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It all began with the usual inter-office flirtation. And it grew, as attraction is prone to do.
When something, or someone is taboo, it is a slow delicious ache, needing fulfillment.

We had an on the job training session of seventeen weeks. By the 10th week, the innocent flirtations had become increasingly bolder, with slow insidious rubbing, light smacking of each others' ass, and furtive gropings whenever we felt "safe" from prying eyes.

Luck allowed us a training class outside our home state, requiring travel and hotel rooms. Having built up to the moment, we got adjoining rooms. I don't believe we really fooled half the training class, but we did maintain the pretense.

The first night we arrived, we were prepared. Bottles of liquor were purchased, and we spent the evening drinking and conversating with two others in our class. All so very casual, in room. Well, after a fifth of Goldshlagger, everyone had an incredible buzz, and no one was feeling any pain. 'Bob" and our two co-workers, not prone to drinking, were done first. "Tony" and I were just beginning. We adjourned to our rooms, and after opening the connecting door, preprared another drink to give way to the illusion of drinking. It wasn't long before I made the first move and locked lips with "Tony", sliding my tongue over his full, luscious lips, before diving deep inside and tasting the hint of cinnamon from our combined drinks of earlier. His hands were firm as they slid over my ass, and stroked me to a pool of need.

I don't remember who began, but it wasn't long before we got over our initial nerves, and were stripped naked in each others arms. I do remember the size of his cock, I remember dropping to my knees and running my tongue all over the underside of his incredibly large, glistening black cock. It grew thick and hard in my mouth, and soon, I was unable to take the whole of it down my throat, although, I fought long and hard to do so. "Tony" pulled me off him and pushed me on my back, where my legs spread of their own accord. His wickedly long tongue dived into my smoothly shaved cunt, lapping hungrily at the wetness he found there. I came quickly, bathing his face with my juices. He teased me constantly, humming deliciously against my clit, pushing one thick finger, then two into my tight cunt. The contrast between his gleaming dark skin and my own pale skin was beautiful, and incredibly erotic. I climaxed again, gripping his fingers almost painfully with my cunt.

I humilated myself thouroughly, by begging him to fuck me, hard, long and deep. After laughing at me, he brought his monster cock to my cunt and tried to work it inside me. Now, remember I am rather tight, and not used to taking in such a large cock. The pain of it was intoxicating. He pulled my cunt lips apart roughly, and used my own wetness to lubricate his cock. Not at all gentle he forced the thick head in, and paused, causing me to moan desperately. I felt pinned to the bed, and as I writhed in a combination of pain and ectasy, he pushed forcefully inside me, stretching me unbearably, filling my cunt completely. I was gasping, making low moans deep in my throat as together we worked to get him fully inside me. I felt every inch as he slowly worked his ten thick inches inside my thoroughly wet cunt, pulling slowly out, then pushing fully inside me again, until his heavy balls slapped my cunt.

I met him thrust for thrust, wrapping my legs around his hips as he began a slow, deep pounding, the one he had been teasing me with for all those weeks of training. The sweat poured off him and me as we heaved together and grunted like the animals we felt like. The hotel bed rocked and banged against the wall as I climaxed repeatedly around his thick cock, trembling uncontrollably as climax after climax took me. I remember babbling incoherently. His hands wrapped around my throat, which I had requested, and as I took the the now much faster thrusts into my body, he squeezed tighter and tighter, allowing only a minimum of air to reach my lungs. My final climax caused me to clench my cunt tightly around his expanding cock, and with a rough yell of his own, he came inside me. "Tony" is so fucking blessed with a large cock, that I felt every vein, every rough surface of his cock as he slid (by now) fluidly in and out of me. When he shot his cum inside me, I felt every jet of it, as it splattered my insides hotly. By the time we collapsed in a wet, sweating heap on the now drenched bed, it was almost time to begin our training session for the next day.

We have since completed our training and are located in different facilities but have managed to get together several times with no one being the wiser. Some things are too good to let go, and he is one of them. A wonderful spice, adding a healthy does of excitement and risk to our rather monotenous marriges respectively.

We are currently planning our next get together where I am anxious to see if I can take his cock up my ass. Pain is a delicious addition to pleasure if applied correctly and I am anxious to feel him force his beautiful cock in my

story by: Sugarkcayne

Tags: job/place-of-work cheating true story black sex story

Author: Sugarkcayne

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