.

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Author: flugreview

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