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There is nothing like being fucked from behind good, hard, and deep while your tits are mashed up against a freezing cold glass door to start your day off right. It’s the combination of the incredible coldness on my nipples juxtaposed against the heat being generated in my cunt that makes his heavy, deep pounding feel so incredible. It’s the building of sensation upon sensation until that final spasm when I feel his cum shoot deep within me that sends me into a weak-kneed release. This is one of my husband’s favorite things to do to me during the many cold winter days that he is off and can’t work on his construction jobs. He doesn’t really care if the neighbors are watching–or members of his construction crew are driving up, the possibility of a witness just adds spice. He has quite the vivid imagination and leaves me with no doubt as to who is the boss in our relationship. I love being his fuck toy. I love submitting to his every whim. He demands that before he leaves for work that I give him a blow job. So before he gets in the shower I will crawl to him on my knees and offer him my body to use. He usually orders me to lick and suck his huge balls until his fat cock is at full attention; then I deep throat him until he comes. He loves sticking his cock so far down my throat that I don’t even taste his cum, which is disappointing to me because I love the taste of him.

One early morning before he left for work we were having breakfast on the patio watching a cold autumn sunrise when he made me strip for him and bend over and grab my ankles. I felt so exposed but so turned on as he slowly walked circles around me letting his fingers trail along my back and ass. He slapped me across the ass just so I would jump and my tits would jiggle as I moved away from his playful swats. The early morning cold still permeated the air just enough to raise gooseflesh on my skin and make my nipples distended and hard. When he was behind me he stopped and took both of my ass cheeks in his hands and began to squeeze and slap them alternately, then pried them wide apart. I shivered as the cold air touched me in places not used to being exposed and open. He trailed is fat thumb lightly like the tickle of a feather, up and down the crack of my ass. He moved up so close behind me that I could feel his bulging thigh muscles rubbing full length against the backs of my thighs. I could feel his cock hard in his jeans and it made me want him so that I felt my own body responding quickly. My cunt lips opened slightly and wetness dripped from deep inside me.
“I will have a surprise for you today at lunch. When I get here I expect you to be naked and completely clean With that he ground his blue-jeaned crotch into me, smacked me hard across the ass; I stood up and he kissed me good -bye. I didn’t want him to go so I sucked on his tongue hoping to give him ideas. I was smoldering I was so hot. I guess he saw the look in my eyes because before he left out the door, he grabbed me hard by the wrists and pulled me into his arms and warned me I’d better have that same look at lunch. I smiled what I hoped was convincingly and promised I would be a girl. Just for meanness, he shoved a finger deep in my pussy and fingered me until I was about to come, then pulled it out and made me suck it clean. I knew I was in for a long day as I watched him and his crew of men leave down the drive. The suspense of his surprise was almost drowning out the hunger and want I felt between my legs. I was so wet still from just his teasing that moisture was seeping out between my pussy lips and dripping down my inner thighs.
Calvin Klein doesn’t know anything about eternity! That was the slowest passing morning of my life. I had to work extremely hard to keep my mind off my nether regions and how they screamed to be fucked. So I donned a pair of my favorite barn jeans and a white tank top, tied my waist length hair up in a pony tail and headed out to the grocery store to prepare for a special lunch. I wanted to fix one of his favorites, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I endured the leering glances of the stock boys and their appreciative whistles as I gathered the fixings for our meal. At five feet seven inches and a hard tomboyish figure, I’ve almost gotten used to men staring at me. It’s always sort of unnerved me that men do think I’m beautiful. I’ve worked and trained horses all of my life so I do stay ripped with muscle. I have 38C breasts and a 20 inch waist. My hair is a deep brunette with hints of auburn. In the summer when I’m outdoors nearly 11 hours a day it fades completely to a glowing auburn that accents the deep tan and dark blue of my eyes. I filled my cart and paid and turned down the boys' offers to load my groceries for me into my truck.
My mind kept slipping back to his and I couldn’t help but wonder what he had in mind. When I got home, I put the groceries away and then went out and mowed the lawn and weed-eated around the walks so that my husband wouldn’t have to do this this weekend and we could spend more time alone with each other! I almost let the time get away from me. I rushed into our bath and drew me a nice hot tub of water. I washed and conditioned my hair and paid special attention to shaving my legs. I usually keep my pubic hair trimmed short but I had never shaved my mons completely. I lathered up good and began the process and almost came from the sensations. My nipples were harder than they had ever been and my pussy was screaming to be filled by the time I finished. It was so sensitive from being fully bare and exposed that I almost came just from drying off with the thick terry cloth towel. Nevertheless, I had promised I would be good so I left the bath and went in to fix our lunch. I had just put the cheese sauce on the broccoli and pulled the rolls from the oven when I heard his truck turn in our drive. My heart skipped several beats as I began to tremble with anticipation. I heard him tell the guys that he would see them back at the jobsite after lunch. Butterflies lurched in my stomach as I heard the back door swing open and he stepped in. I ran to meet him. In my rush I had forgotten to take the full apron I was wearing off so that the hot grease wouldn’t splatter onto my naked tits and belly. The bib portion of the apron wasn’t quit wide enough to cover both of my tits and served only to accent the deep strawberry pink of my nipples instead.
“Nice outfit,” he commented and I could see the humor in his eyes. “Looks like someone is ready for her surprise. Lunch ready yet?”
“Yes, it’s ready. I could hardly concentrate this morning wondering about it,” I replied.
find out trailed off as I reached for his zipper and undid his jeans. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him savoring every inch of him. Slowly I eased his pants and underwear down. His cock was already half hard as it flopped out of his shorts. I held his gaze as I moved closer to him. I absolutely love this moment of anticipation before I take his cock in my mouth. The look on his face, the smell of his musk, the feel of that velvet skin as I taste him. He reached for my head and grabbed me by my hair. I took about half his dick in my wet mouth and sucked hard, moving my head gently back and forth and running my tongue up and down his fat shaft. I pulled out to just the tip and teased him with my tongue. He moaned and sagged a little as I flicked and sucked the large mushroom shaped head. He eased his cock from my mouth and laid it across my face and ordered me to suck his balls which I did with enthusiasm. I wish I could get both of them in my mouth at one time but he is too big. Can’t blame a girl for trying though! He let me go on licking and sucking his nut sack for what seemed like about ten minutes until he stopped me and pulled me to my feet. With an effort he pulled his jeans up and fastened them. I knew he was enjoying prolonging the inevitable. The anticipation got me even hotter.
eat; I’m starved.” I fixed his plate and was bringing it to him when he grinned evilly and announced that it was time for my surprise. He went to his truck and came back with a small package.
“Lay down on the table.” I complied only too readily. He jerked me by my legs to the edge of the table and used his big body to wedge himself between my thighs. He lay there on me for a few minutes tracing circles around the outer edges of my breasts with his fingers cold from the outdoors. He spread my legs wide and blew cool air on my clean shaven cunt while I gasped and shivered from this new exposed feeling. My pussy felt so oversensitive that even the air on my clit made wave after wave of pleasure ripple through me. He took his right hand and gently pulled my cunt lips apart and flicked my clit with his tongue. He tongued my clit several times before jamming his long tongue into my fuck tunnel; he pulled it out and then grabbed my outer pussy lips in his teeth and gently bit and nibbled around them before jamming his tongue back in my slit deep and hard. Try as I might I couldn’t suppress the moans that escaped me. I wiggled in delight wanting more, wanting release from the agony he had kept me in all morning long. He laughed and called me his whore.
“I oughta pimp you out and just retire as much as you love to fuck.” In my current state of want that was sounding pretty good to me; anything, just please get me off!!!
He looked down at me as I lay there looking up into his incredibly big blue eyes and his face covered in my wetness. He stared at me hard, then spoke quietly.
“Who do you belong to?, he asked.
I replied.
“Whose tits are these?”
“Yours, baby."
“Whose cunt is this?” all yours."
right. That’s a good girl. You are mine. This beautiful mouth, these tits , and this pussy–it’s mine, all of it. But there’s more for you to give me. I want this ass too. It’s mine to fuck. I’ve been patient since we got married for it but now it’s time. I’m, going to fuck your little ass tonight when I get home. Your going to beg me for it. You need to know that it belongs to me too. It’s there for my cock, for my pleasure. And that brings us to your little surprise.” He paused for the first time and again just looked at me, giving me time for the import of his words to sink into my brain.

I think I was in shock. I was scared. Anything but THAT! His cock was huge. I knew it wouldn’t fit. It was 8 inches in length and as big as a beer can around. It was all I could do to fit all of him in my mouth! I had really sort of tuned him out at this point so I didn’t notice that he opened the box and was eyeing one of three different sizes of butt plugs and a leather harness of sorts. His demeanor changed. He pushed my cunt and ass higher in the air, spread my cheeks and began kissing and tonguing my ass. “Oh my gosh!” I screamed inside my mind, “He’s really going to do this.” I was stiff with fear. He reached over to where his glass of tea was and took out an ice cube. The touch of the ice on my anus was shocking. He traced around the edges and then gradually, gently began to ease the ice cube into my tight virgin asshole. The coldness of it chilled me to the bone but somehow stimulated such a heat in my pussy that I was in a state of turmoil. I couldn’t believe he would ask this of me.
“Relax, baby. You’ll learn to love this.” He kept on easing it in and out until it melted and I could feel the cool water running down my crack. He repeated this process, fucking me with several more cold hard cubes of ice. I was so confused. He moved forward and jammed his tongue in my pussy, flicking my clit just enough to make me moan again. “Yes, yes, yes," I responded. He grabbed a tube of lubricant and started rubbing all around my anal opening lightly. He lubed up his fingers and rubbed them together right in front of my frightened face. “Kiss them,” he ordered. The taste was different but I didn’t dare disobey him. He turned his attention back to my ass and began to insert a finger in my virgin hole. I could feel my butt hole puckering around his finger trying to reject it. Nevertheless, his fat finger pushed on through my tightness, opening me. He pushed it slowly in giving my ass time to adjust. His finger was in up to the second knuckle. I gasped at the sensation. He grinned as he reached over with his other hand and began to spank my pussy with little stinging slaps. With each slap, he pushed deeper into my ass, then he began to fuck me with his big finger, first one then two, then three. I was on the verge of an orgasm when he suddenly stopped and shoved the 2 inch butt plug up my ass. It was deep in me before the sensational combination of painful pleasure reached my mind.
“Now, get me a beer.”

Getting off that table with this huge rod in my ass proved to be no easy feat but I managed and waddled off to the kitchen red faced trying to sort out the confusing signals my body was sending my brain. I brought him a bowl of clean water and towels to wash his hands and an icy cold beer which he stuck to my tits and then rubbed the cold can up and down my slit. It too was freezing. He grabbed me and pulled me down across his lap so that my ass was pointing skyward. I felt just like a school girl poised for an over the knee whipping. He tested the dildo in my ass by pulling it in and out. go bigger,” he said as he removed it. “Oh, God, please no.” I objected. My beleagured asshole was just now starting to adjust to this one. I knew this would piss him off but I couldn’t help myself.
“Did you just say ‘No’ to me?” He leaned over my butt and squeezed me. He had never spanked me but instinctively, I knew what was coming. I tensed for the first blow. However, I was wrong–no strong rough palm fell across my came for seconds…. but then I felt the sensation of something large putting pressure on the bud of my ass. It met with a tight resistance but he just increased the pressure. better relax a little or this is really going to hurt,” he purred. He had never really hurt me in all of our lovemaking so I felt sure he wouldn’t do so now. He continued to talk to me and then started twisting the dildo around as he applied pressure on my asshole. Suddenly it ground into me about an inch. I gasped at the feeling of hugeness. It hurt and I whimpered for him to please stop; that I would do anything if he would just stop. He stopped pushing and reached under me to grab my clit which he began to roll gently between his forefinger and thumb. I spread my legs to give him better access. it; feels good, huh.” He added more lubricant to the dildo and went back to working it very slowly all the way into my ass. I had never felt so stretched and full in my life. Gradually as he fucked the dildo deeper into my body the pain began to lessen to a feeling that was tolerable, and then one that was more than just tolerable. He kept talking to me and telling me how much he loved my tits and seeing my tight pussy wrapped around his prick, and how much he loved seeing his cum dripping off my face. This was supposed to be so wrong, but it was really starting to turn me on. My rectum was quivering with little waves trying to remove this foreign object, sending waves of mixed thoughts and feelings. I willed my self to get control, to stop fighting , and after what must have 10 or so minutes, I began to accept what he was doing to me. He saw this and smiled. I was more relaxed now and meeting his thrusts with the dildo with an upward movement of my hips. I wanted it–all of it. He shoved it deep in my rectum and I just closed my eyes and pushed up to meet it. started to purr; I lay relaxed across his lap and was not ready for the first of the many stinging blows from his belt. He spanked me hard.
My ass cheeks were red and smarting before he stopped after about fifty licks. I could feel the raised ridges from the welts he was leaving on my butt cheeks. Tears were stinging in my eyes but I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of me crying.
“Will you ever tell me no again?” “ NO, ” I whimpered as I started to get up from his lap. “Stay there.” He finished his beer and played with my pussy and ass. He amused himself by letting the cold condensation from the beer can drip onto the ring of my ass surrounding the 3 inch ass plug. “I love the way your ass looks this way. “ He sat his beer down and leaned down over me and traced the outline of my stretched ass around the butt plug. His tongue cooled from the beer made me squirm and moan. He was silent for a few moments more then told me to go warm up his lunch. When I returned with his hot food, he ordered me to lay back across his lap; he set the warmed plate on my ass and proceeded to polish off nearly all the chicken and vegetables. “ Now, for dessert,” he gleamed as he dropped his pants and got out his cock. “Suck me.” He laid back in his chair as I ministered to his cock, still wondering how I was going to get it all in my tight little ass but not really caring for the moment as I took his dick and covered it with little sucking kisses; I moved up and down both legs and all round his stomach and the base of his sex. “Stop teasing me and suck it,” he ordered. “Yes, “I replied as I took his balls in my mouth and began to suck them alternately one by one. right, load my cum baby.” I licked up each side of his dick treating it like it was the greatest candy cane in the world, which to me it was. His dick began to grow and twitch in my mouth. I reached over and stole a piece of ice from his tea glass and ran it over the full length of his dick with my mouth. After all of the teasing he’d had it was all he could stand. He grabbed my hair and roughly shoved his cock all the way down my throat. I ‘d had time to grab about half a breath of air. I knew it would be the last I got until he came. He was ramming his cock against the back of my throat in huge sweeps. Holding my chin and the top of my head, he would pull it nearly completely out before ramming it back down my throat. I felt my throat open and it slip deep into my esophagus. My eyes watered as I set there on my knees meeting his thrusts with an open mouth and aching cunt and asshole. I was so close to coming. I wished for three cocks–one for each hole– to be duplicating this assault. I heard him growl and knew he couldn’t hold out from the warmth of my mouth much longer. I began to groan and hum on his cock knowing that the vibrations in my throat would be just enough to send him over the edge. He pushed deeper into my airway. I could feel each spasm as he shot his spunk down deep, nearly into my belly. I was feeling very light headed from lack of oxygen but I still wanted that cock down my throat. If I could have worked his balls in my mouth with his dick, I would have swallowed all of him I wanted him so badly. He sagged against the chair and clutched my face close to his groin. I continued to lick and suck his cock clean wanting to coax a little taste of his sperm out since most of it was shot half way down to my stomach. He began to rub my head softly as he lay there another ten minutes and just relaxed. I kept his dick in my mouth because I loved it there and he knew it. I was his cock sucking cum dump. That fact thrilled my soul to be his. After a little longer he got up and straightened his clothes and retrieved the leather harness. It had a slightly larger plug anchored in it. “Take that plug out and come here.” I complied and walked over to him. He helped me step into one leg opening then eased it up my thighs to my crotch. He lubed the new plug and pushed it into my ass, then finished buckling the contraption around front very snuggly so that my pussy lips were cut into by the leather . “Nice, he grinned. Can’t wait to get you out of that tonight but til then, you will wear this the rest of the afternoon. Wish I could stay to see you ride the horses with this on; should be a real show to watch.” he smirked.
“You mean I am going to have to wear this the rest of the day?” I was amazed. I had to take the horses to the vet and then return to ride. His wicked gleam answered my question so I just said “Ok” He kissed me bye and left.

I did manage to get my chores done, the stalls clean, the horses worked and supper fixed with my constant reminder of what was to come, no pun intended! All day my ass tightened and spasmed trying to remove the foreign object. What a weird sensation but I soon found myself grinding against it as I rode my stallion around the arena in anticipation of what he had in store for me. Each step the powerful stud took rocked me on my impaling rod, both teasing me and reminding me of my husband’s demand. Meanwhile, my poor neglected pussy clinched on nothing but air in such a maddened frenzy of need, I soaked the whole front of my jeans and my leather saddle seat with my juices.
When he arrived home, he was filthy from welding oily pipe all day. I met him in the den with an icy cold beer in a chilled mug and me in my harness and nothing else. “Go run me a tub of hot water.” I did just that and lit some candles and helped him undress. He stepped in the tub and I lathered his tall, heavy muscled body up with a wonderful eucalyptus and tea tree oil soap. He loved the way it invigorated his tired muscles as I massaged his shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet. “I’ve got to go check on supper, “ I said. “Wait, come her and let me take that off.” He removed the leather harness and then pulled me into the tub and his powerful open arms and kissed me. It was a soft mellow kiss that was just wonderful. The kind of kiss that touches deep in your soul. His tongue roved my mouth but it was gentle and searching not demanding. I was beginning to think that he was so tired out by his day that his plans had been put on hold for a night or have to see what I can do about that later, I thought impishly to myself as we broke apart. I dressed and went to set the table.
I served him a ribeye, grilled to perfect rareness, sautéed squash, onions, and bell peppers marinated in herbs and olive oil, then cooked over the mesquite fire I’d grilled the meat with, and corn on the cob. I had made cheese cake for dessert just to top it all off and had a huge pitcher of fresh iced tea to wash it all down with. We ate out on the patio by the pool and just enjoyed the sunset. We set across from each other and talked until the mosquitoes got too bad and ran us in doors. As we moved into the house he pinched me on the butt and I knew he wasn’t too tired for a little fun anyway. When we reached the living room he reached and grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. He took both of my breasts in his hands and kneaded them through my shirt. “Take that off.” I slipped my shirt over my head and undid my bra letting my 38c breasts loose under his touch and gaze. The air was cool enough to immediately make my nipples erect, even if his direct stare at them hadn’t. He cupped my tits and gently squeezed them; he pinched my nipples and pulled my breasts up and off of my chest just enough to make me wince and lift to my toes to ease the pressure. “I need to get your nipples pierced,” he commented to himself. My heart quickened contemplating if I would be able to take the pain of it. He began to suckle my nipples softly kissing all around each aureola only to suck each whole breast into his mouth in hard greedy slurps. He reached between my legs and found me dripping wet and laughed. “Been in that shape all day, huh.” He found this much more amusing than I did as I moved closer to him and rubbed up against his fully clothed body. “You left me this way,” I reminded him resentfully.
“You know what I want; you know you want it; ask me for it.” His face left me no doubt about what was in store for me. He reached around behind me and began to rub his finger over the bud of my asshole, fingering it lightly and sending chills up and down my spine as he kissed me. His tongue deep in my mouth and throat. His body engulfed mine overpowering me with his 6’4”, 270 pound frame. “Say it.”
While waiting for me to respond, he spun me around facing away from him and reached around and undid my slacks. He pulled them down and off and then my thong panties, leaving me naked standing in front of our huge windows overlooking the pool. “Say it, he again prompted.
“I want you to fuck me.”
It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.
I hesitated hating myself for submitting but wanting to all the same.
“I want you to fuck I trailed off still not quite able to say it.
He pulled me closer and slipped his fingers in my wet cunt reaching around with his other hand and massaging my anal opening. “Say it. I won’t ask again.” He said sternly as he turned and looked at his belt. My ass cheeks were still sore from his whipping at lunch so I knew I couldn’t stand that again.
“I want you to fuck my ass.”
/> “I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel your cock inside me.”
His smile was radiant. “Happy to comply,” he said. “By the way, it’s my ass –I own it. You are mine; all of you.” He continued to pump my cunt with his huge hand and fingered my ass before he ordered me to the bedroom.
I sat nervously on the edge of the bed as I undid his pants and helped him off with his socks and shoes. “I got you these today; come her so that I can put them on.” He undid a package of nipple clips with small weights on the end. I had no idea where he got them. He grabbed my left nipple and placed the clamp on it. The weight and grip of the pinchers on my nipple made me suck in my breath in both pain and pleasure. He applied the other clamp and stepped back to see my reaction. I looked down to see both of my nipples clamped and sagging slightly with unfamiliar weights. My gaze returned to search his face and I saw his obvious delight in the picture I was presenting him.
“I got us some more toys today; I think you’re going to enjoy them.”
“I’m not over these first ones yet!” He just smiled all the wider and slipped from his boxers.
We’d been married for a little over a year but I still thrilled at the sight of him naked. His thick neck and deep chest ; his wide shoulders that were so thick from carrying heavy joints of pipe each day. His narrow waist and tight little ass. His huge powerful thighs and calves; and best of all his beautiful sex. I wondered if when he was 80, I ‘d still feel that tingle every time I saw him! He caught me looking at his package and I blushed. be shy; I know I married a cock whore. Come here and get some.” He didn’t have to ask me twice. I crawled across the bed and immediately began sucking his dick, relishing in his smell and taste. “Lick my balls.” I did while he jacked his cock and and rubbed it all in my clean hair. “Lay down and put these pillows under your hips,” he commanded after I had him good and hard. He dove into my pussy sucking my whole clit into his mouth and humming on it. My first orgasm was quick and explosive. It took all his might to hold me down on the bed as he continued to lick and suck me. It wasn’t near enough and he knew it. He got up and went and got one of the new toys, and 2” wide 8” long vibrating dildo. He lubed it up and then made me kiss and suck it before starting it up in me. First he slid it in and out of my pussy until I was begging for him to let me come. He pulled it out of my wet sloppy cunt and shoved it hard in my ass, enjoying the wince of pain on my face. He turned on the vibrator immediately and began to move it in and out. it; let’s get you opened up just a As the pain turned to pleasure and I began to relax and ride with his movements, he removed it. He got up on his knees and straddled my chest , his big cock resting on my chin. “Get me ready,” he demanded. I went to work taking all of his big dick in my mouth so deep that his pubic hair tickled my nose, and sucking and tonguing all I could get of him. Before he got too hard and I could still slip my tongue out of my mouth, I was sucking his cock and licking his balls at the same time, a trick he just loved. He pulled his dick out of my mouth with a plop and ordered me to lick and tongue his ass. I slid down in the bed just enough to get to this new territory and began using my tongue to gently fuck in and out of his ass. I sucked him and then fucked his hole some more then slid up and tongued his balls before working my tongue back to his ass again once more. He loved being tongue fucked; I loved the effect it had on him. His cock kept growing to proportions it had never been to before. It was huge and distended way down his thigh. It must have been as thick as a ball bat or more because I could barely get both of my hands around it. I shoved my tongue as deep in his ass as I could get it once more before slipping up and deep-throating him with a good hum. He jerked his cock out of my mouth and slapped me roughly across the tits. “You don’t get off that easily, my little dear.” He rested for a moment and let his near orgasm pass as I grinned at him and flexed my legs and back.
“Get the lube. Crawl over here and kneel. Now grease up my cock.” I squeezed a generous amount out in my hand and gently began to apply it to his dick. I rubbed it all the way up and down from the tip to the thick shaft and base. I applied it thickly and kept looking at his huge member mesmerized by the size of it and with the knowledge of where he was going to put it next. “Get on the bed on your back. I want to see the look on your face as I take you. Use the pillows to prop up your ass.”
I lay there trembling as he rubbed his cock back to full erection. He climbed up on the bed and took hold of my thighs. He slipped his last toys out of the sack: two silk ropes with loops on either end. He slipped these around my ankles and tied my legs wide as he could get them to the tops of the bed posts at the head of the bed, effectively pulling my ass in the air and immobilizing me enough for him to do with me as he pleased. Jacking his dick, he paused to admire the view of my cunt open to his gaze and my ass greased and quivering. “MMMMMMM, yeah. Baby that’s nice.” He said as he crawled toward me. My heart was hammering in my chest and I was breathing in short rapid gulps as he began fingering my asshole with his greasy fingers. He slippped them in me, “One ….., two……, three……, good, good” He withdrew them and moved up between my spread-eagled legs, cock in hand. He took the massive head of it and begin rubbing it back and forth across my anal opening. At first he applied no pressure but gradually he started pushing more and more against me. “Damn, you’re so small,” he grunted as he pushed harder and harder. With a surge of power the head of his cock pushed in. I screamed from the pain at first; then began whimpering as the pain eased slightly as he sighed . “Oh yeah, wiggle like that baby. good!” He rested there a few more minutes enjoying the look of shock on my face as he played with my pussy and clit and I wiggled and writhed on the bed trying to get away form the impaling shaft. I had never felt so invaded and helpless or completely possessed in my life. He reached behind him and took a dildo and encased it deep in my cunt. The new sensations from two dicks had reduced me to quick gasps of breath. “Now, my turn.” he said as he started back working his huge fat dick up my ass. Slowly he began his assault on my anal opening. Each time he would thrust a little deeper and then withdraw to the head, eager to shove back through the tight ring of my sphincter muscle, loving how it sucked his cock just like a hungry little mouth. I couldn’t believe my ass could stretch that far to accept him. It hurt like hell but he just kept on fucking me, using my ass as his pussy, in and out , in and out, deep hard, long, slow, exquisitely painful thrusts. After about fifteen minutes of slow easy fucking he pulled completely out and re-greased his dick. My ass hole gaped wide and open. I was so exhausted from what little fighting the tight ropes allowed me I just laid there staring up at him. He moved back into place between my legs and ordered me to beg him for his dick.
“Please fuck my ass with your cock.”
“Louder; and whose ass is it What are you?”
“Good girl. He said as he shoved his dick into my ass all the way to the base. He kept on just grinding into my ass with all his dick encased by my bowels before finally pulling back to start his final fucking assault. The rhythm was slow and steady and I could tell by his closed eyes that he was enjoying this immensely. The pain in my ass was giving him immeasurable pleasure. I had never felt so used or rode so hard. He dick filled me completely. It ripped and tore through my bowels and left me no doubt what I was and how he intended to use me. He opened his eyes and locked me in his intense stare and started pounding into me hard and fast; so hard, that his body slapped mine and spanked my sore ass with his groin. His balls swung like pendulums spanking and teasing my backside. He stopped long enough to untie me and order me on all fours.
“I want to fuck you like a bitch in heat.” I moved up on my hands and knees and arched my back and offered him my gaping ass. He growled as he shoved his dick back into my anus, slamming himself deep within me. Bam, bam, bam his body slammed into mine, his big sweaty balls spanking and sticking to my pussy lips, teasing me. He started chanting over and over as he grabbed and squeezed my tits and pulled at the nipple clamps, “fuck my cum dump, fuck my whore. I’m going to peddle your ass all over to anyone with a five dollar bill and watch as they fuck you. Deeper and deeper his dick tunneled into me. I tried to match his rythmn but his was too powerful for me and finally I just relaxed into him and let him own me, let him fuck me completely. I was just his hole, his release to slam his dick into and I loved it. I knew by the way he was tensing and increasing his pace that he was about to cum. With one last deep thrust I could feel every spasm and quiver in his dick as he emptied his balls deep in my bowels. His cum was hot and sticky and felt wonderful in my ass. I made up my mind then and there that I wanted his fat prick up my ass as often as I could get it. He collapsed on me and I fell to the mattress with him still in my backside. We lay there for a good 30 minutes before he spoke, his dick still semi-hard in my ass and him starting to pump me in and out again. “I meant what I said about pimping you out. Your ass is too good. You can make me lots of money as my whore.” He fucked harder now. I arched up to meet his thrusts and reached around to kiss him and suck his tongue. I wanted him to know that pimping me out was fine by me.
a black guy at work that wants you. How’d you like to suck a black dick?”

I’d like it very much; but that’s a whole other ;Oç

story by: lemonjuice

Tags: fiction consensual sex anal domination/submission sex story

Author: lemonjuice

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