Back on the road

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Back on the road,

Well, here I am again, heading home after a week visiting friends in Indiana. I always take I70 across Missouri as there are a lot of rest stops on it and I love to stop at every one of them. This particular trip I was feeling extra horny and planned out the trip home carefully.

Wearing only sweat pants and a sweat shirt that zipped, I figured it was going to be easier to get out of them if the opportunity showed itself. I stopped at a few rest areas with no luck in finding some fun that afternoon. Then at one just east of Kansas City, I pulled in as I had to piss anyway and may a well check it out.

I entered the mens room and found one stall closed. I went into the one next to it and dropped my sweats nearly all the way so if the guy next to me happened to be looking he would know that I was showing what I had for him if he was in the mood. I sat that for a few minutes waiting to see if anything might develop. With nothing going, I left the stall and went over to wash my hands, another play to see if the guy came out. Finally after a lengthy washing in one of those sinks that washed and dried your hands, the man in the stall appeared.

He went to the sink next to mine and put his hands in. I saw right away that he was doing it wrong as he was putting them in too far for the water to start. He pulled them out and tried again with the same result. I finally broke the silence and suggested to him not to put them in that far and he would have better luck. He told me that it was one of those days that had not been going his way anyway. I then took hold of one of his hands a put it in the sink just far enough for the water to start. He smiled and thanked me and with that I brushed my hand across my crotch and went slow enough for him to notice what I was doing. I then smile back and walked out the door and headed back to my car.

As I was climbing in the open door, a girl drove by just as I was hooking my thumbs in the top of my sweat pants and I pulled them down far enough to show her my ass. She slowed down but didn’t stop but I did see a smile come across her face.

As I got the rest of the way into the driver’s seat, I managed to get my pants down to my knees. It was then that I looked up and saw the guy from the men’s room walking up the sidewalk toward my car. As he got to the area of the cars he started to turn to his right but gave a glance in my windshield. I didn’t let the chance pass me by and motioned for him to come over. He walked on past the car next to mine at which point I figured he wasn’t interested. After he disappeared behind the next car, which was an SUV, I continued on my own, stroking my cock. I was looking pretty much straight ahead when the next thing I knew there was a gentle knock on the driver’s door window.

I looked up to see his smiling face watching me playing with myself. I rolled the window down and he immediately reached in and took hold of my cock. I suggested that we could move to a more secluded place of the parking area. He told me that he would drive his car around to the back side and I should follow.

I couldn’t get the engine started fast enough. I watched as he drove away to the other side of the lot and followed along like a little puppy chasing his master. He had parked in a spot with another open place right next to his so I pulled in there. I looked over and he motioned for me to join him in his car. I pulled up my pants and got out of my car and as I was opening the passenger door of his car, I noticed that he already had his jeans pulled down and was in the process of getting his feet out of them also.

I needed no more convincing, and pulled my sweats down and off right there in the lot. I was so turned on that I didn’t really care if anyone else saw us or not, I just wanted that cock. I climbed in and at the same time he laid the seat back on his side all the way back and laid back pulling his shirt up over his head.

Within a few seconds I had his cock in my mouth. Now for those of you that have read my ‘road stories’ before may remember that I prefer shaved cock. Well this one was NOT one of those. In fact it was quite hairy. You may also remember that I keep my crotch clean shaven. The guy had my cock in his hand and commented how he enjoyed my clean shaved area. It was then that I suggested to him that he should try it sometime.

You could have blown me away with a feather when I heard the next thing he said. “How about now?’ he whispered. He then went on to say that he had the necessary equipment in his suitcase and if I would help him, he would love to give it a try to at least see what it would feel like. I thought ok what the hell!! He then climbed over the seat into the back of his SUV and retrieved a trimmer, a shaver and his razor. I said that we could do the trimming here in the car but would be better to go back into the mens room to finish. He agreed and the fun started. I got the majority of the long hairs from his dick and balls and even around his asshole with the trimmer. All of this was his idea and I knew that he wanted it all.

He then put his clothes back on and we headed in to the mens room to finish. We went into the last stall and I stripped his pants down and he pulled up his shirt so I could get the hair from above his cock too. We decided to go from his belly button to his ass. This was even more of a turn on to me. I used the water from the lavatory to wet him down and went to shaving him completely clean. Of course, I did manage to get in a few sucks of his cock along the way. It kept him hard and easier to shave that way. We headed back to his car but I stopped at mine and got some lotion from my bag. By the time we were back in the car, he was already clamoring to get out of his pants and try out his new feeling.

I was only too happy to help him out in this new adventure. I gave him some saliva lubrication first and when he was pretty much ready to cum, I took his entire cock into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. He moaned loudly and filled my mouth with my sweet reward. I felt as though I had earned it with all of my efforts.

He calmed down in a few minutes and went to work on me. I laid back in my seat and having stripped completely made it easy for him to run his tongue over various parts of my body. He certainly seemed to be having a good time. He sucked my cock as well as anyone ever had, I have to tell you. I came in his mouth and he made an ultimate effort to hold it all in but a little ran out of one corner. He swallowed it and with a big grin on his face, licked the rest off his chin.

I told him that I would love to fuck him but that I had to get going again. He was ok with that and told me that it was one of the best times he had ever had. He thanked me several times for the shave and that he planned to keep it that way for a while.

I climbed out of his car and as I opened my door I glanced back to see him pulling out of the parking place still stark naked!! I figure he had plans to show off his new cock and crotch to more than just me that day.

story by: burt good

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Author: burt good

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