House guest (part 1)

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Joe took a week off of work to visit with Linda at her home. They had been dating for three months and it was good to spend some time together. Linda and Joe became pretty hot after their second date and he liked keeping it that way.

She shared this house with Melissa, which was paid for by Linda’s father. With all the advantages Linda had growing up she seemed to lack that spoiled rich bitch personality that Joe hated. She was tough at her company but treated people fairly. As head of her department, employees liked her and yet behaved very carefully around her. She hated it when people would try to kiss her ass.

Melissa had been away visiting her mother leaving the two of them alone in the house. With Melissa gone they were free to do as they pleased. They fucked anywhere and walked around naked most of the time. They had just finished dinner and Joe’s pants had been missing since lunch.

After listening to music they went to the pool for skinny dipping. The pool area was surrounded by tall bushes with lighting for late night fun and the closest house was a 100 yards away. While they relaxed in the water, Melissa came back from her trip and was sitting in the kitchen.

Linda heard her come in and called her out to the pool. With Joe in the buff, he wasn’t sure what to do or expect. As Melissa appeared, Linda climbed out of the pool to welcome her back. She dried her face and shoulders off and gave Melissa a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Melissa was not surprised by the skinny dipping as she said “Hey Joe.” He returned “Hello Melissa.” He always liked Melissa and thought she was very pretty. Melissa sat at the patio table to show Linda this framed painting that her mom gave her. Linda said “We could hang this in the living room if you want.”

Joe hung on the edge of the pool to hide his lower half. Linda noticed this and said, “Come take a look Joe. Besides, Melissa has never seen you naked.” Joe felt uneasy hearing this and remained silent. Looking at Joe’s motionless body, Linda said, “Oh come on, I’m naked too.” Melissa interrupted with, “Linda, stop it.”

Then Melissa said, “Joe, I don’t care. Do whatever you want. Maybe I’ll take it all off and go swimming also.” Now this really interested Joe. Between the two women he couldn’t decide who he was more attracted to. Melissa was a shoulder length brunette with wavy hair compared to Linda’s slightly longer straight auburn hair.

Then Melissa showed Linda the latest photo of her whole family together. After show and tell, Melissa wanted some snacks from the kitchen and she asked if they wanted anything. While she was gone Joe thought about how free Linda was about their nudity. He wasn’t upset since he liked showing what he had. It just felt out of place sometimes.

Melissa came back with some crackers and a pitcher of iced tea. The two women sat and had a glass while Joe considered coming out. Joe wanted some too so he moved to the stairs and hesitated. Then he climbed the stairs not looking at either of them. Then he moved toward the table and finally looked up viewing both of them. While turning her head slightly, Melissa did not stare. She just casually acknowledged he was there with a calm and pleasant smile. When he sat down, the table at his waist gave him some feeling of control and protection.

After drinking he decided to go back in the pool. As he walked to the diving board Melissa stated “Wow Joe, you have a nice ass.” Joe was surprised to hear this and his own reaction felt mixed. He liked what she said but was more surprised than anything. He dove in to the water and swam to the edge. Linda stood up with her bare tits and trimmed pussy saying, watch that video I rented.”

They all went inside and put on clothes. After the movie Melissa offered to play cards but since Linda had to work in the morning, they all went to bed. As Joe lay in bed he recalled the moment he stood naked in front of Melissa. The feeling was self-conscious and yet exciting. Showing his cock gave him an exciting sense of adventure. More importantly the view didn’t upset Melissa. Linda rolled over, rubbed his shoulder and kissed him good night.

In the morning Joe woke with a hard on while feeling Linda massaging his balls. She rubbed and fondled him, as he got harder. Then she gently put her lips around his cock and rubbed her tongue on his head. As he got harder she sucked harder. She fondled his balls as his cock started to throb.

She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft of his dick. She took one of his balls into her mouth as she gently sucked and bounced it on her tongue. While sucking his balls, she stroked his cock. Her mouth returned to the head of his penis.

Linda’s head bobbed up and down while his johnson was ready to explode. He squeezed the sheets as he started to cum. She sucked as he came in her mouth. The cum spilled out of her mouth as she stroked with her hand.

After washing in the bathroom she put on the final touches for her first day back to work. Joe laid quietly thinking about the friendship between Linda and Melissa. He wanted some kind of feedback from Linda about last night. So he asked, “Linda, what do you think about last night around the pool?”

Linda had her back turned while looking in the mirror. Still looking in the mirror she hesitated with “Ah, – – – well I” Then she said, “Hey you like her, don’t you? Then she turned and said you already know that I’m not a jealous person. You know I’m not possessive, right Joe? Anyway, Melissa and I are best friends and we share He and Linda have had the understanding of an open relationship since their first kiss three months ago. Even with this understanding, the two have not been with anyone else since.

She continued with, “Well you know she has a boyfriend right, so I don’t know what to say about that, except that I don’t think she is really devoted to him.” Then she kissed him goodbye.

As she left for work he went back to sleep so he could dream of Melissa. All Joe could think about was how incredible it would be to taste Melissa’s pussy. Her face was so beautiful with her eyes and the way her lips were shaped. As he napped, he thought of putting his dick in her soft mouth.

There was nothing for Joe to do this day so there was no rush to get out of bed. Joe laid there and thought of standing in front of Melissa naked. While he shaved and brushed his teeth, he continued to think of his cock dangling in front of her. Instead of a shower he decided to take a swim. He was still naked and since he was alone in the house, all he took with him was a towel. Well, maybe Melissa would come home early.

He got to the pool area and threw his towel on a chair. At 10:30 the sun was warm and he could see no one. Joe stepped on to the diving board and dove naked, head first in to the water. He treaded water for a minute and then laid on his back propelling himself the length of the pool.

When he got to the shallow end he moved over to the stairs and climbed out. He laid face down on his blanket on the bench to soak up some sun. After a minute he swung his head around toward the house after hearing the sliding glass door open. He saw Melissa coming out of the house with a tray full of lunch stuff.

It was now clear that she had the day off. She was wearing a light blue bikini bottom with a T-shirt. As good as she looked, Joe thought of other things.

There was a mild panic in Joe’s head. Before, when he laid in bed, he welcomed this scenario, but now thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea coming down here naked like this. With Linda there it was kept in control and everyone was cool. Now he was defenseless and subject to whatever her reaction was. He couldn’t do anything now, so he just waited.

As Melissa got closer, it was clear that her reaction was the same as last night. She smiled at him and said “Good morning Joe.” He returned the greeting.

Now Joe felt better as she placed the food on the table. He felt relaxed but wasn’t sure about standing up right at that moment. “Banana bread and coffee, do you like?” she said. Joe hadn’t eaten yet so he replied On his stomach he benefited from the security of his dick against the blanket. If Joe wanted breakfast, he needed to walk over to the table revealing himself again to Melissa.

He enjoyed this experience and yet he felt mentally stuck when it was time to go to the table. He pushed the apprehension aside and moved casually toward his breakfast. As he approached, Melissa paid no attention to his visible penis.

Joe sat down and began his brunch. While eating they talked about her work and how nice it was for both of them to have the day off.

After eating, Melissa said she wanted to go in the pool. As she stood up, she took off her T-shirt, showing that there was no bikini top underneath. This was such a treat for Joe. What he saw were such nice round tits with dime size nipples. Then he knew, this was getting really good.

She walked out on to the diving board and stood at the edge. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the shape of her body. She wore these sporty bikini bottoms that showed a great ass, flat belly and a seductively shaped crotch.

Joe decided to get control of his reaction as he turned his head and started to walk toward the diving board. He can’t be too obvious he thought. As she dove in the water, he stepped on the board and walked to the end. Then her head popped out of the water and she turned and looked at Joe. He stood there ready to dive in. He stood there naked with his cock above her head. Melissa looked up at him, all of him.

Then he dove in the water and swam over to her. They swam around and treaded water for a few moments. The water felt good as the day got warmer. She swam to the edge of the pool and jumped out. She grabbed her towel and sat at the bench that he had laid on earlier. She dried her face and combed her hair while he swam to the stairs. As Joe got out of the pool, she spread her towel on the bench and sat down.

Melissa had a deck of cards in her hands as she said, “You two didn’t want to play cards last night, what about now?” Joe replied />
She sat on the blanket straddling the bench and Joe did the same. “Would Gin Rummy be a good game?” she asked. Joe said, fine. We can’t play strip poker, I’m already at a She dealt the cards as she grinned at this humor.

It is a good thing that he fucked Linda as much as he did these past few days so that he was soft now. Linda also gave him a really good blow job this morning. Even with her bikini, Joe knew that the sight of seeing Melissa’s crotch spread on the blanket like that would cause an embarrassing erection. The cool water of the pool also helped.

While playing, her bikini bottom showed a wonderful shape of her crotch with her legs spread like that. He had to look at her crotch because the cards were right in front of her.

She kept spreading her legs as the game went on and his cock was right there for her to see. Melissa knew her body looked good and she knew Joe was attracted to her. She liked showing her tits and spreading her legs to get his reaction. Joe couldn’t concentrate and was losing badly.

The game finally ended and the vision of her sporty bikini covering her pussy was too much for Joe to handle. He started to feel a stirring in his dick and decided to go back in the pool.

As he swam around, she sat at the edge with her feet in the water. Joe swam closer to her and started asking about the trip to see her family. She talked about her parent’s new house and the birthday party they threw for her. Joe replied, “I didn’t know, Happy />
Every once in a while he would take a quick glance at her breasts and she sensed this. All he could do was think about licking her cunt.

She said that her sister gave her a gift certificate to a spa. They went together actually for the full treatment. hair, skin, nails, facial peel and massage,” she said. Joe commented, “Well, your skin looks terrific”. She replied, from the waxing that was done”. “Oh yeah, that’s with the hot wax, does it hurt?” he asked. “A little, but it’s worth it,” she said.

“We even did the she said. Joe knew but pretended not to as he asked, that?”

Melissa hesitated with, “It’s aahhh” She hesitated some more and then pointed to the top edge of her bikini bottom. She said in a softer voice than usual, “It’s when the waxing is done down here.”

This was very personal stuff she was revealing and Joe thought he should take a chance.

“So you’re hairless under there, “ Joe stated.
She said, “Yup, that’s right.”

Joe put his hand on his cheek and then as he rubbed his chin as he asked, “Could I see?”

Melissa turned her head to one side and could not respond. For the last minute, Joe had been glancing at her nipples to see any change in excitement. Now they appeared to be getting erect. He didn’t know what she was going to do next.

She turned her head back toward Joe and without saying a word she began pulling down her bikini bottoms. When she got them past her feet she tossed them on to the patio chair.

Melissa sat there at the edge of the pool. Her bald, shinny pussy was two feet from his face. He could see every bump and crevice of her bare mound.

Without asking, he kissed her ankle. Then he kissed her knee, while waiting for a reaction.

She had a cushion next to her so she put it in back of her head and without saying anything, she leaned back. She spread her legs wide by holding her shins. Her pussy was gleaming with a pink moist opening. It was making her so hot to spread her legs like that for Joe. Joe kissed the sides of her thighs and slowly with every kiss moved closer to her cunt.

Joe had his tongue an inch away from her pussy. He slowly stuck his tongue on her clit and gently moved it up and down her snatch. She needed a harder and faster stimulation, but Joe teased her with a slow, smoldering tongue massage. He slowly dragged his tongue along the edges of her lips. With his mouth, he blew a gentle breeze on her sex. She was begging him to go harder but Joe wouldn’t comply.

While teasing her pussy, he reached up with both hands to feel her breasts. The nipples were nice and stiff. He rubbed her breasts and held the nipples between his fingers. Then he pushed her legs wider apart and slowly continued with his mouth.

She was really wet and Joe wanted to joke and play with her. He wanted her to admit that she was teasing him earlier. The only sound from Melissa was a soft pleading to keep going.

Joe looked up and said, “You can’t handle the way I tease you, is that right? Is this slow licking driving you crazy?” She just moaned and Joe got even slower with his tongue.

Then Joe stopped and said, “You teased me when we played cards, showing your tits and spreading your legs with your crotch right there on the bench. You liked doing that, didn’t you? Were you spreading your legs for me?” He gently rubbed her pussy as he asked this.

All she could say was “Oh please, please”

He asked, “Now tell me Melissa, you liked to teasing me, am I right?”

She cried, “Oh I, I am – – – Yes, yes, I teased you. Oh please”

Joe replied with, “You have a sexy pussy and you wouldn’t show it during the game, right? – – – – Right?” There was no reply. Then he said, “You used your cunt to tease my cock right?

She said, “I did, I did, now please lick me harder.”

Joe said, “OK, here I’ll do it.”

Joe went back to massaging her pussy. He licked her cunt up and down. He wiggled his tongue in her juicy opening. He jabbed and wiggled his tongue on her. He placed his tongue on her clit and rubbed slowly, then hard.

He grabbed her clit between his tongue and lip. Then he began to suck and suck hard. While sucking her, he placed a finger inside her dripping cunt. His finger rubbed while he sucked. He finger fucked her in and out. – – – in and out.

The taste of her snatch was fantastic. He licked and sucked. As the juices mixed with his saliva, he swallowed. Then he licked some more.

Now she was close to her climax. He rubbed and sucked while her pelvis was rocking.

She was about to cum and he wouldn’t stop sucking. Her shoulders were shaking and her ass was bucking. Then she came as Joe continued to lick. He sucked all her juices. He loved the taste and kept licking as she began to relax.

He pulled away from the edge of the pool and said, “Come swim with me and cool off.”

She jumped in the pool and swam over to Joe. She touched him on the shoulder and said, “That was really good Joe, really good. I owe you something. I better give you a blow job.”

Joe asked, “Can you say that in a way that is a little />
Melissa asked, “Joe, can I suck your cock?” As Joe agreed, they both left the pool and walked over to the patio table.

As Melissa grabbed her towel and began to dry herself, Joe stood behind her and put his hands on her hips. His hands moved over her belly and slowly rubbed. One hand went to her breasts and the other went to the pussy. As he slowly massaged her, Melissa could feel Joe’s erection on her butt.

Then Melissa turned around and dropped to her knees on a cushion. Joe was hard and Melissa was ready. She slowly put her tongue at the base of his shaft. With the tip of her tongue she began to lick and tickle him. She slowly ran her tongue from the bottom of his dick to the head of his penis. She did this again with her tongue, but with a bit more side-to-side action.

Then she went lower to his balls. She used the tip of her tongue to poke, flick and bounce his balls. Melissa took one of his balls inside her mouth and began to suck on it, slowly moving it from one side of her mouth to the other. She took it out of her mouth and gently held his balls in one hand. She softly played with them in her fingers.

Joe was so hard now and wanted more. Melissa kissed him at the base of his dick and kept kissing him all the way up. She put the head of his penis in her mouth and massaged it with her lips. She rubbed her tongue back and forth on his head. Now Joe is even harder.

Now it was time to go all the way down on him. She slowly put his entire shaft in her mouth and sealed her lips. Now she was ready to suck. With a medium rhythm, her lips went up and down on him. His bone was going in and out of her mouth. While she sucked, she fondled his balls.

The more she sucked, the greater the swelling sensation became in his cock. Joe was so close to orgasm that he had to hold on to the chair next to him for balance. Her head kept bobbing on his dick as he said, “I’m close, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

Melissa was moving faster up and down, up and down as cum shot in her mouth. She kept sucking as he lost his load and the cum began to spill out of her mouth. While holding on to the chair his legs felt weaker as she kept sucking.

After getting so sweaty, they both jumped in the pool again to cool off. Joe embraced Melissa and slowly began to kiss her. He kissed her on the shoulder, the cheek and then the lips. Then he said, “Thank you.”

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