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African Intense Experimental Adventures This is Fictional and Please do not steal our idea.

My wife Kate, our friend Dean or me are writers. We have read some of the stories on here and we see how many pick on Grammar and Spelling. We are using Open Office to write with. It does have spell check. But just the same worried that it may not pick all spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. However I believe Kate, our friend Dean and I have a good idea for a fictional story. I don't really know what to put it under because it will include many kinds of sex. One other thing we saw was people asking for photos. We are not into posting photos just writing. The three of us are going to write this story. All three of us will write for different characters in this almost everything goes fictional story. If you are racists do not read. Also their will be violence in other parts. Not the first part. Other parts will be graphic about sex. I hope you all do not find Chapter 1. too boring but want to set it up for future chapters.

I am Kate. I am 35 5'4” 108 pounds. My father was born in Sweden. My mother was born in The Netherlands. They met fell in love and all that stuff and I was born in the U.S.A. All three of us had been talking one night and came up with this idea for a story so decided we would write it together and send it in. I will have some of the personality traits of myself through Kay. However the majority of this story is fictional. Yes I am white.

My name is Jeff and in real life I am 35. I enjoy working out at the gym and Kate says I have a good gymnastic build. Not muscular but toned all over. I am only 5'6” and weigh 125 pounds. Since this is going to be fictional my sex life with my wife Kate is not important. Well Kate and I may write about our sex life some day with our friend Mike but not in this fictional story. Both my parents were born in England and came to the U.S.A. after they were married. I was born in the States. Oh yes I am white. By the way even in real life I would find it fantastic to be a director.

Hello I am Mike. I have been friends with Jeff as far back as the beginning of high school. Jeff is my best friend actually. I was best man at his wedding. Sorry to say Jeff and I had some troubles just after he married Kate. Thank goodness that was resolved and all three of us are the best of friends now. I am 6'2 195 pounds and work out as well and compete as a body builder. I am well built with a muscular body including legs, arms chest to a washboard stomach. I hope everyone isn't thinking I am bragging I am just proud of my body since I work hard on it. Both of my parents are born in this country. By the way I am black. Well not black but very dark brown in skin color. As with Kate and Jeff I will not get into their sex lives or my own. Of coarse there will be similarities in personality and sexual activities to me in this fiction but I hope it will help with this fictional story.

Okay everyone I hope you all like our first time story. All three of us will be working on it together. As you can probably guess some of Jeff's character will be in Jake as well as some of his thoughts about sex. Also my true characteristics will be projected into Kay as well as some of the way I feel about sexuality. Last buy not least Dean's character will be in Professor Dan as well as some of his thoughts about sex.

It had been a long year and the last month of school. Jake was eighteen had just finished working out at the gym. He competed as a gymnast for fun. What he really wanted to do was to be a movie director when he finished school. Jake's other dreams was to see the world. There was little chance of that since he had no money and he lived with his father. His mother had died in a car accident five years earlier.

That was the problem. He really did love his father but since his mother's death due to a drunken driver his dad had all this anger in him and it seemed he was blocking the world out. His dad had been injured also in the accident and because of his back injury got put on disability for life. That was the biggest problem it gave his father seemed to withdraw from life. He had stopped driving completely and even sold their car. So Jake had to take the bus everywhere even though he was old enough at eighteen to get a drivers license he hadn't. First no car to practice driving also Jake didn't want to drive. He was nervous about driving. Even though he loved his father he wondered if his father loved him or even knew he was around any more. Besides Jake’s father, Jake had no family. One bright spot in my life I had met Kay a year earlier. We hadn't had sex. Not that I wouldn't have but truthfully I am a virgin. I guess it sounds strange I guess that I am a virgin at age eighteen. It felt like besides Kay being in his life he had no real direction except his dream.

Jake became wrapped up in his school work as well as working out in the gym and trying to take care of his father even though most of the time his father failed to notice he was around. He had turned eighteen the previous month and was five six weighing a hundred and twenty five pounds of a nice firm gymnastic body. He had light brown hair, hazel eyes and tanned easily in the summer sun. When not working out he usually wore blue jeans and t-shirts in the summer and sweat shirts in the winter.

Kay lived with her divorced mother. Her parents had not gotten along and only a year after Kay was born his parents had divorced. Over the years Kays mother had not dated. She never discussed with Kay why she and her husband had divorced and Kay didn't want to pry. Her mother had gotten a good settlement from her divorce and along with what her mother had left her she didn't have to work. Her mother decides doing the every day chores of house keeping and shopping was also a recluse like Jeff's father. Kate is five four, works out at the gym after school and weighs 108 pounds. She has dark blond hair that lightens in the summer and she tans well in the summer. She just celebrated her eighteenth birthday the previous week with her boyfriend Jake. Kay also had another dream along with travel and that was to be an actress. She often thought what it would be to act and have men swarm to the theaters to see her. But she knew that was a dream that would never come true.

Kay was the first girl I had gone out with and it had turned into dating. We had gone to several school dances over the past year. Don't kid yourself I had many nights of jacking off thinking about Kay. In my imagination I dreamed about Kay and I taking off away from everyone and seeing the world. Exploring places they could explore together and find new adventures. One thing he didn't have to worry about was his dad even knowing or caring if he left. Also the only person that meant anything in my life was Kay. Kay and myself had talked many times together about finding adventures since her life was as boring as mine and her mother wouldn't miss her either. If only I had money to travel to some place away from the beaten track. I guess I could take Kay north to Canada for a weekend. That is if dad would pitch in and help me pay for the trip but that wouldn't happen. Dad was very careful about spending his money. I know I could get a job but with school and working out for the gym competition I didn't have much time to spare to work. But with summer coming I could get a summer job.

I applied for summer jobs in the paper and on the bulletin board at school. But I having much luck. The interviews I finally got told me they would call me after they interviewed others for the job. I didn't hear back from any of them and summer was close. I still wanted to work but I also wanted time to work out at the gym to keep in shape and of coarse wanted time to spend with Kay.

I knew Jay was doing his best to find a summer job. I also thought I could get a job to fill in the summer. Like Jay I wanted a job so I could have time to be with Jay and also work out in the gym. One day I was looking in the want ads and I saw a tiny ad. It said. “Looking for young couple married or single, doesn't matter. Must be willing to travel and most of all, must not have ties. This is also good for young man into learning to be a movie director and a young woman wanting to get in the movies as an actress. The young couple must be willing to move at a moments notice and must be in good physical shape. Prefer couple in their late teens or early twenties. So if your looking to travel and get paid at the same time this is a good opportunity for a young couple just starting out. The right couple will get acting and directing experience that will help them in their future. Please answer by letter to the following post office address. Discretion is important. Enclose photos of yourselves and where you hang out the most. It gave the Post Office box and address.

I wrote down the address and took it to school to show Jay the next day. I know I should have thought twice that they wanted photos and where we usually hung out but I didn't think about that. I just thought of the exciting travel part and the possibility of being an actress. It seemed too good to be true and figured we probably wouldn't get the job anyway but why not show Jay the ad anyway.

“Wow Kay that sounds right down our alley. We'd get everything we ever wanted. Free travel in fact we'd get paid for it. Neither one of us have any real ties. You know how much dad needs me. Not at all and what you have told me and what I have seen of your mother she could care less if you were around or not. Sounds perfect Kay. We are both in good shape going to the gym all the time and we are both in our late teens. Let's answer it.” Jay said. “We can get photos at that photo booth at the mall. We are still in school so we will just say in the letter back what school we go to. It sure would be great if we got the job. It does sound too good to be true. Especially the part of becoming a director. You know that has been my all time dream to be a director. It would also be a dream come true for you Kay. You always wanted to be an actress and they are interested in making some woman an actress. Jay said.

“Okay Jay.” Kay answered. Between Jay and I we took photos at the photo booth at the mall and wrote back to the postal box telling the person from the ad what school we went to and the times we were there. We also included the times we used the gym at school. Jay and I decided to put both our address for the person running the ad to contact us.

Maybe it was me but a few days after I had mailed the letter to the post office box. I had the feeling I was being spied on. There were some black boys and girls at school. Since I didn't hang out with any one except Jay I didn't pay much attention to them. I didn't know much about black people so to me their were just people but just another color. Recently how ever I saw this muscular black man in sweat pants and sweat shirts hanging around the school gym and grounds. I swear he was around me a lot but maybe it was just my imagination.

I asked Jay what he thought and he told me he had the same feeling. He had also seen the muscular black man maybe late twenties or early thirties. He was extremely good looking. How ever I still felt strange that someone may be watching me and Jay. It never occurred to me that his guy had something to do with the ad.

I looked in my house mail box day after day hoping to at least get some kind of replay. Even if who ever posted the ad said we didn't qualify. A week went by with no reply. Still I had the feeling someone was spying on me and Jay agreed with me. Both of us couldn't be loosing our minds about having the feeling of being followed. Two weeks went by and still nothing in the mail. I had pretty much given up hearing from the person who had placed the ad.

It was just over three weeks I went home and looked in the mail box. There was a envelope in it. It didn't have a return address. It just had Mr. Jay Stone and my address. I phoned Kay positive it had to be from the ad. I didn't want to open it with out Kay seeing it at the same time. Kay said she would be right over. I felt like I was going to go crazy waiting for Kay to come over what seemed like an hour was probably no more than fifteen minutes. As soon as she arrived we went to my room. Dad didn't even notice I had walked in the house with Kay. I know I held my breath as I ripped the envelope open and pulled out a folded piece of paper. I opened it. Kay was looking over my shoulder.

It read. “To Kay and Jay: IF you both are still interested in accepting my job offer, it must be a complete secret. Both of you must have realized someone has been spying on the two of you. I prefer to say observing the two of you. I approve of you both. I observed neither of you have any real ties to anyone so I feel when you leave neither of you will be missed. That is very important. Also I observed Jay wants to be a director and Kay wants to be an actress. I believe you both qualify for the films I want to make and assist me with my experiments. I am a scientist and want to combine this with making a film. I have been looking for the past few years for what I think is the perfect couple. I believe at long last I found that couple. I believe that couple is you both. I hope you will accept my offer to help me with my experiments as well as see an exclusive part of the world. A part of the world very few have seen before. It will be pretty exclusive but I do promise I will help Jay with his dreams of becoming a director and Kay's dream to be an actress. My name is Doctor Dan. I won't lie I really want to work on my experiments but I am not a mad scientist.

Now for your instructions. They must be private. Kay your to tell your mother you will be leaving home because a good job opportunity has come your way. Jay you will not be able to contact your mother for a long period of time. This is because you will have a very busy schedule. Kay this involves you leaving the country with Jay. Oh yes I have gotten your passport from the photos you sent to us so no need to worry about traveling outside the U.S. Jay your instructions are pretty much the same as Kay's. Inform your dad you will be traveling abroad and for him not worry when you don't correspond with him. It is a good opportunity for you to direct and you will be working with your girlfriend Kay. Don't be embarrassed about being a virgins Jay or Kay. You will both have a life time to explore many new avenues in life. I think both of you will find them exciting.

One last thing I am arranging your wedding with all the trimmings on me of coarse before leaving the U.S. I believe since if you both accept my offer you should start out your new life as a couple.

So tell your parents what ever you wish only that you will be traveling and not returning or corresponding for a long length of time. Everything will be supplied for you both. The only things you will need to bring is what you wear on your back. It will be better to make a clean break of your life here and start your new exciting director and acting careers. I want you at my office at exactly 10:00 am., Saturday, June 29th. If one arrives only one of you arrive the deal is off. I want both of you or neither of you. If you are not here exactly at 10:00 am. Saturday, June 29th do not bother to show up at all. Here is the address. When you arrive ring the white bell to the left of the door. Hoping to see you at 10:00 am. Saturday, June 29th. If one of both change your mind I want to wish you both a good life but you will both be turning down the chance of a life time. Doctor of Science Dan. The address was in bold letter beneath the letter.

“I know where that is.” Jay said.

It was Friday the week before we were to meet at the place to begin our new job. If you think that week felt like a month. Your right it did. Jay and I saw each other every day. We were finished school so we met at the school gym everyday. Lucky for the school gym was kept open for students all summer. Friday night I hugged Jay extra hard and even kissed him on the lips. I had thought many times of being marrying Jay but soon he and I would actually be wife and husband. I know it is suppose to be husband and wife but Jay had always been a follower rather than a leader and I knew that could carry on into our Marriage. So in reality I knew I would be the strong one in our marriage.

Finally it was Saturday morning. I arrived at Jays about 7 am. I was so excited about our new exciting future. He and I talked about all the exciting things we hoped would happen as me acting and Jay directing.

We arrived at the office a good fifteen minutes early and waited out side the door. I don't think either of us wanted to blow this opportunity by being early. The minutes ticked by and at exactly 10:00 am. I looked at Jay and he looked at me and with my finger on top of Jays we pushed the door bell together and waited.

Suddenly the door opened and the big, black, muscular man from head to toe. He had to be at least six two. He was dark black. I recognized him as the man that had been following me and Jay at school and other places around the city.

“Come in. I am Doctor Dan.” The big black man said holding out his large hand. He was dressed in light gray sweats. “These are my two assistants Ben and Ted.” Doctor Dan introducing two black men both in their mid twenties. One was around six feet tall. He was dressed in light gray sweats like Doctor Dan and looked as muscular as the doctor. The other black man was maybe an inch shorter. Both had slightly lighter skinned than the doctor. “I am so glad you both decided to accept my offer to see the world and to help me with my experiments. I know with both your help my hard work in the remote African village will be rewarding. Not only in the success of my experience but also will make me a lot of money that will in turn make the both of you famous. You Jay as a director and you Kay as an expiring actress. I haven't forgotten my promise to marry the two of you. I have gotten a good preacher than not only is a friend but also keeps everything I say and do confident. I am sorry there is so much secrecy. All will be relieved soon. But first the />
“Hello Jay, Kay. I'm Ben.” The taller of the two stuck his hand out to shake with me and Jay. Jay took his hand and shook it tightly. Ben surprised me when he took my hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it. “I wish I could be the one to take you first Kay. You are just as Doctor Dan described. But alas you will belong to another.

“I'm Ted.” The other black man about five eleven held his hand out to Jay and shook it. He also took my hand and kissed it. I have to say the same as Ben. I also wish I could be your first but you do belong to />
I saw Jay turning red. It looked like he was embarrassed but proud he would soon be my husband and be the first to posses me.

“Father Jeremy.” Doctor Dan called. “We are ready to begin the service. Please follow me Kay and Jay into the other room. It is all set up for the />
I took Kay's hand and followed Doctor Dan into the room. It was a small room with only two seats at the front the room with a pedestal between them. “Go ahead to the front.” Doctor Dan instructed.

“But I'm just wearing these old jeans and t-shirt.” I said and on Kay's special day she is only wearing her sun dress.”

“Oh I am sorry. I almost forgot. I do have this lacy white veil for you Jay to put on your head.” Doctor Dan said.

I looked at him feeling my face heat up. “What are you talking about?”

Then Doctor Dan, Father Jeremy, Ben and Ted all started laughing. “Just joking with you Jay. Of coarse the veil is for your darling soon to be wife Kay.” The doctor walked behind Kay holding a white lace veil attached to a small pill box hat and fitted it on Kay's head. />
It was perfect. I stood beside Kay taking her hand in mine as Father Jeremy stood in front of us. Doctor Dan stood beside me behind us Ben and Ted had taken to the two seats. “I hope you don't mind me being your best man Jay.” Doctor Dan smiled looking first at me and then Kay.

“Not at all Doctor Dan.” I answered.

The wedding ceremony was like the majority of wedding ceremonies. Father Jeremy told Kay and I we could kiss and pronounced us Wife and Husband. Even the good Father sensed the stronger in this marriage would be Kay.

“Come with me Jay and Kay. Jay please wait here and Kay please go into the marriage bedroom I laid out for the wedding night. I laid out your honeymoon clothing on the bed Kay. There is a bell beside the bed. When you are all dressed ready for the coupling please ring it Kay. Oh yes thank you Father Jeremy for the lovely wedding service. Your payment is in the envelope. Thank you and bye.” Doctor Dan led Father Jeremy to the front door and he left.

I just stood their looking at Doctor Dan. What do I change into?”

“Your fine the way you are. You will consummate your marriage and then your directing lessons will begin as your new wife’s acting career will begin.”

Suddenly I heard a bell ring from the room Kay had entered a few minutes earlier. “Go ahead Jay she's ready for you.” Doctor Dan said.

I opened the door and was surprised when Doctor Dan, Ben and Ted followed behind me. “Don't we get privacy for this.” I asked.

“No you are both officially working for me now. Be lucky I am letting you couple with Kay first. Go ahead and make love to Kay, Jay.” Doctor Dan said.

I walked over the bed feeling nervous. Kay was laying in the middle of this king size bed. The bed sheets were dark red and she was wearing a light red flimsy nighty. I walked over to the bed and sat down beside her and reached over and kissed her on her lips. I felt so nervous but Kay seemed totally relaxed. I didn't expect to be watched the first time I made love to Kay but when I looked around three pair of eyes watched my every move. “Go ahead and get undressed.” Doctor Dan moaned. “Hurry up and get it over with.”

I pulled my t-shirt off and kicked off my shoes. Then I undid my jeans and pushed them down my legs along with my white underwear. I felt ashamed when my soft cock came into view. How did these guys expect me to get hard when they were all watching me.

I guess Kay understood because she reached over to me and put my hands on her breast covered with the red laced nightie. “Oh yes Jay I Love you so much.” I had expected removing her nighty would be exciting and exotic but instead she removed it herself. She lay in front of me completely nude. Then she massaged my chest and on down to my cock and balls. Soon even with all the guys watching I achieved a hard on.

Kay pulled me on top of her and positioned my hard cock toward her wet pussy. I could feel her fingers massaging her clit as she aimed my cock to her pussy. I couldn't help pushing forward and had entered her pussy. I hadn't shot my load in well over a week and after only a couple of pumps I was groaning as I shot my load prematurely into Kay's wet pussy.

“I could hear myself moan. Oh I am so sorry Kay. I didn't mean to cum so quickly. I'm still hard lets keep doing this.” I didn't want to say the word fuck in front of the doctor, Ted or Ben.

“Don't worry dear I Kay whispered in my ear. But I knew in my mind I had let her down.

it your marriage is consummated. Get out of bed Jay. Let's get the camera set up. Your directing training will begin now. Put that nighty back on Kay because your acting training is about to begin also.

End of Chapter 1. I am sorry that there was not much action in Chapter 1 but we. Jeff, Kate and our friend Dean just wanted to set up the story. I hope everyone will not be too cruel about their comments on our spelling and grammar. All three of us have some ideas for the next Chapter and the the Chapters to follow.

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