Me and my brothers chapter xi

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XI. One for the Road

Before Bruce and Marty returned I got in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I dried off and wrapped a bath towel around me and went to the kitchen. There was Marty preparing dinner and with her was a strange man. I started to leave and Marty said, “Oh Carly, come here. I want you to meet Skip.”
“But I’m not /> “No problem. Skip this is Carly. Carly, he’s a friend of mine…a kind of close friend. He took me to my senior prom.”
So she gave her cherry to this guy. He was tall, dark, and handsome. I extended my hand and said, “Gland to meet you Skip.”
“Glad to meet you Carly. Bruce said you are a classmate of his at State,”
“Yeah, I think I better go get dressed,” I said as I turned to go.
“Wait Carly, let me tell you what Bruce and I have planned,” Marty said. I stopped to listen and she continued, “We stopped to talk to Skip on the way home. Told him what we been doing and that we were short one guy. If you approve, after dinner your brothers can double team me and Bruce and Skip can double team you.”
I looked Skip up and down. He had quite a budge in his pants. He was dressed in black. He had about two days’ growth of beard. His hair and beard were black as coal but his skin was fair. He was slender. His eyes were dark brown and he was an inch or so taller than me. I said, “Well Skip, come with me and we’ll get I led him out the back door to the motor home.
I sat him at the table. I found some fresh clothes and right there in front of him I dropped the towel to dress.
His eyes nearly popped and then he looked away and said, “So, how long have you known Marty and Bruce.”
With him looking away it was as if I had total privacy. “I’ve known Bruce over a year and Marty about a day.”
He glanced sideways at me and then looked at his fingernails, “So you’re nineteen or twenty?”
“Just turned twenty a month ago, and you’re /> “I’ll be nineteen next month,” he said.
“Okay then. We’re all legal,” I said.
“Legal for what?” he asked.
“Fucking. In this state if you are under eighteen, then older guys can go to jail for fucking you.”
“Oh, I see,” he said as he looked at me.
“So what do you do?”
“Nothing right now. Just graduated from high school. Going to trade school next month to be a /> “Is Skip a nick name?” I asked.
“Yeah, it’s better than Alfred,” he said.
“Oh, I think Alfred is a good name and you can go by either Al or Fred.”
“How about Carly? Is that a nick name?” he asked.
“Short for Carline. I was named after my father Carl.”
he said.
“Okay and how many girls have you screwed in the last year?” I asked.
“Huh, oh, I’d tell you but you’d tell Marty and I don’t want her to know.”
“You don’t have to answer. Now, at this point, I gotta see your peter.”

“Stand up and drop your pants,” I commanded.
He did and when he lowered his shorts I was impressed by the size of his peter. In comparison it was maybe a little longer than my brothers but not much. It looked extremely hard.
“Looks like you need a blow job,” I said and I knelt down in front of him taking his peter in my hand. I wasted no time in attempting to force it down my throat. I watched the expression on his face. First he looked surprised and then he looked pleased. I’d say it took him less than five minutes to shoot his load down my throat. I smiled around his peter as it slowly shrank in my mouth. He pulled back and pulled it out of my mouth. “How was that?” I asked as I stood up.
he said before hugging and kissing me. Our tongues did a slow dance in each other's mouths. I am sure he could taste himself on my tongue. When we broke the kiss I advanced, “You pass. You and Bruce can double team me.”
When we returned to the house we found my brothers teasing Marty as she tried to finish preparing dinner. I asked if she needed any help and she said, “Yeah, get these brothers of yours to back off until I get the food on the table.”
“Okay boys, come here and meet my new fuck buddy,” I said.
“Wow Carly, you have developed a dirty mouth,” Donny said.
“My mouth is no dirtier than the rest of me and I just took a shower,” I responded. “Skip, this loudmouth is my little brother Donny and the other one is my big brother Bobby.”
Both my brothers greeted Skip and shook his hand.
I went to Marty’s side as the boys went into the rec room to discuss the plans for our evening session. “Need any help,” I asked.
She gave me some things to do and I asked, Bruce?”
“In the shower,” Marty said and added, “Bobby said you guys are taking off /> “Yeah, we gotta get out to Oregon and find a place for Bobby to live before he has to start his job out there,” I said.
“How come he took a job so far away?” she asked.
I did not tell her that the reason was that that way I could come out there as his wife, instead I said, “It is a great opportunity for him.”
“I could really go for Bobby but not if I have to go all the way to Oregon. Guess I’ll just have to go after Donny when I get to State this fall.”
I thought you can have Donny while I have Bruce but I will still spend my nights with Donny. “I think that will be nice. Maybe you and Bruce can be frequent /> “Yeah, maybe,” she said. We were putting the serving dishes of food on the table and she asked me to call the boys to dinner.
As I approached the rec room I head Bruce say, “I’m not sure whether Marty will go along. We’ll just have to ask her.”
“Ask her what?” I asked.
“Oh we were thinking that we should have our party here in the rec room but Marty already said she didn’t think she could watch Skip with you,” Bruce said.
“Yeah, she has spoken fondly of you, Skip,” I said and added, “I’ve got an idea, to break in the evening, Bruce and I could put on a five minute show. Then Skip, you and Marty could put on a five minute show. These two would be warm-ups for Bobby and Donny double teaming Marty. Then Skip and Bruce can double team me. By the way, dinner is ready.”
“I’m starved,” Donny said as he stood and started for the door.
have to call me twice,” Bobby said as he followed Donny.
Bruce was silently right behind my brothers. I turned to Skip and said, “Alone again.”
he said with a wink.
“I’d stay her and fuck you but I’m starved too. Come join us.” In the kitchen I found the boys around the table dishing up but there was no Marty in sight. Marty?” I asked.
“I hear the shower running,” Bruce said.
As I filled my plate from the serving dishes I asked, “What do you think of my plan?”
“Sounds good,” Bruce said, “Do you want to suggest it to Marty?”
I said as I got down to seriously stuffing my face.
We were all silent for a while and we satisfied our stomachs. The silence was broken by Skip asking, “How long have you guys been here?”
“Just a day,” Donny said between bites.
“How long can you stay?” Skip asked.
taking off in the morning,” Bobby said.
He then inquired about where we were going and why. Between us we explained about our dad buying the motor home to reward us and how Bobby had a job starting in a few weeks out in Oregon. We also told him that Donny and I were attending State College just like Bruce and Marty. While we were talking I head the shower turn off and it was not long before Marty came in wearing a long t-shirt. She sat at the vacant place at the table and dished up only a very small helping of the main course.
As soon as she put the first spoonful in her mouth I said, “Marty, the guys asked me to come up with a plan for this evening’s activities. They asked me to run it by you for your approval. I thought that since we all have had time to cool down, and Skip has not been involve, and I’m so damned horny; Bruce and I will have a five minute warm-up session and then you and Skip can have a five minute warm-up session. Then we can go into our double team groups for as long as we can last.” I stopped to give her a chance to express her views.
She had been patiently listening but she began to shake her head. she said. I could tell she was trying to form a difficult thought. I gave her time and the boys were keeping their silence. “I look at Skip and Her eyes filled with tears. “I remember what we have between us and…Skip have I ruined things between us?”
“Oh, Marty no,” Skip said, “We agreed we would not get serious until you got back from /> “Yes but in the last day I’ve screwed two guys and here we are making plans to do it again,” she said.
“Did you enjoy it?” he asked. I thought that was the wrong thing to ask.
“Yes, damn it,” she said.
“Then unless you have some other reason than a concern about how I will feel about seeing you screwed senseless, I suggest you agree with Carly’s plan,” Skip said before taking the last bite of food on his plate.
she said as she looked into Skips eyes. We all gave them time.
Skip waited for her to continue but since she did not he asked, “Will getting screwed by someone other than me change you?” Now you’re on the right track, I thought.
“No,” she sniffed.
“Getting screwed by someone other than you won’t change me either. So will either of us seeing the other screwed change /> “I guess not,” she said as she looked around the table at each of us.
Donny must have taken her look as permission to speak. He said, “You know the way I look at it, having recreational sex is like doing anything else with a friend like going to a restaurant for a good meal or going to a dance or jogging. Two people enjoying a shared Now that was profound for Donny.
Bruce contributed his thoughts. “Not exactly Donny. I can jog or dance or eat a meal with Marty /> Donny interrupted, “I know but I like what Woody Allen said, ‘Sex is not the answer. It is the question. Yes is the There was a moment of silence as the thought sunk in and then we all laughed.
Bobby then asked, “Now that we all know what the question is can we all agree that ‘Yes’ is the answer?”
There were positive sounds being express by all until suddenly Marty said, “No.” We all fell silent, looking at her for explanation. She continued, “I can’t wait five minutes and I’m sure Carly doesn’t want to wait five minutes so we will both start the warm-up sessions at the same time.”
There were cheers all around, especially from my brothers.
Marty led the way into the rec room where she seated my brothers on opposite sides of the timer and told them to set it for ten minutes, “But if Skip isn’t done you have to wait until he is done, okay?” They agreed. She had Bruce and Skip move two recliners next to each other so that we would be able to watch each other. She told me to undress and get on one recliner while she slipped out of her t-shirt and lay on the other. They were right next to each other facing in opposite directions. “Now lay it back and lock it in the full back position.” She then looked at Skip and Bruce and said, “Well why are you standing there with your clothes on?” She reached over and grasped my hand
Bruce was much quicker at getting started. In only a few heart beats he had his face buried in my pussy raising me to a very quick high. I had craved this for the past couple of hours and now I just let myself go. Being head to toe with Marty, I watched and Skip went for her pussy with his face. Soon Bruce was all over me and I hardly had a moment to watch Skip and Marty. Later I looked and at that moment I saw Skips’ balls sack swinging like a rapidly moving pendulum. I had the thought that I would watch to see if his balls drew up just before shooting his load of hot stuff. Before that happened Bruce had me souring so high that my eyes closed and I forgot about watching anything. I thought how when I was younger all the details mattered but now that I had become experienced the whole picture was more important. As usual the sensory overload took me on my euphoric flight where all that mattered was the electrifying pleasures I was feeling. Then after a prolonged period of time I was coming slowly down as I felt Bruce inserting his peter into my pussy. I went soring back up as he rapidly pumped his fat peter in and out of my hungry pussy.
I attempted to open my eyes but as usual when I was on an orgasmic high I could not. I tried to listen for what I could hear. I heard a distinct flapping which must be Skip’s balls because it was not in sync with Bruce’s rhythm. I heard loud words of thanks and the realization that those word were coming from my mouth caused a giddy laughter to replace those words. I heard Marty’s moans and expressions of pleasure. I squeezed her hand which was still in mine and she squeezed me back. That squeeze seemed to cause new electrifying shocks emanating from my core to surge through me, blocking all sense of being. The only sound was a blood rushing surf-like sound. The only light was blue-white which blinded me of all thoughts of ever seeing again.
Then that feel of a weightless fall consumed me as I realized my mouth was being filled by Bruce’s fat peter. I was coming back to this world as I heard Marty saying, “Give me, give me, give me…” Her hand was no longer in mine. I groped about and found a foot. I hung on, feeling we should not be parted. I opened my eyes and all I could see was Bruce’s red hair covered belly. I had always been repulsed by hair covered bodies as if they belonged to some kind of beast but now I thought of this as a new kind of pleasure.
I heard the ding, ding, ding of the timer and Marty said, “Kiss me Skip…kiss me before you go.” I would have turned to watch except Bruce was filling my mouth with his hot peter stuff. Marty’s hand touched the back of my hand and I grasped it in a firm handshake. I had the thought that she was agreeing to give me Skip as I felt him licking tentatively around my pussy. I then heard her exclaim, “Oh Donny, Bobby, hurry!” She again squeezed my hand and then released it. My last thought before I was once again on an erotic flight was that she was thanking me for my could love them now but I will love them forever.
I was aware at some point of Bruce sucking and squeezing my breasts, of my pussy satisfyingly being filled by Skip’s peter, and looking at one of my brother’s ball sack swinging rapidly forward and back. At another point I was rolled over, face down on top of Skip. Bruce appeared to be holding my hips and helping me bounce up and down on Skip’s peter. I kissed Skip and our tongues thrust in and out of each other’s mouths in rhythm with my pussy and his peter. I again lost track of time and place as the euphoric feeling that ran between my pussy and my tongue carried me off into that most wonderful world of orgasm. Later, I was aware of gagging on Skip’s peter and telling myself to swallow, swallow, swallow… After I swallowed his load of hot stuff my mind seemed to clear. I felt tired but eager to have my important places stimulated. Bruce filled my pussy and Skip sucked my breast. I watched my brothers double penetrate Marty, one in her butt and one in her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her jaw hung slack. I had the silly thought that she looked like a beautiful panting dog. Not a bitch with its tongue hanging out but for some reason the way she was panting she reminded me of a dog.
Once again Bruce began lapping at my pussy, giving special attention to my little button. As I moaned my pleasure, Skip kissed me, his long tongue seeking to go deep into my throat. He could not choke me with it but he tickled my uvula. I had a silly wish that my pussy contained a tongue like my mouth. How wonderful it would be to be able to taste down there, to duel with another tongue, to taste a peter, and best of all to lick my own little button. I began to recognize I usually had a silly thought just before heading off into another orbital orgasm. This was another case in point. This time all sensation seemed to be confused into a kind of buzz and snap. I would buzz into a rigid position, arching up, and snap down into a sudden relaxation only to buzz up again. When my body could take this no longer, my body collapsed. I was mentally aware but unable to move. When asked if I was okay I responded by begging for more. My mind was enjoying it but my body was now only a receiver and not a participant. I was too tired to do anything but lay there.
Next I knew, Marty was asking me if I was okay. I said, “Yes, yes, /> The guys kept doing me until Bobby said, “I think she has had enough. She may not think she has but I think she has.”
I lay there feeling a little disappointed as I slowly came down, regaining my sense of time and place. For some reason I did not feel like my whole being was with me. I felt as is some part of me was still flying weightless in that orgasmic place. Bobby came close and asked me in a concerned voice if I was doing okay. I reached up suddenly and pulled him down on top of me, begging, “Fuck me, fuck /> He struggled away from my grasp and Donny helped him restrain me. They encouraged me to come back to my senses. In a flash I came back, realizing where I was and what I had been participating in. I looked into Bobby’s gray eyes and saw concern. I smiled to try to relieve that concern. I looked into Donny’s brown eyes and saw a glint of desire there. I said, “God, we gotta get on the road.”

Continued in Chapter XII: On the Road Again

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