How kimi was born chapter 1-the spark

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Another lonely night, I had just separated from my wife and we are in the process of a divorce and considering I cant look at her with out wanting to kill her…. it’s gonna be a nasty one. I had just gotton home from work its about 7pm I strip off my work cloths and lay then on top of my dresser and sit down at my desk as I grasp my cock in one hand as I log on and check my account on an adult personal site to see if any of the woman on here responded to my messages, and to my amazement there’s actually a message for me. Thou its from a guy and the subject reads, “need some attention”

From: DaChaz
To: kinkyguy606

So I know that your profile says your only looking for women but if your striking out there what would you say to trying a BJ from me. I can be real discreet and I know the perfect place to meet.

At first the idea disgusts me and I instantly close the message but the more I think about it the more I wonder what it would be like. I pass the time looking at porn and jacking off. After an hour I pull the message back up and write

From: kinkyguys606
To: DaChaz

So I’ve thought about it and why not. Where should we meet I want to do this NOW

Within minutes he replies with a place to meet and says he will take a shower and meet me there. I hop in the shower my self then get into my car. I’m so nervous that in the 15-minute drive to the meeting place I smoke a half a pack of cigarettes and I’m lighting more as I wait at the gas station for him. After about a 30-minute wait a car with tinted windows pulls up beside me and rolls the window down, “are you Jake,” the man asks. He’s about 20 by my guess and a bit on the heavy side short hair and olive skin ton. Honestly not that impressive looking “yes are you Chaz” I say taking the last puff on my cig before I throw it on the ground. he says “follow me out I have a perfect spot.

It takes five minutes to get to his which is nothing but an open area outside of town where there’s no lights. I get out of my car and hope into the passenger seat of his even thou its dark tinted windows do make for better privacy. In my head I’m asking my self what am I doing but at the same time the I’m excited for some pleasure that isn’t my hand. After I close the door I look over at chaz and he already has his cock out and is stroking it. I had to stop my self from laughing at the poor boy. Compared to my 8-inch member it was tiny.

“So how do you want do this” chaz says to me.
“Well I came here for you to suck me off so I guess get to suckin cum slut” I reply as I unzip my pants and pull my dick out. I watch as his eyes go wide at the site of my unit, still soft but still an impressive sight to him. I’m instantly over any anxiety and I realize that if this guy wants to suck my cock I’m gonna treat him like all the lil female sluts that I’ve fucked NSA.

I stare him down and he’s shocked by how I just spoke to him then he smiles and says, “How did you know I like to be treated like that.” I grin from ear to ear “its written all over your face cunt big bold letters that read WHORE now we are done talking and your gonna suck me off and then I’m gonna blow my load down your throat and if you’re a good slut I might let you cum”

He leans over the center console and puts his lips to the head. I’m taken back at how good it feels. At the age of 22 I’ve slept with many girls and have gotten sucked off by all of them but none off them felt this good I was hooked at once with in seconds I’m rock hard and moaning and thrusting deeper into his mouth.

As he bobs his head and rolls his tongue around my cock making sure to stop and suck the head the most, I feel my balls tighten and my cock twitch, I know I’m gonna cum, I grab on to the back of his head and push it down with both hands has I explode into the back of his throat, I let go he sucks and bobs up and down some more I’m just twitching at this point and cant control my moans even if I wanted to. As he keeps sucking and licking my cock I think back to his and what it would feel like in my mouth.

But as I’m reaching over to stroke his dick the organism is over and I’m over taken by a guilt what did I just do. I need to go now. I pull up my pants and get out of his car and back into mine and drive back to my apartment. Once home I try and go to sleep but instead I lie awake thinking about the encounter and reliving it in my head. And wondering how it would be if I had been the one doing the sucking and being treated like a slut. My thoughts go deep as fantasize about sucking a cock and then drinking the cum down as Chaz had just done…then a step further, taking a cock in my ass and riding it till my lil hole has cum dripping out of it.

I catch my self stroking my cock as I think about it. I jump outta bed and rush to my computer. Still with cock in hand I open up to browser windows one canceling my account with the adult personal site and then finding another one just for man on man the second browser is looking up gay porn. I find one of a guy on his knees with 5 men around him and he’s getting banged by all of them. As I cum to this vid I decide I’m gonna be that one guy. I’m gonna be a gang bang slut.

To Be Continued…

story by: petkimi86

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Author: petkimi86

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