My family and i part 1

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INTRO: Hi. My name is Hannah. I am 13 and I have 7 sisters and one half-brother. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Wow, her parents must be horny,’ well they’re not now, cause they’re dead. It’s okay, don’t feel bad for me, I kinda feel like I have a mom anyway, because one of my sisters is 40. She is the oldest, called Davina, then there’s Holly, who’s 27, then Claire, who’s 25, Gemma, who’s 22 then me and Anna. We’re twins, identical twins, apart from our hair, mine’s black and hers is brown and blonde. We tell each other everything, and I mean everything, like the guys we like, guys we kiss and other stuff like that. There are two sets of twins in our family, we also have two younger sisters, Hollie and Chloe. Yes, I know, two Holly’s, she was originally called Rebecca but she liked Hollie, better, it suits her more, so she changed it. They are 10. I am going to describe the series of sexual events that happened within (and outside) of our family.
/> I punched this guy in our class so I ran home from school, I knew I would get in trouble for it but I didn’t really think at the time, he was dissing Hollie and Chloe so I clocked him one. I came home at 12 and I knew that only Davina would be home as she has a night-time job. I also knew that Jerry, our plumber would be home because Anna clogged up the toilet with her sanitary towels. I heard noises coming from my room, so, I went to investigate. I really didn’t think that anything was up because Davina usually sings when she’s roaming about the house. I got closer to the door when I heard moaning coming from my room. I edged the door open and I saw my sister, Davina, the sensible one, fucking the plumber. I was completely stunned I just stood there while she rode him screaming, ‘Jerry, fuck me harder, harder.’ I was horrified, I still hadn’t recovered from the time when I walked into Davina’s room and saw her making love to her husband Gary. It was terrifing, I always knew that my sister was pretty and guys would flirt with her when we went out but seeing her like that just changed the way I would view her forever
Jerry came in her and collapsed on the bed, she plopped off him and turned around to see me standing there with my mouth open. She started to say, ‘I can but trailed off when she saw that there was no way to recover from this. I backed away and went to my room. Davina followed me in, ‘I’m sorry,’ she said and left. I spent the next three hours visualising it in my head, it was wrong, Davina still loved Matthew, she wasn’t supposed to be fucking random guys off the street. I decided I would go talk to her. She was in her room with Matthew, ‘can I talk to you outside for a minute,’ I said. She followed me out. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing, you love Matthew and you love your three kids,’ ‘I know,’ she said, ‘but I just wanted to get it out of my system, Matthew and I haven’t had sex in such along time.’ ‘But that’s no reason to go fucking guys off the street,’ I said. She paused and looked at me strangely, ‘Emm, have you, you know, done it, yet? Just out of curiosity.’ ‘Yes, I have,’ I said steely, she replied as we walked to my room. ‘None of your business.’ I said as we sat down on the bed, ‘And I have a boyfriend.’ ‘You are way to young to have a boyfriend, never mind having sex and I know I haven’t set the best example but still,’ she said. ‘I don’t think this is the right time to have your sex talk with me, I know you had it with Anna but now isn’t the right time,’ I said.
She still had that glazed look in her eyes, ‘If you don’t want the talk I could uhh, teach you if you want,’ she said and involuntarily licked her lips; OH MY GOD my sister has a crush on me! I was still iffy about the whole lesbian thing with Anna but I was definitely not going to have sex with my sister, it was just wrong and weird. ‘I already know all there is to know and your little adventure with Jerry just confirmed it,’ I said. she said, ‘think about it,’ and she got up to leave. ‘Wow, wow, wow,’ I said, ‘hold on a minute, do you have a crush on me?’ and stood up. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. Her tongue snaked its way past my lips and she caressed my tongue with hers. Her hand moved up my shirt, touched my breast and squeezed my nipple. I pulled away. ‘What is wrong with you today sis,’ I said, ‘are you bi?’ ‘This is clearly wrong, for many reasons, one, I’m not I lesbian, two, you’re married, three, I have a boyfriend and four, I don’t do incest.’ ‘I have a problem with two of those she said, ‘If you’re not lesbian or bisexual and you don’t do incest, then why were you fucking Anna the other night?’ I froze. ‘You saw that?’ I swivelled round and saw Anna standing at the door. ‘Yes, I saw that,’ Davina said, ‘You are hot together, I’ll just leave you two to your thoughts,’ she said and walked out, closing the door behind her. I groaned, ‘She fancies me,’ I said to Anna, ‘Yeah, I know,’ Anna replied, ‘I saw your little show.’ I groaned again, I said, ‘I think I’m bi.’ she said sarcastically. I stuck my tongue out at her and she stuck her tongue out too. I realised my panties were really wet and I wondered whether that was from Anna or Davina. I also felt really horny, so, on impulse, I kissed her, wrapping my tongue around hers. She broke the kiss. ‘So you did like last night,’ she said and pulled my top over my head. I grinned.

I wasn’t wearing a bra so my 36C breasts were exposed. I have surprisingly large breasts for a 13 year old. She took the nipple of my right breast and swirled her tongue around it. I moaned in pleasure. She withdrew and squeezed my breasts, massaging them gently. I moaned. She pulled her top off and undid her bra, her boobs were about the same size as mine if not slightly smaller. I started sucking her breasts and chewing on her nipples, she screamed out in pain and pleasure. Her hands slid down to my jeans while I was mauling her breasts and undid the button and pulled down the zip. We moved up to the bed and she undid her jeans and pulled them off. I stopped licking her breasts and paused. ‘Do you think we should go this far?’ I asked, ‘sure, why not, besides we need to know what to do if we get any girlfriends, so why not practice on each other,’ she replied. I needed no further persuasion. I took off my jeans and threw them off the bed. Anna reached down and started to caress my butt. She suddenly stopped and went over to her drawer and pulled out a huge dildo. I was 10’’ long and she couldn’t get her hand totally around it. ‘Why don’t we have some fun with it,’ she said and ripped off my panties. She also took out two pair of handcuffs and snapped one to my right wrist and the other to my left wrist. then she attached me to the bedposts so that I was facing up. ‘I have a feeling that this isn’t you’re first time with a girl,’ I said nervously, she just smiled. She took out two more pair of handcuffs and strapped my feet to the bottom bedposts, I was totally at her mercy. She put the dildo at my entrance and lubbed it up with my juices, ‘Wow, she said, you’re really wet, you want this just as much as I do.’ she positioned the dildo at my entrance again and took a deep breath and shoved the whole 10’’ in my pussy at once, she then started pumping the dildo slowly in and out then speeding up her motions so that she was fucking me really hard. ‘Unnhh, I screamed. ‘Oh my god, I’m cumming Anna,’ then my juices were gushing out over her hand and she withdrew the dildo slowly and put it in her mouth and sucked it off. ‘Wow, girl you taste great!’ she said while undoing the handcuffs. She planted a kiss on my lips and our tongues met, I could taste my juices on her. ‘Wow, what a show, came a voice from the doorway, I tried and failed to cover myself up. ‘Wow’ Davina said, ‘you may have a boyfriend but you are lesbian or at least bi, and you do do incest!’

I groaned, ‘Great, just great, now she’ll want me to do the same to her, and that would be weird because she’s like my mom!’ ‘I know we’re twins,’ I said to Anna, ‘but it’s just not the same because… I dunno, it’s just not.’

‘Hmmm, sure,’ Anna said, not really listening, ‘I’m still quite horny, how about we invite some friends over for a sleepover!’ ‘So you’re not worried about Davina watching us?’ I said, ‘Not really, I’ve been doing a bit of exhibitionism lately, so I don’t really mind people watching,’ she said, I said, ‘me neither, but not when it’s Davina!’ ‘Sure, whatever, what about that sleepover,’ Anna said, I said, ‘I’ll get the phone.’

Tune in for Part 3 – The Sleepover

story by: Hannah and co.

Tags: young erotica male/female true story incest bondage and restriction lesbian reluctance toys oral sex teen female/teen female female domination sex story

Author: Hannah and co.

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