Lessons part two

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Michael – Compound Owner, 46.
Edward –Potential Slave, 12.
Jessie – Edwards Brother, 7.
James – Slave to Jessie, 9.

Lessons Chapter Two – Stay within the Confines.
Edward and Jessie sat at the kitchen table, having survived, relatively unscathed from their first ordeal with Michael, Edward was still running over the events of the day, aghast at the fact that he had kicked that boy, even if he hadn’t put his entire effort into it, he had still caused harm, something he was glad his little brother didn’t have to witness.

Michael entered the room; he beckoned Edward with an imperious waggle of his finger. In his hand he held a simple, almost see through piece of cloth, it had a hole in the centre.
“Take off those clothes” Michael said bluntly.
Edward looked around at his surroundings, dozens of boys littered the area, men were using some of them, a few girls here and there cleaning, fixing things, stripping nude in front of them was not high on his ‘to do’ list. Never-the-less, Edward lifted his shirt from his body, exposing a lithe muscular form that was beginning to burgeon. Slight traces of a six pack on his stomach sent all kinds of nerve clusters in Michael’s brain a blaze. Edward reached down and pulled off his shoes, followed by his socks, he reached his thumbs into the elastic waist band of his shorts, and began to pull them off, but Michael stopped him, he gently put his hand on Edwards shoulder, Jessie watched from the kitchen, mesmerised by the events. Michael knelt down in front of Edward; he grasped the hem line of the boys shorts, and in one quick jerk, pulled them down to his ankles, letting them fall to the floor. Edward stood there in his underwear, a slight tent pole forming in the front of his jocks.

Michael lifted one of Edwards’s legs’ and assisted the boy in stepping out of his pants. The twelve year old stood there, all but exposed to the world. Gently, Michael slipped is index fingers into the elastic band of the boys small underwear, and pulled them down, enough to see a small coating of peach fuzz on the top of the boys gorgeous package.
Michael muttered, amazed by what he saw. The milky white texture of the boys’ skin, plus his white blond hair, added to the aroma of sexually charged energy in the room. Most eyes were currently on Edward and Michael, Jessie included. Michael helped Edward step out of his underwear, Edward held onto Michael’s shoulders for this one, simply to keep his balance, despite his disgust, he was awfully turned on, his erect penis stood four inches straight up, his balls had dropped, only a little, but enough to tell Michael that puberty defiantly had hold on this boy.

Michael grasped the boy’s small shaft, peeled back the foreskin to reveal the mushroom head, Edward took a sudden intake of breath, and Michael sucked the sweet morsel into his mouth, savouring the sweet taste of virginity. Unused to being sucked, Edward’s breathing became erratic, he grasped onto Michael’s shoulders hard, Jessie still watching wide- eyed , the boy’s natural sexual drive kicked in, and soon enough he was wildly face fucking the man, the boy’s balls slapping against Michael’s chin, he drove his cock into the man’s mouth full hilt. Michael felt his body tense, his back arch, then sudden release, it wasn’t much but for Edward it sent him into overdrive, he sent four more thrusts into Michaels mouth, before collapsing on the carpet, breathing hard legs closed tight.

Michael left the boy lying there for a few minutes. He walked over to Jessie.
“Are you tired boy?” He asked politely.
“Yes sir” Jessie replied, not looking at Michael, hoping to avoid the same fate his brother just endured in front of him.
“Do not fret boy, i made your brother a promise, and I intend to keep it,” Stated Michael, “As long as your brother keeps his word, i will too”
Relieved, Jessie didn’t bother to stifle the yawn. Michael motioned to one of the closest slave boys, a handsome nine year old.
“Take him to the guest room, prepare for him anything he asks for, or desires” Michael said, then added, “From now on, you are his personal slave, you will tend to his every need, are we clear?”
“Yes Master Michael” The boy said quietly, looking at the man’s feet as was proper. No white collar slave was allowed to look into the man’s eyes.

The slave walked over to Jessie, looked at him jealously, then gently grasped his arm, his other hand on the boys shoulder, he escorted the boy up two flights of stairs, and into one of the large guest rooms.
“What did he mean, you’re my slave?” Jessie asked.
“He means I have to do whatever you want me to do whenever you want me to” The slave whispered into Jessie’s ear. “Do you want a bath Master?”
“Yeah, I smell”
“Very well, there is a bathroom down the hall.”
The slave boy led Jessie into a small cramped bathroom; there was a boy in here too. He was dressed in blue; he looked to be about thirteen. He looked at the nine year old quizzically as he entered the room.
“The master has given this boy, Jessie, special privileges, he is one of the Masters” the white-collar slave boy muttered.
the thirteen year old bowed his head, not looking in the boy’s eyes, even though he was much taller than Jessie, he focused on the boy’s feet alone. “Standard Bath?”
“Yes” the nine year old replied.
They stripped the boy to his underwear, and then assisted him into the bath; they didn’t let him wash himself, telling him that he no longer had to do anything for himself, that’s what they were there for. The water was warm, already prepared once every fifteen minutes by the boy stationed there. They used soap and a sponge to clean the little boy down, everywhere but his privates, they cleaned to the hemline of his underwear and that was all. Since he was a master, only he could remove his underwear.
“Would you like all of you clean, Master?” the nine year old asked respectfully.
the boy replied stupidly.
The nine year old pointed at Jessie’s soaking wet underwear and raised his eyebrows.
“Oh, you want me to take them off?” Jessie asked, going red in the face. He had never been naked in front of anyone other than his brother before.
“Only if it pleases you, Master” the elder boy responded.
Jessie reached down, and slowly pulled off his underwear. He handed them to the older boy, who threw them in the corner with the rest of his sodden clothes. At once, the nine year old propped Jessie’s legs up on the sides of the bath, his feet dangling outside the bath from the knees bent over the side. The thirteen year old immediately got to work; he took the sponge, and cleaned the boy’s small penis, then cleaned his scrotum, taking pride with each step. Then he cleaned out the boys tight butt cheeks, or what he could reach of them, Jessie squirmed with each step.

The thirteen year old declared a job well done, and the youngest of the pair helped Jessie step out of the bath, a towel was wrapped around him, then he was lead out of the bathroom and down the hall to the guest room. Once inside, Jessie lay down on the bed and was asleep as his head hit the pillow.


James hadn’t always been a slave; three years had gone by since he was taken from his hometown and forced to work for his Master. James was lucky to have been taken so young, at the age of six, his breaking in was fairly easy. One or two quick fucks here and there and James was broken, nothing like a quick fix compared to breaking the will of a pubescent teenager. Still, James had his bonuses; he always had an insatiable appetite for sex and all things to do with it. Looking after this seven year old boy would also have its advantages; he could coax the boy into doing things, as he had already proven when he had convinced the boy to remove his underwear, he guessed that was what the master wanted when he had assigned James to Jessie.

James worked quietly around the sleeping child, doing his best to lay out new clothes for the boy without waking him. Although he was sure that a nuclear bomb could go off beside the boy and still not wake him. Once he had seen to all of his duties, James sat in the chair beside the boys bed and drifted off into sleep as well, it was the one place he could escape the true horrors of this house.


As Jessie was taking his bath, Edward was being picked up off the lounge room floor, still in a daze from his previous exhaustion, Edward needed help to move. Two burly fifteen year olds held Edward upright as Michael slipped the cloth over the boy, it did nothing to cover his more private parts, as the cloth only came down just past his chest, but it designated the fact that he was new, and fair game to anyone, including the higher ranked slaves. They took the boy outside, dragged the boy bodily down to one of the steel sheds, and chained his wrists to the roof, then chained his ankles to adjoining tables on either side of him, leaving him suspended in mid air, his legs pulled well out to the side so that he was almost doing a suspended version of the splits.

The two fifteen year old boys stood back, admiring their work, then one of the boys walked around behind him, spread his buttocks, and roughly shoved his large piece of meat into the small boy, Edward shouted out in obvious pain, but it didn’t matter, those who could hear him didn’t care, and those who didn’t hear him probably wouldn’t have anyway. His torture went on for about an hour, as the boys continued to swap places, one sucking him, the other fucking him. Tears streamed down his face continuously, his only comfort was he had spared his brother this.

When the boys were finished, they untied the boy, beat him severely, then left him lying on the ground, bleeding and crying, not bothering to even tie him up again.
Used to his father’s beatings, Edward had learnt how to fake physical pain, while ignoring it. They had broken his nose, punched out a few teeth, and even bitten on his balls, yet while he screamed most convincingly, he didn’t feel much of it. Edward opened his eyes a crack, to check if he had companions, and to his shock, he didn’t. He slowly stood up, testing his strength, his legs worked, that was great, his arms worked, that was even better, and he could see properly, despite his nose being twisted, so that was a bonus. Slowly he crept towards the manor house, gently opened the front door, the house was well maintained, so the door didn’t make a sound other than the soft click of the latch retracting as he turned the door handle, he pushed it open, there was no one about.

Making his way up the flight of stairs, he peeked into room after room, using the keyholes. What he saw disgusted him, men on boys, boys on boys, girls on boys and boys on girls. He kept moving, having checked all the rooms on the second floor, he proceeded to the third floor.
‘This house is too damned big’ He thought to himself.
He began checking the rooms again, this time most of them were empty, he explicitly remembered Michael’s orders to take his brother to one of the guest rooms, so he had to be here somewhere, but as he checked each room and kept turning up nothing he began to panic. He was about to abandon hope, when he spotted one final door. He looked though the keyhole, saw a slave boy sprawled in a chair beside a four-poster bed. Gently opening the door to get a better look, he saw his little brother lying asleep on the bed, wrapped in nothing but a towel. Enraged that Michael hadn’t kept his word, Edward stepped into the room. The slave boy’s eyes flew open just as Edwards fist connected with his forehead, sending him flying backward, leaving him lying unconscious on the floor. He hurried over to his brother, roughly shaking him awake. Jessie’s eyes flew open, he saw his brother and jumped into his arms.
“I knew you wouldn’t leave me!” Jessie exclaimed a little louder than Edward would have liked.
Edward silenced him.
Edward ripped the towel from his brother’s body, exposing his little naked form to the world. He shook his head as he removed his own body cloth, throwing it to the floor with the towel. He grabbed his brother’s hand, and pulled him from the room, down the flight of stairs, and out the front door, all in the space of thirty seconds; the boys were making their bid for freedom. They ran though the trees, the boys tied in the sheds saw them but didn’t give them away to their captors.

Running from brush to brush, Edward retraced the car route through the dense forest towards the boundary fence. He remembered the fence clearly, and wondered just how the hell they were going to get over it, but figured that one problem at a time would be best. As they made the long and arduous journey toward the fence, Jessie began to run short on breath, the nude boys kept moving until Jessie collapsed behind Edward, tripping up the older boy. He landed on the forest floor, hard. He heard something snap inside him, but had no idea what it was. He looked around and saw that his brother had passed out. His asthma must have finally caught up with him. He moved towards his brother and noticed something that made his heart begin to beat a thousand times a minute. His brother wasn’t breathing. The seven year old lay on the forest floor, still as the dead.

Having been trained by the family doctor just in case he was the only one around, Edward began basic CPR, tears streaming down his cheeks as he compressed his brothers chest, and breathed air into his small lungs.
“One, Two, Three, Four” then he put three breaths into the boy, and repeated.
On the fourth attempt, Jessie’s eyes flew open; he coughed, then choked, and coughed in earnest. Edward picked his brother up and held him to his chest, crying, he kissed his brother’s forehead.

Edward picked Jessie up, and continued their trek toward the outer perimeter. It took longer, but within the hour they were there.
Jessie gasped.
Edward replied, looking for a way out. Then he spotted it.

An old oak had either grown over the fence, or the fence had been built under it. Rather lax of the Master, but then Edward figured that Michael knew about it, and had done it purposely. Still there was only one way out, and he took it. He helped his brother climb up the tree, their naked bodies gaining splinters from the bark as they began their ascent. They climbed their way over the overhanging limb, and hung down from it holding it with their hands, Edward dropped first, and then issued the order to Jessie to drop, and Edward caught him. He lowered his brother to the ground, and they both took off, heading for the large line of woods a mile or so from them.

They saw the country road, but figured that two naked children would raise certain alarm bells that he just wasn’t prepared to answer yet. He wasn’t sure how far Michael’s influence went, and he didn’t want to test it just yet. They finally reached the woods just before nightfall, they ventured inwards, not sure on what was in there, but it was better than going back to the compound.

“I’m tired” Complained Jessie.
“Me too buddy, just a little further though” Edward replied, keeping his eyes in front of him.
Another half a mile into the woods, Edward finally stopped under a tree, it’s roots had made a miniature cave of sorts, allowing the boys to stop an lay down. He cuddled up to his little brother for warmth.
Edward muttered, closed his eyes and drifted off immediately. Before he knew it, daylight had come. He was waking, his brother stirred beside him, they were facing each other, obviously Jessie had turned in his sleep. Edward got up an wandered away a little bit, still able to keep his brother in plain sight, he began to relieve himself, as he began to piss, he heard footsteps, he looked about them, but nothing. Then the crack of a twig, he jerked his head up and looked more intently at the surrounding forest. Still nothing. He kept listening, but dropped his gaze to his pissing cock, watching as the urine splashed on the forest floor in front of him.

Edward made his way back over to his sleeping brother, roused him quietly, with a finger pressed to his lips, he gestured for quiet, then he motioned for Jessie to follow him. Whether or not the thing that was stalking them was human, two naked boys in a forest had its allure, either food, or fun. Edward kept listening for sounds of persuit as they made their way slowly through the underbrush. Jessie complained that he needed to pee, so Edward told him to pee as they walked.

Jessie went beet red when Edward suggested it, but his older brother assured him it was okay, there was no one about. So Jessie reached down, grasped his little penis, held it out in front of him and let loose with a stream of yellow piss. The next few events surprised Edward greatly, as someone else reached around Jessie’s front, grabbed his small balls, then produced a knife and propped it under them. Jessie screamed in fright, Edward turned, fist ready but copped a bat in the face for his troubles. That was it for him.

Jessie watched as his older brother crumpled to the forest floor in front of him, bleeding from a large gash on his forehead, the knife pressed on his privates was hurting him badly, he was crying again.
“Please no” he begged.
“On your knees boy!” a ragged voice commanded.
Jessie dropped to his knees, just as the knife was removed and placed on his throat. He was pushed over, so his hands landed on the forest floor, he was on his hands and knees, ass up in the air. Then something rough mounted him, he felt claws tighten against his chest, then something thin and pointy penetrated his ass. That was the last thing he remembered, as the pain overwhelmed him and he passed out.

When Edward came too, he was not overly shocked to see where he was, he was tied to an A Frame, arms pulled taught above his head to each corner, his legs to each side of the bottom of the frame, suspended again. Standing in front of him was Michael.
“Lesson Number Two: Stay inside the Confines of the compound!”

story by: J1986

Tags: boy / boy boy domination/submission fantasm slavery sex story

Author: J1986

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