Jack's ex, jack's slave – chapter 1

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His old ex, his new slave.

This story is my first attempt to write any kind of fiction. I look forward to any feedback in the comments.

Also, this first chapter is mostly about setting up the story, so includes a bit of background and takes a bit of time to reach the good stuff. Please bear with it, and the next few stories will be more focused.

Chapter 1 – An introduction

Tamara was standing there, outside Jack's door. What was she doing here? It had been close to a year since they last saw each other, over a year and a half since it had ended. She had left him, rather, thrown him out, because she wasn’t in love with him anymore. No conversation, no effort to work it out, just a simple “it’s over, there is nothing you can do about it.”

Jack had loved her more than life itself, and the breakup was devastating. He spent a week off work, drinking and thinking about everything that they had been together. His friends all told him he needed to get over her, but he held out hope they would get back together. He thought about what he could do. He was definitely not in shape, and thought he should start there. He started going to the gym, even hired a trainer. At the same time, he realized he would need to show he could earn a good living and took some classes and improved his IT skills. When he met her a couple of months after the breakup, he told her he wanted to give it another shot, but she told him she was seeing someone else, and wasn't interested in him at all other than as a friend.

That's when Jack decided he was going to move, go back to the big city, a couple of hours away. He spent another couple of months doing the groundwork. He had lined up a couple of good contracts, and was going to start his own IT consulting business. He had also found a nice apartment, and had arranged to have all his belongings moved. He decided he wanted to close the chapter of his life that included Tamara, hoping it would help him get over the love he still felt for her. He thought one last meeting, to tell her he was leaving would be just right, so he invited her to coffee. When he told her he was moving, she told him she was planning a move as well… In with the new guy she was seeing.

Barely 6 months after they ended their long term relationship and she was moving in with someone else. He wasn't even over her yet, and she had completely left him behind.

That turned his love into anger. He left the coffee shop, and didnt look back. But love turned to anger is a powerful thing. He barely contained his rage during the day, the frustration pushing him to work harder, but in the evenings, he would take out all his rage at the gym. After about a year, his business was flourishing, and he had carved his body into a mass of muscles. He had shed almost 30% of his weight, and was barely recognizable.

He hadn't talked to her since that day. He assumed her life was good, and was starting to move on. Finally, he was ready to go out and meet new people.

And yet, here she was now, throwing him in turmoil again. The anger was still there, focused almost entirely on her. And she was on the other side of his front door.

When he looked out through the peephole, he saw her red hair in soft curls, falling onto her shoulders. She was dressed in a dark red jacket and had knee high burgundy boots on. She had her head down, but he knew it was her. He really couldn’t ever forget.

He thought about not opening the door, but he knew that if she was here after all this time, he would never be able to forgive himself for not knowing why. So he turned the handle and opened the door. She looked up, and as he looked into her hazel eyes, he noticed they didn't have that same sparkle he remembered. Her face was still just as beautiful, her curls framing her features. She had lost some weight, and her features were even more pronounced, and judging by the cling of her jacket, her body was better than before. The coat was short, but he couldn't see the hem of her dress below it, just the dark stockings and tall leather boots with stiletto heels. When his eyes were done scanning her, he looked back and noticed a look of surprise on her face. Probably because she was expecting someone else, the old him.

She broke the long silence:

"Jack?" She said, in almost a whisper. “My mother and sister died" a bit louder.

All his rage dissipated with that. What could he say?

“I am sorry to hear that.” That was one way to start a conversation, he thought.

“Can I come in?”

he replied.

She walked in, and he closed the door behind her. Jack waved her to the sofa.

“Would you like some coffee or tea?” He asked.

“A scotch?”

He should have expected that. He poured a couple of glasses and took out a bucket with some ice. He brought it all out and placed it on the table, handed her a glass, took his and sat down on a chair next to her.

She took a sip from her drink, and started talking:

“My mother and sister were driving home late, after a dinner with my sister’s boyfriend. A truck driver who was on his 20th consecutive hour fell asleep at the wheel and slid into their lane. The doctors told me they both died on impact."

“I am really sorry to hear that.” What else can one say?

“It happened so suddenly." she continued. "The day after the funeral, a lawyer approached me. He told me this trucking company had a reputation for letting the drivers ignore the rules so they can work more hours and make more money. He had lost his daughter a year before, but there wasn’t enough evidence to take the company down. This time he had what he needed, and would like to pursue them. If I would let him represent me and my mother and sister, he could promise a win and an end to this company that had cost us so dearly.

“I accepted, and while he started the court proceedings, I started to dismantle their lives. I sold off all their furniture, all their possessions. I tried to go back to work, but I couldn't focus. They put me on leave, and I just stayed in for over a month, wallowing in my sorrow. The lawyer was still working on the case, and got us a court date a few months out. Billy then left me, because I was miserable all the time, and he couldn't deal with it. That jerk even threw me out of the apartment. I had to find a place to stay and deal with the pain at the same time. That’s when I started to miss you. I remembered that you would never have done that to me. And something else happened, I started to realise something about me. It’s actually the reason I am here, and I will get to that.

“The lawyer helped me move into a place. He was really nice. I think he saw his daughter in me or something, but he got me a nice apartment to stay in and arranged all the insurance paperwork for me. Turns out my sister’s firm had a very generous insurance policy in the event of accidental death, and I received a very large check. My mother had a good policy as well, but she also had a lot of debts to pay, so there was very little left. I knew I wouldn’t have to work for a little while, so I started to focus on rebuilding. I started by going to the gym and working out everyday to help distract me. I started to meet friends again and got out of the apartment. I was starting to feel better. But that moment of enlightenment was still ever present in my psyche.

“When the court proceedings started, a few weeks ago, I had already made up my mind. As the lawyer made his case, the opposition started to flounder. On the last day, before the jury would deliberate, I had settled all my affairs. I knew what I would do after the court case was over.

“The verdict was in our favour. My lawyer won the case, and won us a settlement of 25 million dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I gave him half, and kept half. He tried to refuse it, but I insisted. He finally took just 5 million for himself. I knew I would never have to work again, and my plan was going to work />
She finally stopped talking, and took another sip of her drink. Jack didn’t want to stop her flow, so he just sat there, and waited.

“That was this morning,” she continued, “and I am here now because you are going to decide the rest.” She handed him an envelope. He opened it and pulled out a cashier’s check for just over 21 million dollars. “That is all the money from the insurance, the lawsuit and everything I had. It is yours regardless of the decision you make. When Billy threw me out, and I started staying home, I realized something. I didn’t want to be responsible for making decisions, and I missed you so much, I realized I was still in love with you. So I am here to offer myself to you. I want you to take me back, to be my protector, to take all decisions for me, to be….to be my… be my… master.” She almost whispered the last part. I was stunned. I just say there, mouth agape.

“I wore this this morning before court. I wanted you to know I was serious.” Then she stood up, and dropped her jacket. She was a sight. She was wearing her 4 inch stiletto, dark burgundy leather boots, up to her knees, topped with black stockings, held up by straps that linked to a deep red corset covered in black see-through lace. That was it. No panties covering her bare pussy, and the corset was designed to prop up her perfect C cup breasts, topped with her pink nipples, but not to cover them. She was on display, for someone’s pleasure. Just the way he had once described when they were discussing fantasies. “I took the bus to get into town dressed like this, the cab ride from the station to here dressed like this.”

He always dreamed of making her his slave. He even often fantasizes about letting her feel his anger by kidnapping her from her life. Being fully responsible for her every action, making her do everything and anything he wanted. But he never thought it would be possible. And here she was. He thought about it for a moment. There was no way this was for real, she was just distraught. She didn’t know what she wanted. She is trying to find something to alleviate her pain.

Jack downed his full glass of scotch. "Ummm, look, this is a lot to take in. Why don’t you sleep on my bed tonight? We can discuss this tomorrow. I don’t think you are thinking straight, and you probably just need to rest.”

“You don’t she replied “I have thought this through. I am standing here in front of you with everything I own. I don’t have anything else, and no where else. If you don’t want me, I will leave. The check is in your name, it is yours. I will just head out and you will never see me again.”

Something struck him then. She had kept her gaze down the whole time she spoke. He was so focused on her words, he didn’t read her body language. She seemed at ease, her hands were in her lap, cradling her drink. Now she was standing, head down, hands clasped in front of her. She wasn’t someone who normally took such a meek position. She always had confidence and purpose in her step. Maybe she was serious.

Jack thought about the possibilities. He would be able to have more than just her back, he could completely own her.

He made the decision. He would go along with this for now, and as she started to get over all the sudden changes in her life, he would bring her back to normal. But he knew he would take advantage of this situation. She was coming to him. She would take all the anger he had towards her now, and Jack go back to maybe loving her later.

“Alright, I will take you in. But there will be some rules. The majority of it I will explain to you tomorrow, but for tonight here are the basics:”

“I own you. Like I own this sofa, this table and all my other things. You will be one of my things.”

“Yes, yes!” she replied, eagerly.

“I am not done. My things don’t have names. You no longer have a name. I expect you to know when I am referring to you, and I will probably call you things like slut, whore, bitch, cunt or anything else.

“You will do anything I say. That means you are not only my sex slave, but my slave in all senses. I will expect you to cook, clean, run errands, and anything else I might ask.

“And since you are one of my things, I will do what I want with my things. I might modify you to suit my needs. I want you to know this, because there will be no safe word. If you refuse something, you will be punished until you accept what I want.

“That brings me to punishment. Disobedience will be punished harshly. Hesitation will be punished harshly. And refusal or disagreement will be punished harshly. There is no safe word, this is not role play. You will be hit, whipped, tortured at my will, till I am satisfied you are going to be agreeable when I am done.”

“Do you understand, slave?”

She was almost jumping with excitement. She threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you, thank you!” she repeated over and over.

He stood still, not reacting yet. When she let him go and stepped back, he pulled his hand back and slapped her right tit with a good amount of force. She was stunned. She only yelped a second after the sound of the impact echoed. She reached up to soothe the sting in her tit, a red mark appearing on the side, and a look of surprise in her eyes. He didn’t say anything, and answered it with a slap of her left tit. Just as hard, and just as unexpected. She yelped again, but this time as she reached up to rub her tit, she asked him />
He looked at her, making sure she saw anger in his face.

“First, you do not get to ask questions. Second, I didn’t say you could speak, and be clear, you are not to speak unless allowed by me. Third, if I want to slap my cunt’s tits around, I will.

“There are a number of things I need to train you on. Fourth, I never again want to see a burst like what I just saw. My slave is to be well behaved. If I punish you, you keep your hands down. And last, you will always address me with full sentences, and they had better end with Master. Is that />
Smack, another slap against her right tit.

“Yes, master.” she quickly added.

Smack, this time her left tit.

“I understand, master.”

“A bit slow, but I can work with that.” He replied, making sure there was contempt in his voice. He wanted her to feel like she let him down. If she was in this seriously, she would be looking for his approval. He wouldn’t give it to her for some time.

Jack took her chin in his hand and turned her face left and right.

“So what do I do with my cunt first?” He was thinking out loud, and checking if she understood her first lesson.

“Whatever master wants.” She replied, timidly.

“Very good, cunt." Taking a breathe, Jack let go of her chin.

She dropped, resting her ass on her heels. “Spread your knees. I want my cunt on display.” She spread her knees, showing her pussy. There was a shine to it. It was wet. It was slightly open, and it was dripping. Her thighs were glistening, her lips were glistening, and she saw him obviously looking at it. She blushed, from her cheeks to just above her tits had turned crimson. A good look on her pale skin.

“Spread your lips, I want to see inside my cunt.” He knew she always struggled with any overt displays of this nature. The blush deepened, and it went almost down to her nipples. Those same nipples were hard, like little pencil erasers on the tip of these perfect round pink aureoles about the size of a half dollar. She reached down and spread her lips, using the index and middle fingers of her left hand to show her clit and fuckhole to him.

He reached down and tweaked a nipple, enjoying her embarrassment and wanting to push it a bit further.

“My my, this cunt is wet. What was it that got you so hot and bothered? Was it my taking you or maybe it was the

She perked up a bit at the mention of the punishment. So she did enjoy a bit of the pain. He twisted her nipple, hard. She almost fell over, and used her hands to prevent herself from toppling back. He reached down and grabbed the other nipple, and twisted it as well. Now she was obviously in pain, her hands preventing her from falling over behind her, and her tits up in the air. He started to pull up on them, lifting her by her nipples. She let out a quick scream, and pushed herself off the floor a bit with her hands. Her upper body was leaning back, held up by her nipples firmly grasped by his fingers. The pain was excruciating, and she couldn't stand up because of the angle. She started to pant, every few breathes punctuated with a yelp. He was unrelenting. He knew she wouldn’t be able to lift herself up, not at this angle. He held her like that for at least a full minute. She was sweating and panting. And his cock was rock hard seeing her like this. He let go suddenly, and she didn’t have time to adjust, so she just fell back, landing on her back with her knees up and heels sliding out. She let out a short breath and a scream as she hit the ground. He bent down and grabbed her hair, pulling her first into a seated position, then letting her get on her knees. While still holding her hair with his left hand, he slapped her face, lightly, with his right.

“Stand up” he ordered.

She slowly rose to her feet, dragged up by her hair firmly in his grip. She was unsure what was coming up, but she knew one thing: she had never been this wet in her life. It was dripping out of her. He was making her feel like she had never felt before. The pain was feeling good to her, she expected that to some effect, but, surprisingly, the embarrassment was also turning her on. She wanted to rub her pussy, play with her clit.

He released her head and ordered: “Squat again, and spread yourself again.”

She got down, ass on her heels, knees spread and fingers showing her opening to him. The wetness had spread to the tops of her stockings, and there was a small puddle under her, where a few drops of her juices had quickly fallen out of her cunt. She was desperate, and tired to pinch her clit between her two fingers before drawing the lips apart. He noticed this small act, and decided she needed to learn a lesson.

“Let go of your pussy. Hands clasped behind your back and head down. From now on, whenever I enter a room, this is how I expect to find you. Let’s call this your position. I was going to let you be on your knees, but you obviously can’t be trusted. I saw you pinch your clit while trying to spread your lips. If you are on your knees, you might rub your thighs together. So for now, this will be your default position. />
“Yes master, I />
“Good. I'm starting to think I made a good choice with you, cunt.” Just to prove this, he pet her head and smoothed her hair back. She practically purred. She was happy. She was going to be thoroughly used, and she knew he would take care of her otherwise. She was starting to feel very good about her choice as well.

“Now, I remember your mouth was most skilled at something other than talking. So better get to work.” Jack's cock was hard, tenting his jeans. It had been a while since he last got laid. He was going to really enjoy never having to work for a fuck again.

She reached up and undid his jeans, dropping them and his boxers to his knees in one movement. She was stunned. He was completely hairless. He never did that when they were together. His 8” cock looked absolutely delicious. It was not only long, but quite thick. She missed it. But he used to be unable to actually use it, his weight preventing him from doing more than a few strokes before he was too tired. But now, he was in amazing shape. She looked forward to this. She licked her lips, without even noticing. Jack had noticed. He smiled, and said just stare at it, get to work, cunt.”

She opened her mouth and slipped the head into it. She kept the head there and sealed her lips on his shaft. She then licked around the crown and made spirals until she got to the tip. She flicked her tongue quickly along his pee slit. He shivered from that. She swirled her tongue back towards the crown of his glans, and slowly slid more of his cock into her mouth. She wet the shaft with her mouth while taking more and more of it in, until it hit the back of her throat. He knew she couldn’t take it much further. She used to balk as soon as her gag reflex kicked in. He didn’t want to push to far tonight, but he knew by the end of the week, her throat would be open for business.

He slowly pulled back, until her lips were pursed against the tip of his dick, then slowly pushed forward, making her take it back in. The whole time, her tongue kept dancing on his cock. She was driving him wild. He kept up the movement, makin her take as much as she could handle, then pulling almost completely out. Her blowjobs were always very good, but he loved the idea of her squatting on her heels, legs open, pussy literally dripping, and her hands behind her back. As he thought about the power he had, that he could make her do anything he wanted, he almost shot his load right then. But he recovered, pulling out of her mouth just in time.

“Stand up. Lean forward, head on the back of the sofa with your legs straight. Keep your hands behind your back.”

She struggled to get into position. All her weight was being held by her head and neck. He kept her there and left the room. She didn’t realize it, because she couldn’t see anything but the sofa with the way she was leaned over. He returned with some rope, and tied her hair to one end of the rope, and pulled back, until she was clear of the couch, all her weight held up by the rope in her hair. He then folded her arms, left wrist on right elbow and vice versa. He wrapped the other end of the rope around her arms, locking them into place. He made sure there was no slack in the rope. Now her head was at a right angle to her back, hair in a ponytail that was pulled along the length of the rope, tied taught to her forearms, that were wrapped together by the rope. It was an amazing sight, but probably not comfortable. She wouldn’t be able to stand unless he was holding her up, balancing on her 4 inch heels being impossible. He kept a small length of rope from her arms in his hand, as a rein of sorts. He had removed his jeans before leaving the room, and now took off his shirt. To make sure she knew that he controlled her position, he slowly let out some of the rope, making her tilt forward until her forehead just touched the back of the sofa. Then he pulled it back until her legs with straight up, at a right angle with the floor.

He spread her legs wide, dropping her pussy to just the right height. Seeing that her wetness had not abated, he lined up and slid his whole length into her, in one swift move. He was buried, his balls slapping her clit with the force of his penetration and her ass smacking against his hips. She sighed loudly when his mushroom head spread her lips, and then shrieked when he bottomed out. She hadn’t had a cock this big since they broke up, and she was not used to the thickness. But the feeling of fullness, that so suddenly took hold, had her on the edge. He just needed a few quick strokes and she would explode. He held for a few seconds, enjoying the tightness of her wet tunnel. But he could feel the light pulsing of her pussy, and realised how close she was.

He had a dilemma on his hands. On the one hand, he wanted to hold her off from an orgasm as long as possible, maybe not even let her cum for a few days. On the other, he had never made her climax before, and wanted to see it. He was considering his choices when she started to squirm, she was trying to lean back and pull forward, but she didn't have much flexibility in her situation. He made the decision, he would let her cum, but would punish her unless she asked for permission.

Jack pulled out slowly, leaving only half the head of his cock in her wet embrace. He then slammed back forward, holding for a couple of seconds before slowly pulling back out again. He would pull out, and slam in, repeating this another 3 times before it started. Her pussy suddenly got very wet, the nectar flowing out around his dick. She wasn’t squirting, but her juices were slowly pouring out like a pipe leaking around a seal. He started to speed up the strokes, no longer pulling all the way out and not slamming back in, just pistoning as her orgasm built up. He could feel the rapid squeeze and release of the walls of her cunt. He just kept fucking her through it, until her legs started to shake. She had been moaning since her cunt flooded, but now she was quiet, her mouth looking like she was screaming, but no sound was coming out. He sped up and started to really lay into her, rapid short strokes. She finally came, as she screamed out. Her whole body started to tremble, and suddenly her knees gave out. She collapsed to her knees, her chest landing against the couch. His wet cock slipped out and now stuck straight out in the cool air,, balls and thighs also covered in her cunt's expulsion.

He got down to his knees, and slipped back into her cunt. Her climax had practically made her unconscious. She was like putty, just breathing heavily, head still pulled back. He could feel the tremors in her body and pussy, and he was just slowly fucking her, without urgency, more to keep his dick warm than anything else. He gave her a few moments to calm down, then undid the rope holding her head and arms together.

She remained bent over the sofa, arms now to her sides, head down. She was slowly pulling her arms under her, getting the feeling back, while starting to recover and realize he was still fucking her. She looked back and was almost startled by the site. He was staring at her, but that wasn’t what drew her attention. It was his arms and chest, and his abs, perfectly sculpted. She was stunned because he didn’t look anything like that before. This was going to work for her, it was going to be better than she could have dreamed.

She smiled, and he took that to mean she was ready to go on. He pulled out, her hips pushing back as soon as he pulled out. She even made a whimper when he did. He delicately turned her over and lifted her to stand. As soon as he let her go, she started to fall, her legs still unable to support her. “That was incredible, I have never cum like that, master.” She said. He smiled as he held her up. He lifted her up by her ass, and she wrapped her legs around his back. He carried her into his bedroom, and threw her onto her back on his bed. He then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her around till she was laying accross the bed, head hanging off the edge. He pulled her head up by her hair, so he could talk to her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, whore. But I am a little bit upset. I don't think you have fully understood what I expect from you. You are my slave, and every part of you in mine. That means that your cunt doesn't belong to you. So I am upset because you let my cunt have an orgasm without asking me if it could. And to make matters worse, you spoke without being spoken to."

Jack had thought to wait a bit before training her throat, but he needed to punish her to set the right boundaries, and this was a good way to make sure he enjoyed it and got out some of that anger at the same time.

“Now you will be punished and I do not want to hear a single peep or resistance. You might want to scream or struggle, but if your head leaves the edge of the bed, or turns to prevent me from giving you your punishment, you will regret it much more than any pain you have had so far. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes master, I />
“Now before I punish you, I want you to tell me why you are being />
“I am being punished because I didn't ask master's permission before allowing his cunt to cum, and because I spoke without permission, master.”

He said as he quickly and severely twisted her nipple, going almost three quarters of a full twist. She opened her mouth to scream, but was silenced by his cock quickly entering until it hit the back of her mouth. “If I feel teeth, I will pull them out, one by one, with a pair of pliers.” He punctuated his sentence with a quick jab forward of his hips. She started gagging, and he pulled back slightly. He then repeated the same motion, forcing her to gag again. He timed his next jab with a gag, and slipped in past her resistance. Now he had only a couple of inches to go.

She was panicking. Her back was arched up, and she was trying to slip away, but he had her head pinned against the edge of the bed. All she could do was kick out, bunching up the comforter at her feet. She wanted to throw up, but she couldn’t with his cock in her throat. She wanted to breathe, but her panic was preventing her. She was scared she might pass out.

“Calm down, cunt. Calm down and you will realize you can breathe from your nose.” He had no idea if that was true, but he wasn’t going to pull out now, not with the feeling of her throat squeezing his cock head with every gag.

He was right, because as she calmed down, she started taking a few quick breaths through her nose. She was still gagging, now with saliva drooling out around his dick. She was starting to get used to the feeling of a foreign object in her like this.

He wanted to bottom out, that was his goal for her tonight, so he pushed in.

She started to panic again, her legs kicking and arms flailing. The dick in her throat was too big, now her throat felt like it was ripping. It was burning, but there was no gagging. Even her urge to vomit had subsided. She tried to calm down, focus on relaxing her tense neck and shoulders. Surprisingly, it also helped ease the pain in her esophagus.

He held there a bit, noticing how quickly she relaxed. He wasn’t going to stop. He pushed further, until his balls were resting against her nose. Her chin was pushed against the base of his cock, lips stretched and drool dripping out around it.

When he felt she was ready, he pulled back about an inch and pushed back. He pulled back again and pushed in. He kept giving her the inch. Back and forth. Back and forth.

She always wanted to deep throat a guy, but the old Jack was too weak to overcome her objections in the past, and Jimmy wasn't big enough. Now here she was, a cock bottomed out in her mouth, and she was almost comfortable. She was eager to make this good for Jack. At first she was just trying to get used to the regular thrusting, but after a dozen strokes, she started swallowing when he pushed in.

He noticed the added sensation of her throat muscles massaging his head. He decided it was time for a real throat fucking. He pulled back a couple of inches and pushed back. No outward reaction, so he pulled three inches out, leaving only the head of his cock in her throat, then pushed back in. He was in heaven. Her throat would tighten around his dick as he fucked it. It was incredible. He kept doing this, until he could feel himself getting close. Just as he was about to erupt, he pulled completely out and shot off. The first shot hit her chin as he backed off. It flew out with so much force the it actually arced up after hitting her chin and landed between her tits. The second shot went over her chin and landed on her left tit. He aimed the third to hit her right tit. The fourth didn’t have enough force, and landed between her tits and on her neck. He aimed down, and the last few spurts landed on her face. He was spent, and she looked like a proper fucking whore. She had come on her tits, her chest and neck, and her face was covered in drool and cum. It was dripping into her hair and partially onto the floor under the bed. She was filthy, and her eyes were closed.

“How was that punishment, whore?”

She uttered an unintelligible moan. She was almost passed out. Her jaw and throat were burning from the pain of being stretched to their limit. She couldn't speak, and she was in an almost catatonic state.

He decided he wouldn’t push any further tonight, so he picked her up, brought her to the bathroom and wiped her face and tits. She was only barely conscious, just enough to know he was cleaning her up a bit. After he got her to at least passable, he picked her up, brought her out of the bathroom and put her on the floor. She wasn’t going to sleep on the bed, not yet anyways. She fell asleep almost immediately, still dressed in her corset, stockings and knee high leather boots.

He then crawled into bed, only to feel something wet against his bare ass. The sheets had a huge wet spot, about a foot wide. She must have been soaking the sheets through the whole rough treatment of her throat. This girl was even kinkier than he remembered, and would be able to handle anything he threw at her. With that pleasant thought, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


That's the end of Chapter 1. In the next chapter, the slave gets to know the rules and he takes her shopping.

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    I couldn’t take it any more. I dragged her down and leapt on top of her. My cock slid strait back inside her. I laid on her, my full weight pushing her into the bed as I pumped into her pussy though her spread, opened legs. Her hands roamed my back as her nails start to find their mark. This just heightened my lust and want for her and I picked up my pace. I needed to be in her...

  • Sub wife

    i have a verry submissive wife that lives to be controled and told every thing she must do .she has been that way for several years and i have her trained to ask for her weekley punishment every sat night without fail.when the time comes she is made to strip naked and has padded cuffe placed on her wrists and ankels,thats the only thing she will wear during this verry painfull time.on some sta nights we have company over but...

  • Truth or dare

    My name is Jerome and I'm a 23 black male,. Not nice to say but I'm very solid built and have a 9 1/2 cock that a bit on the thick side too. I broke up with my gf and I was getting a bit on the horny side, So I put a ad on craigs list look for some hot woman. I was online when I got a message asking me if I wanted to fuck a hot blonde....

Unexpected playtime

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